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' There is a great deal more in feuealogies than is irenprally b-^lieved at 
prssent." — Curlyle. 




^ ^is^m 

^itmberston^ i?f gUalketrn, etc. 

Wills a2«-d Adsiixisthations from the Prkrogative Court of 

IP.C.C. Wrastley 52.] 
JOHN HUMEESTONE of AValkerne in the diocese of Lincoln. 
{Dat. 12 Oct. 1557). Bur. in churcli or churcliyard of Walkerne ; 
Servants Margt. Pye, John Penn^-ngton & Eichard Pennyngton ; 
Wife Alice ; My occupation of ' Tannyug ' ; Lease of Walkerne 
burye ; Dau. EHz. ; Sons Wm., Leonard, John & Barnaba ; Daus. 
Alice, A'4-ice, Joane, Dorotliee, Barbara & Marg-t. ; The child" of 
my bro. Thomas ; ' If my wife be now w' childe ' ; Friend Edw. 
Wilson & Wm. Hamoudc exors. Wit^ : — James Halfhide, Eicli. 
Pennyngton, Wm. Scapisworth & other. {Pr. 29 Nov. 1557). 

IP.C.C. Loftes 2.] 
THOMAS HUMBEESTOJs^E of Stevenage, liusbaudumn. {Dat. 
6 Oct. loGO). Bur. at Stevenage; Wife Margt: My house called 
Netherwalles in Stevenage ; Son Leonard ; House called Bedwalles 
in Stevenage : Tenement at Stevenag cluirch yarde gate : Daus. 
Joan & Beatris ; Son Thos : Bro. John ; Thos. Clarke of Stevenage 
& Eobt. Andrew of same exors. Wit* : — AVm. Gynne, Edw. 
Clarke, John Sayvll. {Pr. 22 Jan. 1560-1). 

[P.C.C. Bakon 44.] 
JOHN HUMBEESTONE of Little AmweU in psh. of Ware, inn- 
keeper. {Bat. 5 Aug. 1579). Bur. at Ware ; To wife Eliz. house 
in Gt. AmweU which I bought of M^ Purvey, for life, & after her 
decease to Tho. Hobsone of Cambridge ; Eliz. Slater my brother's 
dau ; AUso Hunte my sisters dau ; Avis Hunte ; Eobert Slater my 
wifes brother ; Agnes Wilson my wifes sister ; Agnes Hunte my 
sister ; Sist. Eliz. Peppercorne ; Wm. Wilson my wifes sisters son : 

* Alisti-ncts of all Humberntone wilU ;iud admoiis. down to 1700 .ire hiiv crivvu. 




Bro. Rich. Humberstone ; Wife Eliz. & Nich. Thorowgood c-tloyh. 
Wit':— Nich. Thorowgood, Eoht. Wilsonne. {Fr. 4 Nov. 1.579 by 
Eliz. relict, the utlier exor rfiiouiiciug-. A ' sententia jiro valore' 
follows, the suit beiug l)et\v('eu Joliii Humbei-fston natural bro. of 
the deed of the one pai-t & Kliz. tlw relict of the other jiart). 

[P.C'.C. Xevell 84. J 

FEAUNCYS HUMBEESTON citiz<-u ix. liaberdashcr of Loudon. 
{Bat. 1 Nov. 1593). Bur. in churcli of S' Mildred's iu London; 
Mistri.s Earthing widow ; Johane Clarke serv* to M'' Eaynton ; 
Ellen 'vVillsou sei-v* to JI" Fartliinge ; Tlio. Eud<l liaberdasher & 
Temperance his wife; Eieh. L'udd bro. of s'l Thos ; Jane Evans; 
Goodwife Wetherall ; Juluuie WeHes serv" to Tlio. Eudd ; Cous. 
Eliz. Huniberston of Hales greene in Norf . & her two daus : Aunt 
Mistris Crathorue ; ^I^ Feltou minister : M'" Seraeoale parson of 
S' Mildreds ; Bro. John IIumbersTon ; Bro. Wm.; .Sist. Mary Hum- 
berston ; Bro. Henry Humberston ex(M'. Jiy mc Francys Hiimher- 
ston. Wit": — Zacharia Jaekson scrivenor, Wm. Brooke notary. 
{Pr. 5 Dec. 1593). 

[i^C'.f. Drake 57.] 

THOMAS HUMBEE.STONE of Hytchyu, yeoman. yDai. 14 Jan. 
1595). Bur. at Hitchin : Kinsman Gyles, son. ul my bro. Eiehard 
Humberstou ; Henry, Leonard. \'A\\ . &. Wni. sons ur s"* Eiehard : 
Gyles son of my kinsman .Tolm Humbt'rston ; Maid serv' Alice 
Woodlande ; Dennys Seabrooke widow : Anne wife of Nich. L vie ; 
Avis wife of Mathewe Audeley ; Mary wife uf Wm. Chambers : 
EUz. wife of Wm. Mouke tlie ydungii-; Frant'es Awdelev <hiu. of 
8<i Matthew ; iServ' John < 'opeott : Serv' Edw. Harrolde ; Luce wife 
of John La we thelder ; Tlio. Cliaimian gent ; Mathew Audelev 
yeoman; Legacy to poor of Hiteliin ; Dorothy wife of Eobert 
Marvyle ; Mary Lyle dau. <if --aid Nicliolas ; ily liuuse to kiusman 
John Humberstou now in tlie liim-o with me ; Agues wife of John 
Cooke; Mary Chambers dau. ot Wm. Chambers; EdAv. & Joliu 
sons of Matt. Audeley; Eal]ili >on of Wm. Chambers; House in 
occupation of John Smitlie : Klleii wife of Joliu Hawfeheade ; Eobt. 
Draper; Lands iu AVynniiigton to. Beds, now in occupaticm of 
Eobt. Dukesoun of Nortliamptoii : Wm. Chambers of Hitchin 
yeomau ; Alveraie Birtliyr ol lliieliin ; Joan wife of Tho. 
Chapman of Hitchin gent; Wm. CiiamlM-rs exor; Tho. Chapman 
overseer. Wit'*: — Alveraie Biitliye, Tho. ( Iiapman, John Humber- 
stone. (Py. 2 July lJ9i;.) 

XIW.V. llAe 71.^ 
WILLL\M HUMBEKSTOX ot Stourton in j.sli. of Stowe. .-o. 
Line, yeoman. yDat. I'it June 1 ( luo. ItiJ.') . Bar. in psh. eliurcli 

of Stowe; Legacies to i r >>t Stowr. Nonnanby, Stourton, 

Brausbve & Lyssington ; John York--; Xpot.r Stov"ing <//». Stringer; 
Eobt. Croftes": Wm. & Kobt. >..n- ol Alic Humb.-r^ton ; Mary, 
Susanna vS: Margt. dans, of >' .Vli.f; Sn-aima Kowsom ; Eliz. 
Eowsom ; Dau-in-law AIi< e lluml'.r-ton : My wites sifters eliild" 
dwelling beyond Gaynsbroiigli.' ; lb r /./•.. my wif.'s] si-;ters 
child" at Fillingham ; John Eii-;g.i;f \ hi- .iiild"; Kliz. Ea-tgate 
the younger ; Eliz. Eastgate thr . Id. r my -i-trr \ h-'r son> v^c lun- 
dau.; Chihl" of Wm. lliunbt:-;. u ot Sk.Uingthorpe : Cothlau. 
Isabell Adkins ; AVife Alii.' ; K"b:. ('rot;-; livii;^' in Stourton ; Eobt. 
sou of Alice Humbrr-toti , l..i!.;- iti S;..u!t..!i '...ii-h! ot Jolm 


Dawber ; Henry Adkins ; My uow wife Alice ; Son Thomas ; 
Apprentice John Smithe ; Lauds in Lissington bought of Eobt. 
Brice ; Wife extrix ; Alex. Cussen & Eich. Codd supervisors. 
(Mark). W'it^ : — Alex'" Cussen, Henry Adkins, John Eastland, "Wm. 
■ Lerie, Eich. Codd, Anth. Pennystone. {Pr. 5 May 1626). 

[P.C.C. JBarrington 28.] 

GILES HUMBEESTONE of Walkerne, co. Herts., gent. {Dat. 29 
Aug. 1627). Bur. in Walkern Church near my father ; Legacy to 
poor of Walkern ; To son Henry the tenement where Tho. Pett now 
dwells which I bought of Wm. Scarbrough containing 22 acr. called 
Coxes in Walkern, with remainders successively to sons Osmond, 
Edw<i & Wm. and dau. Theodocia ; To sou Henry 4 acr. bought of 
my bro. Jolm Humberston lying in Walkern called Wellfeild ; To 
wife Mary for life, teneme'ut called Garnars in Walkern containing 
12 acr. bought of John Clarke & Matthew Howe, & after her 
decease to son Osmond ; Tenement wherein PhiUippe Cooke lately 
dwelt in Walkern, bought of bro. John Humberston ; To son 
Edw. tenement called Cheney Hall in Walkern sometimes the lands 
of John Pake of Walkern ; Messuage & lands in Puckeridge 
(which were sometime my wifes fathers & came by my wife) to 
' 8^ wife ; Bro. Tho. Humberston ; Son Thomas long since by me 
advanced ; Grandchild Ed\v. (son of my son Thos.) ; Dau. Mary 
Humberston ; Tenement called Holmes in Walkern ; Wife Mary 
extrix ; Friends Geo. Barry, clerk, parson of Walkerne & AVm. 
Eobins of London gent, overseers. Gyles Humharstone . Wit^ : — 
George Barry, Wm. Ling, Joseph Loveland, Edw. Lane. Ee- 
delivered 6 Sep. 1627 in presence of Wm. Eobyns. Codicil 9 Jan. 
1627-8 names Joane Smartfoote my wifes mother. {Pr. 31 Mch. 

[^P.C.C. Scroope 35.] 

THOMAS HUMBEESTON of Ussolebie, co. Line, yeoman {Dat. 
4 May 1629). Daus. Anne & Marie (under 18) ; Child" of my 
bro. Wm. viz. Margt., Eich., & Sara ; Dau. Eliz. wife of John 
Smith ; Anne Smith dau. of son-in-law John Smith ; The 4 child" of 
bro. Hugh viz. Wm., John, Marie & Anne ; Sist. Anne Morris 
& Faith her dau ; Wm. son of Edw*^ Humberston ; Wm. Laniinge ; 
Wife Marie extrix ; Bro. Wm. Humberston & son-in-law John 
Smith supervisors. Wit* : — Movses Walkcn-, elk. Hen. WraAvby, 
John Millington. {Pr. 13 Apr. 1630). . 

IP.C.C. Pile 67.^ 
WILLIAM HL'MBEESTON.-^ {Dat. 3 Feb. 1635). My true and 
trustie freind Thomas Midleton to dispose of such goods and 
Tobaccoes as I am possessed withall here in the Paule nowe lieinge 
in Virginia if in case slice shall goe to anie other parte or place 
except London and to deliver the money which come of the ])duco 
thereof vnto my very lovinge freind M"" Eaphe Baily beinge my 
vncle which is my vnckle dwelling vpon AVhittington CoUedgo Hill 
but if in case that the shipp shall goe first to London That then 
I ordaine before her delivery that then the aforesaid goods and 
Tobaccoes with bookf shalbe delivered vnto my aforesaid freind 
M"" Eaphe Bailie he payinge what debts shalbe found owiuge by 
mo William Humberston in tho shipp Puule. Wearing ajiparel 

* Tho probate act book describes testator as ' nuper in partibus tninsiiiarini."' 
uelebis defuncti ' 


to Wm. Burde uow being iu the ship Paule for his paines 

6 care he hath had of me in my sicknes. Also I give my 
surgery cheste withall my instruments thereto belonging Avith the 
seabedd unto M"" Barth^ Yanderlas dwelling iu Groat Woodstreete 
with my wages, etc. WiUiinn Ilumberston. Wit" : — Thomas Midle- 
ton, Leonard Betts, Phillipp Dyer. (Adnion. 7 May 1636 to Ealph 
Bailie principal legatee). 

[F.C.C. Lee 174.] 
GEOEGE HUMBERSTONE of Stevenage, co. Herts, gent. {Bat. 

7 Aug. 1637). To be buried in parish church of Walkerne. Bond 
for £120 due to me from Wm. Pratt clerk & £100 due from 
Tho. Garnons grocer, to my 2n(l sou Hem-y ; To son Henry a 
featherbed etc ; To Garnons my youngest son, annuity of 20/. for 
his life & to s,^ son £50 more within 3 years of my decease ; 
Friend & cousin M'' Wm. Clarke & bro. M"' John Humberstone 
supervisors ; All lands, houses & goods not before bequeatlied, to 
eldest son James whom 1 make exor. George Uum.herstone . Wit* : — 
John Humberston, Jo. Humberston jun. (Pr. 5 Dec. 1638). 

[^P.C.C. Bowyer 59.] 
EDMOND HUMBERSTON of tho of S' Sepulchres, London. 
{Lat. 26 Sep. 1651). Bur'i iu churcliy'^ of S' Sepulchres; Son 
Peter to have the profit of my laud called Xetherwells in psh. of 
Stevenag, co. Hertf., till sucli time that it please god hee may 
returne from the Barbadoes ; Cous. Thos. Humberston exor ; 
Jas. Weeden overseer ; To bro-iu-law John Humberston if he be 
living after my decease IO4. ; To bro. Francis lO*. ; To sist. Eliz. 
Goodwin 20«. ; To sist. Margt. Femes, widow, the little brasse 
morter which shee had to keepe for me ; To cous. Giles Humber- 
ston 5s. ; To cous. Wm. Humberston 5«. ; To cous. Ann Cutts 5«. ; 
To cous. Edmond Humberston tlie curpender 0*. & to his bro. Robt. 
5«. ; To neph. Geo. Humberston bs. ; If son Peter shall die & not 
come againe nor have any child, then neph. Tho. Humberston to 
enjoy his portion ; To Jas. (.'ressell one of ' my fellowes at stocke in 
Poultry Lcmdou,' 5«. to spend witli our other fellowes there ; To 
Goody Taylor one of mv little brasse candsticks. Edmond Mumher- 
iton. Wit^:— Edw. Bush, Nich. Stanton. [Pr. 18 Mch. 1651-2). 

[P.r.f. Brent 308.] 
AVILLMM HUMBERSTON of Walcsl)y, co. Line, yeoman. {Dat. 
14 May 1652). Bur. iu church of Walesby ; Sons Thos. & Wm ; 
Dau. Margt. wife of Rieli. Meares; Dau. Sarah wife of John 
Manger ; My live gramkliild" ; ^ly man Edwards ; Mary ; Sheep- 
heards wife; Widow Kinwond ; Widow Stafford; Bro. Hugh; 
Wm. Humberston of Tenbby ; Sist. Susan wife of Geo. Curtis ; Sou 
Rich. exor. \_2InrJ;.'\ Wit^ : — Erasmus Sturtou, Edw. Day. {Fr. 
13 Sep. 1653). 

IP.C.C. Alchm 104.] 

EDWARD HUMERSTONE of Reauesbye, co. Line. {Bat. 1 July 
1653). Dau. EUine ; [? Dau.] Eliz. ; Dau. Anne ; Sist. Anne Knite 
& her 4 ch" ; Sist. Humerston ; Bro. Wm. Humerstone's child° ; 
Henry Stor}- ; Wm. Rusten ; Wife EUine extrix ; Bro. Wm. 
Humerstono'& AVm. Pye siiporvisors. [^Marlc]. Wit^ : — Wm. 
Humerston, Wm. Pye. \Pr. 23 Aug. 1654). 

lo be Coittinutd. 


By a. E. GIBBS. 


February 3. Thomas Townsend and Anna Bilson of St. Stephens ; 

at St. Stephens. Griffin Aubon a surety. 
February 28. Joseph Eaton of St. Peters, butcher, bachelor, and 

Anne Bradbury, maiden, of St. Albans. Eobert Eaton of St. 

Albans, cordwainer, a surety. 
[Ao date or year. Endorsed 1667]. William Chackley [signed Chakley] 

of Codicote, weaver, bachelor, and Susan Gurnett of Sandridge, 

maiden ; at Sandridge. Thomas Seabrooke of Harding, yeo- 
man, a surety. 
[Undated}. AVilliam Eames of Dimstable, co. Bedford, bachelor. 

and Mary Bunby of Chipping Barnet, maiden : at the 

church in the licence specified. John Hare of St. Michaels. 

blacksmitli, and George Barnes of St. Albans, plomer, sureties. 
March 26. John Coghill of Aldenham, bachelor, and Deborah Dudley 

of Idlestrey, maiden. Elisha Dudley of Idlestree, a surety. 
April 1. Daniel Baker of St. Micliaels, bachelor, and ^Martha Brouks 

of the same, maid. Edward Camfeild of St. Albans, tallow 

chandler, a surety. 
April 20. Jolm Draper of Storton, co. Northampton, husbandman, / 

bachelor, and Mary Wilson of St. Albans, maiden. Edward 

Towensend of St. Albans, a surety. 
May 9. James Turner of St. Albans, butcher, widower, and Anne 

Norris of Cheping Barnet, maiden ; at Clieping Barnet or 

other church within tlie Archdeaconry. 
May 9. Joseph Hodson of Luton, baclaelor, and Hannah Rawlins 

late of the same but now of St. Albans, maiden ; at St. Peters. 

Edmund Eawlins of Luton, her fatlier, and Joseph Ewer of St. 

Albans, joiner, sureties. 
May 23. Thomas Swenston of St. Peters, bachelor, and Mary 

Eickeson of the same, maiden ; at St. Peters, St. Michaels or 

Eedbourne. Eobert Swenstone of St» Peters, i^aiitfr,. and WiUiaiH 

Burton of Eedbourne, coUarmaker, sureties. 
[Undated, on same sheet as lasf}. Thonuis Latimore, of St. Peters. 

bachelor, and Mary Bird, of same, maiden ; at East Barnet. 
May 25. Edward Browne of Sarrat, widower, and Elizabeth Hunt of 

Eickmersworth, widow ; at Sarrat or Eickmersworth. Henry 

Browne of Sarrat, a surety. 
[Undated']. George Goodiu of Hatfoild, baclielor, and Sarah Fissh. 

widow, of Northaw ; at Northaw. Tliomas Odell of Hatfeild, 

a surety. 

6 Tire tit:rts gkxkalogist. 

June 11. Richard Prestoti of St. Micli.aols, carpenter, bachelor, and 
Elizabeth Ewor of St. Albans, maidon ; at St. Michaels, the Abbey, 
or Eedbourne. Richard Troston senr. of St. Michaels, a surety. 
June 19. Edward Marshall of Keinpton, brickniaker, widower, and 
Elizabeth Oxenfort of the Abbey parish, widow ; at Sandridg or 
St. Peters. Thomas Hall of St. "Albans, a surety. 
June 20. Thomas Gregory of r'inp])iug I5aruet, bachelor, and Mary 
"Woodroofe of South Minis ; at Chipping Barnet. Daniel Gregory 
of Chipping Barnet, his father, collannaker, and Peter FuUwood 
of St. Albans, sureties. 
July 15. Christopher Taylor of St. Albans, tailor, baehehtr, and 
Eliz. Jewet of the same, maid ; at St. Michaels. James Hobley 
[_siffned Hopley] of the same, tailor, a surety. 
July 22. Joseph Osl>ourne of ('ariTigtou, yeoman, bachelor, and 
Elizabeth Birchmoro lat(^ of the same but now of St. Albans, 
maiden ; at St. Peters. Tliomas Dunnillof St. Albans, innhohler, 
a surety. 
August 14."^ John Parrat of St. Albans, bachehn-, and Anne Staple of 
the same, maiden ; at Sandridge, Codicoate, or Paules Walden. 
James Martin of St. Albans, a surety. 
August 24. Searles Perkins of London, and Mary Lightfoote of St. / 
Stephens, widow; at St. Stephens. William Dalemore of. St. 
Stephens, a surety. 
September 29. "William Cater of Abbots Laugley, bachelor, and 
Esther Long of Hemell Hempstead, maiden ; at St. Albans or St. 
September 30. William Theb ridge of Sandridge, bachelor, and 
Elizabeth Nash of Kimpton, maiden ; at Sandridge or any other 
church in the Archdeaconry. Thomas Thebridge of Sandridge, 
yeoman, his father, a surety. 
November 12. Daniel Rofe of 'Watford, bachelor, and Mary Halsey 
of Luiton, maiden; at Sandridge. Cowing Crosheld of St. 
Albans, a suret^•. 
November 18. Thomas Tufnell of Hertford and Dorothy Partridg 
of Hempstead ; at St. Albans. James Ramridge of St. Albans, 
a surety. 
January 7. John Ray of Sandridge, bachelor, and Mary Dell of St. 
Stephens ; at Sandridge, Redtiourne, or St. Michaels. Richard 
Preston of St. Michaels, carpenter, a surety. 
January 14. Edward Osniau and Dorothy Evans; at St. Albans. 

John Groome and Griffin Jones, sureties. 
January 14. Christoi)her Jackson of St. Michaels, tapster, bachelor, 
and Alice Moores of the .same, maiden : at St. Albans. 
Christopher Browne of St. Albans, a surety. 
February 20. John Edmonds of Great Gadesdon. bachelor, and 

Eecka Packer ; at St. Peters. Robert Scott, a surety. 
\_U)ida(ed]. James Royce of Redborne, blacksmith, widower, and 
Saraii Halsey of the same, widow ; at Redborne. George Stepny 
of Redbourn, innholder, a surety. 
lUndated]. John Williams of St." Albans, tapster, bachelor, and 
Martha Twiford of the same, maiilen ; at St. Stepht>ns or St. 
Peters. William Bostocke, hostler, a surety. 
lUndafed}. William Skelton of ]\iilgo, husbandman, and Ellin Sawer 
of the same, maid. Robert Smith of Tinnauger, a surety. 


[Undated'}. Eicliard Bcaniont of 8t. Micliaels, yeoman, bachelor, and' 

Mary Edmonds of DimstaWe: at St. Peters. William Harrop 

of St. ^lichaels, tanner, a surety. 
[7//ffw/-] 28. Eobert Belliut^hani of Edmunton, co. Middlesex, bachelor, 

and Sarah Eohinson of St. Albans, maiden; at St. Albans. 
■ Edward Hiuiyan of Jvlmuntoii, bjiclielor, a surety. 
June 8. Tliomas Woodward of St. Albans, cordwinder, bachelor, and 

Katherine Rose of the same, maiden ; at St. Albans. John New 

of St. Albans, iiniliolder, a surety. 
June 10. Jolui Seabrooke of Eedbourne, husbandman, widower, and 

Ann Gruiinill of Saudridge, maiden : at Sandridg'. Edward 

Seabrooke of Hardin^-, husbandman, a surety. 
June 21. Roliert C'halkley of St. Stepliens, yeoman, widower, and 

Mary Carpenter, maiden: at St. Peters or Sandridge. Joseph 

Ewer of St. Peters, cowper, a surety. 
Jidy 12. William W.-tliered of Harppsden but now of St. Albans, 

bacheloi-, and Amie Pixon of tlie same Init now of St. Mbans, 

maiden. Edward Dixon of Whethamsted, yeoman, a surety. 
November 1. Tliomas Tayler of Edg-er, co. Middlesex, wagoner, 

single man, and Elizabetli Pag-e of St. Stepliens, maiden, 

daughter of [h/anJc} Page deceased, of St. Peters, her mother 

also deceased : at Eidge or St. Stephens. .Joseph Marshall of St. 

Peters, a suretv. 
November 11. Thomas Preston of St. Michaels and Anne '\\Tiite, 

maiden; at Sandridge. Edward Fowk of St. Albans, gent., a 

December 11. Thomas Onge citizen and linen draper of London 

[a note on another obligatif>u shows lie was of St. Botolph's 

Without, Aldersgate], widower, and Abigael Grubb of St. Albans, 

maiden. Thomas Pichards of St. Albans, gent., a surety. [This 

is the first printed form]. 
December 18. Thomas Eegg of Pedl)orne. husbandman, bachelor, 

and Elizabetli Pedding ..f St. jNlichaels, maiden. John Pryor of 

St. Michaels, a surety. 
December 20. William" Beasley of Redbru-ne, yeoman, widower, 

and Mary Foster of Berkhanisted, maiden. Thomas Deacon of 

Redborne, husbandman, a surety. 
December 24. Henrv Steyens of St. Albans, bachelor, and Anne 

arube, maiden. '^Mark Armestronge of Eidge, husbandman, a 

January 5. Edward Hope of St. Albans, gent., and Elizabeth 

Crosse of the same, wiiluw. AVilliam Ranee of St. Albans, 

gent., a surety. 
January 8. Stephen Pecocke of Aiseworth in co. Bedford but now 

of St. Albans, bachelor, and Hannah Fells, daughter of 

William Fells, maiden. Nathaniel Pryor, of St. Michaels, a surety. 
January 22. Isaac Halsev of Great Gadtlesdeu, gent., bachelor, and 

Mary Gape, daughter" of Mr. John Gape of St. Albans, maiden. 

John New of St. Albans, pewterer, a surety. 
February 11. Isaack Finch of Watford, 1)a(helm', and Susan Marsh 

,)f Ruslup . maiden. Joseph Ixit/tted Joshua] Carpenter of St. 

Albans, innholder, and Robert Robinson of the same, butcher, 




\_Undated, on same sheet as lasf]. Francis Chappell of Sandridgo, 
blacksmith, and Margaret Thrale of the same, maiden. Thomas 
Meadew of St. Albans, joiner, a surety. 
\_Blan¥\ 26. James Woodward of Little Harwood, co. Buckingham, 
yeoman, bachelor, and Alice Tatliam, maiden. Abel Bennett of 
Watford, tailor, a suretv. 
April 20. George Eose of Eedbm-ne, bachelor, and Anne Hall of 

Hemsteed. William Brand of St. Albans, widower, a surety. 
April 23. James Funge of Rickemans worth, bachelor, and Hannah 

Hunt of the same, maiden. Daniel Baldwyn of the same, a surety. J 
May 16. Nathaneel Bacon of Friston, co. Suffolk, gent., bachelor, 
and Elizabeth Duke, daughter of Edward Duke of Bemhall, co. 
Sufiolk, gent. Thomas Matthews of Friston, a surety. 
June 27. Samuel Anderson of Watford, gent., and Margarett Bird, 

widow. Thomas NicoUs of Langley, a surety. 
July 8. William Birch of Sarrett and Sarali How of the same. 

Thomas Hunt of the same, a surety. / 

July 16. Henry Boswell of Maverue Parva, co. Worcester, bachelor, v 

and Mary Brewer. Francis Squire, a surety. 
September 2. Henry Smith of Sarratt, yeoman, bachelor, and MarA- 
Grove, maiden, daughter of Joseph Grove of Flawning. 
Edward Fowke of St. Albans, pent., a surety. 
September 2. James Creeke of St. Albans, tailor, bachelor, and Mary 
Knovett of the same, maiden. John Wingfeild of the same, gent., 
a surety. 
September 7. Thomas Halsey of Kimpton but now of St. Albans, 
husbandman, and Mary Hurst of Kimpton, widow. WiUiam 
Gibson of St. Albans, shoemaker, a surety. 
September 29. Edward Strayne of St. Stephens, husbandman, 
bachelor, and Mary Martin of the same, maiden. John Martin 
of the same, husbandman, a surety. 
September 30. Daniell Tarbox of Eedborne, bachelor, and Martha 
Hamond of the same, maiden. Isaac Stepney {^signed (.^) Stagny] 
of the same, glover, and William Mores of St. Albans, 
felmonger, sureties. 
October 7. Emanuell Clarke, widower, and Mary Howe, maiden. 
Thomas Eoyston of Harpenden, gent., and Edmund Fowke of 
St. Albans, gent., sureties. 
October 11. William Owen (€ St. Allians, bachelor, and Mary Bigott 

of the same. Nicholas AVhelpeloy of the same, a surety. 
October 15. William How of Abbots Langley, bachelor, and Sara 
Carter of the same, maiden. John How of the same, gent., a 
October 15. Thomas Seabrocke of Sandridge, yeoman, bachelor, 
and Mary Chalkley. Henry Chalkley of Kimpton, yeoman, 
her father, a suretv. ^ 

October 25. Benjamin Geerv {supted Geary] of Hempstedd, and fc^ara 
Holiday of St. Albans, maiden. William Morris of St. Albans, 
innholder, a surety. 
[Undated, on same sheet as lastl. Henry Bradwyn [or Bradwin 
signed Braden] of St. Albans, cordwainer, widower, and 
EHzabeth Heyward of St. Stephens, widow. Martin Element 
of St. Albans, locksmith, a surety. 

To be Continued. 


^b&tracts of ^xHb. 



f. 1. JOHN HODGESOX of WaltLam Crosse in the psh. of Chest- 
hunt, {Daf. 20 Sep. 1586). Bur. at Chesthunt ; Daus. Eliz. 
& Hester ; Wife Millicent extrix. Jflf : — Robert Pettite, 
Edward "White & Simon Williams vicar of Chesthunt. [Fr. 
19 Apr. 1592). 

f. 1. JOHN MALDON of Wormley, yeoman. {Bat. 12 Dec. 1591). 
Tenement called Fanners & 1 acr. land in Howsfeild & 1 
orchard called the Moore all in Wormley & one Ay laud called 
Bush Ayland iu Cheston to use of wife Joane for life : after to 
my two daus. Joane & Alice equally ; Sou Wm.; Residue to 
bro. Wm. Cooke of Waltliara to bestow at his discretion ; 
Wife extrix. [Jlark). Wit" : — John Hawkins marke, Tliomas 
Archers marke, William Cooke jun"". {Pr. 12 May 1592). 

f. 3. MARY AI.EW001) of Ware, spinster. {Nunc, will dat. Nov. 
1590). Ellen Ghallas her keeper; Monej- duo to her by the 
gift of Robt. Mitcliell her uncle dec^' ; Marger}' Wyley ; Cous. 
Robt. Coates ; Cous. Agnes Coates her children ; ' And for my 
brother he shall liave never one penny of it because I sent for 
him so often and he never came to me.' (Admon. with will 
annexed 5 June 1592 to Robt. Coates & Agnes his wife, next of 
kin, during minority of Robt. & Agnes Coates their child"). 

f. 21. JOHN JOHNSON of Wormeley, basketmaker. {Bat. 29 
Mch. 1592). Bur. in churchyard of Wormeley; Sons Wm. & 
John ; Joane Jolmson my sous dau. ; John Johnson & Richard 
' my Sonne sounes ' ; Anne Jolmson ; Alice Johnson ; Lease of 
' ground of osyers ' held of M'' Tucke ; Wm. Turner ; Jolin 
Bumsted ; Wife Marv extrix. HigmC Johannis Johnson. Wit" : — 
Richard King .S: Edw. Colt. {Fr. 7 Aug. 1592). 

f. 27. WILLIAM HARTB.VRl) i,/i(ts ROGERS of psh. of Meesden, 
laborer. {/Jut. 13 June 1592). IJur. in churchyard of Meesden; 
Henry Lodge ; Jjand in Ilonnishfeild ; Rich. Salmon of 
Meesden ' otemealeman ' and Lettice his wife ; Wm. son of 
s^ Richard ; Wm. son of Wm. Hartbard of Braughing my 
kinsman ; Wife (^lenience exor. Wi'liam Hartbard. Wit'' : — 
William Cowell, Henrv Totnam, John Kinge. {Fr. 13 Sop. 

f. 28. RICHARD FAYRCLOUGH of Cufflay iu psh of Northaw 
yeoman. {Bat. 24 May 1592). Bur. at Northaw ; Son Giles 
Fayrechtugh's cliild" ; Richard Lowens child" ; Robt. Lowes 
child" of Hadley ; Tho. Feeldes child" of Ivenipton ; Son Geo. 
& dau. Margt'rie Fayreclough ; Wife Agnes extrix. Wit^ : — 
Richard Newton, George Cookf marke. Rich. Lowen marke, 
(Pr. 22 Sep. 1592). 


f. 2f>. LUCE HATTON in tlip psh. of Shepall, widow. {Dat. 22 
May 1592). Bur. in Slicpall ehureliyard ; Jolm Saburne the 
flder & Tohn Sahurno the yonnp:fr of Watton ; Eliz. Prior 
widow; Eliz. Kynipton, daii. to AViii. Kimpton (under 10); 
Aj^es Kemjtton sist to Eliz. (under 16) ; Marp^t. dau. to AVm. 
Kempton ; Susan dau. of "Win. Kempton ; Edw. Gup ; Geo. 
Kempton of Shepall & Wni. Kempton of Shepliall exors. 
Wit' : — Wni. Browne & John :N[ardoll & Eobt. Wood vicar 
of Shepall. {Pr. 22 Sep. 1.592). 

f. .53. HENEY MYNOTT of Meseden, the elder. {Dat. 28 Apr. 
1592). Bur. in churchyard of ^Meseden ; Wife Marg' ; Sons 
Eobert & Henry ; Dau"! Annis ; My 5 child" flenry, Eobert, 
Alice, Lettice & Aime : Son Henry exor ; Son Eobt. overseer. 
i int" : — William Cowell, Ilenrv Mynott, Evon Colt, Thomas 

Kinjre & Henry Modle. {Pr. 1 3 Sep. 1592). ' 

f. 50. AGNES CODGELL of Ab})otts Lano-ley, widow. {Dat. 12 

.| July 1592). Henry Child my daughters son, & Bennet Child, 

I j Agnes & Margt. Child lier dans ; Dau. Ellins 7 child" viz : — 

' i Henry, Wm. Tho. Jolm, Bennet, Agnes & Marg' ; Dau. 

Bennetts. 4 child" viz: — Eob*, Benj", John & Benett ; Geo. 

Heywards wife ; Eafe Parishe wife ; Henry Dallinge my dau's 

son ; Goddau. Agnes Heyward ; Bennet Parish ; Son in law 

Henry Childe exor. Wit" : — Anne Haward, Mary Eutter 

{marh), Ahce Parishe {mark). {Pr. 17 Sep. 1592). 

f. 58. JOHN CAMPION husbandman, in the towne of Anstie {Bat. 
13 Aug. 1592). Bro. Wm ; Sis' Avis ; Wife Alice extrix. 
Wit' :— Edmond Pelham, Hen. Bawcocke. {Pr. 13 Sep. 1592). 

f. 65. EDWAED FEEEIS of Wonjieley, farrier. {Dat. 7 July 
1592). Dau. Sus. Ferris : Dau. J(me ; Dau. Alice ; Frances 
Fynche & Joane Fynche my wifes dans ; Bros. Samviel & Thos ; 
Eobt. Becke my neighbour & son in law John Fynche over- 
seers ; Wife Eliz. extri.r ; Lease from ' my worshipfull 
m'' William Purvey Esquire ' to mo. Edward Ferris. Wit" : — 
Edward Cobettf hujus script., Eobt. Becke & John Fynche. 
{Pr. 4 Oct. 1592). 

f. 68. WILLIAM LAWEENCE of S' Albans {Dated ' a day or two 
before the death, and in the spring time Anno d'ni 1584'). 
Wife Joane to have my farm at New IMyll end for life & also 
house in HaUiweU strete in S' Albans. A lease to be made to 
W™ Marston of S' Albans of a lionse in Halliwell streete for 20 
or 21 years ; "Wife extrix. Wit' : — Andrew Coltnian, Wm. 
Marston, Eliz. Marston his wife & Eliz. Marsey. {Pr. 8 May 
1592. A ' sententia ' follows, in whicli tlie executrix is named 
as Joan Lawrence a/iax Lansdale). 

f. 73. JOHN BOXSTED of Hodsdon. {Dat. 31 May 1580). Bur. 
atBroxborne; Son John ; Wife Grace extrix. {Mark). Wit': — 
"Wm. Swanson, John Founteiue, Tim. Sharrenbrooke. {Pr. 26 
Feb. 1592-3). 

f. 74. WILLIAM SMEWYN. {Dat. 6 Sept. 1592). Bur. at Eick- 
mansworthe ; AVife Jane extrix. ; Dau. Sara (under 14) ; Sist. 
Evelins two chilil" ; Sist. Fraunces her two child" ; Sist. 
Annis ; Friends John Durrant & Tho. Ludlowe. {Afark). 
Wit' : — Eowland Beresforde, John Durrant, Tho. Ludlowe, 
Eich. Edmonds. {Pr. 15 Feb. 1592-3). 


f. 74. JOHN LOXGE of Elstree. ( Undated). Son Simon ; The 
rest of ray four small child"^ viz: — John, Annis, Margt. 
& Marion ; Fathor-in-law Tho. Coflgell & his son nn' 
hro-in-law Thos. OorlgcU exors. {Mark). Wit^ : — Tho. 
Codgell son'', Wm. Batf , Tlio. OodgoU, Gruf. Owen sf-r. {Pr. 
9Mch. 1592-3). 

f. 79. ELIZABETH NIOHOLLS of East Barnet. {Dnt. 7 Seij. 
1592). Eliz. Gra3'p my son Eobert's dau ; Eliz. Eolfe my 
daughters dau ; Rich, and E,obt. NichoUs my son Robert's 
sons ; Agnes Nicholls that now dwelleth with me ; Joaiie 
Nicholls my son Roberts dau ; Sara Nicholls ; Sara Lame ; 
Old (jrilberte ; son. Roht. Nicholls exor. JFif" : — Sim. Thomson, 
Tho. Rolfo and Margt. Tliompson. {Fr. II May 1593). 

f. 79. JOHN BEDWELL of S* Margettes ats Stansted theale, 
labourer. (/?rt^ 21 Aug. 1592). Wife Eliz. extrix ; Eldest son 
Anth. ; Lands in Amwell marshe ; Second sou Andrew : Third 
son John ; Fourth son Ambrose ; Fifth son Edward ; Lands in 
Hodgden feild ; Dau. Eliz. (Marl,-). Wit' :— Robt. Boothe, 
Eobt. Essex. {Pr. 19 May 1593). 

f. 82. JOHN HEADLAMME parson of Raylegh in Essex. {Dat. 
3 Dee. 1593). Bur. ' by my sonne John Hcadlamme in 
Braugliing church neere by the chauncell wall ' ; Son AVm ; 
Dau. Bridget Headlamme ; M>" Otway ; Servt Johan ; Serv' 
Wm. and his sist. Sibill ; Legacy to poor of Braughing 
& Raleigh ; George Lottie ; M'' Brograve ; M'' Hanchett ; 
Wife Kath extrix. Per me Johannem Hcadlamm, rectorem de 
Ralegh predict. {Pr. 4 Mch. 1593-4). 

f. 83. JOHN WALKER of Wormeley. {Bat. 27 Apr. 1591). Eliz. 
Walker my sons dau ; My sister ; Kinsman Robt. King ; AVm. 
Walker my sous son ; Tho. Burgin ; John Chandler & Wm. 
Swanson of Hogsdon ; Tho. Lowiu and Tho. Johnson of 
Wormeley. M'" \Yalpoole pson of AVormeley ; Dau-in-la-w 
Kath. Turner ; John Walker my sons son ; Harry Maunder of 
Pimbridge ; Son Robt. father of s'l Eliz. AVm. & John AValker ; 
Isabell Bird ; Grandson John Walker exor. AA'ife Kath. 
{Mark). IVit^ : — Cesar AA^alpoole parson of AA^irmley, Nich. 
Turner. (Admon. during minority of exor, to Jolin Cordell of 
Chesthunt, collier, his uncle on the mothers side.) 

f. 97. RANDALL CLAYE of AVormeley. {Dat. 3 Dec. 36 Eliz.) 
AVife Eliz. extrix. Wit" : — Ceasar Walpoole, John Bumsteade 
ju., AV^m. Turner. {Pr. 28 Mch. 1595). 

f. 97. THOxAEAS GLADIN of AVormeley, basketmaker. {Dat. 29 
June 1595). Son Tlio ; Dau. Joaue ; Son AVm. exor : My 
master Bumsted overseer. {Mark). Wit" : — AVm. Malldon, 
AA^m. AA'arde, Tho. Bumstede. {Pr. 18 July 1595). 

f. 99. RICHARD BENNINGE of Sarret, yeoman. {J)at. 16 July 
1594). Second son Tho. ; My now luuise in a piece of land called 
Longe AVIioelers, lying between Great AVhet^lers i*c AVallnut 
tree close ; Close called AVoodfeild ; Third son l\obt ; Two 
closes called AA^heelers lying between Sarr(>t greeiie and A\'ood- 
feild ; Fourtli son Geo. Benninge ; Land called TIasardes in 
psh. of AVatford ; Fiftli son Jlenry; Lands in psh. of Rick- 
mansworth ; Sixth son John ; Close called Nutthazell close ; 
Eldest dau. Mai-y Benninge ; Second dau. Anne 1\ ; Third dau. 


Ales B ; Fourth dau. Eliz. B ; Fifth dau. Johane B ; Eldest son 
Eichard ; Wife Agues extrix ; Close called Chuise feilde ; Tho. 
Hobbes & John Kaudall (iveiseers. Sigtmm Richardi Bennynge. 
}Vit> .-—John Ibotsoniie, Nich. Cock. {Pr. 16 Sep. 1595). 

f. 100. THOMAS TYMBEELAK of Eickmansworth, husbandman. 
{Dat. 4 May 1595). Son Tlios. ; Jeroni AVebbe my daughters 
son (underlie) ; Son in law Eobt. Webbe ; Dau. Susan wife of 
Eich. Hampton ; Sons Ezechiell & Eobert ; Chalfont Warren ; 
Eichard Tyler; Wife Christian; Susan & Thos. Webbe my 
daughters " ch" ; Dau. Hampton's ch" ; Serv* Geo. Huff ; 
Serv' maid Sara ; Edw. Harbinger of Chalfont ; Wife &. son 
Ezechiell exors; Neiglibours Nich. (xybbe & Tho. Fotherley 
overseers. Mark. Wit' :— Tho. Fotherley, Nich. Gibbe. 
Codicil dfjf. 1 Sej). 1595 names Grace Hampton, serves Nich. 
Gibbe & Joane Pratt, int" :— Tho. Fotherley writer hereof, 
Nich. Gybbe, John Worrell & Eichard Pye. (Fr. 17 Sep. 1595). 

f. 103. THOMAS SNELL alias WHEELEE of Ware. {Daf. 8 Aug. 
1593). Wife Margt. extrix ; Lease to one Evans ; Houses & 
lands at Hartford; John Throughgood & Eobt. Lilly my 
neighbours overseers ; Throe eldest sons Thos, Nich. & EandoU 
SneU ; Dau. Johane ; My two youngest sons (Dated 22 Aug. 
1595). Wit' :— John Th'orowgood, Eobt. Lylly, Christr. Beadle, 
Tho. Snell, Tho. Feild, John Huchin. (Pr. 18 Sep. 1595). 

f. 108. JOHN EUSHLEY of Eicmansworth, yeoman. {Dat. 2 Aug. 
1595 . Daus. Venice, Marye, Anne & Bettresse (minors) ; 
Tenement in Bachworth, parcel of the manor of Moore, situate 
over against the mill there ; Sons John & Geo. (minors) ; AVife 
Mary extrix ; Bro. Jerom Eusley & bro-in-law Jonas Eobsonne. 
;F?Y» : — Tho. Fotherley, AVm. AVinchester, John Eushley, Jonas 
Eobson, Jarame Eusley, AA'm. Brainch. {Fr. 4 Oct. 1595). 

f. 109. ALICE HEYDON of AA'attforde, widow. {Dat. 16 Aug. 1595). 
Son Geo. Eeade & Susan liis wife ; Sons Hugh, Edw. & AA'^m. 
Eeade ; Dau. Anne Clarke ; Son-in-law Geo. Knevett ; Eldest 
son Eich. Eeade ; Lease called the AAliite Harte in AYattforde ; 
Brothers Tlios. & AVm. Duck gents exors ; Serv' SibeU Downes. 
jJ7/»:_Xic]i. Cowlburne the wrighter, Jas. Baldwin, Tho. 
Knevet. {Fr. 8 Oct. 1595). 

f. 125. AVn.LTAM EDLIN-tho elder of Hare\^oodes in psh. of AVat- 
forde, yeoman. {DcPf. 10 July 1595). AVifo Sicelye ;_ Messuage 
in AYatford wherein Lewes Graye tanner dwells, which I lately 
bouglit of Po\de Stepiieth gent & Sara his wife, John Duncouibe 
gent & Judetli his wife & Eich. Cuppedge gent & Sibill his wife; 
Son AA''m ; Dau. Susan Ediyn (under 21) ; Dau. Alice Baldwin ; 
Son Jas ; John Edlin sou o( my son AA'm ; House & lauds called 
Bellwastes in Oxhey in psh. of AA^atford. in occ. of Giles 
Chaundeler & Eobt. Hay warde : House called Bellcroftes ; AA''m. 
Kentish ; Isack Clietttdl's ; Drew Baldwin husband of dau. Alice; 
John Becki^tt of Watford, taylor : Jas. son of .s^ Drew Baldwin ; 
Cicelv Hall now dwi^lliug with John Eeddwood ; The two sons 
of John Ablet; Daus. Eo'se Kdlyu, Agnes Kentisli, Alice Baldwin 
& Dorothie Greu ; Wife extrix ; "Wm. Kentish & Ea])he Gunthorpe 
overseers. Mark. Wit' : — ^\'m. Leonardes, Eobt. Pratt, Eaphe 
Gunthorpe, Geo. Eendli.'ad, AYm. Kenti.-^lie. (Fr. 12 Dee. 1595). 

To be Continued. 




^ gist of gLitquiaittones l^ost ^Xovicm, 

Relating to the Couxty of Herts, returned into the 
Court of Chancery. 


Adams, Robert 

Adelmare, alias Ctc-sar, Julius knt. 

Alexander alias Milward, Wm. 

Alingtou, Philip 

Alien, Cliristr. 

Alleu, Margery 

Alley, Fraucis 

Alley, Francis 

Alloy, John 

Allingtou, Giles knt. 

Allington, Wm. 

Altham, Edward 

Altham, J as. 

Altham, Jas. knt. 

Anderson, Rich. knt. 

Appleyarde, Roger 

Appowell, Margaret 

Aprice, Wm. 

Arnold, Thomas ' fatuus ' 

Arthure alias Fawsette, Anthony 

Audeley, Henry 

Audeley, Thomas, lord 

Audley, Marg-t. dau. of Thos. lord 

Auncell, Thomas 
Ayleworth, Humph. 

Babthorji, Ralph, knt. 

Bacon, Francis lord, vise. St. Albans 

Baeshe, Ralph 

Baih-e, John 

Baldrey, Geo. 

Baringtou, Nicli. knt. 

Barkhamsted ' Dominus 

Leprosorum de ' 
Barle, Thos. 
Barlee, Henrv' 
Barlee, Wm. 
Barley, Robt. esq. 
Baryngton, Nich. knt. 
Bashe, Nich. j.^ 

Basshe, Edw. 
Bassingborne, Johu 
Baylye, John 

^J liLliz. pt. 1 

13 Car. I. pt. 4 

7 Eliz. 
37 Eliz. pt. 2 
30 Eliz. pt. 1 

4 Eliz. 

42 Eliz. pt. 2 

43 Eliz. pt. 2 
42 Eliz. pt. 2 
28 Eliz. 

1 Hen. VII. 
6 Jas. I. pt. 2 

25 Eliz. 

8 Jas I. pt. 2 
1 1 Car. I. pt. 2 
21 Henry VIII. 

9 Jas. I. pt. 1. 

4 Edw. VI. pt 
9 Jas I. pt. 2 

Eliz. V. o. 1st bund 
37 Hen. VIII. pt. 2 

2 Edw. VI. pt. 1 

14 Eliz. 

5 Jas. I. pt. 1 
10 Car. I. pt. 1 


6 Hen. VII. 
lOTar. I. pt. 3 
40 Eliz. pt. 1 
10 Jas. I. pt. 1 
31 Hen. VIII. 

7 Hen. VIII. 

31 Hen. VIII. 
16 Heu. VIII. 
22 Hen. VIII. 
14 Hen. VIII. 
26 Hen. VIII. 

Hen. VIII. v.o. 2nd bund. 
43 Eliz. pt. 2 
29 Eliz. 

32 Hen. VIII. 
10 Jas. I. pt. 1 

number 65 






































Baylye, John 

18 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Baynton, Andrew esq. 

13 Eliz. pt. 1 


Bedell, Cecily 

Hen. VIII. v.o. 2 

nd bund. 


Bedford, John, furl of 

1 & 2 Ph. & M. pt. 



Belfeild, ^Vm. 

1 3 


Belfeild, Wm. 

3 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Bellfielde, John 

32 Eliz. 


Bellamye, Henry 

26 Eliz. 


Bellamy e, Wm. 

7 EUz. 


Bennett, Eliz. 

8 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Benuyng, Robt. 

5 Eliz. pt. 1 


Bensted, AVm. esq. 

Rio. III. & Ken 

VII. v.o. 83 

Benstede, Ed\y. knt. 

11 Hen. VIII. 


Benstede, Wm. es(i. 

1 Hen. VII. 


Beomounde, AYui. viscount 

1 Hen. VIII. 


Berisford, Eowland 

5 Jas. 1 pt. 2 


Besouth, John, gent. (21 Car.) 

Ehz. Jas. Car. pt. 



Bibbesworth, Thos. esq. 

1 Hen. VII. 


Bigges, Thos. 

3 Car. I. pt. 2 


Blackwell, Geo. 

7 Car. I. pt. 3 


Blackwell, Rich. esq. (-21 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 



Blackvrell, Robt. 

22 Eliz. pt. 1 


Blossam, Thos. 

45 Eliz. 


Blunt, Arthur, gent. (3 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 



Blunt, Tho. Pope knt. 

15 Car. I. pt. 3 


Borough, Thos. lord 

5 Edw. VI. pt. 1 


Bostocke, Peter 

16 Jas. I. pt. 


Boteler, John (see Leveuthorpe) 

Hen. VIII. v.o. 

1st bund. 


Boteler, John 

18 i:iiz. pt. 1 


Boteler, Rich. esq. (12 Jas.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt 



Boteler, Robt. knt. 

21 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Boteler, Wm. lord (17 Car. II.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt 



Botiller, Wm. lord ' fatuus ' 

13 Car. I. pt. 1 


Botteler, Philip 

5 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Boughton, John, esq. 

5 Hen. VII. 


Boureher, Anne lady, marchioness 

of Northampton 

13 Eliz. 


Bourgchier, Tho. 

7 Hen. VII. 


Bowlde, John 

1 Eliz. pt. 1 


Bowles, John 

35 Hen. VIII. 


Bowles, John 

15 Car. I. pt. 3 


Bowles, Thos. 

39 Eliz. pt. 2 


Bowles, Thos. 

9 Car I. pt. 1 


Bowles, Thos. esq. 

14 Car. I. pt. 3 


Bownest, John 

13 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Bownest, Wm. 

11 Jas. I. pt. 3 


Bowyer, Thos. (5 Jas.; 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt 



Bradbury, Thos. 

2 Hen. VIII. 


Bradbury, AVm. 

4 Edw. VI. pt. 1 


Brakenfcild, John 

39 Eliz. pt. 2 


Brand, Geo. 

Eliz. v.o. 3rd blind. 


Brand, Thos. 

3 Car. I. pt. 2 


Brand, Tho. (20 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 



Braughyn, Thos. 

6 Hen. VII. 


Braughyng, Rich. 

Hen. VIII. v.... 

1st hand. 



Breame, Ed w. ' under age ' 10 Eliz. 125 

Brewster, Margt. 6 Jas. I. pt. 2 83 

Brisco, Edw. 6 Jas. I. pt. 2 94 

Briscoe, Edw. 13 Car. I. pt. 1 14 

Bristo, Eoljt. 14 Jas. I. pt. 3 133 

Bristow, Nich. 15Jas. I. pt. 1 204 

Bristowe, Nich. 27 Eliz. 12 

Bristowe, Nich. 5 Car. I. pt. 2 66 

Bristowe, Nich. ("sq. 10 Car. 1. pt. 3 6 

Brocket, John, lent. 41 Eliz. pt. 1 42 

Brockett, Edw. ('S(|. (43 Eliz.) Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 2 48 

Brockett, Helen, ladv 41 Eliz. pt. 2 76 

Brockett, John, knt.' 5 & 6 Ph. & M. pt. 2 83 

Brockett, "Wm. 8 Jas. I. pt. 2 29 

Brograve, Jolui, kiit. 11 Jas. I. pt. 2 8 

Brograve, iSinion 15 Car. I. pt. 4 18 

Broket, Edw. esq. 4 Hen. VII. 30 

Brokett, John, esq. 24 Hen. VIII. 29 

Broughton, John 11 Hen. VIII. 110 

Broughton, Koht. knt. 23 Hen. VII. 67 

Broughton, Thos. 11 Hen. VII. 94 

Browne, Hunipli. knt. 5 Eliz. pt. 1 75 

Browne rt/w.s Broun, John 5 Edw. VI. pt. 1 80 

Bruce, Edw. knt. haron of Kinglosse 11 Jas. I. pt. 2 25 

BuU, Rich. 28 Eliz. 188 

Burche, Thos. 4 Edw. VI. pt. 1 124 

Burgoyue, Geo. 31 Eliz. pt. 2 85 

BurreU, Homy 14 Eliz. 81 

Burwell, Henry 1 1 Eliz. 59 

Butler, Chus. 7 Jas. I. pt. 1 97 

Butler, Henrv knt. 7 Jas. I. pt. 1 113 

Butler, Jolm"^ 18 Hen. VIII. 96 

Butler, Pliilip knt. 37 Hen. VIII. 109 

Butt, Clias. 31 Hen. VIII. 79 

Csesar. -Sec Adehmire. 

Cage. Anthony 25 Eliz. 63 

Cage, Daniel esq. 10 Car. I. pt. 3 77 

Caltou, Henry 35 Eliz. pt. 2 45 
Cambridge, Trinity College, 'ad 

{ quod dampuuni ' 19 Heu. VIII. Ill 

I Capell, Henry, kut. 20 Jas. I. pt. 2 148 

ICapell, Arthur, knt. 8 Car. I. pt. 1 54 

; Capell, Wni. kut. 7 Henry VIII. 25 

Cardye, John 11 Car. I. pt. 2 129 

\ Carey, Edw. knt. 17Jas. I. pt. 1 104 

f Carter, Kicli. 5 & 6 Ph. & M. pt. 2 86 

Carter, ludit. 8 Car. I. pt. 3 75 

(^irtor, Wni. 9 Eliz. 130 

Cary, Henry, lord 11 Car. I. pt. 2 30 

Carye, A<lo{phus kut. 7 Jas. I. pt. 1 107 

Carye, H.ury lord vise. Falkland 12 Car. I. pt. 3 20 

Casou. Edw. esq. (2 Car.) Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 27 4 

Cliambcr, Rich. 3 Edw. VL 75 

riiamh,!-. Kdw. ^;t Car.) Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 21 141rt 


Chambers alias Halsey, Wm. 

.38 Eliz. pt. 1 


Chauncey, Henry 

29 Eliz. 


Chaworth, Eliz., who was the wife 

of Wm. Chaworth kut. and late 

wife of John Dunliam 

18 Hen. Vn. 


Cheney, John 

37 Eliz. pt. 2 


Cheney, John 

38 Eliz. pt. 2 


Chester, Edw. 

21 Eliz. pt. 2 


Chester, Magdalen, lady 

29 EUz. 


Chester, Eobt. knt. 

17 EUz. 


Chester, Robt. 

16 Car. I. pt. 3 


Chester, Wni. 

26 Eliz. 


Cheyne, John 

33 Eliz. pt. 1 


Cheyney, John 

I A .Tas. I. pt. 3 


Child, Mathew 

11 Jas. I. pt. 3 


Child, Mathew 

11 Jas. 3 


Child, Tho. gent. (20 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. 




Christian, John, gent. (14 Car.) 

Eliz. .Jas. Car. 




Clanricard, Eich. earl 

13 Car. I. pt. 1 


Clare, Nich. 

5 & 6 Ph. & M. 




Clarke, John- 

3 & 4 Jas. I. V. 



Clarke, John 

22 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Clarke, Thos. 

39 Eliz. pt. 2 


Clowes, Anth. (3 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car 




Cobham, Thos. knt. 

20 Hen. Vli. 


Cock, Henry, knt. 

8 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Cock, John 

4 & 5 Ph. & M. 




Cock, Wm. 

9 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Cocks, John 

5 & 6 Ph. & M. 




Coke, John, ' idiot ' 

6 Edw. VI. pt. 



Coleman, Christr. 

8 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Colet, John, mercer of London ' ad 

quod dampnum ' 

5 Hen. VIII. 


Colet, John, clerk 

14 Hen. VIII. 


Collett, Henry 

21 Hen. VII. 


Colley, Rich. gent. (9 Jas.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car 




Combes, Fras. esq. (20 Car.) 

EUz. Jas. Car 




Combes, Fras. 

2 Car. I. pt. 3 


Combes, Eich. 

37 EUz. pt. 2 


Coningesbie, Fras. knt. (7 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car 




Connyugsby, Henry knt. 

34. EUz. pt. 2 


Conyers, Tlios. 

18 Jas. I. pt. 2 


ConjTigesbie, Ealph, knt. (13 Jas.] 

EUz. Jas. Car 




Coop alias Godfrey, Fras. 

7 Car. I. pt. 3 


Copwood, John 

34 Hen. VIII. 


Corbett, Eobt. knt. 

5 Hen. VIII. 


Corbett, Eoger esq. 

30 Hen. VIII. 


Corbett, Rowland 

n Car. I. pt. 2 


Courtney, Gartrud 

37 Hen. VIII. 


Cowper alias Godfrey, John 

11 EUz. 


Cox, Thos. 

16 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Coxe, John 

6 Car. I. pt. 3 


Coxe, Eich. knt. 

22 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Coxe, Thomas 

31 EUz. pt. 1 


Crawley, AVm. 

7 Jas. I. pt. 1 




Cressey, Constance, widow 

Crouclie, Jolin 

Crowchc, Jolin gent. 

Crowche, John ' melius inquirend ' 

Crowche, Jolin 

Crowche, Thos. 

Cutte, John knt. 

Dacre, Geo. 

Dacres, Eoht. 

Dacres, Thos. knt. 

Darey, Eobt. 

Darvall, Henry (v.o. 1st pt. 6) 

Dave, Ealph 

Delabere, Geo. 

Dt 'la wood, Fras. 

Delawood, Fras. 

Denny, Edw. 

Dennye, Auth. 

Dennj-e, Edw. knt. 

Dennye, Hen. 

Derb}', Edw. carl of 

Derby, Thos. earl of 

Dockwra, Periani esq. (19 Car.) 

Dockwra, Thos. 

Dockwraye, Thos. 

Dodyugton, John 

Dodynsell, Alice, widow 

Drewell, Eich. 

Drewell, Wm. 

Druell, John 

Drnell, Rich. 

Duke, John 

Duucombe, Eich. 

Dune, Griffin knt. 

Dunstable, Margt. 

Dysney, John 

Dysney, AVni. 

Eic. IlL & Hen. VII. 

16 Jas. I. pt. 1 

4 Jas. I. pt. 2 

5 Jas. I. pt. 2 

14 Jas. I. pt. 3 

15 Jas. I. pt. 1 

17 Hen. VHI. 

23 Eliz. pt. 2 

37 Hen. VIII. 

14 Jas. I. pt. 3 

6 Hen. VIII. 
6 Jas. I. pt. 2 

10 Car. I. pt. 3 

15 EHz. 

14 Jas. I. pt. 3 

17 Jas. I. pt. 3 

12 Hen. VIII. 

4 Edw. VI. pt. 1 
43 Eliz. pt. 2 

.16 Eliz. pt. 2 

15 Eliz. 

13 lien. VIII. 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 32 
3 Jas. I. pt. 1 
19 Jas. I. pt. 1 

38 Hen. VIII. 
8 Hen. VII. 

18 Hen. VII. 
1 Hen. VII. 

11 & 12 Hen. VII. 
18 Hen. VIII. 

5 Jas. I. pt. 2 

3 & 4 Ph. & M. pt. 2 
35 Hen. VIII. 

Eic. III. >!c Hen. VII. 

Eic, ni. & Hen. VII. 
33 Hen. VIII. 

EiUyn, John 

Edniondes, John 

Edmonds, Henrv, gent. (8 Car. 

EUys, Tho. gent'. (12 Jas.) 

Elvcden, Henry 

Elveden, Heniyjun. 

Emerson, Eich. 

Emerson, Wm. 

Eton, College of, 'adquod dampnum' 8 Hen. VIII 

Ewer, David 8 Car. I. pt. 1 

Ewer, Thos. gent 8 Car. I. pt. 1 

Exi'lbie, Wm. 8 Car. I. pt. 1 

18 Car. I. v.o. 
45 Eliz. 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 21 
Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 2 
7 Heu. VIII. 
9 Hen. VII. 
5 Eliz. pt. 1 
1 Maiy 

Fairefax, Humph. 

Kaldoe, Eobt. 

I'alkland, llrurv Lord Car' 

21 Eliz. pt. 2 
21 Jas. I. pt. 2 
11 Car. I. pt. 2 

. 51 


































>. 65 










Falkland, Henry Lord Can-, Vise. 

Fansliawe, Henry, knt. 

Fanshawe, Thos. 

Feild, John 

Feilde, "Win. 

Fem-othor, Eobt. 

Ferrers, Geo. 

Ferrers, John, knt. 

Ferrers, .Tulius 

Ferrers, Knighton 

Finch, Thos. 

Fish, Leonard 

Fishe, Thos. 

Fishe, ^Ynl. 

Fisher, Eich. 

Fisher, Eich. 

Fitzherbert, Eobt. 

FitzJohu, Edw. (12 Jas.) 

Fitz-william, Tlios. 

Fitzwilliani, Wm. 

FitzwiUiam, "Wm. knt. 

Fortescuc, John 

Fortescne, .John, knt. 

Foster, Humph. 

Foster, John 

Fox, ^Vm. 

Francklyn, Jolm 

Francklyn, Jolui 

Fraiinces, Ealph 

Freeman, .John 

Fro wick, Tho. knt. 

Fyshe, John 

Fyshe, Tjconard 

Grale, "Wm. 

Gale, "Wm. 

Gape. John 

Gardener, Henry 

Gardener, John 

Gardner, Henry 

Garnett, "Wra. 

Garrard, .Tolin, knt. 

Gaseley, John 

Gelgate, Edw. 

Gerrai'd, John, knt. & bart. 

Gery, Eich. 

Gery, Eobt. 

Gibbe, Ed\y. 

Gibbe, John 

Gill, Geo. knt. 

Gill, Jolm 

Gille, Goo. esq. 

Gillo, Jolm 

Godfrey (r//rt.« Coop, Frns. 

Godfroy alias Cowper, John 

12 Car. I. pt. 3 


14 Jas. I. pt. 3 


45 Eliz. 


11 Car. I. pt. 2 


8 Jas. I. v.o. pt. 2 


16Hen. YIII. 


21 Eliz. pt. 2 


16 Car. I. pt. 3 


38 Eliz. pt. I. 


16 Car. I. pt. o 


8 Car. I. pt. 1 


15 Car. I. pt. 4 


16 Car. I. pt. 3 


Hen. VIII. v.o. 3rd bund 


41 Eliz. pt. 2 


6 Jas. I. pt. 2 


7 Hen. VIII. 


Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 2 


6 Hen. VIII. 


18 Hen. VIII. 


27 Hen. TLll. 


10 Hen. YIU. 


16 Hen. VII. 


4 Eliz. 


1 Eliz. pt. 1 


36 Hen. VHI. 


38 Eliz. pt. 1 


39 EHz. pt. 1 


27 Hen. VIII. 


7 Jas. I. pt. 2 


22 Hen. VII. 


Eic. in. & Hen. VII. v.t 

. 136 

14 Car. I. pt. 3 


9 Jas. I. pt. 1 


12 Jas. I. pt. 1 


12 Car. I. pt. 3 


10 Eliz. 


5 Edw. VL pt. 1 


8 Eliz. 


2 Eliz. pt. 2 


2 Car. I. pt. 2 


9 Jas. I. pt. 2 


14 Hen. VIII. 


13 Car. I. pt. 4 


12 Hen. VIII. 


31 Hen. VIII. 


5 Jas. I. pt. 1 


4 Jas. I. pt. 2 


22 Jas. I. pt. 2 


43 Eliz. pt. 2 


11 EUz. 


2 Edw. VI. pt. 1 


7 Car. I. pt. 3 


11 Eliz. 




Godley, Blastus 

11 Car. I. pt. 2 


Goldesburgli, Joan, who was tlie 

wife of Joliu 

13 Hen. VII. 


Goodridg, Thos. 

5 Car. I. pt. 2 


Gostwyck, Jolm, knt. 

37 Hen. VIII. 


Grace, Kich. 

2 Eliz. pt. 2 


Graiie, Edw. (11 Jas.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. 

pt. 2 


Grave, Edw. 

11 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Graveley, Eras. 

27 Eliz. 


Gravelej, Geo. geut. (43 


Eliz. Jas. Car. 

pt. 2 


Graveley, Eowland 

9 Jas. I. pt. I. 


Graveley, Thos. 

26 Eliz. 


Graveley, Thos. 

30 Eliz. pt. 1 


Graye, Aune 

3 Car. I. pt. 2 


Greene, Edw. son & heir of Cicely 

who was the wife 

of Eobt. 

Greene knt. & late wife of John 


8 Hen. VII. 


Greene, Rich. 

9 Jas. I, pt. 1 


Greene, Rich. 

11 Car. I. pt. 2 


Grenehill, Henry 

ti Car. I. pt. 3 


Grey, Andrew 

13 Jas. I. pt. 1 


To be Continued. 

(^i)nvc\;j ^evvxevs* 


July 22 A True Suevey or Terror of all the landos & 

An^o D'xi 1638. possessions belongindg to the Rectory of Aldebury 

Aldburie in the County of Herford and in the deaurie of 

Rectorie. Barkhamsted made and taoken by the veiw and 

Esteimat of the [i/rt«/t] Churchwardes and other 

inhabitaus their whose names are subscribed as 

followetli : 

Impi-imis the Homstall or scite of the parsonage house scituatc and 
lying betweene the kinges liighway on both sides and butting theron 
on the AVest and the close of Heud Hvduall on the east and conteinth 
by estimacion 2 Acres. 

Item with in the said boundc is conteinad on garden hedged in 
containg 4 poles and on oi'cliard plutt by estimacou an acre. 

Item in tlie parsonage house consisting of v baios built with timber 
wlverof 2 baies are coverd w"' tylcs chamber over and horded the rest 

are thatch and are disposed into 8 roomos viz. 

the hall pis the butterie the Lay house and 3 



Item one barne consisting of 4 bales built w"* timber and thached 
w''^ on little stabule and a carthouso of Three little baies. 

Ite one close comoiilio called Toms close ling betweene the lande one 
the south and the land of AVilliam < Jlenester one the north and 
biittetli one the high \vaio one tlie west and a close called Jack 
Roberts one the east by estimacion tooe ackers. 

Ite in the comondo feilde culled above the waie one halfe acre in 
niagis furlong bctwconc tlio land of "William Johnson on the east and 
the land of Hend. Hvdnall on the weast and l)utteth north on ilagis 

Ite one acre lying betweene tlie land of h!"" Thomas Hyde one tlie 
north and Bonnet AVinch south and butteth upon Bursden east and the 
high way one the west. 

Ite an other acre in the same furlong abutting as Tieforo and lying 
betweene "William Johnson on the north and ISouuet Winch south. 

Ite furtlier in the feillde one halfe acr*^ lying botweene the land of 
Bonnet AVinch on both sides and buteth vpp(jn and hed halfe acre of 
Bennet AVinch nortli and lliclierd Youing south. 

Ite one acre lying by the waie side and as butting on the laud of 
Bennet AVinch on the noi-th and AI'' Ilendrey Sandes on the south. 

Ite in the same furloing one acre lying betweene the laud of 
Bennet AVinch on both sides and butting on the land of the said 
Bennet north. 

Ite at the ends of the same acre on the south (m acre lying 
betweene the laud of John Barnes on the east and Jolm I )oggat (m 
the west and abutteth ^1"lpon the land of liichard Youing on tlie so^lth. 

Ite one halfe acre in A\'ilhore Leslies betweene tlie land of Bennet 
on both sides abbutteth one land of Xorthcot Court on the east. 

Ite an other acre lying betwene the land of Bennet AA'inch one the 
north and AA'illiam Johnson on tlie soutli and abutteth west vppon an 
headland of Eicherd Youing. 

Ite -v-ppon Rattlesboui'ue hill three Kodes betweene the land of 
Bennet AVinch west and William Johnson est. 

Ite further vppon the hill an acre betweene John Doggat on the east 
and Beunet AVinch west and abbutteth vppoii Hicke Downe. 

Ite in Aluckborow on acre Eic:herd Young on tlie west and Hendrey 
Hvdnall east and abbutteth ou Peackburifeld south. 

Ite by Tring feild side ney the waie one long halfe acre hauing 
Frainces Hall one the east. 

Ite in Norfeilld one acre between the land of Edward Glenester one 
the soutli and Frainces Hall cm the north and butteth on the high -vvay 
one the east. 

Ite in the same furlong on lialfe acre betweene tlie land of Bennet 
AVinch south and John Pell one the north . 

Ite ou acre betweene the laud of Bennet AA'inch on the south and 
John Benning north. 

Ite one head halfe acre having S'' Thomas Hyd on the north and 
butteth on the headland of Beunet AA'inch ou the'west. 

Ite on liead acre having Eicliard Y(ning (m the east and Bonnet 
AVinch one the south. 

Ite from thence on acre stretching in to Tring feilde betweene the 
land of John Beinge one the south and AVilliam Johnson north. 

Ite in great Chiseley one halfe acre betweene the land of John 
Dt)ggeat on the west and AVilliam Pelle on the east and Tymothy 
Davney north. 



Ite in Micklefeild in Comley furlong on acre betwene the land of 
Bennet Wiucli on the north and Hendrey Hvdnall on the south. 

Ite in the same furlong on acre betwecTie the land of M'' Sandcs north 
and John Smart south. 

Ite fiirther in tlie feilde one shoi-t halfe acre het-weene the land of 
S"' Thomas Hyde on the east and Eichard Youing one the west and 
hutetli on the south \'];)po7i tlie lieadland. 

Ite by Kinges peece on acre betweene the land of S'' Thomas Hide 
on botli sides and one the end on the east. 

Ite vnder the hedg one Eoode ha^-ing the land of John Doggeat on 
the west. 

Ite in litle Chiseley vnder tlie liedg on acre having the land of 
Robart Dvncombe soutli. 

Ite in great Chiseley one acre betweene the land of John Hoggdat 
on the nortli and Robart Dvncombe south and butteth on the higli way 
one the west. 

Ite on other white acre lying betweene the land of Bennet AVinch 
on the west and William Glonester on the east and abbutteth north on 
Bursden and south on Xorthot Oort. 

Ite one lialfe acre in Hawcroft Deane betweene the land of Hendrey 
Hvduall on the east and Bennet Winch west and abbutteth as before. 

Ite in Cajjtliorne furlong one acre lying betweene the land of 
Eobart Dvncombe north and of Hendrey Hvdnall south and buteth 
on the high waye. 

Ite on other acre in the same furlong lying betweene the land of 
William Johnson on the south and the land of Samuell Pattrig north. 

Ite one acre in Steane furlong lying betwene S'' Thomas Hyde on 
the west and ,"^amuell Pattrig on the east and abbutteth north on tlie 
head land. 

Ite on halfe acre in short fatmur betweene the land of John Dogg- 
dat one the East, Hendrey Hvdnall west and butteth south on Dogg- 
dates headland. 

Ite in Stonie craft an acre and a Eood togither lying bettweene the 
land of Bennet AVinch on the west and Eicliard Hvdnall east and 
butteth one tlie high waie on the south. 

Ite one the otlier side of the waie one acre and three Eodes 
betweene Bennet A\'inch on the west and Hendrey one the east. 

Ite in the same furlong on liead acre abbutting one the high waie 
one the easte and Iving by the land of Samuell Pattrig south. 

Ite one the Kn'ole'ou halfe acre betweene the land of Samuell 
Pattrig one the nortli and tS^' Thomas Hyde south and buteth one the 
land of S'' Thomas Hvde west. 

Ite in Sharpenedg one acre betweene the laud of John Doggeat one 
both sides and buttetli on tlie land oi W Hendrey Sondes west. 

Ite in the same furlong another acre lying betweene the laud of 
Hendrev Hvdnall south and S^ Tliomas Hyde north. 

Ite one halfe acre abutting on Pitseyhed one the ninth and lyetli 
betweene the lande of Al'- Hendrey Sondes on the east and S"- Tliomas 
Hvde one tlie west. 

Ite in AVaterforrowes on acre betwene the land of John Smart one 
both sides. 

Ite at Pendley laineude one acre betweene the land of AVilham 
Johnson south and Bennet AA'inch north. 

Ite in the same Held one halfe acre betweene the land of John 
IV.ggat on the west and AVilliam Pelle on tlie east and Tymothy 
I>avney north. 


Ite in Frainklodeii one aci-o between the land of Bonnet Winch one 

the east and John Doj^gat one the west and abbuteth soutli one AVilliam 

Smart and nortli on John Doggat. 

Rm. totalis 41 acres. 

[^The rector has here imerted the folio win (j note : ' Tliis terriov of Globs, 
gardens, orchards, howses, is aiiswoirablos to y'' foriuor ancient 
terrier & so farr fortli y sett to niy liand : Thomas Gilpin rector.'] 
Ite the tyth hay and herbage of lordes nioado belonging to the lorde 

of Aldebury lying betweene the pishes Northchiirch and Wigginton 

are paible tow the parsson of Aldebri. 

Ite all mainor of tytlies of twoo closes belonging to Tlionias Putnam 

of Hawridgs conteiniug six acres more or lesse and lying botwceno the 

pishes of Hawrid and Wiggdinton are paiablo by customo to the 

Eectorie of Aldebury and never detained and yearly paid in money 

vjs. viijd. 

{[^Marginal note.) ' Abowt 1638 ap'MVheth : Bennett Winch & John 
Daveney came & affirmed . . . since the giving of this Terrier 
that Thomas Puttnanx doeth not intend to maintaiue this C'ustome 
but yeilds to paye his tj^thes in kindo for this pticuler. {^Hujned') 
Bennet Winch, sig. John Daveney.'] 

Ite w^Mn the pish of Triug tlie tyth hay of viij ackers on Lowsey 
Hill belonging to the lord of Alldebury and of one hooko of 
M' Cheyneis lying on the west thereof and anotlier hooke at the ende 
therof on the south called Hebby Hooke. 

Ite of one acre on the east called !Madge aero and on the east therof 
of twoo halfe acres boloing by Custome to the Eectori of Aldoburie 
and never detained. 

Ite of acre in A^'iug•rave mead called C'heiker acre. 

Ite of one aero of Goddardf lying in Triug pish abbuttiug one the 
pastures of my lord willut on tlie south and short Sobroke one the north. 

Ite of on acre in the pish of Dratton Beauchani called }>rooke acre. 

Ite of three Eodes of jM"" West lying by Hobliug slack. 

Ite of lied acre of meade by Peggf more late beloinging to Stonell 
Heddeng Harmans hooko. 

Ite of Harmans hooke belonging to M"" West are payable to the 
Eectorie of Aldeburi and never detained. 

Ite all the tj-thes of IM"" AA'est house and pasturs in Goblecot are 
payable by Custome -^Tito the Eectorie of Aldeburio and all small the 
small tythes of his Close called Ton akres lying within tlio pish of Tring. 

Ite wich ther hath beingo payed ycarley for t^iihos by tlie Oners of 
Trying parsonag at Eastor by Custom iij'. 

Ite ther hath being payed yearloy for all the small tythes of the mainor 
and fanne of Pendloy by tlie owners and occupiers vnto tlie Eoctoro 
of Aldebury at Esster payed in money by Cusstome toow poundes. 

Ite ther hatli being payed yoarlo}' by the owners of Penley at Esster 
in money for all the Corno and great tythes by Custome Three poundes 
six shillons and Eaight penncos. 

\ Siqned^. Bonnet Winch ) ,-„ , , 

'- "^ -^ T 1 T\ \ ^ hurcliwardeus. 

John Davney ) 

Edward \\'lutman, William Smart liis marck. 

John Barnes his marko, Fraincos Ilall liis marck. 
\Tlte rector adds] ' Tliis t(>rrier concerning out tytlis & custouies y am 
confident, tends to y^' damage & detriment of y^' cliurch i.*t tlierefor y 
refuse to set to mv liand.' 



Ai'Rii.L 11th a Terrier of tlie Lands Houses & Portions of Tithes 

1(538. & other emohmients belonging- to y'' Yicaridgo of 

Alldenliain in y<= Countj^e of Hartford & Diocesso of 


Iiip. a viearidge liousc standing on the east side of tlie Churchyard 

now in good repaire containing a kitchen, Hall, Parlor, i> lodging 

Roomes, a barne, a stable & other out houses. 

Item an orchyard, a garden, a little pikle of ground adjoyning to it. 
Item seauen acres of Glebland called Pigmer scituate & being on 
y<^ south east side of y<^ Church adjoining next boyondo the Parke. 

Item a Eode of ground within the Parke costing all along the Gleb- 
land Hedge for ■«•='> is payed from the Lord to the Vicar xs. p annum. 
Item a Rode of mcdowe ground in le heymead ali/m Ashey meade. 
Item all profitts arising from Cliuncell or Churchyard ground are 
the Vicars. 

Item to y*^ vicar is due the tithe of Lambe & Wooll tS: all other tithes 
whatsoeuer saue Corue & Hey. 
Item all oblations & mortuaryes. 

Beniamin Spencer vicar. 

rn, 1 J I John XicoU. 
Churchwardens j -^^^^,^ ^^^^^-^ 

Aldenham : in the County of Hertford 1674 Septem. 14. 

There are Seven acres of arable Land belong to the viearidge. 

An Orchard & churcli yard y^^^ a Little slip of ground by estimation 
two acres. 

A faire viearidge house w"' an adjacent barne, very well in repaire 

& fenced about. 

William Finch , churchwardens. 
Thomas Dell 

|lotc0 velaiiitpi to tl^e Jamilu of ^eixn. 


[Inq.p.m. 2 Ileii. VII. iVo. 10.] 
Inquisition taken at Hertford ' die sabbati prox. post festuui Omnium 
Sanctorum,' 2 Hen. VII. [148G], before John Tey, esheator, by the 
oaths of Roger Strete, John Kyng, Tho. Hill, Tho. Dowde, Wm. 
Kader, John Ikiknev, Tlio. Stokes, Tho. Cook, Wm. Broude, John 
Hert, John Revnolil & Johu Ive, who say that Ralph Penne was 
>fised as of fee'of the manor of Pygottf , a messuage called Pennes 
Place & 70 acres of land in Aldenham, and a messuage cSc 20 acres of 
land in tlie parish of lUestre tt so seised, by a certain indenture 
slunvu to tlie said jurors on the taking of this inquisition, enfeoffed 
Humph. Couyngesby, Rich. Urotmore, Wm. Skipwith & Thos. Coke 


to the use & intention of proservinp: the s"' Humph., AViii. & Tims. «S: 
their executors indeumified against John Ponl)ury & Ahco his wifo 
etc. etc. 

The said Ealph was also seised of tlie manor or messuage called 
Charyng.ys, a messuage called Eydens, a messuage called Wodcs, a 
messuage called Eolues and 40 acres of land & 12 acres of wood in 
the parishes of Aldeuham, lllestrye, Rugge & tShebiey & so seised 
enfeoffed John Yerney kut. late esquire & Humph. Oonyngesby, to the 
use of s-i Ealpli to fullil his last vrill [/«% recited]. 

The manor of Pygotts & Penns Place are held of the Abbot of 
St Peter's, Westminster. The manor of Charyngs & messuages called 
Wodes & Polues are held of John Foster as of liis manor of A\'elde & 
are worth 8/. per ann. The messuage called Eydens is held of the 
heirs of Eobt. Louth & is worth 4/. i)ev ann. Tlie 20 acr. in Jllcstre 
& 30 of the s'' 40 acr. of land are held of the Abbot of S* Alljans & 
are worth 40.s. per ann. & the remaining 10 of the 40 acr. & the 12 acr. 
of wood are held of AVm. Stonore as of his manor of Shelney Hall iS: 
are worth 5.?. per ann. 

Ealph Peune <lied 3 Oct. I Hen. VII. [1485] & John Eobarth is 
' cousauguineus ' & next heir & aged 16 years & more. 


[Inq. p.m. 5^-6 Fhil. S,- Mary. Ft. 2. No. 87.] 
Inquisition taken at West Barnet alias AYest Chepynge Barnet, 1 8 
Oct. 5 & 6 Phil. & Mary [1558] before John Wiseman, esheator, after 
the death of John Penne esquire, by the oaths of Eicli. Cirubbe, Eich. 
Birchemore, Hen. Kentishe, Hen. Eusheley, AYm. Eoyse, John Feelde, 
John AYilkoxe, Tho. Marsou, Tho. Baldewyn, Eobt. Xutkyu, John 
Eedwood, Miles Gallewey, Wm. Shardley, AYm. Eolfe & AYm. C'hestre 
who say that 

The late King Henry YIII. was seised as of fee, of the manor of 
Codycott & so seised by letters patent dat. 7 Nov. 37 Hen. A'lII. 
[1545], granted his said manor to said John Penne & Lucy his wife. 
And so seised John Penne died & Lucy his wife survives at Coddycott. 
John Penne & Lucy his wife were also seised of the manor of 
Sissiferus ah. Syssyfernes & 30 acr. of land & wood in Coddycott late 
belonging to John Ohyld & Edw. Fylyan ah. Eusshelyn, viz: - to him 
& the lieirs of s<i John Penne & so seised John Penne died 21 Aug. 
last past & the .s'^ Lucy survives. 

The manor of Coddycott is held of the king & queen in capite & 
8er\-ice of tho fortieth part of a knights fee & services & a rent of 
3/. 15«. iOd. per ann. & is worth 18/. per ann. The manor of Syssi- 
fernes is held of the king & queen in fi-ee socage & not in chief & is 
worth 30a'. per ann. 

Thomas Penne gent, is sou & next heir & aged 25 years 9 months & 
18 days & more. 

[I»q. p.m. 35 £Iiz. pt. 2. Xo. 97.] 
Inquisition taken at Hertford, 8 Jun(\ 35 Eliz. [1593j before 
Eichard (^ilascocke, escheator, after the death of Eobert Penne gent. 
bv the oaths of Fras. Symondes, Jolm Sniithe, Tho. Hodge, Edm. 
Asser, Tlio. Glascock, Jolm Tayhir, John Fynche, Eobt. Daw.son, Edni. 
Yonge, AYm. Grave, Geo. (rynno & Tho. Sniithe who say that 


Robert Penno was seised as of fee in 2 messuages, a cottage, 3 
orchards, 3 gardens, a dovecote, 340 acres laud, 20 acr. meadow, 30 
acr. pasture & 30 acr. wood in Codycott, Wellwynnc & Kimpton & so 
seised said Robert & Dorothy then liis wife, by licence of the Queen 
first obtained, by a tine levied at West:ninster in ^lich. Term 28 Eliz. 
granted said messuages & lands to IJobt. Graye & Tho. Yonge & the 
heirs of s'^ Robt. Grave for ever. And s'^ Kobt. Ponne & Dorothy by 
indenture dat. 15 Dec. 28 Eliz. [1585] declared that s'' Graye & Youge 
by virtue of n'^ fine, .should stand seised of certain parcels of land in 
Codycott called Codycottbury, le Inner yarde, le foreyarde ah. Green- 
feild, le Reckvarde, le HovcU yarde, le heniplande, le Orchyarde, a 
piece of land lying betweene the Orcheyarde & le Wick, a piece of 
land called le AVick & the site of the manor aforesaid, le Green, 
Lowewood, the Launde, le Slipe, Woodesden Valie, < 'onydell fielde 
with 2 hedgerowes a;l joining, Conydell Springe. Seu'all Thyckuey, 
Thifkeuey Boitonie, C'hurche Hill, Church wood, with a close adjoining, 
Eolsps wicke, Lyshott, Churchfielde, le great medowe, 3 acr. land in 
Common Thickney hill, and 1 acr. land in same field, to the use of 
Walter Gray & Anne Penne & the heirs of s"* Anne for ever ; and of 
& in other parcels & premises lying in Wellwynne & Codycott, called 
Hollwardf alx. Parkf, Pond Close, Bottome close, Longe Croft, le 
farther close, Coksell gi-ove, 7 acr. & a half in Cokreth fielde, 
Pounsous acre al.i. Coksell close, 3 roods & 10 parts of land lying in 
same field, half an acre & 5 parts of land in same field, 1 acre 
meadow in Coksell meade, 2 acr. land in same field called Coksell 
fielde next Coksell grove, 6 acr. 3 roods in Okeallfielde, 1 acr. & 4 
parts of land in Pullforde fielde, 3 roods in Cokretlitielde, half an acre 

6 6 parts of land in same field, 3 roods laud in Pullforde fielde, 1 rood 
in Coksell feilde, half an acre & 20 parts of land in same field, half 
au acre & 30 parts of land in same field, one acre in Groundsell feilde, 
10 acr. in Okeallfielde, Cokretlitielde close, half an acre & 10 parts 
land in same field next same close, 7 acres & 3 acres of land in same 
field, 2 acr. adjoining same in same field, 9 acr. & 1 rof)d adjoining 
same, 4 acr. enclosed in same field, 4 acr. & a half enclosed lying 
between same field & !Marcolse feilde, 1 piece of land in PuUfordcfielde, 

7 acres & a half land in snme field, 3 acr. & a half in same field next 
the gate leading into same field, 3 acres in same field called Pullforde- 
foilde, Padmeade, Froggmeade, & Cokreth Pyddye, to the use of 
3'' Robert Penne &: Dorothy his wife for life & after the death of the 
survivor to the use of Susifa I'lMine dau. of s'l Robt. & Dorothy, her 
heirs & assigns for ever ; and of another parcel of land & wood in 
Codycott called Cokrethwood, to the use of s'^' Robt. & Dorothy his 
wife for life & after the death of the survivor to s^i Susan Penne & her 
heirs, witli remainder to the use of the right heirs of s'' Dorothy for 
ever ; and of other panjels in Codycott viz. a cottage, a rood of 
meadow in Herringmeade & 2 swathes there, & other parcels called 
Myllniead(\ AVillowhedginneade, 1 acr. meadow in AVestineade, 8 acr. 
laud in Raytielde, 10 acr. land in Westfielde, 2 acr. & a half land in 
Ilayden, 3 acr. »S: half land in Marcolseieilde between Ryddy aforesaid 
& a close called AN'Juders di a close <.*t ])arcel of land called Cluirclifeilde 
^: Highe lieathe, to tlie use of s'l Robt. I'c ] Dorothy for life & after the 
death of the survivor, to the use of Dorothy I'l'une dau. of s'l Robt. 
& Dorothv >S; her lieirs i!t assigns for ever. 

So seised Robt. l^'une died 4 Peb. 35 Kliz. [1592-3] at Codicote \- 
l>orothv survived, 



The tenemoiits in Codycott limited to tlu' use of Walter Grrayo & 
Anne Penne are hold of tho (iuceu in chief, by knight's service, by 
the liuudredtli part of a knight's fee & are worth 6/. 13.s. -id. yer ami. 
Tiie tenements iu Wellwyno & Codycott limited to the use of Robt. & 
Dor. Penue with remainder to tSusan Penue, also the laud called 
rockrethwoode in Todycott are lield of the Queen iu chief by knight's 
service, by the hundred & twentieth part of a kniglit's fee &"are wortli 
4/. G.S. 8d. per auu. The tenements in Codycott limited to ]Jorothy 
Penne the dau. in remainder, are held of the Queen by knight's 
service by tlie 140"' part of a kniglit's fee & are worth 3/. per ann. 

Said Anne, .Susan & Dorothy the daugliters are of the foUowing 
ages viz. Anne aged 28, Susan 20 & Dorothy 20. 


[Li(l.p.m. 1 Jas. 1. y\'o. 21.] 

luc^uisition taken at Hertford, 19 Aug. 1 Jas. I. [1G03] before Henry 
Fanshawe knt., Wm. ( 'urll esq. one of the au<iitors of tlie Kings Court 
of "Wards & Liveries, Jolin Courtmau esq, escheator & Eobert Carter 
gent, feodary, after the death of Thomas Pen gent, by the oaths of 
Henry Bull gent, John Smith, "\Vm. Mannistie, Tho. Glascocke, Edw. 
Asser, Eobt. Mann, John Fynche, Tho. Kirbie, Edw. Peede, Wm. 
Sewarde, Eobt. Spencer, Tho." Smith, Robt. Dawson & Wm. Nicholson 
ah. Carter wlio say that 

Thomas Pen was seised as of fee of the manor of T'odicote ah. 
Corricote (except 2 messuages, a cottage, 3 orchards, 3 gardens, 1 
dovecote, 340 acres land, 20 acr. meadow, 30 acr. pasture & 30 acr. 
wood in Codicote, Welwen & Kyuipton, late parcels of the demesne of 
the manor of Codicote & formerly granted by s'l TIio. Pen & Lucy Pen, 
widow, his mother, to Eobt. Pen gent, late deceased, brother of 
s<i Thomas), also of 30 acr. land & wood in Codicote formerly belonging 
to John Childe & Edw. Fyliam ah. Russhelyn. 

The said manor [_not previously moitioned^ of Sissifornes is held of the 
king in chief, by knight's service & is worth 10/. per ann. The manor 
of Codicote ah. Corricote (except as aforesaid) is held of the king iu 
chief, by the fortieth part of a knight's fee & a rent of 33.v. 4rf. per 
ami. & is worth 4/. per ann. The lands & wood formerly of John 
Child & Edw. Fyliam ah. Russhelyn, are held of the king, but >)y 
what service the jurors know not, & are worth 30s. per ann. 

Tho. Pen died 13 Jidy l^nst past & Thos. Pen is next of kin & heir 
(viz. the son & heir of John Pen, son & heir apparent wliilst he lived 
of s^i Thos. Pen senior) & was aged 15 years on 24 Juno last past. 

^itbsibii Sl4?lls fof iDertftirbsljiv^* 


Ixi.E.MTiiK made tlie 5"' July 37 Hen. VIII. wherebv [John 
Conyugesby, .lohn] ]?roket, Tlio. Skipwytlu', Henry Heydmi, Eicli. 
Eavushawe & . . . [Heyworthe] es(i''^ couuai.-isioiiers allotti-d 
within tlie hundred of l)ac(u-uni, appoint John J(>ames of Nm-th- 
mymes, yeoman, high collector. 

[N.B. — g. stands for ' goods,' 1. for ' lands. '] 



Hkiitv. HE:MEL HE:MrSTEI) cum inembvis videlicet IJouyngduii & 

Flaundou. Kich. f 'oiubos gent. 1. xx«. liobt. Emos 1. vj«. viij(/. 

John Rolff of rygottf g. ii]s\ iiijr/. Tho. Feld g. xiij.s'. iiijr/. Joliu 

■Parteriggo g. iij-v. VuyL John Pope of Hyllpmle g. iiij*. A\'in. 

. Syster g. iijs. '\nyl. Jolin IJoger g. xiij*. iiij^A John How of (iad- 

hrigo g. V.V. myl. liicli. ^[ayne g. xv]'*. Tlio. Axtell g. xiijs. u\yL 

Tho. Golde sen. g. xv,v. iiijr/. John (ioldo jun. g. xvj.s. Tho. Golde 

jun. g. xiij?. iiijf/. Roger Hunt g. iij*. iiijV/. John Soutliende g. 

iijs. iiijf/. Jiich. Prynce g. vs. iiijV/- 

/Sot. vij7/. xix.5. 

BERKHEMPSTED. John Waterhouse gent. 1. xx«. Jolin Long 

gent. g. xiij.f. iiijrf. John Alee g. xviij-«. viij^. Rich. ]\[onoxe g. 

xiijs. iiijV?. Roger Clerk g. v.<. Robt. Grubbe g. xiij.9. iiijf/. John 

I'hyllip g. xiij«. iiijr/. Jolm Penne g. iij.s\ iiijr/. John Halsey g. 

xiijs. iiijr/. Robt. Guye g. xiijs. iiijr/. 'Win. Frenian g. iij*. iiijr/. 

Eliz. Hewet widow g. iiij.s. iiijrf. Henr^- Daimcer g. iijs. iiijr/. 
jS'ot. vj//. xviijs. 
TRYNG MAGNA. Tlio. Blaket g. xiij^^ iiijr/. Robt. Sende g. iij«. 

iiijr/. John Colyns g. vs. in]d. Jas. AVyllianis g. iiijs. John Foster 

g. iijj. iiijr/. John Norton g. iiijs. 
Sm. xxxiijs. iiijr/. *■ 

DUNESLEY cum Grove. John Daguall g. vjs. John Felde g. xiij.s. 

iiijr/. Tho. Bate g. iijs. iiijr/. Wm. Grace g. vjs. John Foster g. 

iijs. iiijr/. 
Sm. xxxijs. 
STUDH'M HAMLETT. Wm. Bellfeld g. [v? s.] Summa patet. 

GADDESDEN. Rich. Pare gent, lands & fees 

Gilbert Pare gent. 1 Wm. Halsey g 

Geo. Wells g Wm. Young g John 

Knyght .... Rich. Knyght .... Robt. Halsey .... 

John R^'ngsoll 



PUTENH'jM. Thos. Graunge g. iijs. iiijr/. John Thornton g. iijs. 

LONGMERSTON. Rich. Duncombe g. xxs. John Godderd g. 
xxvjs. viijr/. Robt. Aleyne g. vs. 
Sm. Ijs. \ii}d. 


Thos John Robyns g 

Rich. Hevward g. xiijs. iiijrf. Robt. Albright g. vjs. viijr/. Rich. 
Payse g. xvjs. 
Sm. Ivs. 

('AI)YNGTON & JklERKEYATE. Tho. Bray 1. xxr/. Robt. Dernier 
g. iij.f. iiijr/. Tlio. Mersl\e g. xiijs. iiijr/. 
Sm. xviijs. iiijr/. 
EANGTjEY REGIIS. Tlio. Ketyll gent. g. x:xvjs. -v-iijr/. Robt. Perlo 
g. xiijs. iiijrt'. Ralph llwer g. xiijs. iiijrf. Nich Aldwyn g. xiijs. 
iiijr/. Nich. Kyng g. iiijs. iiijr/. Tho. Carter g. iijs. iiijr/. Robt. 
Rol)erts g. iijs. WVyl. 
Sm. iij//. xvijs. A'iijr/. 



ALBURY. Tho. Hanuon g-. xiij,s-. iiijr/. IJavtli. Ryppynj,^toii g. iiijj;. 
\d. Eich. Duncoiubp y. v*. 
Sm. xxij.s. \xd. 


FLA-MSTED. Xich. Drablos 1. viij.^. vii.iW. Biirtli. Payse g. iij.f. 
iiijff. Bartli. Payiio g. iij.s. iiij^/. Pidi. Halsey g. iij.v. iiijr/. Midi. 
Lodge g. iij.'. iiij^i'. Kieli. Halsevjunr. g. iij.v. "iiijrf. Tlio. Bradwyii 
g. iijs. iiijV/. Wm. Smytli g. iij.*. iiij(/. Jolui iSniyth g. xiij.s. iiijfi?. 
Eich. Whytley g. iij.s. iiij(/. Wm. Grygg g. vs. Tho. Coke «/?V?.s 
Lee g. xiij.s. iiij^Z. Joan Okyrig wid. g. 'iij.v. Vnyl. John Blakweu 
g. iij«. iiijV?. Win. Synionds g. xiijs. iiijd. Hugli Slowe g. iij.'s. 

6'/«. iiij//. X.9. iiijrf. 

HAEPJ)EN oiun Hamlet do Tytburst. Edm. Bordolf esq 1. ii]7. 
Wm. Cressey gent. g. xiij.v. luyl. John Lee g. .viij.x. iiijrf. Tho. 
Ivery g. xiij.s. iiijV/. AVm. Fiytli, g. iiijr. vr/. John Eyman g. xiij.v. 
iiijef. ^Vnl. K3-lhy g. iij.v. iiij(/. Eobt. Outt g. iij.s. iiijV. 
(Swi. vj/«'. iiij.s. \cl. 

TYTBTTEST. Edw. Bi-ystoo g. xx.«. Wm. Fletdier g. xiij«. iiijrf. 

Wm. Chalkliyll g. xiij.s. iiijr/. Alex. Bayly g. iiij*. .S Cokdall 

g. iij.s. myl. Eliz. Wavne . . . ." "^ , s. 

WHETH'MSTEI). John Brokett esq 1. vj/. John Bu 

gent 1. xlvs yent g. xLs g. xx.s 

g. iij.s. iiijf? iij.s. iiij(/ iij.;. {{\yj_ 

[Traces of seven other names remain but the docnment is sadly 


Sm. xiij/?'. \s. viijrf. 

SHENLEY. Lady .... Olyfforde wid. 1. vj//. Eich. He . . . 
gent. 1. h. Tlio. . . . ys gent. g. vs. Tlios. Heywarde g. 
xiij.s. iiij^. Tho. Dydie g. xiij.v. iiijr/. Nicli. Pate g. iijs. niyl. 
AVm. Frauncf g. vs. ■ 

Sm. xli. xs. 

NOETH MYirS. John Conyngesby escj. 1. ix//. Henry Grubb 1. 
ijs. iujd. Thos. Snowe 1. ijs. Agnes J(^ . . . . s \rid. g. xiij.9. 
iiijrf. Geoff. Hyll g. iiijs. viiyL John Jeamys g. iij.v. iiijrf. Henry 
Eushley g. iijs. iiijr/. Henry .... e'sfeld i'iijs. vd. Eicli. 
^i\V . . . . g. iijs. uijd. John Cole g. iij.v. iujd. ' Tlio. Eobei-tf 
do \o Hyll g. iijs. iiij^. Tlio. L'oberts^ (le Water ende g. iijs. iiijr/. 
John Hode g. vs. 
Sm. xj//. xjs. ix^. 

NDETHniT'ErH. John Pare g. .viijs. iiij,/. Tlio. Ax.^tall -. xiijs. 

iiijf/. John Axstall g. vjs. Wm. Wetherlicihl g. iiijs. \jd.' Eicli. 
. Kene g. iiijs. Wm. Whytley g. iij.v. iiij,/. Jojm T. . ' . . . g. v.v. 

Wm. Tyjjtoo g. iijs. iiij,/. Xich. Hntchyiwon g. iijs. my/. 
.Sm. Ivjs. ijd. 

BT'!S8HEY. Thos. Walker gent 

[Rest missing]. 


^bsiractij of l^tUs, 



j EEGISTER III. 1579 to 1614. 

C f. 1. JOHN (iRAUE tlio eWor of Muche Mud^-u, yeoman. 

I {Dat. 10 Jau. 1579). Sous Jolni, Geo, Henry, Erhvd ; Daus. 

f Kath. (under 20), Bridget ; Son Wni. (uuder" 24) ; Sons Tho. 

I& Eoht. ; Peter Esgae my mau ; Wife Margt extrix ; Cous. 
Robt. Graue of Newgate iu psh of Stansted. WjV' ; — Wni. 
C'urlewis clareke, Robt. Graue, Thos. Grave. {Fr. 11 Oct. 
f. V> MARGERY SKAR130R0WE widowe of Walcorup. {Dat. 20 
■June 1578). Daus. Sara & Dorotliy ; Son Tliomas Ralfe ; Sou 
\Vm. Skarborougli exor. Wit^ : — Edward AVilson, Edw. 
Norwood, Rich. Pake & Joliu Wat'man. {Pr. 9 Nov. 1580). 
f. 2. ALOE CHILT'TON widow (jf Wm. Cliilt'ton late of Aston 
dec'i {Dat. 14 Sep. 1579). Bur. at Aston ; Geo. Reve of 
Astou ; John Mardall of Shepluill & Eliz. wife of Henry Lucye 
of same town my luisbands godch" ; Goddau. Beatrice 
Ratchurelie ; John Cup ; Goodman John Kent of Astou ; 
Henry Kent of Aston ; Jolin Bynckf of Shephall ; Sons Robt. 
& Wm. Pecock ; My other five child" had by Wni. Chilt'tou ; 
Symou Browne of Shejdiall ; Son Wm. Pecocke ; Husband 
George Pecocke ; Bro. Symon Ginne exor. 7FiY«; — John Kent, 
Wm. White, Symon Browne & Wm. Butler. {Pr. 9 Nov. 
f. 21' THOMAS CHAKELYE of Fhimsted, husbandman. {Dat. 6 
July 22 Eliz.) Dau. Ellin ; Son Wm ; Dau. Kath ; Wife 
Agnes &: eldest son Tlios e.xors. John Astwicke of Flamsted 
overseer. WiP : — Robt. Hasye thelder, Rich Hasey, Thos. 
Smithe, John Boorue & Firmiu Adams, writer. {Pr. 11 Oct. 
f. 3. WILLM CL-IRCKE of Weath'msted, yeoman. {Dat.^ 11 
Jan. 21 Eliz.) Son John ; Lands & tenements iuBps. Hatfield, 
in occ. of Thos. Field ; To poor of Harpeden x«. Poor of 
Saudridge xs. ' To M"" Docter Goodman deane of the 
coUcgiat churche or colledge of St. Peters iu Westminst"^ and 
to the Masters & Schollers of the same howse tlie sume of 
vj//. xiijs. iiijf/. of the w*^*^ sume of vj7/ xiiJA'. iiijrf. namelye 1 
geue & bet|ueth vuto M'' Deane xls.' etc ; Sous Thos. & Edw. ; 
Dau. Johan Sybley & her two daus. viz. Margt. & Anne Sibley. 
Sou John & Thos. Northe of Herons one of the yeomen of her 
lufitios honarable chamber, exors. M'' Docter Goodmau deane 
of AVestminster overseer. Wtt^ : — Rich. Vause & Rich. 
Whyte. Codicil 1 Jime 22 Eliz. names Francis Sibley my 
daiighters son, aud Alee & Margery my maid servants. Wit^ : — 
George Burden gen. Rich. Yale gen. Rich. Tliomas Crawley, 
[•s/r] Wm. Wraste. {Pr. 12 Oct. 1580). 


f. a** WILLM EOLFE of Hemim'msted, yeoman. {Bat. 23 Jau. 
22 Eliz.). Sou Eich ; Dan. Margt. EoKe ; Dau. Issabell 
Pudclifat ; Hughe Sowtlien ; Dau. Eliz. Stone ; Dau. Johau 
Sowtheu ; Dau. Aguis Shaddc ; Alex'' sou of Alex'' Stone ; 
\ym. sou (jf Eich. Eolfe ; Joliu Sliade ; Dor. Shadde ; Margei-v 
Eolfe dau. of Eich. Eolfe ; Eich., Eobt. & Thos. sous of Eich. 
Eolfe ; Eich., Thos. & "Wui. sons of Hugh Sowtheu ; Agriis & 
Helen daus. of Hugli Sowthen ; Win. son of Wui. Martin ; 
My 4 daus ; Son Eobt. & Alee his wife ; Son Eobt. exor. 
Wit' : — Eichard Gawton, minister, Eich. Dolte, Johu Bunne, 
Eobt. Shadde. (Pr. 23 Mch. 1579-80). 

f. 4^ ELIZABETH BIGGE of Kings Hatfield alias Bi.shops Hat- 
field, widow. {Bat. 10 July 1580). Daus. Aguis & Ellin ; The 
Sonne of John C'larcke of the beehe w^'^ my daught' Elizabeth 
Bigge bare vuto liim (under 12) ; Cosen Thos. White ; Sist. in 
law Johau Bartou of Hartford ; Son John Bigge & Son Geo. 
exors ; Wm. Grubbe thelder overseer. IFit^ : — .John Duuwill, 
John Hawkes & Geo. Gurley alias Griffin. (Pr. 20 July 1580). 

f. 5. ELIZABETH FIELD of Little Gaddisdeu, widowe. {Bat. 30 
Apr. 1580). Son John (under 20) ; Dau. Ehz ; Bro. John 
Field exor ; Bro. John .Puddiforde overseer. IFit' : — Tho. 
Windsor clercke, Wm. Edmundes, Johu Puddiford & Wm. 
Field. {Fr. 20 July 1580). 

f. 5. THOMAS TOODE of Kimptou. (/9rt^. 17 Jau. 1580). Eldest 
son Tho ; House & lands in Kiuipton ; Lands iu tho ehurche- 
field, miUefield & westo field ; Son John (minor) ; House in occ. 
of Eobt. Laiue in Kimptou ; Lease of ground which Tho. 
Catlin now holdeth of me ; Lease of Mr. Nich. Brocket ; Wife 
Margt. extrix ; Tho. Todde of Luton & Gilb. Greine overseers. 
Wit' : — Jas. Alrede -s-icar of Kimptou, Tho. Hynde, Johu 
Ancell, Nich. Tayler. {Pr. 13 Sep. 1580). 

f. 5^ WILLM ALLIN of Aston. {Daf. 30 Juue 1579). Eich. Hills 
of Anstye ; Legacy to poor of Anstye & Aston ; Sist. Johau 
Cooke ; Sist. Johau Coulc ; Sist. Margt. Dickf ; Eliz. Martin ; 
Agnis Allin ; Thos. Cooke ; Symon Alberye ; John Cobem ; 
Wm. Eofe ; Wm. AVood ; Bro. John Allin exor. Wit' :— Tho. 
Chapman, Geo. Eefed, John Cobem. {Ft: 20 July 1580). 

f. 6. JOHN NOETHE tlielder of psh of AUhaUowes in Harford, 
yeoman. {Daf. 8 July 1580). Daus. Aune & ^Mary ; House in 
S' Andrews psh. Avhich Andrew Maude now dwelleth in ; Wife 
Eliz. ; Son John ; W^m. & Eobt. sons of Leonard Gurley my 
son in law ; Son John exor ; Sou in law John Heathe overseer. 
Wit' .-—Geo. Turner minister, John Heath. {Fr. 1 1 Oct. 

f. 6. AGNIS NOEEIS of town of Hartford. {Daf. 20 Juue 1579). 

Eldest son John ; Tho. Norris ; Christ'' Norris ; Wm. Norris ; 

Daus. Margt. & Joue ; Christr Norris & Wm. Norris exors. 

Wit' : — Wm. Clarcke vicar of Amwell, John Maulden, Peres 

Patmare. (Pr. 20 July, 1580). 
f. 6b THOMAS MYLES of Flamsted. {Dat. 29 July 1580). Sou 

Water ; Dau. Isabell (under 18) ; Goddau. Jane Jiaselyc ; Wife 

Erne extrix ; Bro. in law John Fuller & son iu law Eobt. 

Stepney overseers. Wit' : — Thos. Norburye, Eobt. Stepney, 

AVm. Alee, Tho. Camfyle. [Pr. 12 Oct. 1580). 



f. 6b TH0MA8 ARCHEE of Baldocke. (Dat. 26 July 1580). Son 
John (minor) ; House in Hitchiu ; Sou Geo. (under 21) ; Son 
Sam ; Wife extrix ; Bro. John Ciillicke overseer. TJ''it' : — 
Anthony Fage, Edw. Hvndc, John Manison, Andr. Pratte & 
Jas. AVilson. (i-'y. 11 Oct. 1580). 

f. 7. AVILLIAM ANDEEWE of Flanisted, husbandman. {Dat. 30 
Nov. 1580). Son Eobt. (under 23); Sou John (under 21): 
Wm. son of my sou in law Eieh. Sti'aighte ; Wm. & Alice son 
& dau. of my sou AVm. Audrewe ; Dau. Johanne wife of Eich. 
Straighte ; Son Tho. Audrewe, exor ; Land in Clarks felde ; 
Wife Margt ; Neighbour Eobt. Brydon supervisor. Tf^if' : — 
Eobt. Boydou \_sic~\ Eobt. Halsey alias Chamber thelder, John 
Payes, John Muude, Wm. Bigge & John Atwoode. {Pr. 18 
Jan. 1580-1). 

f. 7b THOMAS NOEEIS of psh of Allhallowes in Hartforde, 
shomaker. {Bat. 19 Dec. 1580). Dau. Eliz. (under 18) ; Wife 
Mary extrix ; Bro. in law John Springham & John Eediugton 

't overseers. IFit" : — Geo. Turner minister, John Springham 

I & John Eedingtou. {Pr. 18 Jan. 1580-1). 

I f. 8. GEOEGE SEAELE of AValcoru. {Dat. 21 Nov. 1580). Wife 

( Kath. extrix. TFit^ : — Geo. Norrice, Moyses Wright, Tho. 

I Colbye the wryter. (Pr. 18 Jan. 1580-1). 

I f. 8. BENNET EUSHELYE of NorthemjTUS. {Dat. 22 April 

I 1576). Son Henry ; House called Polecattf ; Wife Awedry ; 

: Son Wm ; House & mill at Hodesdon ; Field called Littell 

i hills ; Wm. son of Henry Euslielye ; Daus. Alice & Eliz. ; 

. The 5 ch" of son Henry viz. Bennet, Wm., John, Tlios. & Eliz ; 

■ The 3 oh" of my son in law Thos. Jeames v-iz. : — Thos, Awedrye 

^ & Johaun .Tames ; Cysselye dau. of Eobt. Horrwoode ; Wife 

, & son Wm. exors ; Sou Heniy overseer. {Pr. 15 Feb. 1580-1). 

^ f. 8b EICHAED COCKE of Great Munden, husbandman. {Dat. I 

Mch. 21 Eliz.) Wife Margt. ; Sous Eobt, Jolm, Eich., & AVm ; 
Wife extrix. JJl't^ : — Wm. Curleawes clarke, & Anth. 
Daughton. {Pr. 15 Feb. 1580-1). 

f. 9. JOHN HALL of Ashewell. {Dat. 16 Jan. 1580). Sou John 
& daus. Johanne, Margt, & Mary (aU under 21). (Adnion. 
with will annexed 18 Jai». 1580-1 to Weuifrid Hall relict). 

f. 9. GEOEGE LINCOLN of Tlicrfelde, veomau. {Dat. 18 Oct. 
1580). Wife Eliz; Sou Geo.; Son' Henry exor. TJIP :— 
Wm. Sav, Edw. Hassarde it Thos. Smithe clei-ke the writer 
herof. (Pr. 8 Dec. 1580). 

f. 9b EDWAED EOBINS of Kennisworth, yeoman. {Dat. 16 Nov. 
1580). EHz. Heywarde ; Tlie ch" of John Capon viz. John the 
eldest son, Wm, Jane & Margery Capon ; Tlie ch" of bro. 
Eobt. Cooke ^^z. Eich. his eldest sou, & Thos. Cooke ; The 
ch" of bro. Eicli. Pedder viz. Henry, Alice & Eidi. Pedder ; 
Eobt. Barboure & Tho. Heywarde both of Kennisworth ; 
Bro. Eobt. Eobins ; Lands in tlie feldes of Kennisworth 
lately bouglit of Eich. Albrighte of Dunstable ; Henry 
Marsho ; Bro. Eobt. Eobins exor ; Eobt. Barboure overseer. 
TFif .-—Eobt. Barbur, Tho. Hevwarde, John Heywarde, AVm. 
Heywarde .1 Edw. Heywarde. \Pr. 8 Dec. 1580). 


f. 10^ FLOEENCE WATTSON of Bucklande in psh. of Therfilde, 
widow. {Daf. 12 MHi. 1.572). Dau. Johanuc Addams ; Dau. 
Margt. Osbostoiie ; Dau. Alice May : Dau. Katli. Tuukc ; Sons 
Eobt., Heurv, Joliu & Wni. AVa'tsou ; Bridyft May dau. to 
Alice May ; Eliz. AVatsou dau. to Johu AVatsun ; Kath. May 
dau. to Alice May ; Mary A\'atson dau. to Henry AVatsou ; 
Anne AVatson dau." to John AVatsou ; Jolianne & Jane daus. to 
my son John AVatson ; Son AVni. exor ; Son John overseer. 
Jfrifs ..—Joliu AA^atson, Hen. AA^itsou, John Pitches & Thos. 
Adams. {Pr. 6 June 1580). 

f. lot JOHN AA'EST of Litle Barkehamsted, husbandman. {Daf. 
4 Nov. 23 Eliz.) Sou John AVest : My 3 daus. by my first 
wife ; Mv 4 sons Robt. Wm. Salamon & Edward ; AVife Eliz. 
extrix. ^JHt' ;— Eicli. AA^ickf , J(->hn Penyfather. {Pr. 8 N(n'. 

f. 11. SIMON BULLYN of Purton, labcn-er. (Nuncupative. Daf. 
14 Sep. 1581). Eliz. & Joan Mavsliall daus. of John Marshall 
of Purten ; Bro. Henry Bullyn : AVido. Carter & o of her ch" ; 
' AA'm. Grige ; Jf)hn Marshall ; Jeffnn- Fniiucis ; Eliz. Hanscowic ; 
Oliver Laurence ; TIios. son of Henry Bullyn ; Eliz., Joan 
& Agnes Marshall ; AVife Ellyn extrix. IFit' .-—Eobt. Hans- 
come, Tho. Bullyn, & Herie Bullyn. {Pr. 7 Oct. 1581). 

f. \l^ JOHN HAAVGOODof Hemelhamsted, yeoniau. {Dot. 7 Sep. 
23 Eliz.) Daus. Agnes, Margrit & Alice ; My two young sous 
John & Frauncis ; Son in law Tho. Alarson ; Griseld Flindeu 
sist. of the sJ Thomas ; My sist. Eliz. Humfrie ; My otlu-r 
children ; Henry son of Eich. Piuldfast of Eobinliood ; AA'ife 
Emme & son Eich. exors ; Bro. John Tailor overseer ; Godson 
John Kuolton. IFit' .-—Eich. Gnotou minister, Nich. Martin, 
Eich. Puddifast of Eobinhod, John Talor. {Pr. 6 Oct. 1581). 

f. 12. HENEIE TOKEFEELD of Baldocke. {Bat. 10 July 1581). 
Son Thos ; Lands in Eadwell ; Son Henry ; Messuage in AA'elles 
streat in Baldock wherein John Haydie now dwells & next the 
messuage of John Mauyngson on the south aTid lands in 
Norton ; AA^ife Jane ; Lands in Bigrave & Clotall ; Son 
Leonard ; Son AVm ; Messuage in AVells street wherein Leonard 
Hamant now dwells ; Lands in AViliem ; Son Daniel ; Daus. 
Annis, Jone & Allse ; C'ous. Gorge Larke ; Sist. Finche ; Tho. 
Scegge & A\^m. Speed ; Bro-in-law John Smytlio overseer. 
Wit'''^:—^Xm. Chatburne, Eich. Knight, Juliu Scegge, Geo. 
Larle & John Smyth. ^Date of probate not given. AVill badly 
written & testator's name given as Coif ey Id, but at f. li^ the 
\>-ill is again and more correctly registered. Date of probate 
7 Oct. 1581). 

f. 121' AVILLLIM CATLYN of Harjjeden, yeoman. {Dat. 14 Apr. 
1581). AA'ittni Brigges curate of Harpeden ; Bro. John Catlyn ; 
Sist. Jone Augill ; John Dary theld"^ ; Myghell Dary ; 
Alice Burton : Ellyn Hunte ; Eobt. Tonikyu, Eich. AimciU, 
John Coop, Eliz. Auncill & Eliz. Chamber ; Dau. Eliz. 
Sible ; Geo. & Sallomon Sible, Eliz. Sible & John Sible ; 
Dau. Agues Catlvu ; Son AVm. (under 18); AVife Grace; 
Lands at Harpeden & AVethamstcdc ; AVife extrix ; AVm. 
Hunt overseer. JFif .-—Tho. Nichols, AVm. Hunt, Tho. Cut, 
Tho. Fyncli, Johu Halse, Eicli. Squier, AVm. Bur, Johu Lewes, 
Tho. Cliristian. {I'r. 21 June 1587). 


f. 13. EDWARD HUMBERSTON of Walkliorue. yeoman. {Bat. 

5 Apr. 1583). Wife Agnes ; Eldest son Wm. (under 26) ; 
Second son Geo, & j'oungest son John (both minors) ; Eldest 
dau. A"-nis (under ' 18) ; Second dau. Sislie ; Bro. John 
Humberston ; Bro. Wm. Huniberston ; Alee Hagger my 
sisters dau ; Servants Robt. Clarke, Jeames Sheppte, Blase 
Nasho, Isbell Raymcut & Agnis Gilbert ; Mr. John Clarke 
vicar of Potton ; Mr. John Headlam vicar of Graffin [stc] ; 
Mr. Broweinau vicar of Sandon ; Wife extrix ; Father in law 
Wm. Clarke overseer. Wit': — Wm. Middeltou, clarke & Wm. 
Clarke. {Pr. 10 July 1583). 

f. 13^ WILLIAM SCINER of Wilstorue in psh. of Triug, laborer. 
{Dat. 27 Sop. 1570). Bur. at Tring ; Dau. Annis ; Tenement 
in Long Marstou ; T'ottage in Tringe ; Dau. Eliz. ; Cottage 
that John Clarke dwelleth in ; AVife Annis ; John Learey ; 
Wm. Lake & Robt. Scbrooke exors. JFji':— John Lake, Wm. 
Lake, & Robt. Sebrook. {Pr. 21 June 1581). 

f. n'' WILLIAM YEORKE of Harpcden. {Dat. 8 Apr. 25 piz.) 
House & land to bro. Geo. Yeorke ; Margaret North ; Wm. 
Roo of Redbourne ; Nich. Kylbe ; Agnis North ; Tho. Hay- 
worth ; Sist. Alice extrix ; Tho. Chressey & Nicholas Kylbe 
overseers. Wit' .-—Thomas Chressey, Tho. North, Nich. Kylbe 

6 Wm. Lane. (No date of probate given). 

To he Continued. 

^tti of SnxtQ for Qertforbsljire^ 


(CoNTimjED FROM VoL. I., PaGE 348.) 

1567-8. Hilary Term. 10 Eliz. (Cohi!.). 
Robt. M(Minson esq. & Rich. Loue gent : Giles Lloyd son & heir of 

Evan Lloyd dec'^ & Nich^ Chowne cit. & haberdasher of London & 

Eliz. liis wife. Jtlessuage & lands in Aldenham. 
Kdw. Styward : Wm. Hyde. Lands in Sandon & Layston. 
lloury ilickenian : James Pargeter gent & Ivath. his wife. Manors 

of Boruehall & Hartesborue & 20 messuages & lands in Busshee. 
Wm. BawutL'tt : Anthony Prior & Margt. his wife, Robt. Birbuge & 

Agut's liis wife, Edmund Richard & Marion his wife & Eliz. Londines 

a/i«.< Jormyu. Four parts of a messuage & lands in Austey & Great 

Horniode, into seven parts divided. 
« liri>tf Marshall : John Brokett esq & Elleu his wife. Messuage & 

lauds in IpoUottf alias Pollettf . 
NN'mi. Barlof ^K: Ivo Grey gents: Wm. Bawnott & Hellen his wife & 

Wm. Wardo & Joauhis wife. Six parts of a messuagf & lands in 

.\u->u\ iV llunicuieud alias Great Honncado, into seven parts divided. 


1568. Easter Term. 10 Eliz. 
Jolin Knygliton esq : John Byrcheley gent & Phillipi)a his -wife. 

Lands in Baj'ford & Hertford. 
Edw. Baeshe esq & Thoiiiasino his wife : Tho. Couldeham gent. 

Messuage callod Jackrobyns & Lands in Leystou, Buntyngforde, 

Afiiedwyche, Beauchainpes & Crogyswylnes. 
John Ivery & Eobt. Darcknoll : Geo. Eotheram esq & Jane his wife. 

Messuage & lands in Kings "Walden, Kympton, AVhethamsted & 

Marckyate. ^ 

Nich' West esq : Eoger Ilarman & Kath. his wife. Manor of Goble- 

cote & eight messuages & lands in Goblecote, Aldeburye alias Abery 

& Tringo. 
John DanyeU : Peter EoseweU & Dorothy his wife. Messuage in 

Tho. Kyghtloy esq : Humph. Fayrefax, Eobt. ><avege & Wm. Eaynes 

& Eliz. his wife. A barn & lands in Est Burnett. 
Eobt. Higbyde : Tho. Whyttymore & Anne his wife. Three messuages 

in Hitchen. 
Mattliew Mallett gent : John Fermer »S: Joan his wife dau. & heir of 

Andrew Clyfton. Messuage & lands in Bisliops Sturtforde. 
John Parrys : Tho. Parrys & Alice Ids wife. Two messuages & lands 

in Stockyng Pelliam & Brent PeUiam. 
"Wm. CeciU knt, principal secretary of tlie Queen : John Parratt tk. 

Jane his wife & Jolm Staple & Cecily his wife. Two messuages & 

lands in Chcsthunt. 

1568. Trinity Term. 10 Eliz. 
*Anthony Cage, Edw Hampden esq, Tl)o. Asshofeld esq & Edm. Wyse- 

man gent : Michael Hampden esq. Manor of Xorcothyll alias Xorcot- 

court & 8 messuages & lands in Nortbchurch, Tryug & Wygynton. 
*Nich' Fitzhugli gent : Edw. Bridges gent & Frances his wife. Manor 

of Grenehall & lands in Saudou. 
Eich. Brytnell : John Saunders & Isabel liis wife. Messuage & lands 

in Long Marston. 
John Sanders alias Burton : John Chappell & Emote his wife. Two 

messuages & land in Whethampsted. 
Tho. Higate esq : Tho. Tjmdale esq. Land in East Bai-nett. 
Clement Gunell : Ealph Dixon gent & Ann his wife. Messuage & 

lands in Asehewell & Henxwortli. 
Eich. Baker senior : "Wm. i'erncley & Bridget his wife. Lands in 

Great Jtlonden. 
Nich' Bacon knt. lord keeper of the Great Seal & Anne his wife : Johu 

Machell esq & Frances his wife. A -watermill, lauds & free fisliery 

iu psh. of S' Michaels near S* -\Jbans & Eedboruc. 
Eich. Barbour & Agnes liis wife : Geo. Bedell, Eich. Bedell & Simon 

Bedell. Messuage & land in Stondou. 

1568. Mich. Term. 10 & 11 Eliz. 
*Yaleutine Dale, doctor of laws : John Forth. Six messuages & lands 

iu Baldocke, AVellcn, Bigrave & Norton. 
Wm. Clerko esq : Tho. Tyndale esq. Lauds in Est Barnet. 
Wm. Powlter gout : Adam Wylsou. Messuage in Hertford. 
Tlio. Ducwra : Tlio. (laruous gout & Alice liis wife &' Wm. Hawkf 

gout, ^lauoi' of I'm vton alia,^ IVrtou & t<'n messuages & lauds in 

I'uryton alias Pyrton, Iklci'orde & Kynqiton. 
Wui. Nicoll : Alan Nicoll & Petronilla his wife. ]Mossuagi> v^' hmd in 





Wm. Aylwarde : Win. Huett geut. Messuage & lands in London 

Colucy in psli. of Shenley. 
John Morslie gent : "Wm. Barlee gent. & Eliz. his -wife. Moiety of 

.lands in Buckloiul & Barkwey. 
Hem-y Chauncey gent. & Edw. nu>)>jord gent : John Chauncey gent. 

& Eliz. his wife. Manor of Overliall in Gedleston. 
Wm. Erankelande : Geo. Burrell gent. Messuage & lands in 

Hoddesden, Broxburne «& Haniwell. 

1568-9. Hilary Term. 11 Eliz. 

Wm. Kym|tton : John Myston & Anne his wife. Two parts of the 
manor of Eoxeforth alias Eokesforth & of lands in Hertyngfordbury. 

Eich. Holforde & John Hall : Eich. Smj'th gent. Two messuages & 
land in Hertford. 

Wm. Bygge & Eliz. his wife : Eich. Hyckmau & Eliz. his wife. 
Messuage & laiid in Bishops Hatfeild. 

Eich. Howe : Wm. Sliellev. Lands in S*^ Albans. 

Eoger Shadd : Hugh Mantell gent. & Eliz. his wife. Two messuages 
& land in S' Albans. AVarranty against s'i Hugh & Eliz. & the heirs 
of s<i Eliz., also against John Shadd & Margt. his wife &. her heirs, 
Henry Webbe gent. & .Uice his wife & her heirs & Stephen 
CarteUedge, jun'', & against the heirs of Stephen Cartelledge 
sen'' deed father of the s'l Eliz. 

1569. Easter Term. 11 Eliz. 
*Thomas Smalewod : Eobt. Staunford esq & Eoger Carewe esq & 

Alice his wife. Lands in Nortlmnnnraj's. 
Nich' West esq : Tho. Halsey alias Chambers & Margt. his wife. 

Lands in Northbarkhamstod. 
Eobt. Grave & Tho. Grave : John YerljTige. Messuage & land in 

Hoddesdon & Brokkesbono. 
Ealph Sadler knt : Jas. Hennage gent & Margt. his wife. Manor of 

Dooos alias Dowces & messuage & lauds in Standon. 
John Stubbes & Joan his Avife : Eobt. Holmes & Alice his wife. Two 

messuages & land in Watford. 
Eobt. Pope : Zachary Smyth gent. & Kath. his wife. Messuage and 

lands in Gosshams Eudo in the parishes of Barkhamsted Mary alias 

Northchurche & Barkhamsted St. Peter alias Grete Barkliamsted. 
Eobt. Tomsou : John Archer & Alice his wife. Messuage in Amwell. 
Andrew Grey gent : Tho. Lambert gent. & Anne his wife. Three 

messuages & lauds in Hinxworthe, Calcott & Asshewell. 
Eobt. Cage : Tho. Burton & Thomasine his wife, John Ward & Agnes 

his wife vS: Edw. Ward son of s'^ John. Four messuages & lands in 

Hunsdon & Estwicke. 

1569. Trinity Term. 11 Eliz. 
Eobt. Graveuor : Wm. Andelsby. Lands in Stondou. 
Wm. Stokes & Lucy his wife : John Derycke & Eliz. his wife. 

Messuage iu Watford. 
John Laurence : Eich. Leo knt., Humph. Conu}-ngsbye esq & Mary 

his wife, Eich. Maydwell & Jas. Eogers. Four messuages in psh. 

of St. Albans. 
Henry Foster : Tho. Docwra esq. & Mildred his wife. Messiuige and 

lands in Kings Waldon & Offlayc. 
Edw. Skeggos gout : Edw. Bray knt & Mary his wife. Manor of 

QuenehawG alias Quenehoo. Twelve messuages & lands in Braufold 

aliiix Brantfeld, Tewyng, Watton, Stapulford, it Dacheworthe. 

t.*'.jr,r. / 



John Purevey esq : AValt. Tooke gent. & Angeleta his wife. Moiety 
of two messuages & lauds in Amwell & Brickenden & coramou of 
pasture in Amwell Mai-she, Nethinghoe Marshe &' Amwell Heatho.^ 

Hugh Moyser : Peter Harman & Joan his wife. Messuage in 

■ Hji;chyn. 

Nich. Bacon knt. lord keeper of the great Seal of England : John 
Marston & Eliz. his wife. Land in psh. of S' Michaels near 
S' Albans. 

Fras. Powre gent. & John Lenthall gent : Edw. Denton gent. & Joyce 
his wife. Manors of Holwell alias Holdwell Greye & Ludwicke & 
16 messuages & lands in Holwell Hide, Ludwicke Hide, Digonswell, 
Welwyn, Kings Hatfeilde alias Bps. Hatfeld, Twyng & Harting- 
fordbury, and free warren in Holwell & Ludwicke. 
1569. Mich Term. 11 & 12 Eliz. 

[Very few of the feet of fines and none of the notes for this term 

Wm. Frankelande : Geo. Burrell gent. Messuage & lands in Hod- 
desden, Broxburne & Hamwell. 

*Valentine Dale doctor of laws : John Forth gent. Six messuages & 
lands in Baldocke, Wellen, Bygrave & Norton. 

1569-70. Hilary Term. 12 Eliz. 

♦Giles Poulett esq als Lord Giles Po\dett &- Wm. Ohyvall : Margt. 
Caulton wid. & Wm. Caulton. The rectory of the church of Willey 
a is WiUyen & an annual rent out of & the advowson of the 
vicarage of the same church. 

*Edw. Wyngate : Eich. Trowghton & Jane his wife. Manor of 
Keynesworthe & 10 messuages & lands in Keynesworthe. 

*Tho. Eussell : Tho. Sherley esq & Anne his wife, Chrisf Eythe gent. 
& Kath. his wife. The 3rd pt. of lands in Eidge. 

*Wm. Cccill kut. principal secretary of the Queen : Anne, marchioness 
of Northampton alias Lady Anne Burchier & Lovayne, dau. & 
heiress of Henry, lord Burchier & Lovayne earl of Essex & Ewe 
& Marie his wife one of the daus. of Wm. Say knt. dec'^- Manors 
of Baas, Perryers alias Perrers, Hoddesdon alias Hoddisdonberye, 
Gedd}-ngs, Langtons, Foxtons, Maryons, Halls, Jerkyns, & Jerkyns 
Fee & 120 messuages & lands in Broxborne, Hoddesd(ui, Wormley 
alias Wormesley, Cheston alias Chesthimt, Amwell, Langtons, 
Foxtons, Maryons, HaUs, Jerkyns, Sawells, Cockeshutt, Conygarth, 
and tlie psh. of All Saints, Hertford. 

Eich. Baker : Tho. Myles & Eliz. his wife. Lands in Great Monden. 

Edw. Felde : Fras. Mathew & Margery his wife. Messuage in Bark- 
hampsted Peter. 

Nich. Baeshe & John Hipworthe gents : Tho. Lovellesq. Messuage & 
lands in Chesthuute & Waltham Crosse. 

Leonard Eogers : Tho. Claxsonne & Margt. his wife. Two messuages 
in Ware. 

Tho. Letcheworthe : Jas. Lotcheworthe & Alice his wife. Messuage 
& land in Asshewell. 

Wm. Crawley &: Eioli. Spicer alias Helder : John Spicer alias Helder. 
Manor of Wells alias '\^'elberye & lands in Great Otfley, Lynley alias 
Lyly & Little Hotchyn. 

Wm. Palter gent. & Kath. his wife : Adam WyLsou & Kath. his wife 
& Joliu AVylson & Isabel his wife. Two messuages in Hertford. 

Wm. Kotheriuge alias Deyo & Agnes his wife : Jas. Grvffyn & Alice 
his wife. Messuage in S* Albans. 




Tho. Foster senior, gent : Edw. Stowell & Joan his wife. Lands in 

John Turuey : Jas Cowper & Joan his wife. Messuage & lands in 

John Done : Roht. Bestney gent & Ellen his wife. Messuage & land 

in psh. of S' Michaels in S' Albans. 
Eobt. Grave & Simon Waypole alias Nobbes : Tho. Grave. Messuage 

& lands in Stansted Abbott. 
Geo. Ferrers esq & Margt. his wife : Eliz. Bardolphe wid. & Edm. 

Bardoli)he esq. sou & heir app. of s-J Eliz. Messuage & lands in 

Eedburne & Flamsted. 
Eich. Piatt : Eieli. Seale gent. & Eliz. his wife, & Eobt. Seale. 

Messuage in S' Albans. 
AVm. Skipwithe esq : Eliz. Barnes wid. one of the daus. & heirs of 

Margery Maynard & Eobt. Cotes & Dorothy his wife another of 

sd daus. & heirs. Manors of Westwyke Apsebery & Praye with 

Kyngesbury & 40 messuages & lands in pshs. of S' Peters, 

S' Michaels & S' Stephens in S* Albans, & the advowson of the 

vicarage of S' Michaels. 
Tho. Johnson : Walt. Myldmaye gent. & Anth. Tunbridge. Lands in 

Sabridgeworthe . 

To be Continued. 

Abstract* o^ IJlItU^. 


EEGISTEE " EAYMOND "—Continued from Vol. I. Page 376. 

f. 223. THOMAS BATTSFOETH of Buntingford, husbandman. {Dat. 
2 Feb. 1571). Bur. at Laiston ; Christian now my wife ; Son 
in law Eobt. Eoiston & Margt. his wife my dau ; Son in law 
Nich. Birlcs & Johaue his wife my dau. ; Wife extrix. 
Wit" .-—Eobt. Ayer, John Harrys & Wm. Clere. {Pr. at 
Stortford 8 Mch. 1575). 

f. 223. THOMAS SHOETEE of Ware, husbandman. {Dat. 25 Mch. 
1575). Margt. now my wife ; House in Cripstreet alias Crib 
street in Ware ; Youngest son Tlio ; Wife extrix. Tfif^ : — 
John Laicok, Wm. Bouam, Wm. Wenham & Eoger Sayer. 
{Pr. at Stortford 12 Dec. 1575). 

f. 224. JOHN BIEDE of Thorlie. {Dat. 21 Oct. 1575). John Birde 
my bro. George's sou ; My wifes sisters children ; Son Wm ; 
Messuage called Mandcfelds in which I live in Thorlie & lauds 
in Tliorlio & Sabridgworth ; Land called the Hampstalls ; 
Tenement called Baustrots ; Godson Wm. Birde my son John's 
sou ; John son of son Jolm Birde ; Henry Eoclio ; Dau. Joliane 
Brette wife of Giles Brett ; Tenement in ilockeroU in Stortford ; 
Lands called Lewes felde, Shortescrofte, Bulfans meade in Gt. 



Hallingbuiy, co. Essex ; I)au. ISuzau ; My 3 daus. Johaue, 
Alice & Grace ; Ricli. Pounto ; Son. Wm. exor ; Sons in law 
Eich. Fount & G-iles Bn^tto & Wni. Barnard overseers. TFit' : 
— John Miller, Wni. Miller & Wni. ]5arnai'de the writer. (J'r. 
at Stortford 12 Dec. 157;jj. 

f. 226. AVILLM REYXOLDE of Tliuudriclie, joiner. {Daf. 28 Aug. 
1575). Dans. Joliane, Grace tS: Katli ; Wife Ishell extrix ; 
John Laurence overseer. JFit" : — Wni. Dixon minister, Fulke 
Curlewes, Eafle Carter, Tlios. PJiillipps, Jf>hn Lingewode. 
{Pr. at Stortford, 7 Nov. 1575). 

f. 226. JOBEANE EDMUNDEof Harestrete inpsh. of Muche Hormed, 
wid. {Daf. 2 Oct. 1575). Sons Thos, John, & Henry ; Daus. 
Margery & Kath. Edmunds : Dan. Agnes Churche ; Mother 
Broke; Son in law Eich. Eoignolds ; Alice Eeignolds of London ; 
Dau. Eliz. Edmunde cxtrix. U'lf : — John Diason vicar of 
Much Hormed, Eich. Hawke. Wm. T'olles & Henrv Edmunde. 
(P/-. at Stortford 7 Xov. 1575). 

f. 227. HUGHE PEICE of Cliesthunt yeoman. yUnt. 27 May, 1575). 
Bro. John Price to have all tlie portion bequeathed to me by 
my late father ; Dau. Eliz. Pryce ; AVife Eliz. extrix ; Friends 
John Cooke, Perse Dale, Tho. Spicer & Symon Will'ms vicar of 
Chesthnnt overseers. IFit' : — John Cooke, Tlio. Spicer & Sym. 
WiUiams. {Pr. at Stortford 4 July 1575). 

f. 228. JOHN STEEE of Chcsthunt, husbandman. {Dat. 13 June 
1575). Bro. Eobt. Stere of Braughing ; Dau. Alice Stere 
extrix. ; Bro. Eoberts child"^ : TIio. Monedaie & Symon 
Williams overseers. TTif^ : — Tlie said overseers. (P/-. at 
Stortford 4 July 1575). 

f. 228. JANE WOOETEX. {Dnf. 8 Mch. ? 1574-5). Bur. at Stondon ; 
Johane AVenham & Eobt. Wenham her liusband ; Eobt. AVen- 
ham's son ; The good wife AVenham ; AI'' Eicli. Sadler ; Agnes 
. Bridgeman ; Alice AVrattynge ; Atargt. Kiuge ; Margt. Hoode ; 
Mrs. Porter ; Mother AA'atson ; Alargt. Atkyns : Alargt. GiU ; 
Henry Skingle ; Tlio. Skingle : Goodwife Dawlton of Barwicke ; 
Dor. Kinge ; Goodman Smartfoote ; Clias. AVrattiuge ; AVm. 
Kinge overseers ; Goodman AVenham exor. IJ'if'^ : — Eobt. 
Porter nuuister of Stondon, Eobt. AVenham, Alargt. Hoode, 
Wm. Kinge, Chas. AVrattiuge, Alice AA'rattiuge. [Pr. at 
Stortford 4"july 1575*. 

f. 228. JOHN TEEDGOLDE of Sabridgeworth, husbandman. (Daf. 
28 July, 1575). The child my wife now goetli with ; Eldest 
sister Jenetrix Barker ; Sist. Alargt. Tredgolde ; Sist. Johane 
Tredgolde ; AVife Barbaric extrix. A[>' AVm. Chauucye & Thos. 
Hutchin my fathm- in law, overseers. /r/A-' .- — AVm. Cliauncye 
gent, Tho. Hutchin, Eich. Pillis, Dennis Cramphorne, Tho. 
Chramphorne, Eobt. Spibnan & John Nidlson tlie wrigliter 
hereof. {Pr. at Stortford 19 Sep. l.')75\ 

f. 229. CHELSTOFEE HODGE. JM. f. Sep. 1574). Bur. at 
Stondon ; Youngest dau. Sara (^undm' 21) ; Dau. Isabell : Dau. 
Kath ; Eich. Laurence of (irciKHMub^ in ])s]i. of Stondon : Land 
in Tliudemaslu' ; Wife Alargt. extrix : Sons Tiios. i\: Samuel ; 
Land in Staph'fclde i*c I'orncrt felne. //'/7* ; — Eobt. Porter 
minister of Stondon. Jl'if" : — Pich. Laur(MU(\ John 1-amkvn. 
{Pr. at 13 June 1575). 



f. 231. JOHN HERDMAN of Chesthunt, tailor. Bat. 20 Apr. 17 
Eliz.) House iu Chesthunte street nexto the Water lane & 
land in Erokefelde vpoii tlie stones whiclx tenement is called 
Marybones ; Wife Gartered ; Sou Thos ; Dau. Margt. Herd- 
luaii ; Johaue Sliauhroke dau. of John Shaubroke dec'i ; John 
Pynknye exor. IJ'it" : — Simon Williams vicar of Chesthunt, 
Rich. Chaier, John Piukenye, Tho. Bumsted. {Fr. at Stortford 
17 May 1575). 

f. 231.JOHANE HEMMINGE of Hunsden. {Bat. 11 Oct. 1575). 
Thos. & Johane Kynge di^ of John Kinge ; Son in law John 
Kinge ; John Howe of Hiinsden ; EHz. Kinge dau. of my dau. 
Eliz. Kinge ; Dau. Elleu ; Sou John Cornishe & Agues 
Cornishe his dau ; Dau. Eliz. & s^* John Howe exors ; John 
Hemiug of Am well overseer. Wit' : — AVm. Preston, Wui. 
Sharpe & Eliz. Qvynowe. {Pr. at Gedleston 22 Aug. 1575). 

f. 233. ALICE CLARKE of Ware, widow. {Dat. 3 Jan. 1575). 
Johane & Mary Clarke daus. of Tlio. Clarke of Braughinge ; 
Eliz. Siluester ; Serv* Margery Maie ; Agnes wife of John 
Laicocke ; Widow Forde ; Wm. Sales wife ; Diouesse Browne ; 
Eliz. Sale ;' Serv' John Hart ; Edm., John & Rich, sons of Jolm 
Chapman of Ware shoemaker ; Agnes wife of s^^ John Chap- 
man ; Wm. son of John Westlie late of Loudon powlter doc^ ; 
Radygun Westly dau. of s'^ John ; Johane Branche ; Alice 
Scotte ; Grace Luke ; AVm. Russell ; Serv' Alice ; Three of the 
daus. of Wm. Russell ; Anne Chapman ; Said Tlio. Clarke of 
Braughing exor ; John Chapman & AVm. Russell overseers. 
Wit' : — John Laicocke, Henry AVyllan & AVm. Laurence. {Fr. 
at Braughing 7 Mch. 1575). 

f. 234. GEORGE CRAJIPHORXE thelder of Sabridgeworth. {Bat. 
7 Dec. 1574). Wiff Johane ; Tenement called Challou's als. 
Chandlers ; Son Thos ; Pasture ground called Forebury ; Laud 
in Purchefelde ; Croft called LaisDUsley ; Croft called Cowleies ; 
Longcrof te ; AVren parkecrof t ; Fryers croft w'^ a hoppett called 
Thoms. Adams ; Ground called Alistell well belonging to Fryers, 
Gratton Meade, Gobies croft, Litle Blackeley als. Parcke valey, 
Old parkemeade, Stockeley, one piece of Permcnters, meadow 
in HaUison abutting upon tlie mill shotte, Lindsells lialferoode ; 
Geo. Bull ; Birclicroft, Stonecroft alias Ston'ds felde ; Son 
George ; Daus. Marie & Grace, Eliz. & Katli ; Godson AA^m. 
Browne ; John- son of Richard AVall ; Johaue AA'all dau. of 
s^ Rich. ; Bro. Jolui Cramphorue supervisor ; AVifo extrix. 
Wit': — Marke Pearse, Laur. Browne & John Barnarde the 
wryter. {Fr. at Stortfonl 18 Apr. 1575). 

f. 240. ROGER BRIGES. {Bat. 10 May 157G). To be bur. in 
churchvd. of Amwell ; Dau. Alice ; Tho. Railyng my wifes son ; 
Edw. AValkyr; AA'ife Agues. Wit': — Wm. Clarke vicar of 
Amwell. {Admon. 2 Jidy 1576 to Agnes relict). 
f. 240. RICHARD AVATHE of Tuufordstone iu psh. of Clicsthuat. 
{Bat. 24 July 157(')). Cliild" Christr & Johaue; AA^ite Alice 
extrix. Wit'': — Trust ram ^lore clearke & psou of AA^ormely, 
AA'm. AVard. {Fr. at HoddosdcMi 4 Fob. 157G). 
f. 240. THOMAS KINGE of Barlle. {Bat. 2fi Mcli. 1570). Wife 
Johaue ; Sou Robert (under 20) ; Sons Thos. & John ; Lauds 
bought of John Ciiapmau iu divers folds of Thissel ; Agues 


Holbem ; My mother ; Legacy to the repair of Pillats Bridge ; 
Wife extrix. JFit^ : — Mr Wm. Stanton, Tlio. Gruwell, Hen. 
Hawke, Win. liieyford. {Pr. at Stortford 10 Sep. 1576). 
f. 241. GEOEGE PEEMENTEE of Sabrigeworth, yeoman. {Dat. 17 
Aug. 1576). Eldest sou John ; Lands & tenements called 
Jenker Attwodes ; Son Thomas ; Dau. Agnes ; Wife Agnes ; 
Son George (under 20) ; Dau. Marie ; Wife extrix ; Wm. 
Spenser overseer. JFit' : — John Nelson the vrryter hereof, 
Peter Lyndsell, John Bavford, Laur. Browne. {Pr. at Stort- 
ford 10 Sep. 1576). 
f. 241. HENEY AVAEDE of Braughinge, maulteman. {Daf. 4 Feb. 

{ 1576 . Dau. Margt. Warde & Dau. Anne (both under 26) ; 

[ Wife Eliz. extrix. JFiP : — Wm. Hutchyn, Leon. South, Eich. 

Pett, per me Johannem Hedlam. {Pr. at Stortford 12 Feb. 

i f. 242. EONYON BESOWTH. {Dat. 15 June 1574). Bro-in-law 

I Geo. Lincolne ; Alex'' Lincolne (under age) eldest son of s'^ Geo ; 

I Bro-in-law Geo. Westwode & Joice Westwodo his dau ; Bro. 

i' John Besowth ; Bro. Edw. Besowth ; Henry son of Edw. 

Besowth ; Tenement called NyclioUs in psh. of Eede & lands 
given me by my father's will ; John Besowth jun'', son of Wm. 
j Besowth ; Bro. Wm. Besowth ; Bro. John exor. or if he refuse 

then bro. Edw. Wit": — Eich. Turstwell, Tho. Turner, Wm. 
Anckell, John Warren sen. {Pr. at Braughing 4 June 1576 by 
Edw. Besowth). 
f. 246. THOMAS BOWNES of Thundrich, weaver. {Dat. 18 Mch. 
1576). Wife Margt. (probably a second wife) ; My children's 
ch° ; Tho. Eeynolde ; Wm. Weles & Eobt. Dobson exors. 
WiP : — Wm. Dyxon minister there, Tho. EejTiolde. {Pr. at 
Braughing 9 Apr. 1576). 
f. 246. EICHAED CHAEE thelder of Chesthunt, yeoman. {Dat. 4 
Feb. 1576). Bro. Eobt. Chare tlielder ; Tho. Monday; John 
Chare thelder ; Dau. Anne Chairo ; House iu Chesthunt strete 
that John Poor dwelleth in ; Land bought of Eich. Chare the 
yonger my cosen ; Daus. Alice Chare, Susan Chare, Kath. 
Chare & Margt. Chare ; AVifc Johaue ; House AVm. Cokf 
dwelleth in ; Son John Cliare (under 21) ; Wife extrix ; Thos. 
Browne of Lucas end overseer. IFif^ : — Eobt. Chare sen, Tho. 
Monday, Eobt. Cordall & John Chare sen^ {Pr. 1 1 Feb. 1576). 
f. 247. WILLLIM BUSSHEY of Chesthunt, yeoman. {Daf. 4 July 
1574). Wife Johane ; House in Hamon Strete in Chesthunt; 
Son Wm. Boushey ; Dau. Constance Boshey ; Sou George ; 
Ground called Meltons held ; Son Eobt., Wm., Henry & Simon ; 
Serv* Agn. Coolce ; Wife extrix ; Son Wm. overseer. JFtf : — 
Edw. Vicars, Eobt. Bosshev, John Addams. {Pr. at Hoddesdou 
4 Feb. 1576). 
f. 247. JOHN ISAAKE of Chesthunt, tailor. {Dat. 10 Oct. 1576). 
Dau. Eliz. Isaacke ; Son George Isaacke ; Wife Kath. extrix ; 
Tho. Hoddesden & Simon Williams vicar of Chesthunt over- 
seers. Tf'it" : — George Eedishe, Tho. Hoddesdou & Simon 
AVilliams. (P/-. at Hoddesden 4 Feb. 1576). 

To he Conti)nii>d. 


^Xavvia^e gicenscsr. 


[I can find no trace of the existence of any of the Marriage Allegations 
and Bonds in this Court previous to 1756. Notes of earlier ones are 
scattered here and there amongst the Acta of the Archdeaconry 
and are here printed. These Acta, unfortunately in a fragmentary 
state, are now preserved at Somerset House and I must record 
my indebtedness to Mr. E. Cheyne, of the Probate Office, for 
kind assistance in deciphering several of the very badly-written 
entries. — Ed.] 

Mch. 29 Tho. Grubb of Aldenham yeoman & Hellen Hawkins of 
same, widow. 

Apr. 9 John Luke of Harpeden & Eliz. Reade of same. 

. „ 9 Wm. Lawrence of S* Ippollits & Cath. Addams, maiden, 

~ ' — --of Wallington, dau. of Tho. Addams of same. 

,, 14 Anth.-Ashbey de Tring & Eabecca Bates of Albmy. 

„ 24 Thomas Tewar & Jane Feild of Shenly. 

„ 28 John Godfrey of Shenly & Eliz. Deacon of Harpeden. 

,, 28 Eoger Gibbs of Great Gaddisdon gent. & Sarah Neele, 

I maiden, dau. of George Neele of Har2)edeu. 

May 12 John Gilet of Kimpton husbandman, son of John Gilet of 
Benfeild co. Northampton, husbandman, & Eliz. Newman, 
I of Kimpton, maiden, dau. of Audrey Gilet [sic] of 

■, Kimpton, widow. 

£ ,, 19 Jas. Eoyce of Hemelhampsted, blacksmith, son of Eich. 

■ I' Eoyce of same, blacksmith, & Joan Deeremer of same, 

L maiden, dau. of Agnes Deeremer of Barton de le Clave co. 

I' Bedf. widow. 

f May 10 John Saunders of Harpeden shoemaker & Cath. Cooke of 

f Kings "Walden, widow. 

I ,, 22 Jolm [page worn away] [of Watton] at Stone, bricklayer, 

)• & Cath. Warren, of same, maiden, orphan. 

I [Apr. 7 ?] Lionel Campion of Aldenham, son of George Campion & 

I Agnes Harrys, maiden. 

j [Apr. 7 ?] AVni. Grubb of Hartingfordbury & Anne Archer, maiden, 

f of same. 

I ' July 21 Eoger Partridg of Hemelhampsted, widower & Jane 

I Kentish of Kings Laugley, maiden, dau. of Eich. Kentisli 

' of Abbots Laugley, yeoman. 

I M 13 Tho. Hay ward of Ayot S' Lawrence & Mary Ginns of 

[ Harpeden. 

[ ,, 27 Wm. Kinge of lekleford wid"" & Sarah Cliambers of 

i Hitchin, widow. 

Aug. 14 Henry Stowe of Aldenham, husbandman, son of Eich. 
Stowe of Sarrat, & Sarali Hunt of Boviugdon, maiden, 
orphan, aged about 20. 

























Tho. Eliott of Kimptou & Agnes Vnderwood of Hitchin, 

widow. Marr. at Kimj)tnn. 

John Pryor (jf IJisliops Ilatfild & Alice Potter of Harting- 

fordbury, maiden. Alleged by s'' I'ryor & Jolin Potter, 

brother of s^' Alice. Marr. at Hartiugfordbury. 

John Newman of Sandou & Eliz. Cobb, widow, of same. 

George Clarke of Knebwortli, yeoman & Anne Godfrey 

als Coop of Letch worth, maiden. 

Tho. Welshe of Shephall, son of John Welslie of Kings 

Waldeu, yeoman, & Frances Deremer of Great AVimonly, 

dau. of Robt. Deremer of Shephall. 

Koger Dikes of Clothall, yeoman, aged 39, & Anne 

A[u ?]strey of same, widow. 

Rich. Freman of Clothall, labourer & Anne Hubbard of 

Walkerne, dau. of Henry Hubbard of same dec''- 

Wm. Palmer Mid'' of Aldenham & TTrsula Evelinge of 

same, widow. 

Griffin Bruer of King's Langley & Agues Shakemaple of 

Bovingdon, widow. 

John Leonard of Easeudeu & Catli. Burton of same. 

Wm. Edlyu of Northchurch & -Tuditli NichoU of same, 

maiden, dau. of Rich.' NichoU of Hendon yeoma:i. Marr. 

at Northchurche. 

Rich. Hudnall of Albury, husbandman, aged 26, & Eliz. 

\Vhite of Barkliempsted S' Peter, maiden, dau. of Jas. AYhite 

of Northchurcli, husbandman. Marr. at Barkliempsted. 

John Garrett of Little Gaddisden, wid'' & Sarah Feild of 

Hemelhampsted, maiden, dau. of John Feild of same, 

yeoman. Marr. at Gaddisden. Said Garrett & Tho. Deane 

of Edesborough, co. Bucks make oath tliat tlie parents of 

s^ Sarah consent. 
,, 20 Tho. ChappeU of Harpeden, husbandman, aged 25, son of 

Eliz. ChappeU of sau\e, widow, & ^larrian NichoUs, 

maiden, dau. of John NichoUs of same, yeoman. Marr. 

at Harpeden. 
,, 22 Robt. Hawkes of Bps. Hatfeild tayler & Eliz. How of 

same, maiden, orphan. Marr. at Hatfield. Said Hawkes 

& Michael Baker sworn. 
Feb. 6 Peter Hamond of Aldenham & Eliz. Ockcley, dau. of Tho. 

Okeley of same. Marr. at Aldenliam. 
,, 7 Francis Jaques of Harpeden & Eliz. Bigg of same. Marr. 

,, 24 Henry Hudnall of Albury, husbandman, orphan, about 

28 & Joan Dt)ggett maiden, dan. of .John Doggett of 

same, yeoman. Marr. at AVigginton. 
Mch. 16 Giles Edwards, son of Geo. Edwards of Sandon, gent, & 

Jane Butterfeild; maiden, dau. of John Butterfeild of same. 

"Wm. Dixe of Hitchin chapman & Anno Frone V maiden, 
dau. of [blank] Froe ? of same, labourer. Marr. at Hitchin. 
Thos. Stile of J5ps. Hattield & Eliz. MaskoU of same. 
"Wm. Higbye of Heniellianipsted >.S: Rebecca Pope of same. 

Daniel AVood of Sandon i^ Agnes Norris of Cottcr(nl. 

Henry Carter & Joan Trott dau. of Henry Trott of Hart- 
ford S' Andrews, 














May 7 Tho. Billiy of "Wigginton & Mary Gceiy of same. 

,, 8 Edw. Sibley of Hartiiigfonlhury son of Wm. >Sibley of 
Kings Waldoii & Prudence Bucke of Hartingfordhury, 
maiden, orphan, aged 22. Marr. at Hartingfordbury. 
,, 11 Jolm WeV)b of Nortliniiins son of .Tolm AVei)b of [///«»/;] 
Marsou, co. Bedf. & Joan Harwood dan. of Eliz. Harwood 
of Northmims. 
,, 11 Wm. Hay ward of Slienly son of Tho. Hayward of 
S' Stephens near S' Albans, husbandman, & Dorothy 
Jewett, maiden, dau. of Wm. Jewett of Kings Langley, 
husbandman. Said Wm. sworn that there is no legal 
impediment on account of a precontract with one Blanch 
,, 18 Rich. Aberr}- of Hemelhampsted, husbandman, & Agnes 
Shreve of Great Gaddisden, maiden, aged 40 years. Marr. 
at Gaddisden. 

May 18 Francis Pitkin of Little Gaddisden, widower, & Joyce 
Non-is of Northchurch. OfRcium contra Jocosam Norris 
de Northchurch. Quo die comparuit et submisit se &c. 
Cui dominus obiecit that slie hath liyn 3 seu'all tymes 
asked public[ly in the pish Church of Northchurch vnto 
one Thomas Brigg^" and yet she hath deferred to solemnize 
the said marriadg whereby som scandall and offence is 
given Cui r'ondendo fassa est that the banns were soe asked 
but saith she neuer was contracted vuto him but made him 
only a ^imise so as he ment plainly, but since he is rune 
awaye and respecteth her not vnde facta fide virtute 
Jurameuti &c. de veritate [responsi ?] dominus ad humilem 
peticionom eiusdem concessit licentiam ad solemuizaudam 
matriuioniam inter eandem et Franciscum Pitkin de 
Gaddisden jiarva viduo [*/'']. 

June 5 Robt. AVood & Anne Willett of Aldenham, widow. 

Sep. 16 Eobt. Hurst, wid'', & Eliz. Birde of Kensworth, maiden, 
orphan. Marr. at Kensworth. 

Sep. 2.5 John Brockitt junior, of Macaryes ende in psh. of Wheth. 
esrp &. Jane Lacon of AVillion, maiden, dau. of [^bhiiil'^ 
Lacon of same esq. Marry there. 

Oct. 12 Wm. Putter of Wigginton & Eliz. Hide of same, widow. 
Marr. there. 
,, 15 Eobt. Abbott of S'»Andrew's, Hartf., brickmaker, aged 43, 
& Mary Deane of Little Munden, maiden, dau. of Jane 
Clarke alias Deane wife of [_bh<nk^ Clarke of Dunmoe, eo. 

[Ma>il:] Ezechiel Halfhide son of Wm. Halfhide of Wallington, 
yeoman, & Brigitt Thackham, maiden. Marr. at 

Jan. 9 .... alias Clmmbors of Flampsted & Susan Alee 
alias .... widow. 
,, 13 Pobertus Cheyney gen. do Bramley Hanger infra p . . . 
Luton in Com. IJedfd. comparuit personaliter et submisit 
so . . . allegavit quod matrimoniiim contraxit cum 
Lcticie Norton lilii' Luciv de Oflli in Com. Hartff. xVr' de et 
cum consensu expresso die . . . Norton patris eiusdem 
et de et cum consensu Francisoe Ciienie nnitrisdicti Koberti 



j et allegavit quod heres [factus ?] est Thome Chenie patris 

[ sui defuncti virtuto Testaiiienti sui torrarum et heredita- 

1 mentoruin ad valorem ducentarum annuatim et 50 librarum 

I legalis &c. petiit facultatem sibi concodi pro solemnizacione 

I dicti maritagii in Ecclesia pochiali de Offley vbi dicta 

I Leticia nunc liabitatat ac obtulit so proniptum et paratum ad 

I prestandum Juranientuni ac ad iuteiiionendam Cautionem 

I obligatoriani juxta Jura &c : dorainus facta fide juxta jura 

i concessit eidem facultatem predictam : obligantur dictus 

j Eobertus et Henricus Cheny de eadem geuerosus. 

Jan. 18 Leonard Hawkswell, bruer, & Margery Taverner of Shenly, 

I maiden, dau. of John Taverner of same, liusbandman. 

! ,,21 Christopher Boyfeild of Aldenham, carpenter, & Sarah 

I Hodsden of Shenlye. 

I Feb. 11 Tho. Cocke of AVatton at Stone, husbandman, son of John 

I Cock of Little Muuden, husbandman, & Agues Eudd of 

I Watton aforesii, dau. of Eich. Eudd of same, husbandman. 

I Feb. 12 Tho. Birchmore of Flampsted, son of Wm. Birchmore of 

same, yeoman, and Grace Underwood, maiden, dau. of 

Geo. Underwood of Weston, yeoman. 

■ ,, 21 John riatt of Aldpuham & Hellen Shepheard of same, 

j „ 28 Eobt. Yardly of AVefeton, clerk, & Susan Leuse of 

j Wallington, maiden. 

„ 28 Wm. Marret of AVhethampsted & Dorothy Armesbey of 

f same, widow. 

May 3 John Brooke, clerk, & Mary Lillingston of Great Gaddes- 

I den, maiden, dau. of William Lillingston. 

i To be Continued. 

^bstuactft of Scrts pJills, 


EEGISTEE " STONEHAM."— CoNTixuED irom Vol. I., Page 384. 

f. 22. JOHANNES HALE senior. [Dat. 10 Dec. 1433). Bur. at 

Norton ; Son Walter exor. 
f. 22. ALICIA CEECY. {J)af. 21 Oct. 1433). Bur. at S' Helens 

of Whethamstede ; Legacies to Churches of Harpdeu & 

S* Stephens ; Sir John Marchall ; Son Mathew ; Daus. Eliz. & 

Isabelle ; Alice Eose ; Serv' Agues ; "Wm. Crecy & Mathew 

Sepset exors. 
f. 22. WILLELAIUS SKELE of S' Albaus. {Baf. 14 Apr. 1434). 

Bur. S' Peters ; Joan Boltwelle ; Son Thos ; Wife Alice & 

Wm. Croftuu exors. 
f. 22. JOH.VXNES BENTON of Slope in psli. of S' Peters iu 

S* All)ans. [Daf. ' die martis post festum Sanoti Marci Euau- 

gelisto' 1434). Bur. S' Peters; John Beruewell : Joan Vogge 

my sister extrix. 


f. 22. JOHANNES COKDELLE. {Bat. 24 Mch. 1434). Bur. at 

Watford ; Sir Eobt. the chaplain ; John Caunche, clerk ; 

Ralph the clerk ; AVife Anne extrix ; Eoger Kettere supervisor. 
f. 22. THOMAS MAETIN. (Z'ai'. 20Apr. 1434). Bur. at Watford ; 

Ralph, tlio parish clerk ; Wife Christian & Roger Aldewyn & 

Laurence Martyn exors. 
f. 22. RICARDUS STEVYN. {Dat. 10 Apr. 1434). Bur. Watford ; 

Legacy to the Rector of the church of Whitchirch ; Wife 

Matilda extrix. 
f. 23. JOHANNES CLERKE. (/Pa!;. 13 July 1433). Bur. S* Peters ; 

Ralph the parish clerk ; Wife Margaret extrix ; Rich. Fuller 

supervisor ; Legacy to Church of Northniyniys. 
f. 23. AVILLELMUS RANDOLF. {Dat. 18 May 1434). Bur. in 

Mon. of S' Albans ; My brother ; The wife of my brother ; 

My sister ; The dau. of my sist. ; Isabelle Randolf ; The dau. 

of s'l Isabelle ; ' Unam togam de Mustyrvelerys ' * ; John 

Tawerueyr ; Adam de Fermer ; Elenor Breton ; Margaret 

Corior ; Sir John Try lie exor ; Roulond Breton. 
f. 23 JOHANNES SMYTH of Leuesden. {^Lai. 16 Feb. 1433). 

Bur. Watford ; Sir Robt. the chaplain ; Jolm Cauche ; Ralph 

Sniyth clerk ; Rich. Baron &, wiie Alice exors ; Thos. Lauen- 

ham supervisor. 
f. 23. HENRICUS BRABEBON. {Dat. 11 Mch. 1433). Bur. 

AYatford ; AA^ife Margaret extrix. 
f. 23. JOHANNES SABBE. {Bat. 25 May 1434). Bur. St. Stephens ; 

Sir Jolm MarchaU cliaplain there ; AValter Sabbe my father exor. 
f. 23. JOHANNES DURBAN. {Bat. 30 Apr. 1434). ^ AYife Agnes 

& AValter Durdan exors. 
f. 23. THOMAS ROAA*HEDE. {Bat. 10 July 1434). Legacy to 

Church of Barnet ; Son AYm. ; Bro. Henry ; John Peris ; 

AA'ife Alice & Robl. Alwey & AA''m. Mulle exors. {Pr. in vigil 

of S' Laurence 1434). 
f. 23. JOHANNA BELCH widow, of Rykmersworth. {Bat. 10 May 

1434). Bur. at Rykmersworth ; Legacy to the Church of 

Saret ; Tho. Godtlianke ; John Rowe ; Roger Belch ; Thomas 

of ye Felde ; John Sansu ; Margery Bryan ; Tho. Dauy ; 

Henry Holm ; Kath. Erowe ; Henry Kynge ; Tho. Grodthanke 

& John Rowe exors. [Pr. 10 Sep. 1434). 
f. 23. AVALTERUS PODYFATE. {Dat. 12 Sep. 1434). Bur. S* 

Mar^' of Redburn ; AVife Joan & Edmund Milward exors. 

{Pr. 18 Sop. 1434). 
f. 23. THOMAS STEETELE of Little Horwude. {Dat. ' die decoll.' 

S' John ]5apt. 1434). Bur. at Little Horwood ; Bro. John ; 

Bro. Rich ; Bro. AYm. ; My mother ; John Smyth & John 

Geffus exors. 
f. 23. JULLANA BROUN uf Little Horwode. {Dat. 'in crastiuo 

decoll.' S' John Bapt. 1434). Bur. at Little Horwood ; Joan 

wife of Jolm AVareyu ; Helen wife of John Goffus ; Alice wife 

of Henr}' AA'aroyu de [Swankoene ?] ; Isabelle wife of Rich. 

Frankoloyn ; John Smyth & Jolm Geliiis exors. 
f. 23. JOHANNES BUEG UN. (Z^a/. ' x« kl. Octobris ' 1434). Bur. 

at Norton ; AA'^ife Miny extrix. 

• MuRtredevilliars. See HalliweU's Diet. 


1 23. JOHANNES SlklYTH of S' Albans. {Dat. 25 Sep. 1434). 
Bur. S' Peters ; Wife Alice extrix ; Joliu Smart supervisor. 

f. 23. JOHANNES LOAVTN of Cuffelys-h, senior. {Dat. in the feast 

of S' James 1434). ]*)ur. Nortliawe ; "Wife Margt. ; AVm. 

Pykf & Eoger Lowyn ; Jolm Daueuey sen"" & Wm. Whyte 

exors. Wit" : — Tlio. Leeys chaplain, Ed\v. Jordan, AVm. son of 

8<i John Lowyn & others. 
f. 23. EOGERUS BENDYNG. (/?«;'. Aug. 1433). Bur. S* Laurence 

of Langley ; John IMilaud & "Willm Pratte exors. 
f. 23. ISABELLA HILL. {Dat. 1433). Bur. S* Laurence of 

Langley ; Son Pobt. Hill exor. 
f. 24. EiaiEDUS SPENSEE. {Dat. 'die Mercurii in festo Saucti 

Eandulfi Episcopi et confessoris ' 1426). Bur. Codicote ; John 

Brode vicar of the church of Codicote ; AVife Margery & John 

Brewere exors. 
f. 24. JOHANNES DUUET. {Dat. 9 May 1434). Bui-. Codicote; 

AVife Joan & son John exors. 
f. 24. JOHANNES DAAVNEY now of Northawc. {Dat. 18 Sep. 

1434). AA'ife Joan, 
f. 24. JOHANNES TYLEE, nialtman, of Eykmersworth. {Dat. 

28 Mch. 1434). Bur. at Eylcmers\A'orth ; John Braunangr elk ; 

Tho. Stretman elk ; Simon Croile pauper ; Legacv to church of 

S' Peter of ChaKonte ; Sons Eichard & Thos; Dau.'Margt; Eoger 

son of John Da3'e ; Henry [Berg ?]wasch my vicar & curate ; 

Tho. Botervylde maltman ; AVife Sarah & Eoger Daye exors. 

f. 24. AA^ALTEEUS CLEEK. {Dat. ' in festo Marci et Marcelliani ' 
1434). Bur. S' Peters ; AVife Justina & John Bradcrofte exors. 
Wit' :— John Bromley, Tho. Tyler. 

f. 24. MATILDA ATT MILLE of Beruett. {Dat. 7 Apr. 1434). 
Bur. in chapel of S' Jolin Baptist ; Agnes Hardewyn ; Agnes 
Amye ; Legacy for the souls of Tho. Newman & John att Mille ; 
A\''m. Hardewyn & Agnes his wife exors. 

f. 24. THOMAS BEEYKSPEYE of S' Albans, gent. {Dat. in 
crastino S* Tlioraas Apost. 1434). Bur. S'' Peters ; Legacies to 
the vicar of the chapel of S' Andrew & to Sir AA'illiam & Sir 
John, the friars of Dunstable, anchorite of S* Michaels, Sir 
John Mason ' capellando de Maudlayns ' ; AV^ife Margt. extrix ; 
AA'^m. Bowre supervisor. 

f. 24. JOHANNES GMIDENEE. {Dat. 11 Jan. 1434). Bur. 
S' Peters ; My son ; Eobt. Scoun exor, 

f. 24. NICHOLAUS BOTLEE of Sleype in psh. of S' Peters. {Dat. 
24 Jan. 1434). Bur. at Northmimmys ; Sir AVilliam parish 
chaplain of S' Peters; John Tauexuer ; Son John exor; The 
vicar of S' Peters & John Wrntt^-ug supervisors. 

f. 24. AA^LLELMUS AVEST. {Dat.\ Mch. 1434). Bur. at Eed- 
burne ; Legacy for mending the king's highway in Bunnyslane ; 
Kath. Grenehood ; Joan Trewe ; AVife Julian & sou Thos. exors. 
{Pr. before J. Peyton, archdeacon, 20 Apr. 14oJ). 

f. 24. JOHANNES GOLDING of Northawe. {Dat. 1432). Bur. 
Northawe ; A\'m. AVliyte & Tlio. S\vatthor])e (^xors ; AVife Joan. 
Wit-^ : — AVm. Pypar, John Lewys, A\'m. llaynde. {Dr. before 
AVm. Alncwyk .•irclidencoii, (• .Apr. 143.)\ 


f. 24. EICARDUS CREKE of S' Albans. {Dat. Invencionc Sancte 
Crucis 1435). 13ur. IS' Peters ; Wife Alice extrix; John Turner, 
baker, supervisor. {Pr. 28 May 1435). 

f. 24. GlLBERTUiS CHAPMAN of Cofley. {Dat. 20 Dec. 1435). 
Bur. Northaw ; Robt. Dene & his wife ; Agnes Herwell ; John 
Pykf & Gilbert Busawe exors. (iV. 18 June 1435). 

f. 25. MARGARETA Lite wife of William BREKESPER of 
S' Albans. (iV^^. in vigilia Ascencionis 1435). Bur. S' Peters ; 
Wm. Bower exor. {Pr. 6 June 1435). 

f. 25. JOHANNA WODEWAED of AVatford. {Bat. 3 Apr. 1435). 
Bur. Watford ; Legacies to the churches of Abbots Langley & 
S' Stephens ; Sir Robert ; Ralph tlio clerk ; ' ad vnam viam 
circa Potteryscrowche xxrf.' ; Son John Wodeward exor. 
Wits : — AViu. Wynche, John Penger & Ralph the clerk. Dated 
at Lovysdene. {Pr. 16 June 1435). 

f. 25. JANYN FRENSCHMAN of Gadmerend, in psh. of Tyngerst, 
dioc. of Lincoln, co. Bucks. {Did. S' Alban the Martyr's day 
1435). Bur. S' Peters in S"^ Albans ; Legacy to the rector of 
Tyngerst ; ' Lego f abrico ynius pontis vocati Cheslyngtou 
brygge vjrf.' ; John Mercham of Newenton exor. Wit" : — 
John Adam, skynner, John Sawger, Johu Cany, Rich. Cony, 
Hen. Cook. {Pr. 16 June 1435 ?). 

f. 25. JOHANNES ADAM of S* Albans. {Bat. die dominica prox. 
post festum S' Thome Martiris 1435). Bur. S' Peters ; AVife 
Margery extrix. Wit" : — Tho. Fauntoner, John Songer, AA^'m. 
Schetbolt, Johu AVrottyug. {Pr. 22 July 1435 ?). 

To be Continued. 

^m^jl)tUtft ^a^ifxxi^ioxi. 

The foUovring extracts from the parish registers of Tring (which I 
have recently examined by the kind permission of the Rev. S. AV. 
TidsweU, the present vicar) will serve a double purpose. A small 
printer's error and an omission in the matter of dates in tlie extracts 
given in Mr. AA^'aters' memorable pamphlet on the AVashington 
ancestry, are hereby set right, and I am enabled to make a suggestion 
as to the family of which Amphillis was a member. 

Extracts from Tring Parish Registers. 
Layarauc sonu of Layarance AA''ashington. 
Elizabeth da of M'' Larranc AVashington. 
Nickles tho soun of Edmvnd ffidgharbor. 
Peter sonn of M'' Johu Bovden. 
AVilliam sonn of M"" Larranc AVashentou. 

M"^ Johu Bilin & Mi'" Svsand bovdon. 
John DaguaU & Elizabetli bovden ware Marred 
one Midsomer dave. 


June 18 


Aug. 17 


Oct. 12. 


Feb. 21. 


Oct. 14. 


Dec. 14. 


June 24 



1634-5. Mch. 3. John Dagnall of Grove the elldar. 
1635. May 26. Ann Dagiiall widdo. 
1637. Apr. 25. Ann tlie wif of Andrw Knowling. 

On page 14 of the above-mentioned pamphlet Mr. Waters sets out a 
grant of the tuition of the two daughters of John and 8usan Billing, 
to John Dagnall of Grove, tlie husband of Elizabetli Dagnall, she 
being ' matertera dictarum filiarum.' 

Susan Billing and Eliz. Dagnall, therefore, were sisters, and I think 
I am justified in assuming them to be the Susan Bovdou and Elizabeth 
Bovdon named in the above register extracts. Andrew Knowling, in 
his will, calls Susan Billing his daughter-in-law. He also calls 
Amphillis AYashiugton his daughter-in-law, and I therefore venture to 
suggest that Ann, the wife of Andrew Knowling, who was buried in 

1637, had been previously married to Boudon or Bowdon, and 

that Amphillis was one of her daughters by that mai-riage. 

©vaiiscrl^jts of IJavislr ^Registers* 


(Continued feom Vol. I., Page 383). 

In the Parish of Northaw in the County of Hertford from Lady- 
Day, 1743, to Lady-Day, 1744. 

Page, William 
Tiler, Edward 
Head, Peter 
Fowkes, John 
Mansfield, John 
North, Ann 
Newman, Matthew 
Stejjhens, John 
King, Jane 
Godwin, Susan 
Wacket, Thomas 
Field, Samuel 
Jordan, Edward 
Olney, Oshea 
Todd, Sarah 
Pearce, AVilliam 
Poole, Mary 
Hurry, Sarah 

Richard Scuton of the 

Parish of S' James Westminster 

Middlesex & Margaret 

Dixon of the Parish of 

Egmondesluim in the 

County of Bucks, bringing 

ii Lice so. 

Samuel Burgall 
Ann Claxton 
William Page 
Hannah Parker 
Thomas Saggers 
John Butler 
John Head 
Sarah Collyer 
Ann North 
James Eobey 
John Mansfield 
Susannah Parker 
Susannah Harding- 
Mary Clark 
John Fowkes 
Jane Stringer 
Francis Claxton 
Mary Nash 
Edward Jordan 
Michael Woodfield 
Joseph Prior 
Elizabeth Jones 
Mary Griffith 

Thomas Preston, Miuister. 

To be Continued. 

Cljc Herts (ienealorfist 
Eutr ^ntiqxiEtg. 

^nmbtv&ione of lUtalkevnt, etc* 



IF.C.C. Alchin 182.] 
ELIZ. HUMBERSTON Avid.w, of ClothaU, co. Hertf. (-'V'^'"^- '^''^^ 
rffff. Oct. 1653). To Mary Cauuou of ClothaU dau. of Iho. Cannou 
-is. 6d. ; Same to Tho. son of s^ Tho. Canuon ; lo Tlios., mil. & 
John three sous of s^^ Tho. Cannou 2.. 6d. each ; Eesulue to Eobt. 
Freeman of ClothaU whom 1 make exor. Wit' :— HeUener Heatly, 
Mary Cauuou. {Adm. 30 Jan. 1653-4 to Eobt. Freeman). 

IF.C.C. Alchin 316.] 
EDWAED HITMMEESTON of ClothaU, co. Hertf., husbandman. 
(Bat 23 Aucr. 1652). To wife Eliz. £5 & use of household stutt, 
but if she remarry or remove out of ClotliaU then my cozen Susan 
Webb Avife of Edw. Peerman or her dau. Mary wife of A\ m. btratun 
shaU enioy the feather bed etc. ; To cous. Jone Hmumerston 40.v. ; 
To cous« John & Tlio. sous of my bro. AVm. each 40s ; io Maiy 
Mife of Win. MarveU of KelshaU another of bro. Humerstou s 
dans. £3 ; To cous. Eliz. wife of Tho. AVhitley auotlier dau. oi 
s'l bro. Win. 40s. ; To Jolm, Suzan & Mary Webb ch" of cous. 
Leonard Webb dec^, each 20s. ; To Ann Castle dau^of John Castlo 
of ClothaU 20.S-. ; To Ann Peeremau wife of John Stratton .3/. ; J-o 
Eve wife of John Edwards of Yardloy 20s. ; To so many of the 
chn of s^i John Edwards as shaU bo living at my decease 20s. apiece ; 
To cous. Jone wife of Eich. Edwards 40s. ; To the chi d» of s^ Eich. 
Edwards livin"- at my decease 20s. apiece ; To cous. Adam Webb \ 
liis child" 51. ; To the ch" of cous. Wm. Young- living- at mv decease 
20,s-. apiece ; To Eliz. wife of Geo. Sherodd of BratFui 40s. ; To Alice 
Crasbey of Huutiugton 30s. ; To Anno Freeman 20s ; io Anno 
wife of AViu. Young 12r/. ; To cous. Edw. Peeremau 40s. ; io tlu 


dau. of my cous. Leonard Hiimberston 40«. ; To Bette 20«. ; 
To the poor of Clothali 5.v. ; To Jolm Caunon of Clothall Ud. ; 
Residue to cous. Susan "Webb now ^ife of Edw. Peerenian & cous. 
Wm. Stratton wliom I make exors. [J/rt/-A]. Wit** : — Wm. Buck- 
nail, John Harrison, Eliz. Peacoke. {Fr. 20 Jan. 1653-4). 

[P.C.C. Alchin 437.] 

JOHN HUMBAESTON of Stevenedge, co. Herts., gent. {Bat. 8 
Nov. 1652). To be bur. at Stevenedge in tlie Chancell there near 
my late wife ; Dau. Anne H. sole extrix ; I entreat coz. Henry 
Chancey of Yardley esq. & my son Jolm Humbarston of Aston 
gent, to be supei-v-isors & to them lO.*. apiece; To son AVm. 10<(. 
' advisiuge my said Executrixe that she sliould use my said sonne 
William as I intended if I liad lived that is not to suffer liim to 
come within the house either for meat or drinke diet or lodginge 
but to cause him to provide for himself e as he can ' ; I desire my 
s,^ extrix if she die possessed of any of the goods she shall have as 
extrix, to leave same to Anne Ilimibarston my grandcluld one of the 
daus. of my a'^ son John, if living, and if not then to Mary H. 
another of s'l daus. ; To the poor of Stevenedge 405. "Wit" : — 
Wm. Humbarston, Joane Woodward, Wm. Marshall x. {Pr. 12 
Dec. 1654). 

IP.C.C. Alchin 451]. 

WILLIAM HUMMERSTONE of Brantfeild, co. Herts., gent. 
{Nunc, ivill dat. 11 July 1654). Wife to be extrix. ; To dau. Alice 
Frobisher 10/. ; To dau. Anne Storer 5/. ; To poor of Walkehorne 
40«. ' and if there be any one of his owne name tliat doe receive 
collection to haue then a double portion ' ; To poor of Brattfeild 
20s., whereof Goodman Herbert to have a fuU part ; To Jolm Berge, 
Jane Drapers pooro [blanl;^^ lOv. to help bind him out apprentice ; 
To the poor in the Close of Liucolne & Saint Peters in Eastgate 20.r. 
to-be distributed by Master Pich. AVistantly ; To the last named & 
his wife bs. in gold each ; To John Fayrecloth & every serv' in 
Master Rich. Ashwood's house in Bratfeild 2s. Qd. each ; To 
serv' maid Eliz. Cooke 4 marks ; To bro. Master Charles Chaimcie 
now in New England 40s. if he come over or anie of his sonnes. 
Wit^:— AVm. Strayearne, Tho. Owen, Eliz. Cooke X. ,P/-. 25 Oct. 
1654. The christian naiy of the extrix is not given). 

IP.C.C. Ruthrn 369]. 
FEANCIS HUMBEESTOX of Weston, co. Herts., yeoman. {Daf. 
3 May 1656). To wife Sarah all my Tile Kilue in Weston, with 
the working house i.*c Kilne house & the pieee of ground whenn^n 
the same stands containing 2 acr. «.V' annther piece of ground 
abutting on same towards the east & on Burnage held towards the 
west containing 2 acr., also two other closes latidv purchas(^d, & 
lands in the Townefeild, lianiini-k field. Mill Hill in p>h. of AVeston, 
Stonelev dell in Weston etc. f(n' her life iS; after to l"'raucis son of my 
son Giles ; IMv wife to dwell in the house wherein I now dwidl 
called Paddocks for six years, and aftiM'wards s'' house to s'l Francis 
Humberstone ; To son (iiles 12(/. : To son Wm. 12(/. ; To the ch" of 
son Giles viz: — Marie, Kiiime. l»t)rothie. KHz. CJ: Aiiue 10,v. each ; 
To Fras. son of my son "Wm. 5/. at 2;! : To the rest of my son 
William's ch", viz : — Eobt., Marie, Susan, Wm., John & Thos. 10.v. 


each ; To the ch" of dan. Anne Cutt, viz : — Nich., Marie & Susan 
Cutt 10«. eacii ; To dan. Anne Cutt 20s.; Eesidue to wife Sarah 
■whom I make extrix. "Wits ; — Jo. Fairedough, Giles Wallis. 
{Adm. 24 Doc. 1657 to Giles Humberston the son, the extrix having 
predeceased testator). 

IP.C.C. Wootton 110.] 
JOHN HnJ:ERSTONE of Bayford, co. Herts., husbandman. {Bat. 
25 Jan. 1G57). To Leonard son of Tho. Feild of Wellin 5/. within 
one month after my Trife Margaret's death, but if s<i Leonard be 
dutiful & please mv s'^ wife, he shall have 10/. To Jone Tuker of 
Bayford 1.?. ; To EHz. Birt of Bayford Is. ; To Ellen Denton dau. of 
John Denton of Munden 20s. ; To goddau. Eliz. Humerstone 20s. ; 
To bro. Edw. Humerstone of Hatfeild 20s. ; To sist. Anne Feild 
20s. ; To Edw. son of "Wm. Burd of Loudon flaxman one silver 
spoon & the great skillett ; Eesidue to wife Margt. & she extrix. 
{Marie). Wit« :— Edw. Bushe. (P;-. 15 Mch. 1657-8). 

IP. CO. Wootton 612.] 
WILLL^M HITMBEESTOXE of Stickney, co. Line, yeoman. {Bat. 
18 Mch. 1656). Eldest son John (minor) ; Second son Wm. ; Third 
son Thos. ; Fourth son Edm. ; Yoimgest son Geo. ; Sist Anne 
Knight ; Wife Mary extrix ; John Craven & Geo. Greswell super- 
^^sors. William Uumhcrstone. Wit' : — John Craven, John Meedlay, 
Geo. Greswell. {Pr. 27 Nov. 1658). 

[P.C'.f. Jiixon 14.] 
JAMES HUMBEESTONE cit. & gi-ocer of London. {Dat. 20 Jan. 
1662). My wife's sist. ^Mary Francis ; Sist. Eliz. Hewett ; Cons. 
Nath. Hewett ; C'ous. Mary Willgrasse ; Bro. Woodcocke & his 
wife ; Cons. Anne Eowell of Asfordby in Leicestershire ; Maid 
sorv' Mary Hootou ; Houses in Long Lane, London ; Sam. Will- 
gi-asse ; Kinsman Daniel Walton ; Wm. AVethered ; Edw. Potter ; 
Wife Dorothy ; Houses in Swaune Alley in Long Lane in Little 
Eastcheape & White Chappell & messuages & lands in Tatteuam 
CO. Midd ; Cous. James sou of my bro. Francis Humberstone ; 
Cous. Wm. son of my bro. Wm. Humberstone ; Cousins Jas. & 
Wm. H. exors & Cous. Dan. Walton, AVm. Wethered & Edw. Potter 
overseers. James Humherntone. Wit' : — Tho. Greenhill, Wm. 
AVetherhead, Edw. Potter, Nath. Hewett, Humph. Satterthwaite 
scr, Wm. ]Jancks his servant. {Pr. 5 Feb. 1662-3 by Wm. 
Humberstone, reservation to the otlier exor). In the margin appears 
a receipt for the original icill, for the use of the exor., signed ' Geo. GaelV 
and dated -i .Jane 1663. 

IP.C.C. Ifieo. 143.] 
THOMAS HUIMBEE STONES of Alveley, co. Essex. {Bat. 5 Apr. 
1666). Money due from M'' Tho. Fenton of London, cit. & skinner, 
Tho. Browne & the r* hon'''*^' the Lady Dacres being duo for 3 years 
service ; The Hon''''' Eich. Barrett esq & M'' Barretts foure most 
hopefull children ; Bros. Edmund & Edward H. & sist. Anne ; Sist- 
in-law Eliz. Humberstones & her dau ; Neph' Geo. & John H ; 
Cous. Peter H. ; Cous. Wm. liright & his wife ; M-^ Adler & 
M'' Potkius & ?*['■' Higate ; M"^ Eich. Owen exor. Thomas Ilumher- 
stones. Wit' : — Anth. Aillard, Silvester Adams. {Pr. 26 Oct. 


IP.C.C. Eure 136.] 

JOHN HUMBEESTONE of Walton co. SufE. & now belonging unto 
his Majesties ship the Revenge under the command of S'' Edward 
Spragg Admirall. {Bat. 21 Nov. 1671). To Edward Pinch & Sarali 
Humberstone his wife aU my pay that is due which is about 15 
months time. John Mummerstonc . Wit* : — John Dalling, Joseph 
Hall. {Adm. 8 Nov. 1672 to Sarah Humberstone alias Finch wife 
of Edw. Finch & sist. of testator). 

[P. C. C. Foot 38.] 

JOANE HUMMERSTON of psh. of S* Margarets, Westminster, 
widow, being aged. {Dat. 21 July 1686). To be buried near the 
corps of my deceased husband Edward H. ; Sist. Margt. Taylor of 
psh. of S' Sa^dour's Southwark widow ; Susanna AVorsencroft of 
Westminster widow ; Mrs. Newton ; Mr. Eicliard Lapley ; Grand- 
son John Lapley son of s'^ Rich, exor ; Friends M>' Wm. Bounty 
& M'' Tho. Barrcll overseers. \_2Iarlc]. Wit^ : — John Cranfeild, 
Tho. Bragg serv* to Jno Thompson scr. {Pr. 11 Mch. 1686-7). 

IP.C.C. Vere 115.] 

PETER HUMBERSTON cit. & draper of Loudon. {Bat. 6 May 
1691 J. Messuage in Walthani Abbey adjoining to the Sunne Inne 
there, lately bought of Thos. Morrisbee of AVestminster ; Messuage 
called Nether AVeUs in Stevenedge co. Hertf. & lands thereto 
belonging ; To all & every my cosens or kinsfolks being not above 
twice removed from mee in blood ' 12f/. each; To Elianor wife of 
Richard Taylor 5/. To \hhnk'] AA'akeland late the wife of George 
Wakeland dec'^ 5/. ; Rich. Crew & Edw. Crew liis bro. exors ; Rich. 
Taylor of S' Margarets, AA^'est minster. Peter Humhcrstone. AVit^ : — 
Mary Richmond, AVill. Dowse, Geo. Greene, Fr. Gregory. {Pr. 
25 July 1691). 

\_A.A. 1572 to 1580. /. 111.] 

AVILLIAM HUMBERSTON of Dunwiche, co. Sufe. esq. Adm. 
21 Nov. 1576 to Robt. Ashefilde of Stowe Langtofte co. 
Sufi. esq. 

lA.A. 1572 to 1580. /. 115.] 

JjEONi^D HUMBERSTONE of Hackuey, co. Midd. Adm. 25 Jan. 
1576-7 to Beatrice Humberstone alias DanieU, the sister. 

\_A.A. 1592 to 1598. / 160.] 

CICILLN. HUMBERSTONE of AA^alterstone, in psh. of Piddle Towne, 
CO. Dorset. Adm. 18 Mch. 1595-6 to AVm. Humberstone of Grayes 
Inne, co. Midd. gent, the brother. 

lA.A. April 1005 to 1610. /. 63.] 

HENRY HUMBERSTON of Dagouham, co. Essex. Adm. 31 Jan. 
1606-7 to Margerio Humberstou, relict. 


[A. A. Aug. 1625 to 1627. /. 139.] 
LEON.\ED HUMBEESTON of Walkerne, co. Herts. Adm. 22 Meli. 
162C-7 to Giles Iluiuberston ' nepoti ex fratre.' Adm. de bonis 9 
July 1628 to Richard Halfehead, nephew of s^ Leonard (described 
as of Walkern Parke.) Another admon. de bonis 6 Feb. 1628-9 to 
Robert Humberston ' nepoti ex fratre,' the grant to Rich. Halfehead 
having been renounced. 

\_A.A. June 1636 to 1638. /. 226.] 
CHARLES HUMBERSTONE of Eastbergholt, co. Suff. junior. 
Adm. 9 Nov. 1638 to Thomas Goodall, a creditor. 

lA.A. 1647. /. 102.] 
HENRY HUMBERSTON of psh. of S' Glare's, Hart Street, London. 
Adm. 29 July 1647 to James Humberston & Garnons Humberston 
brothers of dec<i- 

lA.A. 1650. /. 75.] 
MARY HUMBERSTON of AVestham, co. Essex. Adm. 17 May 
1650 to Mary Pratt, widow, the dau. of dec<i- 

lA.A. 1651. /. 175.] 

JAMES HUMBERSTONE of psh. of Clement Danes, co. Midd. 

bachr. Adm. 26 Nov. 1651 to Wm. Johnson one of the creditors. 

lA.A. 1653 & 1654. H. /. 222.] 
MARGARET HUMBEESTON of Walesby, co. Line, widow. Adm. 
25 Nov. 1654 to Anne Johnson oiJy child. 

lA.A. 1657. /. 261.] 
GEORGE HUMBERSTON of Naseing, co. Essex. Advi. 23 Oct. 
1657 to EUz. Humberston, widow, the relict. 

\_A.A. 1660. /. 141.] 
MILES HUMIIERSTON of psh. of S' Andrews, Holborn, London. 
Adm. 24 Sep. 1660 to Mary Hummerston, relict. 

IA.A. 1673. /. 43.] 
FRANCES REEVE alias HUMBERSTONE of psh. of Stepney als. 
Stebonheath, co. Midd. Adm. 14 Apr. 1673 to Samuel Reeve the 

\_A.A. 1681. /. 147.] 
THOMAS HUMBERSTONE of Newiugton, co. Midd., bach'-- Adm. 
19 Nov. 1681 to Wm. Humberstone, the brother. 

[A.A. 1685. /. 135.] 
EDAVARD HI-^MMERSTON of the psh. of S* Margaret's West- 
minster, CO. Midd. Adm. 15 Oct. 1685 to Joan Hummerstou, 
widow, the relict. 

Til hf Continued. 




(00NTI>'UED FKOil PaGE 19). 

Grey, Ealpli 

Grubbe, Eustace, gent. (21 Car.) 

Grubbe, Geo. 

Grubbe, Henry 

Gulstou, John esq. (20 Car.) 

Gybbe, Jolm 

Gybbe, Wm. gent. (2 Car.) 

Hale, Eicli. 

Hale, AVm. 

Hale, Wm. (18 Car.) 

Halfhidde, Edw. 

Halsey, Wm. 

Halsey alias Chambers, Eobt. 

Halsey alias Chambers, Wm. 

Hammond, John (18 Car.) 

Hamond, Edw. 

Hamond, Edw. 

Hamond, Wm. 

Hamonde, Alexr. esq. 

Hampden, Jerome 

Hanchett, Wm. 

Harmer, Thos. 

Harmer, Thos. (7 Car.) 

Harper, John 

Harrison, Eobt. 

Hartwell, John, gent. (21 C;fr.) 

Harvey, Steph. knt. 

Harvey, Wm. (2 Car.) 

Harvye, Jolm 

Haukyns, John 

Hawese, Wm. 

Hawgood, John 

Heigham, Henry 

Hemyng, Eobt. 

HemjTige, >Sam. gent, (lo Car.) 

Hewett, Henry 

Heydon, Wm. 

Hickes, Eich. 

Hickes, Eice 

Hickes, Eioo 

Hickes, Eice ' melius ' 

Hickman, Geo. (11 Car.) 

13 Hen. VII. 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 18 
19 Eliz. pt. 1 

3 & 4 Ph. & M. pt. 2 
Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 2(3 

7 Jas. I. pt. 1 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 26 

19 Jas. I. pt. 1 

11 Car. I. pt. 2 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 16 
27 Eliz. 

14 Car. I. pt. 3 
17 Jas. I. pt. 1 
38 EHz. pt. 1 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 16 

22 Eliz. pt. 1 

16 Car. I. pt. 3 
2 Car. I. pt. 3 

2 Jas. I. pt. 2 
33 Hen. VIII. 

8 Hen. VIII. 

6 Car. I. pt. 2 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 25 

40 Eliz. pt. 1 

12 Car. I. pt. 3 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 26 
12 Car. I. pt. 3 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 26 

7 Jas. I. pt. 1 

4 Hen. VII. 
38 Hen. VIII. 

23 Eliz. pt. 2 
30 Eliz. pt. 1 

3 Car. I. pt. 2 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 31 

41 Eliz. pt. 2 
38 Hen. VIII. 

3 Jas. I. pt. 1 

17 Jas. I. pt. 2 

18 Jas. I. pt. 2 

19 Jas. I. pt. 1 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 22 




















Hickman, Henry 

Hickman, Henrv 

Hide, Nicli. 

Hide, Eoht. 

Hill, Gilbt. 

Hoo, Thos. esq. 

Horsey, Marie, of Dyggeswell 

Horsey, Jasper 

Horsey, Jasper 

Hurst, John 

Hurste, Eobt. 

Hutchinson, Eicli. lunatic 

Hyde, Wm. 

H)grave, Beuj. 
Ibgrave, John esq. 
H)grave, Thos. 
Ibgrave, "Wm. 

Jacobb, Jas. 

Jennis, Thos. 

Jennynges, John, knt. lunatic 

Jennynges, Ealph 

Jenyus alias Jenynges, John 

Johnson, Thos. 

Josselyn, John 

Kent, John 
Kent, John 
Kent, John 
Kent, Thos. 

Kentish, Eich. (11 Car.) 
Kentish, Thos. 
Kentish, Thos. (20 Car.) 
Kentish, Wm. (19 Car.) 
Kindesley, Wm. 
Kinge, Arthur 
Kinge, John 
Kirby, Eich. 
Knight, Wm. 
Knighton, Geo. knt. 
Knighton, John 
Knighton, John 
Knighton, John 
Knighton, Thos. 
linott, Edw. 
Knj'ght, John 
Kympton, Geo. 
KjTupton, Wm. 

Lane, Wm. 
Lane, Wm. 

Laurence, Alice lunatii; 
Lazenby, Eich. 
l^ee, Geo. 

36 Eliz. pt. 2 


20 Jas. I. pt. 1 


2 Car. I. pt. 3 


6 Jas. I. pt. 2 


43 Eliz. pt. 2 


2 Hen. VII. 


5 Edw. VI. pt. 1 


3 Car. I. pt. 2 


13 Car. I. pt. 1 


11 Car. Lpt. 1 


25 EHz. 




23 Eliz. pt. 1 


2 Jas. I. pt. 2 


5 Eliz. pt. 2 


1 Eliz. pt. 1 


2 & 3 Ph. & M. pt. 1 




37 Eliz. pt. 2 


5 Jas. I. pt. 2 


27 Eliz. 


8 Jas. I. pt. 2 


19 EHz. pt. 1 


17 Hen. VHI. 


34 Eliz. pt. 2 


16 Jas. I. lit. 2 


4 Car. I. pt. 4 


11 Car. Lpt. 2 


Eliz, Jas. Car. pt. 22 


4 Car. I. pt. 4 


Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 30 


Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 32 


15 Jas. I. pt. 2 


6 Car. I. v.o. 


16 Car. I. pt. 3 


7 Jas. I. pt. 1 


20 Car. I. 


12 Jas. I. pt. 1 


28 Eliz. pt. 2 


41 Eliz. pt. 2 


11 Car. I. pt. 2 


36 Hen. VIII. 


16 Jas. I. pt. 2 


9 Car. I. pt. 2 


7 Jas. I. pt. 1 


26 Eliz. 


10 Eliz. 


12 Car. I. pt. 3 


3 Jas. I. pt. I 


7 Car. I. v.o. 


40 Eliz. pt. 1 





Lee, Eich. knt. 
Leigh, Thos. 
Leventliorpe, Agnes 
Leventhoq)e, Edw. 
Leventhorpe, Edw. 
Leventhorj^e, John 
Leventhorpe, John, proof of age 
Leventhorpe, John knt. & bart. 
Leventhorpe, Tlios. 
Leventhorpe, Thos. 
Leventhorpe, Thos. 
Leventhorpe, Thos. 
Leventhoi-pe, Thos. bart. 
Litton, Rowland 
Litton, Roland 
Louth, Eobt. 
Lovell, Eras, late viscount ' de 

petitione recti ' 
Lovell, Henry, lord Morley 
Lovell, Joan 
Lucie, Edm. knt. 
Lucy, Edm. knt. 
Lytton, Eobt. knt. 
Lytton, "VVm. 

Mannyngham, John 

Marsh, John (11 Car.) 

Marshe, Andrew 

Marshe, John 

Marston, Eras. 

Marston, Geo. 

Marston, Joseph 

Marston, Wm. 

Maynard, Henry 

Maynarde, John 

Maynerde, John 

Mayne, Henry gent. 

Mayne, Jas. 

Mayne, Jas. esq. 

Mayne, John (21 Car.) 

Melkisham, John 

Melton, Geo. gent. (15 Jas.) 

Meperteshale, John (vide Leventhorpe) 

Mercers of London 'ad quod dampuum ' 5 

Mershe, Agnes 

Michell, John 

Michell, Thos. 

Mildmay, Walter knt. 

Milward, Wm. 

Milward, Wm. 

Milward alias Alexander, Wm. 

Moore, Tho. esq. 

Moreton, Agnes 

Morgan, David Gwilliu 

Morgan, Marg. Gwillin 

22 Eliz. pt. 1 


5 & 6 Ph. & M. pt. 2 


9 Hen. VIII. 


6 Edw. YI. pt. 1 


9 Eliz. 


4 Hen. VIII. 


9 Hen. VIII. 


8 Car. I. pt. 3 


Eic. III. & Hen. VII. v.o 




19 Hen. VIII. 


Hen. VIII. V 0. 1st bund. 


12 Car. I. pt. 3 


24 Eliz. pt. 2 


14 Jas. I. lit. 3 


2 Hen. VII. 


8 Hen. VII. 


5 Hen. VII. 




8 Car. I. pt. 2 


13 Car. I. pt. 1 


6 Edw. VI. pt. 1 


10 Hen. VIII. 


21 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 22 


4 Car. I. pt. 4 


8 Jas. I. pt. 2 


23 Eliz. pt. 1 


11 Car. I. v.o. 


14 Car. I. pt. 3 


1 Jas. I. pt. 1 


9 Jas. I. pt. 1 


3 & 4 Ph. & M. pt. 1 


Eliz. v.o. 1st bund. 


4 Jas. I. pt. 2 


1 Car. I. pt. 2 


20 Car. I. 


Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 32 


3 Hen. Vn. 


Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 2 


) Hon. VIII. v.o. pt. bund. 


5 Hen. VIII. 


22 Hen. VIII. 


38 Eliz. pt. 1 


10 Jas. I. pt. 1 


5 Jas. I. pt. 1 


37 Hen. VIII. 


38 Hen. A'lII. 


7 Eliz. 


5 Jas. I. pt. 2 


9 Hon. VIII. 


Iti Hon. VIII 


4 Hen. VIII. 




Morrison, Chas. knt. & bart. 

9 Car. I. pt. 1 


Morrison, Eich. knt. 

1 EHz. pt. 1 


Morryson, Chas. knt. 

41 Eliz. pt. 1 


Moseley, John 

20 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Mountford, Tho. 

9 Car. I. pt. 1 


Mussott, AVm. 

7 Jas. I. i)t. 1 


Nashe, Wm. 

2 Eliz. pt. 1 


Nedphani, Jas. 

36 Hen. "VT:II. 


Nedhani, Geo. 

2 Car. I. pt. 3 


Nedham, John 

34 Eliz. pt. 1 


Nele, Geo. (9 Jas.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. 




Nevill, Geo. son & heir of Isabelle 

who was tlie wife of Wm. Norris 

& late wife of John Nevill late 

Marquis Montague 

2 Hen. YII. 


Newce, Clement 

22 Eliz. pt. 1 


Newce, Thos. 

2 Car. I. pt. 3 


Newce, "Wni. 

10 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Newport, Edw: 

3 Car. I. pt. 2 


Newport, George 

Eich. III. & Hen. 

YII. v.c 

). 61 

Newjiort, John 

16 Hen. YIII. 


Newport, John 

1 Mary 


Newport, Robt. 

1 1 Henry VIII. 


Newport, Eobt. 

25 Eliz. 


Nicholls, John 

35 Eliz. pt. 1 


NicIioUs, Wm. senr. (20 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. 




Nodes, Gto. esq. (20 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car, 




Nobbes, Steph. 

38 Eliz. pt. 1 


Noble, Thos. clerk (7 Car.) 

EHz. Jas. Car, 

, pt. 



Nodes, Chas. 

35 Eliz. pt. 2 


Nodes, Geo. 

6 Eliz. 


Nodes, Geo. esq. (20 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car 




Noreis, Isaboll, who was the 


of \Vm. Noreis knt. and 


wife of Jolm Ne\'il, Mai 



2 Hen. VII. 


Norfolk, Thos. duke of 

14 Eliz. 


Norres, John 

14 Hen. YIII. 


North, Edw. 

5 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Northampton. See BourcJur. 

Ogard, Andrew 

18 Hen. YIII. 


Oxford, Joliu, earl of 

5 Hen. YIII. 


Page, Eich. knt. 

4 & 5 Ph. & M. 




Paker, John gent. 

4 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Palmer alins Pigotte, Alargt. 

23 Eliz. pt. 1 


Palmer, Thos. 

6 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Partridge, John 

27 Eliz. 


Patmere, Tlonrv 

Hen. YIII. V. 

0. Ist bund. 


PauU^tt, Lady Eliz. 

36 Kliz. pt. 1 


l\iver, Jas. 

21 Eliz. pt. 2 


Payne, Thos. 

26 Eliz. 


Peacock, Wm. 

22 Jas. I. pt. 1 




Pemberton, John esq. (21 Oar.) 

Pemberton, Mario 

Pembei-tou, Ealph gent. (21 Car.) 

Pemberton, Roger 

Pen, John 

Pen, Thos. gent. 

Penne, Palpli esq. 

Penne, Eobt. 

Peryent, Thos. 

Peryent, Thos. 

Pett, Henry (10 Car.) 

Phillqjps, Jolm 

Philpott, — lunatic 

Philpott, John kut. 

Pigotte, John 

Pigotte. See Palmer. 

Pindar, Paul esq. (21 Car.) 

Plomer, Wm. 

Pope Blunt. See Blunt. 

Poulton, Fras. esq. (18 Car.) 

Powtrell, John idiot 

Pranell, Heury 

Prannell, Henry 

Pratt, Augustine 

Pratt, Simon 

Pratt, Thos. 

Preistley, Wm. 

Preston, Wm. 

Preston, Wm. gent. (20 Car.) 

Puckeringc, John 

Pulteney, Fras. 

Pulteney, Michael esq. 

Pulteney, Thos. 

Pulter, Edw. 

Pulter, John 

Pulter, Litton 

Pultney, John knt. 

Pultney, Thos. knt. 

Purevey, John 

Purevey, Wm. 

Purevey, Wm. 

Pygott, Thos. 

Pylkington, Thos. ' attainted ' 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 26 64 

8 Jas. I. pt. 2 101 
Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 26 76 

6 Car. I. pt. 3 .50 

& 6 Ph. & M. pt. 2 87 

1 Jas. I. pt. 1 21 

2 Hen. VII. 16 
35 EHz. pt. 2 97 

33 Hen. VIII. 61 

37 Hen. VIII. pt. 2 89 
Eliz. Jas. Car. 2)t. 22 84 
Ehz. Jas. Car. pt. 1 6 

34 Hen. VIII. 84 

19 Hen. VII. 44 

20 Eliz. pt. 1 115 

Eliz. Jas. Car. ])i. 26 23 

3 Car. I. pt. 2 84 

EUz. Jas. Car. pt. 16 72 

Eic. Ill . & Hen. VII. v.o. 38 

12 Jas. I. pt. 1 168 

32 Eliz. 64 

18 Jas. I. pt. 2 123 
Hen. VIII. v.o. 2ud bund. 276 

9 Car. I. pt. 1 49 

19 Jas. I. pt. 1 34 

33 EUz. pt. 1 99 
EHz. Jas. Car. pt. 26 27 

38 Eliz. pt. 1 125 

2 Edw. VI. pt. 1 98 
9 Eliz. 128 

22 Hen. VII. 113 

5 Car. I. pt. 2 94 

3 Hen. VII. 74 

6 Jas. I. pt. 2 111 

15 Jas. I. pt. 1 189 
32 Hen. VIII. 87 
25 Eliz. 71 

16 Jas. I. pt. 1 165 
18 Jas. I. pt. 2 45 

8 Jas. I. pt. 2 153 
Eic. III. & Hen. VII. v.o. 98 

Eadcliffe, Ealph esq. (20 Jas.) 

Eamrige, — lunatic 

Eamsey, Thos. 

Eeade, Innocent 

Eeade, Eich. knt. 

Eedinge, Thos. 

Ecdwood, John 

Eielimond, Marti't. oouutoss of 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 13 
35 Hen. Vin. 

3 Eliz. 

39 Eliz; pt. 2 

19 Eliz. pt. 1 

2 Eliz. pt. 2 

16 Eliz. pt. 2 

Hen. VIII. v.o. 3rd bund. 

Eielimond & iSomorsot, Henry duke of Heu. VIII. v.o. ."Jrd bund. 
Eoberts, Thos. ' 28 Heu. VIII. 

Ei)botham, Margt. 14 Jas. I. pt. 3 












Rogers, Thos. 

4 Hen. VII. 


Eolfe, Jas. 

7 Car. I. pt. 2 


Rolfe, Wm. idiot 

12 Car. I. pt. 3 


Eowce, Thos. 

5 Eliz. pt. 2 


Eowlett, Ealph 

35 Hen. VIII. 


Eowlette, Ealph 

27 Ehz. 


Eudd, Thos. 

11 Jas. I. v.o. 


Eudd, Thos. 

13 Car. I. v.o. 


Eushley, Henry idioi 

22 Eliz. pt. 1 


Eyvers, Anth. earl 

1 Hen. VII. 


Sadler, Lee 

35 Eliz. pt. 2 


Sadler, Ealph knt. 

29 Eliz. 


Sadler, Thos. 

5 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Sadlier, Eich. 

1 Car. I. pt. 2 


St. Albaus Abbey, ' ad 

quoddampnum' 7 Hen. YIII. 


Sanbache, Joau, wid 

4 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Sankey, Edw. 

6 Edw. VI. pt. 1 


Sanson, John 

29 Eliz. 


Saunders, John 

11 Jas. I. pt. 3 


Sawyer, John 

17 Hen. VIII. 


Say, Wm. knt. 

22 Hen. Vni. 


Scrogges, John 

39 Eliz. pt. 2 


Serogges, John 

14 Jas. I. pt. 3 


Scroggs, Thos. 

30 Hen. VIII. 


Serope, John, de Bolton, knt. 

14 Hen. VII. 


Scudamore, Clement, 


1 1 Car. I. pt. 3 


Seyntmont, Eliz. whc 

) was 

the wife 

of Eoger Tocotes 

6 Hen. VII. 


Shamebrooke, Wm. 

5 Eliz. pt. 1 


Shelley, John, eit. & mercer of London 2 Hen. VII. 


Shelley, John 

19 Hen. VIIL 


Shelley, Thos. 

15 Hen. VII. 


Sheldon, Eich. 

10 Hen. Vn. 


Sheldon, Eich. 

14 Hen. VIII. 


Sheppard, Thos. 

4 Car. I. pt. 4 


Sibley, John 

29 Eliz. 


Skegges, Edw. 

21 Eliz. pt. 2 


Skelton, Eobt. (8 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 21 


Skynner, Augustine 

15 Car. I. pt. 3 


Sleape, Philip 

36 Eliz. pt. 2 


Sleapo, Eich. 

10 Jas. I. v.o. pt. 2 


Smartfote, Thos. 

44 Eliz. pt. 2 


Smithe, Anthony 

43 Eliz. pt. 2 


Smithe, Isabell 

39 Eliz. pt. 2 


Smyth, Anth. gent. 

12 C 


Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 24 


Smyth, Edw. 

8 Jas, I. pt. 2 


Somerset, Alianore, 

duchess of, 

■wife of Thos. 




2 Hen. VII. 


Sowthend, John 

11 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Spencer, John 

13 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Sponcor John, bart. 

10 Car. I. pt. 3 


Spencer, Eich. knt. 

1 Car. I. pt. 1 


Spencer, Eobt. 

7 Car. 1. pt. 3 



Spencer, Wm. 

Spicer alias Helder, Rich. 

Spurlinge, John 

Stafford, Humjih. oarl of Devon 

Stafford, HumjA. lent. 

Stafford, Kath. late wife of Humph. 

Stanford, Joan, lato wife of John 

Stanford, Jolm 

Stanford, John (vide Leventhorpe) 

Stanley, Eliz. late wife of Wm. 

Stanley, knt. 
Stanley Jas. 
Stepneth, Ralph 
Stepneth, Ralph 
Stepney, John 
Steward, John esq. 
Stubbing, Mark clerk (14 Oar.) 
Sturges, Thos. 
Sturman, John 
Sturinan, John 
Stuttesbury, John (20 Jas.) 
Sulihart, Edw. 
Sulyard, Eustace 
Sulyard, Wm. knt. 

Tavener, Peter gent. 
Tayleor, Henrv 
Tayler, Edw. * 
Taylor, Thos. 
Taylor, Wm. 
Tebbes, Ricli. 
Thorougood, Thos. 
Thorowgood, John 
Thur>ood, Tho. 
Tocotes, Roger knt. 
Tooke, John esq. 
Tooke, Ralph esq. 
Tooke, Thos. 
Tooke, Walter 
Tooke, Walter 
Tooke, Wm. amlitor 
Tooke, Wm. 
Tumor, John 
Turnor, Rich. 

Yaughan, Henry 
Yaughau, Tho. 
Yaughan, Tho. 
Yaus. Nich. lord 
Yonables, Tlio. attainted 
Yernoy, John knt. 
Yerney, Ralph 
Yerney, Ralph 

15 Car. I. pt. 4 


9 Jas. 1. i)t. 1 


2 Jas. I. pt. 2 


5 Hen. YII. 


18 Eliz. pt. 1 


2 Hen. YII. 


5 Hen. YII. 


9 Hen. YII. 


Hen. YIII. v.o. 1st ])und 


14 Hen. YII. 


12 Jas. I. pt. 1 


3 Edw. A'l. 


8 Eliz. 


21 Hen. YIH. 


12 Car. I. pt. 3 


Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 27 


2 Jas. I. pt. 2 


3 & 4 Jas. I. v.o. 


6 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. o 


8 Hen. YIII. 


2 Edw. YI. pt. 1 


33 Hen. YIII. 


Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 2 


23 Eliz. 


14 Eliz. 


2 Jas. I. i)t. 2 


16 Jas. I. pt. 1 


18 Eliz. pt. 1 


5 Eliz. pt. 1 


12 Eliz. 


16 Car. I. pt. 3 


8 Hen. YII. 


10 Car. I. pt. 3 


12 Car. I. pt. 3 


21 Jas. I. pt. 2 


8 Jas. I. pt. 2 


18 Car. I. pt. 1 


38 Miz. pt. 1 


16 Jas. I. pt. 1 


44 Eliz. pt. 1 


3 & 4 Jas. I. v.o. 


17 Jas. I. pt. 3 


2 v<: 3 Ph. & M. pt. 1 


40 Eliz. pt. 2 


16 Hen. YIII. 


27 Eli/. 


21 Hon. YU. 


nilon. YUI. 


38 Hen. YIII. 



Waferer, Ai-deu 

16 Jas. I. pt. 1 

44 & 71 

Walter, Jeremy gent. (11 Jas.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 2 


Walweu, Thos. 

23 Eliz. pt. 1 


Warreu & Surrey, Edw. earl of 

5 Hen. VIII. 


Warren, Geo. 

32 Hen. VIII. 


Warren, John 

13 Car. I. pt. 1 


Warreu, Lawr. 

3 & 4 Ph. & M. pt. 2 


Warren, Simon 

11 Car. I. pt. 2 


Warren, Wm. 

15 Eliz. 


Warren, Wm. 

31 EHz. pt. 1 


Warren, AVm. 

2 Car. I. pt. 2 


Warrenn, John 

18 Car. I. pt. 1 

5 & 11 

Warrenn, John 

19 Car. I. 


Warwick, Anne countess of 

2 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Waterman, Eliz. widow (7 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 22 


Watson, Edw. 

22 Hen. VIII. 


Wattes, John alderman of London 

14 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Wattie, Henry 

1 & 2 Jas. I. v.o. 


Wattye, Henrj- (11 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 22 


Webbe, Wm. knt. 

41 Eliz. pt. 1 


Weld, Humjih. knt. 

9 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Weld, John knt. 

21 Jas. I. pt. 2 


Welsh, John (4 Car.) 

Eliz. Jas. Car. pt. 24 


Wethered, John 

15 Car. I. pt. 4 


Wight, Thos. 

7 Jas. I. pt. 1 


Wilcocks, Eich. 

6 Eliz. 


Wilkinson, Gilb. 

Eliz. v.o. 2nd bund. 


AVillesborue, Anne who was tlie 

wife of Giles W. esq. 

10 Hen. VII. 


Willett, Andrew 

22 Jas. I. pt. 2 


WiUoughby, Robt. lord de Broke 

16 Hen. VIII. 


WilUs, Eich. 

1 Car. I. pt. 1 


Willshere, John 

12 Car. I. v.o. 


WiUson, Edw. 

24 Eliz. pt. 2 


Wilshire, Tho. 

12 Eliz. 


Wilson, Edw. 

5 Eliz. pt. 1 


Wilson, Edw. 

15 Car. I. pt. 3 


Wilson, Ealph , 

13 Car. I. pt. I 


Wiltshire, Thos. (20 Jas.) 

Ehz. Jas. Car. pt. 5 


WoUey, Eobt. 

45 EUz. 


Wolley, Tho. 

7 Jas. I. pt. 1 


W^oodhall, Edw. 

15 Car. I. pt. 3 


Woodhffe, AYm. 

2 Edw. VI. pt. 1 


Wroth, Eobt. 

18 Hen. VII. 


Wrothe, Wm. 

37 Eliz. pt. 2 


WydeviU, Eich. attainted 

Eic. III. & Hen. VII 

v.o. 9 

Wyndout, Barth. 

13 Hen. VIII. 


Yonge, Eich. 

36 Eliz. pt. 2 


i a i ,ff ' i '| .* ' M li ' wV: ' f'm " -!" " * > "^'^ 


^bsirocta of pIlUe* 


EEGISTER "SPEEIN." (Contixued from Page 12). 

f. 13G. RICHARD PHILLIPS of Mucli Haddham. {Dat. 5 Sep. 
^ 1595). Sons Thos, John, Wm. (under 24), Tobias & Piicliard 

(under 21); Dtius. Katli. Barsfoote, Eli/. Eest ; Sist. Margt. 

Porter ; Wife Agues extrix & bro. Tlio. Phillips supervisor. 

TFif :— Tho. Pliillips & Allen Howe. {Pr. 31 Mch. 1596). 
f. H7. THOMAS REEVE of Hoddesdon, butcher. {Dat. 24 Nov. 

1594). Wife Johane extrix ; Three cottages in Hoddesdon 

bought of Wm. Eusheley ; Joane Reeve my bro. Roberts 

dau ; Thos, Nich. & Chrisf Reeve my brothers sons ; Rich. 

Browne my sist. Joane Brownes son ; Eriends Robt. Michael! 

& Robt. Guthre overseers. TT^ii" : — The two overseers. [Fr. 

15 Dec. 1596). 
f. 150. WILLIAM LOWIN of Tunforde in psh. of Chesthunte, 

yeoman. {Baf. 31 Oct. 1595). Houses & lands in Tunford ; 

Wife Margery ; Son Thos. exor. Signum WilVmi Loiven. 

Wit" : — Signum Johanuis Lowin, Edw. Colt, hujus scrijitoris. 

{Pr. 14 [*/«»/•] 1597). 
f. 156. RICHARD HILL of Wormelye, husbandman. {J)rif. 7 Mch. 

1597). Son Edw ; Aloney owing at Barkhamstead 6!: Bayford ; 

M}' wifes four girls. JJlf'' : — Polidore Wardroppe, AVm. 

Sarluge. {Pr. 28 June 1598). 
f. 157. THOMAS AVILLIATT parson of the parishe churche of 

Barle}'. {Dat. 13 Apr. 40 Eliz). Bur. in cliurchyard of 

Barley ; Wife ilargt. extrix. Per me Thoma Wylliatt. Wit^ : — 

Henry Scott, Signu Johannis Kinge de Foulsnure, Jane Stape. 

{Pr. 1 July 1598). 
f. 159* JOHN SKYNNER of the psh. of S' Albones in S' Albans. 

{Bat. 8 Aug. 1598). Dau. Alice now wife of Walter Cutherd ; 

Tsabell Cuttberlt dau. of s'l Alice ; Dau. Eliz. wife of Richard 

Winstanley ; House called the Well house abutting upon the 

Lether markett in Sainct Albons ; Wife Joane ; Dau. Dorothy 

wife of Wm. Hill of London gent ; Dau. Margery wife of 

M'' Cannon Rawlin ; Sons in law M'' Conon Rawlin & Rich. 

Winstanley exors. Sit/HU Johannis S/ci/nner. Wit" : — Roger 

Williams minister of Sainct Alb., Wm. Anterl)us, \\^n\. 

Spencer. {Pr. 15 Sep. 1598). 
f. IGO. JOHN STANNOPE als. SANNATT of Rugg ah. Ridge, 

laborer. {Dat. 12 June 1598). Son Edw ; Wife Joane extrix. 

John Beamon jun. overseer. John Stannatt. Wit" : — John 

Browne writer hereof, John Beaman, John Bowman. {Pr. 26 

Seji. 1598). 

• Also registered at f. 213 whers the date of probate is given as 25 Sep. 1508. 


f. 163. JOHN PORTER of S' Albans. {Dat. 24 Nov. 1598). Two 
houses in S' Peters Street tlie one occupied hy Synionds & the 
other by the CoUerniaker ; John Nasho & Wm. Nashe (both 
minors)' ; Michaell Nashe ; Gyles Nashe ; Anno Saunders 
(minor) ; Trustram Nashe exor ; Roger Nicholls of Willin and 
John Saunders of S* Albans overseers. {Mark). JFiP : — 
Thomas Porter clarke, Roger NicholLs. (Pr. 18 Jan. 1598-9). 

f. 164. ANNE xiDDAM widow, late wife of Robert Adam of Brawg- 
hinge, yeoman, deC^- {Dat. 14 Feb. 1595). Son Henry 
Johnson ; Dans. Alice Johnson, Eliz. Orger, Katli. Colt & 
Marryon Hamond ; My sons & (laughters child" ; Cous. Robt. 
Kinge of Aldbury & Joane Kinge of Dunraowe ; Edw. son of 
Wm. Maior of ' Aldbury & Tho. son of Henry Orger of 
Brawghinge (both under 10) ; Anne Barrett dau. of Joane 
Barrett & Ursula Barrett his sister ; Dau. Jenings ; Joane 
Orger ; Son Tho. Jenings fishmonger of London e.xor ; Sons in 
law Jas. Orger thelder & (xeo. Hamond overseers. Ifit' : — 
Henry Orger, Ricli. Burton. {Fr. 23 Jan. 1598-9). 

f. 165. NICHOLAS HAWGOOD of Woddend in psh. of Redburne, 
yeoman. {Daf. 13 Sep.' 1593). Sister Amye wife of Tho. 
Wilson ; Kinsman John Hawgood ; Son Tho. & son-in-law 
Henry Strayte exors ; Kinsman Nich. Marty n overseer. TFit^ : — 
Tho. Carpenter, Tho. Younge, Nich. Martin. {Fr. 19 Dec. 

f. 170. HENRY BUMSTEDD of Wormeley, basket maker. {Dat. 14 
Aug. 1598). Son Wm. ; Dau. Alice ; Dau. Joane ; My sister 
Bumstedd ; AYife Kath. extrix. /rV^ -.—Cesar Walpoole, John 
Johnson, AVm. Turner, Wm. Parratt & Geo. Clarke. {Fr. 9 
Dec. 1598). 

f. 173. WILLLVM HARYEY of S' Albans, butcher. {Daf. 27 Sep. 
1598). Bur. at S' Peters ; Lands in Ware & Amwell ; Houses 
& lands in S' .-Ubans ; Son Wm. ; Daus. Alice & Margt. ; Son 
Rich. ; AVife Joane ; Son John ; Son AYm. exor. {Mark). 
WiP : — Richard Denton, Wm. Everett, John Browne, Tlio. 
Harvey & Tho. Wells scr. {Fr. 4 Dec. 1598). 

f. 190. GEORGE HARDINGE of S' Albans, shoemaker. {Dat. 1 
Nov. 1598). Bur. at S^ Andrews in S' Albans ; AVife Joane ; 
Child" Agnes, Geo. & Marie ; Tho. AA^ebster of S' Albans 
tanner ; Bro-in-law John Trulock of Staple Inn, London, gent. 
exor. WiP :— J. Trulocke, A\'m. Pratt, Eliz. Browne. {Fr. 12 
Oct. 1598). 

f. 191. RAPHE DAYE of Puckeridge in psh. of Brawghinge, yeoman. 
{Dat. 29 Aug. 1598). Freehokl messuage in Brawghinge 
streete, land called Swaines ; Nepli. Francis son of my bro. 
AV'm. Day & Ids bro^ Raphe Daie, Rich, l^ AYm. Dale ; Tiie 
child" of 'mysist. Eliz. Bull ; Sist. Alercye Stronge ; Sist. EUyn 
Atridge lier children ; Child" of my bro-iu-law Tliomas Barfoot 
' w'='> he had by liis sister my late wief ' ; Cous. Margt. wife 
of Paule ParnVll ; Andrew Benton & bro. AYm. Daie exors ; 
S'l Paulo Parnell & friend AVm. Hutton overseers. Bi/ me 
Raphe Daie. U'it' : — Tlio. Mauj-nge, Tlio. Course & Rich. 
BoHe. {Fr. 12 Oct. 1598). 


f. 193. ALICE WAYNEMAN of Eickinans^vorthe, widow. {Dat. 14 
May 1591). Venus Eushlpy ; Aime Eobson my son's child ; 
Eliz. &. "\Vm. Eobson otlier children of s'l son ; John, Greorge, 
Marie & Anne Kusheley ; .Inlm Eusheley the elder ; Marie 
Eusheley the younger ; ISou J(jnas Eobson exor ; Bro. Charles 
Spencer overseer. {Mark). IHt" : — John CornewaU & Nich. 
Bedworthe scr. {Admon. with will annexed 5 Mch. 1.598-9 to 
Anne Euiyn ah Eobson wife of Wm. Emyn & relict & 
administratrix of the goods of .Jonas Eobson dec<^) 

f. 194. EOBEET KIFFOED of Barley. {Dat. 21 Aug. 1598).^ Wife 
Eliz. ; Son Thos. exor. Wit^ : — Eobt. Fordham, John Kefford, 
Dan. Smithe. {Admon. with will annexed 13 Apr. 1599 to Eliz. 
relict, the exor. having renounced). 

f. 197. WHjLIAM PAEEATT of Wormeley, lishennau. {Dat. 14 
Nov. 1599). "Wife and cliildren ; Bro. John Parratt exor. 
{Admon with will annexed 13 Sep. 1599 to Margt. relict, the 
exor. having renounced). 

f. 205. KATHEEYN STOCXE of Phesthaut, widow. {Dat. 10 Aug. 
1598). My maid Marie Eoyue exor ; Neighbour John Chare 
senior overseer. Wit^ : — John Eowe, Xpofer Hardiuge. {Fr. 
16 May 1599). 

f. 210. THOMAS BIGGE of psh. of S' Peter near S' Albans. {Xunc. 
will dat. 29 Nov. 1598). Wife Agues extrix ; Dau. Agues. 
Wits :_Johu Sleap, Eich. Lewes & Phillipp Sleap. {Pr. 24 
Jan. 1598). 

f. 212. JOHN LEO^^^.^^r of Wormeley. {Bat. 18 July 1599). Son 
John ; Wife Eliz. : Sou Tristram ; Daus. Joan, Ehz. & Kath. 
Wife extrix ; Joliu CoUopp ; Bro. Tho. Lcowyn of Broxborne 
& Wm. Clarke of Nasinge, co. Essex yeoman, overseers. 
{Mark). Wif^ : — Nich Turner, Wm. Turner, Eobt. Sawyer. 
{Pr. 26 Sep. IGOO). 

f. 215. THOMAS EWEE of Lewsden in psh. of Abbots Langiey, 
yeoman. {Dat. H Sep. 1601). Bur. at Langiey ; Son John ; 
Daus. Jane & Bridgett ; Dau. Anne Hogg ; John Lewes vicar 
of Langiey ; Sons Nich. & Eoger ; AVife Alice extrix. fFit^ : — 
John Lewes clarke, Wm. Ewer. {Pr. 23 Oct. 1601). 

f. 215. THOMAS SHEPP^IED of Eedbourne, husbandman. {Dat. 
14 Sep. 1601 \ A\ ifc Joaue ; Sou in law Eobert Judd ; Sou 
Wm. Shoppard exor. IFit' :— Edw. Mills & Nich. Marten. 
{Pr. 11 Nov. 1601). 

f. 216. NICHOLAS GODFEEY of Colliers end in psh. of Standou. 
{Dat. 12 Sep. IGOl). AVife Ellyn : Sou Thomas ; Son John ; 
Dau. Marie Godfrey (under 26) ; Dau. Anue Godfrey ; Mother 
Margt. Graie ; Francis Challis my man ; Eliz. my nuiid ; Poor 
people of Colliers end i.e. Wm. Allen, John Butler, Jolui 
Knight, AVidow Beckett, John Skj-ngell & Edw. Suiithe ; 
Father Lucas of High Crosse ; AVife extrix ; Neighbour John 
Greene overseer. 7/';V' ; — Tho. Gamble scr., John Gyles, Jolui 
Greene. {Pr. 13 Nov. 1601). 

f. 221. JOHN HUSTE of AVormeley, husbandman. {Dat. 9 May 
1601). Geo. Nashe, Tho. Niishe & Cisley Nushe my wife's 
child" ; AVife Eliz. extrix. Wii^ : — Edw. Giluer, AVm. Nashe. 
{Pr. 16 Jimc 1601). 



f. 225. THOMAS ABRAHAM of psh. of S' Stephens, near S' Albans, 
husbandman. {Dat. 2 Jan. 1599). Bur. at S' Stephens ; 
Margt. -wife of Rich. Collins of S' Stephens & John Basford 
her cousin ; Robt. Tayler ; Thos. son of M"^ Thos. Wollie of 
S' Albans ; Mary Crosbye ; Mary & Martha Lightfoote ; John 
Crosbie ; Agnes Bonner extrix ; Friend M"" John Crossebie 
overseer. WiP : — Per me Richardum Lightfoote scriptorem et 
ecclcsie sancti Stephani vicarium, John Ci-osbee. (Pr. 15 Sep. 

f. 232. THOMAS LETV^YN of Broxborne, ' servaunt to the Queenes 
maiestie, being three score and seaven yeares of age and 
vpwards.' {Dat. 12 Aug. 1601). Son AVm. ; Daus. Eliz., 
Agnes & Ledia Lewj'n ; AVife Alice extrix ; Sons in law John 
Kirby & Thomas Lawrance overseers ; Felex Palmer my dau. 
Kirbyes sonne ; John Busbie my dau. Phillipps son. By me 
Thomas Lewin. WiP : — Tho. Lawrence, John Kirbye, Nich. 
Tui'ner, Henry Archer. (Pr. 16 Sep. 1601). 

f. 239. JOHN MAULDEN of Broxborne, yeoman. {Dat. 21 Oct. 
1601). Wife Mary ; Cottage called Cresses in Tymford Hamlett 
in psh. of Chesthunt in occupation of Nich. Smithe ; Dau. 
Mary Maiden ; Constance & HeUen Buttler ; Son-in-law John 
Clarke ; Son-in-law John Greene ; Eliz. Smith dau. of Wm. 
Snuthe ; Son-in-law AVm. Smithe ; Wife extrix ; Sons in law 
John Greene & Wm. Smithe overseers. JFit^ : — Wm. Arther 
& Robt. Guthree. {Fr. 24 Mch. 1601). 

f. 251. LETTICE MILLS of AYidforJ, singlewoman. {Dat. 22 Oct. 
1601). Kinsman Oliver Mills of Widford ; Cons. Agnes now 
wife of Nich. Rea ; Child^^ of s"! OKver Mills, Agues Rea, 
& Thos. Mills the younger, John Mills of Widford ; Goddau. 
Mathy Smithe ; Oliver Mills & Nich. Rea exors. JllP : — John 
Payton, parson of Widford, Parkers wife of Widford, \_blank^ 
Grave. (Pr. 10 Nov. 1601). 

f. 253. JOHN ADAMS of Bushey, yeoman, 'being aged.' {Dat. 28 
May 1600). Wife Joane ; Son John ; Dau. Anne Addams ; 
Son. Tho. Adams exor ; Friend John Huddell of Bushey & 
Tho. Fotherley overseers ; kinsman Wm. Barrett. IFit^ : — 
Tho. Fotlierloy the writer hereof, John HuddeU & AYm. Barrett. 
{Fr. 14 Nov. 1601). 

f. 256* ELIZABETH ROBOTHAM dau. of John Robotham of the 
town of S' Albon, gent. {Dat. 22 July 1598). My uncles Wm. 
Levison of London merchant & Robt. Benbridge of Calke co. 
"Darby esq'' exors ; Jas. Rolfe, Wm. RoKe & Wm. Rockett ; 
John Ketclier late of London alderman & now of same city 
esq'' ; Tho. Hickman cit. & haberdasher of London. £Uzahcih 
Robotham. Wit^ : — Jcfferv Bower servaunt to Jolin Mayle scr, 
Tho. Foxcrofte, Phillipp Younge. {Fr. 19 Apr. 1602). 

f. 258. WILLL\M ROLFE tho elder of the psh. of S' Albans, co. 
Herts, gent. {Dat. 8 Aug. 1601). Wife Dorothy; House 
where Cooper tho fuller dwells ; I)au. Anno ; Lands occupied 
by Robt. EUis ; Three closes bought of Dewbery ; Son Braie 
Rolfe ; Son. Jas. ; Farm called Duncrafto ; Son John ; Five 
closes called Westfeilds etc ; Dau. Anno Jopson ; Wm. & 

* Registered again at f. 276. 




Michael sons of Wm. my late son ; Closes called Oyster hills ; 
House in Market Place ; ' The house w^^^ Smithe the baker 
dwelleth in in Spicers streete and the howse where Benton 
dwelleth excepte tlie parlor and my close att the Townesend by a 
lane leadinge downe towards Luton lyinge in Bowgate ' ; Land 
in Catheryn lane ; Dau. Grace ; Close called Longe acre ; Houses 
where John Campion & Peter Coulter dwell ; Dau. Anne to be 
cared for by my wife ' because she hath noe helpe of her 
husband ' ; Wife extrix. TFit' :— Wm. Eockett, Hughe Eolfe, 
Wm. Peacocke, Eobt. Johnson the writer hereof. {Pr. 13 Oct. 

f. 260, JOHN SYiyiONS of Chesthunt, husbandman. {Daf. 19 Oct. 
43 Eliz.) Wife Margerie ; House called Brancks in Kynffonl 
CO. Kent ; Dau. Suzau kSymones ; Wife extrix. John S^nuones. 
WiP : — Wm. Turner, M"" AVilliam Cooke John Norman. {Fr. 
22 Dec. 1601). 

f. 281.RICHAED KINGE of Wormeley, yeoman. {Dat. 4 Jan. 
1600). Land in Cheston Peild ; Wife Margt. ; Son Eich. ; 
Tenement called Laie Smallwells & Great Smallwells ; 
Son Eobt. ; Tenement called Cadmaus ; Son Thos. ; Land 
bought of Wm. Maiden- ; Dau. Anne Lowin ; John Lowin my 
dau's eldest son ; Cous. AVm. Mauden the younger & Eobt. 
Becke overseers ; Son-in-law John Lowin ; Land in Milfeild ; 
Nich. Lowin my dau's son; Wife extrix. IFit' : — John Havers, 
Edw. Colts hujus scriptoris, Eobt. Becke. {Pr. 8 July 1602). 

f. 291. WILLIAM TUENEE of Wormeley, blacksmith. {Bat. 1 May 
1604). Son Edw. ; John, Edward & Joane my childn ; Son 
John exor ; Eobt. Becke & Chrisf CoUopp overseers. TFi'f^ : — 
SamueU Halingdale, Eobt. Becke, Christr. CoUopp. {Fr. 
29 June 1604). 

f. 293. JOHN CHEYNEY of Stortford, yeoman. {Daf. 15 June 
1604). Wife Agnes ; House at Stortford wherein Eobt. Basse 
gent, now dwells ; Bro. George Cheauie & Coz. John Cheany 
his son exors ; Friends John Sweetinge butcher & John 
Mathewe barbor of Stortford overseers ; Cous. Wm. Cheany son 
of s"! bro. George. JFit' : — Wm. Barnard scr, Thos. Barnard. 
By me John Cheany. {Fr. 8 Oct. 1604). 

To he Continued. 

^\)\xrt\) ®gvvtcr«« 


AsirwELL A True Taerye of all the glibe lauds lioulden of 

IN Com. Hertf. the lord Bisliope of Londcui liigli trosurer of 
April Vl, 1638. England w"»in tlie said pislie. 

Item one peece of Earrablo land called by tlie name of Windo mill 
peece contayninge by estimation 35 Acres. 



Item one peace of Earrable land called Snakes peece contayninge by 
estimation ^^ Acres. 

Itt. one peece of Earrable land lyinge one stone hill contayninge by 
estimation i^J Acres. 

Itt. one peece of Earrable land lyinge one BackwortliehiU 
eonteyninge by estimation "] Aci-es. 

Itt. one peece of Earrable land called Piked peece eonteyninge by 

6S'tilI13>tioil ii-Cl'GS. 

Itt. one peece of Earrable land lyinge att the Berry gate eonteyninge 
by estimation ^ij Acres. 

Itt. one peece att Hellbecke by estimacon viij Acres. 

Itt. one peece buttinge on Wittm Barlyes hedge eonteyninge by 
estimacon 10 Acres.- 

Itt. one peece in Prisom of Earrable land by estmaacon \'\i] Acrrs. 

Itt. Lamas Ground called by the name of greate prisom & Little 
prisom by estimacon 1" Acres. 

Itt. a peece of Lamas Ground called by the name of Lordf meadow 
by estimacon 1" Acres. 

Itt. a pasture Close called Foottball Close eonteyninge by estmiacon 

4 Acres. 

Itt. Belonging to y^ Vicaridge only One Close by Esthnation 3 
Eoodes butting on M'' Wallers Ground on the Nortli & East, & one 
M'- Clarkes Ground on v^ South, & on y« West On y Vicaridge House 
& Barnes. All v^'^^ House & Barnes & all Buildings beloiignig to 
ye sayd Vicaridge are in very Good & Sufficient Eepaire, Except One 
Barne w'=i' hath beene new Built this Yeare (y« Old One being Eeady 
to fall) & is not yet altogether thatched. 

Herbert Palmer, Vicar. 

Francis Chapman, i Churchwardens. 

Thomas Wright, ) 

October the 22'i> Anno D'ni 1638. 

A True Tarre made the daye and yeare aboue written of tlie 

Manno'- House in Ashwcll belongeinge to the Lord Bishoppe 

of London w'^i all the glive landf meadowes and Pasture 

therevnto belonginge by wee the Church wardens whose names 

are vnderwritten. 

Imprimis the IManno^ House yardt' orcyard & garden Conteyninge 

by estimacon * ' two Acres. 

Item a Close of pasture called Footeball Close Conteyninge by 

estimacon fewer Acres. 

Item two Closes of Lamas growne Called by the names of great 

Prisom and little Prisom Conteyninge by estimacon Teim xicres. 

Item a Meadowe Called by the name of Lordf Meade Conteyninge 

by estimacon Tenn x\cres. 

Item plowed Prisom Conteyninge by estimacon Eight Acres. 

Item in the northe Eeilde A pesse of Earrable land the west hed 

buttinge one William Barlyes Close Conteyninge by estimacon 

Tenn Acres. 
Item a pesse lyinge by Helbecko lane the south west hed buttinge 
on John Clarkes Close Conteyninge by estiinat'on Eiglit Acres. 

Item a pesse att the Manor House gate conteyninge by estimacon 

Eight Acres. 

Item a pesse called by the name of Snakes pesso Conteyninge by 

estimacon five & Thorty Acres. 


Item a pesse called Windmill pesse Contej-ninge hy estimacon 

five & Therty Acres. 
Item a pesse one Stone hill bet-n-ene two bailees Conteyninge by 
estimacon Three Acres. 

Item a pesse one Backeworthe hill betwene two balkes Conteyninge 
by estimacon Three Acres. 

Item the Vicarage House wthe yard orchyard and garden Con- 
teyninge by Estimacon two Acres. 
Thomas "Wright, ou i, j 
Francis Chapman, ^^^"^^ ^vardens. 

A pticuler of the Gleabelands & tyths & other .pfitts 
belonging to the Yiccaridge of Ashwell in y^ County of Hertf. 
A dwelling house Garden Orchard two barnes for grayne One hey 
barne stable & granary. 

All small tyths renewing or ariseing w^^^in the said pish & all tj'th 
hey there. 

The third pte of y« tj'ths of all corne & grayns ariseing or groweing 

w^^'in y*^ said pish. 

Ralph Baldwyn 

Church "Warden. 


AsPEDEN, A Terrier of the personage house, and all glebe 

1638 Lands there &c : all of them being now in 

ye occupacon of tdy Eichard Tailor, Eector. 
Inprimis 3 acres of pasture and Orchards at the homestall butting 

about ye homestall, being in reasonable ropayr. 
It. in Moone-meade-field 3 modes of arable land, butting ^-j^on the 

land of "Willm Pluiiier in the AVest & upon "Willm PluiTiers on the 

It. in Peridowne 3 half acres butting vpon M'' Brands on the "West 

and vpon Henry Eandolls on tlie North. 
It. in Windmill field 3 roodcs butting on the Kings high waie in the 

East and on Lewis Crowders ou the Nortli. 

Item in the same field, one acre butting -s-jion the Kings high way 

on the East and v]ion Heniy Botterolls.ou t]io North. 

It. in the same field, one acre hutting -Niion tlie riu' on the West 

and running vp by Johu Snow's on tlu^ Nortli. 

It. in the same hold 3 half acres butting upcm the Kings hi"-li vray 

on the East & vpon Jolni Snow's on tlie Nortli. 

It. in the same field 3 rondos lying by the Kings liigh waie on the 

East & butting upon Williuin Burr's on tlio North. 

It. in the same field, one half aero, Inittiiig vpon Willm Burr's on 

the North and lying by John Ilaniouds on the East. 

It. in the same hold, one half airo hutting vpmi Peasc-meade on the 

West and by Abraham Tiplars on y^' North. 
It. in Stonie-field 3 aoros butting vpon l\oo-nioade on y-' East and by 

John Snow's on the North. 

It. there ; 1 aero butting u]>on the lii^^li u;iio to AVostmill cm the 

East & leading by Abraham Tiplars on y"' North. 

It. there ; 3 acres butting upon the lii^h \vait> to Wostniill on the 

East & by the land in the occupacon vi John Suow on the Noi-tli, 


It. there ; 2 acres & a half butt vpon Sauncell meade on the West 

& by John Hamouds on the North. 

It. there ; 3 half acres butt vpon Harts Croft on the North & 

leading by Willm Brown's on y« East. 

It. there ; One lialf acre butt upon Sancell on the South & leading 

by John Snow's on y<= West. 
It. in Ree-Meade one pcell of Meadow containing a pole wide butt 

upon the river on the East & upon the nieadowe of John Snowe on 

the South & upon the meadow of Samuel Kirby on the North. 
It. in Little-field in the pish of Wakely one acre butt upon the land 

of Michael Jordan on the East and West & lying by the land of 

the said Michael Jordan on the North. 

Henry Eandall ) r^i ■, , 
Henry X Win j Churchwardens. 

Richard X Clierry Sidesman. 

A Terror of the Gleabes belonginge to the psonage of Aspeden in 
y'' County of Hertford.* 

In a Cortaine feild Called Stony feild is 

1. One halfo acre of areable land abutting on a certaine feild 
belonging to Watbones caled Sanswayes on the south. 

2. One acre and a halfe in y° same feilde lying by y« highway leading 
to WestmiU on y^ west side and Hartscroft on y^ north head. 

3. Thre Acres in y<= same feild abutting vppou Eeamead east. 

4. One acre in y^ same feild abutting vppou Eifford water east. 

5. Thre acres in y^ same feild on Eifford hill y"^ east hed abutting 
on the high waye. 

6. Two acres and a halfe in y" s^ feild lying on the North side of 
y^ Balke y' ptes WestmiU and Aspeden pishes the west hed 
toward Sansway nether Corner. 

In a certaine feild called Windemill feild is 

7. One halfe acre y*^ west head abutting on Jo. Hamonds Pease 

8. One halfacre in y^ s^ feild one end abutting on Founcly vaUey 

9. Thre roods in the s*! feild lying a long by the Eoade side east and 
Fonncly vally south head. 

10. One acre and a halfe in y^ s'^ feild abutting on y" roade east 
called Draggon Bush peice. 

1 1 . Thre roodes in ye s<i feild abutting on the roade east. 

12. One acre in ye s*i feild abutting on y" high way on y^ west. 

13. Three roods in the s^^ feild abutting on the liigli way easte. 
In a Certaine feild called Perrydon is 

14. One acre and a halfe abutting on Pryor lane on the east. 
In a Certaine feild called Monemead feild is 

15. Thre roodes the east head abutting on ChappeU feild. 
In a certaine feild Called Littell feild is 

One acre the lands of Jeames Snow lying on both sides of it. 
In a certaine Meade Called Eeameade is 

16. One Eoodo the east head abutting on y^ riuer y<= west head on 
Pryor lane. 

* No ilute is s'iveu iu this terrier. A more modern liaud has endorsed it 1038. 


The psonage house and homestall conteyning foure acres Lying 
betwene Aspeden strete on y<^ North and Woodlaue on tlie south 
the land of Eaf Fremau Esq'' west and the land of Willyani 
Burre east. 

Eichard [Sea ?]well. 


Aprill 13 A True & perfect Terrier of al the Glebe lauds, 

1638. Meadowes, Gardens, Orchards, Houses, belouging 

vnto the Parsonadge of Aston : as foUoweth 

There is a dwelling house -w^^ an Orchard, a garden, a Courtyard : 

And an outyeard w^^ 2 barucs, 2 stables, one hayhouse, a Cart house, 

a Doue coate, 2 snial garners : a woodliouse, a woodyard, a henhouse, 

w^^ an old outhouse. 

"W^^ containe two acres thirty pooles. 

Medowes adioyning to y<= house, being in three Diuisions containe 4 

acres, 3 roodes, 4 poles. 

Errable land : The horse close Contayning Eight acres, two rodes, 1 7 


The Church close, Contayning 9 acres, one rode, 38 poles. 

The Coihon fj-ld grounds. 

In ye wind-mill fyld a peice comouly called y<' Brade, Containing 

Eleuen acres, 3 rodes, abutting East & North on y'^ highway. 

In Brooke fyld 2 peices : The farthest peice runing downe by 

Hemlies hedge & abutting east upon y"^ Riuer & west upon y'-' highway 

Containes 2 acres, 2 roodes 15 poles. 

The peice next unto y'' Church Called ye Brade, abutting Soutli & 

west on j^ high waies & East on y*-' yard & grounds of Thomas Kent, 

Contayning 3 acres. One roodo 9 poles. 

Sum Tot. 42 Acres. 2 roodes. 29 poles. 

Ita testor Joh'es Burnapp 


John X Wallice i ^n , , 

T 1 -r,- } Churchwardens 

John Kisse \ 

Thomas Phippe 

. 1638. 


A xoTE OR Terrier of the Gleabe belonging to 
the Parsnajxe. 

Imprimis About the parsnage house, One close of two acres ; one 

litle Pikle, a spot of Grouutl cald the Orchyarde. 
2° The Churchyarde. 
3° A close of six acres next the Land of "William Carter east called 

4° Five acrf & a halfe in tlie Common lyeing in severall peices. 
5° A close called Kingsland of 2 acr^ & a lialfe. 

6° Halfe an acre vuder S'' John Garret f warren pale being in the parish 
of Saudridge. 

T. Eoad, Eeetoribid. 

John North. 

The niarko of Thomas Scotbrut. 



Coir, Hertf. 
DiocEs. Lincoln 

Ayot S* Laurence 

A TRUE & PERFECT Terrier of the Glebo-lands belonging to the 
Eectory of Ayot S* Laur. afores^. 

Imp'-mis An Orchyard & one pightell of Pasture ) 
adjojTiing to y^ Eectory ) 

It. one close adjoyuing to y^ fores'* Pightell 

It. one close conteining by estimacou 2 Acres beyond \ 
y« Hill farm between y^ lands late of Jonathan ( 
AVacket on y^ south and Wittm Bristow Esq on v<= ( 
north ^ ^ J 

It. one close called six Acree Close nere adjoyning ' 
& abutting on a feild lane called y^ Green lane on 
y^ north 

It. 5 acres & ^ in a certain Close called y* Com on in ~ 
four peices whereof One calld ye Gap-peice y« f ores'* 
Green lane on y" South, Another throe acres bounded 
by ye land of ye said Wiltm Bristow Esq on every 
side Another called ye middle peice leading from ye 
Gap peice aforesd between ye land of ye foresd 
Wiltm Bristow on ye North & South to ye Lowest 
peice abutting on ye Green lane aforesd conteyning 
together one Acree & . . . . 

It. OnePighteU 




02 00 

02 00 



05 02 

00 03 

Ayot S^ Laur. A Note or Terrier of ye Glebe-land belonging to 
ye Eectory of Ayot S' Laurence. [Endorsed with date 1693]. 

Imp^ The Parsonage House new built, Gardens & Orchyards lately 

planted w* a Close of two Acres adjoyning. 
It. A six Acre close nere another close called ye Comon ye land of 

Wiftm Bristow Esq on ye East & ye land of Ealph Skifier Gent on 

y« South. 
Item in yt Close called ye Comon five acres & an half in severall pieces 

whereof One Acre is called ye Gap peice anotlier ye 3 acre peice 

wt^ two other peices well Jvuown & adjoyning to ye land of Wiftm 

Bristow Esq only. 
Item one Close of two acres nere ye foresd close called ye Common 

ye land of ye sd Wiftm Bristow Esq on ye South East abutting 

Southward on a lane called ye Green-lane. 
It. a Close in ye parish of Santridg by Estimacon 3 Eoods coinonly 

called or known by ye name of Penly park, ye Hedges therof on 

both sides belong to ye same. 

Hen. Sykes, Eecto' 
Siguu Edri x Nasli, Gard. 



^ltsit*rtct!& jof gtJtU&» 


EEGISTEE ni.-CoxTL\xjED from Page 33. 

f. 14. JOHN HEYWAED of Aston, husbandman {Dai. 12 June 
1575). My boy Wm. Greene; Wife Sisley ; My child w''^ my 
-wife is greate w"i ; Tenement called Tymmes ; Eldest son John ; 
John Smyth of AVattou at Stone ; Thos. Eidgedale of Watton ; 
Son John exor ; Bro. Ileywardf child'i ; Bro. Eidgedales child". 
Wit' : — Eobte Tattersale, Tho. Bedle, John Lawrence. (Fr. 13 
Dec. 1581). 

f. 14^ HENEY TOKEFEELDE. • [See before at f. 12]. 

f. 15. SYMON BULLYN. []. 

f. 15. MATIIEW KINGE servant ^^^ Jeanies Senior of Bushopi)es 
Ilatfecld, becrebrewer. {Dat. 29 Mch. 1581). Legacy to 
Northmimes ; My sist. the wife of John West of Litlo Bark- 
hamsteed & her child"; Sist. Joyce; Widow Longe my aunt 
& godmother ; Widow Bridgman my cousin ; Gilbert Basset ; 
Alice Basset; Godch" John Eandall & John Jonson ; Isabell 
Senior my min'sters daughter; Agnes Hawkines his dau-in-law ; 
Eliz. & Agues Senior my M" daus ; John & Wm. Thorowgood ; 
Peter, Tho. & John Hawkines ; Geo. & AVm. & Sara Senior ; 
Edw. Webbe, John Atkj-nes, John Conningford, Wm. Buck- 
master, Tho. Ballard, John Shepde, John Grave, John Coop 
& Eliz. Tompson my fellow servants wt^" my sayd M"" Senior ; 
sd M"- Jeames Senior exor. Wit' .-—Tho. Eason, Wm. Cartur, 
Wm. Bucmesf. {Pr. 12 Ajir. 1586). 

f. lob STEPHEN EOXE of Hitchin, gent. {Dat. 2 Aug. 1582). 
John Foxe of Huffyughain, co. Y'ork ; Anne Snowe ; Marion 
Lawford ; Son-in-law M'' Si'iauut Boore his child" ; Son-in-law 
Eobort Carters child" & Mary Carter their mother; John 
Papworth ; Edw. Marshall exor ; M-- Haylocke clerk, vicar 
of Pawlcs AValden overseer. Wit': — Tho. Dockerave esq, 
Eobt. Hatton gent, Wm. Coker, Mich. Long, AVm. Hurst & 
Eobt. Kent. Codicil names the wife of Edw. Gardiner of 
Hitchin. Wit':— John Hutcinson & Tho. Barfoote. (/"/•. 25 
Sep. 1581). 

f. IG. WiLLL\M ALBEIGHT of Kj-nsworth. {Bat. 31 Mch. 
23 Eliz.). Father Tlu>. /Vlbright ; Francos Carpenter; Godson 
Wm. Eobynes ; Eichard Pratt ; Eich. Edwards ; Margt. Wilson ; 
Joano Carjienter; [Enuna ?] Chapman; ]xo])t. Albright; Henrio 
Lodge; Joliu AVodlmuse ; Tho. Heucliman ; AVm. Alliriglit ; 
s'l father oxor ; Eobt. Carpenter overseer. 7(7/" .-—John Wod- 
huiise & Augustine Frith. {Pr. 12 Apr. 1581). 


f. 16. THOMAS BESOWTH of Hemelhemsted, yeoman. {Dat. 1579). 
Eldest dau. Eliz ; Daus.' Joane & Rose ; Wife Alice exor ; Child" 
Chrisf, Alice & Susan ; Bros. Geo. & John Besowth overseers. 
Wit' ;— Tho. Axstyll, Wm. Coleman, Eobt. Grrover. {Fr. 21 
Feb. 1581). 

f. 16i> EICHAED IVORIE the younger of Offley, servant to Thomas 
Deeremer thelder of Offloy. (Undated). Manor of Westburie ; 
Bro. Eobt ; John Helders land ; Bro. Thos ; Uncle Thos. 
Ivorye ; Sisters-in-law Annis & Elizabeth Ivorye ; Uncle Eich. 
Ivorye ; Bro-in-law Wm. Ivorie ; John Homes ; Mother Homes ; 
^ .Widow Beane; JohnHeadey; Mother Jo rdaine ; Water Saunder ; 
Uncle John Saunder ; Wni. Plumes wife ; John Child ; Eich. 
Helder; Mathew Hanscombe & Marie Chaukley; Thos. Dercmer. i 

senior overseer ; Bro. Eobt. exor. If'it'' .-—Eich. Ivorie, Tho. • 

Ivorie & Tho. Deremer junior. {Fr. 20 Sep. 1581). I 

f. 17. THOMAS EEILD of Kings Hatfield alias Bishops Hatfeild, i 

yeoman. {Dat. 24 Feb. 1581). Sons Wm. & John; Daiis. 
Marie Feild & Alicia Feild ; Wife Cath. extrix. JFit' : — 
John Astrie, John Chapell, Harrie Parker. {Fr. 12 Apr. 1581). , 

f. 17. THOMAS OCKLEY of Aldenliam, taylor. (Zi«#. 30Nov. 1580). I 

Wife Amye ; Son Thos ; The now fower children of Agues my 
dau. ; S"^ wife & son exors. Wit^ : — Thomas Bartillemew vicar 
of this parish, John Plate the younger & Eich. Grreene the 
younger. (P/-. 12 Apr. 1581). 

f. 17^ THOMAS WILLIAMSON of Aldenham, yeoman. {DaL 10 
Dec. 1580). Wife Agnes; House at Hedge grove in psh. 
of Aldenham & lands in the lane between Kemprow & i 

Hedgrove ; John Elye ; Daus. Cath. & Joaue ; Sons Wm., 
John & Eobt. ; Son Wm. & dau. Joaue both under 18; Wife 
extrix ; Eich. Brightwell & Wm. Strett overseers. TVit^ : — 
Thomas BartiUmew, vicar of this parish, «S: the overseers. 
. (Fr. 12 Apr. 1581). 

f. 18. BASILL FLO WEE of Harjieden, yeoman. {Dat. 10 Feb. 
1580). Wife Agnis ; Sou John ; Son Eobt ; Son Wm. ; Wife 
& son John exors ; Tho. North gent supervisor. 7F?>: — 
Wittm Briggf curat, John Style, Wm. Pope, John Sebroke 
& Eich. Grover. {Fr. 3 May 1581). 

f. 18. JOHN WEST [Ee^lstered before at f. 10^]. 

f. 18. THOMAS 6YLNAE of Bengeo, yeoman. (i^^M May 1581). 
Sons AVm., Ealph, Thos, Nich. & Eobt. ; Son Edmund ; Daus. 
Joane & Eliz. ; Wife Lettis & son John exors ; AVm. Archell 
overseer. IHt^ : — Wm. Peruell, Tho. Becksfeld & Eich. Havlye 
the writer. {Fr. 31 May 1581). 

f. ISb JOHN WHITLOCKE of AYcthamsteedo, husbandman. {Fat. 
18 Jan. 1580). Dau. Eliz. ; Son John ; Dau. Joaue ; Son Edw. ; 
Geraud AMiitlock son of John AMiitlocke of Vxbridge ; Wife 
Alice extrix ; Tho. North of Hearons overseer. Wit' : — Tho. 
North, Eich. Vausc. {Fr. 30 Apr. 1581). 

f. 19. JOHN SPEINGHAM of psh. of Alliallewes, in Hartf., 
yeoman. {Fat. 11 July 1581). Daus. Anne, Judith, Eliz. & 
Susan, all imder 21 ; Wife Judith; Land bought of Mislon 
Jury lying in AVrengeo meade ; Son Jolin, under 21; AVifc 
extrix ; Geo. Turner overseer. Wit^ : — John Hopkins, Jolm 
Nortli, Harrye Banuestor. {Fr. 20 Sep. 1581), 

r .v-A^ 

;..-.y .Tv 


f. 19. THOMAS WELCHE of Walden Eegis, thelder, yeoman. 
{Dat. 19 July 1581). Wife Olifo ; Son Thomas; Daus. Alice, 
Joane & Agnes ; Son John ; Tlifi house sometime Pockthropes ; 
The lane leading from Braehe wood greene unto the church of 
Walden Eegis ; Culvers croft butting on the way leading from 
S' Albons on the south ; Land lying in BilknaU by the lands of 
John Ivorye ; Lands in the midle sliott of y" leye butting on 
the land of Edward Evered on tlie north & lying by the land 
of Thos. Welche tlie youngest on tlie east ; Lauds in Legatts 
feild (S:c ; Edw. Welch ; Land in Hayhanger ; Son Wm ; House 
wherein I dwell which sometime was Wm. Welche' s dec"^ ; 
Bocket wicke ; Lant' end close ; Eobt. Burr ; Oke acre in 
Legatts feild ; Thomas Feild of Legatts ; Tho. WeUs ; Braehe 
hatche laynes end ; John Sybley ; Son Edw<i (under 24) ; Three 
closes called Langmcrs & Stockings; Tho. Godfray ah. Coop 
my daughter's son & John Godfraye, Wm. Godfraye, Alice 
Godfrave & Eliz. Godfraye ah. Cooper child" of my s^ dau; Son 
Thos. exor; John Sybley of Stopeslye, Tho. Welch & Tho. 
Eitchardson clarke overseers. Wit' .-—Tho. Welch, Tho. Welch 
the younger & Thos. Eichardsonne clarke. {Pr. 21 Feb. 

f. 21. EOBEET NOETH of Bengeo, yeoman. {Bat. 16 June 1578). 

Wife Joane; Dau. Frauncis ; An 'acre of whete abuttinge 

vpon Thomas Gyluars head pece ' ; Son John North y*^ elder ; 

Jolm North y^ younger ; Eliz. Beckesfelds child" ; Dau. Joane 

& her child ; Sou Wm. North & his 3 child" ; Anuis Broune ; 

Tymothye North ; Son Eobt. exor ; Bro. John North overseer. 

Eose Kerbye ; John Kerbye. Wit' ;— Eich. Haylye, wrighter. 

{Pr. 31 May 1581). 
f 21. JOHN HEYDON servant to John AxteU of Cobbley in psh. 

of Digswell. {Dat. 7 May 1577). Bro. Thos. Heydon ; Father 

in law Eafe Heddeson & my mother ; Thos. Heddeson & 

George his bro. ; Eafe, Jolm & AVm. ; Sist. Dorothe ; Father 

in law exor. Wit^ :— John Matrevers pson of DigsweU, John 

Axtell &- John Celye. {Pr. 6 Oct. 1581). 
f. 21^ HUGH SOUTHEN of Hemelhemstead, taylor. {Bat. 3 Dec. 

24 Eliz.). AVife Joane; Sou Eich.; Dau. Annis (under 18); 

Sons Wm, Tlios, & Jolm ; Eme Eartridge ; Wife extrix ; AVm. 

Southen, Tho. Southen & Eobt. SJiadd overseers. Wit' : — Eich. 

Gawton, Eobt. Shad, Tho. Howe, Eafe Perte, Eobt. Eolfe, 

John Baker, Eich. Turner. {Pr. 21 Feb. 1581). 
f. 22. EICHAED BEYTNELL of Longm'ston in psh. of Tringe, 

yeoman. {Dat 8 Feb. 1581). Legacies to the repair of tho 

bells of Triug, poor of AA^ilstorne &c ; Eldest son Eobt. BritneU ; 

Land in Tringe dole meado & in Betlowe feild ; Son Edw<i ; 

Land in Masworthe neither feild ; Son Jessper Britnell ; Tho. 

Allen of Betlowe; AA^'m. AA^illet of Norchurch; Daus. Eliz. 

Mary & Annis (under 21); Son Thos; AA'ifo Joane extrix; 

AVm. Newman, Tho. AUyu & AA^ni. AA''ossyter my bro-in-law 

overseers. Signed 4 Oct. 1582. 7^7;;':— AVm. AVoster. {Pr. 

30 Apr. 1582). 
f. 221) ELIZABETH BELGEAUE of Flamsted, widow. {Dat. 13 

July 1581). Son AA''m. ; Marye Belgrave wife to my sou AVm ; 

Son Tlios. exor. ; Dau. Joane ; Eliz. wife of Edw. Smyth ; Son 


F Edw. ; Son John ; Hich. Halsye als Chambers overseer. 7F«V' ; — 

f. Eich. Hasye ah Cliambers, Jolin Borne, John Aicon & Frinivne 

f Addams cnrat. (iV. 13 Dec. 1581). 

I f. 23. EDMUND CUCKOWE of Stcvena-e, husbandman. {Dot 

I 4 Aug. 1581). Dau. Alice Thurbio ; Alice Thurbie dan. of 

i Tho Thurbio ; Son John Cuckow ; Joane, Thos, John & Annis 

i child« of Tho. Thurbie ; Son in law Tho. Thurbie ; Edm. 

? Cooke, taylor dwelling in Stevenage ; Sorv*. Alice Porter ; Son 

I John exor. JVii^ : — Tho. Clarke of Stevenage Parsonage, Eobt. 

1^ Pattinson, Edw. AVylslieyre. (Pr. 20 Seji. 1581). 

I f. 23. WILLIAM KAKIS of Harpedeu. {Bat 25 Jan. 1580). 

t Sister Chrystiau Yeorke & her son Wm. Yorke my godson & 

I her child'i Agnis Bayo, Geo. Yeorke & Alice Yorke ; s'^ sister 

I extrix. JF^iP : — John Slocome, Nidi. Kilbye, Jone Potter. 

I {Pr. 3 May 1581). 

I f. 23b WILLIAM WILLET of Norchurch. {Dat. 11 Apr. 1581). 

I Mother Catlirin ; Powle Willet ; Wm. Axtells ; AVm. Becko ; 

John Willet tlieldor ; AVm. Cocke of Dudswell ; Daus. Alys & 
Cath. ; Son Wm. (under 21); John Cocke & Eauffe Cocke; 
Servt^ Agnes Moors & Mary Graye ; Geo. Cocke, Jas. Priest & 
Annis Tatnell ; Eich. Birch now dwelling in psh. of Chessam & 
John Goolde of Bonlgdon exors ; Jas. Dabeney of Northchurch 
als Barkomsted i\Iarie &: John Dabenye his bro. overseers. 
Wit^: — Eras. Hedgekin, clarke, Jcames Dabenye ali/s Cooke. 
{Pr. 31 May 1581). 

f. 24b THOMAS FOETUNE of Hartingford burye. {Baf. 25 Aug. 
1581). Dau. Grace; John Whight, yeoman; Sist. Christian 
Fortune ; John Brcdgman ; Wife Ellen extrix. Tf'if^ : — 
Phillip Lawrence minuesf, Tho. EUys gent. & Eobt. Hevward. 
(/^/•. 20 Sep. 1581). 

f. 24b WILLIAM KELSEY of Laugley Eegis. {Bat. 12 Jan. 1581). 
Son Wm. ; Dau. Alice Kelsey ; John Hebson ; AYife Cecylie 
extrix ; Neiglibours Tho. Ewer & Jeames Mvnue overseers. 
Wit^ : — Wm. Coe, minester, Jeames Mvnne, John Gregorie & 
John Fanche. {Pr. 14 Mch. 1581). 

f. 25. WILLIAM FOEDHAM of Sacombe, husbandman. {Dat. 
27 Mch. 1581). Wm. Fordham my late father deC^ ; Henry 
Bole ; Edw. Carde servant to M'' Phillip Butler ; Geo. Tyler ; 
Bro. Phillip Fordham ; Wife Joane ; Daus. Eliz. & Sara (under 
21); The fcrme called the Scale in Hartford; Bro. Thos. 
Fordham ; Sisters Joane, Margt. & Agues Fordhaiu ; Fatlier 
in law John Skyngle & Nicli. Shanbroke exors. 7/7/' .• — 
Edmond Bridgman, Nicli. Gyhnan, John Wolm', AVm. Browne, 
Wm. Chamber. (/";-. 31 May 1581). 

f. 25b EOBEET HOAVE of Northbarkhmstede, yeoman. (Baf. 
6 Jan. 1581). AVife Joane ; Tonement at Barkhamstede wherein 
Nich. AVinckfeld lives ; Son Eobt ; Sou in law Johu Howe ; 
Dau. Luce ; John How my soune Thomas his sonne & his 
bros. Edw. & Eicli ; Dau-in-law Jane Glenester ; Son Eobcrts 
child" ; Son Eobt. exor ; Son John & cons. Eich. How of 
Fraesden overseers. 777V'; — Jolm AAHiellplye, Jolm [/>l(i/d-'], 
Eicli Pope, Eoger AVhellplev, Nich. Christie, Tho. Ilollydaye. 
(/'z-. 2 May 1582). 


f. 26. PETEK HAEMER of Hitcliin, yeoman. (Bat.SMch. 1581). 
Eldest sou John ; Lands purchased of Wm. Kent & lands in the 
fields of Walscworth ; Wife Joauo ; Sou Peter; Son Thos ; 
Dau. Alice Harmer ; Wife extrix ; Thos. Harmer of Weston 
overseer. JHt^ :—Tho. Chapman thelder, Wm. Symson, Eobt. 
Warner, Eobt. Papworth. {Pr. 2 May 1582). 

f. 26 JOHN MONGETT of Flaunden, laborer. (Dat. 2 Jan. 1579). 
Dau. Margt. Monget (under 21); Son Jonas Munget (under 
16); Wife Annis extrix ; Bro-in-la\v Xpofer Hardinge & John 
Same of psh. of Agmoudeshm overseers. Wit": — Edmund 
Grove, Tho. Mvugett, Wm. Twitchell, Eich. Butterfeild, Geo. 
Pudifoote. {Pr. 2 May 1582). 

1 26'' JOHN EOESTEE of Bennington, husbandman. {Dat. 9 July 
24 Eliz.). Sons John, Michael & Edw^ ; Mary Kent my wifes 
dau ; Wm. Kent my wifes son ; AVife Bettrj-ce extrix ; Godson 
John Hyll. Wif^ ;— Willm Midleton, clarke, John Coo, John 
Hyll, Wm. Walker, Wm. Kent. {Pr. 12 Dec. 1582). 

f. 27. THOMAS DEACON of Boveingdon, yeoman. {Daf. 1 June 
1582). My 3 daus. Awdre}-, Margt. & Marie; Sons Eoger & 
Thos. ; Wm. Ewer & Anne Ewer the son & dau. of John Ewer 
my son in law ; Wm. Parret, Eras. Axtell & John Feilder ; 
Hen. Style ; Wife Jone & Eich. Allen her bro. exors ; Henry 
Mayne & John Goold of the lane, overseers. TFit-^ : — Thos. 
HaUam, Eaphe BuUocke, John Deacon & Thos. Fielde. {Fr, 
20 June 1582). 

f. 27. WILLIAM DUNNE of Cottered, husbandman. {Dat. I Apr. 
1582). Dau. Joane Austen ; Wife Anne extrix ; Son Peter 
Dunne. TJ^it^ : — George Lowyn & Wm. Entwessell. (No date 
of probate). 

To be Continued. 

geet of $xntQ fov ^ctHfxJv^stjtvi?, 



1570. Easter Term. 12 Eliz. 
♦John Goodwyn esq & Wm. Walter gent : John Choyue esq & Eras. 

Cheyue gent. Manor of Wylcstliorne aJs. Willesthome & lands in 

AVylesthorne & Tryuge. 
Henry Thomson : Mich. Medo. Messuage & lands in Ware & Great 

Edward Cason : Henry Dighton & Agnes liis wife. A barn iu 

Walt. Tooke gent : John Fynche & Margery his wife. Messuage & 

laud iu Wormcloy. 


Rich. Cranfelde & Julian his wife : Eoger BjTcheley & Kath. his 

wife. Messuage & garden- in psh. of S* Nicholas in the town of 

John Llyller : Eobt. Chaundeler & Joan his wife. Messuage in 

Ralph Rowlett knt : Matthew Dav^-e & Dennis his wife. Two 

messuages in S' Albans. 
Philip Melles : 'Wm. Patmar. Messuage & lands in Much Hadham. 
Tho. Whittamore : Dionisius Broune & Eliz. his wife. Messuage in 

John Page : Henry Swayne & Eliz. his wife. Cottage & land in 

Wm. Cecj'll knt. Principal Secretary of the Queen : Geo. Dacres esq 

& Eliz. his wife. Lands in Cheston als. Chesthunt. 
John Myller : John Thurgood senior & John Thurgood jun. & 

Margaret liis wife. Messuage & lands in Stortford. 
John Crowche : Tho. Pole & Alice his wife. Three messuages in 

Gilbert Hyll & Humph. Colly : Tho. Lenard, John Harvy sen. & Tho. 

Lotton. Two messuages & lands in AVare, & land in Amwell. 
Ralph Rowlett knt : Tho. Appowell & Margaret his wife & Grace 

Johnson widow. Lands in Sandridge. 
Joan Laxton widow : Nich. Luddington & Rich. Thornhill. Manor of 

Roos Hall ah. Rosehall & 10 messuages & lands in Sarrett. 
Geo. AVhj-te gent & Jas. Gardyner gent : Edm. Huddelston esq & 

Dorothy his wife. Manor of Stockyng Pelham & 40 messuages & 

lands in Stockyng Pelham, Forneux Pellham & Brunt Pelham & the 

advowson of the Church of Stockyng Pelham. 

1570. Trinity Term. 12 Eliz. 
John Brysco : Tho. Brysco & Isabel his wife. Lands in Titteburst & 

Wm. Cecyll knt : John Harryngton esq & Isabel his wife. Messuage 

& lands in Chestliunte. 
Tho. Dollwyn ah. Dollyng : Wm. Aylewarde & Joan his wife. 

Messuage & land in Aldenliam. 
Henry Cade : John ParneU & Joan his wife. Messuage & land in 

Wm. Newman : Wm. Hvdo gent & Geo. Page & Anne his wife. 

Lands in Clothall & West*n. 
Tho. Besteneye : Wm. Besteneye & Alice his wife. Lands in psh. of 

S' Peters in S' Albans. 
Tho. Brysco : John Ayleward & Anne his wife. Manor of Pygottes 

& a messuage & lands in Aldenham. 
Wm. Kynce : Edw. RusseU gent & Kath. his wife. Messuage & 

lands in Much Hadham. 
John Thurgood : Edw. Payne &; John Payne. Messuage & land in 

Sabridgoworth als. Sabridgeft)rd. 
John Clmwncye gout & Eliz. his wife : Henry Polo esq & Eliz. his 

wife. Manor of Overhnll & 4 messuages & lauds in Gedloston, 

Est wick, SabriJgoworthe & Hunsdon. 
Ralph Rowlett knt : Ralpli ]\Iaynarde gent. Man(n- of Apsa ah. 

Apsaburve & 10 messuages, a mill & lauds in pshes of S' Peters & 

S' Stophous near S' Albans, Coluey & Slioidey. 
Nioh. Bacon knt. lord keeper of the Groat Seal & Anne his wife : 

Ralpli Maynaril gent. Manors of Westwyck & Pray witli Kynges- 


bury & 40 messuages & lands in tlie pshes of S* Peter, S' Mich. & 

8' Stephens near S' Albans, & the advowson of the vicarage of 

S' Michaels. 
John Hale : Edw. Denton gent & Wm. Denton gent. Three messuages 

& lands in Welwes ah. ^V'elweu & DygonsweU ah. Dyggeswell. 
John Pery : Augustiu Pery. Messuage & lauds in Sabridgeworth. 
John Spencer & Joau his wife : Jcsper Wareu & Athoma his wife. 

Manor of Mawdlyubury & 10 messuages & lands in Welwyn & 

Thachewortli ah. Dacheworth. 
Tho. TyrreU : Wm. Hyde junior. Lands in Weston alias Wesson, 

Baldock, Clotoll, Yerdley, Wallyngton & Eylesdon. 
Benj. Gouson esq, Laur. Grene, Wm. Webbe & Steph. Wooderoff : 

Cliristr. Draper lent. & Margt. his wife. Manors of Chambers Bury 

ah. Leeslangley ah. Abbotts Langiey & Hyde & 1-5 messuages & 

land in Lees Langiey alias Abbotts Langiey & Hyde. Also the 

rectory of Abbotts Langiey. 
Eich. Peyton & TIkj. Shadbolt gents : Eobt. Colte & Eoger Colte 

gents. Manor of Woodwikes & lands in Eickmauswortli. 
Oliver lord Saint John, Tho. Baryugton, Tho. Sadler, Henry Capell, 

Wistan Browne, Henry Jooselyu, John Gyll, Oliver Saint John, 

esquires & Thos. Grymesdyche geut : Tho. Leventhorpe esq & 

Dorothy his wife. Manors of Aldeburye ah. Alburye, Cockeham- 

sted, Darcyes & Actons & 30 messuages & lauds in Aldeburye als. 

Alburye, Cockehamsted, Braughiuge, Sa>)rigeworthe, Estwicke & 

Wydford & free warren in Aldeburye. 
Nich. Bacon knt., lord keeper & Aiine his wife : Nath. Bacon esq & 

Edward Bacon esq. Mauors of Westwyck, Goram ah. Gorcham ah. 

Gorehams ah. Gorehambury & Pray with Kyngesbury & 40 mess. 

& lands in parishes of S' I'eter, S' Michael, & S*^ Stephen in S' Albans, 

& the advowson of S' Michaels. 

1570. Mich. Term. 12 & 13 Eliz. 
*Nich. West esq one of the Six Clerks of the Court of Chancery : 

Tho. Peuyston esq. Land in Masseworth. 
Edw. Baeshe esq & Jane his wife : Tho. Grave & Agnes his wife. 

Land iu Stansted Abbott. 
Eich. Pecoke : Henry Bellamy & Ellen his wife. Lands in Easte 

Wm. Sutton : John EHatt & Julian his wife. Land in Est Eeed. 
Ellen Weste dau. of Wm. AVesto gent : Wm. Atkyns. Messuage & 

lands in Hatfyld als. Bishops Hatfelde, Essyngdon & Dixwell ah. 

Henry Wattye : Eich. Grene gent. Land iu Braughvng. 
Stephen Marten : Ealph Layche & Kath. his wife &" TJio. PliiUippes. 

Messuage & land in Barkliampsted S' Peter. 
Eich. Wysemau gout : AVm. Salkvus & Jane his wife & Wm. Hyde 
^ gent. Lands in Weston, Clothall ah. Cloth Hall Jc Tlirockiiig. 
Eras. Ahlrych & Edw. Yaughau gents : Christr. Smythe esq. \- JMargt. 

liis wife. Messuage & lands in Harpeden in psh." of Whitliamstede. 
Geo. Burgoyne esq ^: Godtry Burgoyne gent : Eobt. Awstvu & Eliz. 

his wife & Wm. Awstyii son of s'l Eobt. & Eliz. ]Mt\-^suage & lands 

iu ilei^sdon ah. Mi>esden. 
Christr. "NN'rey serjeant at law, Peter Osborne, AVm. Clerke escpiiri^s : 

Eich. Lee knt, llumpli. Coiiyngsby cm] & Mary Ids wile, eldest dau. 

of s^» Eicliard & Edw. Sadler es(j t^ Anne his wife the other 

dau. of 8<i Eichard. ^Manors of Soppwelle, Sopp\vell)ury, Nowe- 


lande, Lees Langley alias Abbots Langley & Breakespeares aJu. 

Breakespearos Fee & 200 messuages & lauds iu parishes of 

S' Albans, S' Peters in S' Albans & S' Stephens near S' Albans, & 

Less Langley ah. Abbots Langley & the rectory of the church of 

Hextou, tythes etc. & the advowson of the vicarages of Hexton & 

S* Stephens. 
Henry Elsynge : Eich. Byrcheraore & Alice his -wife. Messuage & 

lands in Aldenhaui & in tlie psh. of S' Stephens near S' Albans. 
"Wm. Hagar : TJio. Letehewortho & Suzau his wife. Two messuages 

in Ashewell. 
Augustin Cooper : Wm. Lj^ncolne & Agnes his wife & John Judde & 

Kath. his wife. Messuage & land iu Barkewaye. 
Wm. Franckland esq : Wm. Bottomley & Kath. his wife. Two 

messuages & lands in Hoddesdon & Broxbourn. 
Tho. Halsey ah. Chambers : Wm. Markham esq & Frances liis wife. 

Messuage & land in Flamsted. 
Eich. Blounte : Ealph Layche & Kath. his wife & Tho. Phillippos. 

Messuage & land in Barkhami)sted S' Peter & Barkliampsted Marie 

alias Northchurch. 
AVm. Warner : Humph. Whytlok & Anne his wife. Lauds in 

Leonard Stepnji:h elk : Walt. Byrchemore. Messuage & lands in 

Jas. Goodacres : John Welles & Joan his wife. Messuage in S' Albans. 
Wm. Campion gent. Walt. Morgan gent & Jane his wife. Three 

messuages & lands iu Stevenadge, Graveley, & Great Wymondley. 
Eobt. Payge : Roger Fysslie &: Margt. his wife. A thii-d part of a 

messuage & land in Hartingfourdbeiy. 

1570-1. Hilary Term. 13 Eliz. 

*Eoland Hayward & John Langley alderman of the City of London : 
R(igpr Colt gent. Manor of Woodwickes & 6 mes.suages & lands in 
Kickmanswortlie, Gt. Munden, Little Mundeu, Aldenham, & Barke- 
lianqisted & tlio advowson of the chuvch of Eickmausworth. 

*\Viii Li>o : Tlio. Russell & Anne his wife. A tliird part of lands in 
^ Ridg.>. 

K<lw. Fitz John : Edw. Halfhedd gent. & Anne his wife. Messuage 
\- land in Yardeley alias Ardeley. 

lli'iiry Basse : Tho. Appowell alias Lewes gent & Margt. his wife. 
Lands in Dacheworth & Tuyng. 

Riili. Same : Geo. Same. Messuage & land in Pyrton alias Piritou. 

Tho. Packyngton knt & Rich. Cowjier esq : John Shepavd gent. & 
Margery his wife. Messuage il" lauds in Offloy, Hytchyn, Kings 
WaldtMi & Lylley alias Lynley. 

Jnhii ( iunuidl : Tho.AVarde gent. Three messuages & lauds iuAsshewell. 

Gei>. Horsey, Edw. Baesshe, Wm. Doddes & Ileury Couyngsby esqf^ : 
Eiili. Lot> knt. ^lanor of Hextou & 20 messuages & lauds in Hextou. 

John Kvngo : Wm. Arryngtou & Rose his wife & Tho. ]*]arle & Alice 
his wife. Two parts of a messuage & lands, in six parts divided, 
iu l^uutyngforde, Leyst(Uie, Aulsewycke, Wydeall, Apsedeu & 

t-teo. Horsey, Edw. Baesshe, Wm. Doddes & Henry Couingsby csq''^ : 
Ealjih Sadler knt chaucfUor of tlie Duchy of Lancaster. Manor of 
Temple Dionesley iS: 20 messuages & lauds in TcMuple Hyonesl.n-, 
Ib'ihon. Kings AValden, PoU.^ttf, (')lYeley & (xosmer, & the rectory 
ot Kiiio-s Waldeu (.^c. 


Henry Tokfylde : Tho. Lecchoworthe & Suzan his wife. Messuage in 


1571. Easter Term. 13 Eliz. 
*Geo. Nicolls esq & Eobt. Frith : Eich. Fitzhughe & Nich. Fitzhughe. 

Manor of Greneliall & lands in Sandon. 
Edmund Franckland : Eobt. Tompson. Two messuages & land in 

Hoddesdon & Broxbnurne. 
Eobt. WoUey : Ilumpli. Connyngesbyo esq & Edw. Grace. Messuage 

& land in psh. of S' Andrews in S' Albans. 
Tho. Wattf elk. archdeacon of ]\Iiddlesex : Ealph Dyxon & Anne his 

wife. Three messuages & lands in Ashewell. 
John Eames : Leon. Tymperley gent. Messuage & land in Little 

Jeremy Gray & Henry Adams : Wymond Gary. Messuage & lands 

in Pelham Arsa. 
Tho. "Wysemau esq : Wm. Hyde gent. Manor of Throckyng & six 

messuages & lands in Throckynge, Clothall, Weston, Sondou, 

Layston & Apesden, and tlie advowson of the cliurch of Throckynge. 
Eoger Byrcheley, Mich. Irelande & Eich. P^-per : John Byrcheley & 

Philippa his wife. Three messuages & lands in Hertford & Bayford. 
John Bryscoo & Eegiuald Aman : Hen. Conyngesbye esq & Eliz. his 

wife. Four messuages «fc lands in Aldenlaam, Tj-tburste, & the psh. 

of S' Stephens near S' Albans. 
Marian Pryce widow : John Dunwell, Wm. Borne & Alice his wife & 

Margery Slepe senior. Messuage & garden in Bishops Hatfelde 

alia^s Kings Hatfeld. 
Joan Smythe alias Clarke widow : Poland Elyott gent & Anne his 

wife. Messuage in Stortford. 
Tho. Norwood sen^ gent : Jasper Smj-th & Eliz. his wife. Manors of 

Cantlowbury & AYattonbury alias Henxwortlibury & 4 mesr.uages & 

lands in Henxworth alias Hynxwortli, Edworth, Calcott el' AssheweU. 
John Marshe gent & Anne liis wife : John Adams gent & Margt. his 

wife. Moiety of a messuage & lands in Bokelond, Newchyppyng & 


1571. Trinity Term. 13 Eliz. 
*Hen. Halton & Agues liis wife & Constautius Frenclie son & heir of 

Wm. Frenche deC^ : Oliristr. Cristmas alias "Wilversey & Joan his 

wife & Wm. Kympton son & heir apparent of said Joan. Lands in 

Kennesworthc. * 

*Tho. Eussell & John Brakenfeld : Edw. Taylar esq & Kath. his wife 

& Henry Taylar gent. & Kath. his wife. Five messuages & lands 

in Chyppinge Barnett. 
*Eobt. ilallywell & Wm. Loe gents : Jas. Hales esq & Alice his wife. 

A third ])art of lands in Eydge. 
John Homarston : John Hogge & Agues his wife. Messuage in 

Owen AValler : Eogor Tounsend esq. Lands in Furnys Pellhani & 

John Soaior : Tlio. I'enette & Eliz. his wife. Messuage &- land in 

Broxbouruo it lloddt'sdon. 
Edw. Home : Margt. lldrno widow. Messuage & lands in Kennes- 

Eich. Pechye & Alice liis wife : Hon. Oliaunoey est^ iS: Eos(- liis wife. 

Mi'ssuago iS: laud in SabrydgcwiU'the alias iSapsfordo & Godleston 

alias Gelston. 


Wm. Francklancl & Edm. Franckland : John Cannon. Two mossuagos 

& lands in Broxbourn & Amwell. 
Geo. Grave : Eobt. Hadley & Cecily his wife. Two niossiuif,'os & 

lands in Chesthunt. 
■ Eich. Forster: Tho. Appowell alias Powell & Maritft. liis witV^ ^: JI.-niN 

Johnson. Moiety of the Manor of Dachewortlie & of a iiifssua^n- 

& lands in Dacheworthe a/ias Datchewortlie ah'as Tliatcliewortlic. 
Robt. WoUey : Eich. Lee knt. & Eioh. Cliaddisley. Five nit>ssua^''.'s 

& gardens in S* Albans. 
Edw. Clere esq, Eich. Bedyll gent, Andi-. Hemerford gent. & .lolin 

Cowper gent : Tho. Clere esq & Anne his Avife, Edw. Lewk'^iior es.| 

& Suzan his wife. Manor of Sowthall & a messuage \- lauds in 

Great Gaddesdei^ & Henipsted. 

1571. Mich. Term. 13 & 14 Eliz. 
*John Goodwyn knt : AVm. Husee esq & Mary his wife. A thii<l 

part of ten messuages & lands in Agmondesliam. 
*Nichs liacon knt. lord keeper of tlie Great Seal of Euglaud : Iv' 
Maynard gent & Margery his wife. ;Manor of Abbatts Bury afia^ 

Eowletts Bury, Myuchynbury, Hores & Apsabury alias Xapsel)ur\ 

& 12 messuages & lands in Barley, Barkwaye & the pnrisli .If 

S' Peters near S' Albans. 
Henry Hudnall jun : Edm. Yerney esq. Messuage & land in Great 

Thos. Blossom : Eich. Eowe & Eli/, his wife. Land in Braffyng. 
John Goodman : Tho. Bowles esq. Lands in Wallington. 
Wm. Campion gent : Walter Morgan gent & Jane liis wife & TIios. 

Vaughan gent. Three messuages & lands in Stevenadge, Graveley 

& Great Wymondley [not in index and apparently belongs to tlif 

previous Mich. Term]. 
John Andrews alias Woodroof : Thos. Chandler & Joan liis wife. 

Moiety of a messuage & land in Pokeriche & Braugliinge. 
John Fames : Eich. Foster & Isott his wife. Messuage \' lands in 

Great Tringe & Little Tryng. 
Walter Fynche : Tlio. Fynche sen. & Eliz. his wife. Land in Eedbcrn. 
Thos. Wriglit : Edw. Dufie. Two messuages & land in Asslu'well. 
Thos. Stanlej^ esq : Edw. Wytton. Messuage & laud in »Standnn. 
Henry Kynge cit. & brycklayer of London : Thos. Aspynue tiliii'< 

James & Eliz his wife. Messuage & land in Hodg(^den "Hn-^ 

Hoddj'sdon, Broxborne iS: Aniwell. 
John Dyer : Geo. l)yer. Two messuages & lands in Alburv clia^ 

Eobt. Bagsha gent & ^Latilda his wife : John Wygau gent iS: .loan lii-^ 

wife. IMessuagi^ & lands in Nortlimyms alias Nortlimymes. 
Nicli^ Bacon knt. & Anne liis wife : Wm. Atkynes & Wm. West.' \ 

Ellen Jxis wife. Lands in psh. of S' Michaels near S' Albans. 
Augustine Cooper : Wm. Lyncolne & Agnes liis wife i^' John Jud(l<> i^: 

Kath. his wife. Messuage & lands in Barkewaye [not in index and 

apparently belongs to tlie previous Midi. TerniJ. 
Eobt. Ilyrst gent : Thos. (looday & Dionisia his wife. MaiMr nt 

Sabryclieswcn'tli n/i(7s Sabrycliforde als. Sabrysf(n-de alx. Sabli.'-tMi-d.' 

ah. tSabry.sfortli & lands in Sabrycliesworth & Much lladhani. 
Wm. lirokett gcMit : Eicli. Godfrey aliax Cooper. Two nu's-iuai;''^ A 

lands in Kings Walden & Ipolletts. 
Edm. Dardes : Wm. Gardiner & Frances his wife. Messuage i*c l;ni<ls 

in Northemymes alias Nortlimyms. 



Henry Maj-ne & Eicli. Sliakemaple : Tho. IVnyston osq & Eliz. his 

■wife. Lands in Bovyng-ton alia.'i Bovvng:(lon & Northchurche. 
Henry Hyckman & Joau liis wife : Eicli. Wytho. Messuage & land 

in Watford. Eeniainder (after the deatli of said Eiehard) to George 

Wythe his son & heir apparent. 
Wm. Cranfyld : Jolm Boxsted & Agnes his wife. Messuage & hmd 

in Watton Atstone. 
Wm. Kentislie : Francis Ileydon esq & Frances his wife. Messuage 

& land in Watford. 
Benedict AvereU : Thos. Bayes & Ellen his wife. Lands in Much 

Hadhani & Little Hadhani. 
Francis Heydon esq : Francis Newdegate esq, Jolin Newdegate esq & 

Martha his wife & Tlios. Newdegate gent. Moiety of manor of 

Oxeyhall & of a messuage & lands in AVatiord. 
Thos. Cohbe gent & Eicli. Mason gout : Lewis Mordaunt knt, lord 

Mordaunt & Francis Willoughbye gent. Two parts of lands in 

Thos. Cobbe gent. & Eich. Mason gent : Lewis Mordaunt knt., lord 

Mordaunt & Francis AVilloughbye gent. Two parts of a messuage 

& lands in Kympton. 
John Youge : Wm. Skypwyth knt & Eliz. his wife, Wm. Marson & 

Francis Marson. Manor of AVoodhalle & messuage & lands in 

Hem el Hamsted. 
John Cade gent : Tho. Conyngesbye esq. Tenement in Aldenham 

[not in bundle], 

1571. Hilary Term. 14 Eliz. 
*Thos. Howe & AVm. Knyght : Eobt. Pett & Eliz. his wife. Lands 

in Cadyngton. 
*Wm. Cecill knt, baron of Burghley ; Eobt. Savill esq & Anne his 

wife, John Massingberd esq & Dorotli}- his wife, Margaret Tliarold 

widow, Mary Hall widow, Tlios. Horseman es(^ & Wn^. r'lopt(»u esq. 

Manors of Baas, Perryers, Perrers, Hoddesdon, Hoddisdonbin-ye. 

Geddyugs, Langtous, Foxtons, jraryons, ILalls, Jerkyns & Jerkyns 

Fee & 120 messuages & lands in tlio said ])laces & Broxborne, Brokes- 

borne, Wormeley, Wormeslry, ( 'heston, ( 'hesthuut, Amwell, Sawells. 

Sadrells, Cockeshutt, C'oiiygarth & tlie psli. of All Saints in Hertford. 
John Bayforde : John Carter & ilavy ius wife. Land in Stortford. 
Wm. Ih'ockett gout : Wm. Clark(\ Land in Flamsted. 
Nich* Dyer & Joan liis wife : Walter llayward. Lands in Aldebury. 
Wm. CoUyn : Wimond Carve esip Land i7i Stortforde. 
John Brokett of Brokett Haule escj, Geo. Horsey esq & Tlios. Docwra 

gent : John Brokett of Stowe longa gent & Kath. his wife & Edw. 

Brokett gent iS: Ell(>n his wife. Maui)r of ]?radtield «//W.v Ih-odtli'ld 

& 10 messuages >S: lands in lU-adfield nJiax Brodticld, Eushedi-n & 

Codreth alias Cotm-cd i^v: tin' advowsoii of th(^ cliureli of Bradtield 

alias Brodtield. 
Thos. Bownest : Edw. llowo vS: Agnrs Ins wife, Edw. Crosse & ^largt. 

his wife & John Kinge & Katli. lii^ wife. Mcssuiigo in Baldock & 

five parts of two mossiiagi's \ hnids, in six parts divided, in Huntvui;-- 

forde, Leyston, Alleswykc Wydyall, .Vj.s.mI.mi \- Tliroikynge. 
Walter, viscount TIeret'ovd : K'olit. Savill .'^1 \ \nw his wife, ,Tohn 

Massingbtn-d & I)orotliy his wif.'. Marut. 'IMiaroM, widow, Mary 

Hall widow, Thos. llorsciiiaii i-.| \ Wm. i loiitoii os^. A[;mor of 

Iti'uington & (U) uiessuagi's \ land'~ in licMiinglon. Watton At Stoni\ 

AValkehorne i'\: Jfondon. 

To hi I'ontiiiHid. 



©transcripts of ^txvi&lj gle^tsters. 



In tlie Tarish of Northaw in the County of Hfrtf(jrf] from Ladv- 
Day, 1 744, to Lady-Day. 1745. 

Day, Martlia-Mary 
Page, Elizabeth 
Aynsel, Martlia 
Pope, Sarah 
Pryor, William 
Grace, Thomas 
Coral, Sarah 
Morris, James 
Porter, Joseph 
Parsons, Joseph 
Fensom, Henry 
Olney, Martha 
Jordan, Thomas 
Eoby, Sarah 
Langley, Frances 
Field, Elizabeth 

William Harris 
Eichard [Inshco ?] 
John Lever 
Edward Creaey 
Elizabeth Pryor 
Martha Brown 
Susannah Wood 
Elizabeth Cliapjile 
Susannah Davison 
William Jennens 
John Overman 
Ann Brettand 
Simon Barnet 
Sarah Walters 

Thomas-Frewen Moor & Mary Brown. 
Thomas Slcinner &' Esther Morrell. 

Thomas Preston, Minister. 

In the Parish of Northaw in the 
Day, 1745, to Lady -Day, 1746. 

Mansfield, Mary 
Warner, Susannah 
Griffin, Mary 
Flindnl, William 
Tyler, Ann 
Godwin, Abednego 
Newman, Ann 
Howe James 
AVackot, Amy 
Chnpjiel, Hannah 
Todil, Ann 
Lano. Jolui 
King, Ann 
Hoald, Ann 



County of Hertford from Lady- 

Martlia Aynsell 
Samuel Camj^ion 
Martha Oluey 
Mary King 
Mrs. Luc}- Lemau 
Jane Adams 
Thomas Jordan 
Hannah Chappel 
Ann Bailey 
Lady Leman 
John Cutts 
Josepli Porter 
Thomas Ivoker 
Ann Hurry 
Frances I'ttorridgo 
Sarah Vass 
Thomas I'reston. Minister. 



In the Parish of Northaw in the 
Day, 1747, to Lady- Day, 1748. 
Page, Ann 
Lane, Charles 
Godwin, Adednego 
Parsons, Thomas 
AVacket, James 
Clark, Mary 
Todd, Edward 
Hide, Richard 
Manfield, Ann 
Majile, James 
Claxton, AVilliam 
Stevens, Eicliard 
Field, John 
Griffin, John 
Fowkes, Francis 

Henry Smith & 
Jane Newlin 

County of Hertford from Lady- 

Mary Poole, Inf- 
Sarah Aynsel, InP- 
Sarah Sago, Inft. 
Thomas Hammond, Esfj^- 
liird Adams 
William Specer 
Mary Aynsel 
Thomas AVacket, Inf- 
Susan Godwin, Inf*- 
Benjamin Sliaw 
Elizabeth Cockford 
Richard Aynsel 
Ann Robinson 
Thomas Parsons, Inft- 
Mary Claxton 
Eleanor Philips 
Abednego Godwin, Inf*- 
Charles Lane, Inf- 
Daniel Jordan 
Christopher Peel, Inf- 
Richard Stevens 
Thomas Preston, Alinister. 

\_Abont a dozen Xorthaw IVanscripis e.rist for later year.^, but I do not 
propose to continue the series further in this Jfat/uzine.—Ev.'] 

^b&ivacU 4jf pttUs. 


REGISTER " RAYMOND "-CoxxnxrED from Page 40. 

f. 247. JOHN GRIGS the elder of AVahham Cross in psh. of Cliest- 
hunt. {Bat. Oct. 157(5). l',ro-in-law Hugli More; Tlios. 
Hawse my wifos bro-iu-law & Thos. Hawse liis son ; Serv* A^'m. 
Cauldon ; Sister More ; Uy sous wife ; A^'ife Alarv (^xtrix ; Sou 
John ; Geo. Preston & Symou AVilliams overseers. JHf^ :~ 
Simon AVilliams vicar ol Chestliuut. (Pr. at TToddosdou 4 Feb 

f. 248. TOHN SAIITH of Stausted Ablu.t. smitli. yDuf. 1,". .Tan. l.)7(n. 
^^ ifo ]\[argery ; Son John Smitli : Daus. .Taue, Eliz. \- (irace; 
Bro. Thos. Smithe; Laud in ILuso lu.mes in Riemeado ; ]?arte 
Lewes my daugliters sou; AIv vouugest dan. Grace; AVife 
oxtrix. /r/^:— John Lewes elk.," Jo] lu Bcvvs, Simou Nobbvs, 
Henry Grave, John I'orsett vicariiis. ; Pr. at Tloddesdeu 4 l-Vli 



I f. 249. JOHN LEE of Stoudon, yeoman. {Bat. 28 Apr. 1516 sic). 

I Alice my maid ; Wife Eliz.; Son-in-law Henry Miles & Anne 

f now his wife ; Ursula Miles dau. of s'^ Henry & Anue (under 1 2) ; 

I Wife & s'' son iu law exors ; Tiio. Laralcyn of Collyersende & 

I Wm. Tailor of >Stondon overseers. IFit" : — Eobt. Bate & John 

i Daniell. {Ft: at Braughiug 2 July 1576). 

I f. 249. JOHN MORGAN of Ware, innholder. {Daf. 14 July 1576 

; nuncupative). M'' Keye, vicar of Ware; All to my wife 'for 

I broughte uothinge to her and therfore will geve nothinge 
from her ' ; Wife extrix. (Pr. at Stortford 29 July 157G). 

I f. 251.EOBEET DOBSON of Tlumdriclie, harbor. {Dat. 31 Mch. 

f 1576). Wm. Dixon o>" minister; Wife Johane & Nich. 

Lavender my wife's daughter's son exors ; John All^-n overseer ; 
To Johane Maples my shaving bason. Wit^ : — Wm. Dixon 
minister ther, Wm. Wells. (Py. at Ware 3 May 1576). 

f. 254. ALICE WATHE of Tunfordestone in psh. of Chestunt. {Dat. 
14 July 1577). Daus. tSara, Kath. & Faythe (all under 16) ; 
Dau. Agnes extrix ; Jane Wette ; John Dawlton & Wm. AVarde 
overseers. Wit" : — AVm. AVarde & Geo. Puller. 

f. 255. HUMFEEY PAGE of AVare, liusbandraan. {Dat. 2 Jan. 1578 
[s/c]). Sons Humph., Henry & Geo. Page (under 21) ; Daus. 
Anne & Mary ; House & land at Bakers ende called Gymmes ; 
Wife Mary & Son Praucis exors ; John Barnes & Jolm Throuh- 
good overseers. Jf^it" : — John Thouhgood & John Barnes. 
{Ft: 8 Feb. 1577-8). 

f. 256. JOHN SPENCER of Ware, wlieelwright. {Daf. 19 May 1577). 
Wife Eliz ; House called tJio AVhite Horse in AVare ; Sou 
Humph. ; Daus. Joane «& Eliz ; AVife extrix ; Friend Thos. 
Cramphorne overseer. IT'it" : — Nicli. Thurgood, Tlio. Claxon, 
AVm. Pike & Edw. Nicolson. {Fr. at Stortford 18 Nov. 1577). 

f. 25.6. ELIZABETH AA^ARDE late wife of Henry AVarde late of 
Brawghin. {Daf. 30 Sep. 1577). Eldest dau. Margt. AVarde; 
Dau. Anne AVarde ; Agnes, Margt. & Joane Meritowne my 
sisters ; Father Thomas Merito^\■nge exor. Tf'it" : — John A^'ood, 
Leonard Southe, Jeffrey AVrenne, John Hedlam vicar of 
Brawghn. {Fr. at AVare 23 Oct. 1577). 

f. 257. SIMON LOAVEN of Oheston. {Daf. 29 May 1577). Son Wm. 
Lowen ; Copyhold lands in Ferle & house on same ground : 
AVife Agnes ; Son Joliu ; Land at Tunforde ; Son Nich.; AAlfc 
extrix. JFit^ :- — Henry Cordle, Tlio. Lowen & Synuni C(n-dl<\ 
{Fr. at AVare 23 Oct. 1577). 

f. 257. THOAIAS RAYMONDE of Sabridgworthe, gent. {JM. 13 
June 1579). Bro. AVm.; Sist. Bridget & lior child"; Bro. 
Alex'' Chancy & Bridget my sister & Geo. lu'r son ; Bro. AVm. 
Chancy dec'i & Alexander ; Sisters Bridget & Marie Cliancye ; 
Frances Collier ; Tlios. Pillie ; Joane Wliale ; Jas. Towler ; 
Bro. Alex'' Chancyo & sist. Bridget Chancie exors. {^Fr. at 
Sabridgworthe 23 July 1577). 

f. 258. HENRYE CITRTYS of Cliosthunt, yeoman. ^Daf. 13 May 
1577). AVife INIargt. ; TiMiomeuts in Chostliunte Streute ; My 
two daus. Dorothy & Eliz. ; Ijands iu Fretliey, the Leese nr 
croftc at Marslie gate iu occupation of widow Isackc, Blarkdolr 


grove, land iu tenure of widow Warthc, land in Bullwelfeilde ; 
Tenement in Chesthuut Street v,-^^ the }-ard through to Bullwell- 
diche ; Land at Marsligate iu tenuro of widow Pynkauie ; 
Turners hill occupied by Johu Cordell ; M^ Dakers ; Henry 
Canon uiy sistei's son ; Sist. Stavues ; Heurie of London ; John 
Chare sen''; Land in Brockefeilde of the manor of Androwes; 
Abm. Symons ; M"" Courle ; AYife extrix ; Synion AVilliams 
vicar & John Chare sen'' overseers. JFit' : — Thomas Mondie & 
Geo. Ecdich. (iV. 2;J May 1577). 

f. 260. THOMAS CLERKE of Chesthunt, yeoman. {Dat. 22 Mch. 
1576). Bro. Chrisf Clerke ; Dau. Alice ; John Shambrocke, 
Rich. Shambrock, Marye Shambrock & Margt. Lowdam the 
child'* of my sister Lowdam ; John, Thomas & Agnes Barnes 
child" of my uncle John Barnes ; Kath. Seely my mother ; The 
child" of Reynold Wyberde of Enfeilde ; Child" of Widow 
Chaire of Chesthuut late wife of John Chaire ; Servants Eliz. 
Shambrocke, John Hoorewood & Cicillie Eesaunte ; Bro. Edw. 
Northo exor ; Bro. -in-law Wiu. Lowdam & neighbours .John 
Picking, Cutbcrd Augcl, John Shambrock & Symon Williams 
overseers. Wit^ : — Wm. Lowdam, Heur}^ Cockerel, John 
Picker, Symon Williams. {Pr. 20 May 1577). 

f. 261. HENRY YICCAS of Harestrete in psh. of Leistou. {Dat. 24 
Apr. 1577). Son John ; My 5 dans. Agues, Prudence, Mary, 
Jone & Susan; Thos. I3i'and the elder; Wife Kath. extrix. 
Wit^ : — John Diason, Michael Meritowne & Titus Chapman. 
{Fr. at Ware 20 May 1577). 

f. 261. JOHN SYlilMS of Stausted Abbot. [Dat. 6 May 1577). Son 
Thomas ; John Chalice ; AVm. & Nich. Sweete ; Wm. Rowe my 
m" servant ; Wm. Sweete ' the dum Boye ' ; Wife Joaue extrix. 
Wtt' :— Tho. Grave, Henry Bavforde, John Be\'ys & Symon 
Nobbs. {Fr. at Ware 20 May 1577). 

f. 261. THOMAS BUCEIE of Leyston, tanner. {Dat. 22 Mch. 1576). 
Dau. Susan (under 23) ; AVife Margt. ; Bro. Geo. Bucke ; Bros. 
John Bucke & 'Wm.. Hubbordo exors ; John Hubberd my 
father & AYm. Hawes my uncle overseers. IFit^ : — Lewys 
Eevnold vicar of Leyston, Tho. Watts, Jolm Etridge. {Fr. 
20 May 1576 [sic']). 

f. 263. AVILLLIM AVOMAVIlLL nf Barley. {J)af. 23 June 1577 . 
AA^'ife Alice ; Sons AVm. & Felix ; Lands called Little grene 
strete, bird pightle meade & tlie little close at AVell etide, close 
next the mylle lane, bakers piglitle, hey thorue hylle, laud 
purchased of Johu DowcU, the pece at the Sallowes ; House 
called the Bull purchased of Henry Hagar ; Land at Settcopp 
hille ; Tho child" of sons AVm. & Felix & dau. Kath. 
Stalibras & of dau. Margt. Crowche dec'^ ; John Goodchild ; 
Lands held of manor of Hadleys & land lying at Harson pathe ; 
Son Felix exor. int" : — John Grcnell, AVm. AA'omwell & Rich. 
Stalibras. {Fr. at Gedlcston 23 Apr. 1577). 

f. 264. AVILLIAM LOAVEN of Hamonde strete, in psh. of Chesthuute, 
yeoman. {Dat. 12 Mch. 1576). Sons Tlios. & Rich, exiu's ; 
Dau. Agnes Loweu : Tliomas Lowyii's wife. V'if" : — .John 
Cookt^ older & Symon Lowou & AVm. Jjowon mv sons >.*c Siuum 
Williams. ^Pr. at Ware 17 Apr. 1577\ 


f. 264. JOHN HALYWELL of Cliesthuute, smith. {Dat. 24 Mcli. 
1576). Daus. Kath. Halliwell & Marie Halliwell ; Eohort 
' my servaiite & brother ' ; Bro-iii-law John !Nottinp;ham ; Wife 
Eliz. extrix. Ji'H" : — Joliii Notingliam & Simon "Williams A'icar. 
{Pr. at Ware 17 Ajml 1577). 

f. 264. JOHN CARTEE (dim YPGRAVE of Barkway. {Daf. 12 
Mch. 1570). Wife Eliz. ; Son Wni. ; House lately purchased 
of John Mapleton ; Son Geo. (under 21) ; Wife extrix. 
Wti^ : — Eich. Turner, Nich. Eowler, Tho. Ipgrave ah Carter, 
Wm. Ea^-monde & Felix Womwell. {Fr. at Ware 17 Apr. 

265. BAETHOLOMEW BEOCKE of Broughin yeoman. {Daf. I'J 
Mch. 1577). AYife Joaue ; Son John ; Houses which Thos. 
Benet & Tho. Jackest now dwell in with a pightle at Eoydon 
Hille & land in Sjiackwel feildo, Erlsey foilde ; Son Eobt ; Ouo 
pightle at Eordebridge ; Jjands at C'ockyn, Mounecrofte ; Son 
Michael ; IJau. Mercie Castel ; Dau. Joane Brocke ; John 
Hedlam, vicar of Browghiu ; Henry Wattio & .Tolm Isacke 
my wife'^i bro. overseers ; Wife extrix. IVii^ : — Ealphe Brocke 
& John Brocke. {I'r. at Ware 17 Apr. 1577). 

To be Continued. 

|Luqm«itiones ^o$t ^Xovicnv 

[Inq. p.m. 35 Hen. VIII. No. 40]. 

Inquisition taken at Stevenage, co. Herts., 14 April 34 Hen. A'lll. 
[1543] before Edward Bury esq, escheator, after the death of Ealph 
Eowlett, senior esq'", by the oaths of George Clerk, Leonard Iluiiier 
ston, Edward Wilson, AVm. Eyer, Wm. Hiuone, Eich. Glandvile, Wm. 
Smythe, AVm. Cliapman, Jolm Hobyll, Wm. Hide, Thos. Hetlio, 
Walter Ward, AVm. Iverye & Henry Curteys who say that 

The said Ealph was seised as of fee in the manor or lordship uf 
Mynchenbury etc. in the parish of Barley, the manor of Horys in 
Barley, the manor of Newneham & the rectory & advowson of the 
vicarage of Newneham, the manor of Caldecot, & the advowson of the 
church or rectory of Caldecot, the manor of Eadwell near Baldok iS: 
the advowson of the church or rectory of Eadwell, the advoA\son 
or patronage of the vicarage of Eedboru, two closes Ij'ing in StiUing- 
lane in S' Albans, a close lying in Halj-well ' ultra rivulam ' in 
S' Albans, four messuages in SopweUane in S' Albans, a messuage in 
Halywell strete in S' Albans, a messuage called I'^verards in Ilalywell 
strete, twenty acres of meadow next the capital house or messuage in 
which the s'l Ealph was living, a messuage iu Fisshepulestrett in 
S' Albans, a close in the psh. of S' Stephens, the numor of Sandrigt> 
alias Sanderuggo & all lauds whatever & Ihydell tytlie etc., iu tlie 
parish of Sandrigge which were furmerly parcel of the Alouastery of 
S' Albans, the manor of Appesbury alias Apsabury & all & every 


views of frankpledg etc. appurtenant to the manors of Sandrige, 
Newneham, Caldccot, Eadwell, & the manors of Praye, Whestewyk, 
Goram Burv & Apsobuiy in as full a manner as Richard IJowremau 
abbot of the monastery of S' Albans held the same as by letters patent 
of the King to the s'^ Ealpli appears, also s'l Ealpli was seised of the 
messuage in which he was living in S' Albans, a tenement in which 

AVm. Harrys dwells in tlie psli. of S' Stephens 

& a tenement in which Rich. Bradbur}- dwells in 8' Albans. 

The s'l Ralph made his last will in form as follows \will reciie(t^'\. 

The manor of Miuchenbury is worth xij/. per ann. The manor of 
Horys in Barley is worth \l. vj«. viijrf. p^r ann. & is held of the king 
in cliief by service of the 20th part of a knights fee. The manor of 
Newneham & the advowson of the church are worth xix/. xs. \\d. per 
ann. The manor of Caldecott & advowson etc. are worth vii]7. 
xviij«. per ann. Tlie manor of Radwell & the advowson etc. are 
worth xiij/. vjv. viijV/. per ann. The manor of Sandryge with the 
brydell tythe, etc, are worth Ixx/. per ann. Tlie manor of Appesbury 
etc. are worth x/. per ann. All s'^ manors etc (except the manor of 
Horys) are held of the King in chief by knight's service. All the 
messuages & closes in S' Albans & S' Stephens are hold of the King in 
socage but at what rent the jurors are ignorant & are wortli xl. per 

Said Ralph died 4th March last & Ralph Rowlett is his sou & next 
heir & aged 30 years & more at the taking of this inquisition. 


[Inq.p.m. 21 Eliz. i\'o. 3]. 

; Inquisition taken at S' Albans, co. Herts., 2G Mcli. 27 Eliz. [1585], 

1 before John Brockett knt. & "Walter Tooke gent., feodaries, com- 

missioners of the Queen in s'' county, by virtue of a commission to 
Geo. Horsey esq., Rich. Fraucks esq., escheator, & AYm. Tooke esc[. 
auditor general of the Court of AVards & Liveries, after tlie death of 
Ralph Rowlett knt. by the oaths of John Astwick gent.. Rich. Adkyns, 
Henry Feilde, Rich. GronMynue, AVm. Cutt, Tho. Nicholles, Nich. 
Syblye, Roger Nicliolles, AVm. Robj'ns, Tho. Gronwynne, Geo. Car- 
penter, Geo. Besowthe & AVm. Turner, who say that 

Ralpli Rowlett, knight, was seised, as of fee, of a meadow called 
HallywoU Aleadowe neai S' Albans & a close in Saudridge called Lytle 
Halheath & of tlie manor & rectory of Saudridge & 7 acres & 10 
virgates of wood in a held called Potterswicke in Saudridge & 2 closes 
in Saudridge called AValmondes Close & Jeuuings Peildes containing 
30 acres & of certain parcels of land called Bewberries alias Bowberies 
in Saudridge & 20 messuages, 12 cottages, a dovecote & 4000 acres of 
laud, 300 acres of meadow, 2000 acres pasture, 800 acres wood, GOO 
acres of furze & lieath & xxx/. rent in Saudridge, AVhethamsted, 
Bishops Hatfeilde & S' Peter's near S' Albans. 

So seised, on the last day of Juno 8 Eli/. [1566], by indenture 
tripartite, made between s>i Ralph Rowlett by the name of Ralph 
Rowlett of Hallywell near S' Albans, knight, of tho one part & Ro1)t. 
Catlyn knt. chief justice of the Court of Queen's Bench, John South- 
cote esq. one of the justices of tlu^ s'^ court, Gilbert Gerrarde est^. 
attorney general, AVm. Lovelace esq. & Thos. Rolf gent, of tlie otlier 

* The Editor intends printing this will, and those of Sir Ralph and Affable 
Kowli'tt, in the next number. 



part, the s<i Ealpli ajj^reed that he, by good assurance, would convey to 
j the s'^ Eobt., Johu, Orilbert, Win., & Tlios. or the survivors of tlieiu, 

i the afores'' manor & premises by the name of the manor of Sandri"-e 

■j alias Sandruge & the rectory of Sandridge & all tliat annual pension 

i of 26«. 8(1. issuing from the vicarage of iSandridge, & the advowson of 

j s<i vicarage to In^ld the same to the use of Jas. Bacon, Thos. Andrewes 

I & Barth. Kempe for a term of four years, then to the use oi s'l lialpli 

f for life & after s'' Ilalph's death, as he should by Avill ajipoint, witli 

I remainder to the heirs of tlie body of s<i Ealph & in default of such 

J heirs then to the use of Ealph Geunyns emi. & his lieirs etc. And the 

I 8"* Ealjjli afterwards by indenture dated 1 July 8 Eliz. [1566] conveyed 

I 8^ premises to s'' Eobt. Catlyn & others accordingly. 

'i Ealph Eowlett was also seised of a capital messuage called Hally- 

I well in S' Albans & divers lands adjoining, called tlie Parke, lying on 

I the east side of s'^ messuage, witli lands in S' Albans callad 13radfords 

I or Bradfords Close, an acre of meadow in same parish now in tenure 

! of Thos. Bi-adforde, land called Pondewicke in the psh. of S' Albans, 

I a close in Hallywell in the psli. of S' Michaels in tenure of Geo. Bunne, 

I [^blank'j acres in S' Michaels parish on the eastern side of the common 

f waj' leading from the psh. of S' Albans to the psh. of S' Stephens, & 

f three messuages & lands in S' Michaels & S* Albans. 

So seised, on 2-5 July 8 Eliz. by deed between s'^ Ealpli of the one 
part & Thos. Colbye esq., Wm. Pliillips & Thos. EoKe gents of the 
other part, s'^ Ealph agreed, before the Michaelmas following to convey 
aU s^ last mentioned premises to s<i Colbye & others to the use of Jas. 
Bacon, Tho. Andrewes & Bai-th. Kempe for a term of four years, to 
uses similar to those previously mentioned. Said Ealph by deed dated 
27 July 8 Eliz. conveyed s*^ premises accordingly. 

Ealph was also seised of tlie manors of Newneham & Eadwell &• the 
rectory &: advowson of Newueham, which, with hereditaments iu 
Newnf^ham, Eadwell, Caldecote, Ilixwortlie, Bigrave & Baldock, he 
convej'ed iu tmst to s'' Eobt. Catlyn, John Southcotte & others with 
ultimate remainder to "\Vm. Skipwith esq. & his heirs. 

Ealph was also seised of the manor of Thedingworthe in the 
counties of Leicester & Northampton etc., which he settled in similar 
manner as before on trust for Henry Goodior esq. & his heirs. 

The said Ealph made his will dated 28 July 8 Eliz. [ fidlij rt'citedj. 
The meadow called Hallywell meade is held of the Queen iu 
chief by knights service &' is worth 20«. per ann. The close in 
Sandridge called Little Hall Heathe (how held the jurors do not know) 
is worth 33s. 4^/. per ann. Tho manor & rectory of Sandridge etc. are 
held of tho Queen in cliief by the service of the 40th part of a 
knights fee & rent of 8/. 6s. lid. & are worth 67^. Ss. 4.lcl. per ann. 
Messuage called Hallywell with the Park, Bradfords, Pondwick & 
closes etc. are held of the Queen iu chief by knights service & are 
worth 13/. 6.S. 8d. per ann. The manors of Newneham & Eadwell are 
lield of tlie Queen by knights service & worth 32/. per ann. The 
manor of Thedingwortli etc. are held of tlie Queen iu cliief by 
knights service iS: worth 30/. per ann. 

Said Eal^di died 20 Apr. 23 Eliz. [1581] & at the time of his death, 
Ealph Jennings esq., Henry Goodiere esq., Ealph I\Iaynardc gent.. 
AVm. Skipwith esq., \_bl(i!!/c^ wife of Geo. Hcrde & [/>la>ik^ wif(> of Wm. 
Sheather were next of kin & next heirs of s>i Ealph, viz. Er.lph 
Jennings esq. (aged 42 & more) son & lieir of Dorothy late wife of 
Barnard Jeimiugs cscj. dec*' one of the five sisters of s'' Ealph 


Eowlett ; Henry Goodiere esq. (ayod 35 & more) sou & heir of Ursula 
late wife of Francis Goodiere esq. deC^ another of h'^ sistere ; Ealph 
Maynard gent, (aged 34 & more) son & heir of Margery late wife 
of John Maynarde esq. deci another of s'' sisters ; Wm. Skipwith 
esq. (aged 40 & more) son & heir of Joan late wife of Thos. Skipwith 
esq. detfi anotlier of s'^ sisters ; & — Herde (aged 26) one of the two 
daus. & coheirs of Margaret late wife of Thos. Latham gent. 
dec<i another of s'^ five sisters, & — Sheather (aged 24 & now wife of 
Wm. Sheather) the other dau. of s'^ Margt. Lathom. 

Abstracts of Qert* pitllft. 


EEGISTER " STONEHAM."— CoxTixuED i-rom Page 47. 

f. 25. JOHANNES FORTHO \-icar of the church of S' Stephens near 
St Albans. {Daf.l Aug. 143o). Bur. in chancel of S' Stephens, 
before S' Stephens' altar ; To the fabric of s-i church 6«. 8d. ; 
To the convent of the monastery of S* Albans 26«. 8d. * ad 
oraudum etc' ; To John Hilton for hi.s good service a bed & 
two sheep ; To be distributed to the poor & for my burial cs. ; 
John Fortho my bro. & John Vessy sen'' to pay 13«. -id. ' cuidam 
pictori ad pingendum ymaginem sancti Stephani supradicti ' ; 
Residue to si^ bro. John Fortho & s*! Jolm Vessy sen'' ; Dated at 
S' Julians. {Pr. 18 Aug. 1435). 

f. 25. EICARDUS ELDEBURY of Sarette. {Daf. 1 ' Oct. 1435). 
My two daus ; Three other daus ; Wife Rose & son John exors. 

f. 25. THOMAS FAUNTONER of S' Albans. {Daf. ' die lune prox. 
ante festum ' S' Barth. apostle 1435). Bur. S' Peters ; John 
Tanner clerk of s-^i church ; My mother ; Alice late wife of John 
Smyth, skinner; Rich. Cony; Jolm Strynger; JohnMannyng; 
Wife Agnes extrix ; Rich. Wermyngton overseer. 

f. 25. WALTERrS HALE of Hexton. {Dxt. ' die Sancti Edwardi 
Regis et martiris ' 1435). Bur. at S* Faith the Virgin's in 
Hexton ; Legacy to the friars of Huclivn, Dunstabul, Bedforde 
& Cantebrig; Thos. sou of Tlios. Hale" & Wm. Hale 'confilijs 
meis ' ; Marion Taylor ; John & John Hale my sons exors. 
Willm. Basse, clerk, pei-pctual vicar of s^ church supervisor. 

f. 25. MARTINUS NORTHEY of Hexton. {Daf. S* Giles the 
Abbot's day 1435). Bur. at S' Faith's in Hexton; Legacy to 
the mending of a road called LyrcheSlayne ; The Carmelite 
Friars of Hychyn ; Serv' Alice Wodewarde ; Dau. Alice ; John 
Crowch & Wm. Crowch. 

f. 25. AVILLIELMUS ATTEWYNCIIE of S' Albans. {Daf. in the 
vigil of S' Matth. the apostle 1435). Bur. at S' Peters ; Legacy 
to the vicar of S' Andrews ; Wife Alice & John lloggokyu exors. 



f. 25. JOHANNES PENY barbor of S' Albans. {Bat. in vigil of 
S' Andrew the apostle 1435). Bur. S* Peters ; Wife Matilda 
extrix ; Tho. Bordale sujiervisor. 

f. 25. THOMAS PUSSELL of Watforde. {Bat. 2 Nov. 1435). Bur. 
at S* Mary's ; John "VVellis of A\'atforde ; Dionis my wife ; 
Dau. Kath. {Fr. 3 Dec. 1435). 

f. 25. JOHANNES ELE of Nortkhawe. {Bat. S' Stephen's day 
1434). Bur. Northawe ; John Lowyu son of my wife ; "Wife 
Thomasine extrix. 

f. 25. JOHANNES SPANNER of S' Albans. {Dat. in the feast of 
S' Benedict the abbot & confessor 1435). Bur. at S* Peters ; 
Wife Matilda extrix ; John Alkeburn & Eobt. Bradley super- 

f. 26. THOMAS WEYBYN clerk & rector of Lawrenc Ayott. {Dat. 
15 Jan. 1435). Bur. at S' Giles', Codicote ' ubi clausi extrema ' ; 
Legacies to churches of Codicote, Ayot & Abbots AValdeyn ; 
Agnes North ; Evace Trewbody ; John Northe ; Henry 
Wynfforde vicar of Abbots Walden supervisor & John Skegge 
of Wadysmyle exor. 

f. 26. THOMAS DAYE of liykem'sworth. {Bat. 8 Jan. 'ultimo 
elapso '). John Brannanttr clerk of the parish ; Tho. Stretman 
parish clerk ; To the kings liigliway between the tenement of 
Wm. Elete & the garden of Eien Bayly vj.s. viijrf. ; Agnes wife 
of John Cartere ; Alice my mother ; Alice wife of Simon at 
ye verne & Margt. her dau ; Kath. & Agnes her sisters ; Margt. 
wife of Wm. Wymond ; John sou of John Cartere & Rich, his 
bro. & Eliz. his sister ; Wm. son of Rich. Slyngere & Margerie 
his sist. ; Matilda Kyug widow & Katli. her sist. ; Anice 
Eot"^ widow ; John Kepe ; Simon Croile ; Isabel CoUe ; Tho. 
Dauy ; John Rowe ; Kath. Erowe ; Walter Pauper ; John 
Batte ; Rich. Godfrey ; Sim. Webbe ; William Pauper ; AValt. 
Daye ; John Cartere & Rich. Slyngere exors. {Pr. before John 
Peyton archdeacon of S* Albans 12 Feb. 1435-6). 

f. 26. JOHANNES MARTIN of Newnham, junior. {Bat. S' Thomas 
the Martyr's day 1434). Bur. at Newnam ; Dau. Alice; AVife 
Agnes, Thos. Rocheforde & Rich. Martin exors. {Fr. 13 Mch. 
1435-6). t 

t 26. JOAN WALSCH of S' Stephens without S"^ Albans. {Bat. 10 
Mch. 1435). Bur. at S' Stephens; Legacy to tho friars of 
Ware & ' duobus clericis sancti Stephani ' ; John Wrygte & 
Christian his wife ; Said John Wrigte. {Fr. 14 Mch. 1435-6). 

f. 26. THOMAS LLTNDON of S' Albans. {Dat. 1 Juuo 1433). 
Bur. at S' Peters ; Legacies to tho friars minors of A^'are, the 
preaching friars of Dunstaple, Kathcrine the anchoress of 
yt Michaels in S' Albans, Philip Gerarde servant of s<i Katheriue ; 
Wife Elen extrix. Wits ; — Roger Sello chaplain, Tho. Heyne 
of S' AJbans. {Fr. 30 Mch. 1436). 

f. 26. CHRISTLVN MARYON. {Bat. 10 Jan. 1435). Bur. at 
Watford; Sir Robt. Brytou chaplain of that church; John 
Caucho clerk of s'l church & Ralph Smyth clerk of s^ church ; 
Son. Rich. Maryoii cxt)r. {Fr. 3 Apr. 1436). 


f. 26. JOAN CHAPMAN of Northehawc. {Bat. 16 Mcli. 1435). 
Bur. at Northhaw ; Sir Eubert chai)laiu of s<i church ; Dau. 
Joan Flcxmere exor. 

f. 26. JOHANNES FYNELL of Little Horwode. {Dat. 4 Juue 
1436). Bur. at HorwoJo atores'i ; Thos. Wynterton peri)utual 
vicare of s^^ church & wife Joan exors. 

f. 26. AVILLELMUS BARNABE (.f Baruot. {/M. in the feast of 
S' Barnahas the apostle 1435). Bur. at St John the Baptist's, 
Barnet ; Legacies to churches of Sosvthmymys & Monkj^nchyrche 
& the chapel of Barnet ; My wife ; Dau. Agnes ; Philip Baruabe 
& Eich. Bamabe exors. 

f. 26. JOHANNES EREND of Chepyug Barnet. {Bat. 5 May 1435). 
Bur. at-StrJohn Baptist's ; Wife Isabell & Wm. Nycoll exors. 
Wit^:— Walter Eorster, John Prior, Edmund Elyse, John 

f. 26. JOHANNES BYSCHOP of S* Albans. {Dat. in the feast of 
saints Fabian & Sabastian the martyrs 1435). Bur. at S* Peters- 
Lam-ence Cros ; Alice servant of John Holond ; John Holond 
& Helen his wife exors. {Pr. 16 July 1436j. 

2o be Continued. 

By a. E. GIBBS. 

(Continued from Page 8). 

October 31. William Eawlius of Carriugton, tailor, bachelor, and 

Elizabeth Stone of St. Albaus, maiden. Edward Stephens of St. 

Albans, cowper, a surety. 
November 25. Thomas Hutchinson of St. Albans, gent., bachelor, 

and Elizabeth Lightos, maiden. WiUiam Chappell of Berk- 

hamsted, miller, a surety. 
November 25. Samuell Turner junr., bachelor, and Anne Chambew 

alias Halsey, daughter of Edward Halsey of Flamstedd, maiden ; 

at Flamstedd, Samuel Turner of St. Albans, gent., his father, a 

December 24. John Kilbey of St. Albans, weaver, bachelor, and 

Mary Pooley of Harpenden, maiden. John Mathews of St. 

Albans, weaver, a surety. 
December 28. Thomas Sabisford of Watford, gent., and Mrs. Sarah 

Edlyn of Watford, maiden. John Burton of St. Albans, iuu- 

holdcr, a surety. 
January 30. John Monko of Greenwich, co. Kent, gardener, 

bachelor, and Sara Halsey now of St. Albaus, maiden. William 

Lawton of Luton, co. Bedford, keeper, a sui-ety. 


February 11. John Preist of Abbots Langley, bachelor, and Sarali 

Neale of the same. John How of the same, a surety. 
February 21. Emanuel Kentish of St. Albans and Sarah Capon of 

the same. Solomon Smyth of the same, a surety. 
February 25. Jonathan Ednionds of Watford, yeoman, bachelor, and 
Elizabeth HiU of the same, widow. Joseph Bailey of St. Stephen's, 
yeoman, a surety. 
March 19. John Sibley of Kimpton Street, gent., bachelor, and Susan 
Nash, daughter of AVilliam Nash of Kimpton. Seth Gladmau 
of the same, yeoman, a surety. 
March 25. "William Neale of Harpenden, yeoman, widower, and Anne 
Knight of Broughton, co. Buckingliam, widow. Thomas Eoyston 
of Harpenden ' scriba ' a surety. 
March 25. Thomas Thebridge of Sandridge, husbandman, bachelor, 
and Mary Hawkes, maiden. Francis ChappeU [signed ChappillJ 
of Sandridge, blacksmith, a surety. 
April 15. Thomas Carter of St. Albans, bachelor, and Sara Dunne of 
the same, maiden. Thomas Carter of Harpenden, husbandman, 
a surety. 
May 30. Nicliolas Hunt of St. Albans, husbandman, bachelor, and 

Elizabeth Weedon of the same, maiden. 
\_Undated']. Henry Beecli of Northaw, j-eoman, widower, and Ruth 
Barekggs, the daughter of Jo. Bareleggs, maiden. [Umifined 
and no surety^. 
June 10. Eobert Smith of Ridge, husbandman, bachelor, and Mary 
Robins, maiden, daughter of Joseph Robins of South Mims. 
Edward Ffowke of St. Albans, gent., a surety. 
June 19. Thomas Slow of St. Albans, bodymaker, bachelor, and Anne 
Johnson of Hatfeild, maiden. Edward Ffowke of St. Albans, 
a surety. 
June 28. Robert Ivory of Luton, co. Bedford, husbandman, widower, 
and Elizabeth Hill of the same, widow. Edward Ffowke of St. 
Albans, a surety. 
September 23. John Bunby of Bushey, yeoman, bachelor, and 
Elizabeth Dell of the sanie, maiden. Edward Dell of St. Stephens, 
yeoman, a surety. 
September 27. Isaa'ck Freeman of Biscott in the parish of Luton, co. 
Bedford, yeoman, bachelor, and Yertue Rotheram of Caddington. 
Thomas Hall of St. Albans, yeoman, a surety. 
September 29. AVilliani Stephens [sicined Steevens] of St. Albans, 
cooper, bachelor, and Dorothy Robinson of Aldenham, maiden. 
William Milward [xit/ned ^Millard] of St. Albans, butcher, a surety. 
September 29. Richard Grovor of Gaddesden but now of St. Albans, 
yeoman, bachelor, and ilavgaret Rotten, daughter of Tliomas Potton 
iDf G-addesden. Thomas Hall of Gadsden, yeoman, a surety. 
October 7. Francis Catlyu ' tempore licentie obtente de Sco Albano ' 
bachelor, and Hannah Darnell, n\aiden, daughter of Edward 
DarnoU. Richard Lloyd, a surety. 
October 7. John Cooke of St. Albans, tailor, bachelor, and Mary 
Cannon of the same, maiden. John Barnett [signed John 
Barnard junr.] of the same, gent., a surety. 
October 12. Thomas Wright of Wh(Hhainsted, bachelor, and Ellen 
Beckett of St. Albans, widcnv. Thmnas Feusham [signed Fensam] 
of St. Albans, husbandman, a surety. 


October 28. Isaack Scott of St. Albuiis, cutler, bachelor, and Mary 
Crawley, maiden. William Crawley of St. Albans, her father, a 

November 8. William North of Codicott, husbandman, bachelor, and 
Elizabeth Blindell, maiden, daugliter of William Blindle of 
Wellen. Thomas Eotheram [signed Eotherham] of St. Albans, 
innholder, a surety. 

November 15. Thomas Jones of Harpendon, gardener, widower, and 
Mary Dixon of St. Albans, maiden. Edmund Camfeild of St. 
Albans, chandler, a surety. 

December 2. John Lever of Hatfeild, brewer, bachelor, and Anne 
Baker of the same, maiden. George Barnes of St. Albans, inn- 
holder, a surety. 

December 11. Thomas Hodierne of Titenhanger, gent., bachelor, 
and Mary Gray of Coney, maiden. Thomas Spooner of Titen- 
hanger, gent., a surety. 

December 25. John Blake [sif/ned Black] of St. Albans, bachelor, and 
Mary Matthews, daughter of John Matthews of St. Peters. John 
Matthews [signed Mathew] of St. Albans, a surety. 

[Undated']. John Baldwin of Abbots Langley, yeoman, bachelor, and 
Mary Taylor, maiden, daughter of John Taylor of Pynner, co. 

January 2. Thomas Bulmer of Little Gadsden, yeoman, and Marj' 
Man, maiden. George Barnes of St. Albans, a surety. 

January 6. John Sheppard of Abbots Langley, husbandman, bachelor, 
and Elizabeth Heggs of Eickmersworth, maiden. George Barnes 
of St. Albans, plumber, a surety. 

January 31. Benjamin Eobinson of Southmims, gent., bachelor, and 
Mary Manfeild, maiden. Thomas Pursey of South Mims, yeoman, 
a surety. 

February 3. Thomas Eoberts of Whethamstedd, yeoman, widower, 
and Anne Coles, widow. George Barnes of St. Albans, a surety. 

February 12. Henry Holford, of Watford, widower, and Sarah 
Dossett, maiden. John I)i)ssett, her father, of St. Albans, tailor, 
and Eichard Boech of the same, glover, sureties. 

February 15. William Slowe of Plamsted but now of St. Albans, 
bachelor, and Elizabeth Smitli, maiden, daugliter of Thomas 
Smith of Elamsted. Michael Slowe of tlie same, yeoman, a surety. 

February 17. Eichard Foxon of Abbots Langley, tanner, and Mary 
Walcupp of the same, maiden. George Barnes of St. Albans, 
plumber, a surety. 

^[ai'ch 2. Benjamin Tilvard of Bushey, liusbaudman, bachelor, and 
Sara Grubb of the same, maiden. George Bai-nes of St. Albans, 
plumber, a surety. 

[Undated]. Eobert Arrowsmitli of St. Albans, husbandman, bachelor, 
and Margaret Hey ward, maiden, treorge Barnes, a surety. 

March 3. George East of Ilarpondou but now of St. Albans, husband- 
man, widower, and Anne Clianiliers aliax IFalscy of St. Albans, 
widow. Jose[)h Ewer of St. .Vlbnns, cooper, a surety. 

March 23. George Williams of Sandridge, husbandman, and Elizabotli 
Hinde of Great Avte, widow, (ioorgc Barnes of St.AHians.a suretv. 

Apinl 1. John Sparkes of Eedborne, luisbiindman, baclidor, and Anne 
Kelsey, maiden, daugliter of DaTiiell Kelsey of tlie same. Walter 
lieech, a surety. 


April 20. .Tf)seph Eolnns [xlfined Robbins] of South Mims, co. Mirldlo- 

sex, husbandman, bachelor, and Mary Thralo of Sandridge, 

maiden. Solomon Smith of St. Albans, a surety. 
April 20. Edward Eandall of Tuddington, co, Bedford, and Mar}- 

Hooker, maiden. John Hudson of St. Stephens, a surety. 
May 15. John Spenser of St. Albans, blacksmith, bachelor, and 

Martha Harford of St. Peters, maiden. John Mathews of St. 

Albans, a surety. 
May '15. Ealph Claxstone [^m'(/ned Claxson] of Bushey, millei', 

bachelor, and Sara Taylor of Harrow-on-the-Hill, co. Middlesex. 

Thomas Smith of Abbots Langley, milwright, a surety. 
June 8. William Kentish of Watford, tailor, widower, and Agnes 

Greene of St. Peters, maiden. John Hall of St. Albans, a surety. 
June 15. John Nash of St. Albans, husbandman, bachelor, and 

Dorothy Blaker of Luton, maiden. Belknap Tibbalts of St. 

Albans, plumber, a surety. 
June 15. William Clements of St. Albans, husbandman, bachelor, and 

Elizabeth Shakespeai'e, maiden, daughterof William Shakespeare of 

Whethamsted. Bellknap Tibbalts ^)i St. iUbans, plumber, a surety. 
June 17. Nathaniel Myles of Redborne, weaver, bachelor, and 

Anne Gierke of St. Albans, maiden. Francis Sleape of St. 

Albans, tailor, a surety. 
June 30. Richard Ticheler and Elizabeth Shelton, widow. Robwt 

Lemmon of St. Albans, a surety. 
July 20. William Neale of Sandridge, tailor, widower, and Elizabeth 

Kilby of Harding, maiden. John Leonard of St. Albans, tailor, 

a surety. 
July 25. Joseph Baj'ley [signed Bailey] of St. Stephens, and 

Susanna Smitli of the same, maiden. Edward Efowke of St. 

Albans, a surety. 
August 3. Thomas Horseman of Watford, and Elizabeth Halsey of 

Great Gadsden. John Hall of St. Peters, a surety. 
August 5. Hugh Michell of St. Stephens, and Elizabetli Preston of 

St. Albans. John Wingfeild of St. .Ubans, a surety. 
August 9. John Twydy of 8t. Andrew, Holborn, London, bachelor 

and Ableing Walcope. John Tilby of St. Stephens, a surety. 
September 16. James Barber of Harrow-on-the-Hill, co. Middlesex, 

mealman, bachelor, and ilartha Downer of St. Albans, maiden. 

WiUiam Steevens of St. Albans, cooper, a surety. 
September 17. John Guruey of Luton, co. Hertfordshire [*■/>] and 

Rose NicoUs of tlie same. Richard Baker of St. Peters, a surety. 
September 19. John Shepheard of St. Stephens, bachelor, and Sarah 

Grunwind of tlie same, maiden, spinster. William Nicholls of 

St. Peters, a surety. 
September 23. TlKjiuas Turner of Abbots Langley, bricklayer, 

widower, and ]']lizabeth Lightwood of the same, widow. John 

Mathew of St. Albans, Aveaver, a surety. 
September 24. William Field of Hexton, yeoniau, widower, and 

Rebecca Hales of tlie same, maiden. Thomas Reynolds [sii/ncd 

Rennolds] of St. Albans, dyer, a surety. 
September 30. Edward P(MTott of ^larket Streete, bachelor, and Anne 

\\'Iiit(^ of St. AUiaus, maiden. Stephen Huggeus of Harpenden, a 

sun^ty.<.V 30. James Peun of Hatfeild but now of St. Albans, 

hu-l>;iiiilmaii, bachelor, and Jone Cox maiden. Jolin Richard- 

-oii nf Hatfeild, liusbandman, a surety. 

96 TiiK iiKUTs GENKAT-orasr. 

September 30. Edward Seabrooke of Eedborne, husbandman, 

bachelor, and Mary Eeddinge of same, maiden. George Barnes 

of St. Albans, a suret}'. 
\_Undated'\. Richard Allen of Hempsted, but now of St. Albans, 

husbandman, bachelor, and Joane Hutt of St. Albans, maiden. 

John Mathew of St. Albans, weaver, a surety. 
October 3. AVllliam Chalkley of Codicot, widower, and Mary Adams 

of the same, maiden. Jo. Adams of the same, a surety. 
October 22. John Chapman of Ridge, husbandman, bachelor, and 

Mary Kentish of the same, niaiden. John Spencer of Southmims, 

gardener, a surety. 
November 9. Edward Grunwyn [^signed Grunwin] of St. Albans, 

widower, and Sarah Burre of the same. William Richmond of 

St. Peters, a surety. 
November 15. Joshua Cai^ienter of St. Albans, inuholder, widower, 

and Anne Chamberlaine of the same, widow. Richai-d Neale of 

the same, innholder, a surety. 
November 23. Roger Harris of St. Albans, yeoman, bachelor, and 

Anne "Wilson of St. Peters. Thomas Goodspeede of St. Albans, 

husbandman, a surety. 
December 1 1 . Thomas Catlyn [si/jned Cathn] of Flamstedd, husband- 
man, bachelor, and Mary "Walker, maiden, daughter of Nathaniell 

AValker of Eedborne. "^William Seabrooke [signed Seabroke] of 

St. Albans, gent., a surety-. 
December 16. Thomas Scoft of St. Albans and Anne Baldwin of 

Abbotts Langly, maiden. Thomas Cowley junior of St. Albans, 

a surety. 
December 20. John Eedes of Hempstedd, husbandman, bachelor, 

and Susan Hancocke of St. Albans, maiden. George Barnes of 

St. Albans, plumber, a surety. 
December 24. Thomas Cornefcn-d of Northaw and Mary "Westwood 

of Cheshunt. John Hall of St. Peters, a surety. 
December 28. Henry Turpiu of Redborue, butcher, bachelor, and 

Susan Sturgis of the same, maiden, daughter of John Sturgis. 

James Hidme of St. Albaus, shoemaker, a surety. 
January 15. .John Crawley of Kimpton, yeoman, bachelor, and 

EHzabeth Mashall, widow. TluMuas O.\.enford of Luton, co. 

Bedford, tailor, a suretj-. 
[Undated']. Thomas Stevenson of Harpeuden, yeoman, bacheh)r, and 

Martha Sturley, maiden. Francis Neves of St. Albans, brewer, 

a surety. 
January 21. Anthony Paulkkiiii;lioorne [aigiii'd Polkiughorne"] of 

St! /Ubans, glovt'i-, and Katharine Driw of the Abbey jiarish, 

maiden. Ricliard "Wliitc^ of St. .Mhaus, gluver, a surety. 
Jamiarv 31. Tliomas Leacli of Harding and Anne Man. Jeremiah 

AV'hethered [,s7///^(v/ Jeremy WciIktimI]. a surety. 
February 3. Henry K(Mitisli ot St. Stepliens g.Mit., bachelor, and Sarah 

Kentish of same, widow. John Leigh uf St. Albans, gent., a surety. 
Februarv 8. William Pearmer c.f ('a.lington but now of St. Albans, 

vooiuan. and ^Tary Smith, maiden, daughter of liichard Smith of 

AVliethanisted. geiit. .b.srpli Kwer of St. Albaus. cooper, a surety. 
February 10. Joliii l.awniue of St. Albjins, ganh-ner, bachelor, and 

Peiielope Jackson, maiden. Tiuimas Towersend of St, Albaus. 

gardener, a surety. 

To be Voniinut'd. 


gumbcrstdiic of pJalketnt, etc. 




[He ff titer 3. 13]. 
EDWAED HUMBERSTON of Walkorue, yeoman. {Bat. 5 Apr. 
1583). Bur. in psh. clmrcli of W. ; To wife Agnes all leases of all 
the demeanes of Walkerne for 15 years after my decease for the 
bringing up of my child" & she to have the occupation of all my 
copy lands for life ; To eldest son Wm. 100/. at 2G ; To second son 
Geo. 100 marks at 21 ; To yoimgest son John tlie like; To el<li'st 
dau. Agnis 40/. at 18; To second dau. Hislie 40/.: After wifes 
interest expires all st^ leases to s'^ Wm., with remainders to sons (reo. 
& Jolin ; Money owing me by bro. Wm. Humberston, I give to bru. 
John H. & Alee Hagger my sisters dau. ('([ually ; To servant Eobt. 
Clai'ke xs. ; To servants Jeames Sheppte, Blase Xaslie, Isbell Pay- 
ment & Agnis Gilbert iij«. nijd. each ; To poor of Walkern xx.v. ; 
To M"^ John Clarke vicar of Potton for preaching of one sermon ar 
my burial xs. ; To M"" John Headlam vicar of Bralfin for preaching 
one sermon within one month after my decease vja-. xnjd. : To 
M'' Browemau vicar of Sandon the like ; To tlie repair of Walkern 
church X.S. : Eesidue to wife & she extrix ; Father in law Wm. 
Clarke overseer. Wit« : — AVillm. Middelton, clarke, & Willm. 
Clarke. (Pr. 10 July 1583). 

IReghter 3. 31b]. 

RICHARD HUMBERSTON of Walkurne in dioc. of Lincoln. 

(A//. 3 July 1576). Bur. in psh. (^luirch of AV. ; To the poor mens 

box xxrf. ; To oldest sou Jolin tlie messuage called Holmes wherein 

1 now dwell & all my lands etc. in W. to him & his heirs male, 

with successive remainders to sous Jjconard, Edw., "\Vm., Henry, «.t 

Gyles, i-emainder to my right heirs for over; Wife Agues to dwell in 


B^ messuage called Holmes ; To sons Edw., "Wm., Henry & Gyles 
53«. 4rf. ; To dau. Alice Humberston 40s. ; To dau. Grace Hum- 
berston 7/.; Eesidue to wife Agnes & she extrix. Wit^: — Tlio. 
Weddell, John Philer, Wm. Clere & otliers. {Fr. 2 May 1582). 

\_Register 4. 400]. 
WILLIAM HUMMEESTONE of WeUwin. {Undated). 'Tomyvij 
children to every on of them j cawe and a pugge ' ; To dau. Cath. 
a pair of sheets ' on of the an open seme sheete which was her 
granmothers ' ; To 'my iij other ' sons Wm., Lewis & John to either 
of them one sheet ; Residue to wife An. Wit^ : — Robart Barret, 
Nycolas Siggines, Jeamcs Penyfather, Eliz. Penrye, Tho. Fryth. 
{Pr. at Whethamsted 9 Apr. 1606). 

[^Register 5. 32]. 
JOHN HTJMBEESTONE of Bramfeild. {Bat. 17 May 1610). Bur. 
in churchy'^ of B. ; To wife a cowe, bed etc. & ' all the stuffe that 
shee did bringe to me wlien I married her first ' ; To my 4 daus. 
10*. each ; To grandch. Edw. H. 30s. ; To son John 5s. ; Son Eobt. 
exor. Wit«:— Alice Butler, Eobt. Bird, John Hill, Tho. Butler, 
Wm. Bazill x . {Pr. at S' Albans 9 June 1610). 

1 \_Register 5. lig^]. 

i LEWIS HUMMEESTONE {Undated). To bro. John all such 

I things as are in his house of mine as also my cloak my best suit of 

\ apparel with a table clotli ; To bro. Wm. second suit of clothes ; 

i To my two sisters Kath. & Anne two chests ' each of tliem one my 

' payro of sheetes one of them to wiude mee in the other to Martha 

j Kinge ' ; Eesidue to bro. John ; My sheep I give to Thomas, my 

i brother John his son. (Pr. 1613). 

IFiled Wills. 1625]. 
THOMAS HUMBAESTON of Stevenage, yeoman. {Bat. 25 Oct. 
1625). To sons Edward, George & Eobert 30/. at 26 by even 
portions, the portion of any son dying before that age to be ecj^ually 
divided between my two daus. at 26 ; To son Thos. 20s. at 26 ; To 
my two daus. Agnes & Ellin Humbarston 10/. at 26 by even 
portions ; To wife Eliz. all lands & tenements in Stevenage for tei'm 
of 17 years & all moveable goods, she to bring up my child" etc. ; 
To sun John & his heirs all lands & tenements in Stevenage with 
remainder to my son Thos. conditionally on them paying to my said 
wife after the end of 1 7 years, for her life 6/. yearly ; Wife extrix ; 
Wm. Greene sen'' «S: Eich. Adams overseers. \_2Iark^. Wit^ : — 
Wm. Wilshere, Francis Homberstou, Eobt. Andrew X , Eich. 
Kimpton, John Kent X . {Pr. at Whethampsted 16 Nov. 1625). 

[Acta 1626-7. /. 34]. 
LEONAEI) HUMBEESTON. Note of admon. 19 Apr. 1627. 

[Act Book '^No. 5." /. 14]. 
ELIZABETH IlUMliEESTON of Walkern, maiden. Admon. 23 
June 1636 to Tliomas Humberston, gent. ' nepoti ejusdem.' 


[Filed £o7ids. 1638]. 

THOMAS HUMBERSTON of Walkerne, geut. ' A decree agaiust 
M' Humberston to exhibits a true and full certificate of his due 
frequentinge of his parishe church of Walkerne & divine service 
there had vnder the hands of the Ministers & Churchvrardens there 
from the daye of the monicon judicially given him in this behalfe.' 
Dated 25 Oct. 1638. 

[Filed Wills. 1639.] 

JOHN HOMEESTONE of Stevenage. {Bat. 1 Jan. 1639). To wife 
Cicely all lands & tenements, freehold & copyhold, during minority 
of Thos. my eldest son, for the education of s^ Thos. also of Eobt. 
my other son ; On Thos. attaining 21 then s"! lands and tenements to. 
him & his heirs he paying to my son Eobt. 30/. at 21 & in default of 
payment I devise to a^ Eobt. a close of land in Lucefeild called the 
three acre close abutting on a lane leading to Hei-tf[ord] on the 
north ; After s* Thos. attain 21, he to pay to my s'^ wife 61. yearly ; 
To s^ wife all moveables & I make her extrix. [IfarJc']. Wit* : — 
Edw. Fissile, John Greene, John Harvey x . (Pr. at Wellwin 27 
Jan. 1639). [Filed Bonds. 1650]. 

WILLIAM HUMBEESTONE of Bishops Hatfield. Bond dated 22 
Feb. 1650 in 40/. by Thos. Humberston, taylor, brother of deceased 
& Eichard Wilkinson, clerk, both of same place. Wit^ : — Wm. 
Eolfe, notary public. ^^^^ .^^^,. g ^.^ 

EOBEET HUMBEESTON of Hatfeild. {Bat. 16 Sep. 1661). To 
dau. Eliz. wife of John Turner 20s. & to John & Mary her child'i 10s. 
each ; To son Edw. 51. ; To dau. Anne 10/. ; To dau. Alice 10/. ; 
To wife Alice 5/. ; Working tools to my two sons ; My house to wife 
Alice for life & after to son John & he exor. [Mark']. Wit^ : — 
Eras. Hare, Tho. AVilkinson. {Pr. 27 Nov. 1661). 

[Filed Wills. 1662]. 
MAEGAEET HUMMEESTON of Little Barkliamsteed, widow. 
{Dat. 28 Aug. 1662). To Edw. Bird son of Wm. Bird living in 
Aldersgate Street in London, hempman 10/. ; To Eliz. Humerstuii 
dau. of Edw. H. of Hatfield my best featherbed etc; To AVm. 
Field of Welwyn 20s. & to Mary Field of same 20«. & to her sist. 
Eliz. Field 20.s.'; To Ann** Write wife of Samuel Write of Harting- 
fordbury 20«. & to Margt. wife of Eich. Okely of Hai-tford 20s. ; To 
poor of Little Barkliamsteed 10s. ; Eesidue to bro. Edw. Hummer- 
ston of Hatfield & he exor. [Mark']. Wit« :— Nath. Matthew. 
Francis Barton x . {Fr. 3 Feb. 1662)r 

[Register 8. 98^]. 
WILLIAM HUMBEESTON of Weston, co. Herts, yeoman. {Bat. 
27 Sep. 1667). To wife Suzan the house wherein I now live & the 
pightle over agaiust y<^ doore etc ; To son Eobt. my mansion house 
wherein Tlios. Shadboidt lives etc. ; also my tile kill etc. ; To sou 
^^ ui. tenement wherein I dwell after my wife's decease, he paj'iug 
to my son John 10/. ; To son Fras. y« kill closes in Stoonley etc. ; 
To son Thos. messuage where John Titmous liveth ; To my two 
dau.'s. Mary & Susau 15/. apiece ; Wife Susan & eldest son Eobt. & 
son-in-law Tlios. Sliadboult exors. Wm. Humberston. AVit' : — Joliu 
Harmer, Barbury Humberston X , Dorothy Humberston X . v-''''- 
14 Oct. 1667). 


[Ftled Bonds. 1669]. 
EDWAED HUMBEESTON of parish of Hertford AU Saints. Bond 
dated 8 Jan. 21 Chas. II. in 200/. by Mary Humharston of Hertford 
AU Saints widow & relict & Tlios. Hawkins of Bennington, liushand- 
man. Wit' : — T. Burges, Edw. Spranger. 

[Filed Wills. 1670]. 
JOHN HUMBAESTONE of Aston, gent. {Dat. 13 Aug. 22 Chas. 
II.) To son "Will, full two parts of all my goods, chattells & moneys ; 
To dau. Frances & dau. Mary all residue of my goods etc. equally ; 
Son Wm. exor. John Humbarstone . [Seal of arms. Three bars & 
in chief as many roundels, a crescent for difference]. Wif : — Mary 
BaUett, Ni. Gierke, John Burnajip. 

Codicil dat. 13 Aug. 1670, appointing kinsman Nich. Clerke of 
Barnards Inn, London, gent, exor during minority of son Wm. 
My child" to allow to my exor the yearly paj^-ments to my Aunt 
Humbarstone, her daughter & my sister Ann Humbarstone for their 
lives. (P/-. at Welwin 14 Dec. 1670). Inventory of goods appraised 
19 Aug. 1670 bv Tlios. Kent gent. & John Biirnapp gent. Total 
614Z. 8«. Id. 

[Filed Wills. 1675]. 
THOMAS HUMBEESTONE of Clayend in psh. of Walkerne, 
' vman' [?yeoman]. {Bat. 17 June 1675). To wife Catheren house 
I now live in & three pasture closes belonging to it, with orchard & 
other premises, for her life & after to son John & his heirs for ever ; 
Eesidue to wife & sou together & they to be exors. \_2[arh'\. Wit^ : 
—Giles OUiuer. {Fr. at Bennington 19 July 1675). 

[Filed Wills. 1677]. 
JOHN HUMBEESTONE of Dlggeswell, miller. {Dat. 14 Dec. 1676). 
To bros. Eobt., Henry & Tlios. Humberstone bs. each ; To sist. Eliz. 
Withers 5s. ; Eesidue to wife Anne whom I make extrix. John 
Mtiemherston. [Seal of arms* : — a fess between three plates: crest : — 
an arm holding in the hand a lions gamb.] Wit^ : — AVill. Minors, 
Dauid Day. {Jurat dated 6 Feb. 1676-7). 

[Filed Wills. 1684]. 
WILLIAM HUMBEESTON vi Weston, labourer. {Dat. 7 July 
1683). To wife Mary all my goods & chattels & the house I now 
dwell ill with tlie two pightelU of pasture adjoining for her life nr 
widowhood & aftor her decease or marriage tlien to dau. Mary; Said 
wife extrix. [jVark^. AVit*: — Giles Wallis, Mary Shottbolt x, 
Mary Humberston x . {Jarat dated 2 May 1684). 

[Filed Wills. 1684]. 
MAEY HUMBEESTON cf Ilortford, spinster. {Dat. 5 Mch. 1683\ 
To sist. Anne Humberston all riglits & title to tlio house wlierein I 
now live, also all goods etc. in s'* liouse & elsewhere : Said sist. 
extrix. [J/(fr^]. AVif" : — Elizabeth Wren, John (ireeiiiiige, (.'Iiarles 
Fox. {Jurat dated 13 Sep. 1684). 

* These are the imiuivirtl Ixaviiiffs of the Miiuu's fiuiiily. 


[Filed Bonds. 1686]. 
EDWARD HUMBERSTON of Bishops Hatfield. Bond dated 7 Dec. 
1686 in 100/. by Margaret Hmuberston, John Thredder & Hen. Bole 
all of same. Wit^ : — Wni. Goodwin, Sam' Fox, Eeg""^ As>iuuipt. 
[Endorsed with Jurat dated same day of Mary [sic] H. widow & 
relict of Edw. Huniberston. In the body of the bond the name is 
given once as Mary']. 

[Filed Bonds. 1687]. 
JOHN HUMMERSTON of Flamsted. Bond dated 23 June 1687 in 
lOOZ. by Elizabeth Humnierston of Flamsted, widow & relict, Tho. 
Smith of Flamsted, yeoman, & John Selles of Hemel Hempsted. 
Wits . — Eobt. Whitehead & Joseph Hackney. 

[Register 12. S^]. 
TIMOTHY HUMBERSTON of Walkern, lathrender. {Nunc, will 
dat. 22 Apr. 1702). To dau. Anne 40«. at 21 to be paid by her bro. 
Edw. out of money the testator lately gave s*! Edw. ' to sett up with ' ; 
To dau. Anne 40/. to be paid by her mother at 21 ; To son Timothy 
10/. to be paid by his mother at 23 ; Residue to wife Ann & she to 
divide the goods testator had left him by his former wife equally 
between his two sons Edw. & Tim.; Wife extrix. Wit' :— -John 
Oliver, Peter Haword, Susanna Martin. {Pr. 24 Apr. 1702). 

[Filed Wills. 1705]. 
THOMAS HUMBERSTONE the Elder of Knebworth, yeoman. 
{Dat. 11 Jan. 1701). To grandson Joseph Dixon 50/. at 21 ; To 
grandson Thos. Dixon 20.?. to buy him a ring ; To granddau. Susan 
Dixon 10/. at 21 or marriage ; To sist. Ellen Matliew 20«. a year for 
life ; Residue to wife Mary & son Thomas Humberstone whom I 
make exors. [Mark]. Seal of arms*: — On a pile three trefoils 
slipped. Wit^ : — Geo. Nodes, Sam. Sale, Jn° Nodes. {Jurat dated 
9 Oct. 1705). 

[Admon. Act Book. 1706-1727]. 
JOHN HUMBERSTON of Hertford. Admon. 24 June 1713 to Grace 
Humberston the relict. 

[Admon. Act Book. 1706-1727]. 
SARAH HUMMERSTON of Beugeo. Admon. 3 Apr. 1721 to 
Francis Hummerston the brother. 

[Register 15. 7]. 

JOHN HUMBERSTONE of Walkerue. {Dat. 4 Feb. 1720-1). To 
son Thos. all pai-cels of laud being copyhold in Walkern viz. two 
closes called Smarts, one close called Tonecrofts, close called Well- 
field Mead & close called Wellfield ; Son Thos. exor & he to board 
my wife Mary for life & pay her 30.?. a year. [Mark]. Wif* : — 
Geo. Kimpton, Sam. Munt, Sarah Sell X . {Date of probate not 

[Admon. Act Book 1727-1754.] 

GEORGE HUMBERSTON of Bishops Hatfield. Admon. I.> Sep. 
1729 to Mary, relict. 

* Tlu' anus of the Nodes fiunily. 


[Register 16. ISS^]. 

THOMAS HUMBEESTONE of Walkern, yeoman. {Bat. 28 Mch. 
1733). All copyhold messuages & heretaments in Walkeru to son 
Daniel, he paying to mv three daus. Mary, Grace & Sarah 30^. 
apiece at 21 ; To wife Mary aU rents of s"* copyholds imtil s"! son 
attain 21 ; Residue to s"* wife & she extrix. Thomas Hximherstone. 
Wits : — Tho. Adams, Dan. Chapman x , John Oliver. {Bate of 
prolate 7iot given). 

\_Reghter 17. 25]. 

THOMAS HUMBERSTON of Coddicott* bricklayer. {Dat. 20 Oct. 
1738). Buried in churchyard of Coddiccott near late wife ; To 
grandson Thos. Humberston son of my late son Wm. two messuages 
near the meeting house in Coddiccott & a piece of land containing 
16 poles held of the manor of Coddiccott, all in tenure of Sam. 
Groom & Robt. Buxton, s<i Thomas to pay to my two sons-in-law 
Francis "Wells of Hertford, taylor & Wm. Shatbolt of Loudon, 
weaver £30 equally between them ; To son John Humberston of 
Hertford & my eldest dau. Bridgett Bennett Is. apiece ; Residue to 
son Rich. H. & my granddau. Susan Fordham who is. the eldest 
dau. of my late son Thos. H.; Said Eras. WeUs & Wm. Shatbolt exors. 
\Marh'\. Wit» :— Thomas Ford, John Fisher, Tho. Toller. (Pr. 12 
Sep. 1741 by one of the exors, the other dying before the testator). 

IJiegisfer 17. 266]. 
GEORGE HUMBERSTON of Gravely, brickmaker. {Dat. 6 Nov. 
1746). To wife Eliz. freeliold house wherein 1 dwell, also four 
copyhold cottages on Halls Green in the psh. & manor of Weston ; 
Residue to s^i wife whom I make extrix. George Humberston. Wit^ : 
— Wm. Hide, John Fray, Robt. WiUiams. {Pr. 3 May 1749). 

[jRegister 18. 551]. 
ELIZABETH HUMBERSTONE of Gravely, widow. {iJaf. 29 Aug. 
1754). My freehold house in Gravely, wherein I dwell, to my dau. 
EHz. wife of Rich. Ravens of Little Wymoudly for her life & after 
her decease, to my 3 grauddaus. Mary, Cath. & Eliz. Ravins equally 
amongst them ; My 4 copyhold cottages on Halls Green in Weston 
to s** dau. Eliz. Ravens ; Residue to s"i dau. & I make her extrix. 
[Mark]. Wit* :— Edm. Pym, Mary Carter x , Matt^ Foster. {Fr. 
1 June 1757). 

Abstracts of plUl«, 


REGISTER " SPEIUN." (Continued fkom Paok 66). 

f. 299. JOANE CROWCHE widow, of Widdiall. {Bat. 9 Sep. 1604). 
Grandchild Anne Crowche ; Dau. Anne Crowclie ; Son Ricli. 
Crowche ; Son Michael Crowche ; Dau. Marie Crowche ; Sou John ; 
Grandchild, the dau. of Robt. Ayer ; Sous Rich. & Mich, exors. 
JJ'tt' :— Rich. Crowche & Thos. Crowche. {Fr. 20 Mch. 1604-5). 
• Tho Index snvs ' latt? of Ctxiicot but at Hertford dic>l.' 


f. 326. MAEGEEY STOPES of Mutche Hadliam, widow. Dat. 18 
Aug. 1605). To bo bur"! in Mucli Hadliam churchy* where my 
father, mother, husband & other friends be already buried ; 
Dau. Eliz. \_blank'\ widow ; Martha Clapham & her mother my 
dau. Dorothy Clapham ; JJau. Dorothy Clapham widow extrix ; 
Son Jas. Stopes* minister in London ; John & Clemente sons of 
my son Zacre Stopes. {Mark). Wit' : — Theoph. Ailmer, Eect. 
Hadham, Jasper Garnett, Sam. Eustatt. {Pr. [hlanlc^ July 
f. 327. JOHN GEIFFYN of Waltham Crosse, blacksmith. {Dat. 8 
May 1603). Bur. at Chestlmnt ; Daus. Agnes & Elizabeth; 
Lands & houses in Wailos ; Wifes dau. Sara [blank'\ ; Wifes 
youngest dau. Jone ; My sister ' w'^" dwelleth nowe in one of my 
Tenements ' ; Dau. EKz. Gryffin & sist. Agnes exors ; Neighbours 
John Jennings & Eich. Thomkest overseers. {Mark). Wit' : — 
Anth. Lambert X , John Jove. {Pr. 28 Jan. 1605-6). 

i f. 339. EOBEET BOEEHAM junior of towne of Hoddesdon & psh. 

I of Broxborne, yeoman. {Bat. 9 Aug. 1607). Wife Anne ; 

I Messuage etc. in tenure of Henry Smithe & Leonard Giffs ; 

I Sons John & Abraham (under 23) ; Eldest son Eobt ; Land 

I in Tunefeild called little half acre near a field called Poore 

I Crofte, land in Middlefeild abutting on land of Wm. Campe 

\ on the east, land in Eie Feild abutting on 'the Eiver of Ley 

» alias Eie Eiver,' land in Harfeild, Westfeild ; Corkebury Stable ; 

I Boxefeild held of the manor of Giddings ; Lands in Amwell ; 

f Son Wm. ; Wife & son Eobt. exors ; John Hampton & Abm. 

i Perry overseers. SignTi Roherti Boreham. Wit' : — Signu 

t Abrahami Perryn, Thos. Nason, Eobt. Guthree. {Pr. 4 Nov. 

5 1607 by Anne Boreham relict. The probate act gives the age 

i of Eobt. the son & co-exor. as 15). 

I f. 344. WILLIAM LAWMAN of Norton. {Dat. 16 Aug. 1607). 

i - Wife EHz. ; Daus. Alice, Eliz., Joane, Anne & Katheryn ; 

i Nich' Pollard ; Eliz. PoUard ; Nich. Lawman se. exor & Nich. 

I Lawman ju. overseer. {Mark). Wit* : — John Pratt clarke & 

I John Lawman sen''. {Pr. 12 Sep. 1607). 

I f. 350. JOHN PICKMAN of Stortford, yeoman. {Daf. 13 Sep. 1607). 

f Wife Winifrid ; Messuage in Stortford ; Croft of ground called 

* Parradice ; Croft in Thorloy ; Mesbuago called Balton Hall in 

I Buntingford ; CopyhoM close called Eagmandells in Stortford. 

I John Pickman. Wit* : — Thos. Jennings, Thos. Barnard scr. 

I {Pr. 17 Oct. 1607). 

I f. 357. GEOEGE BEO^^^S^E of Sabridgworth. {Bat. 1 Oct. 1605). 

I Susan Warde ; Uncle George Pery exor : House «S: land at Hye 

i called Aldicke ; Sist. Mary Browne ; My motlier ; Bro. Wm. ; 

[ Widow Tagell ; Alice Martin ; Thos. Browne overseer. 

i AVit^ : — Geo. Sybthorpe, Thos. Browne, Joyce Tagell, Goo. 

Browne x. {Pr. 8 Sep. 1606). 
f. 357. JOHN TAYLEE of Stausted Abbott. {Dat. 17 Jan. 1604). 
I Wife Eliz. ; Dau. Joyce : Son John ; Wife extrix. AVif* : — 

I Tho. Grave, John Watson x, John Wood x. (/'/■. 8 Sop. 

f 1606). 

* Anne Browne of psh. of St. Mary Ma^rdalen, near Old Fish Street, whoso will 
iippenrH on folio 312 of Regi.ster ' Sporin,' dat. 18 Oct. 1607, uumes her cousins 
James & John Stopew & her uncle James Stopes ' w'li whoine I nowe dwell." 

K 1 


f. 371. JOHN WALKEE of AVormeley. {Dat. 27 Apr. 1591). Eliz. 

Walker my sons dan. ; My sister ; Kinsman Robert Kiuge ; 

Wm. Walker my sons sun, and his sister Eliz. ; Tho. Burgin ; 

John Chaundler, Wm. Swansom of Hodesdon : Tho. Lowin of 

Wormeley ; Tho.s. Johnson of Wormoley ; M' Walpoole parson ; 

Dau. in law Katli. Turner ; John A\'alker my sons son ; Harry 

Maunder of Pimbridge ; John, Wm. & Eliz. eh" of my son 

Eobt. Walker ; Isabell Bird ; Grandson John Walker exor ; 

John Chaundler & Wm. Swanson overseers ; John Walker son 

of Eobt. Walker & his mother Kath. wife of John Turner. 

Wit^ : — Cesar Walpoole, Nich. Turner, Wm. Turner X . {Pr. 

6 May, 1605*). 
f. 376. WILLIAM BEOCia: of Sandridge, husbandman. {Dat. 1 

Aug. 1604). Son Greorge & my 4 daus ; Edw. Smithe ; S'' John 

Jenings knt ; Eich. Wilsheire of Towerhill farm ; Wm. 

Grunttynne. William Brocke. Wit^ : — John Clarke, Michael 

Barefoote. (Fr. 4 Meh. 1604-5... 
f. 385. WILLIAM JINGOULD of Stoudon, husbandman. {Dat. 14 

June 1605). Son Thos. ; House where Wm. Mans now 

dwelleth ; Wife Agnes k. son AVm. exors. {Mark). Wif* : — 

John Turner & Wm. Witham.. {Pr. 25 Oct. 1605).' 
f. 390. JOHN HAUKINS of AVormeley, basket maker. {Dat. 18 Feb. 

44 Eliz. ) Bur<i at Wormeley near my wife ; Da u. Jone wife of John 

Glascocke ; Son Nich' ; Dau. Ellen ; L)au. Joane extrix. {Jfar/c). 

Wit':— AVm. Maiden, Water Clarke x . {Pr. 26 Jan. 1603-4). 
f. 394. PHILLIPP DIXON of psh. of S' Peters in S' Albans. {Dat. 

31 Aug. 1604). Wife Anne ; My two boys Eaphe & Phillipp ; 

Hugh Smithe ; John Morris ; Bro. John Dixon his son John ; 

Bro. John Eedall ; My wifes mother ; Wife's sist. Joane HaU her 

three children ; Child" of bro. John Dixon & bro. John Eedall ; 

Hugh Smithe & John Morris overseers ; AVife extrix {Mark). 

AVit' : — Edm. Estwood x , AVm. Forrest. {Pr. 5 Mch. 1604-5). 
f. 395. AATLLIAM PAEANT of Little Hadham, tayler. {Dat. 3 Dec. 

1592). My house situate at the church end in Little Hadham ; 

Youngest son James ; Son Thos ; Neph. & godson Eich. 

Parrant ; Son James exor. William Parrant. AVit' : — Eichard 

EoLfe writer hereof . {Pr. 9 Ajir. 1605). 
f. 401 . TYMOTHIE SHAENBEOOKE of Hoddesdou, yeoman. {But. 

18 Sep. 1607). AA''ife Eliz. ; Tenement in the Valey in tenure 

of Sam. AA'alkyn ; Lauds in Broxburne & Amwell ; Son AA''m. ; 

Daus. Eose, Eliz. & Suzan ; Jane Cotton dau. of Eliz. Hide ; 

Son in law Thos. Hide ; ' Eie nowe growinge in Strickendon ' ; 

John Hide. AVit' : — Eobt. Micheley, John Saringe. {Pr. 1 1 

Mch. 1607-8). 

f. 401. ANDEEAV CEOXON of Stondon, butcher. {Dat. 14 Sep. 1 

Jas.) Sons John & George ; My two daus. Eliz. & Margt. 

Croxen (All ch" under 21) ; AA'ife Joane extrix. {Mar/:). 

AA'it' :— Thos. AA'atsou scr, Eich. AVithroll. {Pr. 11 Mch. 1607). 
f. 401.EOBEET (tIPPES of Puckeridge in psh. of Stoudon, tayler, 

{Dat. 13 Sep. 1607). AVife Christian ; My 4 ch" Thos, Henry. 

AVm. & Eliz. Gippes ; Son Nich^ Gippes exor. {Mark). 

AVit'' : — Wm. Nortlindge, John ]3urie & Ilenrv Bavford. {Pr. 

11 Mch. 1607). 
• This will in vevristi'ivd ai^aiu at f. o7i>. 


f. 410. WILLIAM WARD of Wornieley. {Dat. 15 Apr. 1608). Son 
Wm. ; My stoolc in Leaden Hall ; Son Josias ; Sons Nich* & 
Edward ; Wife Joaue ; Wni. Fyuclie son of John Fynchc uiy 
8on-in-law ; Alice Fynchc & Eliz. Fynchc the daus. of my dau. ; 
Wife & son Josias exors ; Kobt. Becke & John Turner overseers. 
{Mark). Wit^ :— John Turner, Eobt. liecke X . {Pr. 29 Apr. 

©Ijurclj ®^rri^r«^ 


A Terrier of uU y« glebe lands belonging to y*^ Eectory of 
Ayott S' Peter w"^iu y^ Archdeaconry of Huntingdon Afio d(jiu. 
Inp. a pcell of land Ipng in y' feild called WeUwiu feild hailing on 

y« East side a litle piece of ground belonging to Nicholas AVellinghu, 

on y^ West a piece belonging to Jo. Beamond, x acres. 
Ite a piece of land in y<= same feild hailing on y East a rood of ground 

belonging to Jo. Irland and on y« West a close of pasture ground 

belonging to Nath. Manisty, an half acre. 
Ite a pcell lying in y^ feild calld Churchfeild butting vpo a piece of 

Nich. AVellingha on y* North side and vjjo a j^iece of WiU. Couny 

on y® South and vpo ground of M"^ Hale at each end, an acre. 
Ite a pcell in y<^ same feUd hauing on y'' East an acre of Nich. 

Wellinghu, on y« West an acre of Nich. Hind, an halfe acre. 
Ite a pcell in y*^ same feild butting \'[)o an acre of M'' Hale on y'' South, 

and an acre of Nich. Hind on y*^ North, by estimaco 4 acres. 
Ite a pcell in y^ same feild hauing an acre of M'' Hale on y-' North, 

and an enclosed feild of his on y^ South, one acre. 
Ite a pcell in y° same feild hauing on y*^ North side an acre of Nich. 

Hind, on y« South a piece of enclosed ground belonging to y^ l^ar- 

sonage, 4 acres and an halfe. 
Ite a pcell in j'^ same feild butting Northward vpo an acre belonging 

to Kich. [WiU. erased'\ Woodtine, Southward vpo a piece of ground 

of AVill. Couny and another of Jo. Beamond and other, being an 

halfe acre. 
Ite a pcell enclosed hauing on y^' South a close of Jo. Moati', on 

y« North butting y])o y*-' highway whicli leads fro Ayott to Wclhvin, 

on y*' East a close of Eich. AVoodtine, on y^' AVest a wood ground. 

4 acres. 
Ite a pcell enclosed hauing on y South a close of Jo. Dancr, ou 

y^ North y"^ Parsonage house or orchard, 4 acres. 
Ite an enclosure hauing on y*-' North y'' coihoii feil<l calld Chuirlifoild, 

on y South Parsonage house or homstall, xj acres and an liali'o. 

* Marginal note in pencil. ' This will is dated Apl. 1608. It wan proved before 
Dr. Edwards V.G. He became V. G. G Feb. l(J0S-9 The mouth of proof beiu^r in 
Apl. cannot have been earlier tliiiu Apr. 160i). It tannot either have been later 
than 1609, for Tho. (Ravig) the Bp. died in Dec. 1609. No origl. nor P. A. in V. G. 


Ite a pcell enclosed hailing on y* West side therof an enclosure of 

M'' Hale, on y« East y« Parsonage dwelling house, 2 acres. 
Ite of pasture grounds, y'^ enclosure adioyning to y'^ Mansion house 

^th ye orchard and garde, 2 acres et dimid. 
Ite a niedow ground lying by y*^^ riuer on y« North and butting vpo 

y^ highway on y" South, one acre. 
Ite y" Cliurchyard an halfe acre. 

Ite of wood grounds a wood hauing an enclosure of Rich. Woodfiue 
on y« East, an enclosure of Good. Waterman on y« South being by 
estimacio 6 acres. 

Sum. tot. lij acres et dimid. 
Jo. luory Eect. ibid. 
Nich. WeUingha Churchward. 


Baluock. a Tekkier or Note of y« house and land belougeiuge 
1638. to ye rectorie of Baldocke in the yeere 1638. 

The house iojiieth to y^^ Chui-chyard against y*^ west end theare off It 
hath 5 lower roomes a bakeing or brewhouse a hall 2 little butteries 
and a parlour It hath a loft ouer y^ bake house a chamber ouer the 
parlour a studdie and a little loft at y« staires head theare is a barne 
and a woodhnuse in y<^ yard y« barne hath 2 bayes or mowsteads 
besides y* coininge in y<^ woodhouse ioyneth tu it and will houlde 
some 4 or 5 loades of wood, they are both thatched and soe is y<^ one 
side of y*^^ bakehouse y« rest is tyled. 

The Churchyard containeth by estymation an aker. The slade a roode. 
The orchyard halfe a roode. The yard halfe a roode. 
Gleabe lande 6 akers and an halfe. 

One aker lyeth in Clathall betweene y^ lande of y^ Earle of Salisburie 
on y« south and the laude of y«= same Earle and John Cock of 
Baldock on y« north and butteth on \« lande of y^ sayde Earle north 
east and of y^' same land south west. Item one aker lyeth in 
j'C pish of Wesson betweene y^ landes of M'^ (jeorge Kimptou on 
ye south west and of y"^ same lande uortli east and butteth on y'' land 
of George Cooke bishop of Hereford on y'' nortli & y*^ Innde of Doctor 
Newell on the south. Item one aker lyeth in Wesson aforesaiile by 
the lande of M'' George KiApton on y'^ nortli cast and the lunde of 
John Cock of Baldock on ye south west and butteth on y^ wood 
called by y^ name of Wesson wood on ye south and ye lande of 
M' Kimptou north. Item 2 akers lye in Willian x° west eude buts 
vpon ye lande of John Pitches ye East and vpon y^ high way 
y' leadeth to I^ondoji ye north lies against ye way they call Lingens 
way ye south lyes by ye laude of M'' Way. Item theare is one aker 
more theare aud bu"ts"vp(m Hitchou liighway with tlie soutli ende, 
Edward Willsons lande lyetli on the north ende, E<lward Willsons 
laude lyetli on tlie east side v<t on ye west side. Item theare is a halfe 
aker &'it buts ye south eude on ye way y* leadt^s to llitchiu ye north 
ende on ye laude of George Mills. Edward Willsons lande lyeth on 
ye east side & on ye west side. 

Josias Byrd 

Thomas Baldock i ^^^^^^^ Wardens. 

Jolm Plummer t 

CUUKCH TEKRlEk.s. 107 

A Terrier of the house and land belonging to the Eectory 
of Baldock in the County of Hertf. May 5, 1671. 

The Rectory house and barn \ 

The Church yard 

an acre. 

The slade 

a rood. 

The hortyard 

half a rood. 

The yard 

in Clothal-field 

half a rood. 


in Weston-field 

one acre. 


two acres. 

in Willian-field 

three acres & half. 
in tot. by estimatio six acres & half 
Ei. Wortley Eect^ 
Thomas Matthews ) Church 
Eichard AVilsou i Wardens. 


1638. A Terrier of the Glebe lauds, orchard & house 
belonging to the Parish of Bengeo. 
Imprimis The Parsonage is valued to be yeerly worth sixscore 

pounds & It is farmed at this present by John Alliis. 
2. The vicarage is valued to be yeerely forty pounds a yeare. 
Ther belongs to the vicarage foure acres & an halfe. 
One acre & an halfe lies in Barondan feild & it butts on Bengeo feild 

on the East & on Temple land on the west. 
Also ther is of it live roodes lying in Bengeo feild w^ii buts on Eickues 

land in the East & on Eevells hall land on the west. 
Moreover ther is of thes four acres & an halfe, tliree roods lying m 

Crouch feild wc^^ butts on the highway loading to Hartford on tlie 

west & butting on Bengeo hall land on the east. 
There is likewise of it one acree lying in Church foild & butting on tlie 

high way leading to Hartford on the west and on Eevells hall land 

on the East. 
2. The vicarage orchard bounds vpon the river soutliward & on the 

churchyard Northward & on a close called Jack Hobbs his on the 

East & on Gennings hill on the west. . 

John Bewick vicarius de Bengeo. 
Gorge Tyler X 

Thomas Boxer j churchwarden.s 
John scot ) 


April, 13°, A Terrier of all the Glebe belonging to the Eectorio 
1638. of Bennington in Hertfordshire. 

The Parsonage house with yard Barnes stables with other 

outhouses Garden & close called the orchard 
A close of arrable called Barne close 
A close of arrablo called y'= Stable Croft 
A close of arrable called Kitchen close lying on y^ west 

side of v"^ house & stable croft ' l;> 














A field of Pasture called Dockcroft 
Tlio Woude 
Tlio litlo Spring' 

In the Coiumuu Feilds. 
A meaddovv called Badd-meads by y'^ river side 

In Dane Feild. 
A Parcell of arrable lying betweene High-wood & y« Kings 

A Peice vnd'' Bad-meade hedge 

A ParceU abutting the east & -west ends on y*^ high-waics 
A Peice abutting east side on S"^ Charles Ciesars laud & 

west side on John Chapmans laud 
A Peice on Walkorne Hill 
Another Parcell thereabouts nortli side on M'' Treswells 

south side on M'' Scriveners 

In Peate croft. 
A little Peice abutting east end on Gores west end on 

Hartford high-waie 

In Puckells hedge feild. 
A litle Parcell lyiug east side on M'' Treswells west side 

on M^ Humber-stone wales 
The fifth Peice from Laugdeu hedge 
A litle Peice joyning to a Peice of M'' Treswells beiug the 

fourth peice from Puckells hedge Gapp, the east end 

lying in a place called Paddocks Peun & the west eud 

on Tho. Kent of y<^ Church end 
A Parcell east end on Jo. Chapman, west on Poulters high 

A small Peice east eud ou M'' Hugh Dods land going 

crosse, west end on Poulters high waie 

In Great brooke feild. 
A Parcell lying east on Hartford high waie, west on 

Winters meade 
Ox shott Hill 

A Parcell west end on Hartford high waie 
A nother Parcell, east side on M'' Humberstone wales, 

west side Jo. Betts 
A Peice lying between M'' Nobles laud & divers head lauds 

tiu'uing east & west 

A Peice by y^^ River at y west Eud 

Another Parcell ueere adjoyniug 

Another Peice by y" Eivor 

4 ,1 -D • .1 ( north side Jo. Betts i 

Anotlier Peice there ii • i t rn - ■ 

( soutJi side Jo. LJiapnia \ 

A Peice east i^ west Hartford highway & y*" river 

Another Peice sot^ abutting 

\ East End M' Treswell i 

) West End Hartford liigh waie | 
\ East side Tho. K(>iit of ( 'inirch end ) 
) West side Will. Crauwcll \ 

S East end Tlio. Kent ) 

I Wt'St end I'dulters liigli waie j 
I East side S"" Charles Caesar 
( West side Moyses Powley 

A Peice vnd'' Lovetts hedge 

A Parcell 
A Parcell 
A Peice 
A Peice 



roode polp 

3 16 
3 39 



































acr. roode polf 

In litle Brooke-feild. 

A Peice next Sawcombe hedge 

A parcell. — East end River — west Jo. Lawrence 

A nother Pai'cell abutting east & west on y*' former. — 
North side Ambrose Chandler, South s. M"" Noble 
In Lether-feild. 

A litle Peice abutting east side on The. Croutclis land, 
west side on S"" Charles Caesar 

In Popp-hiU-feild 

A Peice of Arrable in Cliisill hill shott 

A Peice more there 

Another ParceU in a shott of 4 Peices on Chisill hill 

A Peice in a shott shooting north east & south west on 
Chisill hill 

A Peice in Stocking Corner shott 

A Peice in Levetts hedge 

More there 

A Peice abutting on Windmill hillway 

More in y<= same shott 

A Peice abutting east on Betts croft 

At Beaddales Busli 

More there abutting on Mill-way 

More in y<^ same shott 

A Peice abutting on Stocking hedge south-east 

More there 

A Peice in Langdale shott 

A Peice of Arrable in y'' same shott 

A Parcell in Stowdale 

More in Stowdale 

A Piece in y« Leading shoote cjuite through 

Another Peice there 

In litle feild shott 

More there 

In a shott of 3 landes 

In Pow dale shott 

More in y<= same shott 

In Popp hill furlong 

An headland pt of Eowdale .shott 

There are divers Parcells (ff land lying in tlie Parisli of Apesdon w'' 
did pay Tith to the Eeetorie of Bennington : but in y time of Tlionias 
Coo, Eector of Bennington, 1558, in recompence thereof, there was a 
composition made betweene y^ Eectors y' then were of 3s. 4d. to be 
payd annuatim for y*" sayd Tithes to y^Reetor of Befiiiigton, w'^'' summe 
was often received by M"- William Middleton rnrs.m of tliis Parrisli. 
Ita testor Nathauael Dod 

Eector ibidem. 

John Hill, Cluirchwarden. 

A TRVE Tetjuyku of the glebe landes belougiuii- to tli<^ (^liurchc 
&• parson of Barkamsted S Peter. 

Imprimis two litle closes lyeinge neere to tlu' parsoiiag(> house con- 
teyniuge two acres abuttinge East and West vpon the' landes of tiif 
free schole there soutlio vpon a Common f(>iM(' calliMl St Eiliuoiid>> 
& nortlie Aijon a lane called the parsonage lane. 



































Itm 13 acres more in Nortkchurche parishe whereof one acre lyetlie 
in closed by the higlie waye leadin^'c from Barkamsted to Tringc 
and the other xij acres lye in a Common feilde there called Lagleye 
adjoyninge to the close aforesd northe & exteiideth it selfe in cou- 
tynued lenght vnto the lando of Tl.omas Salter on the southe. 

Tho. Newman Hector. 

Eobart Tlenold i churchwardins. 

Michael Young ) 

Thomas House Q- j„ „„ 
_ 1 ^,. Sidemen. 

John Lhmson 

Another Terrier endorsed with the date 1674 is almost word for word 
the same as the last except that Edward Salters name takes the 
place of Thomas Salters iu the last line. It is signed by 

Joh : Napier Eector. 
Ed. Seymir ) Church- 
Fra. Pitkin ) wardens. 


Barkhamsteed a Terrier of the gleabe lands house & Tythes 
Parva. taken & deliu^'d into this courte by vs whose names 

are vnd'' written, May 18. 1638. 
Gleabe Lauds, houses. 

Imp'' : a dwelling house containing bolow staires seauen roomes, a hall, 
a plo'', kitchin, two butteries, milkhouse, tubhouse : Aboue staires 
fine lodging chamb''3, a studie, a malte loft, a cheese loft. 

Itm a Wheat barne w*'' a thrashing iloore, plancked, & a barne for lent 
graine : a stable & hayhousc in 3 bayes, a Carthouse, all thatclied. 

Itm on the south side of the house a garden & oarchard wherin is a 
pond & a priuie and a litle garden on the north side of Eoses, a 
Churchyeard att the West end of the house to be fenced by pish 
round about by the order of M'' Do'' Morrison. 

Itm a pitlc of halfe an aker on the soutliside of the clmrchyeard a field 
on the eastside of tlie barnes two akers & dimid., one close called 
Church field 6 akers abutting on tlie liigh way east, on the Comou 
field called churchfield west, haueing a pcell of giealie of 4 pole 
w*^ a ponde in it on tho north & on Richard Mayhoe his orchard 
south : diuiod [«('c] into two akers & foure. 

Itm a close called the bracli diuided into 2 pcells, 1 2 akers abutting on 
the high way south, on M' Fosf north, on AVni. AVetherd west : on 
the Como Sproatsfield east, all my fence. 

Itm a close inclosed out of pondfield called Slieepcoatowicke two akers 
w'^i' may appeare by a courte roulo to be hadd in excliange for a 
pcell of land iu ashfield loading downe to the brooke when tlie 
warren was pte of the said ashfield but afterwards taken into Bed- 
well warren. 

Itm a close of 4 akers called Woollands diuied abutting on Nicholas 
Phillips land east, on M-- Post's west, on Wm. How south, on 
Mr Humphrey Wellds nortli : a pcell iu the Comon called Sproats 
field called long aker compassed w^^ M' Posters ground, one aker in 
the same Comon called idle mans ehott compassed w"' :M'' Fosters 
ground, one pcell in Millfield abutting on M' I'eudreds land east & 


west, on Phillipps south, on M'' Fosters nortli : another pcell in 

Pellhedgos abutting on Cunu''t grouue north : another in peesclield 

compassed w'*' M'' Knighton Ferrers his land. 

Itm 3 akers in the comou mead in six pcells call the Hose, Stoaunes 

aker, path rodd, washing block rodd, psonago aker and the ash rodd. 


For herbiddg out of Bedwell Parke hatli beene vsually payed ii*. Sd : 

& vj.?. viijrf. out of Water Meads. 
All the tythes of the parke are due but o'" pson being not able to wage 

law w*^ such potent adu'saries sitteth still. 
The rest of tythes are all taken in kinde. 

Tho. Falthropp John Ysher, Robt. Euskin, guard. 

Rector ibd. John Foster, sidgman. 

Rectory of Berkhamstead Parva 
in the County of Hertford 
Diocese of Lincoln. 
Terrier of the Glebe Lands belonging thereto 
Inclosed Lands. 
Rectory House, Garden Offices, &c. 
Barn Field Pasture 

Church Yard Do. 

Church Yard Pightle Do. 

Breeches Clover Arable 

Newgate Field Pasture 

Pond Field Do. 

Upper Breach Field Do. 

Lower Breach Field Do. 

Woollauds Do. 

Long Acre or Bassel's Do. 

Roger Baker's Field Arable 

Common Field Lands; 
In Great Sprouse Field Arable 

In Mill Field Do. 

In Fell Hedges Do. 

In Pierce Field Do. 

In Turner's Common Do. 

Six Pieces in Berkliamstead Common Mead Do. 

The Rector is entitled to the Great and small tithes of about 1100 
acres of land. One Farm of about 240 acres pays a modus of 
6s. 8d. per annum : and another of about 150 acres pays a modus 
of lis. 8d. per ann. 

We, whose names are hereunder signed being the Rector, Church- 
warden and certain Inhabitants of tlio Parish of Little Berkhamstead 
do hereby certify the above to be a correct terrier and statement, as 
witness our hands tliis \_dla>ik'] Jan. 1829. 

R. G. Baker, Rector Tho^ Cheek ' ] i } "t 

Tho' Dauiell, Churchwarden Thomas Dewey \ 





























































William Stratton. 


transcripts r»f pJtcigitttott ^arlsl^ 

\_The exiithig Reginfers commence hi 1674.] 

Oct. 1 Georg Eeeve maried to Elizabeth Dawes. 

John Bigges sonn of Elixander Bigges. 
Alies Moris Daughter of Eichard Moris. 
Thomas Davie sonn of William Davie. 
Vssalye Eoodes Daughter of Jolm Roods. 
Henery Peacke sonn of Frauncis Peack. 
William Eeeve sonn of Gfeorge Eeeve. 
AVilliam Cooles sonn of John Cooles. 
Mathew Dell Daughter of William Dell. 
John Haris sonn of John Haris. 

Jonas Edmonce sonn of William Edmonce. 
William Edmonce. 

/"fL 1, Ttr 1 ( John Wetherede. 
Church Wardens | ^^..^^.^^ Nickholes. 














! Mich. 1614 to Mich. 1615. 

f " Bapt. 

i Apr. 10 Johanes Bilbie filius Tliome Bilbie et Elizabethe Bilbie. 

,, 25 Anna EusseU filia Joh'is Eussell. 
July 16 Johanes Spiggins tilius Willm. Spigins. 
Aug. 20 AViftims Eeve filius Joh'is Eeve. 
,, 24 Sussaua Nashe filia Gwalteri Nashe. 
' Man: 

July 17 Thomas Burder et Susana AVood. 

Eichardus Blaked. 
Alicia Pratt filia Wittimi Pratt. 
Wittims Surmar. 
Arthir Bins. 

Elizabetha Bilbie ot Johanes Bilbie. 
Elleana Eeve vxor Joh'is Eeve. 

p mo Eowlandu Heblethwet Curat, de Wiggintou 

Willim Pai'tridge senior. 

(>t Willm. Partrige Ju. Gard. do Wiggintou in 
Anno D'lii 1615. 

• This truiiscvipt is luiiloiiliffdiy (l:il(\l as above, liiit tlie eutlorsejiifut in ii iHttT 
hiuid is • Mi<-liiis. \{\W to Mi.lias. KilO." 










Mich. 1616 to Mich. 1617. 
Apr. 14 Enock filius Will mi Partridge. 
. ,, 14 Elizabetha filia Wiftmi Partridge. 
Juno 1 Michaell Holyn^an filius Edwardi Holiman. 

„ 19 Arnet Pratt filius Wiltm. Pratt. 
Oct. 29 Henricus Moris filius Eichardi Moris, 

Sep. \llanh'] Johanes Eeve et Eebecka [llanlc]. 

Feb. 14 Elizabetha Partridg. 
Mch. 22 Willmus Partridge. 
July 7 Thomas . . . ard. 
Oct. 10 EichardF .... 

Per me Rowland Heblethwett Curat ibra. 
Walter Stockf 
Franciscu Burch 


Mich. 1620 to Mich. 1621. 

Charles y« sonne of Charles Hill & Lettis his wife. 

Jude y<= daughf of Edward HoUjTuan & Elizabeth liis wife. 

Eaph y** sofie of Eaph Munne & Joane his wife. 

John y"^ Sonne of Thomas Bilbe & Margarett his wife. 

John y<^ sone of John Eussell & Annis his wife. 

Christian y^ daughf of Eobert Harrison & Christian his wife. 

John y^ son of Jolm Dinton & Elizabeth his wife. 

Mary y" daughf^ of John Boorder & Mary his wife. 

Eicliard Doner widdower of this parrish & Elizabeth Sere 

of y^ parrish of IMasse worth in the county of Buck. 
Simon Durrant & Also Patridge both of this parrish. 
Eoger Deacon of the parrish of Norchurch widdower & 
Elizabeth Bayley wido^\ of this parrish. 
,, 30 Henry HudnoU widdower & Alice Quarrington widdow botli 
of them of y« parrisli of Aldbury, obtained a licence. 
June 3 Edmund Burt of tins parrish & Ellen Edmunds of Pendley 
in y^' parrish of Albury. 

Feb. 3 Joane Groddard widdow. 
June 4 WiUiam Spiggins. 
July 23 John Dinton, a little infant. 

Thomas Tangley, minister. 

George Mussell ) ^, , 

" > Oh. wardens. 























Mich. 1621 to Mich. 1622. 
Dec. 26 Thomas tlie sonne of Thomas Wigginton & Mary his wife. 
Feb. 3 Mary y-' daughf of Francis Burgou & Anne his wife. 
,, 17 Susan y' daught'" of Simon Durrant & Alse his wiff. 



Mch. 12 John y^ sone of Thomas Tangley Minisf^ & Elizabeth his 
,, 25 Joyce y^ daughf of Edward Durrant & Ursly his wifP. 
Aug. 4 Eobert y^ soiie of Tliomas Sheppard & Clare his wiffe. 
Oct. 5 Elizabeth y* daiight'^ of Eichard Doner & Elizabeth his wiffe. 

Oct. 31 James Heydon & Marth Hall both of them of the parrish 

of little Gaddesden hauing a liceii. 
Nov. 29 Thomas Rutland of y'^ parrish of Triuge, widdower, & 

Elizabeth Tredway of this parrish, widdow. 
Mch. 22 Eobert Eedman of Tringe widdower & Jane [Ouiatt ?] of 

the same parish. 
June 1 1 G-eorge Dauy & Ellen Pierce both of this parrish hauing a 

,, 27 John Luke of Eockson & in y^ county of Bedford gentleman V 

& Mary Tokelield of this parrish, hauinge a licence. 



IsabeU Pierce, widdow. 



Margaret Bayley 

of Charapnes. 



Eichard Arnett. 



Joane Peake, widdow. 



Eobert the sonne 

of Thomas Sheppard. 

Thomas Tangle^- 
John Pratt 
George MusseU 

1 Churc 

Mich. 1622 to Mich. 1623. 


Oct. 6 Elizabeth y* daughter of Eichard Douer and Elizabeth his 

Priscilla the daughter of Alse Spiggins, widdow. 
Francis the soiie of Edward Hollyman & Elizabetli liis wiffe. 
Anne Phillis the daughter of JEdmund Burt & Ellen his 

William tlie soiie of William Axtell & Joane his wiffe. 
Mary the daughter of John Dinton & Elizabeth his wiffe. 
Martha the daught'' of John Foster & Joane his wift'e. 
John ye sone of George Dauy and Ellen his wife. 
Mary the daugliter of Richard Grouer & Eebecca his wife. 
John ye sone & Martha y<' daugliter of John Eeeue & 

Eebecca his wife. 

Feb. 25 Edward Glennester of the parrish of Albury & Joane 

Doggett of tliis parrish. 
Aug. 10 Marke Cleuer widdower & Annes Weedon of the parrish of 

. . addesden, liaving a licence. 

Nov. 12 Elizabeth Douer, a little iiifant. 
Jan. 15 IsabeU Eussell, widdow. 

Thomas Tangley Minister. 

Eidiard Grover ( /^ , , 

R- 1 T fi, J > Lhurcliwardens. 

uhard i rod way 













































From. Mich. 1623 to Mich. 1624. 
John y"-' sone of John Boorder & Mary his wiffe. 
John y*^ Sonne of Jolm Spij^o^ns & Elizabeth his wiffe. 
John y« Sonne of Charles Hill & Lettis his wiffe. 
John y^ Sonne of John Bayley & Christian his wiffe. 
Eichard y'' sonne of Mary Han-od base borne. 
James y*^ sonne of John Eussell & Annis his wiffe. 
John y** sonne of Williaiu Axtell and Joane his wiffe. 
Kichard the sonne of Francis Burgen & Anne his wiffe. 
Abraham y* sonne of Thomas Wigginton & Maiy his wife. 

John Geery of this parrish & Hester Gate of y« parrish of 

Chessam in the county of Buck. 
William Brian of Aylessbury in the county of Buck, 
widdower, & Margarett Biggs of the parrish of Tringe 
obtayned a licence. 
John Smith of the parrish of Tringe & Anne Brouton of 

ye same parrish, obtained a licence. 
George Foster of Barckamstedde Saint Peters husbandman 
& Bridgett Purratt of the same parrish obtained a licence. 
Thomas Dwight of Prince Pisborow in the county of Buck, 
shooemaker, & Miriam Taugley of this parrish, by vertue 
of a licence. 

SamueU Dagnall a nurse child. 
James Eussell a little infant. 

Thomas Tangley, Minister. 
Eichard Grover ) ^, , n 
WiUiam AxteU ^ d^^^hwardens. 

Mav 21 

From Mch. 23 to Sep. 29 [endorsed 1624]. 
Alice tlxe wife of John Woode. Buried tlie 21 of May. 
John Gery. AVilliam Axtell. 

Aug. 24 Jeane Kimpton. 

Sep. 21 Meaiy Tit. 

Oct. 5 Frances Bvrsine. 

From Mich. 1625 to Mich. 1626. 


Thomas Fuller, Curate. 

JohnGearye { rhurchwardens. 

Matnew Kimton ) 

'For this wliole yeare 1626.' 
Apr. 26 Ezeckell the sonne of John Spidgous. 
Aug. 24 JaTU^ the daughter of Matthew Keuiptou ' baptised.' 
Sop. 21 Mayrie tlie daughter of Dauioll Tidd. 
Oct. \hhiiih'] Francis Burgaiue. 

















Jane the Dafter of William Axtill. 
Ezekell the sonne of John Russell. 
Hester the Daughter of Eichard Doner. 
"Widdow Durrant ' buried.' 

John "Wood & Marie Martin maried by veiiue of a licence. 
Widdow Arnot buried. 

Ann the daughter of Widdow Bargain baptised. 
Thomas Fuller, Curat. 

John Gearj-e / churchwardens. 

Mathew . . . ton ) 

To be Continued. 

public llecor^ ©ffice. 

Portf. 1/15. 

Portf. 1/16. 

Portf. 1/17. 
EoU 268. 

Portf. 2/50. 
Eoll 269. 

Eoll 270. 

EoU 271. 

EoU 272. 
Portf. 8/19. 

Portf. 8/20. 

EoU 273. 

EoU 274. 
Portf. 8/21. 

Official reference is placed at the beginning of each entnj.^ 

Portion of a detailed rental. [? Hen. VI.] 

Detailed rental of the manor. 34 Hen. YIII. 


4 ms. 

2 ms. 
Aldbuiy. Detailed rental of the manor. [? Eliz.] 2 ms. 
Anstey (Austii ad Castrum). Detailed rental <if the 

manor. 18 Edw. IV. 6 ms. 
Barnet. Terrier of demesne lands. [lieu. VIII.] 1 m. 
BedweU, Little Berkhampstead, llarmehenegate & 

Blountes. Detailed rental or extent of the possessions 

of John Say, knt. 7 Edw. IV. 6 ms. 
Berkhampstead. Eental of John Grodrvch. [Edw. II.] 

1 m. 
Berkhampstead. Extent or survey of the manor. 30 

Edw. III. 5 ms. 
Berkhampstead. Duplicate of the last. 
Berkhampstead. Schedule of routs duo to the honnr. 

31 Eliz. 2 ms. 
Berkhampstead. Part of a rental of tlio honor. 

[Jas. I.] 2 ms. 
Berkhampstead, Albury, Wiugrave (Bucks) & Swan- 
bourne. Survey of rents & duties appertaining to tlie 

honor of Berkhampstead taken by Special Oonnuission 

of the Court of Exchequer, a Jas. I 1 m. 
Breton in Esseiulon & Hatfield. Detailed rental. 

[? Eic. II.] 2 ms. 
Brooknuin's \\\ North Mimms. Detailed rental of the 

manor. 20 Hen. A"^!!!. 1 m. 



Portf. 8/22. 
Portf. 22/71, 

Roll 275. 

Portf. 2/57. 

Portf. 8/23. 
Portf. 8/24. 

Portf. 8/25. 

Portf. 8/26. 

Portf. 8/27. 
Eoll 276. 
Eoll 277. 

Portf. 8/28. 

Portf. 8/29. 
Eoll 278. 

Portf. 8/30. 

Portf. 8/31. 

Eoll 279. 

Portf. 8/32. 
Portf. 8/33. 
Portf. 8/34. 
Eoll 280. 

Eoll 281. 

EoU 282. 
Eoll 283. 

Eoll 284. 

Eoll 285. 

Eoll 286. 

Eoll 287. 

Eoll 288. 

Eoll 289. 

Eoll 290. 

Bush Hall. Valor of the manor. [2 Hen. VIII.] 2 ms.. 
Cheshunt & Halstead (Essex). Part of a valor. 

[Hen. \^II.] 1 m. 
Cheshunt etc. Eentals (a packet of documents much 

decayed & almost entirely illegible). [? Edw. III. — 

Hen. VI.] 6 ms. 
Divers land. Part of a detailed rental for what manor 

does not appear ['? Hen. VI.] 2 ms. 
Divers lands. Valor (very imperfect). [Hen. VIII.] 2ms. 
Divers lands. Fragment of a survey of lands, the name 

of which does not appear. [? Eliz.] 1 m. 
East wick. Survey of part of the demesnes of the manor. 

[Jas. I.] 2 ms. 
Flamstead. Valor of Warwicks lands. 18 Hen. VIII. 

3 ms. 
Halle. Portion of a detailed rental. [Hen. VI.] 4 ms. 
Hatfield. Valor of the manor. [Hen. VIII.] 3 ms. 
Hertford, Priory of. Demonstration of the state of the 

Priory before" a general chapter of the Monaster)- of 

S' Albans. 13, 14 Hen. VII. 1 m. 
Hertingfordbury. . Summarised valor of the manor. 

37 Edw. III. 1 m. 
Hitchiu. Survey of the priory. 37 Hen. VIII. 8 ms. 
Hoddesden. Survey of the 'Key of Hoddesden.' 

[? Eliz.] 1 m. 
Huusdon, Eastwick & Staustead. Sui-vey of the 

possessions of Vincent Eandall. [Eliz.] 4 ms. 
Hyde in Sawbridgeworth. Extent or survey of the 

manor. 12 Edw. [I]. 1 m. 
Langley & Shenley. Extent or survey of the manors 

late belonging to Queen Eleanor. 19 Edw. I. 1 m. 
Langley. Detailed rental. 10 Hen. IV. 1 m. 
Meesden. Detailed rental. [Edw. III.] 2 ms. 
Mulssey. Eental or rent roll. 4 Hen. VIII. 2 ms. 
Munden [Furnivall]. Eental or rent roU of the manor. 

20 Edw. III. 1 m. 
Munden, Great. Detailed rental of the manor. 31 

Edw. III. 1 m. 
Mimden. Custumal of the manor. 14 Eic. II. I m. 
Munden Furnivall. Eental or rent roU of the manor. 

[Eic. II.] 2 ms. 
Munden. Eental or rent roll of possessions of John 

Duram. [Eic. II.] 1 m. 
Munden, Great. Detailed rental of possessions of Mar- 
garet late wife of Eobt. Dykeswelle. 5 Hen. IV. 2 ms. 
Munden & Churchfield. Part of a detailed rental of 

possessions of John Fray, [circa 36 Hen. VI.] 1 m. 
Munden, Great & Munden Little. Detailed rental of 

possessions of Lady Agnes Fray. 2 Edw. IV. 3 ms. 
Munden. Detailed rental of possessions of Dame Agnes 

Fray. 13 Edw. IV. 1 m. 
Munden. Part of a terrier of tlie manor. [Hen. VII. ?] 

1 m. 
Munden, Great. Detailed rental of the manor. [Hen. 

VII. O- ^ iiis- 



Roll 291. Munden, (Jreat. Detailed rental of the manor. 3 ms. 
Portf. 3/42. Munden, (heat. Part of a return or survey relating to 

the manor. [Edw. IV. ?.] 2 ms. 
Holl 292. Parkbury & Harden. Part of a survey of possessions 

belonjrjiigtotheMon.ofS' Albans. [Hen. VIII]. 1 m. 
Portf. 8/35. Pisho. Vilor of the manor. [Hen. VIII.] 1 m. 
Portf. 8/36. Eadwell. Rental. 32 Hen. VIII. 1 m. 
Portf. 8/37. [Eoyal lands]. Schedule of rents due in co. Hertford 

(fragmentary), 1652. 1 m. 
Boll 293. Eownay priory. Eental or survey of possessions of the 

priory. [Edw. III.] 6 ms. 
Portf. 8/38. S' Albans. Eental or rent roll of S* Mary de Pratis. 

Circa 12 Edw. II. 1 m. 
Eoll 294. S* Albans, Town of. Eental of S* Maiy's SopweU. 

25 Hen. VI. 1 m. 
Portf. 8/39. S* Albans. Survey of thv. monastery taken by special 

commission. 2 Edw. VI. 4 ms. 
Portf. 8/40. S' Albans. Note of the value of rents. [? Hen. VIII.] 

2 ms. 
Portf. 8/41. S' Giles in the Wood, Priory of. Valor of possessions. 

[? Hen. VIII.] 4 ms. 
Portf. 8/42. Sawbridgewoi-th. Pedigree of natives on the manor 

taken by inquisition [? Edw. I.] 1 m. (Printed in 

' Villainage in England ' by Vinogradoff 1892). 
Portf. 8/43. Sawbridgeworth. Extent or survev of the manor. 32 

Edw. I. 1 m. 
Eoll 295. Sawbridgewortli. Detailed rental of possessions of John 

Heron. [? Edw. IV.] 1 m. 
EoU 296. Shenley, Titeburste, Edgware & Stanmore. Extent or 

survey of the said manors. 2 ms. 
EoU 297. Shenley & Holmes. Detailed rental. 9 Eic. II. 2 ms. 
Portf. 5/12. Stagenhoe, Meppershall, Hextoneston «& "Walden. Frag- 
ment of a rental or rent roll. [Edw. I.] 1 m. 
Eoll 298. Stortford. Eental or rent roU of possessions of the 

Bishop of London. [? Hen. III. or Edw. I.] 3 ms. 
Eoll 299. Stortford. Detailed rental of possessions of tlie Bishoji 

of London. 37 Hen. VIII. 1 1 ms. 
Portf. 8/44. Waltham Cross. Eental of lands probably belonging to 

the manor. [V Eliz.] 2 ms. 
Portf. 8/45. Ware. Eontal & custumal of possessions late of Gilbert 

Hill. 36 Eliz. 3 ms. 
Portf. 8/46. Watford. Terrier of possessions of John AVatford. 

18 Edw. IV. I m. 
Portf. 8/47. Watford. 1 )etailed survey of the manor. 3 Jas. I. 8 ms. 
Portf. 8/48. Wedou Piiiknev. Memorandum as to the possessions of 

Wm. d(^ Weston. [Edw. III.] 1 m. 
EoU 300. Woiiuloy, Haas, Gedding, Laugton, Eoxton & Marions. 

Eoll of Assize & other rents. 14 Eic. II. 4 ms. 
Portf. 8/49. [ ? ] Fragment of a rental or rent roll. [Edw. III.] 

1 m. 

[^If.B. — In addition to tin- above there are numerous ^' important rentals Sf- 
surri'i/s classed under ' /Hrers Counties ' ^S- ' Counties Unknown. ^~\ 


^bsivacU of pJills* 



f. 266. JOANE CEOWCHE of Stondon, widow {Dat. 10 Apr. 1577). 
Child" of dau. Agnes Barboure ; Child'^ of dau. Joane Cm-lesse '. 
Child" of son Geo. Crouche ; John son of my son John Crowche 
& Emanuel his bro. ; Child" of dau. Ellyn Jordyne ; Bro-in- 
law Geo. Crowche late of London skinner dec^ ; Eich. Crowche 
my late husbi^ ; Jaques Jurdeine husband of s<i Ellen ; 'Eliz. 
Finche my son George Crowche's wife's dau. ; Agnes my maid ; 
Sara AVorland ; Marie Fawkener ; Son Geo. exor ; Cous. M'' 
Hen. Gardner & son-in-law Fulke Curlewes overseers. 
"Wits . — Tho. Crowche the elder, Tho. Crowche the yong'", Tho. 
Skiugle, Heniy Skingle. (' This wille was not ^ved for that 
he had daye gyven hym tell Ester followinge 1578 '). 

f. 267. THOMAS BEANCHE of AVare. {Dat. 22 Feb. 1578). Son 
Gylbert (under 18) ; Tenement in Orybbe streate wherein I 
dwell; Son Thos ; Wife Kath. exor; Wm. Larrence & Thos. 
Forde overseers. Thomas Braunche. Wit' : — Vessey Symon 
Appryce {sic) Thomas Wattf Thomas Wynchester. {Pr. at 
Ware 9 Mch. 1578). 

£. 268. JOHN COEDELL of Podingspitts in psh. of Chesthunte, 
collier. {Dat. 28 Jan. 1578). Eldest son Wm. ; Son Eobt. ; 
Eoger Jackson ; Son Thos ; John Lucas of Burbus ende ; Son 
John ; Son Edmund ; Youngest son Henry ; Wm. Cordell of 
Podingspits ; Dau. Joan ; Bro. John Lucas ; Marie wife of 
Wm. Cordell; Eobt. Biille exor; Wm. M'kyn overseer. 
Wit^ : — John Lucas, Eoger Jackson, Nich. Dryver. {Pr. at 
Sabridgworth 17 Feb. 1578. 

f. 268. EICHAED LAWEENCE of Greue ende, in psh. of Standon. 
{Dat. 7 June 1578). Tenement at Green end in tenure of Wm. 
Browne ; Dau. Wynnefrytlie Lawrence ; Dau. Anne Lawrence ; 
EUz. More ; Wife Agnes ; Sou EdM'. exor. Wit^ : — Tho. 
Lanibky, Tho. Smithe, Wm. Chalice. {Pr. at Sabridgworthe 
17 Feb. 1578). 

f. 269. JOHN KYLFOEDE of Chesthunte, singleman. {Dat. 17 Jau. 
1578). Bro. AVni. Kylforde ; Kath. Kylforde my bro. Thoe. 
liis dau. ; Geo. Jackson, my bro. Eoger Jacksons sou ; Ealphe 
AVrightc ; John Chaimtrell ; John Wolf ; Mystres Hawkyns ; 
Bro. Thos. exor; Friends Eich. Page glasier & Simon 
Williams vicar of Chesthuut overseers. {Pr. at Sabridgworthe 
17 Feb. 1578). 

f. 269. EICHAED FLETCHEE of Wo.xlo greene in psh. of Chesthunt, 
tyler. \^Dat. 2l> Feb. 1571). Wife Mawdelyue ; SdU Eoger; 




Dau. Anne Fletcher ; Wm. Hodges my sisters son ; Wife extrix ; 
Neighbour Eobt. Petite overseer. Wit'' : — Simon Lowen, Eobt. 
Petit & Symon Williams vicar of Chesthunte. {Pr. at 
Sabridgforde 9 Jan. 1578). 

f. 272. JOHN FOOTE of Sabridgworth. (Bat. 15 June 1578). Son 
John ; The child my wife no\r goetlL with ; Bro. Anthony Foot's 
chUdn ; ^ Aunt Frances child" ; Godson Wm. Argente ; John 
Trotte ; John & EUz. Cocke ; John & Jaine Browne ; My father; 
Wife Margt. extrix ; Tho. Browne overseer. Wit" : — John 
Foote my father & Thomas Frances. (Fr. at Storforde 1 Sep. 

f. 274. JOHN ETHEEIDGE of Buntingforde, glover. {Dat. 11 Apr. 
1577). Bur. at Leyston ; AVife Isabell ; Margt. Bucke ; Eldest 
son John ; Son Tlios. ; Son Wm. ; Lands in Wyndemjdefeilde 
in Leyston, copyliolds of manor of Cornyeburie ; VCto.. Sprigge; 
Daus. Agnes, Johan & Margt ; AVife extrix ; Thos. Nortlmp 
& Eobt. Hattley overseers. Wit^ : — Lewys Eeynolds minister 
& Wm. Hitche. {Fr. at Stortforde 28 July 1578). 

f. 275. EALPH PEEEYE of Sabridgworthe, yeoman. (Dat. 28 June 
1578). Youngest sou Chrisf ; Messuage called Jeffes where I 
now dwell ; AVife Margerie ; Lands called Grreate Bustards, 
Hetche Crofte, Hookefeilde ulias Okefeilde, Mynnams, Grete 
highe feilde, Little higho feilde, Great Hallison ; Son Eobt ; 
Eldest son John ; Lands in Gierke feilde, AA^'olle Crofte. Purtli- 
feilde, BuUbrokes croft ; Son George ; Messuage called Keales 
& lands called Keales croft ; Lands in Greate Manfeilde ; Son 
Christr exor ; Peter LyndseU of Sabridgworth overseer. AVif^: — 
John NeUson the writer. Thos. Hutchyn thelder, Peter 
Lyndsell. (Ft: at Stortford 28 July 1578). 

f. 277. JOHN ADAM of Nownes ferme in psh. of Sabridgforde, 
husbandman. {Dat. 22 Mch. 20 Eliz.) Son Jerome Adam ; 
Daus. Agnes Flaj-le & Alice Burle ; Serv John Herde ; Son 
Wm. Adam ; Land called AATiittengers ; Serv* Johan liinge ; 
Sons Thos. & AVm. Adam exors ; Peter LyndseU of Sabridg- 
forde & Eich. Fanue of same yeomen overseers. AA^it^ : — 
Peter LyndseU, Eich. Fanue & Nich. Comptou clerke the writer 
herof. {Fr. at Stortford 23 June 1578). 

f. 278. JOHN BANESTEE of Standen. {Dat. 8 Dec. 1577). AVife 
Alice ; Son Henry & John his youngest bro. AA^ife extrix. 
Wit^ : — Hen. Osbaston, Eichard Courtnev, Nich. Osbaston, 
John Clerke. {Fr. at Braughin 17 May 1578). 

f. 279. JOHN HOLLAM of Braughin. {Dat. 26 Mch. 1575). AVife 
Dorothy exor. ; Sou AA''m. HoUam overseer. AVit^ : — John 
Hedlam, AA^'m. Daj-e, John AVright, Margt. AUderiche. {Fr. 
at Braughin 17 May 1578). 

f . 280. EOGEE BYLFYLD of Chesthuntt. {mnc. will dat. 2 Apr. 
1578). Son AA^m. ; Dan. Alice. AVit^ :— Eich. Flecher & AA^m. 
AVhitehed of Clicsthunt. [No date of probate]. 

f. 280. JEAMES POETEE of Barley. {Dat. 13 Feb. 1577). AVife 
Ellen ; Son John ; Daus. Grace, Agnes, Sybell, Alice & Marie 
(aU under 20); AVife extrix. AVit« :— John GreueU, AVm. 
Kolfordo. {Fr. at Braughin 1(5 May 1578). 


f. 281. GYLES COXE of Ware, laborer. {Bat. 28 Feb. 1579). Son 
Mathew ; Dau. Margrie Coxe ; Dau. Alyce Coxe ; Dau. Eliz. ; 
Wife Agues oxtrix ; Bros. Thos. & Peter Coxe overseers. 
Wit" : — Goodman Veseye & Huglie Holder, Eich. Cortneye & 
Tho. Swynsed. {Pr. at Braughinge 18 Mch. 1579). 

f. 282. THOMAS COOKE of Chesthunte singleman. {Dai. 4 Jan. 
1579). Eobt. Cooke my brothers son ; Wni. Cooke my brothers 
son (under 21) ; Henrie bro. of s'^ Eobt. & Wm. ; Margt. sister 
of 8^. brethren (under 16) ; John Cotteis my sisters son (under 
21) ; Eobert & William Cooke my elder brotlier John's sons ; 
Henrie Cooke ; Alice Vales dau. of Thos. Vales & Thos. Vales 
her bro. ; John Cooko my bro. John's son dec<i ; Eliz. & Marie 
sisters of s<i John ; Kinswoman Agnes Fletcher ; Bro. .Toliu & 
Simon AVilliams vicar of Chesthunt overseers ; Thomas Cooke 
my elder bro. Johns son exor. Wit' : — Wm. Lo\vdam& Simon 
Williams. {Pr. at Sabridgworth 5 Feb. 1579). 

f 282. THOMAS JOEDAN of Austie. {Bat. 19 Dec. 1579). Wife 
Kath. ; Child my wife goeth with ; Dau. Kath. ; Sou Eichard ; 
Son Thos. exor. AVit' : — John Allen, John Oaker, Geo. Thor- 
good & Anthony Crede. {Pr. at Sabridgworth 5 Feb. 1579). 

f. 285. WILLIAM WEEN of Thundriche, husbandman. {Bat. 28 
Aug. 1579). Eich. Bachilers child" which he had by Eliz. my 
dau.; Marie Bigges, Johan Biggf eldest dau.; Wife Kath; 
Son Eobt. Wren's wife ; Eldest son Eobt. exor. ; John Hutehyn 
overseer. Wit' ; — Wm. Dixon vicar there. {Pr. at Sabridg- 
forde 14 Dec. 1579). 

f. 286. WILLLIM EOGEESON of Standon, railner. {Bat. 27 Sept. 
1579). Wife Agnes ; Sons Eobert & Wm. ; Dau. Eden wife of 
John Daniele ; Dau. Mary wife of Antoine Eive ; Dau. Kath. 
wife of Wm. Sigrave gent. ; Kath. Dauiele dau. of s*^ sou-iu-law 
John Daniell ; Wife extrix ; M'' Eomayne vicar of Standon 
supervisor. Wit^ : - Hughe Bowman, Eobt. Bate & Eoger 
Thomson. {Pr. 19 Nov. 1579). 

f. 288. AUGUSTINE COWPEE of Barkewaye, in the Couutie of 
Essex [«!c] malster. {T)at. 19 Aug. 1579). Henrie Pepper- 
corne ; M"^ Johns ; Land between Thorpes close now Eichard 
Eoystons on the south & Grayes meade on the north, the east 
end abutting on Willowes meade ; Brother's son Mathewe 
Cowper ; Child" of Henrie Chapman of Barley & of John 
Kinge of Barrington ; My brothers daus. ; Said Matt. Cowper 
exor. Wit^ : — Eich. Eovston, Philip Womwell, Wm. Warde, 
Nich' Powell. {Pr. at Skbridgforde 11 Sep. 1579). 

f.291. JOHN LAMBEEDE 'of Sabridgworthe, joiner. {Bat. 7 Mch. 
1578). Eldest son Edward (under 21) ; Youngest son Eichard ; 
Dau. Grace Lamberde ; Wife Alice extrix ; Gabriel Lenthrope 
gent, and Wm. Spencer yeouiau overseers. Wit' :— Wm. 
Perrie, Tho. Curtys and Eich. Spencer. {Pr. at Sabridgworth 
1 Apr. 1579). 

To he Continued. 



gnqutstttoucs ^o^t ^Xoviexn* 


[Inq. p.m. 3^-4 Phil. Sj- Mary. 2nd part. No 82.] 

Inquisition taken at Bysshoppf Hatfelde, co. Herts. 13 July 2 & 4 
Phnip & Mary [1556] before Robert Harrys esq, escheator, after 
the death of Henry Grrubbe, by the oaths of John James, Geo. 
Marston, Thos. Roberds, Rich. Birchemore, .Tohn Touipson, John 
Barnarde, Robt. Norres, John Cutt, John Foster, John Mosse, John 
Howe, John Whitfelde, Robt. Sene & Roger Nodes who say that 

The said Henry Grubbe was seised as of fee in the Rectory and 
Church of Northmymes with the appurtenances, also three messuages 
& 200 acres of land, j^^sture meadow & wood in Nortlimymes & all 
tithes belonging to the said Rectory & the advowsou & right of 
patronage of tlie vicarage of Northmymes. 

So seised said Henry by deed dated \_blank'] 36 Hen. VIII sold to 
one Richard Grubbe two messuages, 60 aci-es of land & 20 acres of 
pasture in Northmymes, parcel of said Rectory then in tenure of Geo. 
Slepe & said Richard is now in possession thereof. 

Said Henry died 8th May last. 

The said Rectory & other premises are held of the King & 
Queen in chief, by service of the twentieth part of a knights fee & a 
rent of 8s. 8<^. per annum & are worth il. os. id. per ann. 

George Grubbe is son & heir & aged 30 years & more. 

[fnq. p.m. \9 IJIiz. 1st part. No. 110.] 

Inquisition taken at Busshoppes Hatfield alias Kingshatfield, co. 
Herts. 5 June 19 Ehz. [1577] before John Brockett kut, "Wm. 
Tooke esq, auditor of the Court of Wards & Liveries, Henry Connysbye 
esq & "Walter Touke gent. etc. after the death of George Grubbe, 
yeoman, by the oaths of Edw. Brisco, John Brisco, John Thompson, 
John Haddon, Thos. Adam, Clement Mauustie, John Clei-ke de le 
Beche, Tho. Nichull, Thus. Samoude, Edw. Smythe, John Astrey, Rich. 
[? Cr]ofte, Humph. Haywarde, John Clerke de Harpesfieldhall, Philip 
Sleape & Wm. Smith of Threehowsos who say that 

Long before the death of s<^ George, one Henry Grubbe his fatlier 
was seised as ot fee in the Rectory & Church of North Myms & in 3 
messuages, 200 acres of land & all tithes belonging to s<^ Rectory & the 
advowson of the \'icarage & s'^ Henry so seised by indenture dated 36 
Hen. yill. & by tlie royal licence sold to one Ricli. Grubbe, two 
messuages & 60 acres of land in North ]\Iyms, parcel of s<i Rectory, 
then in tenure of Geo. Slepe. Tims seised s'^ Henry died 8 May 
2 »fc 3 Pliil. & Mary, after whose death s'' Rectory etc descended to 
s^ George as son & next lieir which Geo. on the 13 July 2 & 3 Phil. 
& Mary was 30 years old & more. 

Said George thus seised of all s>> Rectory & lands except as above 
mentioned on 26 Mch. 1577 (Eliz. 19) at North Mymes made his will 



[^recited'] by virtue of which Dorothy his wife now holds one third part 
of s<i Eectory & lands. 

Said Eectorj' & premises are held of the Queen in chief by service 
of the twentieth part of a knights fee & rent of 8s. 8^. per ann. & are 
worth (deducting 10/. for salary of the vicar there) 5/. per ann. clear. 

George Grubbe died March last past & Eustace Grubb is 

son & next heir & aged 26 years 11 months & 29 days & more at the 
time of taking this inqiiisition. 

l^Inq. p.m. 21 Car. I. part 18 Miscel. Xo 37]. 

Inquisition taken at S' Albans, co. Herts 11 July 20 Car. I. [1644] 
before John Tooke esq, escheator, after the death of Eustace Grubb 
gent, by the oaths of Wni. Smith, Eich. Mitchell, "Wm. Marston, 
Jas. Arnold, John Dell, Solomon Trott, Eicli. Sheppard, Eich. Feild, 
Eobt. Newe, John Beldon. Joshua Bayley, "Wni. Hinksman, John 
Cooper & Edw. Paupett who say that 

Said Eustace was seised in fee of the Eectory & Church uf North - 
myms & all & every the tithes annually arising therefrom & of 3 
messuages, 200 acres of land, meadow, pasture & wood in North- 
mjins belonging to s* Eectory & tlie advowson of the vicarage. Said 
Eustace was also seised of a messuage called EedJiall & 80 acres of 
arrable & pasture laud & a cottage with a pightell of land, parcel of 
s"* Eectoiy, Ij^ing in Northmyms & a messuage called Densham & 2 
acres belonging thereto in Noi-thmyms. 

So seised s"! Eustace & John Grubb his son & heir ajiparent by 
indentui-e dated 19 May 10 Jas. I [1612] & a fine levied in court, 
conveyed to one Eobt. Hattley & Giles Blofeild gent, the s^* Eectory of 
Northmyms & all belonging thereto in Northmjmis to the intent that 
Mary Preston dau. of Wm. Preston of Chilwicke in s^ county, gent, 
whom s<i John Grubb then intended to marry & afterwards did marry, 
shoTiJd have to her & her asigns an annual rent of 100/ out of 
s^ Eectory etc. during her life if she should survive s'^ John Grubb & 
further that s^ Eobert Hattley & Giles Blofeild slujuld stand seised of 
8"i Eectory etc. to the use of s'' Eustace for life with remainder to the 
use of s^ John Grubb & his heirs male by s<i Mary Preston & in default 
to the use of the heirs of the body of s*! Jt)lin etc. 

So seised s^ Eustace die,d at Northmyms on 28 May 18 Chas. I 
[1642] & s'i John is son & next heir of s"* Eustace & was at the 
time of 8<i Eustace's death aged 21 years & more. 

The Eectory of Northmyms & the advowson of the \icarage are held 
of the King in chief by knights ser'vice viz. bj- the service of the 20th 
part of a knights fee & annual rent of 8s. 8(7. & worth, clear, 
(deducting 10/. per annum for the salaiy of the vicar there) o/. per ann. 

The messuage called Eedhall & lands are held of tlie king in chief 
I y knights service, but by wliut part of a knights fee the jurors are 
ignorant, & are worth per ann. clear 13«. 4rf. 

The message called Densham etc. the jurors are ignorant how or of 
whom held. 



Slt>nrlctt IJtJtHd. 


IF.C.C. Spertn.l 

In the name of god amen, The xvjt'^ day of Februaiy In the 
xxxiiij*' yere of the Eeigne of our soueraigne Lord King Henry the 
Eight, I Eaufe Eowlett thelder Esquier marchaunt of the Staple of 
Caleys, being of god and partite rememhraimce, lawde and prayse be 
ynto almighty gud, make and declare this my p'nt will and testament 
in maner and fo''me folowyng that is to saye First I beqiiethe my sonle 
vnto almighty god, my saviour maker and Eedemer and to his glorious 
and most blissid mother our lady saint mary ever virgyn and to all the 
holy Company of heaven and my body to be buried yf it chaunse to be 
a place convenient for buriall in our lady chapell within the late 
monastery of saint Albons where my wife lyeth and my sonne And yf 
the same shalbe noo suche place mete for buriaU Than I will my body 
to be buried within the Chapell of saint Andrewe, by the discrecion of 
my executors. Item. I bequeth to the highe awter of the said Chapell 
of saint Andrewe xiij«. iiij(/. Item. I bequeth to the highe awter of 
saint Mighells xiij«. iiijr/. Item. I will geve and bequethe every weke 
wekely In the AYensday and Friday Twenty shilliugf sterliugf egally 
to be devided to and amougf the poure people within the said Albons 
where most nede shalbe to pray for my soule and all xpen soules and 
to saye fyve tymes the holy prayoui- of the pater noster, fyve tymes the 
Salutacion of our lady called Ave maria &c. and oon tyme Tharticles 
of our faithe callid Credo in Ueum &c. in bono'' of the lyve woundes 
of our lord Jhu Criste, vntill the sume of fourscore pouudf sterliugf 
be gevj-n distributed and delte of in and abowte the same. And 
further I ^viU that tlip said fourscore poundf sterliugf be deliuered to 
the handes of Sir Eichard Stondon priest to distribute and geve it in 
maner and fourme aforesaid. Item I will that there be distributed at 
my buriall and at ni}- mouetliis myndo and for blak clothe for my wife 
my doughters the mourners and for my seruantf fourscore poundf . 
Item I will and bequetlie to an honest prest to say diuiue seruice and 
to pray for my soidc my frendf soules and all xpen soules at suche 
place where my body shalbe buried yerely duriug the space of Tenne 
yeres next ensuyug after my decesse Six pouudf xiiij.« iiijf/. Sm. 
tlirescore six pouudf xiij*-. iujd. Item I will tliat myu Executours do 
yerely distribute and dispense during the space of Tenne yeres next 
and Immediatly folowiug after my decease for and abuute oon 
Anniu'sary or obite yerely, at suclie place, where it shall fortune me 
to be buried to pray for my soido and all xpen soides xx.«. Sm. x''. 
Item I bequethe and geve to my welbeloued wife these parcellf 
folowing that is to say all JeweUf as do belonge to hir for hir wearyng 
and asmoche of my plate suche as slie will choese as shall amouute to 
the sume of xxx//'. deliuered w* his owne liaiules and Twenty poundea 
deliuered w' his owne handf x/j. in redy money, she to do tlierw' lior 
hole wUI and pleasure as with hir own pi'opro goodcs and Catallf . 
And that my said wife shalhauc thuse and occupying of all suclie 


housholdestuffe as shall remayn and be in my rlwelling liowsc nt saint i 

Albons at the tj-mo of my decesse. And that my said wife loave the I 

same at the tymo of her decesse to my sonne Eauf Eowlet w'out j 

embeselyng spoyling or wasting thereof, by her or any other in her j 

name. Tlie reasonable weaiyng therof always exeeptld vpon condicion j 

that she clayme or take noo dower or any other estate, for tenne of i 

Ij-fe in any" other my landes and tenementf , than suche londs and j 

ten'tf as I haue gevyn hir by my wille. Item I bequethe to sir John i 

Baker knyght a Cupp of siluer and gilt price yH. Item I bequethe to j 

Martyn Bowes knyght a Cup of siluer and gilt price v/i'. Item I | 

bequeth to Barnard Jennyn, skynner of London, a Cup of siluer and | 

gilt price \'li. Item I bequeth to Thomas Skipwith Esquier a Cup of I 

siluer and gilt price yli. Item I bequeth to Frauncf Goodyere Esquier 
a Cup of siluer and gilt price xli. Item I liequeth to John i\[aynard 
gent a Cup of siluer and gilt price yli. Item I bequeth to sir Eichard 
Stondon clerk a Cup of siluer and gilt price vJi. Item I bequetli to my 
sonne Affabell goddf blessing and myn and the leaso and terme of 
yeres whiche I liauo to come of and in tiie parsonage of Eedborue in 
the countie of Hertford. Item I bequeth t(j the said Affabell my 
sonne the Tytlie of Henry Bechys fermc wherin he nowe dwellith. 
Item I bequeth to the said Affabell all tlie Stove of Gorliambury that 
is to say, Shepe, Beestf , Kyne, Horsse, Carte and all the T^nubr and 
seh-ng bourde and pale, liooly as it staudith at the houre of my dethe. 
Item I will and geve him the luiplementf of the house of trorh'mbury 
aforsaid as shall appere bj- an Inuentory theeof to be made, by my 
sonne Jennyns and my sonne Skipwith. Item I geve and bequethe to 
the said Affabell a Cupp of siluer gilted, a gilt Salt and xij Spones of 
siluer. Item I geve and bequeth to Eauf Eowlett my sonne and heire 
apparaunte goddef blessing and myn and oon hundrethe poundf in 
redy money." Item I geve and bequeth to Dorathe Eowlett his wife a 
gilt Cupp "w* flowres, to the value of xli. and in Eedy money fourty 
markf . Item I geve to the said Dorathe a Eyng of golde with an 
Emerawde in it. Item I will that aU my apparell be devided bitweiie 
my said twoo sonnes indifferently. Item I geve and bequethe to Jolui 
Maynard my sonne in lawe iu reconq^ence of his marriage fourty and 
f^w'e poundf. Item I geve and bequethe egally to be devided bitwene 
Eaiif Jennyn my godsnnne, the Childern of Thomas Eatliam, the 
Childern of Thomas Skipwithe, the Childern of John Maynard, the 
Childern of Fraunces Cioodyere my sonnes in lawe, tliat tliey haue or 
shalhave by my doughters twoo Tliousande markf egally to be devided 
as euery of theym shall attayne to their manages or full agis. And 
further" I will tliat if any of them dye before tliey be maried or come 
to their full age, that tlien I will that that parte so to them gyyen be 
de%-ided gevyn and deliuered to them tliat over lyvith in fournie 
aforsaid. Provided always that my sonne Skipwith and his executours 
shaU haue and receyve of myn Exeutours the sutTie of oon hundretli 
markf vpon the premisses before gevyn vnto liis Child(>rn and 
■\-pon the payment of the sanie he to deliuer -smto IJaufe 
Eowlett my "sonne oon obligacon for tlie payment of oon 
huudreth ni'kf wluM-in I stande bounde to be discliarged and 
cancelled. Item I give and boquetli to my sonne Tliomas Liitham otni 
Cupp of siluer to tlie value of xli. Item 1 will that my wife luiue 
twoo of my geldyiigf such jis slic will chose, And the Eesiduo of my 
horsses I geve and l)e(|ucthe to my sonne Eauf Eowh^tt and Affabell 
iudifferentlv to be devided. Item I geve to my seruautf AVilliam 


Harres, "William Amhler, Eicliard Padbeiy and Eobert Baker, euery 
of them xx«. aud to Eobort Holland, Eowlaude, Thomas Saunders, 
Nicholas Horskeper, Tlionias Tyler and William Cook euery of them 
x«. and to Alice Shelton xh. aud to Mawo my seruant xxs. and to 
mother Eoose x«. and to the Eest of all my seruantf I will there bo 
gevyn xl«. at the ditcrecion of myn executors. Item I will that my 
Sonne Eauf Eowlett shalhaue the"^ housholde stuffe in my Chamber at 
London. Item I wiU that myn Executours shnlbo accountant for all 
suclie sumes of money as they shall Eeceyve. Item I will that my 
wife shalhaue the Custodye and occupacion of a Chalesse, a pair of 
Cruettf a paire of Candelstickf of siluer, one pax of Ivery garnysshed 
with siluer during hir lyfe. And after hir decesse I geve them' to my 
Sonne Affabell Eowlett w' all other my ornaments belonging to niy 
aulter at my house in saint Albous. Item I will that my Executors 
shalhaue all suclie reasonable costf as they and eu'y of them shall 
dispende in and aboute tlie pfourmaunce and maj-ntenance of my last 
will. Item I will all suche goodes as shall happen to be at Gorh'm- 
bury that were ordeyned vsed and appoynted to be at my howse at 
saint Albons for the apparylinge of the same shalbe deliuered by my 
Executours maynten'nt after my deatlie, at the said house of saint 
Albons, there to remajTie according to my wiU. Item I geve and 
bequeth to Alice Calowaye and Iier husbande either of them a blak 
gowne. Item I will and geve to Maister Kyng vicar of saint Mighellf 
in saint Albons oon blak gowne of iiij yardf and a hoode. The 
Eesidue of all my goodes not bequethed my dettf paid my funerall 
expencf borne and doon And the legacies in this my p'nt testament 
conteyned performed and fullillt-d I geve and bequethe to Sir Martyn 
Bowes knyght, Barnard Jenyns Skynner of London and Thomas 
Skipwithe Esquier whom I orde^-n and make my Executours they to 
ordre and dispoase the same as by their discrecions shalbe thought 
conuenient for my soule helthe. And I make Sir Eichard Stondon 
priest my supuisour to whom I geve for their labours [MunJc]. Also I 
do Eenounce and vtterly forsake all other willf made before the day 
and date of these presentf aud they to be adnychillate and voide. In 
witnesse wherof etc. "Wit^ :— Eauf Eowlett the vouger, Sir Eichard 
Stondon Clerk, Tliomas Kyng vicar of saint Mighellf , Hugh Hardvng 
vicar at Sandrydie, Eobert Holland, Eowland Griffith and John 

Ultima voluntas ejusdem Eadulphi. 
This is the last will of me Eaufe Eowlett thelder Esquier made tlie 
xvj"' day of Eebruary In tlie xxxiiij'* yere of tlie Eeigne of our 
soueraigne lord King Henry the Eight concernyng tlie order and 
disposicion of all my Mauours landes Tenenientf and hereditamentf 
hereafter named expressid and declared First I will geve assigue 
bec^ueth and devise vnto Elizabetli my wife all that my Mano^of 
Sandryge alias Saudruge with all otlier niy laudf and tenenientf witliiu 
the parishe of Sandryge alias Saudruge w' the appurten'ucf in tlie 
Countie of Hertford And all my landf tenenientf and Iiereditameutf 
wliidie liaue ben kuoweu letteu to ferme reputed or taken as parte 
parcell or membre of tlio said Manour or of any parte or parcell of it 
All tlie wdddes stcwardsliip and prolitf of tlie Courtf of the same 
oonly except To liaue and to holde all the said Mano'' h.udes tenenientf 
and other the premisses w^ their appuiten' excej.t before excepted 
vutu the said Elizabeth my wife and hir assigues during and by the 
liol.) ternio of her uaturall lyfe vpim condicion that she clavnio or" take 


no dower or any other estate for terme of lyfe in any other h)n(l^ or 
tenementf than suche londf and tenementf asl haue gevyn her by my 
will And I will and ordeyn that Immediately after the deceas of my 
wife the said Manour londes tenrmentf and other the premisses w* 
their appurteu'ncf shall goo Lee and Eemayn vnto m.yn Executours To 
haue and to liolde to them during and by the hole terme of xxj*' yeres 
next after the decesso of my said wife my said executors to pceyve 
receyve and take the Issues Eeuonues and profif coihyng and growyng 
of the said Mano'' and other the premisses for and towardf the jjayment 
of my dettf and to and for the payment of twoo Thousande markf in 
my testament mencioned and to the perfoimnaunce and fulfillyng of 
my legacf and bequestf as well in my foresaid Testament of this my 
last will as otherwise expressed and declared And further I will the 
Mano'' of Appysbury alias Apsabury & all other the londes ten'tf and 
hereditaments which haue ben knoweu letten to fenue reputed or taken 
as jiai-te pcell or membro of the said Mano'' or any parte or parcell 
therof with all the woddes groves hedgerowes and spryngf whiche are 
growyng or hereafter shall growe of in and vpou the said Mano'' of 
Sandryge al. Sandruge & vpou all other my londes and fermes within 
the parishe of Sandryge aforsaid my said Executors to fell and cutt 
downe the same at their will and pleasure w' all the fynes Issues 
perquysitf & all other protitf of Coui-tf (the Tymber vpon the 
premisses oonly except) shall goo be & remayn vnto myn Executor's 
To haue & to holde to them Immediately after my decesse to theude 
and terme of Twenty and oou yeres to pceyve receyve and take the 
Issues Eeveuues and profitf comyng & growyng of the said mano' and 
other the premises for & towardf the payment of my dettf & to & for 
the paym* of twoo Thousand merkf in my testament mencyoned & to 
the pfourmaunce and fulfilling of my last wiUe And after my dettf 
legacies and bequestf well and truely conteutid and paid than I will 
that all & singuler the said Manours londes & tenementf & other the 
premisses w* their appurten'ncf shall holy and fuUy go be and remayn 
in fourme folowing that is to sey The Mano'' of Sandryge alias Sandruge 
and all other my londf and tenementf within the parishe of Sandruge 
aforsaid with the premisses concernyug the same vnto Eaute Euwlett 
the yonger my sonue and heire apparauute & to the Issue of his budy 
laufuUy begotten foreuer And the Mano'' of Appysbury al. Apsabury 
& all other the premisses concernyng the same shall remayn and coiTie 
to Dorathe Eowlett my doughter for terme of hir life To remayne 
after that to Eaufe Eowlett my sonne and to the Issue of his body 
laufully begotten And fordefawte of suche Issue to remayn to Alfabell 
Eowlett & to the Issue of his Ixjdy lawfully begotten And for defawte 
of suche Issue all the said landf & tenementf & other tlie premisses 
w' the appurten'ncf to Eemayn to my doughters & doughters fhildern 
& their heires for euer I'rovided alwayes I will & ordeyn that Elizabeth 
my wife shalhaue sufficient fuell for her" expencf of in & vpon the 
Mano"" of Sandryge alias Sandruge during her lyfe to be appoynted 
and assigned vnto lier by the discrecions of myn Executors or by the 
Executours of the overlyuer of them Also I will assigue bequethe and 
geve vnto Elizabethe my wife my dwelling howse in saint Albons To 
haue and to lu)lde to her for terme oi hir uaturall lyfe Anil also 1 geve 
and b.>quotlu> all my Copyholde loudf and tenementf in tlio parishe of 
Eedb.orne and all my OopyL)ndf that I bought of M"" IJerney of 
Langley late Marstims and a howse at liednam ponde with all the 
loudf that apperteyn to them and euery of them to my sonue Ail'abell 



Eowlett and his heires foreuer. Item I will that "William Ambler my 
seru'nt shalhaue the liowse lie dwcUithe in freely during his lyfe. 
Item I will that the said 'Wittm slialliauo ffourty shillingf by tlie 
yere to be paid to him by thandf of myn Executours during his Ivfo 
to be levj-ed and taken out of tlie premisses. Item I will that William 
Harres my seru'nt slialhaue the howse he dwellithe in freely during 
his lyfe. Item I will that my wife shalliaue during her lyfe the liowse 
wherein oon Palmer dwellith yf she do so longe dwell and contynue at 
Gorhambury. Item I will that Padbory my seru'nt shalhaue tlie 
howse he dwellith in freely during liis h-fe." Iteni I will that if my sonne 
Eaufe Eowlett or his heires or assignes by his eomaundement or pro- 
curement doo trouble molest or sue in the lawe or otherwise myn 
Executours for the Eece^-fe and taking of the profitf of the Mano>"of 
Sandryge (illas Sandruge and Apsbury alias Apsabury aiid other the 
premisses or any parte therof with the appurten'ncf "ge\yn and sett 
forth by this my will That then I will tliat after my will pfourmed and 
hooUy fulfilled myn executours that sliall liappen to lyve shall Eecej^-o 
and take tlic nioytie of the profitf f)f the said Manors of Saudryge 
alias Sandruge and Apsbury alias Apsabury during tlieir lyres and tlie 
longer h-ver of them to their owne vse and'profite. Also I do Eenounce 
and vtterly forsake all other willf concernyug my londf and ten'tf 
made before the day and date of these presentf and tliey to be 
adnj'chillate and royde. In witness wliereof etc. Per me Eauf 
Eowlatt thelder. [Witnesses as before]. Proved 12 March 1542 by 
Thos. Skipwith ; reservation to Sir Martin Bowes & Bernard Jenyns. 


IP.C.C. Alen 22.] 

In tlie name of God amen the sxix]^^ day of Aprill in the xxxvij^ii 
yere of the Eaign of owr soveraign Lord King Henry theight, I 
AmphabeU Eowlett Esquyer being of good and perfitt remembrance, 
laud and prayse ho to almighty god make ordeyn and declare this my 
present will and testament in manner and forme folowing that is to say 
first I bequeathe my soule vnto aluiighty god my maker sauiour and 
Eedemer and to his gluryous and most blessed mother our lady sainct 
Mary ever virgyii and all the hole company of he-\yn my body to be 
buryed where my brother Eowlett shall think good. Item I gA-ve to the 
high aulter of Digonswelj for my tythes negligently forgoten nj.s. iiijr/. 
Item I will there be bestowed in and i-pon my funerallf five markf at 
the discrecion of my said brother. Item I give to my dere and 
welbeloued wif thies parcellf folowing that is to say all sucli Juellf as 
doo belong to her for her wering and xvj'' in redy money, she to doo 
therwith her h(de wiU and pleas'' as wytli her' proper goodes and 
cattellf and that luy said wif shalhaue tlie liousliold stuff and store at 
the house of 1 )igouswell which were of the goodes of Thomas Peryent 
Esquyer deceased after such rate and rates as they be pravsed in his 
luuentary, come lyme tymber and lath alweys except. And further 
shall haue x q''ters of malt vij acres of otes in the personage grounde 
and all my wheate at Digonswell and two ambling geldiiigf one white 
thother gray yong vpun condieimi that slie elaynie ov take no dower or 
any other estate for ternie of liff u\ any of my eopy hold land(>s. And 
then suche goddes as are before rcmiMubrtMi being th(> goddos of my 
late father Peryent I will my brother shall answere vnto the heires of 
my foresayd father Peryent as I shuld haue don in all cases according 

ao'ftlETT WILLS. 129 

to the true piirporte and tenor of his sayd last will and testament and 
my sayd Avif to liavo tliem without any thing paing for tliem. Item I 
give to my lo-ving sustcr Dorotlieo Peryent a black gowno and foure 
mrkf for lior diligent payue taken in my sickenes. Item I give my 
vnclo AVilh-aiii I'erycnt a gowne faced with satten. Item to Robert 
Hattell my best cote. Item to "NViUyam Battell my chamlett Jackett. 
Item to John Lockey my tawny satten dublett. Item to Wymbushc 
my secound cote. Item to my brother Skj-jiwyth a dublett cloth of 
satten. Item to my welbeloued suster Eowlett a r^iig of fjTie gold 
weing Is. Item I give my dere beloved and most faythfull brother 
Rowlett my leases of Kedborne tytlie To haue and enjoy the same 
during the yeres yet to come. Item I gyve my said brother 
Eowlett all mj- goodes stock and store belonging to my 
lir)usp of Gorhambury and also I gyve liim my velvett Jackett 
my best gownc my gowne of wursted and a fiirr of soynes 
and all other my apparell not before bequethed. Item I give 
to my saj-d brother Eowlett two hundretli poundes of money 
wliichc I liaue payde vnto the executours of my fatlier liowlett 
for the leases of Eedborue and the stock and store at Grorhambiuy 
whiche was bequethed me by my father's last will and testament. 
Item I gyve my sayd brother xj/i. riy. whiche I payd for certen 
apparell likewise. Also 1 gyve him all suche plate as is bequethed me 
in the same my father's last will and testament. Item I gjTe to Deix 
and Edward my senint besides their wages eche of tliem xx«. Item to 
Chrophor Sympson, Mergery and Cicely my seru'utf besides their 
wages eche of them xs. The Eesedue of all my goodes not bequethed 
my dettf payd my f unerall expenses borne and don and the legacyes in 
this my present testament performed I gyve and bequethe to my 
brother Eowlett whom I ordeyne and make my soule executor he to 
order and dispose the same as by his discrecion shalbe thought 
couvenyent for mv soules health. In witness etc. Per me Amphabell 
Eowlett. Wit* :— Eobert Battell, Willyam Battell, Edward tSquyer. 
Proved 23 Oct. 1546 by Ealph Eowlett esq. the exor. 

To be Continued. 


Sett jof Jtnc0 for ^evlforhsljiv^* 



1572. Easter Term. 14 Eliz. 

*John Goodwyn knt : Thos. Sandes gent & Eobt. Sandes gent & Anne 
his wife. A third part of 10 messuages & lands in Agmondesham. 

*Eich. Warde esq : Daniel Snowe esq. Manor of Pychelesthorne & 
3 messuages & lands in Pychelesthorne, Chcdiugton & Eldesborowghe. 

*Innocent Kede esq & Francis Sills gent : John Eobyns. Three 
messuages & lands in Cadington & Kenswoi-th. 

*Wm. Cooper sen'' : Wm. Cooper jun'^ & Alice his wife. Lands in 
Caddington & Kensworthe. 

JohnPumbold : Wm. Clop ton esq, Tho. Horseman esq, Margt.Tharolde 
widow, Eobt Savill esq & Anne his wife, John Massingberd & 
Dorothy his wife. Manor of Tolmer ah Tollmer in Newgett Strete 
ah Newgatt strete & messuage & lands in Bishops Hatfield & 
Newgett Strete. 

Nich' Bristowe sen esq : Wm. Clopton esq, Thos. Horseman esq, 
Margt. Tharold widow, Eobt. Savill esq & Anne his wife & John 
Massingberd & Dorothy his wife. Manor of Laurence Aj'ot alias 
Great Ayot & lands in Laurence Ayot als Great Ayot, Kimpton, 
Sandridge, Codicote, Whetehamsted, AVelwyn, AVymley, Willyon, 
Eadwell, Ashwell, Newnham, Stevenage, Knebworthe, Huchjni, 
Walden, Hatfield, S' Albans & Ayot Mountphichet & the advowson 
of the psh. church of Laurence Ayot. 

John Wakeman gent : Eich. Lee knt. Humph. Conningesbye esq & 
Mary his wife. Manor of Newlande aZ/ms Nova terra & 30 messuages 
& lands in the parishes of S' Albans, S' Andrews, S* Michaels, 
S* Stephens & Idlestre. 

Eich. Lee knt. Humph. Coningesbye esq & Mary liis wife & Edw. 
Sadler esq & Anne his wife : Henry Butler esq & Alice his wife. 
The Eectoiy of the church of Hexton & advowson of same. 

Eobt. Stepneth esq : John Stepneth gent & Anne his wife. Manor of 
Aldenham & messuages & lands in Aldenham & the rectory of 

Wm. Barlee & John Bell gents : John Bosgrave gent & Jane his wife 
& Henry Giles & Agnes his wife. Lands in AsheweU. 

Wm. Browne : Tho. Grave & Agnes his wife. Lands in Hadham alias 

Eobt. Watson : Eich. Philpott gent. & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & 
lands in Buntingford, Apsten and Laiston. 

Wm. Cecill knt. baron of Burghley : Edw. Baesshe esq & Jane his 
wife. Messuage & lands in Waltham Crosse in psh. of Chosthunt. 

Tho. Weeden : John WoodrofEo alias Andrewes & Alice his wife. 
Messuage & land in Stondou. 


Michael Meade & Eliz. his wife : Francis Eoberts gent. Two 

messuages & lands in Ware, Great Am'n ell & Little AmweU. 
John Cranfcld & Alice his wife : John Byrchley gent. & PhiUippa his 

wife. Messuage in psh. of S' Nich^ in Hei-tford. 
Francis Alley gent : Eoger Grubbe & Eliz. his wife. A toft & land in 

Barkliamsted S' Peter. 
Thos. Ilanchett esq & Eich. Chare : Tho. Bumpsted & Eliz. hia wife. 

Lands in Great Munden. 
Thos. Warden : Eich. Worland & Joan his wife. Land in Standeu. 
Wm. Chalkley : Valentine Knyghte alias Brother. Messuage & land 

in Crechemere, Offley & Kings Walden. 

1572. Trinity Term. 14 Eliz. 
Ealph CadweU : Thos. Eocheford & Ellen his wife. Messuage in 

Edw. Baeshe esq & Jane his wife : Walter earl of Essex & Wm. 

Garnett gent. Manor of Cosyns & two messuages & lands in 

Ware, Wadesmyll, Great Amwell & Stanstede Abbots. 
Geo. Clarke : Eich. "VMiyttyngstaU alias Whittenstall & Eliz. his wife. 

Messuage & lands in Walcorne. 
John Wykes & Kath. his wife : Wm. Penton & Ehz. his wife. 

Messuage in Hatfield. 
Michael Meade : Wm. Geldener & Anne his wife & Wm. James gent 

& Joan his wife. Messuage & lands in Great Amwell, Little 

AmweU, & Alhallowes & common of pasture for seven cows in 

Nethenhowe marslie in Great Amwell. 
Fulk Onslowe & Mary his wife : John Wykes & Kath. his wife & 

AVm. Penton & Eliz. his wife. Messuage in Hatfield. 
Wm. Garnett gent : Walter earl of Essex. Manor of Watersplace & 

6 messuages & lands in Ware, Wadesmyll, Great Amwell & Stan- 
stede Abbots. 
Eich. Ferrers & Anthony Stibbyng gents : Francis Ferrers gent & 

John Vynej-arde geut & Kath. his wife. Manor of Hallys & 6 

messuages & lands in the town of S' Albans, Sandryge & ' infra 

Socam de Parke ' in psh. of S' Peters. 
Charles Morvson : Francis Haydon esq. & Frances his wife. Land in 

Watford. ' 
Geo. Golde & Joan his wife : Eich. Longe & Eliz. liis wife. Messuage 

in AVatford. 
Henry Dighton : Eich. Draper & Agnes his wife. Messuage in psh. 

of All Saints in Hertford. 
Leonard Jebson son & heir of Clement Jebson deed ; Joan Chambers 

widow. Messuage in Little Gaddesden. 
Geo. Burgoyne esq : Henry Barkley knt, lord Berkley of Mowbray, 

Scgrave & Bruce. Manor of Weston alias Weston juxta Baldock, 

& 40 messuages & lands in Weston. 

1572. Mich Term. 14 & 15 Eliz. 
♦Henry lord Norrys of Eycott & John Goodwyn knt : Eich. Wenman 

knt. & Isabel his wife. Manor of Beckonsfeild & 120 messuages & 

lands in Beckonsfeild. 
Leonard Chaundeler : Edm. Twynyho esq & Eliz. his wife. Lands in 

John Cade gent : Thos. Conygesbye esq. Messuage & lands in 

Jasper Wryghte : Thos. Gladwyu & Jane his wife. Messuage in 

I'elhum Furuax. 


Clement Manestee : John Harniar & Alice his wife. A third part of 

a messuage in Welwyn. 
Robt. Wolley : Jolin Shadd & Margt. liis Avil'e. Messuage in S' Albans. 
Nichs. Johnson : Thos. Sympson & Margt. his wife. Moiety of a 

messuage & land in S' Albans. 
John Kympton : Simon Warren. Six messuages & lands in Hytchyn. 
Thos. Blocke : Rich. Adam & Alice his ^vife. Messuage & land in 

Alex''. Chauncy gent : Eobt. Brooke. Two messuages & lands in 

Sabrydgeworth . 
Geo. Santon alias Mathewe : Henry tSommorsham & Eliz. his wife, & 

John Jerdfelde. Two messuages in Stortford. 
Edw. Hyckeman & Agnes his wyfc : AVm. Barley gent. Messuage & 

land in Clustedwood & "Wlietliamstede. 
Rich. Bovyngdon »& Kath. his wife : Eubt. Xasshe (St Margt. his Avife. 

Messuage & lands in Agmondesham. 
Nich'*. Brokett & Edw. Bowghtou esq'" : Thos. Hou esq. Manor of 

Hooburye alias Hoo & 8 messuages & lauds in Powles Waldeu alias 

Abbots Walden & Ivj-mptou alias Keniptt)n. 
Wm. Parker seu.r : John Chauneye & Ehz. his wife. Manor of Over- 
hall & 10 uiessuages & lands in Grcddlestnu, Estwick, Iluusdon & 

John AViUiams & Kath. his wife : Henry Baldewyue & Anne his wife. 

Messuage & land in S' Albans. 
Simon Ewer gent. : Thos. Bellamy gent. & Kath. his wife. Moiety of 

a messuage & land in Great Muuden. 
Rich. Barnett : "\Ym. Morynge & Christian lus wyfe. Messuage & 

land in Barkhampstead Peter. 
Nich^. Johnson : Ranulph Spyggyus. Moiety of messuage & land in 

S' Albans. 
John Adam : Rich. Adam & Alice his wife. Messuage & land in 

Thos. Allen : "\Ym. Alien &: Agnes his wife. Messuage & lands in 

Tryng, Betlowe, Marsou &- Tyscote. 
Roger Stokes : Roger Stoughtou & Mary his wife, & Henry Dowmau 

& Margt. his wife. Messuage & lands in parishes of S' Michaels & 

S' Stephens near S' Albans. 
John Alley gent. : "\Vm. Bachelor & Joan his wife. Lands in Bark- 

hamsted. « 

John Cawley : John Horton gent. & Mary his wife. Messuage & 

lands in Estbrokehaye & Hemelliamstede. 
Roger Fai-thiuge & Mary his wife : Rich. "Wurland & Joan his wife. 

Messuage & land in Stondou. 

\^T/iis Jinc is tied up in mistake with the bundle for the follou:in<j Mich, 

1572-3. Hilary Term. 15 Eliz. 
*Francis Hinde esq, Thus. Hindo &• Eobt. Shutte gents : Nich» West 

esq & Joan his wife & Wm. AVest sou & heir apparent of s'' Nich . 

Two messuages & lauds in Ash well. 
*Ohristr. Oowpor : Wimond Cary esq. Lands in Bisliops Stortford. 
Nicli^ Barfoote : Iloury Ednam & Eliz. lus wife iS: John Barfouto & 

Joan liis wife. Tottage in llitchyn. 
Jeremy Gray : AViuioud Oary. Three nu'ssuag(>s in Stortford. 
Edm. Knott : Edw. Brokett escj & Etiieldreda his wito. Messuage & 

lands in Hichiu, Icklofurd tS: Walsworth. 

FEET OF FI>T;3. 133 

Eicli. Marslie : Thos. M.irshe. Manor of Sowches aliaH Caddington 

Sowclips & nu'ssuage & lands in Oadingion. 
AVni. Cecil, K.Cx., baron of Burghley, Iligli Treasurer of England : 

Geo. renruddoeke lent & Anno his wife, Thos. "Wrothe knt & Mary 

liis wife «& Henry Cocke esq. Manor of Beanionthall & 2 messuages 

& lands in Beanionthall, AVoi-nieley & Chestou. 
John Spurlyng & John Graveley gents : Geo. Nycolls & Hamond 

NycoUs. Moiety of two messuages & lands in Asshewell alias 

Ashewell & Henxworthe. 
Andrew Byll & Eliz. his wife : Ivo Gray gent. Messuage & lands in 

Hugli Mantell gent : Eich. Lee knt., Ilimiph. Connyngsbye gent & 

Mary his wife & Eobt. Lee gent. Three messuages & lands in 

S' Albans. 

1573. Easter Tei-m. 15 Eliz.. 
*Eich. Eedo knt : Eras. Sill & Wm. Cocke. Manor of Pepshull alias 

Pepshall & the site of the late Priory of Eedbome & 20 messuages 

& lands in Eedborne, Flamsted, Harpenden & the psli. of S' 

*Wm. Cecill, K.G. baron of Burghley etc. : Edw. Baeshe esq & Jane 

his wife. Manor of CuUings & 12 messuages & lands in Cheselmnt 

& "Walthamcrosse. 
Eich. Foster : John Sha warden esq. Moiety of manor of Datcheworthe 

& of 20 messuages & lands in Dacheworthe aliaa Datcheworthe alias 

AVm. Snowe : John Dowsette & Joan his wife. Two messuages in 

Edw. Beash esq & Jane his wife : "\Vm. Garnett gent & Margery his 

wife. Manor of Cosens & 8 messuages &: lands in Ware, Wadesmyll, 

Great Amwell, Stansted Abbott & Thunderich. 
James "WHiitlom alias Barbor : Barnabas Sparrowe. Five messuages 

& five gardens in Stortford. 
Wm. Napton & John Sare : John Done [? Doue] & Joan his wife. 

Two messuages and land in the borough of S' Albans & in the psh. 

of S' ^lichaels. 
Wm. Thorowgood : Geo. Bennett & Ellen his wife. Land in Amwell. 
Eobt. Warner & Christr. Thurgood : Eich. Wathe & Alice his wife, 

Thos. AVett &: Joan his wife. Two messuages in Choshunt. 
Eobt. Awsopp & Margt. his wife : "Wm. Swynowe clerk & Eliz. his 

wife alias Eliz. Turner one of the daus. «S: coheirs of John Turner 

dec*!. Moiety of a messuage & land in Storteford. 
Geo. Dell : Joiin Clarke & Alice his wife & Hunqih. Taverner & Ellen 

his wife. Two messuages & land in Bishops Hatfold alias Kings 

Tlios. Sadlior esq & Ealph Baesh gent : Wm. Garnett gent. & Margery 

his wife. INIanor of Waters place Sc 4 messuages & lands in Ware. 
Paul Pope : Eich. Skipwith esq son & heir apparent of AVni. Skipwitli 

knt. Manor of Beachewood alias Seynt Gyles in the Wood & .'5 

messuages & lands in Beachewood. 
Wm. Eevett : Steph. Crcke gent & Clave his wife & Eich. Overton 

gont. & Gutlilac Cordall clerk. ^lanor of Myckelfeild alias Mychel- 

feild alias Myokolfeild Hall & ;3 messuages & lands in Eyckm'sworth 

aliai Eickmanswortli. 

1573. Trinity Term. 15 Eliz. 
Henry ^Martyn gent : Geo. Jacob jun. & Ellen his wife. Land inStortford. 


Wm. Note esq & Alex. Glovei* gent : Nich. Brystowe esq. Messuage 

& land in Ayatt S' Lawrence. 
Thos. Hoye alias Odye : Timothy Sturman. Moiety of two messuages 

& land in Benington. 
Margt. Hodge widow : "VVm. Norice. Messuage & land in Wadesmyll 

& Standon. 
Edw. Hubbert gent one of the cursitors of the Court of Chancery : 

Oliver Adam & Joan liis wife & Geo. Adam. Messuage & lands in 

Ralph Haydon : Eoger Ovyatt & Joan his wife. Messuage and lands 

in Sarrett. 
Robt. Shadde : John Shadde & Margt. his wife. Lands in East 

Barnett & Chippyng Barnett. 
Dionisius HjTide & Edw. Fage gents : Edm. HjTide. Lands in 

Staplefiorde, Bengeho & Watton & the advowson of church of 

John Graveley gent & Jolm Glandfyld alias Nevell : John "Wynne & 

Jane his wife. Lands in Wyllyen & Clothall. 
John Godfree alias Cowper : Wm. Godfree alias Cowper gent & Joyce 

his wife. A bam & lands in Hitchen, Stevenaclie alias Stevenage. 

Ipolletts & Langeley. 
Thos. Webbe & Humph. Hooper : Thos. Bayes & Ellen his wife, Benj. 

Potkyn gent & Susan Eobynson. Messuage & lands in Much 

Hadham & Little Hadham. 

1573. Mich. Term. 15 & 16 Eliz. 
*!Rich. WyUye : Wm. Pylston & Joan his wife. Three messuages & 

land in Stortford. 
♦Anthony Crane esq : John Massingberd gent & Dorothy his wife. A 

twentieth part of the manor of Wikehamehall & 20 messuages & 

lands in Bisshoppe Storford, Litle Hadham & Abrey. 
John Browne : John Kilbyfe and Dorothy his wife. Messuage in 

St Albans. 
Eobt. Forrest & Christr. Olyver : Edm. Salmon. Moiety of a 

messuage & lands in Tewing & Brantfeld alias Bramfeld. 
Edm. Nodes gent : Henry Gynne & Joan his wife. Messuage & land 

in Stevenage alias Stevenache. 
Wm. Adam : John ByUingham & Isabel his wife. Messuage in 

Christr. Eobj-nson & 0^\»en Eobynson : Eobt. Kynwelmershe gent & 

Anne his wife. Two messuages & lands in Woi-meley Chestunt & 

Broxburne & common of pasture for eight cows in Tunford Marsh 

in Chestunt. 
Thos. Crabbe : Wm. Pilston & Joan his wife & Eich. Willye. Cottage 

in Stortford. 
Geo. Da-^y, Wm. Taylour & Nich. Segrave : Eich. Farnefold gent. 

Manor of Eennesley & 1 6 messuages & lands in Standen alias Stouden, 

Bengeo, AVare, Westmyll, Sacombe and Hornemede. 
Eich. Eobson gent : James Thomasjm & Joan his wife. Messuage 

etc in S' Albans. 
Edm. Hale ; Eich. Hale & Agnes his wife. Messuage & laud in tlie 

town of Hertford. 
Sam. Clinton : Edw. Halfhide gent. Messuage & lands in Wimondley 

alias Little Wimley. 
Jolm Goodyere : Edm. Bardolffe esq. Three messuages & lands in 

Eedburno & Whethamsted. 



Eobt. Blacke^ell : Andrew Jenoure & Grezagon his wife. Manor of 
Busshey & 1 00 messuages & lands in Busshey Watf orde & Awdenham. 

Eobt. Shrymi>ton & Eobt. Lee gents : Wm. Kendall & Margt. his 
wife & Brian Chapman & Alice his wife. Three messuages & land 
in S* Albans. 

Wm. Parker & Agnes his wife : Wm. Dymoke & Joan his wife. 
Messuage in Little Hadham. 

John Gosnolde & Edm. Kynwelmershe gents : Eobt. Kynwelmershe 
gent & Anne his wife dau. & heir of Jas. Howghton son & heir of 
Eich. Howghton of Wormeley. Two messuages & lands in 
Wormeley, Cheshunt & Broxburne & common of pasture for 8 cows 
in Tunforde Marshe. 

William Francklande & others : Jas. Johnson & others. Tenement in 
Hoddysdon. [^JVot in bundle.^ 

To be Continued. 

By a. E. GIBBS. 


February 19. John Ewington of Ayte Parva, husbandman, widower, 

and Anne Camfeild of St. Albans, maiden. Edward Camfeild of 

St. Albans, grocer, a surety. 
March 17. Edward Newill of AVhethamsted, husbandman, bachelor, 

and Mary Holland of St. Albans, maiden. Belknap Tibbalts of 

St. Albans, plumber, a surety. 
March 22. Eobert Monke of ChafEord St. Peter, co. Buckingham, 

husbandman, bacheloi-, and Anne DeU of St. Albans, maiden. 

John Hall of St. Albans, weaver, a surety. 
March 26. Thomas Pedder of Luton, co. Bedfoi-d, carpenter, widower, 

and Hester Hewitt, maiden. Nathaniel Pryor of St. Michaels, 

tailor, a surety. 
April 1. John Church of Harding alias Harpenden, husbandman, 

bachelor, and Eebecca Stredder of Eedborne, maiden. Ealph 

Darmer [^si^ned Darmar] of St. Albans, yeoman, a surety. 
April 5. Thomas Halsey of Flamsted, yeoman, bachelor, and Jane 

Smith, maiden, daughter of Thomas Smith of the same. John 

How of Abbots Langley, yeoman, a surety. 
April 8. Hugh Sparling of St. Albans, husbandman, bachelor, and 

Margai-et Denne of the same, maiden. Nicholas Sparling of St. 

Albans, haberdasher, a surety. 
April 18. Eobert Scott of St. Albans, glover, bachelor, and Mary 

Tanner of the same, maiden. John Taylor of St. Albans, 

chandler, a surety. 

r r ■ •'■ 


lUiidatedl. Eichard Bibee [or Bibbee, si'i/ned Beby], of tbc city of 
London, butcher, bachelor, and Elizabeth Barnes, maiden, 
daughter of George Barnes of St. Albans. George Barnes of 
St. Albans, plumber, a surety. 
April 19. William EoLfe [signed Eollfo] of St. Stephens, joiner, 
bachelor, and l^Iary Meddowes of St. Albans, maiden. Thomas 
Scott of St. Albans, cutler, a surety. 
April 26. Walter Kent of St. Albans, glazier, bachelor, and Christian 
Dorsett, maiden, daughter of John Dorsett of the same. John 
Dorsett [^signed Dossit] of the same, yeoman, a surety. 
May 16. Thomas Bigge of Eedborne, bachelor, and Margaret 
Purbart of the same, maiden. William Moore \_si(jned More] of 
St. Albans, glover, and Isaack Stepney [signed Isack Stagnej-J of 
Eedborne, glover, sureties. 
June 21. Ealph Long of Colucy, -nidower, and Sara Taylor of the 
same, maiden. Griffith Jones of the same, yeoman, and George 
Barnes of St. Albans, plumber, sureties. 
June 23. John Yoward of St. Albans, yeoman, bachelor, and Mary 
Sparkes of the same, maiden. George Barnes of St. Albans, a 
July 2. Thomas Browne, citizen, silkedyer, of London, bachelor, and 
Elizabeth Howse of Whcthamsted, maiden. Joseph IMarshall of 
St. Albans, coachman, a surety. 
July 5. Thomas Hogg of St. Albans, bachelor, and Sara Pecocke of 
the same, maiden. William Day of Luton, co. Bedford, yeoman, 
and Thomas Cai-penter of St. ^Ubans, yeoman, sureties. 
July 12. William Kniglit of King's Langley, widower, and Mary 
Clarke of Bubbingdon in the parish of Hempstead. William 
Erbury [signed Earbury] of Bubbington, tailor, and William 
Kiiight of St. Albans, tailor, sureties. 
August 2. William Bradwyn of St. Albans, victualler, bachelor, and 
Elizabeth Speares of the same, maiden. Joseph Tarbox of St. 
Albans, tailor, a surety. 
August 2. Thomas Hall of St. Albans, bachelor, and Elizabeth Finch, 

widow. George Barnes of St. Albans, a surety. 
August 20. John Higgs of Harrow-on-the-Hill, co. Middlesex, 
bachelor, and Judith East of Bushey, maiden. Nathaniel New- 
man of Harrow-on-the-Hill, gent., and George Barnes of St. 
Albans, plumber, s^lreties. 
August 23. Charles Eowell and Mary Finch of St. Stephens. 

John Catlin of the same, a surety. 
August 30. Thomas Chalkley of AVatford, cooper, bachelor, and 

Mary Field, maiden. George Barues of St. Albans, a surety. 
Last day" of [hJanJ;. Attached to tlie preceding obligation]. A\'illiam 
Grigg junr. of St. Peters, baclielor, and Elizabeth Child, maiden. 
William Grigg senr. of St. Peters, yeoman, and John Matliew of 
St. Albans, sureties. 
September 19. George Lawrence of Kimpton, husbandman, widower, 
and Sara Chalkley, widow. George Barnes of St. Albans, 
plumber, a surety. 
September 27. John Eichardson of St. Albans, glover, l)achelor, and 
Elizabeth Heyward, maiden. Eichard Eichardson of tlie same, 
glover, a surety. 
October 13. Benjaniin Bujine of Langley, parish of Hitchin, and Mary 
Seabrook of Harponden. Edward Berry of Ilarpendeii, a surety. 


October 21. John Leonard of Hai-pendine and IMartlia Cooke of 8f. 

Albans. John Burton of St. Albans, a suretj-. 
October 22. Zachary Price of Idlestree, liusbandman, bachelor, and 

Mary Hatch of the same, maiden. Joseph Ewer of St. Albans. 

joiner, a surety. 
November 1 . Sylas Palmer of Aldenham, -wheelwright, bachelor, and 

Mary Perry of Idlestree, maiden. George Barnes of St. Albans, a 

November ] . Thomas Mitchell of Codicot, and Margaret [? Shentoul. 

Joshua Carpenter of St. Albans, a surety. 
November 23. William Weedon of Edgborough, co. Buckingham, 

yeoman, bachelor, and Frances Morris. Henry Morris of tlie 

same, her father, a surety. 
November 27. John Broadley of Hallifax, co. York, stapeler, 

bachelor, and Frances Toward of St. Albans, maiden. James 

Tattenham of St. Albans, tailor, a surety. 
November 29. John Cooper of Harpenden, husbandman, bacheh)r, 

and Mary Birch, maiden, daughter of John Birch of Eedborne. 

John Chawortli of Harpenden, husbandman, a surety. 
December 4. Henry Puddyfatt of AYatford, bachelor, and Sara Bigge 

daughter of Tliomas Bigg of the same. George Barnes of St. 

Albans, plumber, a surety. 
December G. Thomas Kentish of St. Stephens, gent., and Elizabeth Brad- 

shaw of Watf(n-d. Edward Ffowkes of St. Albans, gent., a surety. 
December 1.3. Francis IMaylin of St. Albans, tobaccopipe maker, 

bachelor, and Elizabeth Bournliam, maiden, daughter of Eichanl 

Bournham of the same. Isaac Scott of tlie same, cutler, a surety. 
December 18. Salomon Smith of Harpenden, hut now of St. Albans, 

mason, bachelor, and Anne Steppinge, widow. William Smith ni 

Harpenden, blacksmith, a surety. 
December 27. William AYilson of St. Albans, butcher, bachelor, and 

Elizabetli Hart of the same, widow. John Casselden of the samo, 

sawyer, a surety. 
January 10. William Winfeild of Watford and Jane Eusstdl of 

Whipswell. John Eussell of AVhipswell, a surety. 
January 10. James Gilison of Aston and Sarah Dell of St. Albans. 

Belnapp Tiballs of St. Peters, a surety. 
February 14. Heniy Towensend of St. Albans, gardener, widower, 

and Abigail Davies of St. Micliaels, maiden. William Penxbroko 

of St. Albans, gent., a surety. 
February 21. John Arnett of St. Michaels, yeoman, widower, and 

Elizabeth Speares of St. Albans, widow. ' Josi^idi Carter of Sr. 

Michaels, yeoman, a suretv. 
February 21. John Marham" of Flamsted, husbandman, bailielor. 

and Elizabetli Gittings, maiden. Natlianiel Pryor of St. Michaels, 

tailor, a surety. 
March 5. Jolm (iodinan of St. Albans, glover, widower, and Pebeccu 

IWry of tlie same, maiden. Eichard Eichardson of St. Albans. 

glover, a surety. 
March 13. William ]?nrr of St. Albans, cordwainer, bachelor, and 

Elizabeth Campion of tlie samo, maiden. 
March lo. William Smith of Eedbin-nc, bacludor, and Sara llawgo.HJ 

of tlie same. Walter Hawgood of the same, joiner, lier fatliev. 

and James Hawgood of the .same, joiner, sureties. 



April 7. Hugh Smyth of Stretley, co. Bedford, yeoman, bachelor, 
and Alice Coleman, maiden, the daughter of Wm. Coleman of 
Shephall. Thomas Hall of St. Albans, innholder, a surety. 

April 16. Joseph Tockfield of London, baclielor, and Esther Cotton, 
daughter of Josias Cotton of Watford, gent. Josias Cotton and 
AVilliam Cuthljert of St. Albau.s, butcher, sureties. 

April 20. Thomas Kcntisli of St. Peters, gent., bachelor, and Mary 
Pudefatt of Abbotts Langloy, maiden. George Barnes of St. 
Albans, plumber, a surety. 

April 21. Edward Waterton of Marketstreete, co. Bedford, husband- 
man, bachelor, and Anno Seare of the same, maiden. Robert 
Eves of Eedborne, cordwainer, bachelor, a surety. 

May 14. Francis Butler [signed Boottler] of Watford, mealman, 
bachelor, and Mary Hodsden of the same, maiden. Henry 
Wilson of St. Albans, tapster, a surety. 

May 27. Thomas EUis of Eedborne, mealman, bachelor, and Ann 
Meadowes of tlie same, maiden. Nicholas Sparlin of St. Albans, 
hatter, a surety. 

May 31. John Elisha of St. Albans, farrier, and Mary Woodards 
of AVatford, maiden. Clement Snug [signed Snuggs] of St. 
Albans, 'victualler, a surety; 

June 15. John Gregory of Chipping Barnett and Susannah Sturgis 
of Eedburne. John Burton senr. of St. Albans, a surety. 

June 22. William Thorp of St. Albans, and Judith Bhtheman of the 
same. John Canfield of St. Peters, a surety. 

July 25. Eobert Coles of Gadsden, bachelor, and Mary Meadowis 
of Eedburne. William Bush of St. Albans, brewer, and Eobert 
Siggins of St. Peters, blacksmith, sureties. 

July 25. William Abbatt of Elamsted, husbandman, and Damorose 
Goulding of Eedbourne, maiden. John Jackson of Eedbourne, 
husbandman, a surety. 

July 27. Jolm Taylor of St. Albans, butcher, bachelor, and Mary- 
Eugsby of the same, maiden. George Barnes of the same, inn- 
holder, a surety. 

August 1. Edward Hayward of Harpenden, husbandman, bachelor, 
and Mary How of Sandridge. George Barnes of St. Albans, 
innholder, a surety. 

September 19. William Harvey of St. Stephens, yeoman, bachelor, 
and Joane Ueacon of the same, maiden. Eichard Fearnesly 
[signed Farusly] of St. Albans, yeoman, a surety. 

September 29. Timothy Seares of Sandridge and Susannah Shep- 
herd of the same. Gregory Heath of St. Michaels, a 

October \. William Evans of Studham, co. Bedford, and Mary Cater 
of Hemstcd. Edward Stephens of St. Albans, a surety. 

Oi'tober 18. John White of Flamsfead, baclielor, and Abigail 
Etherldgo of tlie same. Edward Eogers of Great Gadsden, a 

November 1 1 . George CoUett of Markott Strcete, bachelor, and Sarah 
Seaman of Eedburne, maiden. Jolm Burton of St. Albans, inn- 
holder, a surety. 

December 12. Alexander Trott of St. Albans, butcher, bachelor, and 
Issabell Turner, maiden, daughter of William Turner of the same. 
Gforge Barnes of the same, phmiber, a surety. 


December 20. Win. Marston of St. Michaels, bachelor, and Anne 
Darvell, maiden, daughter oi: John Darvell of the same. Jeromiali 
Coleman [^signed Coiuan] of the same, yeoman, and John Pollin 
[signed Pailen] of the same, blacksmith, sureties. 

December 28. AVilliam Eclinge of Busliey, yeoman, widower, and 
Mary Eogers of the same, maiden. John Streete of the same, 
cordwainer, a, Ruret\'. 

\_Undated']. Isaack Freeman, widower, and Awdry Laurence of Pauls- 
walden, widow. Richard Freeman of Biscote, co. Bedford, 
husbandman, and Thomas Hall of St. Albans, iunholder, sureties. 

January 6. AVilliam Deacon of Eedborne, liusbandman, bachelor, 

and Elizabeth Lane of the same, maiden. James liarnes of St. 

Albans, plumber, a surety. 
Februaiy 22. Daniel Smith of Shenley and Elizabeth Millar of Eidge, 

■widow. James Barnes of St. Albans, a surety. 
March G. Eichard AVilliams of the City of London, grocer, bachelor, 

and Sarah Fitch of St. Albans, maiden. Matthew L-emonger of 

St. Albans, grocer, a surety. 

April 9. Eichard Finch of St. Albans, widower, and Anne Leach of 

the same, maiden. 
[Undated^. Joseph Tarbox of Gaddesden, husbandman, bachelor, and 
Eebecca Pheasant of St. Albans, maiden. James Barnes of St. 
Albans, a stiretj'. 
April [? 2]. AVilliam Babb of Abbotts Langley, husbandman, and 
Mary Sheppard of the same, maiden. James Bai-ues of St. 
Albans, a suretj'. 
April 20. John Mooreton of Flamstedd, husbandman, baclielor, and 
Anne Peacocke of St. Albans, maiden. John Mathewes of St. 
Albans, weaver, a suretj'. 
May 2. Thomas Baldwin of Little Heath, husbandman, bachelor, and 
Eebecca Field of St. Albans, maiden. James Barnes of St. 
Albans, husbandman, a surety. 
June 2. Eichard Hawkins of Paulswalden, bachelor, and Elizabeth 
Hill of the same, maiden. Thomas Hill of the same, yeoman, 
and James Barnes of St. Albans, husbandman, sureties. 
June 16. John Morse of AVatford, widower, and Sarah Turner of the 
same, maiden. Edward Horsell of St. Albans, "pharmacopeia," 
and James Barnes of St. Albans, husbandman, sureties. 
July 5. Thomas Eobinson of St. Albans, butcher, bachelor, and Ellen 
Snugg of the same, widow. Thomas Belcher of the same, gent., 
Q siirGtv 
July 6. AVilliam Gibson of St. Albans, cordwainer, bachelor, and 
Anne Gladman of the same, maiden. Edward Ffowke of St. 
Albans, gent., a surety. 
July 31. Samuel Cock, bachelor, and Katherine Pecocke, maiden. 
John Cock of Luton co. Bedford, husbandman, and Henry Morton 
of the same, liusbandman, sureties. 
August 23. Jdliu Parker of AVatford, tanner, bachelor, and Mary 
Twichett, maiden, daughter of Eoger Twichett of the same. 
AVilliam Niiholls of St. Peters, joiner, a surety. 
September 1. John Sanders of Abbots Langley, husbandman, 
baclielor, and Mary Eolfe of the same, maiden. Joseph Sanders 
of Hempstodd, brickmaker, a surety. 


September 11. Thomas Hanell of Abbots Langley, blacksmith, 

bachelor, and Mary Newman, maiden, daughter of Eichard 

Newman of AVatford. George Barnes of St. Albans, plumber, a 

September 18. William Harjnir of Paulswalden, husbandman, 

widower, and Elizabeth Woodnoth of St. Albans, maiden. George 

Barnes of St. Albans, jjlumber, a surety. 
September 21. Matliew IMithman of St. AJbans, carpenter, bachelor, 

and Ellen "Wilkinson, maiden. William Wilkinson of St. Albans, 

yeoman, her father, a surety. 
September 28. John Mathews of Carrington, co. Bedford, grocer, 

bachelor, and Ann Turjiin, maiden. Matthew Irenionger of St. 

Albans, grocer, a surety. 
September 29. William Hill (jf St. Albans, bachelor, and Mary 

Chappell, maiden ; and Thomas Puddefatt of liedborue, bachelor, 

and Elizabeth Field, maiden. 
October 8. Thomas Coston of Eickmersworth, bachelor, and Alice 

Shi'impton of the same, maiden. William Jackson of St. Albans, 

laceman, and George Barnes of St. Albans, plumber, sureties. 
October 1 1 . liichard Eogers of St. Albans, cordwainer, bachelor, and 

Joane Neale of the same, maiden. John Guduian of the same, 

glo\er, a surety. 
October 18. Eobert Thrustle of Norton, husbandman, widower, and 

Mary Dickens of the same, widow. William Beasley of St. 

Albans, a surety. 
October 18. Thomas Hickford of Sandri<lge, bachelor, and Anne 

Barloe, maiden. George Barnes of St. Albans, plumber, a surety. 
October 19. James Carter now of St. Albans, baolielor, and Joane 

Doe of the same, maiden. John Garrell [^signed Garill] of 

Cadington, husbandman, and George Barnes of St. Albans, iim- 

holder, sureties. 
November G. Joseph Mutchett of Eedborne, yeoman, bachelor, and 

Elizabeth Chandler of the same, maiden. John Sheerer of St. 

Albans, innholder, a surety. 
November 16. Eobert Eobinson of St. Albans, butcher, bachelor, 

and Mary Canfeild, maiden. John Canfield of the same, grocer, 

a surety. 
November 23. Thomas Grover of Chesham, co. Buckingham, bachelor, 

and Ann Darrell of St. Peters, maiden. Eobert Swinston of St. 

Peters, a surety. * 

November 24. William Keutisli of St. Albans, grocer, bachelor, 

and Mary Eichards, maiden, dau>.>]iter of Thomas Eichards of 

St. Albans. Tliomas Eichards junior of St. Albans, gent., a 

December l;3. Henry Whitcroft \_iii(jned Wlieteroft] of East Barnct, . i 

gent., widower, and Mary Gazloy, maiden. Samuel Gazely 

of Cadington, co. Bedford, gent., a surety. 
Decembor 13. Joliu Man of Ivingo, co. Buckingham, yeoman, 

bachelor, and Mary Wright, maiden, daughter of Jolui Wright 

of tlio same. Daniel Eoberts of Edgborough, co. Buckingham, 

yeoman, a surety. 
Decembor 20. Daniel Treacher of Sariatt, baclielor, and Sara 

Loddington, maiden, daughter of William Toddiugton of the 

same, gent. AN'illiam Jole of the same, elei'k, and George Barnes 

of St. Albans, plumber, sureties, 


January 1. Robert Kentish of Wheathanisted, geut., bachelor, and 

Mary Hill, maiden, daughter of Ed-ward Hill. Edward Taylor 

of Carrington, yeoman, a surety. 
January 12. Nathaniel Nuttinge of Harding, yeoman, baclielor, and 

Elizabeth Uncle, maiden, daughter of John Uncle. John Whit- 

locke of Whethamsted, yeoman, a surety. 
January 1-5. Henry >Sa\vell of Abbotts Langley, carpenter, bachelor, 

and Mary Aldin, maiden. AViUiani Ste^•ens of St. Albans, cooper, 

a surety. 
January 17. William Stepney of Redborne, yeoman, bachelor, and 

Mary Burton of St. Altsans, Avidow. George Barnes of St. Albans, 

plumber, a surety. 
January 29. Nathan Grladmau of Abbotts Langley, bachelor, and 

Hester Ley of the same. 
February 19. AVilliam Goodwin of Lilly, \\idower, and Mary Kilby 

of the same, maiden. John Kilby of Harpeuden, a surety. 
March 18. James Lawrence of Codicote, carpenter, widower, and 

Anne Hill of the same, widow. Eichard Preston of St. Albans, 

carpenter, a surety. 
March 31. Henry Andrewes of St. Albans, weaver, bachelor, and 

Joane Rose of the same, maiden. "William Andrewes of the 

same, hosier, a surety. 
April 1. John Sparling of St. Albans, brazier, baclielor, and Anne 

Nash of the same, maiden. Nicholas Sparling of St. Albans, 

haberdasher, a surety. 

To be Continued. 

^Xavviage gic^jised. 


(CoxxrxuED riioM Page 44.) 
Oct. 10 Smytli & Chalceley. Note of license. 
,, 10 Febridge & Mitchell. Note of license. 
Feb. 16 Edward Fairclough of Weston, esq., & Maiy Coleman of 
Letchworth, widow. At Letchworth. 
„ 21 Thos. Warren of Tharfeild & Cath. Kimpton, maiden. At 

Aston or Caldecott. 
,, 25 George Farmer of Kimpton bach'" & Eliz. Paytou uf same, 
maiden, orphan. At Wliethampsted or Harpeden. 
Mch. 23 George Bibsworth of lips. Hatfeild, bacli'" &- Durotliy 
Stevens of same, maiden, orplian. At Bps. Hatfciid. 
Moll. 29 Edw. Wabie of Stevenage, bach'', & Martlui Smytli of 
Hatfeild maiden, dau. of Henry Smyth of Hatfeild. At 


Apr. 3 John Dagnall of Trynge, bach'" & Helen Baylie of Wiggin- 

ton, maiden. At Kings Langloy or Wigginton. 
„ 12 Edw. Covill of Kings Hatfield, co. Essex & Anne Farand 

of same, maiden. At S' Andrew's, Hertford. 
„ 11 Jas. Harrison, bachr, & Joan Bragg maiden, dau.of Thos. 

Bragg of Whetliampstead, gent. At Kimpton or Ayott 

S' Laurence. 
„ 24 John Lilley of Stapleford, bach"- & Eebecca Tomson of 

Watton, maiden. At AVatton or Stapleford. 
„ 80 Daniel Burte of Cranfeild, co. Bedf. bach'' & Sarah Gaseley 

of Gt. Gaddesden, maiden, dau. of Anne Gaseley wid. 

At Gt. Gaddesden. 
May 9 John Hawkins of Codicote, bach'' & [^blanh] Clarke of Ayott 

S* Peter, maiden, orphan. At Ayott S' Peter. 
,, 9 Thos. Graves of Baldocke, bach-- & Agnes Clarke of same, 

maiden, dau. of Nich. Clarke of Amwell, gent. 
„ 9 Thos. Cost of Yardley, bach^- & Eliz. Thorogood of Yardley, 

wid. At Aston or Bennington. 
„ 9 Thos. Loyde of Hemelhempsted & Sarah Heydon of same. 

At Hemelhempsted. 
„ 9 Henry Shei)pard & Anne Turner. At Hemelliempsted or 

Bovingdon chapel. 
14 Wm. Pluiner of Aston, bach'" & yeoman & Mary Walker, 

of Watton, wid. At Whethampsted. 

21 Eobt. Tapp of Watton, bach'- & Anne Nashe of same, 
maiden. At Graveloy or S' IppoUits. 

„ 24 Geo. Ballard of Bps Hatfeild wid"" & Mary Ive alias Munne 
of same, widow. At Bps. Hatfeild. 
June 16 Wm. Woster, of Tryng, bach'-& Cath. Pratt of Wigginton, 
maiden. At Albury or Wigginton. 
13 Edw. Kiffett of Esendon, bach'', & Anno Deane of same, 
maiden, orphan. At Esendon. 

22 Thos. Carter of Purton, bach'', & Sarah Hurst of Hitchiu, 
maiden, dau. of Jane Huckle alias llurst. At Hitchin or 
S* IppoUits. 

28 Geo. Bruton of Offley, bach'', & Susan Kotherham of same, 
maiden, orphan. At OfRey or Lilley. 
,, 29 Geo. Slowe of Ayott S* Laurence, wid'', & Anne Wells of Gt. 
Gaddesden, widm^. At Gt. Gaddesden or Hemelhempsted. 
July 2 Geo. Grub of Hartingfordbury, bach'', & Anne Carter of 
Gt. Wymoudlie, maiden, orphan. At Gt. Wymoudlie or 
St IppoUits. 
„ 8 Thos. Freeman, bach'', & Sarah Oxley of Bark[hampstead], 
maiden, dau. of Wm. Oxley of sanie. At Tr^Tig, Wig- 
ginton or Long Marston. 
9 Wm. EandoU of Esendon, bach'', & llebecca Harris of 
Shenly, widow. At Sheuly. 
21 Thos. Halle, wid"-, & AliccAYclls of Gt. Gaddesden, widow. 
At Whethampsted, Hatfeild or Ilarpeden. 
„ 31 Eobt. Wynch of AVellwin, bach'', tS: Eliz. Gabriel of same, 
maiden. At Ayott S* Peter or Digswell. 
Aug. 2 John CoUius, \\-\([y & yeoman, & Agues Hill of [OtHoy ?], 
maiden, dau. of John Hill of sanu\ vcomau. At OiHoy. 
,, 2 Wm. Archer of Hartingfordbury & Cicily Thoruo of Hat- 
feild, maiden. At Bps. Hatfeild. 



Aug. 8 Amphibolus Bibsvrorth of S* Ippollits, vridr, & Grace 
Chambers of same, widow. At S' Ippollits. 
„ 28 Stephen Hawkins of Wliethampsted, wid', & Emma Lod;;o 
of same, maiden, dau. of Thos. Lodge. At AVhethampstfd 
or Kimpton. 
Sep. 7 Symon Burtweeslo, bach"", & Izabel Cobb, maiden, dau. of 
Peter Cobb of London, gent. At Bps. Hatfeild. 
„ 19 John Phipp & Grizild Kimpton. At Datchworth. 
Oct. 1 Josias Feild of Hemelhempsted, wid'', & Alice Bunue of 
same, maiden, dau. of Wm. Bunne of same, yeoman. At 
Gt. (jaddesden. 
„ 1 Wm. Hurst of Albury, wid'', & Eliz. Pope of same, maiden. 

At Albury, Gt. Gaddesden or Little Gaddesden. 
„ 12 John Eoberts, bach'', & Agnes Foster, maiden, of [Benning- 
ton?]. At Bennington. 
„ 12 John Crouch of Hartf. St Andrew, bach'', & Joan Thome 
of Little Barkhanipsted, maiden. At Little Barkhaiupsted. 
„ 24 John Dawson of Standon, bachr & clerk, & Sarah Bcnn of 

Weston, maiden. At Weston. 
„ 26 Thos. Whittamor wid'', & Hannah Chawkley, maiden, of 

Hitchin. At S' IppoUits. 
,, 29 John Edmonds of S' Stephens & Priscilla Gosbell of Little 
Gaddesden, maiden. At Little Gaddesden, Gt. Gaddesden, 
or Hemelhempsted. 
Nov. 8 Thos. Browne & Agnes Heath of Stevenage, maiden. At 
Stevenage or Hitchin. 
„ 20 Thos. AVillson of Eoyston, yeoman, wid^, & Emma Battell 
of Tewinge, maiden, dau. of Ealph Battle of Tewinge, 
yeoman. At Tewinge. 
„ 13 Thos. Watts of Hitchin & Eliz. Eugmore of same, maiden. 

At Hitchin. 
„ 22 John Child of Eickm'sworth, bach' & wheeler, Sz Cath. 
Aman of Barkhampsted S' Peter, maiden, dau. of Eobt. 
Aman of same. At Barkhampsted. 
„ 22 Eobt. Halsey of WlUion, wid' & Juan Eetchford of Baldock, 

wid. At Baldock or WiUion. 
„ 28 Geo. West of Luton, wid'' & Agnes alias Anne Eotheraui of 
Harpeden, maiden, orphan. At Harpeden. 
Dec. 5 John Feild, bach'' & yeoman & Jane Norton of Lilley, late 
of Sundon, maiden, dau. of Eliz. Norton of Sundon widow. 
At Lilley. 
„ 6 Jas. Mirnn of Ivingo wid"^ & Abigal Hill of Trynge, 

maiden. At Hemelhempsted. 
„ 10 Jas. Hoppie of Hertford All Saints, bach^ gent. (Jc Joan 

Barleggs of Bps Hatfeild, maiden. At W^hethampsted. 
„ 20 Samuel Curteyn of Luton, bach'' & husbandman & Sarah 
Dixon of Whethampsted, maiden, dau. of Agnes Dixon of 
same widow. At Harpeden. 
Jan. 4 Ealph Game & Eliz. Enderbie of Baldock, maiden, dau. of 

Edw. Enderbie of same. At Baldock. 
Feb. 2 Wm Hobson of Watton, bach' & Mary Eowley of same, 
maiden, orphan. At Datchworth. 

To be Continued. 

' ^' ^W-"-'-'' r" i:; t..;;;.-^-^**'-- '■' 


Ilotices of §ooks, sic* 

Searches into ihe Histoey of the Gillman or Oilman Family. Jti/ Alex. W. 
Gillman. London : Eliwi Hlock. 

A portion of tliis work entitkJ Thv Gillmniis of Iliyhyulc and .S'lmiul Tai/lor 
Coleridge, has been published separately, and received nuiiiy favourable reviews'. 
The complete -norii, now in our hand-*, proves to bo all that lover.s of family 
histories could de>ire. Mr. Gillman is entitled, in no small measure, to the 
gratitude of all who bear his name fur the exhaustive way in Avhich he has treated 
his subject. The chapter relating to the GilniHus of 8t. Albans will be of 
especial interest to Hertfordshire genealogists, and enables us to put an end to 
the confusion which has hitherto existed betwixt the Gilmaus and a family of 
Gilmett resident in St. Albans about the same period. The latter family produced 
two Mayors of the town, and there are entries in the parish registers undoubtedly 
relating to them, in which the superior social position of the Gilinau family 
probably caused the scribe to erroneously insert the surname of Gilman. 

All -well-known sources of genealogical information appear to have been drawn 
from in the compilation of this work, and handsomely bound, beautifully printed, 
and profusely illustrated, it will rank as one of the most valuable contributions 
to genealogical literature ever published. The edition is limited to 300 copies, 
at 25s. 

A H18TOBY OF THE Putnam Family in England and America. By Ebcn Putnam. 
Salem \_Mass.'] ; The Knickerbocker Press, Xeiu York. 

Our American cousins are far ahead of us in genealogical enterprise, and the 
number of family histories compiled by them during the last few years is legion. 
What is more important, they are printed and pnbli.shed so that all interested may, 
at small cost, see what has been done. Large collections of genealogical matter 
are constantly being made in England, but their usual fate is to remain in a 
manuscript form inaccessible to all but a favoured few, and any stranger wishing 
to study the genealogy has to work out the whole thing afresh. 

In the introductory portion of the above history which now lies before us, 
Mr. Putnam has put together in a concise form a large mass of material — the result 
of careful investigation — and ha^ traced, so far as he was able, the various families 
of his name resident in England, commencing, of course, with the ori'nnal stock 
who derived their surname from Puttenham in Herts. The actual home of the 
John Putnam, who founded the American branch, was at Wingrave, co. Bucks, 
into which county the family spread at a very early date. 

EiiT Maseiaoe Licenses. 

In that excellent publication The Xorthern Geneahyitil, so ably edited by Mr. A. 
Gibbons, of York, a series of these Licenses has been appearing. Several of the 
entries relate to this county, and we propose, when Mr. Gibbons' series is 
completed, to make nn alphabetical list of such and publish it in this magazine. 
We notice two small errors : — 

P. 73, line 22. Coimclic shoidd bo Voufclie. P. "6, line 4. Barbyc should be Barlye. 

Slental tjf ^ir goijn ^aw, 1468.* 

BED WELL. Rental of John Say, knight, lord there, made the 13th 
day of January, 7 Edw. IV., before John Luthyngton, 
auditor, & John Kjiyghton, steward, by the oaths of 
John Credy, John Coke, Hen. Luddeford, John 
Taverner, Thos. At Hille, Nich» Sonder jun'', Wm. 
Wright, John North, Walter Webbe, John Morewell, 
John Toky & Eobt. Batell, twelve jurors who say upon 
oath that 

John Credy holds of the lord there by charter in right of Joan his wife a 
messuage called Eldebury late in tenure of "Wm. Budder, before of John Budder 
hia father & pays rent therefor yearly at Easter & Michaelmas by equal portions. — 

The same John holds half an acre of land, freely by charter, lying in the 
Chirchefeld in right of his said wife, late in the tenure of s^ Wm. Budder & before 
of John Budder his father & pays rent therefor yearly at the aforesaid temn 
equally. — ijrf. 

The same John holds, at the will of the lord, a croft called Braneserof te, late 
in tenure of Wm. Budder & beJbre that of John Budder his father & pays rent 
etc. — ijs. & suit of court & ij ' preoariae.' 

John Budder of the Chirchende holds an acre of land freely, lying in the 
Chirchefeld late in tenure of John Budder his father and pays rent etc. — iiijrf. 

John Coke holds of tlie lord freely an acre of wood called Estgvove near 
Hangyngrove late in tenure of Thos. Budder & before of "Wm. Budder his father 
k pays rent etc. - iiijrf. 

The same John holds two acres of land at the will of the lord, lying in the 
Northfeld, late in tenure of Wm. Budder & before of John at Hille & pays rout 
etc. — viiji. 

The sjime John holds at the will of the lord a tenement ^vith two crofts 
belonging thereto, late in tenure of Edm. Burton & before of Wm. Smyth & pays 
rent etc. — xj. 

Henry Luddeford holds by charter a croft called Catelyncrofte late in tenure of 
Margory Luddeford & before of Nich. Sonder & pays rent etc. — xd. & suit of cojirt 
& one cock & one hen. 

* The original, of which this is a translation, is preserved in the Public Record 
Office. The offi.'ial roferouco is ' Rentals & Surveys. Roll 26D.' 



The same Henry holds freely a messuage late of Robert Elderbek's & before 
of Roger Hethe's & pays rent etc. — njd. 

The same Henry holds freely half an acre of land lying in the Estfeld, late in 
tenure of Robt. Elderbek & before of Roger Hethe & pays rent etc. — iijrf. 

The same Henry holds freely another acre of land late in tenure of sd Robt. 
& before of sd Roger at Hethe & pays rent etc. — ijrf. 

The same Henry holds freely a plot with iij. acres of land late of John Ludde- 
ford his father's & before of John Sexteyn & pays rent etc. — xd. 

The same Henry holds freely an acre of land lying in the Haythorne late in 
tenure of John Luddeford his father & pays rent etc * — iiijrf. 

The same Henry holds an acre of land lying in the Hammez in three parcels, 
at the will of the lord, late in tenure of [blank] & pays rent etc. — iijrf. 

The same Henry holds at the will of the lord a tenement with certain lands & 
crofts belonging thereto, late in tenure of John Luddeford his father & before of 
Thos. Couper & pays rent etc. — iji. 

John Tavemer holds a messuago at the will of the lord, late in tenure of John 
at Hille sen' & formerly of John Maundevyle & pays rent etc.— viijrf. 

The same John holds a messuage, at the will of the lord, late in tenure of 
gd John Hille & before of Wm. Amolde & pays rent etc. — vji. 

The same John holds two crofts called Gobones-crofte at the wiU of the lord, 
late in tenure of John Hille & pays rent etc. — iiij?. 

Thomas at Hille holds freely a parcel of meadow in ChaUedell late in tenure of 
Robert at Hille his father & before of Win. at Hille father of the sd Robt. & pays 
rent etc. — jrf. oh. 

John FitzJohn holds freely an acre of land & half an acre of meadow lying in 
the Northfeld late in tenure of John Huntewade & before of Wm. Elyot & pays 
rent etc.f — xiiijrf. & suit of ooui-t. 

The same John holds freely a tenement late of sd John Huntwade's & before 
of the sd Wm. Elyot's & pays rent etc. — vji. & suit of court. 

Nicholas Sender junr holds freely a tenement late of Nich. Sender his father's 
& before of John Sender's & pays rent etc.—mjd. 

The same Nichs holds freely a garden late in tenure of sd Nichs Sender his 
father & before of John Soke & pays rent etc. — jrf. 

The same Nicha holds freely a tenement late of Nichs Sonder his father's & 
before of Wm. Basely & pays rent etc.— ijd. 

The same Nichs holds freely a curtilage with certain lands & meadows 
belonging to it lying at Postelbarre, lute in tenure of bd Nichs Sender his father & 
before of John Ludeford & pays rent etc. — v]d. & j precaria. 

Wm. Wright holds freely a croft called Hokefeld late in tenure of John 
Wright liis father & before of Nichs Tonbrigge & pays rent etc. — ij*. 

The same Wm. holds freely an acre of land lying in Chalkedell late in tenure 
of sd John Wright & before of [i/a/iA] Waldennes & pays rent etc.— iiijrf. 

Richard Britte alia.i Webbe holds freely a messuage mth garden lying in 
Hatfeld near the kings highway, late in tenure of Johii Wright & pays rent etc. 

John North holds freely an acre of land lying at the Hammegate, late in tenure 
of Thos. Trotte & before of Nichs Sonder & pays rent etc. — iiijrf. 

Roger Sparke holds freely half an acre of meadow land lying in Stanford mede 
late in tenure of Emma Aylitf & pays rent etc. — ijrf. 

Walter Webbe alias Cheyne holds freely 5 acres of laud called Lemmanscrofte 
late in tenure of Geo. Mcppecale i!fc bffore of Waremans & pays rent etc. — ixd. 

The same Walter holds at the wQl of the lord an acre of land in Bradewell 
late in tenure of sd Geo. Meppesale & pays rent etc. — vjrf. 

Thomas Idonbraco holds freely a messuage late in tenure of sd Geo. Meppesale 
4 before of Rich. Gobet & pays reiit etc. — jd. 

Edmund Barton lately held an acre of land lying in the Northfelde at the will 
of the lord, latoly in tpunre of Robert Cokerell & before of Wm. Barbor Sc paid 
rent etc. — iiiji. 

• In the margin opposite this paragraph is written ' inquiratur.' 
t In the margin is written ' in manum domini eo quod perquisivit.' 


The same Edmund lately held freely a tenement with certain lands belonging 
to it lately in tenure of b<1 Robt. Cokere'll & before of Wm. Barbor & paid rent etc. 
— iiij*. iiijrf. 

John Holstok holds freely an acre of land in the Chalkedell late in tenure of 
John Phelip & pays rent etc. — iijii. 

John Stalworth holds freely half an acre of meadow lying in Hin-hmede late 
[in tenure] of Wm. Stal worth his father & before of Thos. Pope & pays rent, etc. — ob. 

John Morewell holds freely a tenement called Tilles late in tenure of Peter 
Forster & before of John Couper & pay.s rent, etc. - xiijrf. & suit of court. 

The same John liokls at the will of the lord a tenement with certain lands 
adjuiuiug called Sokkcs k Redynges late in tenure of Stephen Roder & pays rent, 
etc. — XJ.3. 

The same John holds at the will of the lord a croft called Frydayfelde & a 
meadow called BoUeborne late in tenure of John Node & pays rent, etc. — viijj. 

The same John holds at the will a tenement with certain lands adjoining called 
Maister Andrewes & pays rent, etc. — iiiji. 

The same John holds at the will a parcel of land called Hoppettes & pays rent, 
etc. — vjrf. 

Robert Batell holds freely a croft called Hariettes late in tenure of Robt. 
Forster & before of Tho. Tyler & pays rent, etc. — xxrf. 

The same Robert holds freely a oroft of land called Calcote lying at the 
Wyldehill late iu tenure of Stephen Ratter & pays rent, etc.— iij?. 

Concerning xxiji. lately received from Thomas Grene & before in the tenure of 
Rich. Louthe for the farm of a field called Millewardfeld, which rent ehoiJd 
be paid annually at the terms aforesaid, equally, now in the hands of the lord. 

John Toky holds at the will of the lord a tenement with certain lands & 
meadows late in tenure of John Day & before of Wm. Laneham & pays rent, etc.— 

John Budder ' sexteyn ' holds at the will of the lord a parcel of land called 
Fareley near Nappultons late in tenure of Wm. Budder his father & pays rent ete.— 
iiji. & j capon. 

The same John hold.s at the will, two acres of land lying iu Northfeld late iu 
tenure of Wm. Budder his father & before of Margerie Parker & pavs rent etc.— 

Thomas Smyth holds at the wUl of the lord a tenement with certain crofts 
adjoining iu North Mymmes late in tenure of Henry Dedyleston & before of Thos. 
Legate k pays rent etc. beyond the vs. viijd. of rent "reserved to the lord of 
Wenlok for the Manor of Brokemans. — iijs. iiijff. 

Concerning vs. lately received of John North for the farm of a certain croft 
L-alled Phelippesfelde, now in the hands of the lord. — J\'il. 

Philip at Felde holds at the will of the lord certain lands & a meadow called 
Margetmedowe late iu tenure of Thomas Idonbrace Sc pays rent, etc. — xvs. 

Concerning iiijrf. lately received of John at Hille for an acre of land iu 
Smytheshamnie now in the hands of the lord for want of a tenant. — Ktl. 

Thomas Broke holds at the will a curtilage with certain lands & crofts belongiug 
to it late in tenure of Thomas Idonbrace & before of John Idonbrace & piiys rent 
etc.—xs. '■ 

The same Thomas holds at the will a close called Litelwodecrofte late iu tenure 
of Uobt. Hill i pays rent etc. [' modo Edelyn ' in margin]. - ixU. 

John Sonder holds at the will of the lord a curtilage with certain lands 
adjoining it oalletl Sybottes late iu tenure of Nich* Sonder his father & pays rent 
etc. — xvs. 

Concerning xiijs. iiiji. of rent [for the land] called Pountesboniosmede lately 
reserved to the manor of Pouutesborne for certain lands Iviug within the park of 
Rcdwell purchased by tho lord there, from the lord of Wenlok there is no nut 
paid to the lord of said manor of Pouutesbomes, because it is included within 
Bedwell park.— JN'/7. 

Sum total, beyond certain lands & meadows being iu the hands of the 
lord.— vij/. V*. ixrf. 

In the margin is noted ' Modo in manus doraini eo quod porquiiiivit,' 


Meadows. Six acres of meadow lying in divers places in the meadow called 
Highmede at ij«. iiijri. an acre now in the hands of the lord because it is mown & 
' hospitatur ' within the manor of Bedwell for the expenses of the horses of the 
lord.— mi. 

Two & a half acres in the meadow called Stanfordmede at ij«. iiijrf. an acre 
now in the hands of the lord because it is mown & ' hospitatur ' within the said 
manor for this expense. — Nil. 

Half an acre of meadow lying in the meadow called Millemede at the price of 
xiiijd. now in hand for the cause above named. — Nil. 

LITTLE BERKHAMSTED. Eental of Jolm Say knight, lord 
there, made the 13th day of January 7 Edw. TV. 
before John Luthyngton, auditor, & .John Knygliton 
steward by the oatlis of Hen. Hardy, Wm. Ke%yll, 
Eobt. Pygot, Thos. at Hoo, Nich. Wightman, Joliii 
Node, Eobt. Forster, Wm. at Hoo, Hen. Hugh, John 
Boure jun. & "Wm. Burley, tweh'e jurors who say upon 
oath that 

John Wenlok knt. lord Wenlok holds freely a tenement with certain lands & 
meadows belonging to it late in tenure of John Fortescu knt. late Justice of the 
King & before in tenure of Wm. Toky & pays rent etc. — iiijs. 's.d. 

The same John Wenlok knt. holds freely a tenement with certain lands & 
meadows belonging to it late in tenure of said John Fortescu knt. & before of John 
Boker & formerly of .John Passemonteyn & pays rent etc. — ijs. \d. 

The same John Wenlok knt. holds freely a croft called Blares lately in tenure 
of said John Fortescu knt & before John Kirkeby & p.ays rent etc. — viijrf. & a red 
rose at the feast of the Nativity of St John Bapt. 

The same John Wenlok knt. holds freely certain lands called Danelond lately 
in tenure of .John Fortescu knt. & before of Alexr Drable & pays rent etc. — xs. xjrf. 

The same John Wenlok knt. holds freely a meadow called Scropesmede, parcel 
of that land called Danelond late in tenure of said John Fortescu & before of 
sd Alexr Drable & pays rent etc. — jrf. 

Thomas at Hoo holds freely a tenement in which he dwells called Shepes with 
a garden & croft adjoining late in tenure of John Toky senr & pays rent etc. — xij(f. 

The same Thomas holds by the rod a tenement with certain lands & meadow 
called Jurdans late in tenure of sd John Toky & pays rent etc. — vjs. ijd. & suit of 
court & heriot when it happens. 

The same Thomas holds by the rod a parcel of land called Feldehegge, parcel 
of the demesne lands & pays rent, etc. — ijs. & suit of court. 

The same Thomas holds iiijor acres of land in SproUesfeld, parcel of the 
demesne lands & pays rent etc. — xijd. 

The same Thomas holds by the rod xx acres of land by estimation in the field 
called Asshefeld parcel of the detftcsne lands & pays rent etc. — vs. & suit of court. 

The same Thomas holds the fishery of the separate water towards the meadow 
of Berkhamsted & pays rent etc. — ijs. 

Wm. Pynke holds by the rod vj acres of land lying in ij crofts, one called 
Smythfeld & the other 'irepynescrofte late in tenure of John Boure & before of 
John Fortescu kut. & pays rent etc. — ijs. vijrf. & suit of court & heriot when it 

The same William holds by the rod a tenement called Shusshes alias Goldeles 
with the appurtenances late of Jolm Sondor & before of John Hille & pays rent etc. 
— viijs. jrf. 

The same William pays for one days work in the lords meadow & one 
'precaria' in aiitumu annually. — vj(f. 

The same William holds by the rod xx acres of land by estimation in the field 
called Peryfold, parcel of the deinosne lands, late in tenure of John Hille & pays 
rent etc. — iijs. iiiji^ & suit of court. 

The same William holds a tenement with the appurtenances called Gauo 
Adyham lato in tenure of Jolm Hoo junr & before of Wm. Adam & pays rent etc. 
— xs. & suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

To be Continued. 


^\at*via^e gicjena^ed^ 



Jolm Bootlie & Frances Burgoyne ' Celebes ' both of 

Ashwell. At Asliwell or Caldecott. 

TIios. Smyth of Slapton & Abigail Howe of Hemelhemp- 

sted, widow. At Hemelhempsted. 

Thos. Cocke of Boviugdon, bach'' and Eebecca Wethered 

of same, maiden. At Bovingdon. 

"Walter Higden uf Flampstcd, widJ", & Anne [Amy ?] 

Greenwood of Gt. Gaddesdeu, maiden. At Flampsted. 

Wm. Youuge, bacli'', & Dorothy Chawkley of [Kimpton ?], 

maiden, dau. of Thos. Chawkley. At Kimpton. 

Thos. Middlctou of Bps. Hatfeild, wid'', & Agnes Grubb 

of same, widow. At Bps. Hatfeild. 

John Hardinge of Tryng, bachr, & Susan Babb of Bark- 

hampstcd S' I'eter. At Barkhampsted S* Peter. 

Henry Windsor of Ivings Langley, bachr, son of Henry 

Windsor & Eliz. Sowthen of same, maiden, dau. of Ealph 

Sowthen. At K. Langley. 

Eich. Moore of Hitchin, bacli'', & Auue Layton of Offley, 

dau. of Thos. Layton of Slapton, co. Bucks. At Offley.' 

John Saywell of Watford, wid^, & Angel Bennett of 

Aldenham, widow. At Aldenham. 

Ealph Kimpton of Tewinge & Barbara Guwiu, now his 

wife. Proceeding against them. Ealph Kimpton appeared 

& swore that their marriage had been solemnized at the 

psh. church of St. Gregory, London. (Acta 1632-3, fo. 39). 

Eich. Hale of Graveley & Eliz. Hanscombo, maiden, dau. 

of Thos. Hanscombe of Purton. At Graveley or Purton. 

John Warkup, bachr, & Dorothy Louge, maiden, orphan. 

At Hemelhempsted. 

Eobt. Tittmouse of Stevenadge, bachr, & j^z. Pratt of 

same, maiden. At Stevenadge. 

John FowneU of Hertford All Saints & Mary Browne of 
Bengeo, maiden. At Hertford All Sts., S' "Andi-ews or 
S' Johns. 

Wm. Turner of Willi on & Grace Dickius of Hartingford- 
bury, maiden. At AVhethampsted. 

Thos. Kent of Aston, bachr, & Mary Tyler of same, 
maiden, dau. of Thos. Tyler of Datehworth. At Datch- 
worth or Graveley. 
May 3 John Foster of Kimpton, bachr, & Sarah Kinge of same, 
maiden, dau. of Ahce Kingo of Pauls Walden, wid. At 
Kimpton or Ayott St. Laurence. 






























May 4 Thos. Siggin of Watton, bach'", & Joan Hitchin of Steven- 
adge, widow. At Whetliampsted. 

„ 11 Wm. Androwe of Stevenage, wid^ & Eliz. Smj-tli of same, 
widow. At Stevenage. 

„ 18 James Webb & his wife, both of Bark. S' Peters. Pro- 
ceeding against them for having been married at Grove 
Chapel without any lawful license. (See Acta 1 632-3, fo. 6o). 

„ 20 Rich. Sparkes of Tewiuge, bach'- & Emma Thredder, dau. 
of Christian Thredder of same, widow. At Ayott S' Peter. 

„ 24 Lewis Cornelius of Bengeo, bach"^ & Ann Whittakers of 
Hertford All Saints, maiden, orphan. 

„ 26 John Feild of Digswell, bacli"^, & Eliz. Hand of All Saints, 
Hertford, widow. At All Saints. 
Juno 3 Nich. French, wid^ & Aune Dawes ah'as Davis, maiden, of 
Hertingfordbmy. At same. 

„ 6 Nich. Kynge [of Little Barkhampsted ?]& Susan Eodes of 

same. At Little Barkhampsted. 
,, 6 Wm. Andrew of Stevenage & Alice Jjasill, maiden, tlau. of 

Wm. Basill of Bramfeild, yeoman. At Bramfeild. 
„ 8 Eobt. Eogers of Bps. Hatfcild, bach^ & Agnes Broughton, 
' vx ' [daughter ?] of Eichard Brouglitou of same. At 
Bps. Hatfeild. 
„ 22 John Willett of Northchurch, bach'-, & Eliz. Yarney, 
maiden, dau. of Greveil Yarney of Barkhampsted S' Peter, 
shoemaker. At Hemelhempsted, Albury, or AYigginton. 
„ 23 Edw. Nuttinge of Whetliampsted. bach'', & Aune Lawrence 

maiden, dau. of Tho. Lawrence of same. At same. 
„ 24 Wm. Nicholls, bacll^ of Whetliampsted, & EUz. Sibley of 
same, maiden, orphan. At Kimpton. 
July 13 Samuel Harvey of Gt. Gaddesden, wid"-. & Agnes Smyth 
of same, widow. At Gt. Gaddesden. 
„ 15 Wm. ParseU of Ashwell & Ann Barley alias Parsell uow 
his wife. Proceedings against tliem. (Acta 1632-3, fo. 96). 
Oct. 8 Geo. North of Offley, bath'', & husbandman, & Eliz. Tiler 
of same, maiden, dau. of John Tiler of Offley. At Whet- 
,, 10 John Hely of Watton, bach'', & Grace Joyner of ^same, 
maiden, dau. of ^hhiiik^ Joyuer of Stevenage. At AYattou. 
„ 12 Edw. Bradley of Northmyms, bacll^ & Dorothy Wliite of 

same, niaideu. At S' Audrew's, Hartford. 
„ 16 Michael Jordeu, wid"-, & Eose Newton of Aspeden, maiden, 
orphan. At Aspeden. 
17 Edmund Cannon, bach'' & Eliz. Nashe, maiden, of Dateh- 
worth, dau. of Thos. Naslie'of same, yeoman. At Datchworth. 
27 Wm. Haraes of Ayott S' Peter, badir, & Abigal Haskius 
of Digswell, maiden. At Hatfeild or llartiugfordbuiy. 
,, 28 Wm. Barber of Kens worth, gent., & ilary Thewer of 
Digswell, maiden, dau. of John Tliewor, gent. At 
S' Andrews or All Saiuts, Hertford. 
,, 30 Thos. Issard of Weston, bach'^, & Sarah Cooper of same, 
widow. At Weston or Graveley. 
Nov. 5 Jas. Davies of psli. of S' Catherine, London, bach'', & 
Martha EUis of Watton at Stone, maiden, dau. of [bJank] 
Ellis alias Wayte of same. At Watton. 





Nov. 8 Thos. Bassett of Wellwiu, wid', & husbandman & Lettice 
Willshire of same, maiden, dau. of Lottice Willshire of 
same, widow. At Wellwin or Ayott S' Peter. 
,, 10 Wm. Clarke of Hartford All Saints, bach'' & busbandman, 

& Jane Jarsie of same, maiden. At Ayott S' Peter. 
,, 12 Edw. Peele of Hartford, S' Andrew's, bacb'', & Etheldreda 

Morlie of same, widow. At Hartingfordbury. 
,, 17 Wm. Farr of Staplefurd, back"^ & husbandman, & Prudence 
Coste, maiden, of same, dau. of John Coste of Bramfeild, 
husbandman. At Stapleford. 
„ 19 John Cornisho of S' Andrew's, Hartford, wid^ & glover, & 
Elizabeth Kirbie, late of Thundridge, maiden, aged about 
23, now of Bengeo, dau. of \_blafik'] Kirbie of Thundridge. 
At Bengeo. 
„ 20 George Gyune of Datchworth, bach'', & Eliz. Meridithe of 
same, maiden, dau. of \_blank] Meridithe of Luton, widow. 
At Datchworth. 
,, 20 Rich. Stonnell of Longmarston, bach'^, & Joyce Jeffes of 
same, widow. At Hemelhempsted orBarkhampsted S' Peter. 
,, 23 Thos. Jewett of Kings Langley, bach'', aged 31, & Sarah 
Cater of same, maiden, aged 28 & more, dau. of John 
Cater of same, wheelwright. At Kings Langley or the 
chapel of Flaunden. 
,, 25 John Eason of Little Wymondlie, husbandman & bach'', & 
Eliz. Butt, dau. of Cath. Butt of same, widow. At Hitchin 
or Little Wymondlie. 
Dec. 1 Nathaniel Suerties, wid^ & Eliz. Hardiuge, maiden, dau. of 
Michael Hardinge of Hitchin. At Hitchin. 
,, 5 Henrj' Chapman of Hartingfordbury, bach'^& husbandman, 

& Anne Garroll of same, maiden. At Harpeden. 
,, 11 Thos. Woodward of Hitchin, bach'', & Alice Montford of 

Caldecott, maiden. At Caldecott. 
„ 13 Thos. NicoU of Hempsted, jun'", bach'', & Eliz. Beech of Har- 
peden, dau. of Walter Beech of Luton,yeoman. At Harpeden. 
,, 22 Thos. Croute of Hitchin, bach'', & Judith Hurst, maiden, 

dau. of Graveley Hurst of same, yeoman. At Hitchin. 
Jan. 5 John Deacon of S' Peters, bach'' & yeoman & Sarah Impey 
of Bishops Hatfield, maiden, dau. of Geo. Impey of Hemel- 
hempsted, yeoman. At Bps. Hatfield. 
„ 24 John Willbraham of Eidge, bach'', & Cath. Eobertos of 

Bps. Hatfield, widow. At Bps. Hatfield. 
,, 27 Daniel Halsey of Flampsted, bach'', & Agnes Buckmaster, 

of same, maiden, orphan. At Flampsted. 
,, 28 Henry Halfehide of Bennington, bach'", & Sarah Skelton 

of same, maiden, orphan. At Bennington. 
,, 31 Eobt. Seybrooko, wid"", of Hartford All Saints, & Joan 
Mosse of Esendon, maiden. At Eseudou. 
Feb. 3 John Dards of Datchworth & Eose Shephoard of Stevenage, 
maiden. At Knebworth. 
,, 6 Daniel Cushie of Hatfeild, bach'', & Mary Harrod, maiden, 

dau. of Wm. Harrod of same. At Hatfeild. 
,, 10 Goddard Scourfeild, clerk, bach'^, & Frances Brokett. 
maiden, dau. of Edmund Brokett of Graveley, clerk. At 



Wm. Barford of Tewinge, wid"", & Margt. Turner of All 

Saints, Hartford, -widow. At Tewinge. 

Rich. Cannon jun"", hadi'', of Gt. Munden, & Susan Bryan 

of same, maiden, dau. of [_blank^ Bryan of Ware, widow. 

At Gt. Munden. 

George Smyth of Weston, wid'', & Frances Wright of 

same, maiden, orphan. At Weston or Graveley. 

Roger Ballard of Knebworth, bach'', & husbandman, & 

Joan Hill of Hartingfordbury, widow. At Whethampsted. 

George Joyner of Brantfeild, bach"^ & husbandman, & 

Mary Manfeild of same, maiden, dau. of Francis Manfeild, 

husbandman, of same. At AVhethampsted. 

James Holte, bach'', & Helen Bannestor of Hemelliempsted, 

maiden, dau. of GraceBannesterof same, wid. AtBovingdon. 

Wm. Pratt & Anne Addison of Bps. Hatfield, maiden. 

At Whethampsted, Ayott or Digswell. 

John Clarke of Hemelhempsted, wid"" & tanner, & Eliz. 

Feild of same, widow. At same. 

John Moorton of Hemelliempsted, wid'', & Catli. Hatch of 

Kings Langley, maiden. At Hemelhempsted. 

John Fassett of Bps. Hatfield, wid'', & Eliz. Pursey of 

Datchworth, maiden, dau. of Marj' Pui-sey of Wellwin, 

widow. At Bps. Hatfield. 

Edw. White, widr, & Mary Androwe, maiden, dau. of Geo. 

Androw of Stevenage, wlieelwriglit. At Stevenage. 

Matthew Eeadiuge, bach'', of Kings Walden, & Anne 

Chawkley of Offley, dau. of Wm. Chawkley of same. At 


Gregoiy Wenham of Ashwell, wid'', & Agnes Wenham of 

same, widow. At Caldccott. 

John Clinton, wid'' & yeomau, &: Eliz. Honor of Weston, 

widow. At Weston or Rushden. 

Thop. Goldsmith of Hitchiu, bach'', & Lettice Hutchinson 
of same, maiden. At Stevenage or the clinpel of Minsden. 

Wm. Fellowe of AYiggintuu, bach'' & brickuuiker, i.*i: Susan 
Nashe of same, maiden, dau. of [bla)tk'] Naslie of same, 
widow, aged about 30 ; with her motlicr's consent. At 
Great or Little Gaddesden. Alleged by Daniel Fellowe. 

,, 24 Geo. Saunder of Luton, co. Bedf., husbandman & bach'', 
aged about 24, & Eliz. Sibley of Harpeden, maiden, aged 
about 2.5 & dau. of Mary Sibley of Luton, widow, who 
consents. At Wliethampsted or Harpendcu. 

1 639 
Apr. 3 Rich. Grover & Eliz. Rowe of Barkhampsted S' Peter. At 

,, 11 Michael Baldock of Baldock, bacli'', & Joau Reynolds of 
same, maiden, dau. of ^largt. Lorrymer alias Renolds 
widow. At Baldock or Clothall. 

,, 11 John Barnes of Whetluampstod, bach'" & husbandman, & 
Grace Feild of Ayott S' Lawrence, maich^u, dau. of John 
Feild of same, who consents. At Ayott S' Lawrence or 















Apr. 1 













Mch. 27 

Mch. 20 



Apr. 10 Samuel Kingsley of Hitchin, bach.'', & Eliz. Tristram of 

same, widow. At Hitcliin or Minsden chapel. 
,, 10 Wm. Dodkin of Hippollits, bach"", & Margt. Clinton of 

Weston, maiden. At Hitchin or Letchworth. 
,, 23 John Besowth of Barkliauipsted, bach'', & Margt. Trowell 

of same, maiden. At Barkhampsted S' Peter. 
,, 23 John Hawkins of Baldock, wid'', & Eliz. Gillman of Ash- 
well, widow. At Ashwell. 
,, 30 Thos. Nashe of Stevenage, bach'' & weaver, & Margt. Hill 

of same, maiden, oi-phan. At Stevenage. 
May 8 Kich. Hale, gent., of Codicote, & Agnes Linden of 

Offley, maiden, orphan. At Kimpton, AYellwin or 

,, 8 Eich Carter of Eidge, bach'', & Joan Taverner of Shenly, 

widow. At Shenly or Northmyms. 
,, 24 Robert Chambers of Baldock, bach"^, aged 24, & Jane 

Maple alias Hadie of Baldock, maiden, orphan, aged 

about 21. At Baldock or Radwell. 
,, 24 John Cawdell, bach'', of Baldock, aged 33 years, & Ellen 

Brace of same, widow. At Essendon or Bayford. 
,, 24 John Hurst of Hitchin, bach'' & yeoman, & Susan Monk 

of same, widow. At Offley. 
Juie 1 John Shorte of Little Barkhampsted, bach'', & Dionisia 

Usher, maiden, dau. of John Usher of same. At Little 

,, I Edw. Akers of Wormeley, husbaudman, & Anne AViUett 

of Datchworth, maiden, dau. of Anne AVillett alias Tapps 

of same. At Datchworth. 
,, 1 Jas. Fraye of Baldock, bach'' & butcher, & Agnes Stamer 

of AVeston, maiden, dau. of Robt. Stamer of same. At 

Weston or Clothall. 
,, 1 Eobt. Edwards of Baldock, wid'', & Mary Prei!^t of 

Norton, maiden, dau. of Thos. Preist of same. At 

,, 1 Jasper Lapadge of Wellwin, bach'', aged about 22, & Eliz. 

Batttell of Hatfeild, maiden, dau. of Eliz. Battell of same. 

widow, aged 19, with her mother's consent. At Ayott 

S* Peter or AAHiothampsted. 
,, 4 Robert KiUiugli(j^ of HemeUiempsted, bacli'', & Margt. 

Turney of same, spinster. At same. 
., 13 John Ilamoud of Pirtou, bach' & yeoman, & Joan 

C'hawkley of S' Ippolits, maiden, dau. of Agues Chawkley 

of same, widow. At Pirtou or S' Hippollits. 
July 1 1 - Wm. Cockiuge of Co^jle, co. Bedf., geut., bachr, & Sarali 

Goodrick of Aspcnden, orphan. At Sandon. 
,, 13 Tlios. Arnold of Purton, bacli'' &: weaver, & Helen Auusell, 

maiden, dau. of Matthew AunseU of same, weaver. At 

11 John Grave of Hatfeild, bach'^, & Grace Waters of same, 

spinster, dau. of Eliz. AVaters alius Sturman of Graveley. 

At Bps. Hattield or Northmyms. 
., 17 Wm. AVetherod of S' Michaels near S' Albans, wid"^ & 

yeoman, & Jaue Boamout late of Stiulham, co. Beds, but 

now of AVhethampsted, maiden, orphan. At AA'hethamp- 

stod, Hemelheuipsted or Harpendeu. 


July 30 John Oweu, clerk, & Eliz. Hucksley of Throckinge, maiden. 
At Throckinge. 
,, 27 Symon Gould of Bovingdou, widf, & Judith Gould of 
Kings Laugley, widow. At ICings Langley oi- Flaundeu. 
Aug. 24 Eobt. Fan- of Gt. AVyiuondlic & Aune Slowe of same, 

widow. At Hitcliin or Miu.sden. 
Sep. .5 Wm. Battell & Sarah Huckle of [Hitchiu ?]. At Hitchin 
or Minsden. 
,, 17 John Sheppard of Purton, baclir, & Eliz. Same of same, 

maiden. At Purton. 
,, 21 "Wm. Birchmore of Harpeden, bach"" & husbandman, & 
Eliz. NichoUs of same, maiden, dau. of Anne Nicholls of 
same, widow. At Kirapton or Harpenden. 
Sep. 28 Timothy Taylor of Flamsted, wid'' & yeoman, & Emma 
Saundei-s of Barkhampsted, widow. At Barkhampsted 
S* Peter. 
Oct. 14 Eobt. Cocke of Aston, bachr, & Joan Gynue of same, 
maiden, dau. of Thos. Gynue of same At Aston. 
„ 21 John Payne of Newnham, bach'", & Mary Mowse of 

Baldock, maiden. At Sandon. 
,, 23 Jas. BardoKe of Eushden, husbandman, & Susan Bonoe, 

maiden. At Sandon. 
„ 31 Eobt. Eichardson of Sandon, bach'', & Hester Knight of 
same, maiden. At Sandon. 
Nov. 19 John Peede of Bengeo, wid"", & Eliz. Hyude of Hippollits, 
widow. At HippoUitts. 
,, 12 Daniel Hurst, jun'', of Hitchin, & Eliz. Potter of same, 

maiden. At Hitchin or Minsden. 
„ 29 Nathaniel Grubb of Bps. Hatfield, bach'', & yeoman, aged 

about 24, & Susan Oxton alias Foxe, dau. of Philip Oxton ^ 
alias Foxe of S' Peters, in the diocese of London, maiden, 
aged 22, with her father's consent. At Northmyms. 
Dec. 1 John Simpson of Wellwin, wid"^, & Eliz. Tatam of same, 
maiden. At Whethampstod. 
„ 4 "Wm. Martin of Hatfeild, bach^, & Eliz. Childer of North- 
myms, maiden, dau. of Anne Childer of same, widow. At 
Northmyms or Slienly. 
„ 4 Henry Price of NorthmjTns, bach'' & yeoman, aged about 
28, & Anne Catlin, dau. of "Wm. Catliu of Hai-peden, 
brewer, maiden, *aged about 22, with her father's consent. 
At Northmyms. 
,, 10 "Wm. Hudson of Bps. Hatfield, bach'', & Mary Lawrence 

of same, maiden, orphan. At. Bps. Hatfield. 
„ 20 Nathaniel Lowe of Hemelhempsted, gent. & bach'', «& 
Margery Chipp of same, maiden, dau. of Wm. Chipp of 
"Wattleton, co. Oxon., husbandman. At Whethampsted. 
Jan. 2 Edw. Nuttinge of Codicote, wid', & Martha "Wraste of 
Wliethampstod, maiden, dau. of Edw. "Wraste of "Wades 
Mill. At A\niethampsted. 
„ 15 Ealph "Wilshire of Sowthmyms, co. Midd., widr, & Agnes 
Chambers of Northmyms, widow. At Northmyms. 

To be Continued. 

08 -^al 


Abstracts of gJHiUft, 


REGISTEE III.-CoxTixuED ikom Page 76. 

f. 27^ JOHN WARMAN theldor of Aspdeu, husbandman. {Uat. 12 
Apr. 1582). Bur. at Aspeden ; AVife Margt. ; House & land in 
Aspeden, copyhold of tlie manor of Barksden ; Land in 
Laiston, copyhold of the manor of Corney ; Land in Pereden 
& in Movemeadfeilde, Yowsley Valley, Long nieade etc ; Sons 
I'^dw. & Wm.; Youngest sou John ; John my eldest son ; Agnes 
Warman dau. of my sou Jolm ; The four daus. of son-in-law 
John Burdit viz. Cicelye, Agnes, Margt. & \_b/an/cj ; Wife 
extrix. • Wit': — Ealphe Tomlvu, Wra. Slowe jun'' & "Wm. 
Seowell. {Fr. 20 June 1582). ' 

f . 28. EDMOND SHELFOUETHE of Weston, ploughwright. (Bat. 
22 Apr. 1579). Bur. in Westou church ; Wife Eliz. ; Freehold 
& copyhold lands in Weston ; Daus. Eliz. & Margt. (unmarr.) ; 
Wife exti'ix. Wit^ : — John Beeshroune vicar there, Wm. Izard 
vV- John Hall. {Fr. 18 July 1582), 

f. 28. JOHN BAEKEMAKER of Knebworth, yeoman. {Bat. 1 May 
24 Eliz.). Bur. at Knebworth ; Ann Barkmaker my bro. 
William's wife ; Eldest dau. Jone Barkemaker ; Second dau. 
Eliz.; Son John (under 21); House at Hartingefordburie ; 
Bro. Wm. Barkemaker exor ; Bros. John Sole, Geo. Feild & 
Tho. Feild overseers ; Son-in-law Fras. Bigge. Wit' : — Eobt. 
Hodgekins, minister, Eobt. Dards & Edw. Parker. (Fr. 7 Nov. 

f. 28'' WILLLIM HUEST of Purtou, laborer. {J)at. 26 Sep. 1582). 
Wm. Barbor mj master & Tlios., Wm. & Beterice Barbor his 
children ; Mathew Carter of Aspley end ; Edw. Holmes ; John 
Borough ; Anth. Wheatlye ; Michael son of John Chapman ; 
Thos. Sparke ; Alice Watson ; Mary Howson ; Jolin Hall, Thos. 
Peacocke, John Deere & John Webb ; Legacy to Shitlingtou ; 
Thos. Parrat thelder ; Said Wm. Barbor exor ; Mathew 
Carter overseer. Wit' : — John Caynhoo, Tho. Peacocke & John 
Deere. {Fr. 10 Oct. 1582). 

f. 29. JOHN LYNCOLNE of Westmill, husbandman. {Dat. 20 Dec. 
1581). Son Geo. (uuder 24) ; Sous Ealphe & Wm.; Dau. Anne 
Lyncolno (under 24) ; Daus. Mary & Margt.; Son Eobt. ; Wife 
Agnes ; Lands in Noblay feild ; A^'ife & son Eobt. exors ; John 
Hamond of Gaylers overseer. Wit" : — John Jurdane, John 
Byrde, Wm. Ancell, James Crofte. {Fr. 2 May 1582). 

f. 29. WILLL4.M WHELPLEY of Borne ende in psh. of Bovington, 
yeoman. {Dat. 1 Aug. 1582). Bur. at Bovington; Wife 
Briget ; Land in Noithchurch ; Borne Feild ; My mother ; 
Little meade in Northchurch : Kinswom. Fniuncis Higbit and 


her mother now the wife of Edmonte Cooper of Wendover ; 
Bro. Thos. Whelpley ; Eicli. Whelpley my brothers son ; Nich. 
Harrys (under 21); Einme Higbit my sisters dau. ; Eliz. 
Whelpley dau. of Thos.; Wife extrix ; Bro. Thos. Whelpley & 
cous. Wm. Southen overseers. TFi'i* : — Michael Howe, John 
Mores, Bennet Cocke & Edw. Sybsey. {Pr. 10 Oct. 1582). 

f. 30. EGBERT BAEFOOT of Hitchin, di-aper. {Bat. 20 Oct. 24 
Eliz.). Bro. John Barfoote : Bro. Thos. Barfoot ; Father 
Nicholas Barfoote exor. JFit^ : — Eobt. Warner, Wm. Monke, 
Thos. Barfoote. (Fr. 28 Nov. 1582). 

f. 30. EOBEET ALDEN of Kings Langley. {Bat. 13 Aug. 1581). 
Dau. Agnes Este ; Son Eobt. Alden the elder ; Dau. Eliz. 
Alden ; Sons Edw. & John the younger ; Wife EUz. extrix ; 
Son Eich. Alden supervisor. Wit' : — Thos. Ewer, John Buck- 
master the elder, Thos. Eotgers thelder, John Alden, John 
Carter of Jefferyes, Thos. Carter of the Milne. {Fr. 10 Oct. 

f. 30b WILLIAM BISHOPE parson of the church & rectory of 
Aldeburye, clarke. {Bat. 11 Mch. 1581). Bur. in the high 
chancel of Aldebury ; Cousin Thos. Isacke ; AYife Margt. 
extrix & Wm. Cocke her bro. overseer. ITlts : — Ed. Pepwell 
gent., Nich. Cleiton, clarke, parson of Barkamsted Peter, Wm. 
Tu, Wm. Cocke. {Ft: 17 July 1582). 

f. 30b LAWEENCE WODWAED of Shenley. {Bat. 10 June 1582). 
Bur. at Shenley ; Son Thos. ; Dau. Murgerie ; Dau. Angell 
Chappell ; Son Hawes ; John Cai-ter my wife's brother, over- 
seer ; Wife & sou Thos. exors ; Ei chard Carter, int^ : — John 
Howe, Thos. Harris, George [W^wZ-] curate of [blank]. {Fr. 
25 Sep. 1582). 

f. 31. THOMAS PODYFAT of Flauudeu, yeoman. {Dat. 16 Feb. 
1581). Bur. in Flaunden Church ; Sou Thos. ; House & laud 
in Sarret ; Son Eich"! ; Land Iti Sarret called Great ]\[ezlue & 
Little Mezloe ; Sons Nich. & Ealfe ; Beche grove, Cockes grove 
& meedowes crofte in Sarret ; Son Edw. ; Dans. Amye Podyfat 
& Seislye Podyfat ; Dau. Alice wife of Eich. Lovet ; Dau. 
Agnes ; Godson Ealpho Southe ; Wife Syscelye extrix ; Tlios. 
Daye of Eickmansworth yeoman, overseer. Jf'it'< : — Thos. 
Hallam, Eobt. Podyfat, Eichard Lovet of Mvnthous. {Fr. 
12 Dec. 1582). 

f. 31b EICHAED HUMBEESTON of Walkeru. [An abstract of 
this will has been given before. See page 97 of the present 
volume of this magazine]. 

f. 32. WILLIAM HAMMOND of Wostmyll. {Bat. G June 1582). 
Son John (under 21) ; My tenement late Scottes & lands 
belonging except lands in Eidgeway felld ; Son Wm. ; Land 
in Eow now called Bushlay & land in same field abutting on 
Segors ; Land in Cautes Croft, Nuttings field ; Dau. Agnes 
(under 21) ; Thos. Warner ; Dau. i\Iargaret ; Dau. Joaue ; 
Child" of my sou in law Eoger Hamond ; Child" of my son 
in law Geo. Broune ; Wife Agnes extrix ; Geo. Newman. 
Wit' : — Wm. Broune, Henry Hamond, Geo. Brouno the 
younger, Edm. Goodman & Wm. Hamond the younger. {Fr. 
10 Oct. 1582). 


f. 32'' EICHAED BULL of Muche Wimboly. {Bat. 18 Apr. 1582). 
Son Edw. ; ISI'' Edw. Poulter my master ; Dan. Alice ; 
Hew & Henrie my two younger sons (iinder 18) ; JP Buslic 
vicar of Wimbolye ; Wife Agnes extrix. Wit' : — Edw. Pulter, 
Ealfe Dell, Ricli. Witsey, Thos. Bushe. {Pr. 18 June 1582). 

f. 32^ WILLIAM LOXGE of Heiuelliemsted, husbandman. {Bat. 
2 Mch. 1582). Sons Edm., Thos., & Raphe Longe ; John Louge 
servant to Eobert Longe ; Edmund & Win. sons of Edm. 
Longe ; Agnes dau. of Edm. Longe ; Son Eobt. exor ; Thos. 
Longe overseer. Wit" : — Thos. Grave, Edm. Partridge & Thos. 
How. {Fr. 2 May 1582). 

f. 33. JOHN PEATT thelder of Kings Hatfeild aJias Bushoppes 
Hatfeild, paylmaker. {Bat. 24 Dec. 25 Eliz.) Dau. Eliz. 
Pratt ; Son-in-law Wm. Marche ; Son-in-law Wm. Potter ; 
Nicholas son of John Pratt my son ; Jolm Marche son of 
Margt. my dau. ; John Potter son of my dau. Kath. ; Helden 
Beale one' of the child" of Agnes my dau., late wife of AVm. 
Beale of Hadley, co. Midd. ; Valentine Beale & Jolian Beale 
two other of s'^ dau. Agnes' child" ; John North of Euisden ; 
Said Wm. Marche exor. Wit'' : — Wm. Curll, IVIathew Parget, 
Wm. AVayte. {Pr. 23 Jan. 1582). 

f. 33^ CLEMENS HAMONDE of Westmill, widow. {Daf. 15 June 
1582). Dau. Agnes ; Son George ; Daus. Ellyn & Margt. ; 
Dau. Alice & her child" ; Alice Newman my daughter's dau. ; 
George Ne^^"man my dau. Ellens son ; Goddau. Margen,' 
Hamond ; Son AVm. ; Geo. Kyngo ; Judith Kinge ; Thos. 
Scott & his father ; Wm. Browne ; Li tie John Kinge ; Son 
Wm. exor. Wit' : — John Hamond thelder & Henrie 
Hammond wrighter. {Pr. 10 Oct. 1582). 

f. 34. EICHAED OLIA'EE of Baldocko, yeoman. {Bat. 30 Jan. 
1579). Thos. & Edw. Oliver sons of Edw. Oliver my late bro. ; 
Eras. Oliver my godson, my cousyn Edw. Olivers son ; Wife 
Johsan ; John Oliver & Agnes now wife of Eouland Hartelye, 
child" of s'l Edw. Oliver my bro. ; Said Edw. Oliver ^exor. 
Wit' : — Wm. Goodriohe, cordwayuer, London, Geo. Kinge. 
{Pr. 6 Eeb. 1583-4). 

f. 34. THOMAS NOADES of Northmimes, singleman. {Bat. 16 
Dec. 1583). ^ly moieties of tenements in Potton, co. Bedf., 
Godson Thos. Noadcs son of my bro. John (under 18) ; Sist. 
Alice Pegrum ; Cous. Thos. Eoberts ; My mother ; Thos. 
Neale ; My brother & sister's child" ; Father-in-law Thos. 
Addam, yeoman, exor. Wit^ : — Hen. Peacham mynester of 
gods word, Jeames Eussell, John Carringeton, Edw. Norriso 
thelder, Wm. Lowin, Audrie Eushlye, Kateryu Tompson, 
Julian Higdou. {Pr. 23 Jan. 1583-4). ' 

f. 34b THOMAS FISHEE of Boveingdon, carpenter. {Bat. 20 Sep. 
1583). Son John ; Dau. Anne ; ' Unto my brother the somme 
of iiij'» y* is to say Edward Fisher the younger and Ednumdo 
Fisher y<^ W^** is in the liandf or custodie of Edward Fislier 
thelder ' ; 'My bro. Edw. Fisher thelder & his two sons ; My 
sister ; Eebecka Palmer ; My sisters soue y' is the gloucr ; 
Thos. Axtell & Edw. Fisher thelder overseers. Wit': — Jolm 
Goold of Fuanyans, Wm. Palmar, Wm. Esto, Thos. Axtell of 


Shantoxe & Edw. Fisher thelder. {Adm. 5 Dec. 1583 to Eiiw. 
Fisher senior of Ohessaut, co. Bucks, & Thos. Axtell of 
Bovington. Will also registered at f. SS**). 

f. 35. JOHN HOYE of Ilitchin, ' \'ittuler.' {Dat. 16 Nov. 26 Eliz.). 
Son Edw. Hoye ; llich. Godlington of Ickleford ; Mr. Hatton ; 
Thos. Barfoote of Hitcliiu, shoemaker ; AVife Eliz. & sou Edw. 
exors. IFit" : — Eobt. Hatton, yeoman vsher of the Queens 
Chamber, Thos. Barfote, llobt. Lj-on. {Pr. 19 Mcli. 1583-4). 

f. 35. EOBEET EOCHE of Hatfeild. {Bat. 12 Mch. 23 Eliz.). 
Son Wm. exor. {Fr. 20 Mch. 1583-4). 

f. 35. MAEION DEACON servant with John Lynd of Barkhamsted. 
{Nunc, u'ill dat. 4 Nov. 24 Eliz.). My master & my godmother ; 
Marion Shanbroke ; My brother his son ; My sister her son ; 
Agnes Howe ; Wm. Shanbroke ; M"" John Lynd exor. Wit^-. — 
Eliz. Grubb & Jane Mosse, per me Eouland Hughes clericu. 
{Pr. 30 Oct. 1583). 

f, Z5^ HUMFEYE BUSHE of Barkhmsted Petri. {Nunc, ivill dat. 
8 Aug. 1583). Wife Alice. JHY' :— John Whelpley, John 
Turner & the goodwif Dagnole. {Adm. 13 Aug. 1583 to Alice 
the relict). 

f. 35^ EOBEET HAEYEY of psh. of All Saints, Hertford. {Bat. 
1 Apr. 1583). Eldest son Gyles Harvey; Son Ealph ; Sons 
Eobt. & Tlios. ; Daus. Joan & Agnes ; Wife Agnes extrix ; 
Hen. Dighton & John Farrar overseers. WitJ' : — The overseers 
& John Jonson. {Pr. 30 Oct. 1583). 

f. 36. JOHN HUMFEIE of Hitchin, wheelwright. {Dat. 28 July 
1583). Bro. Danyell Humfrye (under 30) ; Sist. Luce Hum- 
frye ; Sist. Jane Lancaster ; Thos. & Annis Lancaster child" of 
s^ sister ; Alice Chamber ; John Law my ounckle ; Goddau. 
JoneDeremer; My father Wm. Humfrye exor. Wit^ : — Eobt. 
Warner, John Lawe, Henry Warner. {Pr. 25 Sep. 1583). 

f. 36^ EICHAED BLOW of Wallington, husbandman. {Dat. 1 Feb. 
1583). The 7 child" of John Hunt of Baldock ; Henry Bed- 
head's vj child" of Baldock ; The wife of si^ John Hunt ; Mary 
Bachelor of Wallington & Edw. Bachelor ; The son of Thos. 
Man of Baldocke ; Sist. Joau Blow ; Bro. Wm. Blow ; Wm. 
Squier of Baldock ; My master Bowles ; John Handlye of 
Wallington ; Geo. Handkyn of Wallington otherwise called 
Cornelius ; Cons. Jolm Blow of Wallington ; The 2 child" of 
one Thos. Blow of Lonsnaylo ; John Bemores aliais Chapman ; 
Wm. Chatburne parson of Baldock ; Bro. Wm. Blow exor. 
Wit': — Wm. Chatburne cleric, Eich. Glanfeold alias Nevill, 
Wm. Squior. {Pr. 26 Feb. 1583). 

f. 37. BAETHOLOMEW AYEDON of Barckmsted Peter, bac]l^ 
{Nunc, will dat. 5 Aug. 1583). Siwt. Anne Pope of Hilliiigdou 
by L^xbridge, co. Midd.; IJucle Eicli. AYellor of Markett ; 
Uncle Wm. \Yedou of Ashley greene ; John Blunt of Barcklim- 
sted ; Kath. Abower ; Laur. Balloon ; M"^ Eaife BuUocke ; 
Wm. Hearne. Mlt" : — AYm. Hearue, Laur. Ballam, Kath. 
Abower & Dor. Bramley. {Adm. 18 Sep. 1583 to Agnes Poope 
wife of John Poope of Uxbridge). 


f. 37. THOMAS ADOCTCE of psh. of All Saints in Hertford, black- 
smith. [Dat. 6 Dec. 1583). Agnes Sawyer my wifes sisters 
dau. ; Wife Jono extrix. WiP : — Thos. Noblers clericu. (Pr. 
23 Jan. 1583-4). 

f. 37. EGBERT SMYTH of Flarasted, husbandman. {Dat. 12 July 
1583). Dau. Elizabeth's child" ; Son Wm. Smyth ; Lands in a 
field called xx'' acres in Flamsted ; Rich. Whitley ; Son 
William's dau. Isabel ; Son Robt. ; Wife Isabel ; Bay horse 
called Ball ; Wife & son Wm. exors. Wit' : — Robt. Bradwyn, 
Thos. Martyn, Robt. Halsey & Edw. Smyth. (Pr. 10 Oct. 1583). 

To be Continued. 

(CoNTIlfllED FROM PaGE 116). 

Ano Domeney 1631. 
Oct. 2 Gillburd Hocheson and Ann Winche. 

„ 6 John Donton, Jane Mvsell. 
Apr. 9 John Dagnall & Ellenor Bayley. 

,, 30 Robord Dogatt and Ellisabath Tredway. 
Aug. 23 Willam Wosetor of the parsh of Tring and Catorne Pratt 
of this Parsh. 

June 3 Bengamey Boi-dor soune of Thomas Bordordor [«i'c]. 

,, 29 Marey dafter of Gorge Daves. 
July 22 Frances the sonne of Thomas Wiggiuton. 

Oct. 9 Thomas Daves sone of Willm Daves. 

Joseph Gearey j churchwardens. 
John Wood X \ 

Mich. 1632 to Mich. 1633, 
Nov. 6 Mary daughter of Jolin Baylie. 
Jan. 20 Jane daugliter of Jolin Duutoii 

M 20 Richard sou of James Wiggiuton. 
May 8 Aunes daughter of Richard Beues. 
Sep. 21 Mary daughter of Tlio. Biggs. 
„ 29 John soune of Francis Peake, 




Nov. 24 Thos. Guttler & Faith Mnsell. 

June 27 John Willet of Norchurch and Elizabeth Yarney of Barke- 
hampsted obtajTiing a licence. 

Nov. 16 John Eussell. 
Mch. 22 Benjamin sonne of Tho. Border. 
Apr. 22 Mary daughter of John Baj'lie. 
May 13 Annes daughter of Eichard Bennes. 

Eub. Richardson minist. 

Edward Hoh-man ) rn. i, j 
Francis Bvrche J Churchwardens. 

Mich. 1633 to Mich. 1634. 

Jan. 23 Joseph son of Joseph Gearey. 
Mch. 4 Tho. son of John Bayley. 
Apr. 13 Alse daugliter of John Spiggins. 

Jan. 16 Mathew Bishop of Tringe and Elizabeth Mosell of this pish. 

Apr. 4 Eichard Morris. 
June 26 Amy "Wigginton widdow. 
July 29 John Clarke. 

Eub. Eichardson, curat. 

Ed. Hollyman / /-,, i , 

Edward Durrant ( Churchwardens. 

Mich. 1634 to Mich. 1635. 
Apr. 26 AVilliam sonne of Thomas Wigginton. 
May 27 William sonne of Eichard Binns. 

Oct. 28 Thomas Cocks & ^arie Perce. 

May 27 Eoger Haris ab'es Clarke. 
June 1 Sarah the Daugliter of Ealulphus Douer, 

John Bavlie 

John Dunton ' Churchwardens. 













Mich. 1635 to Mich. 1636. 

Susan Daughter of Xathanoll Nash of London. ^ 
Eobert sonne of Jumos Wig;ijinton. 
Marie Daughter of Jolm S2)igins. 
Marie tho daughter of Thomas Eutland. 
Francis sonne of Francis Pi'uke. 
Barbaric Daughter of Henry Groue, 










































Henrie sonne of Joseph Gearie. 

Radulphui=s somie of Thomas Border. 

EHsaheth Daughter of Thomas Warr. 

John Crips sonne of John Crips of London. ^ 

William sonne of Will. Rugmor. 

William sonne of Tliomas IblanJc']. 

Marie the daughter of Eadulphus Doner. 

Thomas Cocks & Marie Perce. 
James Carter & Mai-tha Baldwin. 
Eichard Tread way & Margerie Pope. 
Lenard Bachelder & Elisabeth [Eustes ?]. 
John Wood & Anis Clarke. 
John [Guet ?] & Amie Wells w^i^ a lisence. 

Marie tlie wife of John Wood . 
Elesabeth the dafter of Edward Holliman. 
John Pratt. 

Judeth the Daughter of Edward Holliman. 
Barbarie Daughter of Henrie Groue. 
Thomas the sonne of Eoger AViff . 
Eichard sonn of Eichard Foster. 
Frances the wife of John Crips of London. ^ 

JohnBayUe j Churchwardens. 
Henrie otonhiil ) 

Mich. 1636 to Mich. 1637. 

Nov. 13 William son of Eichard Tredway. 
Dec. 13 George y^ son of George Dauis. 
May 29 John y« son of John Foster. 
July 9 Sarah Daughter of Henry Groue. 
Aug. 29 Eichard son of Eichard Binnes. 

Oct. U Eoger Pope and Elisabeth Oviatt both of Tring Parish. 

Oct. 21 Mary Daughter of Eodulphus Doner. 
June 16 AVilliam Eutter. 
Sep. 27 Clement son of William Bennet of Tring. 

Eic. Eobinson, Min. 

Henry Stonell j churchwarden. 
John Tofeild j 

Mich. 1637 to Mich. 1638. 
Nov. 1 John son of Eodulplms Doner. 
May 3 Susan Daughter of James Wiggiutuu. 

„ 14 Henry son of Eichard Grovcr. 
July 1 George son of William Eocue. 
Sep. 9 Alice Daughter of Tho. Eutlaud. 


Nov. 3 John son of Eodulphus Doner. 
„ 22 Jane Dolton. 
,, 25 Eicliard Pearse. 
Mch. 18 Bettres Pratt. 
„ 30 Edward Burte. 
Apr. 18 Walter Nash. 

„ 22 Elizabeth Warre. 
May 1 John Baldwin. 

„ 8 Anne Grrouer widdow. 

Ri. Robinson, Cler 
Will. Pratt 

John Tofeild ' Churchwardens. 
































Mich. 1638 to Mich. 1639. 

Alee daughter of Thomas Rutland. • 

Willia Sonne of Arnot Pratt. 

Thomas sonne of Thomas Whjrte. 

Sara daughter of Joseph Geary. 

Hannah daughter of Radulphus Douer. 

Edward sonn of Henry Groue [& Barbora his wife. See 

Transcript from Lady Day 1639 to Lady Day 1640.] 
Willia Dauis. 

Mary Dauis wife of WiUia Dauis. 
Anfillis Adames widowe. 
Anna Munn Widowe. 

Robert Marsh Gent. ^ 

Annah Daughter of John Redman of London. ^ 
Charles HiU. 

Sara Daughter of Willia Dauis. 
Margret Hitchcocke widowe. 
John sonn of John Bodger. 
George sonn of George Dauis. 
PrisciUa daughter of John Spriggines. 
Richard sonue of George Dauis. 
Elizabeth wife of ^\'illia Rugmore [Gugmore in second 


Rich. Moj'then & Susan Morris. ^ 

Charles Day of the pish of Saret & Susan Wood of the pish J 

of Norchurch, by licence. 

Ri. Robinson, Cler. 

William Pratt ) rn, i j 


Robert Calcott 

Mich. 1639 to Mich. 1640. 
Nov. 1 Elizabeth d. of Rich. Bate & Katharine his wife. 
Dec. 8 Sarah d. of Isaac Bunnion & Margaret his wife. 
Jan. 12 Susan d. of William Pellow & Susan his wife. 


Mch. 25 Harry s. of Francis Peake & Dorothy his wife. 
Apr. 7 Esdras s. of John Bayly & Keturah his wife. 

„ 12 Elisabeth d. of Rich. Tredway & Margary his M-ife. 
May 14 Susan d. of William Eeeue & Susan Ids wife. 

,, 13 Sarah d. of George Dauy & EUen his wife. 
June 7 Jane d. of Thomas Coxe & Mary liis wife. 
Aug. 9 Mary d. of Henry Dell & Mary his wife. 
Sep. 16 'WiUiam s. of John Tofeild & Martha his wife. 

Oct. 15 Henry Dell & Mary Wheeler. 

Apr. 3 John Hale. 
May 3 Joyce wife of Francis Peake. 

„ 22 Susan d. of James Wiggintou. 
Aug. 28 Alice d. of John Spiggins. 

B.i. Robinson, Cler. 

Robert Calcott ) churchwardens. 

Mich. 1640 to Mich. 1641. 
Jan. 10 Josuah s. of Thomas Rutland & Phillis his wife. 
„ 19 Hester d. of Richard GroA-er & Rebecca his wife. 
Mch. 2 Mary d. of Joseph Geeiy & Susan his wife. 
,, 14 James s. of Henry Groue & Barbara his wife. 
,, 25 Susan d. of James Wigginton & Susan his wife. 
June 3 Henry AVen Stanley and Susan Moythun. 

Oct. 31 Richard Mo}-thuu. 
Nov. 27 Mary wife of Thomaa AViggiutuu. 
Mch. 11 Mary d. of Joseph Geery. 

Ri. Robinson, Cler. 

Rodulphus Dover | cK^,,i,,^ardcns. 
bamel Munne 

Lady Day 1641 to Lady Day 1642. 

Nov. 23 John & DauieU, Twins, sons of Rudidphus Dover. 
Feb. 10 Mary d. of Andrew Bradway & Mary liis wife. 
Apr. 11 Richard s. of Sauuiell Grace & Agnes his wife. 

June 3 Henry Wenstanley & Susan Moythou. 
Feb. 7 Edward Hollyman & Jane Burch. 

Dec. 5 John sou of Rodidphus Dover. 

,, 7 Daniell son of Rodulphus Doner. 
Jan. 8 Elisabeth Biunes widdow. 

Ri. Robinson, Cler. 

Eadulphus Doner j churchwardens, 
bamuell Jslone ) 


[^The following transcript turned uj) in the bundle for Tring. Although 
endorsed ' Tring ' bg a later hand, it undoubtedlg belongs to Wigginton. 
Unfortunatelg the parchment has been much eaten aivag-l 
Dec. 15 Willm sonne of Wittm Smyth. 

Oct. 7 Henry Geary & Hannah Grover. 

Apr. 8 Edward Hollyman. 
Sep. 11 Francys Humphrey. 
Mch. 20 John Eeeve. 
„ 24 Isaack Bynyon. 

June 6 Wittm sonne of Henry Grover. 
Oct. 9 Henry sonne of Eichard Grover. 

,, 9 Susanna daughter of Edward Durrant. 
,, 30 Henry sonne of Henry Geary. 
Marr. None. 
Mch. 30 .... nDinton. 
June 20 Susanna wife of Joseph Geary. 

Apr. 4 Daniell sonne of John Webb. 

„ 4 John sonne of "Wiftm. Durrant. 
Mch. 28 Wittm. son of "Wittm. Johnson. 
Sep. 4 Joseph sonne of Joseph Avis. 
Feb. 2 .... daughter of Henry Geary. 
„ 20 [PJeter sonne of John Besoun. 
Marr. None. 
Apr. 15 Hannah daughter of Edmond Clarke. 

,, 16 Hannah daughter of Henry Dell. 
May 4 Mary daughter of Wittm. Durrant. 
June 13 Elianor wife of George Davis. 
Nov. 12 [Jolm ?] sonne of AVittm Durrant. 
„ 15 fThomas ?] sonne of Wittm Gray. 
Dec. 24 Sarah daughter of John Webb. 

Sep. 28 Elizabeth daughter of Wittm. Ward. 
Oct. 18 John sonne of John Daguall. 
May 4 Mary daughter of Abraham Sturtou. 
June 30 Joseph sonne of Henry Geary. 
July 1 5 John sonne of Eichard Grover y*-' younger. 
Sep. 10 Thomas sonne of Henry Grover. 

Dec. 26 John Eeeve & Mary Parkins. 
May 23 Edward Egletou & Elizabeth Pegsworth. 




May 28 M[ary ?] daughter of Josias Wiggington. 
Sep. 14 Eich[ar(l] Bynns. 

„ 18 Agnes wife of Wittm Borrler. 
Oct. 16 Elizabeth Dover, wirldow. 
Apr. 18 John Clarke. 

Nov. 5 .... kin & Alice Feild. 
Dec. 26 John Treadway & Eebecca Allen. 
Jan. 28 John Harding & Grace AVhitchurch. 
Feb. 12 John M . . lier & Mary Broadway. 

Nov. 18 .... Sonne of Wittm. Eeeve. 
„ 1[9?]. . . . rman. 

[^Memorandum at foot of Transcript'\ 

' nt y* the Church of W . . . . ton is very much .... of 

Eepayre ' 

gttcJrjtn ^(trtsVr Jlc0t0ter0* 

Annexed to the Transcript of these Eegisters for the years 1665 to 
1667 is a strip of parchment containing the following note : 

"These are to certifie all persons whom it dothe or may concerue, 
That the regestry for Chri*nings Marriages and Burialls in tlie 
Parisli of Hitcliin, Countie of Hertford diocesse of Lincolne and 
Ardideaconry of Huntingdon through the ea'relessnesse and neglect 
of former Eegesters is wholly lost for the space of seventeene yea res 
& ^■])wurds last past (that is) from the first day of February one 
tliousaud six hundred fowerty & eight to the first day of August one 
thousand six hundred sixtie & fine. AVittnesse our hands this 8 day 
of Xouember 1667." 

\_Signed'] J. Skynxer Will: Gibbs Vic. of Hitchin, 

E. Papworth Thomas Lucas 

Jo. Papworth Hajilet Auuley 

Fra. Audley Charles Eayner. 
Law. Tristram 
Egbert Lucas. 


By a. E. aiBBS. 


April 3. John Branch of St. Alhans, carpenter, bachelor, and Alice 

Field, daughter of William Field of Chilwick. James Branch 

of St. Albans, cai-penter, a surety. 
April 18. Eichard Timmins of St. Albans, yeoman, bachelor, and 

Jane Graves of the same, maiden. John Munt of the same, 

baker, a suret_y. 
May 8. Richard Johnson of Broughton, co. Northampton, but now / 

of St. Albans, bachelor, and Elizabeth Mabbotts, widow. George 

Barnes of St. Albans, a surety. 
May 19. Timothy Cocke of Hempstedd, yeoman, widower, and Sarah 

Somes of Watford, maiden. George Barnes of St. Albans, 

plumber, a surety. 
May 27. Thomas Newman of Meynell Hempstedd [s;'c], yeoman, 

widower, and Elizabeth Meager, maiden, daughter of [^blank'j 

Meager of Abbotts Langley. Edward Ffowke of St. Albans, gent., 

a surety. 
May 31. Joseph Doubtley [or Dowtley] of Sandridge, yeoman, and 

Mary Hall, maiden. Belknap TibbaUs of St. Albans, plumber, a 

June 7. Eobert Eumford of St. Albans, barber, bachelor, and Eliza- 
beth Coppocke, maiden, daughter of Eichard Coppocke of the 

the same. John Bolton of the same, tailor, a surety. 
June 17. Samuel Ewer of Eedborne, yeoman, bachelor, and Sara 

Field, maiden, daughter of Eobert Field of Eedborne. George 

Barnes of St. Albans, innholder, a surety. 
June 20. Henry Bi-igginshaw of Kensworth, bachelor, and Sarah 

Eames of Flanisted, maiden. Jolm Burton, senior, of St. Albans, 

a surety. 
September 3. Eoger Brewer of Eickmersworth, gent., and Sara 

Skidamore. James Eamridge, gont., a surety. 
September 6. Luke Prvor of Markotstrpoto, tailor, bachelor, and 

Anne Evans, maiden. AYilliam Evans of the same, a surety. 
September 12. AVilliam Guise of Hertford, bachelor, aud ^lary Lea, 

maiden. John Mott of St. Albans, yeoman, a surety. 
September 13. Eobert Heyward of tlio City of London, tailor, / 

baclielor, and Mary Munt, maiden. John Hall of St. Albans, a 

September 21. William Hinde of Sandridge, hu.sbaudmau, bacliolor, 

and Hannah Hill, maiden. John Hinde of Esing-ton, husband- 
man, a surety. 


September 30. Thomas Sturges and Mary Mart3Ti, maiden. Nathaniel 

Martjm of Redhourne, tailor, and William Watts of St. Albans, 

October 7. Jeremiah Smith of Watford, weaver, and Anne Hill, 

maiden. Jeremiah Smith of Abbotts Langley, yeoman, a surety. 
October 7. Daniel King of Busliey, husbandman, bachelor, and 

Elizabeth Page, maiden. Walter Cooke of Bushey, gent., a 

October 11. Edward Northcote of St. Albans, miUer, bachelor, and 

Mary Ford, maiden. Samuel Turner of the same, miller, a surety. 
October 17. Samuel Wheeler of AVigginton, husbandman, bachelor, 

and Sara Dayies, maiden. John Davies of the same, yeoman, a 

October 25. Joseph Hitchcock of Barkhamsted, yeoman, bachelor, 

and Bethia Scudamore, maiden. William Hitchcock of Bark- 

hampsted, a surety. 
October 26. John Dell of Abbotts Langley, mealman, bachelor, and 

Mary Sheppard, maiden. John Guyse of St. Albans, a surety. 
October 28. Abraham Chalkley of St. Pauls Walden, bachelor, and 

Sarah Jackeson of Harpendine. Richard Crouch of Harpenden, 

a surety. 
November 1. Thomas Mitchell of Codicot, and Margaret Sturton. 

Joshua Carpenter of St. Albans, a surety. 
December 1. Edward Sjjarkes of Redborne, yeoman, bachelor, and 

Mary Chandler of the same, maiden. John Sheerer of St. 

Albans, innholdor, a surety. 
December 4. Thomas Bunby of Idlestree, yeoman, bachelor, and 

Prances Periy of the same, maiden. John Twitchett of Watford, 

mercer, a surety. 
December 9. John Grrigg of Redborne, gent., bachelor, and Susan 

Hoare, of the same, maiden. John Burton of St. Albans, inn- 
holder, a surety. 
[^U'ndafed']. Edward Long of St. Michaels, husbandman, bachelor, and 

Margaret Steevens, maiden. John Longe of the same, a surety. 
January 1. Joseph NicoUs of Walden, and Abigail "WTiethered, 

maiden. Samuel Waterton of St. Peters, a surety. 
January 13. Jeremiah Cowley of St. Albans, grocer, bachelor, and 

Mary Field of the same, maiden. George Barnes of the same, 

plumber, a surety. 
January 16. William Smitli of Sandridge and Alice Taylor of St. 

Albans, maiden. William Christmas of St. Albans, butcher, and 

A\ iUiam Tryant of the same, tobacco pipe maker, sureties. 
February 5. Thomas AVindsor of Sage Hill, St. Stephens, yeoman, 

bachelor, and Damaris Kentish, maiden. AVilliam Kentish of St. 

Albans, grocer, a sui-ety. 
February 12. Francis Halsey, bachelor, and Mary Sam, maiden. 

Jolin AMiittlocke of Markett Streete, yeoman, and John Sheerer 

of St. Albans, sureties. 
February 22. John AVeedon of Flamstedd, husbandman, widower, 

and Anno Longe of St. Micliaels widow. John Mottt of St. 

Albans, glover, a surety. 
March 17. Samuel Mountague of Sandridge, husbandman, and Mary 

Adnut of St. Peters, maiden. Thomas Stiles of St. Peters, a 




March 24. William Hartin of St. Michaels, victualler, widower, and 
Sarah Pratt of Abbotts Langley, maiden. John Thorneton of St. 

Stephens, husbandman, a surety. 
March 27. James Eolfo of Hempstead, but now of St. Albans, 

blacksmith, bachelor, and Mary Cooke late of Hempstead but 

now of St. Albans, maiden. John Trustrum of Hempstead, 

carpenter, a surety. 
March 31. Abraham' Feild of St. Albans, cutler, bachelor, and 

Elizabeth Heyward of St. Peters, maiden. Joseph Tarbox of St. 

Albans, tailor, a surety. 
April 5. Eobert Browne of Abusley [? Abbotsley] co. Huntingdon, 

husbandman, baelielor, aged 20 or upwards, and Alice "Wliite of 

Eedbourne, maiden ; at Redbouvne. Eobert White and Thomas 

Deacon, both of Eedbourne, husbandmen, sureties. He alleges that 

his father is dead but that his mother Bridgett Browne is living. 
April 7. James Bradbury of St. Albans, grocer, bachelor, and Eose 

Ealing of St. Albans, maiden. Samuel Waterton of St. Albans, 

ironmonger, a surety. 
April 13. Thomas Lee of Aldenham, husbandman, widower, and 

Sarah Hix of Abbotts Langley, maiden. George Barnes of St. 

Albans, plumber, a surety. 
April 13. Thomas Brock of St. Peters, husbandman, bachelor, and 

Mary Eaton, maiden. John Matthews of St. Albans, weaver, a 

April 30. George Neele of London, and Susannah Grover of Har- / 

pendeu, maiden. Matthew Iremonger of St. Albans, a surety. 
May 4. Ealph Doggett of Leighton Beaudesert, co. Bedford, and 

Mary Seayre of Wiuslow. Eichard Doggett of Leigliton, gent., 

and Thomas Dogget of tlie same, innliolder, sureties. 
May 12. Jeremiah Coleman [^signed Coman] of St. Midiaels, husband- 
man, bachelor, and Mary Louge of the same, maiden. Nathaniel 

Pryor of the same, tailor, a su^et3^ 
[^Uhdated, attached to previous allegation']. William Mun of Flamsted, 

yeoman, and Joaue Knight of St. Albans, maiden. John I\[un of 

.... gsate, CO. Buckingham, yeoman, a surety. 
June 5. Joshua Baker of Eidge, yeoman, and Ann Harris, maiden. 

John Mathewes of St. Albans, weaver, a surety. 
June 21. Amos Angles of Dunstable, co. Bedford, tailor, bachelor, / 

and Frances Fawson of St. Albans. Nathaniel Prior of St. 

Michaels, tailor, a surety. 
June 27. Thomas Johnson of Baldocke, bachelor, and Mary Deare- 

more of ShepliaU, maiden. 
July 24. Michael Selioke of St. Albans, bachelor, and Maiy Beau- 
mount of Groeuiield, parish of FHtton, co. Bedford. Nicholas 

Eobson of St. Albans, a surety. 
September 1. James Baudin of St. Albans, bachelor, and Mary 

Eenne of tlie same, maiden, at St. Albaiis. William Tliarpe of 

the same, a surety. 
September 8. William Martyn of St. Allians, bachelor, and Elizabetli 

Marshall of the same, maiden, at St. Albans. Eobert Gregory of 

St. Albans, a surety. 
September 17. Nathaniel Eeeve of Bovington, husbandman, bachelor, 

aged 21 years, and Anno Nuton of Sarrat, maiden, aged 20 years. 

Henry Seare of Barkhamsted St. Peters a surety. 


October 5. Henry Chalkley of Kimpton and Anne Skeele (?) of 

Harpenden, but now of St. Albans ; at St. Peters. Edward Berrj- 

of Harpendine, a surety. 
October 9. "William Pendcred of Sandridge, bachelor, and Mary 

Jaques of the same, maiden ; at St. Petei's. Jeremiah Lyons of 

Sandridge, a surety. 
October 27. Jeremiah Lattemore of St. Peters, bachelor, and Mary 

Neaves. Eobert Neaves of the same, a surety. 
December 1. Samuel Waterton of St. Albans, grocer, bachelor, and 

Marj' Turner of the same, maiden ; at St. Peters. 
December 1 . Thomas Halsey, bachelor, and Dorcas Pacey of Studham, 

maiden ; at Eedbourne or St. Peters. Edward Halsey of Stud- 
ham, yeoman, his father, and Pobei-t Swinston of St. Peters, 

sureties. [There is another copy of tliis dated July 17th, 1678]. 
December 31 . William Huss of Cripplegate, London, and Mary Darvel 

of St. Peters ; at St. Peters. James Bradbury of St. Albans, a 

January 26. Samuel Hundsdon of Wheathamsteed, bachelor, and 

Joane Capon of St. Albans, maiden ; at St. Peters. Francis 

Halford of St. Albans, a surety. 
March 3. "William Joyner of Paulswalden, yeoman, aged 27 years, 

bachelor, and Eebecca Ivory of the same, aged about 25 years, 

spinster ; at Paulswalden. [^Allegation onhj.^ 
April 4. John Eolfe of Hemel Hempsted and Mary Frankelin of St. 

Michaels ; at St. Michaels. Nathaniel Pryor of St. Michaels, a 

May 4. WiUiam Henman of Abbats Langley, bachelor, and Eebecca 

Hawkins of King's Langley ; at Abbots Langley or Eickmers- 

worth. "William Osmond of Abbots Langley, a surety. 
May 18. Eichard Hawkins of Harpenden, bachelor, and Lucy 

Halsey, now of St. Albans, daughter of Eichard Halsey, late of 

Eedboume, deceased; at St. Peters. John Halsey of Eedbourne, 

a surety. 
May 20. Eobert Jeffes of Aston Abbots, co. Bucks, maltster, and 

Sarah Parrott of the same, maiden ; at St. Peters. John Eobin- 

son of St. Peters, a surety. 
May 29. Thomas Eaton of' St. Peters and Frances Chudsdon of 

Misenden, co. Buckingliam ; at Eickmersworth. Belnap Tiballs 

of St. Peters, a surety. 
June 1. George Carjienter of Eedbourne, and Katherine Hurst of 

the same ; at Eedbourne. James Hannell of the same, a surety. 
June 8. Michael Parratt of St. Albans, tallow chandler, bachelor, 

and Sarah Darvall of St. Michaels, maiden ; at St. Albans or St. 

Michaels. Josepli Burr of St. Albans, a suretj'. 
July 20. Stephen Eoe, junr., of St. Stephens, and Sarah "Woodans of 

St. Michaels, maiden ; at St. Stephens. Stephen Eoe, sen., of 

the same, a surety. 
July 31. Thomas Nash of St. Albans, and Sarah Eichards of the 

same. Thomas Oxton of St. Albans, and John Gierke of the 

same, sureties. 
August 3. John Tyler of Eedbourne, bachelor, and Anne Ehodes ; 

at Eedbourne or St. Jklichaels. Joseph Carpenter of St. Michaels, 

a surety. 


September 14. Edward Bigrave of St. Michaels, and Gatheriche 

Grover of the same ; at St. Michaels. Zachariah Reeve of St. 

Peters, a surety. 
September 20. Hugh Glenistcr of Winslow, co. Bucks, and Marj' 

Greene of tlie same ; at Winslon- or Harwood Parva. Joseph 

Burr of St. Albans, a surety. 
October 3. John Norris of AViggiuton and Katherine Broune of the 

same ; at St. Peters. James Martin of St. Albans a surety. 
October 12. John Clackoson [sit/iied Claxaon] of Watford, and Eliza- 
beth Chandelour of the same ; at Eickmansworth. Bellnap Tiballs 

of St. Peters, a surety. 
October 15. John Clarke of Eedbourne, and IMary Hawkins of Har- 

penden, maiden ; at St. Peters. John Deacon of St. Peters, a 

November 16. Eichard Birchmore of Eedboiu-ne, bachelor, and Sarah 

Fowler of Hexton, co. Hertford, maiden ; at Hexton. Thomas 

Stepney of Eedbournc, a surety. 
December 6. John Tacker of St. ^Vlbans and Mary Gouldin of the 

same ; at St. Albans. John Sheerer of the same, a surety. 
December 17. Eichard Camfeild of Codicott and Eose AVoodwards of 

the same ; at Codicott or St. Pauls Walden. Prances Feild of 

the same, a surety. 
December 20. Henrj- Francis of Watford and Katherine Cockens of 

Kings Langley ; at Watford. William Christmas of St. Albans, 

butcher, a surety. 
December 24. Joseph Carter of St. Michaels, bachelor, and Ailce 

Smith of the same ; at Abbots Langley or St. Michaels. Henry 

Smith of the same, a surety. 
January 23. Isaac Lane of Misenden, co. Buckingham, and Anne 

Aldrige of St. IMichaels ; at St. Michaels. Zachariah Aldrige 

of St. Michaels, a surety. 
February 17. Thomas Babbs [signed Bab] of St. Stephens, and Mary 

Smith of the same maiden ; at St. Stephens. Hemy AVilson of 

St. Albans, a surety. 
February 22. Thomas Brock of St. Stephens, husbandman, widower, 

and Martha Harris of the same, widow ; at St. Stephens. Henry 

Field of the same, a surety. 

1679 « 

April 20. Thomas Warde of Addington, co. Buckingham, mason, 
and Susan Edden of AVinslow, spinster ; at Winslow. AYiUiam 
Edden juur of AVinslow, yeoman, and Eobert Eddon of the same, 
carpenter, sureties. 

March 22. Nathaniell Saunders of St. Stephens, brickmaker, and 
Elizabeth Peacocke, of St. Michaels, spinster ; at St. Michaels or 
St. Albans. Alice Peacocke of St. Michaels, spinster, a surety. 

1680 [?] 

May 13. Thomas Nichols of Harding, widower, and Elizabetli Law 
of the same. John !Malin of the same, yeoman, and AA^illiam 
Morris of St. Albans, sureties. 

To bt Continued. 


pllntstctV ^cctiuntd, ^enrijr VII. 


\_These document/^ are preferred in the Public Record Office. The nimhers 
indicate the official reference^. 


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■■■ " .^Jf-fW} '- - ' - '' 



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1374 ,, temp. ,, 

1696 Monastic. Hertford. 3-4 Hen. VII. View of aU the receipts 
and expenses. 

^eet of Sinea fov §ertf^?r^)9r^rtr^♦ 



1573-4. Hilary Term. 16 Eliz. 
♦Henry Cocke & Jas. Moryce esq^ : Anne Newman widow. Two 

messuages & lands in Bishops Stortford & Thorlcy. 
John Moyer : John Eumbold & Joan liis wife. A third part of a 

messuage & lands in Harpeden & Whethamsted. 
Thos. Meade serjeant at law : Ealpli Fh-xon gent & Anne his wife. 

Manors of Souwell & Otweys & 8 messuages & lands in Asshewell 

Hynx worth & Ed worth. 
Eich. Adam : Thos. Walgrave alias Waldegrave gent. Messuage & 

lands in Brent Pelhain. 
Eich. AV}i:he : Jolm Langhton & Alice his wife & Eich. Stanes & Joan 

his wife. Two parts of a mill & lands, in three parts divided, in 

Hugh Spencer & Geo. Craicall : Tlios. Vaughan gent & Jolin Clerke. 

Lands in Sandriche & psli. of S' Micliaels in S' Albans. 
Geo. Beovys : John Bole & Joan his wife & Eobt. Smytli alias Clarke 

& Joan his wife. Messuage & laud in Hertford. 
Tho. Butterfj-eld : Eich. Lovet & Ursula liis wife. Messuage & land 

in Flaundcn. 
Thos. Woodnet & Geo. Basford gent : Eoger Colte gent & Maiy his 

wife. Two messuages & lauds in Aldenham, 


Thos. Audi-owes esq & Bartli. Kempe gent : Nich. Bacon knt. lord 

keeper of the Great Seal & Anne his wife. Manors of Gorehanis 

alias Gorehamburv, Westwick, IVaye, Wyudryclie, Burston, Butlers, 

& Apsahury alias Napsebury & 80 messuages & lands in the parishes 

of S' Michaels, IS' Stepliens, & S* Peters near S' Albans & Kedborue 

& the advowsous of S' Michaels & Redborne. 
Thos. Gascoign : Wni. Aldred Sc Sibil his wife & Eobt. Broune. 

Land in Ware & Am well. 
Nich. Bacon knt. Lord Keeper : Henry Cocke esq & Ursula his wife. 

Manor of W\Tidriche alias AVyudrige & 24 messuages & lands in 

parish of S' Michaels near S' Albans. 
Thos. Brygham gent : Jonas Awdery. Messuage & garden in 

Wm. MaUowes gent & Geo. Hagarthe gent : Eicli. Skipwith esq. 

Manor of Beehewood alias Saynt Gyles in le Wood & 10 messuages 

& lands in Flamsteade. 
Eich. Tredwey gent & Edw. Walroud : Tho. Saunders gent & Jane 

his wife Sc Joan Smyth widow. Messuage & gai-den in Stortford & 

the moiety of tlie manor of Pygotts & of two messuages & lands in 

Stortford & Thorley. 
Nich. Wall : Beuj. Potkyu &. Suzan his wife. Lands in Little 

Thos. Seye & Eich. Dunham : Thos. Copcott & Cecily his wife. 

Messuage & land in Pyrton. 
Gilbert Gerrard esq, attorney general : John Cutt knt. & Anne his 

wife. Manor of Shenley alias Salesburye & 40 messuages & lands 

in Shenley, Eudge alias Eidge, Ilatfeilde, S' Peters, S' Albons, 

Northemymes. Southemymes, Shenley Berye, Barnet, Colney & 

Bishops Hatfielde. 
Eobt. Barbour : Heury Butler gent & Alice liis wife. The impropriate 

rectory of Hexton & tithes thereto belonging. 
Ealph Skypwyth gent : Eicli. Lee knt., Humph. CoujTigesbye esq 

& Mary his wife & Eobt. Lee gent. Messuage .S: lands in S' Albans. 
Thos. Webbe & Himiph. Hooper : Nich. WaU & Mary his wife & 

Henry Averell. Two messuages & lands in Stoudon, Little Hadham, 

[Much Hadjham, Puckeridge, Braffinge & Sabridgworthe. 
1574. Easter Term. 16 Eliz. 
*Eoger Alford & AVm. Gierke esq^ : Francis earl of Bedford & Bridget 

his wife & Chas. Moryson esq. Manor of Caysho alias Caysobury &: 

20 messuages & lands in Caysho alias Caysliobury, Watford & 

Abbots Laugley. 
*Geo. Bromley esq, Thos. Bromley esq. Thos. Huyck esq, Eich. 

Bagott esq, Ealpli Edgerton esq, Wm. Barnes esq, Thurstan AVood- 

cock esq, Thos. Woodcock gent. & Wm. Tylston gent : Eobt Huyck 

esq. Two messuages & lands in Waltliam. 
Henry Kynge : Eogor Grubbe & Eliz. his wife. Three messuages & 

lands in Great Barkhampsted alias Barkhampsted Peter. 
Wm. Querryngton : Michael Manue & Alice his wife & John Cressett 

gent. Messuage & lands in Northchurch. 
Thos. Shotebolte gent & Philip Downes : Eich. Halfehide & Margery 

his wife. Two messuages & lands in Yerdelc}'. 
AVm. Thorowgood : Geo. Bennett & Ellen his wife. Messuage & 

lands in Moclio Amwell. 
Thos. Axtill : Ealpli Perte & Joan his wife. Moiety of land in Ilemel- 



Wm. Merstou : Wm. Skii)wytli knt. & Rich. Skipwith es(i, & Mary 

his wife. Manor of Woodliall in Hempstedo alias Hemelhenipstedc 

& 2 messuages & lands in Hempsted. 
Rich. Bedell : Christr. Hochynson & Kath. his wife. Messuage & 

lands in Stondon. 
Agnes Bagshao widow : Edm. Nodes & Eliz. his wife. Land in 

Leonard Fysshe gent : Geo. Fysshe esq. Messuage & land in Bishops 

alias Kings Hatfeld. 
Thos. Cocks sen^ gent, & Tlios. EUys gent : Fulk Onslowe gent & 

Mary his wife. Advowsou of the" Church of Bishops alias Kings 

Hatfeld & of the Chapel of Tatryche. 
Jas. Jeve & Nevell Hasylwood gent : John (jraveley gent. Messuage 

& lands in Kings Walden, Oltley & Lyllye. 
John Saunders : Henry Langley & Eliz. his wife. Land in Putten- 

Edw. Bardolf gent : Eliz. Bardolf widow. Messuage & lands in 

Harpden in the psh. of AVhetamsted. 
Robt. Marryott : Kath. countess of Huntington & Henry earl of 

Huntington. Messuage & lauds in Ware. 
Jas. Campe : Nich. Grave & Joau liis wife. Messuage in Staudon. 
Robt. Grave «Sc Thos. Grave : Eobt. Luyck & Margery his wife. Two 

messuages & lands in Cheshunt. 
Geo. Leventhorpe gent : Rich. West geut & Elizabeth his wife. 

Manor of Mepsall alias Meptyshall alias Mepsall & 20 messuages & 

lands in Mempsall & Overstoudou. 
John Seyman : John Catelyen & Eliz. his wife & Thos. Catelyen. 

Messuage & lands in Stevenage alias Stavenage. 
Nich. Reade & Wm. Barnard : John Sprygge & Eliz. his wife, Thos. 

Nayler & John Nayler. Two messuages in Stortford. 
Thos. Mowffett : Thos. Hawlsey alias Halsey & Margt. his wife. 

Three messuages & lands in Bavkhampsted S' Peter & Noiihe- 

Walter Myldmay kut, AVm. Cordell kut, Auth. Cooke knt, Gilbert 

Gerrard esq, Robt. Wiugfolde esq, John Piirevey esq, Anth. Browne 

esq, Edm. Halle esq, Wm. Cooke esq, John Couyers esq, Antli. 

Cooke son of Rich. Cooke esq, John Harrington esq, Roger Alforde 

esq, Pras. Harrington esq, & Barnard Dewliurst : Wm. Cecill K.G. 

etc. Manors of Thebalde'% aUa>i Tongs, Cresbrooks, Darcies, Thoiu 

WiUms, Clarks, Culliugs, Baas, Periers, Iloddesdonburye, Geddiugs 

& Beamountliallo & 300 messuages & lauds & free fishery in the 

water of Lee & the Hundreds of Hertford & Braugluug in Cliest- 

hunte, Walthamcrosse,Tunfurde, AVormeley, Brosburue, lloddosdon, 

Amwell, Hertford, Braugluug, Westmyll, Chclelsey, Gaddesburie, 

Pansanger alias Passangcr, Beugeo, Cockmersted, Estwike, Seale, 

Tewing, Stapleforde, Hunsdou, Blackemere, Wickham & Save. 

Also the free warrens of Baas, Hoddesdon, Hoddesdonbury i^ 

Geddings & the fair & market of Hoddesdon. 

1574. Trinity Term. 16 Eliz. 
*Cuthbert Buckell : Thos. Bryckett. Lands in Keunesworthe. 
*Thos. Knolles gent : Thos. Sydney gout & Barbara his wife. Manor 

of Honyland & Pentriches & 20 messuages & lands in Honyland, 

Pentriches, Enfycld & Chcsthuut. 
Robt. Gravenor & Wm. Gravenor : John Smythe & Joan his wife. 

Lands in Stondon. 


Kobt. Graveuor geut : John Whitbread aliaa More. Mesiiuage & 

lands in Standon alias Stoudon & Sacombe. 
Eobt. Asheworthe & Margery his wife : Edw. Cope & Joau his wife & 

Ealph Cope son & heir app. of s'l Edw. & Joan. Messuage & hind 
■ in S' Albans. 
Barth. Wrenne : John Archer & Alice his wife. Messuage & laud in 

Francis Marshe : Tlios. Soiuertou & Anne his wife, John Soiuerton & 

Agnes his wife i& Thos.-Bernarde & Ellen his wife. Messuage & 

lands in Taterudge. 
Eobt. Newport esq : Humph. Stafford knt. Manor of Eusshedeu 

alias Eusden and lands in Eussheden alias Eusden & Sandon. 
John Hamaer : Eobt. SwaUowe & Jane his wife. Messuage & lands 

in Eushden. 
John Persm>-the alias Cheyuey sen'" : Thos. Adam & Eliz. his wife. 

Lands in Stortford. 
Thos. Foster gent : Eich. Foster & "Wm. Foster. Two messuages & 

lands in Huuesdon. 
John Harmer : Matth. Edwards & Agnes his wife. Lands in Eushden 

alias Eusden. 
John Ingram & EUz. Ids wife : Nich. Busshe & Agnes his wife. 

Messuage & lands in Hoddesdou. 
Peter Osbourne esq, Eobt. Wrothe esq, Wm. Wrothe & Tlios. Wrothe 

gents : Geo. Mjnne esq. Two messuages & lands in Hartingford- 

burye & in the psh. of S' Andrew in Hartford. 
Wm. North : Eobt. Pygott & Agnes his wife. Messuage & land in 

Ealph Pope & Joliu Bexffeild : Wm. Barley gent. Three messuages 

& land in Kpnpton. 

1574. Mich. Term. 16 & 17 EH/. 
*Nich. Bacon knt. Lord keeper of the Great Seal: Henry Gooddere esq. 

& Frances his wife. Manors of Abbatts Burye alias Eowletts Burye, 

Minchinburye, Hoores & Apsaburye alias Napsaburve & 1 2 messuages 

& lands in Barley, Barckwaye & "the psh. of S' Peters in S' Albans. 
*Eobt. Staunford esq : Edw. "Osborne cit. & alderman of Loudon & 

Anne his wife. Laud in Shenley. 
Wm. Francklaude & Hugh Fraucklande : Jas. Johuson & Petronilla 

his wife. Messuage in Hoddesdou. \_This fine belongs to the Mich. 

term of the preceding year.'] 
Wm. Parker cit. & liuendraper of London : Geo. Ellyott & Joau his 

wife. Manor of Upwyckehall & 5 messuages & lands in Aldebury 
^^ alias Mhex-y, Little Hadliam & Stortford. 
Thomas Meade serjeaut at law : James Leche worth. Lands in Asshe- 

weU & Hinxwortlie. 
Eobt. Wolley : Eich. Stepnethe gent. Two messuages & land in 

S' Albans. 
John Bibbye gent : Jas. Gryfi^-tho & Alice his wife. Messuage & 

land m the psli. of S' Albans in S' Albans. 
Thos. Grj-msditch & John Spurlingo : Wm. Goodman gent. Manor 

of Cumberlowe Grene & 3 messuages & lands in Eusshedeu, 

Clothallc, Coderod & Waliugtou. 
Edw. Skj-pwyth gent : Ealph Skj-pwyth gent. & Alice his wife. Land 

in S* Albans. 
Fulk Heathe : Thos. Smythe & Eose his wife. Messuage in Pokeridge 

in psh. of Stondon. 



John Kent : Eobt. Hoye alias Odye & Joan his wife. Messuage & 

land in Benyngton. 
Thos. Holden gent. & Joan his wife : Ealph Maynard & Thos. Hudson 

gents. Land in psli. of S' Peter.s in S' Albans. 
Eobt. Borani : Thos. Bennett & Eliz. his wife. Land in Brox- 

bourne & Hoddesden. 
John Mylles : Edm. Grave & Agnes his wife. Two messuages & land 

in Baldocke & WiEien. 
Humph. Heywarde : Wm. Boutlie & Joan his wife. Messuage & land 

in parishes of S' Peter & S' Steplien in S* Albans. 
Wm. Sell : Barth. Lane gent. Messuage & lands in Gt. Mundeu & 

Geo. Grave & Nicli. Grace : Henry Dighton & Agnes his wife. 

Messuage in Hertford. 
Stephen Woodruffe gent., Edw. Smj-th & Eobt. Stepnytli : Geo. 

Ferrers esq & Margt. his wife. Messuage & 8 cottages in S' Albans. 
Wm. Fletcher : Jolm Fletcher & Eliz. his wife. Two messuages in- 
lands in Chesthunt. 
John Mabbe sen'' : John Clarke & Katli. his wife. Two messuages & 

lands in Tatteridge & Bisshops Hatfeld. 
Geo. Jennyns : Barth. Lane gent. AEanor of Gyffords & 4 messuages 

& lands in Gt. Munden & Little Muuden. 
John Stone : John Marshe & Eliz. his wife. Messuage in Chepinge 

Eobt. Shrimpton & Eiclx. Anderson : Humph. Coningesbie & Mary 

his ynie. The site of the late Monastery of S' Albans & 10 

messuages & lands in S' Albans, also the moiety of two mills in psh. 

of S* Stephens. 
Wm. Ajdoff gent : John Felton gent &- Kath. his wife. Messuage & 

lands in Layston, Auswj-ck, WestmyU & Buutingforde. 
Wm. Thorowgood & Thos. Bennett ^ Wm. Smythe & Joan his wife. 

Messuage & lauds in Great Aniwell & Stansted Thele. 
Charles Calthorp gent & Jolm Stubbe gent : Drugo Drury esc^ & Eliz. 

his wife & Philip Parker esq. Messuage & lands in Little Hadham. 
1574-5. HilaiyTerm. 17 Eliz. 
*Johu Butler knt., Geo. Eotheram, Phil. Butler, Edm. Anderson, 

Gabriel Fowler esq''^ & Thos. Shotbolte gent : Geo. Ferrers esq. 

Manors of Flamstede & Makeyate & 30 messuages & lands in 

Flamstcde, Eedbourue, Kennesworthe & Cadyugton & a certain 

portion of tithes in Flamstede, & the advowson & right of patronage 

of the parish church of Flamstede. 
Christr. Aleyn gent: Eobt. Ayscough gent & Mary his wife. Manor 

of Brekendonberie. 
Eich. Starr: Geo. Starr & Margt. his wife. Messuage & lands in Cotrid. 
Edw. Eandyll gent. & Geo. Hall : Simon Harvye. Messuage & lands 

in Sandan. 
Fras. Pomforthc & Jolm Pollard : John Yardley. Two messuages & 

lands in Westoue, Yardloy & Clothall. 
JohnSmj-the: Jolm Wyse'&. Agues his wife. Messuage & laud in 

S Albans. 
Geo. Elyotte : Thos. Elyotte & Clement Dawes & Margery his wife. 

Four messuages & land in Wydford &: AVare. 
Sampson Wolferstou gent : Thos. Apowcll & Margt. his wife. Three 

messuages & lauds in S' Peters, S' Andrewes, S' Albanes Sc Harpeden 

alias Hardyn. 


Eilw. F3-ssher : Enger Farthynge & Mary liis wife. Messuage & lands 

in kStondon. 
John Laurens : Ealph Lockey & Kich. TiOckey. Messuage & land in 

the psli. of S' Albans in S' Albans. 
John Gvll os([ : Henry C'hawncv esq. & Jane his wife, l^ressuage & 

lands in AVydyall, Lej-stnn, l^uiityngford, Aspyden, Buckland, 

Barkway & AUsladwicko. 
Anth. Kadolyif ; John Dnvies & Mary liis wife. Ten messuages tS: 

landv) in S* Albans. 
Thos. Gr\nnesdyche gent. & Hugh Morgan : Gabriel Leventhorpe gent. 

Two inossuagps & lands in Sabrydgeworthe. 
Ricli. Thorneton gent. & Geci. Wylson ; Hen. Chauncye esq. & Jane 

his wife. Manor of Gilford alias Gaiford & 3 messuages & lands in 

Gedloston & Pabrisford. 
Thos. Hedge : Thos. Dryver & Ellen his wife. Messuage & lands in 

Cliyldewyeke in the psh. of S' Michaels near S Albans. 
Edw. Bashe esq: Edw. Halfehide & Amj' his wife. Manor of "Wakeley 

alias "Wakely & four messuages & lauds in Wakeley, Aspeden, Gt. 

^[linden, "Westemill & Leiston & the rectory or chapel of AVakeloy 

alias AVakelv. 
Eobt. Heathe : AVin. Aldred & Sibil his wife & Eobt. Broune. Three 

messuages &c. in Ware. 

1575. Easter Term. 17 Eliz. 
*John Peter & Eras. Wyndam esq^s : Hen. Cliauncy esq. The site of 

the manor of Netherliall & 2 messuages & lands in Gedleston alias 

Gelston & Est wick. 
*Robt. Baspole & Thos. Bartlett : Thos. Jernegan gent & Eliz. his 

wife. Two messuages & lands in Starford & Thurley alias Thoi-ley. 
John Oxston alias Foxe : Wm. NvehoU & Ellen his wife. Messuage 

& land in Idelstre alias Elstree. 
Robt. AVoodroffe gent & Dionis his wife : Valentine Browne knt & 

Thomasine his wife. Seven acres of wood in Barnett. 
Fi-ancis Sauntou alias Mathowe : Jolin Abbotte & iSusan liis wife. 

Messuage in Stortford. 
John Colt : Eoger Oolt esq. Two messuages & lands in Gt. IMonden 

& Little Monden. 
John Sonmier : Wm. Bellamy & Alice his wife. IMessuage in Hoddesdon. 
John Androwe : Eobt. Parrys gent & Eliz. his wife. Tliree messuages 

& lands in Hj-tchyu & Ofiley. 

1575. Trinity Term. 17 Eliz. 
*\Vm. Francklyn of Kyugesbery & AA'm. Page of "\\'emley : John 

Lyon of Preston. Seven messuages & lands in Northmyms, Soutiie- 

myms, Burnet & C'hepinge Baruet. 
*Eobt. Staunforde esq : Win. Doddes esq & Kath. liis wife. Manor 

of AVyllyottes in Xortlie mymes. 
Henry Bowman : Heniy Palmer esc^ & Jane his wife, ^lessuage & 

lands in Xorthmymmes i*;: Eidge. 
Geo. ilede & Eliz. liis wife : Jttich ^lede & Eliz. liis wife: Messuage 

& land ill AVare. 
John Dyer: Nioli. Dyer & Joan his wife. Lands in Alburie «f/»Vr« 

John Haynes : James Quarles gent & Joan his wife. Lands in Gt. 

Roger Barfotte : John Darlyng 6c Joan his wife. Messuage & land in 

Codereth alias Codred. 




Wm. Chauncy gent : Robt. Chauncy gent & Philippa his wife. 

Messuage & lauds iu Sabrydgewortlio aJia^ Sabiydgesworthe. 
Jas. Birche & Thos. Birelie : Eich. Binle. Five messuages & lands iti 

Ware, Tliunderitelie, Wadesuiyll & Auiwell. 
Thos. Faushawe esq : Henry earl of Huntingdon & Kath. his wife. 

Messuage & lands in Ware. 
Eoger Brycheley : Jnlm Byrcheley gent & Philippa his wife. 

Messuage & garden in psh. uf All Saints, Hertford. 
John Strainpro & Eliz. .Stranii)ro : Walter rT\T]ne & Jane his wife. 

Two messuages in Hitchyn. 
Edw. Baeshe esq & Jane his wife : Thos. Grave & Agues his wife & 

Wm. Grave. Messuage called Phillittes aliat Fillettes & lands in 

Hunsdon, AVare, Stansted Abbott & Estwicke. 
Wm. Barfoote : Thos. Dyxe. ]\[essuage & land in Stonden (dins 

Rich. Fanner & Andrew AVood : Edw. 8towell & Joan his wife. Land 

in Hounesdon. 
Edm. Nodes gent : Francis Markliani gent & Alary his wife. Lands 

in Stevenarhe alias Ste%'enage. 

1575. Mich. Term. 17 & 18 Eliz. 
*Nich. Bacon kut. lord keei)er of the Great Seal : Wni. Skypwyth esq. 

Manors of Gorehauiburye, AVestwycke, Pray cum Kyngsbury, 

Abbatts Bury aliofi Rowlettes Bury, Myuchynbury, Hures & Ai)Sf'- 

bury alias Napsebury & 50 messuages & lands in the parishes of 

S* Peters, S^ Michaels, & S' .Stephens, ]3arley I'c l^arkwaye, also the 

advowson of the ^^icarage of 8' Michaels. 
Edw. Powter esq : Leonard Halfehyde & Ijettice liis wife. Alessuage 

in Hitchyn. 
Rich. Peachye : Hen. Chauncye esq. & Jane his wife. Messuage & 

lands iu Sabridgworthe & Gedleston. 
Thos. Gooddaye : Thus. Payne & Alargt. his wife. Messuage iu 

Geo. Knyghton gent. & John Knyghton sou of s'l Geo.; John Byrcheley 

gent. & Philippa his wife. Lands in Hertford & Bayford. 
Rich. Barnet : John Hunt. Messuage & lands in Sheuley. 
John Puckeriuge esq. & Jane his wife : Thos. Kere gent. & Joan his 

wife. A fourth part of the manor of Chyldwycke alias f'hj'lwycke 

& 3 messuages & lands iu Cliildwycke aliu-f Chilwycke iu the psh. of 

S' Michaels near S' Albaus. 
AA''m. Necton gent. i.S: Eliz. his wife : AVn\. Smythe & Isabel his wife. 

Land in Rydgo. 
Simon Rowe & Anne his wife : John Somertou & Agnes his wife & 

Thos. Barnard & Ellen his wife. Lands iu Tatteridge. 
Gilbert Hill gent : Edw. Baesh esq. iNt Jaiie his wifi\ Cottage & land 

in AA^are. 
Tho. Sadler, AVistan Browne, John Gyll, Edw. Lewkenor & Thos. 

Grymesdyche esq''' & Mich. Chamber gent : Tlio. Leveuthorpe esq. 

Manor of Cockhamstede & (> messuages & lands in Brawffhinge. 
John Gybb & Joan his wife : John Roberds & Anne his wife & John 

Hemyng & Joan his wife. Messuage in Stortford. 
Roland Hawarde kut. & John Langley : Roger Colte esq. & Marv liis 

wife. Two messuages & lands in Gt. Munden & Little Munden. 
John Godfree alias Cowper : Wm. Godfree alias Cowper & Josannu 

his wife. Messuage & land in Hitch^^l, Preston, Pollittf alia* 

IpoUettf & Kings A\'al(len. 



Clement Newco esq : John Massyngberd gent & Dorothy his wife. A 
twentieth part of the Manors of Byggynnes & Barwj'ckf & 10 
messuages & lands in Gt. Hadham & 8tandon. 

Clement Newee esq : Wm. Olopton & Thos. Horseman esq"^. Six 
parts of the manors of Byggynes & Barwicks & 10 messuages & 
lauds (in 20 parts divided) in Gt. Hadhaui & Standon. 

Robt. Brett : Valentine Browne knt & Thomasine his wife & Wm. 
Eolf gent & Frances his wife. Lands in Chippinge Barnet. 

John Laeye : Edw. Denton gent & Joyce his wife. Manors of HolweU 
alian Hold well Grey & Ludwick & IG messuages & lands in Holwell 
Hide, Ludwick Hide, DigonsweU, Kings Hatfeld alias Bishops 
Hatfeld, Twynge & Hartingford Bury and free warren in Holwell 
& Ludwick. 

Wm. Cucke gent & Simon Wyllimot : Ralph RadcHife gent & Thos. 
Webbe. The site of tlie late Priory of the Carmelite Friars of 
Hutdiea & 6 messuages & lands in Hiitchen. 

Roland L^-tton esq & John Mychell gent : John Nedham. Manor of 
Wymondeley & 10 messuages & lands in AVymondeley, Ikelford, 
Polk'tts, Graveley & Great Wymondeh'e & the site of the late priory 
of AVjinondelye, & the advowson of the church of AVymondelve. 

To be Contuived. 

Abstracts r»f gtJtlls. 


REGISTER "RAYMOND."— Co.xTiyrKD from Page 121. 

f . 292b KATHERINE HOWE, wydoAve, of AYare. {Dat. 22 Jan. 
1573). Son Roger Howe; Tenement in Crispe Streate called 
I>isneis & stable in Garner lane ; Son Henry ; Dau. ParueUe 
Cutterwoode ; The child" of my son Henry Howe : Henry sou 
of s<i Henry Howe; Wm Howe; Leonard Howe:' The 
child° ot Parnell Cutterwood ; Peter Suiithe ; Robt. Smithe ; 
Alice Smithe ; Eliz. Sudtlie ; Thos. i^on of Roger Howe ; Joan 
Claye; Son Roger exor. AVit^:— Robt. Kaye, Tlu)s. Hallewell 
& AVm. Davie. ^ {Pr. at AVare 9 Mch. 1580-1). 

f . 295^ AVILLIA^I BARXER of Harestrete of \_sic^ Levstou, lius- 
baiidman. {Di;f. i;i Nov. 1580). Bui-, at Leyston ;"'Son Tlios.; 
Eldest son AYm. ; Ileurj- Barner eldest son of my sou AYm. ; 
Dau. Marie Slialdon : AVife Kath. ; Dau. Kath. Bygrave ; 
Dau. Bridget ; Kutli. Barner dau. of my sou AA'm. ; Alox"^ & 
Thos. Barner sons of my son Thos. : Johu son of Thos. Haldou 
& his 3 daus.; AYife extrix, & son Thos. overseer. AA'if* : — 
Thos. Brande, Thos. AVarner & Thos. AYebbe. {Fr. at Sabridg- 
forde 9 Jan. 1580-1). 


f . 296b CHEISTOPHEE WEIGHTE of Ware, yeoman. {Dai. 11 
Jan. 1.579). J)au. Marie wife of Thos. Harrodeu of Baddoe 
parva, cf). Essex ; Thos. Peyronie ; Geo. Peagroiue ; Francos 
Pegrorae ; Alice Pogrom ; Eliz. IVgronie ; Diones alias Dionce 
Pegrome; Eliz. AVriglif davi. of my sou Eoht. of Cotgrave, co. 
Nott. ; Wife Margerie ; l^Iessuage at the rhiircligate of Ware ; 
Wife & son-in-law Thos. Harroden exors ; John Brett of Little 
Baddop overseer. Wit^ :— C'liristr. Pickeringe, Simon Aprice. 
Eich. Syhhurne. {Pr. 11 Jan. loSO-l). 

f. 297. EICHAEI) LOWEN of Chesthunte, husbandman. [Bat. 22 
Nov. 1580). Dans. Joan Lowen, Lucie Lowen, Agnes Loweu 
& Alice Lowen; The child my wife is withall ; Wife Alice 
extrix. AVit'' :— John Bushewe & John Lowen. (Pr. 9 Jan. 

f. 297^ MAEGEEY PEEEIE of Chestliunte, widow. {Bat. 6 Dec. 
1580). Son Eobt. Perrie : Sou John Perrie at Sabridgeworthe ; 
' The howse that I late came forthe of in Sabi-idgwoi-the ' ; Son 
Geo. Perrie ; Sou. Christr. Perrie ; Jolm Goodwyne sometimes 
my .servant; Sou Robt. exor. Symou AVilliams vicar of Chest- 
hunt overseer. AVit>^ : — Simon' AVilliams iS: Tlios. Spencer. 
{Pr. at Sabridgforde Ifi Dec. 1.580). 

f. 298.EICHARD HALLE of Estwicke, blacksmith. {Bat. 17 Nov. 
1580). Nuncupative will; AA'^ife Eliz.; Sons Eobt. & John; 
AVife extrix. AVit' :— Anth. Tuubridge, AVm. Birchlev & Joan 
Cramphorne. {Pr. at Saliridgwortlie Ifi Dec. 1580). 

f. 299. ISABEL KINGE of Meseden. widow. {Dnt. 23 Oct. 1580). 
Son John ; House & lands called Bawtous ; Andrew son of 
fid son John; Dau. Agues AA^arner; Eliz. Kinge ; Eliz. Kinge 
dau. of John Kinge : Joauc & Agnes Totnam ; Mother Madle ; 
The wife of Ealpli Aladle : Sorv* Andrew Brande : Large ; 
Thos. son of John Kinge ; John son of .lolin Kinge ; Joan 
dau. of Heni-y Totnam ; Andrew son of Jolm Kinge ; Frances 
son of Thos. AA'arnor ; Thos. Warner's childn : Authonie Crede ; 
Dau. Marget ; Grace wife of Johu Kinge : J )au. Joane ; Tlie 
rest of the dans, of John Kinge & Henry Totnam ; The 
child" of Henry Hamonde ; The cliild" of AViii. Stallibrasse bv 
my dau. Katli. ; Son in law Hen. Totnam : Lawrence AVaker ; 
Kath. Pegrome : Son .Tohn Ivinge exor ; Grace & Suzau Kinge 
daus. of Jolm Kinge: Andrew Kinge my husband (dec^). 
AA^t^ : — AVm. Cowell thelder. John Smothe'. {Pr. at Sabridg- 
forde 22 Nov. 1580). 

f. 300'" JOHN COCKE of Hamuude Streete in psh. of Chesthunt. 
yeoman. {Bat. 24 Seji. 1580). Godson Fras. Lowen & Thos. 
Lowen his fatlier; AA'm. bro. of s'' Fras. Lowen; Dau. Alice 
Lowen ; Sou in law Thos. Lowen ; Neither ( 'rofte in occ. of 
Nich. Lowen ; Joluin wife of Henry Cordell my kinswoman ; 
John son of Nich. Lowen ; Alice wife of Nich.' LoweTi ; Eliz. 
Cockerell my kinswoman i: servant (under 21) ; Son (ieorge 
Cocke exor ; AVife Johan ; Symou AA'illiams \ icar of Chestliunt 
overseer. AVit^ : — ' Savtle George vt Sviixm." {Pr. at Sabrid"-- 
forde 5 Nov. 1580). " ''' 

f. 301. JOHN COXE of Cressbroke Strete in of Chesthunt.-. 
{Bat. 28 Jan. 1579). Tlios. Coxe my younger son; Eobt. 


Petite i.f CJiestliuutc ; Fatlier Leate ; Auue Bfatf ; Joliu Hoye ; 
Son Win. Coxf exor ; Wni. Thonjgood, Antouye Lambert & 
Eoht. Petitt Dvorseors. \Vit« : — Wni. Tliorogood, Anth. Lam- 
bert, Leonard Tod & Symon Williams vicar of Oliesthunt. 
{Pr. at Sabridgeworth 17 May 1580). List of debts owing 
from Wm. Fletcher, John Leake & Leonard Tod, «& debts owing 
to Levett of Walthm Holly Crosse, Horevod's wife & Goodwife 

f. :M'2. JOHN FYNCHE of Cliestluiut, husbandman. {Lat. 2 Sep. 
1579). Son Wm. ; Dans. -in-law Eliz. & Marie; Son-in-law 
John ; Sisters Joliau & Eliz. ; Cosyn Geo. C'ressie his four 
child"; AVife IsbeU exfrix ; Leonard Tudd, Giles Hard wen & 
Geo. Cressie sen'- overseers. (Pr. at Sabridgeworth 17 Mav 
1580). " ^ 

f. 303. JOHN DAULTON of Staudon, husbandman. {/)af. 11 Dec. 
20 Eliz.). Son Wm. ; Agues Langham mv dan. ; A cow, 
colour black, called OuLl Crowe & others called Younge Crowe 
& Wisherd ; Daus. Marye & Franc-s ; Sons Anthonv & Thos. ; 
Dan. Eliz. ; Mary Kente my daughter's dau. ; Barnnabas 
Daxilton & John Daulton mv servants & kinsmen : Son Eobt. 
exor. Wit« :— Kich. Barbor, Wm. Godfirev, Eobt. Crouch & 
Wm. Daultoune. (Fr. at Braughin 15 Apr.'^ 1580). 

f. 307MVILLIAM LYTTELL of Hornsdon. {Dat. 2 Feb. 23 EUz.). 
John Addams of Eoyden, cu. Essex ; Eobt. Cramphorne, Eicli. 
Enghshe, John Warde, Smyth, Eobt. Grave, John Taylor, John 
Helhm, Margt. Burr ; Bro. Eichard ; Thus. Crosier ; Ground 
in TVTielers lye ; M^ Faunces ; Bro. Gyles ; John Addams exor : 
Mr Eich. Fanner overseer. (Exor renounced & adinon. granted 
to Thos. Wakefield 30 June 1581). 

To bf Continued. 

^\)XiVt\) ^txx'xtx^. 


A Pamvicllak Account of the Bcmiids about the Church Y'ard 
as they were measured and staked out to be maintain'd and 
kept up according to an Ancient Custom with lyiused. 

- X<^- 
Imp"- : Mary Fisher, Marv Dell, Jos. Astin Jun'^ 
Sam' Littlepeaig for Pinks 
John Feild, John I'uttnam, Sen''. AVilliam Batchlour, Sam. 

Shepard, John Shepard & Sam' Littlepeaig 
M' Pitkin, John Davey, Joseph Astin 
William Batchlour 
John Axtell, Tho. Astin, Tho. Cason, W"' Battler 




































3 10 

John Neale 

John Puttnam Seu^ for Marchauts, John Edwards 

Francis King 

Tho. Eeeve for lato Cottens 

Sam' Littlepeaig for the Street liousc 

John Smith for groat Shantock 

James Boddy 

Thomas Newman, Jos. Astin Sen'', Eichard Harris 

Daniel Pratt, Jolm Cogdele, William Puttnam 

John Puttnam Juu'', Jolm Eudd 

William Smith for Humphry's Land, Tho. Pearce 

John Clark for the Mare farm 

Stephen Shepard 

Thomas Bunn for late Shakema})les 

John Bunn Sen^, Jeremiah Feild 

William Arnott for the Hay ' 

James Clark for New HaU 

John King for Green End, Jolm Mills, Tho. Burch, Jolm 

Fisher for Becks & Colemans, John Edwards 
Eichard Clark Jun"", Tho. Bavinn, Tho. Bunn, & Eichard Clark 

Sen'' for M"" Knowltous 
Jos. Astin Juu"^ for his own, Tho. Clark, John Bunn Jun^ & 

Thomas Eeeve for late Bunkers 
Sam' Littlepeaig for Whelply Ash 
WiUiam Smith for Moldwins 
M'' Crowfoot for Eeeves Hills & Hogjjitts 
John King, Francis Thorne for the Moore farm 
Eichard Gale, Tho. Eeeve for Cooks, Daniel Aldwiu 
Isaac Pratt 
The Gate to be maintained at tlie Cummon Charge. TheEaile 

to be kept up by the Cross farm. Jolm Stacey 8 feet, Eichard 

Clark Sen'- & Hudson 8 feet, Henry Baker & M-- Thomas 

Bunn for Hollimans 8 feet between Will Colemans Hedge & 

the Vicaridge Pale. 

Examined ag' an Ancient Copy 
p Sam. Slade 
We whose names are under written Parrishioners of lioving- 
don do allow of the within account of the Boimds of our 
Church Yard to b^ according to an ancient Custom with us 
used. Wittuess our hands this 4''' Day of November Anuu 
Domini 1726. [S/ywcrf]. John King, Jolm Neale, Saui. 
Slade, Will Smith, Francis King, Jolm Putnam, yen'', Thu. 
Peirco, Zacluiry King, Jolm Bunn, James Boddy, William 
Batcheldcr, Thomas Numau, Joseph Austin, Eichard Hares, 
Humprey i*udophat, John She})pard, Tho. Bunn, Jonathau 
King, Isaac Prat, Henry Putnam, John Smith. 













A Terkikk of all y« Gleabo lands belonging to y*-' Eoctory of 
Branfeild in y'' County of Hartford & Diocess of Lincolne & 
Archdeaconry of Huntingdon, exliibitod tliis 2S^^ of Juno 1638. 

Imprimis y^ Eectory howse & outhowses together w"* y^ yards, 
gardens, orchards and a close adioyuing calld Butt close conteyning 



alltoirether hy estimation six Acres ubuttiug upun y« streete on 
V* west & vpou uiv lord Buttl''* laud talkl Place fcild on y« East & 
Vpon SweUings lane on y North & vi)on y^ Kings highway to Hart- 
ford ou y*^ South. 
Item one dose calld Church Close & c^ue other close udioyning calld 
y« slipe couteyning by estimation live acres & one half acre & 
abutting vpon y« churchyard & vpon Edward Bessills land & a howse 
& orcha°d calld Smvthes on y^ North & \i)ou two closes of my lord 
Buttlers land calld Witherly & Beamonts on y^ west & vpon a lane 
on y* South. 
Item five pcells of Uleabeland in a Comon feild calld Bukkle Hill 
conteyning by estimacon five acres vz : one peece at y« gate 
conteyning by estimacon one acre & one half acre abutting -viion u 
lane on y^ west & vpou a peece of Edward Hinds land on y'^ North 
& viiou a feild of my lord Butl" called y<^ Lies on y*= East 
& vpou my lord Butlers land lying in \<-' s'l Bukkle Hill (.u 
>•« south. And one other peece by estimation one Eoode abuttmg 
vi)o v« said lane ou y« west & vpo y<> fores<i feild calld y^ lies ou 
v« east & \'pt>" land 'of V s'l L'l Buttl"* lying in y^ s^i Bukkle Hill 
vpon y North & South. And one other peece by estimacon one 
Acre & one Eoode abutting vpon y^ s'l lane on y« west & vpou 
vc fores'! feild calld v^ lies on y<^ East & vpon y'' land of 
f sd L'l Buttl'^ lying "in y« s'' Bukkle Hill ou y-' North & South. 
And one other peece by estimacou three Eoodes abutting vpou 
y« s"! lane ou y^ west & vpou y<= fores'^ feild calld y'^ lies ou y^ East & 
vpon y^ s"! lord Buttl''^ laud lyiug iu y^ s'l Bukkle Hill on y« North 
& partly \i)on y^ s'l lord Butlers laud & partly vpou a peece of 
Gleabland calld a siding peece lying iu y^' said Buckkle Hill on 
j-e South. And oue other peece calld a siding peece by estimacou 
one Acre & oue Eoode abutting vpou v« s^' lane on y'- West & ^l)ou 
land of my L^ Butl'^ lyiug in y s'l Bukkle Hill on y^ East & ^-pou a 
pcell of Gleabelaiid calld y<= Heading peece & lying iu y-^ s^ Bukkle 
Hill ou y^ North & vpou a Comon feild calld Highfoild ou y<^ south. 
Item fower pcells of Grleabe land iu a Comon feild calld High feild 
conteyning by estimacon tower acres vz : one peece at y" gate at 
y« we'st end conteyning bv estimacon one acre abutting vpou a lane 
on y« west & vpou a comon feild calld Bukkle Hill ou y'= North & 
vpon lands of my L'l Bsttl" lyiug in y*^ s'l High feild ou y^ East lS: 
ye south. And one oth'' peece conteyning by estimate oue acre 
abutting vpou y<^ s"* lane on y" west & vpon lands of my 
L* Butl"^ Ij-ing in y^ ^^ comon feilde ou y-" East North & South. 
And one other peece bv estimacon oue acre abutting vpo y s<i lane 
on J-* west & vpou lands of my lord Buttl''^ iu y^' said feild ou 
ye North & East & \710u Edward Hyuds laud ou y^' South. And oue 
other peece coutevning by estimacou one Acre abutting v})ou 
ye foi-s'i Buckkle Hill on y^ North & vpou lauds of my l'l Buttl^' lyiug 
in y s'l High feild on y^'p^ast West & South. 
Item in a Comon feild calld Turnam feild a pcell of Uleabe land by 
estimacou three acres abuttiug vpou a lane on y<^ East & vpo a hiue 
on y South & vpou lands of my L'l Buttl'^ ou y« Noitli & vpou lands 
nf George Hills on y^ West lying in y'^' s'' Comon feild. 
Item iu a Comon feild calld Broome laud one pcell of Gleabc laud Ijv 
estimation five Acres abutting vpon a pcell of Gleabe land^calld 
Broome hind close ou y^ East & \iion my L'l Buttl'* laud & Georg 



Hylls laud lying in y'^' s'l comon feild on y" West & vpo land of my 
lord Buttl"^ in y s'l feild on y« North & vpon a lane called Broome 
land lane on j"^ south. 

Item a pceU of Gleabo laud calld Broome land Close by estiniati<m five 
Acres abuttiug \-j)o laud of luy hjrd Buttl''^ caUd Ypper Chater feild 
on y« Soutli or vpon laud of y« s<^ L'^ Buttl'"'^ caUd Middle Chater 
HlU on y« East & vpon a Coinon feild called Broome land & laud of 
my L'l Buttl" calld SJieedd feild ou y'' West & vpon y*- s<i shedd feild 
on ye Noi-th. 

Item a pceU of Grleabelaud calld Luce Wants by estimation live Acres 
abutting vpo a lane ou y" West & vpon a feild of my L'l Buttl''^ calld 
Grezells ou y« East & vpon a lane on y<= North & vpon certain<' 
woodlands of one M^ Wilds lying in y« pish of St Andrewcs in 

AU w'=^ pcells of Grleabelaud lie w*4n y« s<i pish of BrantVild. 

Edwarde Boughton Eector. 
Edward Bigge Churchwarden. 
Thomas Chappell X Sidemau 
• his marke. 

glowlett pJilU* 


[P.C.C. mine// 33.] 

S'^ EaufEe Eowlett late of Halywell nere the towne of Seiut Albous, 
in the countie of Herteford, knight. {Dated 28 July 1566). Con- 
cerning my manors lands etc. in counties of Hertford, Cambridge, 
Leiceter, Northampton & Essex, my feoffees to stand seised to sucli 
uses as are set out by several indentures tripartite leading the uses & 
dated 30 June 8 Eliz. & as bvjau indenture dat. 24 July 8 Eliz. made 
between me of the ouo part & Sir Nicholas Bacon, lord keeper, of the 
other part concerning the manors of Myucheubury Rowlettf bury rtA. 
Abbottf bury & Hores in Barlye & as by another iudeuture dat. 25 
July 8 Eliz. touching the disposition of uiy capital messuage in the 
psh. of S' .f\ibaus & all that the parke there, my messuages lauds etc. 
in Hallywell strete Sopwell lane in S' Albans & S' Michaels and as by 
an indenture dat. 27 June 8 Eliz. made unto Jas. Bacon, Thos. 
Andi'owes & Barth. Kempe for 4 years & as by this my last will shall 
be appointed. To Aune Goodere my niece 100/. in satisfaction of all 
she can claim of me as exor to Francis Goodere esq. her father dec**. 
To Eliz. Bowles niece to Dorotliie my wife 100 marks. To 
nephew Eauiio Maynard 100/. To Sir Nich. Bacon kut. lord keojier 
my lease of my mansion house iu London. Nepliew Eauffe Jennyns 
to have all my liousehold stuff etc. now in my mansion house called 
Hallywell. All household stuff in my house iu London to s*^ Sir Nich. 
Bacon. To Tlios. Ploughe 10/. To Thos. Pulfforde 10/. To Eobt. 


Seale 6/. I'Ss. -id. To Authony Midleton 6/. 13«. -id. 'To tho 
Maio' and bretheren of Seint Albons towards the ereccou oi their fret' 
scole ' 100^. To Nich. Judd towards his education in virtue & learninjj: 
100/. Sir Nich. Bacon, the liouble S"' Eobert Catlyu knt. hjrd chief 
justice, John Southcote esq. one of the Justices of the Queens liencli 
& Gilbert Gerrard esq. attorney general, exors, & to each exor 20 
marks. The rt. hoiible Sir Wni. Cycill knt. over.seer & to him 20 

To Rauffe Jeuuyns es(|. & the heirs of liis body my manor of 
Sandridge afias .Sandruge & the parsonage & rectory- of Sandridge 
& the yearly pension of xxvj.s. y'njd. going out of the vicarage 
of Sandridge & the advowson of the vicarage & all messuages 
etc. in Sandridge, Whethamstede, Busliops Hatfelde & in psh. 
of S* Peter near S' Albans. My manor of Thedingworth & the 
rectory & parsonage of Thedingworth & messuages & lands be- 
longing in counties of Leicester or Northampton to my neph. 
Henry Goodere for life, rem'' to the heirs of his body, vnm^ to Thos. 
Goodere, rem"^ to Wm. Goodere, rem'' to my niece Anne Goodere etc. 
My manors of Xewneham & Eadwell, rectory & parsonage of Newne- 
ham, advowsons of Eadwell & of the vicarage of Newneham & all 
messuages etc. appertaining in Newneham, Eadwell, Caldecote, Hynx- 
worth, Bygrave & Baldock to noph. Wm. Skipwith esq. for life & to 
the heirs of his body, rem' to Eauffe Skipwith, rem^ to Edw. Skip- 
with, remi^ to Henry Skipwith etc. My capital messuage called Haly- 
well & garden & park adjoining & lands called Bradfords & Pondwick 
in psh. of S' Albans ' that now is ' & a close in tenure of Geo. Bun in 
psh. of S* Michaels on the west side of the highway from S' Albans to 
S' Stephens & lands & tenements in Hall3-weri Streate & Sopwell lane 
unto s<i S"" Eobt. Catlyu for life paying to my neph. Eauff Jeuuyns & 
his heirs one red rose at feast of S' John Bapt., rem'' to s'^ neph. 
Eauffe & the heirs of his body. S'' Eobt. Catlyn to have all profit of 
all the Abbye meadowes in" Seint Albons for life, rem'' to s'^ neph. 
Eauffe. Provision for securing annuity of 30/. to s^^ Wm. Skipwith 
out of manor of Sandridge until a lease for years made by me of 
parcel of s<i manor to Thos. Thrale shall expire. An annuity of 30/. 
to sJ Henry Goodere out of s'l manor & lands until the terms fur years 
of parcels of s^ manor occupied by Wm. Sherwood & Eanulphe Done 
shall expire. Annuity of 6/. 13«. 4(/. to Thos. Pulfforde until lease of 
Thos. Norrys expires & annuity of 3/. 6s. 8d. to Anthony Mideltoii. 
AVm. Goodere to have annuity of 6/. 13.s; 4d. out of manor of Theding- 
worth until lease of S'' Edward Saunders knt. expires. Edw<i Skip- 
with to have annuity of 10/. out of manor of Nownam until Jas. 
Bowman's lease expires. Eobt. Seale to have annuity of 3/. 6«. 8d. 
out of messuage called Halywell according to un annuity indented by 
me made to him dated 26 June 8 Eliz. etc. The parsonage & vicarage 
of Weston etc. & a yearly rent of 6.s. Sd. issuing out of a tenomcnt 
called Palmers in Weston' to neph. Thos. Goodere & tlie heirs of his 
body. To s'^ S'' Nich. Bacon my manors of Mynchynbury, Et)wletts 
bury alias Abbotts bury & Hores in Barlye in co. of Hertf. Essex & 
Cambridge, also the manor of Apsaburve ah. Apsburye in jish. of 
St Peters near S* Albans. My exors ' w'in one yere after my decease 
remove the covered bodies of my deare father and mother deceased 
w<=i' now lie buried in the pisho churche of Seint Albons and also my 
dearo and wolbeloued wyves Dorothie and Margaret w<=i» are and lie 
buried in the pishe churche of Seint ilary Stayuiugf in London and 



to bury the same bodies in the quire of the pishe churche of Sandi-idpc 
m decent and seamelie manner liostowiug stiche chardgf aboute the 
said funerallf and in other abnos and tliaritablc deades as to my said 
executors shall seamf mete and most neccssar}'.' Dated 29 July 1.56f). 
Wit': — Thomas Colby, Robert Burjjoyne," Thomas Eolf, Adrian 
Thorpe, Eich. Kynwelmershe mercer, Wm. Phillippes. {Advioit. N 
July 1571 to Henry Goodere of Polleswortli, co. Warw., esq., the 
exors having renounced). 

Itnqtttsitioitcd ^^ost i^tloirtcm. 

\ Ric. HI. d,- Men. VII. r.o. No. 51.] 

Inquisition taken at Hertford 'die Sabbati ' next after the feust of 
S' Faith the Virgin, 2 Hen. YII. [G Oct. 1486] before John Teyc. 
escheator, by the oaths of John Aldere, Eicli. Mone, Nicli. Shergott, 
Wm. Fitzrafe, Wm. Plowewryt, Eich. Pycard, John D . . . sy, Eieh. 
Prat, Henry Thurgoode, Eich. M\-tt, Gilb. Eoos, Geoff. Fox & Wm. 
Smyth who say that 

Constance Cressy, widow, late wife of John, knight, held the 
manors of Eothamsted and Sauncij with the appurtenances in Whet- 
hamsted, co. Herts., for the term of her life, by the assignment of 
s"^ John, her late husband, in the name of her jointure, wliieli manors 
are held of the abbot of S* Peter's, Westminster, by socage & arc 
worth, per annum, clear xx/. 

Said Constance died 20th June last past and Matthew Cressy is uext 
of kin & heir of s'^ John Cressy knt. viz. sou of Nicholas, son of 
Edmund, father of John, father of s*! John Cressy kut. & at the time 
of taking this inquisition was aged 40 years & more. 


[/«y. p.m. 11 Car. I. part 3 No. 38. (Indexed 12 Car. I.J'] 

Inquisition taken at S' Albans, oo. Herts. 19 Mch. 11 Chas. [163(>] 
before Ealph 15riscoe esq., escheator, after tlie death of John Gape, by 
the oaths of John Marston gent., Edw. Neele, EdAv. Smith, Eobt. 
Smith, Mordecay Halsey, John Halsey, John Pope, Eobt. Putnam, 
Wm. Heme, Daniel Howe, Joseph Ewer, Mich. Younge & Tho. 
Lawrence who say that 

John Gape was seised as of fee in a messuage lying in Sullyputli 
Street in the parish of S' Michaels & a close of pasture & meadow 
containing 4 acr. called Pitwicks in s*i parish & so seised by indentun- 
dated 18 March 17 Jas. [1620] conveyed the premises to (riles Marston 
& John Estridge & their heirs to the use of said John Gape tor life \- 
afterwards to the use of Joan his wife for life til the heirs of tlie body 
of s,^ John by s** Joan, with remainder to the right heirs of s'' John. 

Said John was also seised as of fee, in reversion after the death of 
Anne Gape widow of 40 acres of land, meadow & pasture in the psh. 
of S' Michaels. 


So seised s^ John died 19 Nov. 1625 & John Gajje is son & next heir 
& was aged at time of his fathers death 1 j-ear 11 montlis & 14 days. 

The messuage in Sullypatlistreete is liehl of the king now in socage 
by fealty & is worth, per annum, clear, v.«. Pitwicke Close is held of 
the king now in chief by knights service & is worth, per annum, 
clear vs. The 40 acres in St. Michaels are held of the lord of the 
"l?.^'^^'..?? Goi'hambury in free socage & are worth, per annum, clear 
liijs. iiijrf. ' 

Anne Gape mother of s^ John Gape dec^ & Joan Gape his wife now 
survive, in the psh. of S' Michaels. 


[Inq. p.m. 4 Car. I. {indexed 8 Car. I.) pt. 1, N^o. 27.] 
Inquisition taken at S* Albans 28 Apr. 4 Car. I. [1628] before Wm 
Lambe esq. esoheator after death of Thomas Ewer gent, by the oaths 
of Thos Greeuhill gent., AVm. Bayly, John Marston sen-^, John Marsh, 
Eobt. Laysby, John Wethered, John Marston, jun'", Thos. Sleape 
Thos. Knowltou, AVm. Longe, AVm. Halo, Christr. Arland, Anth'. 
Jackson, & Tim. Gould, who say that 

Long before death of s<i Thomas Ewer, Henry Hickman & John 
Scott being seised in fee of all that farm, capital messuage, warren & 
tenement called Bushy AVarren & lands thereto belonging in AA^atford 
& Bushey, by indenture dat. 1 Mch. 1 Jas. declaring the uses of a 
certain fine levied & a recovery &c granted s* premises to s* Thos. 
Ewer & Henry Ewer his son & heir apparent to hold to use of s^ Thos. 
& Hemy & their heirs & assigns for ever ; in virtue whereof etc 
s<* Thos. & Henrj' were seised as of fee. 

Jurors also say that Edward lord Denu\-. now Earl of Norwich 
being seised in fee of the site of the manor of Meriden alias Mournden 
& land, meadow, pasture &c thereto belonging in A^^atford, Aldeuham 
& S.t Stephens & a certain portion of tithes of hav in same places, bv 
indenture dated 1 May 5 Jas. sold s^ premises to s^ Thos. Ewer to hold 
for life with remainder to John AA^arner sen"" for life, remainder to 
David Ewer son of s.^ Thos. & the heirs of his bodv & in default to 

*J®-J'/^'* ^^""^ "* ^"^ ^'^^°^- *°'" ^"''^'■- Afterwards for "better assurance 
sd Edw. Lord Denny & Mary his wife levied a fine etc. ; in virtue 
^yhereof s<i Thos. Ewer w,as seised of the premises so conveyed & 
limited. John AA^aruer died during lifetime of s'^ Thomas & Anne Lite 
wife of s'l Thomas survives. 

Thos. Ewer was also seised in fee of 9 acr. meadow in Bushev 
meade in the parishes of Bushey & AVatford & a water miU called 
Atterspolo mill & 6 acr. meadow belonging in Aldenliam & so seised 
made his last will dat. 31 Aug. 3 Car. & left s* premises last mentioned 
to Mary Ewer his grandchild, dau. of s<i Henry Ewer. 

Thomas Ewer died 29 Sept. last past & Henrv Ewer is his sou & 
heiT apparent & at the death of s^ Thomas was aged 30 vears & more 

The messuage &c called Bushy AA^arren is held of the king in chief 
by knights service & is worth per ami. clear 6/. The site of the 
manor of Merideu is held of the king in chief bv knights service & 
worth per auu. clear 6/. The 9 acr. in Bushev meade are held of th.> 
lords ot the manor of Busliy in free socage bv fealtv & suit of court & 
worth per aun. clear 6.9. 8rf. Atterspolo Mill is held of Henry lord 
Carye viscount Fawkland as of his manor of Aldenham, in free socage 
by fealty suit of court & is worth per aun. clear 10*. 




[Ittq.p.m. 6 Car. I. {indexed 8 Car. I.J pt. 1. A'w. 15.] 

luquisitiou tukeu at S' Albaus 1 Nov. « Car. I. [1630] bt-foiv Win. 
Lingwood esq. escheator, after tlie death of David Ewer jreut. liy tlu' 
oaths of John Apowell geut., liicli. Silvorlocke, Thos. Giiiistoiie, 
John Smitli, Wm. Bayley, Kobt. Marshall, Rich. ISheppard, Wni. 
Wynche, Steph. Axtell, Jas. Carter, Freeman Nicolls, Tiios. Knowltou 
of St Peters, Eoger Marshe, John NiehoUs & Tlius. Sharpe, wlio say that 

Long before the death of David Ewer, one Edw. lord Denny, now 
earl of Norwich, -was seised in fee of the site of the manor of Meriden 
alias Mourden & a messuage, dovecote, garden, orchard, 80 acr. land, 
60 acr. meadow, 40 acr. jjasture & 30 acr. wood iii Watford, Aldeuham, 
& the psh. of S' Ste^dieus & a certain portion of the tithes of hay in 
Watford & S* Stephens, & so seised, by indenture & fine levied, 
conveyed s<i premises to one Thos. Ewer, father of b'^ David, fV.r lif.", 
with remainder to John Warner sen"" for life, remainder to Anne wife 
of s* Thos. Ewer for life, remainder to s^ David & the heirs of liii^ 
body & in default of such issue to the right heirs of s'' Thomas ; by 
virtue whereof s"^! Thomas tJie father was seised in demesne as of free 
tenement for life, with remainder to s*i John Warner for life, whicli 
John Warner died in the lifetime of s^ Thomas. 

And so seised, s*! Thomas & Anne his wife by indenture dat. 7 Nov. 
9 Jas. & by fine levied, granted s'' premises to one James Eolfe esq. to 
hold after the decease of s'' Thomas for a term of 80 years if s^i Anne 
liis wife should so long live & s<i Thomas & David being so seised by 
indenture dated 6 May lo Jas. & tine levied, conveyed to Wm. Pecock 
esq. & Eras. Townley esq. & their heirs 20 acr. meadow & 2 acr. 
pasture in Aldenham & the psh. of S' Stephens, parcel of the s-' site 
of the manor of Meriden to the use of Mary wife of s^ David for her 
life & afterwards to the use of s* Thos. Ewer for his life & afterwards 
to use of sJ David & the heirs of his body & in default of such lieirs 
to the use of the right heirs of ^•^ Thomas for ever ; in virtue wliereof 
sii Maiy Ewer was seised of s'^ premises in demesne as of free tenement 
for life, with remainder as last aforesaid. 

Thomas Ewer, father of s'^ David, was also seised in fee of 30 acr. 
in St Stephens & AVatford, formerly bought of John Harv^- esq. bv 
Win. Ewer dec^^ & of 33 acr. laud called Hunts in Watford & psh. o*^f 
St Stephens & so seised by indenture dat. 18 Oct. 9 Jas. & tine levied, 
conveyed s>i premises last mentioned to s'' Jas. Eolfe & John Clarke 
gent. & their heirs to the use of s* Thos. Ewer for life & after his 
decease to the use of s^ David & his heirs for ever ; in virtue wliereof 
8^ Thos. was seised in demesne as of free tenement for lift; with 
remainder to s'^ David & his heirs for ever & s>' Thos. & David so 
seised, on 28 Apr. 10 Jas. by indenture of that date, enfeoffed s'l Jas. 
RoHe & John Clarke it their heirs in the last mentioned premises 
bought of John Ilarvy & the laud called Hunts, to the use of s'' David 
for life & after his decease to the use of s'l Maiy his wife for life & 
after her decease to the use of s'^ David & his heirs for ever : in virtue 
whereof s<> David was seised as of free tenement during his life with 
remainder as aforesaid. 

So seised, s'' David on 2 Ajtr. last past made his last will & by same 
willed s<* premises last mentioned to Mary his wife & her heirs foi- 
ever \_sJwrt extract from will ntJiiiiiii/ »■'' la>td.t a-t held of the mmior of 
CroxJey HnlP. ' ' ' 



And so soised s'l Thos. Ewer died 29 Sep. 1627 during the lifetimo 
of s"! David & Anne wife of s* Thos. survives & afterwards on 1 6 Apr. 
last past said David died tlius seised without issue of his body lawfully 
Ijegotten. And Henry P^wer is bro. & next heir of s<i David & next 
heir of s"^ Thos. & at the death of s<i David was aged 40 years & more. 

The site of the manor of Meriden & other premises in Aldenham & 
S' Stephens late bought of Edw. earl of Norwich arc held of the king 
in chief by knights service & worth per annum (except a^ 22 acres 
(!onveyed to s^ j\[ary for life), clear 5l. The s^ 22 acres are worth per 
ann., clear, 20.v. The s'l 30 acr. land bought of John Ilar^-j^ are held 
of John Co^vper bart. & Mary his wife as of their manor of Parke in 
free socage by fealty & rent [Slankl & worth per ann. clear 20s. Th<' 
sd 33 acres called Hunts are held of Eobt. Carter gent, as of th<' 
manor of Garston by fealty & rent [blank'] & wortli j)er ann. dear 2().v. 

^hfitvacta of ^etrta plillis. 


REGISTER " STONEHAM."— (OoxTixrEi. i ko.m Raoe 92). 

f. 27. JOHANNES RE^-NOLIJ of S' Albans, br. uer. {Daf. 20 Apr. 
1436). Bur. at S* Peters ; Drgacies to the chapel of S* Andrew 
& of the Chnrnoll ; AYife Jnnn it Wm. Baker exor (Fr '">', 
Aug. 1436). 

f. 27. JOHANNES ALKEBAROW <,f S' Andrews in S* Albans. 
[JMf. 6 June 1436). Bur. at S» Peters ; Jtlv father; Sons Joliu 
& Math.-w : Dan. Ahre ; Henry Mniot, John Bledlow, .Iclni 
Mordon & Thos. Clotheman exors. {J'r. 2-5 Aug. 1436). 

f. 27. ROBERTUS NE^\^MAN of St Albans. {Bat. 'die Declh.- 
C1071IS Sci. Joh'is IJapt.' 1436). Bur. at S' Peters; Robr. 
Boteler; Thus. Martini ; Dan. Helen; AVife Alice & .s'l R(,bt. 
Boteler & Thos. Murtyi^ exois. (/>r. 8 Sep. 1436\ 

f. 27. JOHANNES POLEY of Norton juxta Baldok. {Daf. 28 Any. 
1436). Rjcli. Abell carpenter; "Wife Joan; Bro. Laurmr.. 
Poley ; Mm. Lawman .son of s J Joan mv wife; Margaret inv 
n\other; Hugh Dunne; Servt John Andrew; Wm.' Freb.irn 
my lieir \- his wife ; WaUer Albrede jun'' & Cecilia his dan.: 
Simon Hiile; .l,,hn Hale; Thos. Rasshe ; Joan dau. of AH.- 
Cowell ; Clarion dau. of John Edwarde vt Baldock ; Each ..I 
nivsons& dans, in Norton & ]?aldok ; Alice Rownale ; M.-ibd 
Eriour ; Agnes Sp(>nser ; Agnes Hale ; Ivath. dau. of 'J'li. s. 
I'oley; Jolin Edward & my bro. Laurence ex<u-s ; John Hub- 
hull of Caldekote & John NicoU of Newnam overseers. 
lltimo ruhiiifiix. Laiids \- tenements in IJaldok, Byo-grcvc i\: 
Willien; Ih-o. Tlios. Poloy ; Lands & tenements in'^VVal.'tou 
which 1 inherited after tlie decease of Richard Pohn- mv 
father; John Hale & Joan liis wife ; Land lately bonght "in the 
psh. of Weston. (7V. 8 Sep. 1436). 


f. 27b JOHANNES KYTEWELDE of Eugge. {Dut. 14 Nov. 143o). 
Bur. at S' Margarot'.s, Eidge ; Legacies to tlie church tliere & 
S' Peters in S' Albans, the Charnell, Shenle, Aldenliam, & 
Idustre ; Legacy for mending the higliway between iSlienle & 
Iloliues ; 8on AValtor exor ; John Atkyn & Henry Bysshop of 
S* Albans supervisors. "\Vif : — AVni. Stanet, Thos. Newman. 
{Pr. 20 Oct. 1436). 

f. 27'' JOHANNES NOD of Eedburne. {Bat. 'in die Sanoti 
Micliaelis in monte tumbu '). Bur. at Eedburne; Son Thomas; 
Dau. Katli. ; AVife Agnes & son Jolm exors. {Pr. 20 Oct. 143G). 

f. 27b JOHANNES CALDECOTE perpetual vicar of Saret. {Undated). 
Bur. in the choir of the cliurch ; Eoger Edmund & Henrv 
Baker exors. {Pr. 28 Oct. 1436). 

f. 27b JOHANNES AAT.ENNE of Codicote. {Bat. 14 Dec. 1436). 
Bur. at S' Giles', Codicote ; Sir Eichard the ^dcar there ; Son 
Reginald ; Dau. Joan ; Dau. Helen dc AA'^elwys : AVife Christian 
& sons Eeginald & Henry exors. {Pr. 7 Jan. 1436-7); 

f. 27'' AA'ILLELMUS AVYNCHE of St Stephens near St Albans. 
{Bat. 22 Jan. 1436). Bur. at St Stephens; Son Eichard; AVife 
Anne & AA'm. Keiitysoh exors. {Pr. 1 Feb. 1436-7 by AA''m. 

f. 28. AVILLELMUS LEYCETEE of St Albans. {Bat. ' die Sabbati 
prox post festum Sanctorum Fabiani & Sebastiani ' 1436). 
Bur. at St Peters ; AA'ife Joan extrix ; AA^m. Scliotbolt & AA''m. 
Cokke 'wever' supervisors. 'Pr. 4 Feb. 1436-7). 

f. 28. JOHANNES DEYE of Eykemersworth. {Bat. 27 Nov. 1436). 
Bur. at Eykemersworth ; Symon Croyle ; AA^'ife Isabelle, son 
Eoger & Eichard Eoberd exors. (Pr.'o Feb. 1436-7). 

f. 28. JOHANNES CLOBBE of St Albans. (/)«/. in feast of St Agatha 
virgin & martyr 143.5). Bur. in Mou. of St Albans ; Legacies 
to St Peters, Eykysmansworthe, the friars of Eylysburi & 
Hechyn ; AVife Agnes & John Fereys & Geo. AA''arde exors. 
{Pr. 6 Feb. 1436-7 by Agnes the extri'x\ 

f. 28. JOHANNES SAAVYEE of St Albans. {Bat. 2 Apr. 1436). 
Bur. at St Peters : AVife Felice extrix. {Pr. 8 Apr. 1437). 

f. 28. HUGO JONES. (J9ff/. 'in die Merc' 1436). Bur. at AA'ynse- 
lowe ; Eobert Eoper ; Eobt. Loksmyth ; Eichard INLiwndevile 
clerk ; Kiuj-nian AVm. Jones exor. {Pr. 8 May 1437). 

f. 28. JOHANNES HYLLE of St Michaels. {Dal 23 May 1436). 
Bur. at S' Michaels ; To the nuns of tlio Pre 6.v. 8^. ; Sir John 
Mason ; AA'ife Issabelle, Jolm (lovle, AA'^m. Boime exors. {Pr. 
14 Jime 1437). 

f. 28. EOB FETUS ALAVEY of Chepyng Barnet. [Dat. 16 May 
1437). Bur. at S' Jolm Bapt. ISarnct ; AVife Joan extrix. {Pr. 
16 Jun(> 1 137). 

f. 28b JOHANNES AVYNKEBUEN. :,Dat. 8 May 1437;. Bur. at 
Eykemersworth ; ' Logo Ihaumaiige ' iij*. iiij</. ; Thos. Stret- 
mau ; Symon Croile ; Wife Joan extrix & Jolm my elder sun 
overseer. (/'/■. 4 July 1437). 

f. 28'' AVILLELAirS FYIY'S. {Dat. 'in die Saucti Leonis ]mi)e ' 
1437). Bur. at Ecdbunu' ; Dau. Agnes; Tims, son of AVm. 
Pecok ; John son of Eubt. lleywanl ; AVitV' Anice & Eo])t. 
Hey ward exors. {Pr. 8 July 1437). 


f. 28'' WALTEEITS SMYTH of Sandnigg. {Dat. 'die Veneris in 
festo Snncti Basilii confessoris ' 1436). Son John Smyth; 
Roger Petyte ; Wife Eose. {Pr. 8 July 1437). 

f. 2^^ AVILLELAIUS FLOI^EE. {Bat. S* George the Martyr's day 
1437). Bur. at Eedburue ; Jjnurence Pegot & -wife Margaret 
exors. {l'i\ 8 July 1437). 

f. 281' JOHANNES BEENWELLE of S' Peters of S' Albans. {Lut. 
13 May 1437). Bur. at S' Peters 'coram alta cruce' ; Legacies 
to the convent of tlie monastery of S* Albans, the monks 
of the infirmary, the high altar, the charnel, the fabric of 
S* Peter's Church, the mending uf the road which leads to 
the town called Harpeden, & the road which leads from 
S' Albans to Sandrige, the convent of the Abbej- of Waltham, 
the priory of Bisseter etc ; Dau. Custance & John her brother ; 
Jolm sou of Katheriue my godson ; To my wife a croft called 
Dofhovscroft & a croft ' ante edem domini Abbatis ' called 
Newlane ' exoposito ex altera pte uie ' & my house which 1 
bought of John Adam & the house I bought of John 
Angiltyltille ; To dau. Custance a house which I bought of 
Jolin Adam cook, after my wife's decease ; The house I bought 
of John Angyltille [sic] to be sold for tlie good of my soul etc ; 
My wife to have from the Inn called Keye ten marks a year for 
life also 40 shillings in Cogyssale ; Servants John & Elisabet : 
Jolin Bernwell ; Margt. Greue & her sister ; "Wife Margaret, 
AVm. Baker of Coggissale, Sir Eobt. Wyte of same town Ik. 
John Bocher of S* Albans exors. {Pr. 18 Julv 1437). 

f. 'l'^. JOHANNES ALEYN, 'coke' of S* Albans. {Dat. 3 Apr. 
1436). Bur. at S' Peters; Wife Sibill extrix. {Pr. 24 July 1437). 

f. 29. THOMAS EDWAED of S' Albans. {Dat. 14 July 1437). 
Bur. at S' Peters ; My sous & daughters ; Eichard & Agnes m\ 
servants ; AVife Clemence extrix.. (/'/•. 7 Aug. 1437). 

f. 25). WALTEEUS ALBEEY senior. {Dat. 4 Mch. 1436). Bur. at 
St. Nicli. of Nortou ; Sou AValter ; Mariou wife of s<l Walter : 
Sun John exor. Wit- : — Thos. Colwell ^acar of said church, 
John Colwell, Walter Albrey. 

f. 2!>. JOHANNES JIAETINof Newnam. {Dat. 'die veneris i)rox. 
ante fcstum Translacouis sancti Thome martiris ' 1436). AVifc 
-\lice & son Eichard exors. Wit" : — The vicar of said town \- 
Jolm Nicol. 

f. 21). THOxMAS CHILDMEEE of St Stephens 'nativus mou. Sci 
Albaui.' ^K^at. o Oct. 1437). Bur. at S* Stephens ; Eich. att.- 
^\ atir ; Sir Eobert the Chaplain of the parish ; John Kentvsli. 
Eoso dau. of my wife ; Emma dau. of my wife ; Wife Joan \- 
son Audrew exors. 

r. 291- ADAM C.ILOWE of S' Albans. {Dat. 16 Nov. 1433). V,nv. 
at S' Peters ; Legacies to churches of S' Stephens, S' Mich. i. 'Is 
& Abbots Langley, the friars of Huchen, vicar of S' Audrows 
I'ic. ; Sir Eobert, vicar of S* Michaels ; Sir John ]\rnsoii ; 
Eobert do Sewer & John ]\[asen of Scololdeu exors. 

f. 29'' WILLELMUS COUPEE of AVyuslowe. {Dat. 'die lune in 
t'esto sancti Edmuudi Archiep.' 1437). Bur. at S' Laurence of 
\\ynslowo ; John Cot on & his wife ; Wm. son of Jolm Cowper ; 
Sou Johu Coup ; Eich. Mandevile clerk ; Eich. Stokeshille 
& my wife Joan & son John exors. 


f. 29b ALICIA WHELEE of Barnot. {Bat. 8 Feb. 1437). Buv. at 
S' John Bapt., Barnet ; John, son of my dau. ; Edith atto 
Hale ; Wm. Nicoll oxor. Wit" :— John NicoU, AVm. Hale, 
Rich. Forster. 

f. 29b CLEMENCIA OSNARD. {J)at. 2 Feb. 1437). Buv. at 
Busshey ; Joan Calf ; Margaret sister of s* Joan ; Joan Colyn ; 
John Gerneya clerk ; Son Nich. Osnard, Thos. Calfe & the 
priest of the parish of S* Stephens of S' Albans exors. 

f. 29b JOHANNES ATTE AVllC of Abbots Walden. {But. ' die 
martis in crastino sancti Martini Ep'i, 1437). ThoR. Laman ; 
Thos. Whyt. 

f. 29b JOHANNES POETEE of Ydelystr. Note of admon. of goods 
granted to John Bisshop & Joan Portere of the same. 

f. 29b ALICIA BEGUN of Horwood parva. {Dat. 15 Mch. 1437). 
Rich. ThomeljTi of Horwood ; Alice wife of Eobert Gretham 
of same ; Joan wife of Hugh Thwychyn ; To Cotton & his wife 
' duobus clinicis de Wynsloue ' xijc/. ; "Wm. Terry & John 
Hankyn of Horwood exors. 

f. 29b JOHANNES ATTE WELLE of Eikmersworth, died intestato 
20 Mch. 1437. Admon. granted to Eobt. Gybbe of same. 

f. 29b THOMAS SOON of S' Albans. {Dat. 19 May 1437). Bur. 
S* Peters ; Sir John Sjiicer ; The anchorites of S* Petei-s il- 
S* Michaels ; Eich. Foelde & Alice his wife exors. 

f. 29b EOBEETUS BEDGEOUE of Watford. Note of probate. 

f. 29b EICHAEDUS S^IYTH of AVatford. Note of probate. 

f. 30. PETEONILLA DIEE of Eikmerswortli. (/;«;'. 20 Mch. 1437). 
Bur at Eikmersworth; Son John Dyere; Dau. Agnes; Margaret 
Diere ; John Diere ; Nich. Clerk & Agnes his wife ; Alice wife 
of Eoger Lucas ; Jolm & Eichard .sons of John Dier ; Petro- 
nilla dau. of Agnes Clerk ; Cicily dau. of John Diere ; Sir 
Thomas the chaplain; John Brauvang; Thos. Streteman; John 
Dyere & Nich. Clerk exors. Wit" : — John Brauvang our vicar, 
Thos. Strotman, Eoger Lucas. 

f. 30. JOHANNES CAUCHE senior. {But. 11 June 1438). Bur. at 
Watford ; Sir Eobert the chaplain ; Ealph Smyth clerk ; Son 
John ; Wife Joan extrix. 

f. 30. EOGEEUS LOWYN of St Albans. {Dat. 3 June 1438). 
Bur. at S' Peters ; Simon my. bro. & his wife ; Thomas my 
bro. ; Son Wm. ; The wife of Stephen IMorcocke ; Legacy to 
tlie Church of Nortlihawe ; Walter Erberd ; jMargeiy Bateman : 
John Deye ; Legacy to the monks of the monastery of S* Albans; 
John Mordnii iS: Alice his wife ; Jolm Taylour ; Agues [dau. 
of ?J Stephen Morcok ; Matilda servant of Alice Hecheman ; 
Bro. Simon «Jc John Moorden exors. 

f. 30. EICAEDI^^ ATTE WYKIS of Abbots Walden. {Bat. 25 
[hlatilPj 1438 . Son Jolm & wife Katheriiie exors. 

f. 30 THOi\L\S GODTIL\NK of Eykmersworth. {Bat. 28 Apr. 
1437). Sir Thomas the chaplain ; John Brauvangr ; Thos. 
Stretman ; Son AVm. ; Bro. Eichard ; John Eowe ; Margaret 
my niece ; Thos. son of Tlios. AVynkefeld ; Tlios. son of John 
Randulf : Wife Margerv, John Eowe exors tS: bro. Eidi. 


To be Conttnucd. 


genial of ^ir goljn ^ag, 1468. 

(CoNTnnjED FROM Page 148.) 

John Boure junior holds v acres of land lying in SproUesfeld, parcel of the 
demesne lands & pays rent etc. — xvi. & suit of court. 

The same John holds by the rod a tenement called Blaseafter & certain lands 
& meadows belonging, late in tenure of Wm. Adam & before of Agiies Passe- 
monteyn & pays rent etc. — v«. & suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

The same John holds by the rod a tenement called Agnes at Dane with certain 
lands & meadows adjoining late in tenure of Robt. Pygot & before of John at Hoo 
junior & pays rent etc. — iijs. & suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

William Burley holds by the rod certain crofts of land called Leyc.-ofte (xd.), 
Chonecrofte (vrf.), Somereshawe (jrf.) & Berystetyll Ixxd.), late in tenure of John 
Forte.scu knt & pays rent etc. — iijs. & suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

The same William holds divers parcels of land in SproUesfeld & Asshefeld & 
ij acres of land opposite the park of Bedwell, parcel of the demesne lands & pays 
rent etc.— iijs. iijd. & suit of court. 

William KeyyU holds freely a tenement with appurtenances, late in tenure of 
John at Hille & pays rent etc. — vjrf. & suit of court. 

The same WUliam holds by the rod a toft with certain lands & meadows ad- 
joining called Robertas late in tenure of John at Hille &. pays rent etc. — xjs. viijrf. 
& suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

The same William holds a croft called Beryredyn lying in the Loiigeredyn late 
in tenure of said John at Hille & pays rent etc.— xiijs. iiijrf. & suit of court & 
heriot when it happens. 

The same William holds by the rod a piece of land in Ponfeld, late in tenure 
of John at Hille & pays rent etc.— xijrf. 

Thomas Keron holds bv the rod a tenement with appurtenances called William 
at Hilles. late in tenure of William Kevyll & before of Roger Kevyll his father & 
pays rent etc. — xixs. iiijrf. & suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

The same Thomas holds by the rod an acre of meadow in Berkhamstt.dmede & 
pays rent etc. — iijs. 

The same Thomas holds a piece of land called Bradelond containing iij acres & 
pays rent ct(\ — vjd. 

p*^*^*- Tygot holds freely a tenement in which he lately dwelt called Edyus 
Soa.Uorowe, late of [b!,i,,k] I'ygot & pays rent etc.— viijif. 

Tlio same Robert holds freely xiiijor acres of land lying in the Threfeldes 
vii :— MilletVld, Grauntpitoll & Bradelond, called Scropeslond, and pays rent etc. 



The same Bobert holds by the rod a tenement with certain lands & meadows 
adjoining called Houndeslond late in tenure of ^blank'] Lurchyns & pays rent etc. — 
Tij«. & suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

The same Robert holds a tenement called Parkers, late in tenure of Rich. Pygot 
his father, & pays rent etc. — iiij.?. & suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

The same Robert holds by the rod a parcel of land called Milleshotte & Galodel- 
shotte & pays rent etc. — xviijrf. & suit of court. 

The same Robert holds by the rod viij acres of land lying in the field called 
Sprollesfeld, parcel of the demesne lands, & pays rent etc. — ij.s. & suit of court. 

Robert Gamelyn alias Forstcr junior holds a tenement with certain lands cS: 
meadows adjoining called Idlyns, late in tenure of John Burton & before of Robert 
Forster, and pays rent etc. — \s. & suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

John at Hoo holds by the rod a tenement with ij acres of land & a half, in 
severalty, & vj acres of land in common, late of Thomas at Hoo senior & before of 
Richard at Hoo, k half an acre of meadow in one parcel near the gate of Berkham- 
oted & a tenement with certain lands & meadows appertaining, late in the tenure of 
John at Hoo, & pays rent etc. — xs. vji. 

William at Hoo holds by the rod a tenement called Pyppes at Hilles aliat 
Clovyars, late in the tenure of [i/(i«i-], and pays rent etc. — vis. viijrf. & suit of 
court & heriot when it happens. 

The same William pays for a day's work in the lord's meadow & one 
■' precaria " in autumn for the same, vjrf. 

Robert Gedney holds by the rod a tenement with certain lands & meadows ad- 
joining, called Loklese, late in tenure of John Lokley & before of Iblaiikl Hoo, & 
pays rent etc. — \-ijs. ijrf. & suit of court &. heriot when it happens. 

The same Robert pays for j capon (iiijrf.) & ij hens (iiijrf.) for the same yearly 
at Christmas, Tiijrf. 

The same Robert holds by the rod iiij"r acres of land lying in the Asehefeld, 
late in tenure of John Lokley & pays rent etc. - xijif . & suit of court. 

Nicholas Wightman holds by the rod a tenement with appurtenances, called 
Gardyuers, & a croft called Travelcrofte, containing j acre, late in tenure of Peter 
Valauuce, & pays rent etc. — vj«. iijrf. & suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

Robert Forster senior holds by the rod a tenement with appurtenances called 
Saunders, late in tenure of Nich. Wightman, & pays rent etc. — vjs. viijrf. & suit 
of court & heriot when it happens. 

The same Robert holds by the rod a tenement called Bokars, late in tenure of 
Wm. Moredon, & pays rent etc. — iiijj. & suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

John Wightman holds by the rod a tenement with certain lands & meadows 
adjoining, called Popes, late in tenure of John at Hoo, & pays rent etc.— iii. iiijrf. 
& suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

The same Johu pays for ij days work in the lords meadows at the time of hay 
making yearly iiiji. 

Henry Hugh holds by the rod a tenement with certain lands & meadows ad- 
joining, called Styles atian Willyes at Well, late in tenure of John Tume & after- 
wards of Wm. Danyell, & pays rent etc.— xiiijs. & suit of court & heriot when it 

Richard Preutyce holds by the rod a tenement with a croft called Crouches, 
late in tenure of John West & before of Thomas Pygot, & pays rent etc. — xiij«. iiijrf. 
& suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

Henry Hardy holds a tenement with certain lands & meadows appertaining, 
called Haywardes. late in tenure of Thos. at Hoo jiinior & before of John Gibbes, 
i pays rent etc. — xxiiij.s. & suit of court & heriot when it happens. 

John Node holds a tenement called Quynelles with certain lands adjoining, late 
in the tenure of [blank'] Prounce, & pays rent etc.— vjs. iiijii. & suit of court & 
heriot when it happens. 

John Lurchyn holds by the rod a grore called Shredehaselles, late in tenure 
of Robert Pygot, as parcel of the tenement called Parkers, & pays rent etc.— iij*. 
& suit of court. 

Wm. Southwode holds by the rod certain parrels of laud 4 meadow lying in 
the field called the Stanford, late in tenure of John Langley & before of John 
Southwode (which u.sed to be rented at viJ5. per annum), now pays rent etc. — vs. 


lTs»^ snua 


Concerning xxxiijs. iiijrf. lately received from John Node for certain crofts & 
meadows called Waterfeldes, Watermede & Foxwelmede, lately in the tenure of 
Kich. Pyot, which used to be rented at xh. per annum, now in the hands of the 
lord, nil, which are occupied with the beasts of the lord. 
Sum, xiij/i. iiij*. \d. 

^leadows. xx acres of meadow lying in divers places in the meadow called 
Berkharastedmede at ij». iiijti. each acre, now in the lord's hands, & mown & 
" howpitatur " within the manor of Bedwell for the expenses of the horses of the 
lord. — Ntl. 

Lyndhawes. John Seward holds freely a tenement with certain lands, 
meadows & wood, parcel of Lyndhawes, late in the tenure of Robert Louthe, & 
pays rent etc.— viij.s. 

The same John holds a pasture called Russhell, late in tenure of gaid Robert 
Louthe, & pays rent etc. — ijrf. 

John Lurchyn holds freely a tenement, with certain lands & meadows apper- 
taining, called Lyndehawes, & pays rent etc. — xiiji. vrf. 

John Grubbe holds freely, in right of his wife Joan, certain lands & meadows 
called Lyndehawes alias Bukberdes, late in tenure of Wm. Lyster, before of Wm. 
Lurchyn, & pays rent etc. — vs. id. ob. 

Sum, xxvj». viijrf. ob. 

Sum .total, besides certain lands in the hands of the lord &. certain 
demesne lands lying in divers fields within the lordship of Berkhamstede, at 
present unlet.— xiiij/i. xjs. jrf. ob. 

Lands and Tenements wMch were Robert Louthe's of the Manors 


Eental of John Say, knight, lord there, made the 13th 
day of January 7 Edw. IV. before John Luthyngton, 
auditor, and John Knyghton, steward, by the oatlis of 
John Toky, John Martyn, Wm. Basset, John Morewell, 
John Budder, John at^Hille, Eobt. Batell, John Lane- 
ham, "Wm. Wright, Wm. Milton, Wm. at Felde, and 
Nich. Sonder, twelve jurors, who say upon oath that 
"Wm. Basset holds freely a tenement called Camvyle, late in tenure of John 
Camvyle, & pays rent etc. — vjrf. 

The same Wm. holds freely a tenement with a croft, late in tenure of Peter 
Cheyne & before of [b/ank] Berkeley, & pays rent etc.— xiijrf. & ij " precariai."t 

John Morewell holds freely a tenement, late in tenure of "Wm. Dodde & before 
of Alice Paulyn, & pays rent etc. — viij(/. 

The same John holds at the will of the lord a field called "Wyldefelde & a giove 
called "Wyncestregrove, late in tenure of "Wm. Dodde & before of sd Peter Cheyne, 
& pays rent etc. — vs. viijd. 

The same John holds at the will two crofts & a parcel of meadow called 
"Wyncetrefeld, late in tenure of John Laneham & before of John Dey, & pays rent 
etc.- viijj. 

The same John holds at the will a meadow called Deynemedowe, late in tenure 
of Stephen Potter & before of Robt. Cokerell, & pays rent etc.-ijj. \jd. 

The same John holds at the will a croft called the Legh, late in tenure of John 
Node, & pays rent etc. — ijs. 

Robt. Batell holds freely a tenement at "Wyldehull, late in tenure of John 
Forster & before of John Tyler, & pays rent etc.— viij(^. & ij boonworks &. relief & 
heriot when it happens. 

The .same Robert holds at the will of the lord a tenement & certain parcels of 
land adjoining at Wyldehill, late in tenure of Stephen Rutter & before of John 
Sonder, & pays rent etc. — xs. 

• This name is written " Hornebemegate" in the endorsement of this membrane. 
t This and the previous paragraph are bracketed together and marked in the 
ni:irgin as being in the hand.s of the lord by purchase. 


The same Robert holds at the -will a field called Millewardesfeld, late in tenure 
of Wm. Basset & before of John Camvyle & pays rent etc. — vs. iiijrf. & relief & 
heriot when it happens. 

The same Robert holds at the will a croft called Nyne acres, late in tenure of 
Wm. Basset & before of Rich. Croucher, & pays rent etc. — vs. 

John Ediyn holds freely a croft, late in tenure of John Alcy & before of Thos. 
Edelyn, & pays rent etc. — ijd. 

The same John holds a garden, late in tenure of said John Alcy & before of 
Thos. Edelyn, & pays rent etc. — ij capons. 

John Budder junior holds freely a croft called Pleystowe (ij«. v]d. & ij capons), 
a grove called Moresgrrove (viijrf.), iiij acres of lands lying in Stonyfelde called 
Gelywell (xijrf. & ij caponsj, late in tenure of Wm. Budder, & pays rent etc.— 
iiijs. ijrf. & ij capons. 

The same John holds at the will a croft called Kyvescrofte, with other parcels 
of land lying in Hokefeld & Depedell, Bradwell & Northfelde, late in tenure of 
Thos. Idonbrace & before of John Idonbrace, & pays rent etc. — vijs. 

John Budder, sexton, holds at the wUl a messuage called Chownehay, late in 
tenure of Wm. Budder, & pays rent etc. — vjrf 

John at Hille holds at the wLU a curtilage & ij crofts called Moresfeld & Halle- 
feld & j grove called Bretonshawe, lately in tenure of John at Hille senior & before 
of John Alcy, and pays rent etc. — xiiiji. & ij capons. 

The same John holds freely j acre of laud next Hallefeld called Smytheshawe, 
late in tenure of John Hille his father, & pays rent etc. — j capon. 

John Toky holds a field called Wodefelde, at the will of the lord, late in tenure 
of John Luddeford, which used to be rented at xIj. yearly, now let at xxvjs. viijrf. 

Concerning iiijs. lately received from John Martyn for a tenement lying at 
Wyldehill, now in the hands of the lord for lack of a tenant. JVi/. [/n tfie margin, 
"modo per Th. Wyng^eld pro iijs. iiiji."] 

Nor do they [i.e., the jurors] answer concerning ijs. lately received from John 
Morewell for certain lands lying in the Hamme, now in the hands of the lord & 
grazed by the lord's sheep. — Nil. 

Nor do they answer concerning xiijs. iiijrf. lately received from meadows & 
pastures lying within the park of Bedwell now in the hands of the lord, being 
included within the same park. — Nil. 

Alice at Felde holds a croft called Port-tercrofte, late in tenure of Richard at 
Felde alias Porter, & pays rent etc. — iiiji. & relief & heriot when it happens. 

The same Alice holds a field called Busshefeld, late in tenure of Richard at 
Felde & before of Richard Porter, & pays rent etc. — vjs. viiji. 

John North holds a field called Hamscales, late in tenure of John at Felde & 
before of John Luddeford, & pays rent etc. — vs. 

John Wightman holds freely a tenement late in tenure of John Martyn, & 
pays rent etc. — xi^d. 

The same John holds j ha we at Newgatestrete, late in tenure of said John 
Martyn, & pays rent etc. — viijrf. 

The same John holds divers lands, meadows & pastures, at the will of the lord, 
late in tenure of said John Martyn, & pays rent etc. — xvj. 

Thomas Mery holds a tenement with garden adjoining at the Newgatestrete, 
lately in tenure of John Martyn, i pays rent etc. — xij(f. 

Thomas Archer holds a tenement with garden lying in the Newgatestrete, late 
in tenure of Simon Walter, & pays rent etc. — xiji. 

Simon Lowen holds freely a tenement, late in tenure of John Martyn, & pays 
rent etc. — xiji. 

John Martyn holds at the will of the lord certain lands lying at the Condytehed 
in Bishops Hatfelde, late in tenure of John Lok, & pays rent etc. — iiij«. 


William at Felde holds at the will of the lord a croft called Bonstelfeld & a 
meadow called BonstolmoJe, late in tenure of Richard Milton, & pays rent etc. — xxjs. 

Wm. Milton holds at the will a field called Cookcsfeld, late in tenure of Rich. 
Milton, & pays rent etc. — is. 

Wm. Wright holds at the will ij clo.<es called Maunyugcs, late in tenure of 
Juhu Forster, & pay* rent etc. — iijs. 


Nicholas Sender holds at the will of the lord j acre of land lying in Todelfeld 
beneath Bymerhegge, called Forked acre. & a field called Lotefeld? another field 
called Longefeld half an acre of land in Willy my lief elde at Bradlynge«busshe, 
late m tenure of Nich. Sender his father, & pays rent etc. - xixs. 

Agnes Laneham holds j grove called Andrewesleese, late in tenure of Wm 
Pounte*b(^ pays rent etc., beyond the rent of xyjd. reserved to the Manor of 

. ^^S°n'''"^^?P ^'^'^- ^'""^^^^ received from the same Agnes for j grove within Popes. 
Wd — W containing ij acres by estimation, now in the hands of the 

♦ •/"n^^^'T"''? ^°^^^ ** ^^'^ ''*" j '="rtilage called Blounteslonde, j close annexed 
to It called Culverhousclose containing at least ij acres, & another grove near said 
cartilage containing by estimation j acre, & another croft containing j acre lvin<r 
between a croft of the Bishop of Ely & the high way, also another close cilled 
Wollecrotte containing v, acre'^ by ertimation, & a close called Stokkyn" containinc' 
rJ'lfffT X. acres of land, & x acres by estimation lying in the^field called 
lodelfelde, & xvj acres by estimation lying in the field called Bymerfeld, & iij acres 
of land containing by estimation lying in Pytagefelde in exchange from the lord 
hLshop of Ely for certain lands late Robert Louthe's lying within the park of the 
said Bishop called Innyngesparke, & iiijor acres lying in the said field called Pvtao-e- 
teld next the pale of the said park, also j acre lying in the same field by the road 
leading from Wynegate, late in the tenure of Thos. Boone, & pays rent etc besides 
iij*., iiij boon works & ij capons rent reserved to the same bishop of Ely,— xxiijs. iiijrf. 
Wm. Denys holds ij closes called Maggescrofte containing by estimation vii 
acres viz :-j containing v acres (iij«.. i,ij<^.) & another ij acres (ij.^) lyin? in 
Maggesgrene & Bymerfeld, & another croft (ij..) called Huntescrofte lying between 
the land of Combes & land called Fis.sheslonde, coutaininjr ij acres, & pays rent etc 
-which said iij crofts were lately occupied by John Bigge, formerly bailiff <t 
farmer of the lord of Hatfeldo, by consent & agreement of John Pavntor, farmer 
ot Kobert Louthe in the same town, for which the said bailiff & farmer of the Bishop 
ny consent & agreement of said John Payntor, for their conveniences permitted 
[himj to hold & occupy a certain croft of the said Bishops, called Brokes, & another 
crott containing ij acres, the head of which abutted upon Blountesgrene towards the 
east &: upon llarowcrofte towards the west, hte Robert Louthe's.- vijs. iiijrf. 

Ai- '^?^",7^'^^. ^?^'^^ * garden next the Cross, called Gracyes, late in tenure of 
Alice liuddeford, & pays rent etc. — vjd. 

The heirs of Wm. at Hiile hold j acre of land, late in tenure of said Wm at 
Hill, & pay rent etc. — iiij(i. 

Sum total, besides certain lands & meadows, being in the hands of the 
lord. — x/i. xiiijs. ixrf. 

©ransctrt^jts of ^ovHi) ^eQX&ievB. 


'T/tf existing Hegister commences as to Baptisms in 1708 and as to 
Marnagex and Burials in 1678.] 


riic uamos of all thorn that hath byu Marrvod, Cln-isteuid & Buiyed 
Qt An ^i'"^^ °^ Chiping-e liarnot iu yo Jurysdiction of 
b ^ Albons from tlio feast of S' Micliaell tharchangell anno 
1) m 1569 vnto the same feast 1570. 

yallantyne Ismo was chrystenvd y« 9 day of October. 
John (jroene was chry.steuyd y^ 6 day of Nove. 



Elsabethe Everyngame was christenyd ye 20 day Nore. 
John Wyan was chrystenyd y^ 30 day of Nove. 
Thomas Hunt was chrystenyd y^ 1 1 day of desem. 
Isbell Edlyn was chrj'stenyd y^ 18 day of desem. 
Alles goodsonne was chrystenyd y^ 26 day of desem. 
Thomas Moret was chrystenyd y<^ same day. 
Wyllm Norton was chrystenyd ye 15 day Janu. 
Thomas Wyllyams was chrystenyd ye 22 day of Janu. 
Jone Coll was chrystenyd ye 5 day of febru. 
Elsabeth Cooper was clirystenyd ye 5 day of March. 
John Gardner was chrystenyd ye 9 day of Apryll. 
Anys Waker ) ■• , -, ^„ ■, . . „ 

Ane Ghy J ^^^ chrystenyd ye 23 day of Aprj-U. 

Elsabeth Sampsonne was chrystenyd y^ 30 day of Apryl. 
Valantyne Pemartonne was chrystenyd ye 7 day o May. 
James Cranfyld was chrystenyd ye 28 day of May. 
Wyllm Nycoll was chrystenyd ye 2 day of July. 
"Wyllm Elat was chrystenyd ye 25 day of July. 
Margrett Morys was chrystenyd ye 30 day of July. 
James foster was chiystenyd ye 1 3 day of Agust. 

James "Wrenche was buryed ye 26 day of October. 
Lawrance "Wylshere was buryed ye 23 day of Nove. 
Anys Kellat was buryed ye 22 day of desem. 
Wyllm Croxall was buryed ye 8 day of Janu. 
Alles Peeter was buryed ye 17 day of Janu. 
Maryan bowman was buiyed ye 18 day of Janu. 
Anys Allyn was buryed ye 9 day of Marche. 
The wyfe of Eobert Norman was buryed ye 15 day of Apryl. 
Symont Majmard was buryed ye 19 day of Apryll. 
Hugh Wealsheman was buryed ye 23 day of Apryll. 
John Bell was buryed ye 8 day of May. 
Margrett franklyn was buryed ye 27 day of May. 
Elsabeth Everyngame was buiyed ye 16 day of Sept. 

Edmont Morys ) i „„ i „ , 

Katren West ^^^® maryed ye 30 day of octobre. 

Eobert NycoU ) ^ „. . ^r 

Elsabeth Wetheryngame j ^'"''^ "^^"^'^^ ^ 26 of Nove. 
Mychaell fulkember I , „, , „ ... 

Tomysonne fayrfaxe J ^^''^ ^^''^^'y^'^ >" 21 day of Janu. 
Davvd Coker ' ) !„„,„-, 

Jone Darawaye ( ^"'® ^^^^ijed ye 29 day of Janu. 

Thomas fyllyan ) , „„ , , .r , 

Jone Nolo j ^®^^ ^''^^T^d y^ 23 day of July. 

Eobert Norman i i ^ , » ^ 

Anys burton j ^^'"^ '^^^y^^^ 5" ^ ^^Y «* Sept. 
Hermon Peeter ) j , « , » r, 

AUes Ejtchemont ) ^^^^ "^^"^^^^ ^^ ^^ day of Sept. 

Edward Vnder Parson. 
Church W. John Brakeufyld. 
James Kellctt. 
Ext^ p . . . Vnder 
iij° Octobris 1570. 


The names of all them that hathe bynne maryed Christened & buryed 
w*in the prishe of Chepinge Barnett in the Jurisdiction of 
S* Albones from the feast of S' Mychaell tharchaungell aiio do 
1581 vnto the same feast 1582. 

Mary get. 

AV p TT t ! ^®^® maiyed the xv day of October. 

Andrewe thornle ) i . . - , j rv . t. 

Elen benson j ^®''^ marj-ed y* xxi] day of October. 

Jo e D ■ I ^®^® maryed y« seconde day of December. 

Ma?gre^e Lyonell | ^^^'^ "^^^^^"^ ^" "^''^^^^ °^ ^^P*' 


Katren Kynge was christened y^ viij day of October. 

Wyllm Hounte was christened y^ xij daye of November. 

ffreman Locke was christened y« x*^ day of December. 

James Hounte was christened y^ xxiiij day of December. 

Alice White was christened y« xxvj day of December. 

John Stacye was christened y^ xx\-iij daye of Januaiye. 

WyUm Curtys ) 

Eoberte Mufiett | were christened ye iiij day of ffebruarye. 

Susan Saverye ) 

Agnes Eoyse was christened y^ xj daye of ffebruarye. 

Susan Marshe ) i.-ij» j £ t£ x. 

Jone Brekenfj-eld J "^^^'^ christened y« xxv day of ffebruane. 

EycW nfckman | ^^^^ christened ye iiij day of Marche. 

Thomas ffrancklyn ) ■■■. ^ ^ • ^ niri 

Hary Owen 1 ^^'^'^ christened ye xj day of Marche. 

John Wryght was christened y« xviij day of Marche. 
Alice Cocker was christened ye viij day of Apryll. 
Elyzabetli Pemerton was christened ye xxix day of Aprill. 
Jone Barton was christened ye x*'^ day of June. 
Anne Basse was christened ye xxiiij day of June. 
Alice Bryseo was christened ye ffyrst day of July. 
Sara Oj-tes was christened ye \^^ day of August. 
Thomas Thornele ) , . , , „ . , c o j. 

Phillip Hardye ) ^®''® christened ye xv] day of Sept. 

Jone White was christened ye xxiij day of September. 

Thomas Chylderbye m as buryed ye ix day of October. 
AVyllm Nashe was buryed ye xxiiij day of October. 
Wyllm Bradlye ye yongor was buryed xxxj day of October. 
Eychnrd sharparowe was buryed ye xx day of November. 
Eoso ffrancklyn was buryed ye xxvj day of November. 
Thomas chevelye was buryed ye ix daye of December. 
Prudence Lambo was buryed ye x'^ day of December. 
Wyllm Bradlye ye elder was buried ye xvij of Deer. 
Murgcryo Bradlye was buryed ye ffyrst dayo of Januarye. 
Marynu Tayler was buryed ye vj daye of tl'obruarye. 
Thomas Turner was buryed ye xij daye of ffebruarie. 
Katren Warner was buryed ye xxvj day of ffebruarie. 


Daratye Pollerd was buryed y* viij day of Marche. 
Ttomas ffrancklyn -was buryed y'^ xiiij day of Marche. 
Agnes Jacson was burj-ed y<^ xxij day of Marche. 
Jone Brekenfj'eld was bur}'ed y<= xxvj day of Marche. 
Thomas Thresher was buryed y^ xxv day of Apryll. 
Elyzabeth Pemerton was buryed y« ffyrst day of Maye. 
Nycholas shuttleworth was buryed y^ xxviij day of June. 
Mary Fyeld was buryed y" xxix day of July. 

Churche Wardens 

Thomas Bycton X 
larrances coton. 

Exhibit 9 Octobris 

The names of all them that hathe bynne Maryed, Christened & 
Burj'edd in Chepinge Barnett in the Jurisdyction of S* Albones 
from the feast of S' Mvchaell tharchangell 1592 vnto the same 
fEeast 1593. ' 

Ma^'Tooke^ J ^^^^ maryed the last day of Maye. 
Jone Smj-thY"^^ | '^^^^ marj-ed the seconde day of July. 
Jone Lar^ ^^^ j ^®^® maryed the ixx day of July. 

Agnes Barrick was christened ye ffyrst day of October. 
WyUm ffuUwood / ,., a ^ ••• £ r\ ^ t. 

Sybbell Cotton ) ^^^^ christened y^ tu] of October. 

John gryffyn was christened y^ xv day of October. 
Elsabeth turvere was christened y^ xxix day of October. 
Roger Marshe was christened y^ x'*" day of December. 
John tharpe was christened y-" xxiiij day December. 
Eoberte Brisco was christened y<= xxvij day of December. 
Susan tynderslye was christened y« vij day Januarie. 

EdwSe Dartell j ^"^ christened y^ xiiij day of Januarie. 
Isbell Sampson was chri'^tened y<^ xxj day of Januarie. 
Heniy Spencer was christened y^ xj day of ffebru. 
George Hj"ll was christened y-" xviij day of Marche. 
PhiUip Mason ) , . ^ i ^ ■•• j p -»r 

Thomas gyles j ^^"^ christened ye xiij day of Maye. 

Clemente Homes was cliristened y" xx day of Maye. 
John younge was christened y*^ xxiiij day of June. 
Margrett Kypple was cliristened y^ xv day of July. 
Robert Burryge was christened y* xxix day of July. 
Wyllm Tynslye was christened y^ xij day of August. 

fee?m^an"conaway j ^""^ christened y^ xix day of August. 

John Hoodsone ) i • i. i . ^ -, , c , 

Elsabethe cater I ^^'^ christened y« seconde day of Septm. 

Jone stacye was christened y* ivi day of Septm. 



Wyllm Heale was buryed y* vj day of October. 

Wyllni Boll was buryed y« xxix day of October. 

Eoberte ffoUoMO was buryed y^ xxvij day of November. 

Eoberte cotton was buryed y" xxv day of iJecember. 

Vxor Tyndorslye was buryed y^ ix day of Januarie. 

Margrett Hyll was buryed y« xv day of Januarie. 

John Hounte was buryed y« xvij day of Januarie. 

Agnes Curtys was buryed y^ xix day of Januarie. 

John Symkyns a stranger was buryed y* xxix day of Janua. 

Henry Spencer was buiyed y° xiij day of ffebruarie. 

Margrett Myller was buryed y« xxvj day of ffebruarie. 

Wyllm Pake was buryed y<= xxj day of Marche. 

Elsabeth Pollerd was buryed y^ xxix day of Marclie. 

John Slacforde was buryed y« xviij day of Aprill. 

Jobn Baldyn was buryed y^ xxij day of ApriU. 

Eychard Sliefyeld a stranger was buryed y« xxv of Aprill. 

John Stacye of londou was buryed y^ xxviij day of Aprill. 

Wyllm ffullwood was buryed y« iij day of May. 

Margerye Warryner was buryod y'' xiij day of Maye. 

Henry Skaldwell was bur^-ed y'^ xx\'iij day of May. 

Jone brooke was buryed y« vj day of June. 

Jane Kellett was buryed y*^ xviij day of June. 

John Marshe was buryed y"^ ffyrst day of July. 

Chare Eansome was buryed y^ seconde of July. 

Elsabeth Eydon I , i „ ■■■ ^ t t ^ 

Thomas gyles J ^^^^ ^'''^''^ ^ ^"^'^ ^^^ "* ^""^^ ' 

John Palmer was buryed y« iij day of August. 

Margerye Poomford was buryed y« vij day of August. 

Eycliardo Hetho was buryed y<^ xiij day of August. 

Margrett Bottamlye was burjed y^ xxv day of August. 

Philledellplie Heale was buryed y'^ iiij day of Septra. 

Thomas Sampsoue was buryed y^' v"" day of Septm. 

WylLm Potter was buryed y^ ix day of Soptm. 

Anne Dawlyn was buryed y'= sS^ day of Septm. 

John Sampsone was buryed y^ xvij day of Septm. 

Wedo Potter \ 

Agnes AVelles 5 were buryed y<^ xxij day of Septra. 

Jonne Stacye ) 

Anne earapsone was buryed }•* xxiij day of Septra. 

Wyllra Roorafordo was buryed y<= xxiiij day of Septm. 

Elsabetli Whitlocke / u i >> ^ t c +,,, 

,p, ,, were burved y^ xxv dav of Septm. 

Ihomas Burryge ) ~ j - x 

AVyllui Bugbcrd was buryed y" xxvij day of Septm. 

By me Tliomas Bigland 

Mynister of Chepinge Barnet. 

Churche Wardens 
Tliomas turvero 

Exhibit 3 Octob. 159 . . 
Tho. Rokitt. 


The names of all them that liathe bynne Maryed Christened & Buryed 
in the Parishc of Chipynge Barnctt in the Jurisdiction of 
S* Albones fErom the ffeaste of S' Mychaell tharchaungell ano 
do 1598 vnto the same fieast of S' Mythaell tharchaungeU 

G-oerge Prestwoode & Jane barber were maryed y« 9. 

John Cryke & Ma''gerett Halle were maryed the IG. 
Xp'' Stanton & Agues Buryge were marj-ed the 19. 
Nycholas Astood & Kateren Searle were maryed the 28. 

Odes Purslack & Cassanderer Daves were maryed }'* 21. 

John greene & Mary eves were maryed the 12. 

John Searle & Grace Elton wore maryed the 1 . 
John Holbydge & Kateren Clenton were maryed the 16. 

Abraham "Waddell & Anne Browne were Maryed by a lycense 25. 

Percy vale the sone of Gabryell Crofte bapt. ye 1. 
Wyllm the sonn of Eowlaude Ince bapt. y« 1. 

Symon the sone of Eoberte Crysjje bapt. y'= 1 . 

Laurance y« son of Laurance Shuttlewoorth bapt. ye 17. 

Em ye daughter of Augustyne Pratt bapt. ye 21. 
Thomas ye soue of Eoberte bryan bapt. ye 21. 

Sara ye daughter of Eic. Ansell bajjt. ye 18. 

• Marclie. 
Edwarde ye soue of John AWnter bapt. ye 11. 
Thomas ye sone of Ec. Sylverlock bapt. ye 18. 

James ye sone of Edwarde Harrys bapt. ye 1 . 

Susanna y* daughter of John Stauforde bapt. ye 13. 
Bevis ye sone of Eoger Noble bapt. }• 20. 
Eoberte ye soue of Phillip Bryseo bapt. ye 20. 
Susan ye daugliter of Edmoude bryttyu bapt. ye 28. 

Ec. ye sone of Eoberte Brangwen bapt. ye 17. 

James ye soue of John Crvck bapt. ye 1. 
Nycholas ye soue of Luke Iloalo bajtt. ye 1 . 
Isbell ye daughter of Edwarde Ilartwell bapt. ye 1. 
Joau ye daughter of John ye colyer bapt. y'' 1. 

=mmBa adT 


July {continued). 
ffraunces y* sone of Goerge Heynes bapt. y« 8. 
Agnes ye daughter of John Cotton bapt. y<^ 25. 
Brygett y^ daughter of Wyllm Harlowe bapt. y* 29. 

Susana y« daughter of John Cade bapt. ye 19. 

Moses ye sone of Roger Dayntye bapt. ye 2. 


The wyfe of Wyllm Norton buryed ye 1 . 
The wyfe of Odes Purslack buryed ye 10. 
Martyn Caple a poore howseholder buryed ye 26. 

John Tafte a prentys buryed ye 12. 
Thomas Dawson a poore man buryed ye 19. 

Ec. Turner a chairman buryed the 29. 

Thomas Woode a nurse chylde buryed ye 25. 

Margerett Ismye a poore mayde buryed ye 26. 
Edwarde Smewyn a prentis buryed ye 28. 

Apr ill. 
John Jyngkynson a nurse chylde buryed ye 22. 

EUen sherlye a nurse chylde buryed ye 24 . 

Anne Dorman a nurse chylde buryed ye 4. 
Wedo Norton buryed ye 6. 
John the sone of Wyllm Norton buryed ye 8. 
Thomas Leper howseholder buryed ye 1 1 . 
Edwarde ye sone of Phillip Brysco buryed ye 1 1 . 
John ye sone of Eoger buthered buryed ye ]3. 
Ec. Halle a prentys buryed ye 19. 

Mary browne a nurse chylde buryed ye 2. 
Em ye daughter of Augustyne Pratt buryed ye 14. 
Bevis ye sone of Eoger Noble buryed ye 20. 

Cleemente browne wedoar b\iryed y* 6. 

Eoberte ye sone of Wyllm Jacson buried ye 14. 

The Church X 
Wardens markf X 

Per me Gabrielcm Price Baruettne miuistr. 
Exhibit 9 Octobris 1599. 



The names of all them that hathe bynn Maryed Cliristened & Buryed 
in Chepinge Barnott In the Jurisdiction of S' Albones from the 
ffeast of S' M^-chacll tliarchaungell in Anno dom'i 1599 vnto the 
same feast of S' Mychaell tharchaungeU 1600. 

Gabryell Price & Israeli Bowtell were maryed v** 9. 
Roberte Elynge & Joan Bennett were maryed y^ 14. 
Hary Henrye & Katheryn Stockam were maryed by a Lycence y« 26. 

July [«2'c]. 
Ezechiell Couchman & Mary Colborne were maried by a Lycence y« 3 

Eychard Sweane & Elsabeth Grygg were maryed j'« 2. 

John ye sone of Eyeharde Bedforde bapt. ye 7. 
Thomas y>^ sonne of John Clieevelye bapt. ye 7. 
Susan ye daughter of George Prestwoode bapt. ye 28. 

Edwarde ye sonne of John Holebydgs bapt. y" 11. 
Katheryn ye daughter of Henry Eobynson bapt. y* 30. 

John ye Sonne of John Owyn bapt. ye 20. 
Anthony ye sonne of Wyllm Jacson'bapt. 27. 

Hugh ye sone of Hugh E-^yn bapt. ye 3. 
Andrewe ye sone of Xp'' Stanton bapt. ye 24. 

Jolm ye sone of John Stacforde bapt. ye 2. 
Oades ye soue of John Presson bapt. ye 2. 
Joan ye daughter of Eychardo Whylye bapt. y 9. 

KatherjTi ye daughter of Lauraunce Shuttlewoorth bapt. ye 27. 

Thomas ye sone of Tliomas Pratt bapt. ye 4. 
Jolm ye sone of Yalautyne Arch a r bapt! ye 18. 
Agues ye daughter of Hugh Palyuge bapt. ye 25. 

Thomas ye sone of August^-ne Pratt bapt. ye 1. 
John ye sone of John Joellve ba])t. y« 1. 
Elyza'beth ye daughter of Oades Purslack bapt. ye 15. 

Doratie ye daughter of Ej-charde Joyllye bapt. ye 3. 
ifraunces y« sonne of Edwarde Hood'sou bapt. y" 24. 
Wylhu ye sone of John Cooper liapt. v'^' 24. 
Eoberte y' souno of Eycliardi^ Brailliurste bapt. ye 31. 

Alice ye daughter of Wylhn Barton bapt. ye 7. 

Bury alls. 
Henry Pecle ye sone of Henry Peele buryed ye 19. 



Even Denevett a poore man buryed y« 1 . 
Hugb Dyckynson a poore man buryed 25. 
The wyfe of Jefferie Hethe buryed ye 29. 

Eycharde y« sone of Docter Hucchynsone buryed y** 25. 

Mary y^ daughter of Xp'' Harwarde buryed y^ 6. 

The wyfe of Roberte Bryan buryed y*^ 9. 
The wyfe of Goerge Thrope buryed y^ 20. 

The wyfe of Myghyll Ynderwood buryed y« 8. 
Alice Exsoll Xp"" Bottamlyes wyf es daughter buryed y« 21. 
Thomas Townsende a straunger buryed y^ 26. 

The wyfe of John Stacye buryed y'^ 22. 
Wyllm the sone of Rycharde Curtys buryed y* 26. 

Robert Hopwoode a nurse chylde buryed y« 15. 
John ye sone of Eychard Bedforde buryed y^ 31. 

Myles ye sone of Eycharde Bedforde buryed ye 1 . 
John Clj^sone a prentys buryed y^ 8. 
The wyfe of Wyllm AVaryner buryed y*^ 12. 
Thomas Whitten a nurse chylde buryed ye 21. 
Hugh ye sone of Hugh Evyn buryed ye 22. 
Thomas Eobynson a servaunte buryed the 28. 

Jhon ye son of Laurance Shuttlewoorth buryed ye 5. 
Wedo Cheevelye a poore woman buryed ye 10. 
Thomas Pratt howse holder buryed y*^ 20. 

Eichardus Boyle minister. 

Richerd Sillverlock. 

John Crabtree his X marke. 

* Exhibit 9 Octobris 1600. 

To b* Continued. 

I^nquisitio ncs post ^ovitxxx* 


{^Inq.p.m. Series I/. Vol. 308. 1 Jas. I. A'o. 114.] 

Inquisition taken at Ware 15 Aug. 7 Jas. I. [1609] before Joliu 
Williams esq., deputy of Ricli. l^angley e.^q., osclu\itnr, after the (li\uli 
(if Thomas Wolley gent., by the oaths of Wm. Tator, Juhu IJuwloy, 


John Wood, John Nodes, John Wcstwood, Geo. Underwood, John 
Crowcli, Eobt. Miles, John Halfehido, Edw. Shepherd, John Bedell, 
John Miles, Geo. Porter, Eobt. Rumbold, Wm. Chandolor, Heniy 
Walker, Eobt. Spencer, Wm. Halo & Rich. Rudd, who say that 

Thos. WoUey was seised in fee of the Manor of Hai-pesfeilde Hall, 
formerly called Harpesfeild, & a messuage lying in the Vyntree in the 
town of S* Albans & a messuage in psb. of S' Stephens & a messuage 
in the Malt Markett in S' Albans called the Bores Heade & a messuage 
in the Malt Market in tenure of John Jewell, & so seised by deed 
dated 1 Feb. 35 Eliz. [1593] enfeoffed one Ellen West widow & one 
Robert Woiley of the Clockhouse in S' Albans, to such uses as were 
declared in an indenture dated 1 Jan. 35 Eliz. between s'^ Thos. on the 
one part & s<i Ellen & Robert on the other part viz : —that s'^ Manor & 
messuages etc. belonging situate in the Vyntree in S' Albans should 
be to the use of Robt. WoUe}- eldest son of s'^ Thos. for the life of 
8^ Thos. Ids father & after the deatli of s<^ Thos. then to the use of 
8* Ellen Woiley wife of s* Thomas for her jointure & after s<i EUen's 
decease then to s^ Robert WoUej' his heirs & assigns for ever. The 
s^ messuage in the Yj-ntree to the use of Thomas one of the sons of 
s*^ Thos. Woiley the father & the heirs of his body, remainder to 
Richard Woiley another son of s^ Thomas the father & his lieirs for 
ever. The messuage in the Malt Market in occupation of John Jewell, 
to the use of John AYolley another son of s^ Thos. the father & his 
heirs & assigns for ever. Messuage called the Bores head now in 
occupation of Thos. Cooley, to the use of Benjamin Woiley another 
son of s'l Thos. the father «S: his heirs & assigns for ever. [And two 
messuages to the use of Joaue AYolley sole dan. of s^ Thos. the father 
& her heirs & assigns for ever. Erased.'] 

The Manor of Harpesfeild etc. is held of Chas. Morrison knt. as of 
his manor of Parkbury, in free socage, & is worth, per annum, clear, 
IxTJs. viijrf. Messuage in the Vyntree is held of the King in free & 
common socage by fealty e^c not in chief & is worth per annum, clear, 
10«. The messuage in psh. of S' Stephens is worth per annum lO*. & 
held of Raphael Pemberton & Mary his wife as of the manor of Sop- 
well in free & common socage. The two messuages in Maltmarket are 
held of the King in free & common socage & are worth, per annum, 
clear, 13s. Ad. 

Thomas Woiley died, so seised, about 9 June 6 Jas. [1608] & Robert 
Woiley gent, is his son & nejrt heir & at his father's death was aged 
30 years & more. 


llnq.p.m. Series 11. Fo/. 369. \& Jas. I. A'o. 160.] 

Inquisition* taken at Chipping Barnett 15 Sep. 16 Jas. [1618] before 

escheator, after the death of Robert Woiley gent., 

by the oaths of Grobbe, Hen. Sharpe, Edw. 

Harris, AVm. Barnard, Rich. Mayne, John Rusley, Wm. Sherewood, 
Geo. Gierke, Ralph Pollard, Simon Cooper, Rich. Silvcrlock, . . . 

Oxton alias Foxe, Thos. Redwood & Thos. 

Warner, who say that 

• This document is unfortunately in bad condition and in many places illeprible. 
There appears to be no duplicate amongst the inquisitions returned into the Court 
of Wards and Liveries. 


Robert "Wolley was seised in fee of the Manor of Harpsfeild hall in 
S' Albans & so seised by deed dated 4 Oct. 25 Eliz. [1583] enfeoffed 
Thos. "Wolley his son of said premises. Said Robert was also seised 
in fee of a messuage in S' Albans in a street called the Malt Markott, 
Ipng between a tenement called the Crossekoys on the south and a 
tenement called tlie Spreadeagle on the north and [another tenement] 
in said street between the Spreadeagle & a tenement called the 
Exchecker, also a messuage in the psh. of S' Stephens now in tenure 
of Wm. Branche & in the psh. of Saudridge con- 
taining by estimation 3 [acres] ; And so seised by deed dated 6 June 

28 Eliz. [1586] gave messuage & close last mentioned 

to 8"* Thomas Wolley his son to hold unto »S: to the use of s*^ Thos. his 
heirs & assigns for ever. 

Said Kobert was also seised of a messuage called the Horsehead in 

the borough of S' Albans in Halliwell Street 

now in tenure of Christr. Whelpley, & another messuage now called 
the Checquer & formerly the Crane now in tlie tenure of Wilham 
Warner & another messuage in Sopwell lane formerly in occupation of 

John [& now of .... ] Dewberie, widow, 

& a messuage in Halliwell Street formerly in tenure of Thos. Kell & 
now of John Berrie shoemaker & another messuage formerly in tenure 
of '[^blanJcl Coxe, widow, & now of Eobert Wolley [& another 
messuage] formerly in tenure of Thos. Welles & now of [bla^ilc'] Cooley 
& another messuage in s<i street formerly in tenure of Wm. Towe 
& nowe of \_blank'] CoUes & a messuage [formerly in tenure of 

] Woorton & now of Jas. Ashton, & another messuage 

in B^ street formerly in tenure of John Taylor & now of [i/a?!^] 
Streete, & another messuage called the Corner Taverne now in tenure 

of Eobert & another messuage in the street called 

the Vintree formerly in tenure of Eobt. Wolley & now of Daniel 
Peterson & another messuage in the street called the Wheat Markett 
now in tenure of John Clcrke & a messuage in S* Michael Street 
formerly in tenure of Eobt. Pye & now of Eich. Turner & another 
messuage in S' Peters Street in occupation of Rich. Evans ; & so 
seised by deed of feoffment dated 6 Mch. 28 Eliz. [1586] said Eobt. 
Wolley gave & granted all s"! premises last mentioned to Eobert 
Wolley another of his sons. 

Said Eobert was also seised of a messuage in Hitchin lately bought 
of Henry Cranwell, late in the tenure of John WoUeys, & so seised, 
by his last will dated 26 May 33 EHz. [1591], left s* messuage to his 
8'* son Eobert. 

Said Eobert was also seised of a messuage called the Halfo Moon 
in S' Albans, in the street called the Malt Markett, & another messuage 
called the signe of the Exchec^uer in s'^ town & all that the manor of 
Plentyes in Sopposley within the soke of Luton, & so seised, by in- 
denture dated 27 Jan. 28 Eliz. [1586] made between s^ Eobert of the 
one part & Thos. Coxe & Thos. Hickman of the other part & in con- 
sideration of an intended marriage between Eichard Wolley one of 
the sous of sd Eobert & one Mary Coxe one of the dans, of s'^ Thos. 
s"^ Eobt. agreed to assure the manor & messuage aforesaid to use of 
him s'l Eobt. & his heirs untill s'* man-inge sliould be solemnized & 
after soU-^mnization thereof wo\dd assure the s^ manor to tlie use of 
s* Eobt. for life without impeachment of waste, then to tlie \iso of 
8*^ Eidi. Wolley for his hfe &. after his decease to the use of s'^ Mary 
until the lioir of the bodv of s'l Eichard should attain tlie full age of 


21 years & afterwards to the use of the heirs of s^ Richard .... 
. . . . & in default of issue to the use of s<i Eich. & his heirs for 
ever & [also agreed to assure] the s'^ messuages to the use of s<i Eobt. 
until a^ marriage take place & then to the use of s'^ Eich. & Mary & 

the heirs of s'^ Eichard & in default of 

such issue to the use of s^ Eich. & his heirs for ever. 

The s* marriage was afterwards solemnized & s^ Eobt. in performance 
of agreement, by deed dated 28 Jan. 28 Eliz. [1586] enfeoffed Thos. 
Coie & Thos. Hickman & their heirs to the uses above set forth. 

The Manor of Harpsfield Hall is held of Chas. Morrison knt. as of 
the Manor of Parkburie by fealty & is worth per annum, clear, 
[xiij ?]/. yjs. vii](?. The messuage called the Halfe Moon is held of 
the king in chief by service of the 20th part of a knight's fee & is 
worth per ann. clear lO.s. The rest of the premises in S' Albans are 
together worth, per ann. clear xx5. viz. the messuage conveyed as 

abovesaid to Thos. WoUey vjs. viijf?., the messuage 

L^j*- '^ij'^-] ^ t^® messuages conveyed 

to Eobt. Wolley vjs. yiijd. The premises in Sandridge are held of 

[as of the Manor] of Sandridge by fealty 

& are worth per ann. clear, iijs. iii](^. The messuage iu Hitchin 
(tenure unknown) is worth per ann. clear ijs. The manor of Plenties 
is held of "Wm. Markham as of his manor of Flamstead by fealty & 
rent of xxviijs. per ann. & is worth per ann. clear xss. 

Said Eobt. AVolley died [9 ?] Jan. 45 Eliz. [1603] & Thos. AVoUey 
was his son & next heir & aged 30 years & more at his father's death. 
Said Thomas sou of Eobert died 9 June 6 Jas. [1608]. 

^Xavvxa^e gtceitces* 



July 8 Symon Faireclougli of Bps. Hatfield, ' sutor vestium,' 
bach"", & Christian Eeyuolds of same, maiden, orphan. 
At Whethampsted or Bps. Hatfield. 

,, 16 Thos. Halsoy of Throckinge, wid'', yeoman, & Mary 
Gutteridge of Kings Waldou, maiden, dau. of John 
Gutteridge of same. At Ayot S' Laurence or Whethamp- 

,, 17 Geo. Eugmore of Hitchin, bach'', baker, & Bridget Goard 
late of Islington, now of Hitchin, maiden, orphan. At 
Hitchin, Ilippollits or Kings Waldon. 

,, 18 Wm. Piiillips of Kings LaiigU\v, liusbundnian, wid"", & 
Joan Eoaclie of same, widow. At Kings Tjungley. 

,, 30 John Hilton of Yardloy, bacll^ husban(huau, & Grace 
Greene of same, widow. At Yai\lloy, Cottored or Eushdeu. 


Aug. 18 Henry Gibb of Bps. Hatfield, yeoman, & Eliz. Baker of 
same, maiden, dau. of Chrisf Baker. At Hartingfordbury. 

Sep. 10 Eichard Clarke of Digs well, bach^, yeoman, & Alice Hale 
of Datcbworth, maiden, orphan. At Wbetbampsted or 
ifA-i o Ayot S' Laurence. 

Jan. 15 Thos. Hurst of Kimpson, co. Beds., bach'', yeoman, & 

Judith Crawley of Hitchin, widow. At Offley or Lilley. 
,, 15 John Burrage of Baldock, wid"", & Helen Kinge of same, 

widow. At Baldock or Clothall. 
„ 27 Thos. Rattin of ClothaU, bach'', yeoman, & Eliz. Plomer of 

Baldock, widow. At Whethampsted. 
„ 27 John Eoberts of Bps. Hatfield, bacV, yeoman, & Mary 

Bigge of Sacombe, dau. of Wm. Bigge of same, yeoman. 

At Sacombe or Watton at Stone. 
,, 31 Nicholas Williamson of Bps. Hatfield, bach'", tailor, & 

Margt. Warrenner of same, maiden, orphan. At Bps. 

Hatfield or Hartingfordbury. 
Fob. 5 Edward Squire of Offley, bach'", blacksmith, & Anne 

Chawkley, maiden, dau. of Henry Chawkley of Offley, 

yeoman, aged about 20. Alleged by Edw. Squire. At 

Kimpton or Whethampsted. 
„ 14 John Hamond, bach'', yeoman, of WestmiU, & Mary Kirbie 

of Little Munden, widow. At Sacombe or Wellwin. 
Mch. 21 Eoland Parker of Kneb worth, bach'', carpenter, & Eliz. 

WeUs of Kings Walden, maiden, dau. of Iblanl:] Wells of 

same, wid. At Offley or HippoUits. 
„ 24 Thos. Orgar of Stevenage, bach'', 'sutor,' & Eliz. Stamer 

of same, maiden, dau. of Edw. Stamer of same. At 
1649 Stevenage or Graveley. 

Mch. 31 Eobt. Cocks of Watton at Stone, bachr, yeoman, & Joan 

Knott of same, maiden, orphan. At Watton at Stone or 

Little Munden. 
Apr. 14 Eich. Waterman of Wellwin, yeoman, & Helen Cliapman 

of Digs well, maiden. At Ayot S* Laurence, Ayot St Peter 

or Kimpton. 
,, 21 Eobt. Newman of Hinxworth, yeoman, & Sarah Bowlesse 

of same, maiden. At Hinxworth. 
,, 23 Geo. Awdley of^ Hitchin, bach', grocer, & Susan Hurst of 

Hitchin, maiden, dau. of Eliz. Hurst of same, widow. At 

Letchworth or Willion. 
„ 27 Chrisf Kuiglit of Hartford S' Andrews, wid'', & Helen 

Grave of same, widow. At Hartford All Saints or Bengeo. 
May 1 1 Wm. Bockett of Hitcliin, wid', & Mary Draper of same, 

maiden, orplmn. At Hitchin, lekleford, or Letclnvorth. 
„ 14 John Tarboxe of Bps. Hatfield, wid', & Winifred Pewterer 

of same, maiden, orplian. At Bps. Hatfield. 
,, 16 AVm. Skaumer of S' Pauls Walden, bach'', & Grace Welche 

of Kings Walden, maiden, dau. of Eobt. AVelcho of same. 

At Kings AValden. 

John Welche of Groat W^inondly, •wid'', & Joan Swansey 

of same, widow. At Gt. Wymdudly or Hippollit. 

E<lw. Mnnfeild, aged 29, of Hatfield, bach'' & yeoman, & 

Eliz. Watorton of same, maiden, dau. of [blaid] Watertou 

of Digswoll. At Bps. Hatfield or Sheuley. 




June 15 John Eeddall junT of Northmyms, hachr, & Grace Todd, 

maiden, dau. of John Todd of Sowthmyms, eo. Midd. At 

.,, 16 Thos. Hill of Northmyms, bach'', & Sarah Norris of same, 

maiden, dau. of Thos. Norris of same. At Northmyms. 
„ 16 Thos. Child of Shenley, wid"", & Eliz. Crawley of same, 

widow. At Whethamsted. 
,, 28 Bernard Eowlnest of Hinxworth, wid'', & Eliz. Knowle- 

waterof Ashwell, maiden, orphan. At Hinxworth or Clnthall. 
July 6 Graveley Hurst jun"" of Hitchin, wid'', & Frances Trustram 

of same, maiden, dau. of Laurence Trustram of same, 

maidtster. At Hitchin, Ickleford or Willion. 
,, 12 James NicoUs of Well win, bach"^, tanner, & Anne Miles of 

Watton at Stone, maiden, dau. of John Miles jun'' of same. 

At Watton at Stone or Aston. 
,, 14 Wm. Chappell of Hai-peden, wid'', & Agnes Bennett of 

same, maiden, oi-jihan. At AVellwin. 
,, 18 Matthew Hanscombe of Hitchin, bach'', & Anne Marshall 

of same, maiden, orphan. At Lille v, Ickleford or HipiioUit. 
„ 20 Wm.Bayford of Tewing-e, wid'-,'& JSih. Sawell late of 

Chesthunte now of Tewinge, widow. At Tewinge, 

Weston or Grraveley. 
,, 26 Josias Hobbs of Hitchin, bach'', & Mary Izard of same, 

maiden, daii. of Hannah Izard alias Draper of same. At 

Lilley or Steyenage. 
„ 26 Wm. Catlin of Harpeden, wid'', & Sarah "Wliitlocke of 

same, widow. At Whethamsted. 
Aug, 10 John Beeche of Flamsted, wid'', yeoman, & Frances Helder 

alias Spicer of Lilley, maiden, dau. of Eobt. Helder alias 

Spicer of same, gent. At Harpeden. 
„ 20 Wm.. Thurston of Easton, co. Hunt., & Anne Seuter of 

Hai-tford S' Andrews, widow. 
,, 27 Edw. Lucas of Ickleford, bach'', miller, & Eliz. Knott of 

Essenden, widow. At Essenden or Ba^-ford. 
Sep. 7 John Williamson of Bps. Hatheld, wid"'', & I)ionisia Deacon 

of same, maiden, orphan. At Bps. Hatfield. 
„ 16 Henry Edwards of Well win, bach'', & Anne Fryor of same, 

maiden, dau. of Autliony Fryor of Little AVymoudly. At 

Ayot S' Lawrence or Ayot S' Feter. 
,, 29 John Saule of Bps. Hatfield, bach'', & Eliz. Ivorie of same, 

maiden, dau. of Nich. Ivorie of same. At Ayot S* Laurence. 
Oct. 1 Thos. Catlin of Harpeden, bach'', & Eliz. NicoUs of san\e, 

maiden, dau. of Joan Nicolls, widow. At Wliethampsted 

or Hai-jieden. 
,, 16 Eich. Harper of Barkhampsted S' Feter, bach'', & Grace 

Halsey of same, maiden. At Whetliampsted. 
,, 22 Edw. Thorold of Bayford, bach'', gent., & Anne Walsall of 

Sandye, co. Beds, maiden. At Bayford. 
„ 22 John Darlinge of Hitchin, wid'', & Eliz. Johnson of same, 

widow. At Hitchin or Ickleford. 
„ 23 Geo. Kilbie of Lutdn, bach'', & Eliz. George late of Luton 

now of Ayot S' Laurence, maiden. At Ayot S' Laurence 

or Kimptou. 
, 29 Eobt. Biowne of Luton, wid'', & JIary Smithe of Hitchin, 

maiden, dau. of Fhilip Smithe of Luti)n". At Whetliampsted. 


Oct. 31 Eich. Kimpton of Aston, bach'', & Joan Dodkin of Datch- 

worth, maiden, dau. of [hlanlc\ Dodkin alian Saunders of 

Hippollits, Tvidow. At Datcliworth. 
Nov. 1 Thos. Ablett of Aldenham, ■wid'', & Joan Spencer of same, 

maiden, orphan. At Aldenham. 
,, 4 Geo. Renolds of Sowthmyms, co. Midd., wid'', & Frances 

Younge of NorthmjTns, maiden, dau. of Thos. Younge 

clerk. At Whethamsted. 
,, 8 Edw. Bawcocke of Little Barkhampsted, bach'', & Alice 

Vsher of same, maiden, dau. of Jo. Vsher. At sama. 
,, 26 Leonard Wrenn of Codicote, bach"", & Agnes Tuffnaile of 

Hitchin, maiden, dau. of [hhnk'] Tuffnaile, widow. At 

Hitchin or Hippollits. 
May 20 Thos. Hills of Hartford All Saints, bach^ & Mary Claye of 

same, maiden, dau. of Joan Claye of same, widow. At 

Hartford All Sts. 
„ 23 Eobt. Salter of Northmyms, bach'', & Anne Lowen of same, 

widow. At Northmyms. 
„ 30 Eobt. Purrye of Little Barkhampsted, bach^ & Eliz. Michell 

of same, maiden, dau. of [blan]c~\ Michell of Little Munden, 

husbandman. At Little Barkhampsted. 
June 1 Eobt. Harper of Wellwin, bach'", & Alice Wilkinson of same, 

maiden, orphan. At Great Wymondly or Ayot S* Peter. 
,, 7 Jas. Pryor of Ickleford, bach'', bricklayer, & Joan Bradwell, 

maiden. At Letchworth or Ickleford. 
Oct. 3 Thos. Greeninge of Wilsthampsted, co. Beds., clerk, & Amj- 

Suttell late of same now of Whethampsted, maiden, dau. of v 

Wm. Suttell of Wiltshnmsted, yeoman. At "Whethampsted. 
Nov. 2 Nich. Eugg of Hie Abbotts, co. Somerset, bach"^, yeoman, ^' 

& Anne Sellwood of Hatfield, maiden, dau. of Eliz. Sell- 
wood of same, widow. At Hatfeild. 
„ 15 Francis Mansfeild of Bramfeild, widi", & Alice Catlin of 

Tewinge, widow. At Ayot S' Peter or Stapleford. 
„ 25 Heuiy Inskip of Hitchin, bach'', & Judith Bradwell of 

same, maiden, dau. of Wm. Bradwell of Ickleford. At 

Hitchin, Ickleford or Letchworth. 
D^Q. 1 1 Wm. Izard of Weston, bach', & Ursula Fenuey of Clothall, 

maiden, dau. of Tho. Fenney of same, husbandman. At 

,, 16 John Clinton of Cottercd, yeoman, wid'', & Anne Kimpton 

of Weston, maiden, dau. of [llank'\ Kimpton of same, 

widow. At AVeston or Graveley. 
„ 24 John Farr of Hitchin, bach'", & Eliz. Clinton of Letchworth, 

maiden, dau. of John Clinton of same, yeonmn. At Letch- 
worth or HippoUit. 
,, 31 John Holmes of Lillcy, bachr, & Dionisia Bowstred late of 

Luton, now of Lille}-, dau. of {J)lank'] Bowstred of Luton, 

yeoman. At Lillcy. 
Jan. 3 Jonas Daniell of Hartford AU Saints, wid'', & Ehz. Kinge 

of same, widow. At Hartford All Sts. 
». 20 Samuel Halo of Codicoto, yeoman, & Beatrice Wilsliore of 

•oamo, maiden, dau. of Wm. Wilshere of same. At 




Jan. 31 Tlios. White of Hitchin, bacli«-, & Susan Peirce of same, 

maiden, dau. of Arthur Peirce of same, tailor. At 

Feb. 1 Tho. Campkin of Pirton, bach'', & Mary Man of same, 

maiden, dau. of Thos. Man of same, 'fabricator.' At 

„ 6 Tho. Dicenson of Harpeden, bachr, esq., & Eliz. Eudston 

of same, gentlewoman, wido'w. At Whethamsted or Ayot 

S' Laurence. 
Mch. 3 Eobt. Darlin of Gt. Munden, bach^ & Anne Corbye of 

Bennington, maiden, dau. of Anne Corbye of same, widow. 

At Bennington. 
„ 24 Salomon Waterman, bach'', of Gt. Parndon, co. Essex, 

wheelwright, & Emma Eickett, late of Little Parndon, 

CO. Essex, maiden, dau. of Thos. Eickett of same 

yeoman. At Hartford S' Andrews, Hartford All Sts. or 




Mch. 25 John Darlinge of Hitchin, wid^ & Anne Waterman of 
Ickleford, widow. At Ickleford. 
„ 29 Geo. Hawkins of Watton at Stone, bach'', & Maiy Gilberd 
of same, maiden, dau. of Ibhnk'] Gilberd of Graveley. At 
Apr. 25 Thos. Eayment of Bengeo, bach^ & Sarah Greene of 
Wilhon, maiden, dau. of Iblank'] Greene of same, widow 
At Willion. 
May 3 John Warren alias Wood of Hitchin, bach^ & Agnes Hurst 
of Hitchm, maiden, dau. of Geo. Hurste of same At 
Hitchin or Pirton. 

Henry Warner of Hitchin, bach^ & Isabel Hitchin of 
same, maiden, dau. of Edw. Hitchin of same, tanner At 
Pirton or Little AVymondly. 

John Spoure of methamsted, wid^, & Susan Brand of 
Essendon, widow. At Essendon. 
,, 31 Edw. Carte of Ayott S« Peter, bacliS & Judith Warde of 
Kings Walden, maiden, dau. of John AVarde of same 
At either place. 
June 7 Moses Pearpointe of Hitchin, wid'', & Agnes Gouldsmith of 
same, maiden, dan of Samuel Goldsmith of same, brewer 
At Hitchin or Gt. Wvmondlv. 
„ 21 Henry Docklee of Bps. Ilatfeild, bach^, & Eliz. Smith of 

same, maiden, orphan. At Wliethamsted. 
„ 21 Nathaniel Eussell of Datcliwortii, wid^ & Susan Khnptou 
of same, maiden, dau. of Eidi. Ivimpton of same, yeoman 
At Datcliworth, Aston or Staploford. 
„ 28 Edw. Foild of Ayott S' Peter, bacli'-, & Dorothy SueU of 

same, maiden. At same. 
„ 29 Eicli. Hatton of Bayford, bach<-, & Juditli Turner of same 
maiden. At Essendon, Little Barkliampsted or Bnyford ' 
July 3 Ilios. Wabye of AVlietliainsted, baeli'-, & Mary Wrio-lit of 
Kimpton, maiden, .lau. of Alice A\'rig]it «//,« Geor<re of 
same. At Bps. Hattidd, Wcllwin or Ilarpodoii 
" ^^ S^'^ Ivoberts of Aston, wid', & Dorotliy Jordan of 
b' Andrews, Hartford, widow. At Astou, I)atchworth or 


July 23 Thos. Watkins, bach'^, & Mary Eawlins, maiden, dau. of 

Joseph Eawlins of same. At Ayott S' Lawrence or 

St Hippollits. 
,, 24 Thos. Plunibe of Offley, bach'", & Alice Deermer of 

Walkerne, maiden, dau. of Thos. Deermer of same, 

yeoman. At Walkerne, Weston or Baldock. 
,, 27 Wm. Foster of WeEwin, husbandman, bach'". & Eliz. 

Chappell of same, -widow. At Whethamsted. 
Aug. 5 John Gootheridge of Kings Walden, bach'', & Sarah Godfrey 

of same, maiden, orphan. At Offley or Whethamsted. 
,, 7 Eobt. Eudd of Datchworth, bach'', & Sarah Welche of 

Tewinge, maiden, dau. of [blatik'] Welche of same, yeoman. 

At Willion or Bayford. 
Sep. 14 John Goode of Kneb worth, bach"", & Eliz. Mardell of same, 

maiden, orphan. At Ayott S' Laurence. 
,, 28 John Lucas of Hitchin, bach'', & Eliz. Watts of same, 

maiden, dau. of Thos. AVatts of same, maultster. At 

Hitchin or Gt. Wymondly. 
,, 30 John Slieppard of Pirton, wid"-, & Mary Feild late of Shit- 

lington, CO. Beds, maiden, now of Pirton, dau. of John Feild 

of Shitlington, yeoman. At LiUey, Offley or Kings Walden. 
,, 30 Eich. Dello-we of Hitchin & Mary Fawcett alias Artur, 

maiden, of Hij^poUitts, dan. of Judith Fawcett alias Artur. 

At Hitchin or Hippollits. 
Oct. 1 John Eandolphe of Willion, bach'', & Grace Knight of 

Weston, maiden, dau. of Geo. Knight of same, yeoman. 

At Weston or Letchworth. 
„ 7 Nich. Shittleton of Bps. Hatfeild, bach'', & Olive Marshall 

of same, widow. At Northmyms or Ayott S' Peter. 
,, 18 Eobt. Hale of Knebworth, bach^, & Grace Hale of Codicote, 

maiden, dau. of Eobt. Hale of same, yeoman. At Kneb- 

,, 20 John Warde of Sandridge, widr, & EHz. AVethered of Bps. 

Hatfield, maiden, dau. of Wm. Wothercd of same. At 

,, 23 John Carter of Gt. Munden, bach'', & Eliz. Earle of same, 

maiden. At Little Munden, Sacombe or Bennington. 
,, 26 Thos. Shcffeild of Hitchin, wid^, & Mary Campion of same, 

widow. At Hitchin or Gt. Wj7nondIy. 
Nov. 8 Geo. Beadle of Watton at Stone, wid^, & Eliz. Tilcocke of 

same, widow. At Sacombe or Staplefurd. 
„ 14 Edw. Spicer of Flamsted, tailor, & Anne Mouke of Hitchin, 

maiden, dau. of Susau Monke alias Hurst, wife of John 

Hiu-st. At Hitchin, HippoUits or Gt. Wymondly. 
Jan. 1 John Jordcn of Watton at Stone, wid^, & Eliz. HoUingworth 

of same, widow. At Sacombe or Little Mimden. 
,, 19 John Hawkins of Wellwin, bach'", & Frances Gouldsniitli 

of same, maiden, dau. of {_blank^ Goiddsmith of Hexton. 

At Ayott S' Peter or Datchworth. 
M -0 Wm. Coseu of Baldock, bach'", & Mary Laundey of same, 

maiden, dau. of Edw. Laundey of same, yeoman. At 

„ 26 Cadwallador EiddeU of Bps. Hatfield, wid', & Louria 

Tiddar of same, u.aidcu. At same. 


July 21 Isaac "Wallen alias Poulter of Hitchia, bachr, & Jane Gipson 
of Hitchin, maiden. At Gt. Wymondly. 
„ 24 Edm. Draper of Hitchin, bach"-, & Mary Trustram of same, 
maiden, dau. of Laurence Trustram of same, maultster. 
At Baldock or Letchwortli. 
„ 25 Robt. Graue of Baldock, bachr, & Susan Halle of Ware, 
maiden. At Weston, Bygraue or Graueley. 
Nov. 18 Tho. Huckle of Hitchin, bach^, & Mary Lucas, maiden, 
dau. of Eliz. Lucas of same, widow. At Hippollits, 
Stevenage, Gt. Wymondly or Little Wymondly. 
,, 24 Eobt. Eand of Hitchin, bachi-, & Mary White of same, 

widow. At Stevenage or Little Wymondly. 
Feb. 12 Thos. Heath of Stevenage, wid^ & EUz. Eeild of Walkerne, 
widow. At Wellwin, Hippollits or Little Wymondly. 
Apr. 6 Edw. Child of Codicote, bach^, & Frances Pajme of Datch- 

worth, maiden. At Whethamsted. 
May 1 Thos. Etheridge of Knebworth, bach'', & Susan Lawrance 
of same, maiden, dau. of. Mercy Lawrance alias Harrod of 
'•same At Whethamsted. 

Thos. Cocke of Baldock, wid', & Joan Arnold of Letchworth, 
widow. At Letchworth, Weston or Little Wymondly. 
Thos. Kitchin of Little Munden, bach'', & Anne WaUen 
alias Pulter of Hitchin. At Hippollits. 
Edw. Humberston of Hertford S' Andrew's, gent. & bachr, 
& Mary Gaddesden of Hitchin, maiden. At Hitchin, 
Stevenage, Hippollits or Miusden. 

Edw. Gregorie alias Redhead of Hitchin & Joan Cooper 
alias Godfrey. At Hippollits. 

John Cooper of Aston & Anne Eeade of Gt. Wjnuondly, 
maiden. At Gt. WjTnondly. 

Thos. Termer of Purton, bach^, & Judith Ansell, maiden, 
dau. of Edw. Ansell of Ickleford. At Hippollits or Gt. 

Henry Daldarne of Offley, bach'', & Anne Ansell of Ickle- 
ford, maiden, dau. of Thos. Ansell. At Ickleford, Gt. 
Wyuiondly or Letchworth. 

Thos. Pursey of Northmyms, bach'', & Alice Fyshe of same, 
maiden, dau. of Thos. Fyshe, gent. At Northmj-ms or 

Jasper Battell of Hitchin, bach'', «S: Eliz. Trustram of same, 
maiden, dau. of Laurence Trustram. At Baldock or 

Jas. Jopson of Staple Inn, London, bach"^ & gent., & Mary 
Oldfeild, maiden, dau. of John Oldfeild of Spaldinge, co. 
Lincoln, esq. At Ayott S' Laurence or Whethamsted. 
Edw. Wheatley of Eedborno, bach'', & Mary Chaundler 
of same, maiden, dau. of Anthony Chaundler. At Whet- 











Jan. 8 

Mch. 26 












^b6tt:act« iJf SiJiUs* 


I EEGISTEE " EAYMOND."— Continued feom Page 181. 

I f. 308. WILLIAM BAERE. {Undated). Bur<i at Barley; Daus. 

\ Kath. & Agnes Barre (under 28) ; Wife Clemente ; Son 

I Edmunde Barre (under 24) ; Dau. Grace Barre (under 28) ; 

1 Kinsman Valentine Thorougligood ; Wife extrix. AVit** : — 

Wm. Stanton minister of Barley, John HaUe & Thomas Hasell- 
wood. My dau. Katherine Barre's cliilde Anne by name. {Pr. 
at Ware 17 June 1582). 
f. 310. JOHN WALLEE of Sabridgwortlie, wever. {Bat. 20 July 
1581). Dau. Joyse (under 18); Bro. Geo. Waller ; My three 
sisters Marie, Jklargaret & Johan ; Michael Waller my father ; 
Bro. Geo. exor. Wit': — Geo. Cramphorne & Edw. Browne. 
{Pr. at Sabridgworthe 2 Sep. 1581). 
f. SIO^MAEGEEIE THEALE of Cockhamsted, psh. of Broughinge, 
■widow. {Bat. 9 May 1581). Buryat Broiighinge ; Son Tho. 
Theallo ; Messuage & lands in Aspeden (in occupation of Eogor 
Taylor) which I had by tlie gift & grant of one Margt. Griffe 
of London widow, sister & heir of one Barth. Jackson dec'i & 
Thos. Shepperd alias Touthe of London waxchandlor sou of the 
s<i Margt. Gryffo, by deed dat. 20 April 2 EUz. ; Son John 
Thealle; Lease of lands called Sanseho dat. 21 Juue 10 Eliz. 
made by Henry Stafforde of Aspeden, husbandman ; Heury 
StaSorde alias Downes of Aspeden late dec'' ; Dau. Margt. 
Pottrelle of Aspeden ; Dau. Marie Branfelde of Walkeliorue ; 
Thomas Leventhorpe & John GyUe esquires ; Lease of Cocham- 
sted held of s* Tho. Leventhorpe ; John Potrelle my daughter's 
son ; Sons Thos. & John exors. Wit^:— John Jcuingos & Eoger 
Earrington script. {Pr. at Sabridgforde 2 Sep. 1581). 
f. 312bEOBEET CHAIEE singlemau. {Bat. 3 Mch. 1580). BurJ at 
Chesthunte ; Sist. Aune Hoddosdou ; ]3ro. Thos. Chayro & 
Leonard & EHz. his childi^ (under 20) ; Eicli. Eafe of Loudon 
baker ; Uncle Eobt. Chayre of Chesthunte yeoman ; Thos. 
Stanes carpenter ; John Slielley my tenant ; ^ly bro. in \a\\ 
Thos. Hoddesdon oxor. Simon Eookes & Wm. Cordle tciuuits 
to the chief lord of customary lands of Chesthunte. Wif : — 
Symou Williams vicar of Clicsthunte. {Pr. 15 Feb. 1581). 
f. 313. THOMAS BENET of Ware, tilor. {Bat. 27 Feb. 1581). 
Bur-i at Widforde ; Sons John, Thomas & William & iny 
youngest son Nich^ ; Dau. Kath. ; Legacy to Gedelstou ; Wife 
Alice extrix ; Sou Tlios. overseer. AVit' :— Eaudalle Damporte 
gent., Wm. Elioto & John Bcunet. {Pr. at AVare 20 May 1581). 
f. 313*' THOMAS PETTE of Braugliinge. {XuHcupative. Bat. 1 o ^Ich. 
1581). Bur'i at 15rawliiugc ; Bro. Geo. Snape ; Sou Heiu-ie P-tt 
& dau. Eliz. Gierke. Wit^ : — Honrie Pott tholder, Eliz. llutchiiio 
& Agnes Carter. {Admon. to Heury iVtt 15 Mch. l.")Sl\ 


f. 314. MAEGAEET MAESHALLE of Braughinge, widow. {Bat. 6 
Aug. 23 Eliz.) Bur'i at Farnam in Essex next unto my late hus- 
hand ; Margt. my dau. Finton's child & the rest of dau. Finton's 
child", viz., Alice, Marie, Margerio & ^Martha ; Grace Awtriche ; 
My dau. Gardner's childfi, viz., John, "\Vm., Thos., Margt., Eliz., 
Jane, Anne & Susan ; My loving son-in-law exor. Wit' : — Eich. 
Barber & John Brooke. {Pr. at Bi-aughinge 6 Feb. 1581). 

f. 318. EOBEET CHAMBEELEN of Much Hormede, laborer. {Dat. I 
Sep. 1581). Sous Eras. & Walter exors ; Dau-in-law Joane Eum- 
bolde ; Bro. Thos. Chamberlen ; Sou William : Eras. Delawood 
gent, overseer. Wit' : — John Diason vicar of Hormede afores"*, 
Anth. Bawcocke & Eich. Jurden the younger. (Pr.HNov. 1581). 

f. 319. WILLIAM BEYGGES of Laiston, gent. {Dat. 15 Sep. 1582). 
Buryat Laiston; Son Wm. (under 21); Lands in Aspeden & 
Throckinge ; Son Arthur (under 21); Daus. Joone, Margt., 
Brygett & Anne (under 21 & unmarr^i) ; Bro. Chareles ; God- 
child'i Wm. Feild & Adame Hemyngwaye ; Wife Margt. & 
John Wattes the elder my bro-in-law exors ; Thos. Wattes my 
father-in-law & Jas. Bulton sujiervisors. Wit^ : — Lewys 
Eaynoldes, vicar of Laiston, Jas. Boulton, Thos. Wattes & 
Thos. Northajipe. {Pr. at Braughing 6 Oct. 1582). 

f. 320. JOHN CHAYEE junior of Chesthunt, syngleman. {Dat. 16 
Feb. 1582). Bur<i at Chesthunt; Sisters Alice, Susanne, Cath. 
& Margt. ; Mary Podmer ; Uncle Wm. Cocke ; Sist. Anne Tydye ; 
John & Eobt. sons of Eobt. Chayre my uncle ; Thos. Price the 
late husband of Eliz. Prj'ce my awnt late dec'i & his poore chil- 
dren; Sist. Anne Tydye extrix ; Sj-mon Williams & kinsman AVm. 
Chayre overseers; James Stevinges wife; Ground in Brokefild. 
Wits :— John Sterman, Wm. Cocke. {Pr. at Ware 29 Mch. 1582). 

f. 321i>JOHN GEAVE of Standon. {Dat. 8 Jan. 25 EUz.). Wife 
Agnes ; Son Edward ; Wm. Hampton & Eobt. his bro. ; Said 
wife & son exors. Wit^ : — Eice Barber, Eobt. Batte & John 
Huntman. {Pr. at Stansted Abbot 14 Feb. 1582). 

f. 3221' WILLIAM roSTEE of Ware, chaundler. {Dat. 8 June 
24 Eliz.). Bur<i at Ware ; Emme Foster ; Eliz. Foster ; Jane 
Foster; Jas. Foster (under 21); Agnes Foster; AVife extrix; 
Eich*! Vessey overseer. Wit'* : — Eich"! Vessey, John Thrikelt 
& Oliver Home. {Pr. at Stansted Abbott 25 Jan. 1582). 

f. 323b THOMAS CEOWCHE thelder of Lotceforde in psh. of 
Stondon. {Dat. 13 Mch. 23 Eliz.). M'' Bowman, curate of 
Stondon ; Wife Alice ; Sous Tliomas, John & Michael ; Wm. 
Taylor ; Dau. Joane ; Marie Hoye my daughters child & the 
rest of my daughters cliild" ; Sist. Margt. Boude ; Son Thomas' 
child" ; Son Thos. exor ; Eich*' Barbor & Geo. Crowclie overseers. 
Wit^: — George Crowche, John Bonde, Wm. Ponde & Heuiy 
Beche. {Admon. 25 Jan. 1582 at Stansted Abbot, to Thos. 
Crowche the oxor he having first renoimced probate). 

f . 325" ANNIS SKINGEGELL of Ware. ( Dat. 1579). Bm-J at Ware ; 
Dau. Joane Skinggoll ; Son Tlios. Skingells child" of Mattocks 
place ' whicli is in number six ' ; Son Eobt. SkingcU exor ; Joan 
Iklilos dan. of Jolm Miles the younger ' w<^'^ was y'^' child of Alice 
Miles y^' wit'o uf y"-' said John Miles.' Wit^: — John AVotsono, Eich. 
Beuyt, Eich-i Butler y<^ writer. {Pr. at Ware 29 Mch. 1582). 

To be Continued. 



^eet of $ine& fot* Qevtfovhsijive* 


(Continued from Page 179). 

1575-6. Hilary Term. 18 Eliz. 
♦Joan Feeld widow : Eich. Kympton & Grace his wife. Messuage 

in Studdeham, co. Herts. 
*Nich. Bacon knt, lord keeper: Geo. Herde & Eliz. his wife. 

Manors of Gorhamburye, Westwicke, Praye ciim Kingshurye, 

Abbotts Burye alias Kowletts Burye, Mynchinburye, Hores & 

Apseburye alias Napseburye & 50 messuages & lands in parislies 

of S' Albans, S* Peters, S' Michaels, & S* Steplieus in S' Albans, 

Barley & Barkwaye & the advowsou of the vicarage of S' Michaels. 
Edward Cason : John BoUe & Joan, his wife. Messuage & land in 

tlie town of Hertford. 
Eich. Kyrbie senior : "VVm. Plompton esq. Lands in Sacombe alias 

Wm. Wabie : John Darlj-ng & Joan his wife. Messuage & land in 

Codereth alias Cottred. 
Eich. Cranefield : John Bolle & Joan his wife. Messuage & land in 

the town of Hertford. 
Eich. Awncell : Thos. Copcot & Cecily his wife. Messuage & laud 

in Pyrton. 
Wm. Crane: Thos. Clarke & Beatrice his wife. Messuage & lands 

in Yardley & Coddred alias Cottred. 
' Mark Pearce & Eich. Turner : Geo. Bayford & Eliz. liis wife. 

Orchard & laud in Sabridgworth. 
Eich. Piatt : Thos. Brande & Constance his wife, Agnes Bradshawe 

Avid. & Margt. Boraston. Lands in Awdenham. 
Bastian Grace & Edw. Hardynge : Thos. Searo & Agnes liis wife, 

Wm. Fountayne & Joan his wife, AVm. Syewell & Mary liis wife, 

John Dagnall & Eliz. his wife, John Seare & Jane his wife & Alice 

Seare. A toft & lands in Northbarkamsteade, Aberye, Alberyo 

& Tryngo. 
Edmund Bardolfe esq: Thos. AppoweU & Margt. his wife. Two 

messuages & lands in AYethampsted alias Wethamsted & Herpdcn 

alias Herpendeu. 
Gilbert Stoughton : Hugh :ManteU gent. & Eliz. his wife, Henry 

Webbe geut. & Alice his wife, & Eich. Swyfto. Six messuages & 

land in S' Albans. Warranty against s^ Hugh & Eliz. & against 

the heirs of Stephen Carteledge dec^. 

1576. Easter Term. 18 Eliz. 

[TJw fed of fines for this term are missing.'] 

John Brockett esq : Eobt. Bagsha gent & Matilda his wife. Messuage 

& lauds iu North Mymmys. 
Nich. Hoc gent: John Pope geut. & AVm. Haudforte. Lauds iu 



"Wm.'Barfoote : Wm. Genyn & Anno his wife. Messuage & lands in 

Wm. Marshall esq: Thos. Pygram alias Peygrem alias Pygryme & 

Eliz. his wife. Three messuages & land in Ware. 
Wm. Hytch : Arthur Bi'eame esq. Nine messuages & orchards in 

Layston, Aspiden & Throokyngo. 
John Hamon : Arthur Breame esq. Messuage & lands in Westmyll. 
John Wright gent & Wm. Samwayes : Thos. Coke. Messuage & laud 

in Barley. 
Wm. Perles : John Cooe & Kath. his wife & John Hubberd & Joan 

his wife. Two messuages & land in Hytchyn. 
Edw. Kympton : John Phippos & Eliz. his wife. Lands in Weston. 
John Laurence : John Seward & Cecily his wife. Messuage in 

S' Albans. 
Wm. Joyse : Wm. Baron. Messuage & lands in Leyston, Alswyck, 

Great Hormead & Little Hormead. 
John Clarke : AYm. Copwood. Messuage & lands in Tateridge. 
John Cock : Edw. Brockett esq & Etheldreda his wife. Three 

messuages & lands in Watton & Wemsted. 
Eich. Gunne : Fras. Roberts gent. Messuage & laud in Ware. 
Thos. Gaskyn: Fras. Eoborts gent. Laud in Ware. 
John Harvey : Fras. Roberts gent. Messuage & laud in Ware. 
John Gadsden : Edw. Sauuder & Eliz. his wife. Messiiage in Hitchyn. 
Edm. Bardolf esq: Thos. Doggett & Alice liis wife. The fourth part 

of a messuage & lands in Harpeden & Whethamsted. 
Eich. Hale : Wm. Burgh knt. lord Burgh & Kath his wife. Manor 

of Kinges Waldeu & 12 messuages & lands in Kings Walden, 

Powles AValdcn & PoUetts. 

1576. Trinity Term. 18 Eliz. 
*Andrew Corbett knt, Geo. Bromley esq. & Thos. Treutham esq : 

Sampson Meverell esq. Manor of Inges & 12 messuages & 

lands in Inges. 
Henry Edmonds & Eich. Longe : Eich Carter. Messuage &: land in 

Eobt. Norrys : Wm. Norrys & Mary his wife. Two messuages & 

lands in Harjjeden. 
Wm. Davies : Thos. Chare. Messuage in Cliesthunte. 
Geo. Eobson : John Boole & Joan his wife. Land in Little 

Eich. Gierke: Edw. Cattelyn, Eich. Bywoi-tlie & Agnes his wife & 

John Mongke & Eliz, his wife. Messuage & lands in Kympton. 
Christr. Bales : Henry Cooke & Matilda liis wife. Messuage in 

Hoddesdon in psh. of Broxborne. 
Wm. Androwe gent. & Thos. Emery : Edw. Pultcr esq. & Mary his 

wife & Julian Hanchett widow. Twenty messuages & land in 

Anthony Throkmorton esq : Wm. Whitacres gent. & Joan his wife. 

Moiety of a messuage in Ware. 
Thos. Strayte : Bernard Brocas esq. Four tofts & lands in Kennes- 

wourth alias Caneswourth. 
Wm. Skipwitli esq : Ealpli Skipwitli geut, Edw. Skipwitli gent. & 

Hemy Skipwith gent. Manor of Newneliaiu & 20 messuages in- 
lands in Newneliam, Caldccott, Eadwoll, llinckcsworth & 

Asshewell, &- the rectory of Nowncham & tlio advowson of the 




Jas. Dowman gent. & Joan his wife : Wm. Skipwith esq. Manor of 

Newneham, etc. [a-? in previous fine. '\ 
Wm. Skipwith esq : Geo. Herde & Eliz. his wife. Manor of 

Newneham etc. [_as before^. 
Wm. Aylewarde & Joan his wife : Wm. Hewett. Messuage & lands 

in Shenley. 
Kich. Alexander & Thos. Webbe : Thos. Lane & Alice his wife. 

Messuage & lands in Eyckmersworth & Watforde. A settlement ; 

names John Lane one of the sons of s'^ Thos. & Alice. 

1576. Mich Term. 18 & 19 Eliz. 
*Christr. Ventam : Edw. Harman & Isabel his wife. Land in 

*Gerard Cosyn gent : Eich. Veale. Messuage & land in Watford. 
Philip Wingefilde : Eobt. AVarren & Isabel his wife. Messuage in 

Aide nh am. 
John Broke & Joan his wife : Thos. Lawghton & EUeu his wife & 
Henry Grj-me & Dorothy his wife. Messuage & land in S' Albans. 
Eich. Wryght & Thos. Bayland : Innocent Eede esq. Messuage & 

land in Eedborne. 
John Parmyter : Eich. Turner & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & laud in 

Sabrj'dgewourth idias Sapysworth. 
John Dowsett : John Dyer & Joan his wife. Messuage in Stortforde. 
John Eedewood : Henry Bellamye & Joan his wife. Messuage & land 

in Watford. 
Eobt. Dey gent. & John Plomer gent : John Brokett esq. Manor 
of Lee and two messuages & lands in Kympton & S* Pauls 
Wm. Tooke esq. & Alice his wife & Walter Tooke gent : Daniel 
Perrey. Messuage & lands in Esendon alias Esingdou & Bps. 
Hatfeld alias Kings Hatfeld. A warranty against Anne Fyssher 
mother of s'^ Daniel. 
John Jones : John Warren & Joan his wife. Cottage & land in 

Wm. Dodds esq : Ednnind Dardes. Messuage & lands in 

NorthemjTnes alias Northmyms. 
John Jardfeild : John AVTiippuH & Wm. Whippull. Two messuages 

& lands in Stortford. 
Clement Newce esq : John Mounson esq. and Margt. Thoralde widow. 
The 20th part of the manors of Byggyunes and Barwieks and of 1 
messuages & lands in Great Hadliam & Stondon. 
Wm. Dune, Wm. Autwissell, John Thorneton, Wm. Hunte, Joan 
Swallowe, Humph. Swallowe, Edm. Swallowe, Philip Antwissoll, 
AVm. Palmer, Edw. Woodshawe, John Austen, AVm. AValleys, 
Tlios. Smytlie senf, Eobt. Duxford & Tlios. Smytli juu'': Thos. 
CKnko & Beatrice his wife. Eight messuages & lauds in 
Eobt. Boll esq. & Steph. Thymylbyo esq: John Tufton csq.^ & 
Christian his wife & Tlios. AVylforde esq. & Mary his wife. Two 
parts of a third part of the manor of llockeuhaugor & Kympton 
(into three parts divided) & of six messuages & lands in 
Hockonliangor, Kympton, Drakelowe & Eedborne. 
Pliilip r>utlcr esq : Thos. Bradbcryc gent. *!c Dorothy las wife & Wm. 
Bradborye gout, brother of s'l Thos. Manor of Bardnles iS: 30 
messuages &: lands in Bardoles, Watton Astone, Bouyngton, 
Mundin, Sacon «S: Stableforde. 



1576-7. Hilary Term. 19 Eliz. 
*Eich. Smyth & Tlios. Smyth : Fitzralph Chamberleyne esq. & 

Dorothy his -wife, Eich. SkjTiwitli esq, Wm. Mallowes gent, Geo 

Ager gent. & Paul Popo & Ivath. his wife. Manor of Bechewood 

alias Beeheswood alias .Saynt Gylos in le Wood «S: 5 messuages & 

lands in Flampstede, Stodham & Gaddesden. 
Wm. Eussell alias Pearse : Anth. Throckmarton esq. & Kath. liis 

wife. Messuage in Ware. 
Eich. Fanner : Thos. Smyth & Joan his wife. Lands in Hounsden. 
Valentine Browne knt : Wm. Blytheman. Messuage & lands in 

Francis Godfrey alias Cowper : Wm. Godfrey alias Cowper & Josanua 

his wife. A third part of a messuage & lands in Lechewortli, 

Langley & Kitchen & of all tithes in Brokf Chappell alias Burleys 

Chappell in Leclie worth. 
John Gaselye: Eobt. Seibroke & Geo. AVaters & Eliz. his wife. 

Messuage in Hitchin. 
Henry Butler esq: Philip Butler esq. & Grisel Butler widow. 

Messuage & lands in Harpeden & Kenesbourne. 
Wm. Thorowgood: AVm. Phillipps & Frances las wife & Eobt. 

Gryifyn clerk. Two messuages in psh. of Broxborne. 
John Barowe: Henry Bowghe & Philippa his wife. Moiety of a 

messuage & lands in E3'ckmausworthe. 
Edw. Cason : John Bole & Joan his wife. Messuage in psh. of All 

Saints in Hertford. 
John Ewer: Thos. BoUamy gent. & Kath. his wife. Moiety of a 

messuage & lands in Shelney alias Shenley, Eydge & Chipping 

Thos. Clackson & Margt. his wife : Eich. Wright. Messuage in 


1577. Easter Term. 19 Eliz. 
*George Blythe gent. & Eras. Blythe g-ent : Henry Cheney knt. lord 

Cheney of Tuddyngton & Jane his wife. Three messuages & lands 

in Assheridge alias Asshorudge, Frethesden, Barkempstead alias 

Barkhamstead & Gaddesden. 
*Thomas Bromley esq. solicitor-general & Edmund Anderson esq : 

Jolm Fortescue esq. & Alice his wife & John AVarreuer & Kath. his 

wife. Ten messuages & lauds in St. Albans. 
Wm. How : Edmund Payiie. Messuage & lands in Kensworth. 
Andrew Grey esq : Eich. Bedell & Anne his wife. Messuage & lauds 

in Bennyngton. 
John Cogdell : Eobt. AYoodwarde & Frances his wife. Messuage & 

lands in AVatford. 
Edw. Bardolf : John Aunesley & Letice his wife. Messuage & lands 

in Eudge alias Eyggo. 
Edw. Baesho esq: AVni. AVakeham & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & 

lands in AVare & Newhall. 
John Skyngell : Thos. Jurnyman & Kath. his wife. Messuage in 

Eich. Gierke :^Edw. Hubbard gont. & Jane his wife. Two messuages 

& lands in Sabridgworth. 
Eich. Pcachio & Julm Howe : Henry Chauncy esq. & Jane his wife. 

Messuage & lauds in Gedlestou and Sapsford. 
John Brockett esq : Barth. Lane gout. Two messuages & lands in 

Hytcliiu, Laugloy, Mynsedon & AValdeu. 


Eobt. Grave & Frances his wife : Wm. Whitmore & Joan his wife. 

Two messuages & lands in Kennesworth. 
Edw. Betham : Hemy Eusley. Lands in Northmymes. 
Eich. Symons : Ralph Whytnall & Anne liis wife. Messuage in 

Nich. Whytle & Anne his wife : Eich. Whytle. Messuage & lands in 

Edw. Halfehide gent : Edw. Baeshe esq. & Jane his wife. Manor of 

Wakeloy alias Wakely & 4 messuages & lands in Wakeley, Aspedeu, 

Great Munden, WestmiUes & Leyston, & the rectory or chapel of 

Wimond Carye esq : Eich. Monke & Philippa his wife. Messuage & 

lands in Brent PeUham, Stockings Pellham & Furnys P(>llham. 
Thos. Whyttamore : Eich. Chamber alias Cliambers & Eliz. his wife 

& Thos. Foster gent. & Joan his wife. Nine messuages & laud in 

Eobt. HaU senior, Eich. Tredwaye, "Wm. Lee & Eobt. Dawbeney : 

Eobt. Hall jun. gent. & Anne his wife & Thos. Saunders gent. & 

Jane his wife. Manor of Pygotts & 10 messuages & lands in Stort- 

ford & Thorley. 

1577. Trinity Term. 19 Eliz. 
Fras. "Wetheryd: Thos. Partridge & Maiy his wife. Messuage in 

Barkhamstede Peter. 
Eich. Blysedale : Nich. Eylat & Margery his wife & Thos. Wedowes. 

Messuage in Broxborne & Hoddesden. 
Eobt. Grygg : Julian Home. Two messuages & land in Kennes- 
Clement Newce esq. & Mary his wife & Wm. Newce gent : 

Thos. Grymesdiche esq. & Eliz. his wife. Lands in Much 

John Comodall : Henry Marshall & Kath. his wife. Messuage & land 

in Buntyngford in the psh. of Absten [«(V]. 
Francis Wynche : Eobt. Stevyns & Kath. his wife. Land in 

Joan Smj-th widow : Thos. Newman & Bridget his wife. Two 

messuages in Stortford. 
Henry Standj'sshe : Eobt. Kyuwelmershe gent. & Anne his wife. 

Messuage & lands in Hoddcsdon. 
John Skynner & Thos. Skynuer : Edw. Denny esq. Eectory of Amwell 

& the advowson of the vicarage of Aiuwell. 
Wm. Cecill K.G. baron of Burghley &c : Jolm Hariugton esq. & 

Isabel liis wife. Messuage & lauds in Ckesthunte. 
Margaret Forster : John ^Eoorecoek. Messuage in Londuu Colney. 
Tlios. Wardc : Thos. Parkyns & Cecily his wife. IMessuage in 

John Mabbc son : Eich. Kyaaston & Margery his wife & Thos. Eyms. 

Messuage & land in Tatturidgo. 
Humph. Colly gout : John Cannon & Dorothy his wife. Land in 


1577. Mich. Term. 19 & 20 Eliz. 

[TVir feet of fines for this term arc missing.'\ 

*Thos. Forster gent : Eobt. Newys & Scolastica las wife. Mossuago 
& lands in Aldenham & Bussliie. 


Edw. Potton : "Wm. Skypwith esq, Edw. Skypwith gent. & Henry 

Skypwith gent. Manor of Had well & 14 messuages & lands in 

Eadwell & Norton, view of frankpledge &c. & the advowson of the 

church of Eadwcll. 
John Goodman gent : Eras. Eortescue esq. Manor of Cumberlowo 

Grene & a messuage & lands in Eussheden, Clothalle, Coterede & 

Wm. Burdall : John Morley. Two messuages & land in Eoyston. 
Ezechiel Eithe : Eras. Hayden esq. & Erances his wife. Six hundred 

acres of wood in AVatford. 
Eobt. Hare : Nich. Marshall & Adria his wife. Messuage in psh. of 

All Saints in Hertford. 
Eich. Yonge gent : Urias Verney esq. & Letice his wife. Nine 

messuages & lands in Barkhamsted, Northchurche & Hammel- 

John NicoU & Wm. NicoU : Eobt. Nycoll & Eliz. his wife. Messuage 

& land in Ilestrey. 
John Gladman : Wm. Edlyn & Cecily his wife. Messuage & land in 


1577-8. HQary Term. 20 Eliz. 
John Brockett knt : Thos. Burton & Alice his wife. Messuage & lands 

in North Mymmes. 
Thos. Ivorie : John Iverie. Lands in Kjmges Walden & Offeley. 
AVm. Brett : Thos. Saunders & Jane his wife. Messuage & lands in 

Eich. Cornewell : Gabriel Colston & Alice his wife. Messuage & lands 

in Chesthunt. 
Win. Brotherton: John Helye & Agnes his wife. Messuage in 

Eich. Birchemore : Walter Birchemore. Two messuages & lands in 

Eich. Peagrem : AVm. Eernesley gent. & Bridget his wife, John Brett 

& Thos. Brett. ISIessuage & lauds in Stondon. 
Eich. Pecock : Edm. Bardolphe esq. & Eliz. his wife 6c Eliz. Bardolphe 

widow. Manor of Laurans & G messuages & lands in Eedborne. 

A -warranty against the heirs of Matthew Cressey of Harpedcn esq. 

Henry Com-ngesbye esq. & Ehz. his wife. Barth. Dodes gent. & 

Charity his wife. Messuage & lands in Northemymes alias North- 

Thos. Golstou alias Bartelmewe & Anne his wife : AYm. Carter & 

Bridget his wife. Lands in Kyngeslanglc}-. 
Geo. Burgoino juu. gent : Geo. Burgoino sen. esq. & Dorothy his wife. 

Manor of Laniiock & 20 messuages & lands in Lanuock, Weston & 

Graveley & tlie rectory of AVestou &: the advowson of the vicarage 

of AVeston. 
Edw. Hyde : Edw. Halfoliide gent. & Anne his wife. Manor of 

AVakeley alias AVakcly & 4 messuages & lauds in AVakcley, Aspeden, 

Cottered, Great Mumion, AVestmyll & Loyston & the rectory or free 

chapel of AVakeley. 
Nich. Brokott esq : Tlios. Appowell & Margt. his wife. Lauds in 

llarpenden & A\niotliaiupsted. 
Martha neigham widow : Thos. Clero esq. & Anne his wife iS: Edw. 

Lewkeiior esq. ^: Suzan Ills wiio. Manor of Southall & messuage it- 
lands in Great Gaddesdeu & Hempsted. 


1578. Easter Term. 20 Eliz. 
*Eich. Smj-th & Thos. Smyth : Eich. Skypwyth esq. & Mary his 

wife. Manor of Bechewood alim Bccheswood alias Sayut Gyles in 

le Wood & 5 messuages & lands in Flampstede, Stodham & 

Edw. Woodshawe : Wm. Antwyssell. Messuage & land in Cothered. 
"Wm. Pomford : John Blo-we & Joan his wife. Messuage & laud in 

John Somor : John Grave & Alice his wife. Two messuages & land in 

Hodesdon in the psh. of Broxborne. 
Thos. Goddard : Thos. Smythe & Ellen his wife. Lands in Longe- 

marston & Trynge. 
Ealph Perrye : Geo. "Waller. Land in Sabridgeworthe. 
Henry Cocke knt : Eobt. Kynwelm'she gent. & Anne his wife. Lands 

in Broxborne & Wormier. 
Mark Pearce : Geo. Bayford & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & land in 

John Westwood : John Hyll & Anne his wife. Messuage & lands in 

Wm. Sherewood : Thos. F^Tiche & Eliz. his wife, & Edw. Fynce & 

Margaret his wife. Two messuages & lands in the town of St. 

Humph. Corbett gent. & Anne his wife : Wm. Parker. Manors of 

Overhall & Vpwickhall & 20 messuages & lands in Gelston, Over- 
hall, Vpwickhall, Aldbury, Stretford, & Little Haddan^. 
AYm. Grace senior : Thos. Smyth & Ellen his wife. Lands in AVilles- 

thorn, Longmarston, & Tryng. 
Wm. Curie gent. & Frances his wife : Thos. Pygott gent. Four 

messuages & lands in Busshopps Hatfyld alias Hatfyld Eegis & 

Wm. Snowe : Thos. Sauuders gent. .S: Jane his wife. Lands in 

Himiph. Jfeade & Anne liis wife : Michael Meade & Eliz. his wife. 

Two messuages & lauds in AVare. 
John Arnold : Wm. Skypwytli esq. & Frances his wife, Edw. Potton, 

Edw. Goodes & John Kent. Five messuages in St. Albans. 
Eouland Hayward knt : Wm. Skypwyth esq. & Frances his wife. 

Manor of Eadwell & 14 messuages & lands in Eadwell & Norton & 

the advowsou of the cluircl^of Eadwell. 
Jolin Sybtliorp & Samuel Perry : Francis Porter & Love his wife. 

Thro(> mi^ssuages in Sabridworth. 
TIk.s. ;Morys()n esq. : Wm. Hyde esq. & Eliz. liis wife, Leonard Hyde 

^ont. & George Hyde gent. Manor of Danyells & 20 messuages & 

lauds in Sandon, Eussheden & AVallyugtou. 
E'hv. I'tnnlo jun. & Tlios. Peede son of said Edw. : John Tufton es(]^. & 
Christian liis wife. Tlio third part of the numor of Hokenhauger 
i'//i/< Kvnipton & of 4 messuages & lands in Kympton, Barklowe & 
E.'d borne. 

To be Continued. 


^Ijuvcl) ®ervter«» 


A true & pfect Terrier of all the glebe Lanrles tv*^ the t}i;hes 
rentes & emoluments belonging to the Eectorie of Caldecott in 
y« Countie of Hertford & Diocess of Lincolne made the 1 2'*' of 
April An° D"' 1638 by vs whose names are here vnder written. 

Inp'mis the psonage howse & yearde w'^ a barne a stable a hayhowse 
& another outhowse at the end of that w'^ a garden before y« howse 
& a backside behinde the barne & ye other outhowses, the plott of 
ground being in aU by estimation about the Quantitie of three 
roodes of grounde tying on the north side of the Chui-ch & compassed 
about on every side w^^ higli wayes save only on the west side lyeth 
the Cottage ground now in y!> Tenure of AVillm Starre. 

Ite a pightell called the h)ng pightell lying betwixt Slattes grove in 
ye Tenure of Oliver Eush on the west & the farme yeard in y^ Tenure 
of John Paine on the East. Also another called the little pightell 
at the South end of that liaveing the Saffron ground in the Tenure 
of Oliv Eush on yf East & compassed on yp other sides w"i high 
■wayes, both of them being by estimation a roode of ground. 

Item in the Eieldes Betwixt the Middfield AVay or Maybush balk 
& the way to Newnham in the red field In the Shott next 
Newnliam an half acre lying betwixt y^ land belonging to Nen-n- 
ham Berrie on the East & the middle Farme land in y« Tenure 
of John Paine on tlie West. In the Shott at the North end of that 
An half acre betwixt Newnham Berrie land on the East & the 
Middle Fai-me land in y^ Tenure of Jolm Pain on y^ West. Another 
half acre betwixt the middle farme land on the AVest & the Little 
Farme and also in y" Tenure of John Paine on the East. And 
another lialf acre betwixt the middle Farme land on the "West & the 
Newnham Berrie land in Tenure of Oliv. Eush on the East. 

Ite in the "Willow Furlong at y^ North end of that A roode & half 
betwixt the Middle Farme land on the East And the Little Farme 
land botli in y^^ Tenure of John Paine on the AVest. Al>:o an half 
acre there betwixt y" middle Farme on the AA^est & Newnham Berrie 
land in tlie Tenure of Oliv. Eush on yf East. An anotlier lialf acre 
there betwixt Newnhani Berrie land on the East & the Little Farme 
land in y<' Tenure of Jolm Paine on the AVest. 

Itt" in Sliott at y-' North End of that An lialf acre by the ballv betwixt 
Newnham Berrie land on the AVest & Caldecott Berrie laud in 
ye Tenure of Oliv. Eush on the East. An another lialf acre in the 
same Shott the middle farme land in the Tenure of John Paine 
lying on both sides. 

Ite in y<= Sh<nt at y-' North end of that & butting vppon the Maybush 
balk a roode vt half lying betwixt Newnliu Berrie land in y'' Tenure 
of Oliv. Eush on the West & the middle Farme land in yc Tenure of 
Jolm Paine on the East. 

Item a long roode gocing through both these Sliotts downe to the 
Maybush balk betwixt the middle Faniio land on the AVest & the 
Little Farme land on tlie East. 


It. in the Marsh corner an half acre betwixt the Middle Farme land 
on the South & the little Farme land on the North both in y'' Tenure 
of Jolin Paine. Also an half acre of Swarde lying vndor tlio hedge 
on the North & tlie Middle Farme land on the South. 

It. in the Clave. A roode & half at y'^ Townes end the middle Fai-rae 
land in y" Tenure of John Paine lyeing on both sides. 

It. a roode in y^ Shott at end of that betwixt tlie middle Farme land 
on the west & the little Farme land on the East in y^ occupatio of 
Joh. Paine. 

It. an half acre butting vppon the headland lying along bj' the Fitch 
close side betwixt Newnhara berrie land in the Tenure of Oliv. Rush 
on the North & tlie little Farme land in y<' Tenure of Joh. Paine on 
the South. 

It. a I'oode & half being a pickt headland to some part of the 8 acres 
piece of Caldecott Berrie land in y*' Tenure of Dliv. Push on the South 
& the little Farme land in y<^ Tenure of Joh. Paine on the North. 

Item in the White Field betwixt the Middfield way & Ashwell field on 
Backworth hill side. A roode & half lying betwixt Caldecott Pierrie 
land on the East & the Little Farme land on tlie AVost. An half 
acre in the same shott lying betwixt y'^ Middle Farme laud on the 
west & the little Farme land on y'^ east. An lialf acre more in 
y'^ same Shott betwixt the Middle Farme land on y« East in the 
Tenure of Joh. Paine & Newnham Berrie land on y<^ west in 
y« Tenure of Oliv. Push. 

It. in the Short Furlong that lyes along by Ashwell field side. An 
half acre, the Middle Farm land on both sides. 

It. in ye Furlong below that butting vppo Ashwell field. An half acre 
lying betwixt Newnham Berrie land on the North & the middle 
Farm laud on the South. 

It. in the Furlong below that Butteth \i)pon Newnham waye an half 
acre h-ing betwixt Newnham Berrie laud ou the East & the middle 
Farme land on the West. 

It. in y^^ Furlong vppo the White hill an half acre betwixt Newnhii 
berrie land on the South & on the North. 

It. in y^' Furlong w* lyes on the west side of that an half acre betwixt 
Newnham Berrie land on the west iS: the middle Farme land on the 

It. in the Furlong w"^!' lyes at the South end of that. An acre butting 
on y-" west against the Bush standing on the Middfield way & lying 
betwixt the middle Farme in y<^ Tenure of Joh. Paine ou the Nortli & 
Newnham berrie land in y-' Tenure of Oliv. Push mi the South. Also 
another half acre in the same shott beh)w lying betwixt the Newnham 
borrie land on the South & the middle Farme land on the North. 

All the laud on both sides these foresayd pareells is the Iiiheritaiue of 
Pifh. Hale of Tewin in y^' Countie of Hertford Gentleman. The 
laudes of Caldecott Berrie & Newnham Berrie meutioned in this 
M-litHlul.^ are all in the tenure at this time of Oliv. Push of Caldecott 
\ the landes belonging to both the other two fariues in the haiules 
of John Paine of the same pisli. 

Mureov.'r there is belonging to the sayd Pectm-ie a rent of sixtecMie 
sliillinges p nnnu issiueing out of the psouage of Ilinxortli & hath bin 
payd time out of iiiinde by the psons of HinxW(U-th lic their d-'putifs 
or Ti'miants in liew of the tyth of a certaine co]ipie hold of V nmubor 
of thirtie acres or thereaboutes belonging to the Lordshipp of Calde- 
cott though lying disppod among the lieldes of Iliuxwiu-tli. 



Lastly all the tythes ariseing of grass & graine in the sayd pish 
excepting those landes belonging to Newnhara Berrie w<='> formerly 
■were alienated & given to y« Abbie of S' Albanes. All small tj-thes 
as of pigges calves egges hempe fruite &c. The Custome for milch 
cowes is fourepence a piece for ghost cowes twopence for lambes 
whose number amountos not to a tyth fourepence a piece & for 
■weaneling calves but half pence. 
There belongeth also to the sayd psonage the goring of t-wo calves in 

the Common & the custome of paj'ing twopence for eveiy plowe. 
And for testimonie of the trueth of all this wee have subscribed our 

Tho. Marshall rector. 
Oliver Rush 
John Paine 

William Starre churchwarden, 
his X marke. 


A terryer of the glebe-land belongeinge to the parsonadge of 
Clothall [1638]. 

Inprimis one Close of pasture on the South side of the house beeing 

8 acres more or less one pytell on the East side of the house beeinge 

one rood more or less. 
Before the parsonadge gate 12 acres land by the way goeinge to 

Vnder the Church yard hedge 2 acres laud. 

Vpon the Church hiU 2 acres land buttinge vpon Quixswood Church path. 
Ashanger Feild. In Ashanger feild 2 acres by the hollow way goeing 

fro the farme to Baldocke. 

In the same feild 3 half acres butting on the sayd 2 acres from the 

top of the hill. 

At the East end of the other, 3 halfe acres on the top of the hill. 

In the bottom 5 acres buttinge into Maultnians wave. 

Item 3 acres buttinge on the way goeinge from AVeston to Eoyston. 
Birds hill. Item 2 acres butting vpon the warren hedge. 

2 halfe acres buttinge into the way from tho Burvstood to Baldocke. 

3 haKe acres buttinge on tlio Northcnd of Hawthorne bake. 

6 acres on the Sowtheast side of Steepington hill butting on the top 

of the hiU. 
Beyond Butlers way 9 acres buttinge into the wav goinge into 

Clothall end. 
Itoni 2 acres buttinge into the way at Baldocke Townseiid. 
In Quixswood feild 1 acre butting -v^ion the long walko liodge. 

Item 3 lialfe acies in the next shott, Quixwood land on every side 

of it. 

1 acre buttinge into AVallington way to Baldocke. 

3 lialfe acres lyeinge vndor the East end of the penus. 
In WilJgoose feild 3 acres in tho bottom Quixswood land on every side. 

2 acres butting vpon the way fro Baldocke to Eoyston. 
2 acres in Bigsdell bottom butting vpon Poulters" way. 

James Graue, Curat. 

Tliomas Searle, Churchwarden. 

Hen. X Pollard. 




REGISTEE III.- CoxTi-sUED from Page 159. 

f. STi* ALICE BIJSHE of Barchamstede Peter, -widow. {Daf. 15 
Aug. 1583). Bro. Thomas; Bro. Francis Prior; Mj mother; 
Sist. Margeret of London ; Cous. Eliz. C'atlyn ; Bro. Francis' 
wife ; Bro. Francis' daii. Dorathye ; Eich. Catlyn ; Frauncis 
Catlyn a mayde ; Thos. son of Wm. Prior; Bro. Wm. ; Sist. 
Dorathye ; Margt. Nicholas ; Eich. Bushe ; Legacy to poor of 
Flamsted ; Bro. Francis exor ; Bro. Thos. Prior overseer. 
Wit' :— John Michaell AUexaunder curat, John AYhelpley, John 
Turner, Goodwif Dagnall & Thos. Chappell. (Pr. 10 Oct. 1583). 

f. STb JOHN WEEN of Tharfield. {Dat. 10 Sep. 1582). Bur. at 
Tharfield ; Wife Agnis ; Dau. Alice now wife to John HoUve ; 
Geo. Hollye son of s^ Alice (under 21); Eachaell & Marye 
HoUye daus. of s<i Alice ; Dau. Eachaell now wife to Eich. 
Trundeye & her two child" ; George my youngest son ; Eldest 
son Thos. Wren ; Wm. Wren grandfather to s Thos. ; Lauds 
in Old hill in psh. of Tharfield; Eobt. Glawdin & Daniel 
Eayner ; Son Geo. exor. TT^ii' :— Thos. Wvnn, Rich. Evsleye, 
John Ankell & Jeames Bramfield. {Fr. 23 Jan. 1583-4).' 

f. 38b WILLIAM HAAYSE of Liffnahell in psh. of Yardlye, yeoman. 
{I>at. 3 Aug. 1583). Bur. in Y'ardloy Church '"neere vnto 
thende of tlie seate wher I rsed most comonlye to syt ' ; Legacy 
to poor of AYalcon; My daughters childi viz. Edw. Haraond, 
Wm. Norton, Eliz. Noi-tou, Anne Norton 6L- Marve Norton ; 
Bro. Thos. Hawse ; Tlios. Blowse & Alee liis wife ; Henrv 
Hubberd &- Anne his wife ; Wm. Baker ; Eobt. Watson my 
shepard ; Servants John Campion, Marke AYarren, Margt. 
Tliurlyo & Jane Preston ; Sist. Eliz. Lane & her daus. Eliz. & 
Jone Laue ; Thos. Austen my sisters son ; EUeu Halfliyde my 
sisters dau. ; Mary Shotbolt dau. of Jeames Shotbolt of'Luifvn 
Hall deed ; AYm. Norton gent. & Jeames Sliotbolt of Munues 
exors ; Thos. Sliotbolt of Yardlye esq. & Eobt. Tattersole clerk, 
vicar of Y^ardloy, overseers. JHt' :— Thos. Shotbolte esq., John 
Lane, Thos. Blowse .<t Eobt. Tatterson [-''Vl vicar of Y'ardlev. 
(P^'. 23 Jan. 1583-4). 

f. 39. JOHN COWDON of Boorue in psh. of Boveingdoii, laborer. 
(Bdf. 13 Aug. 1583). Bur. at BoA-inydou ; Tlios. Bvogins of 
Homelliemsted, lab'-; Mv wife. 7r/^':— Henry Maviio gout., 
AAm. Coop, Wm. Southou & Eich. Grover. (iV. 9 Oct. 1583\ 

f- 39. IIAEEYE PAl'NE of Hein.>lhemsted, liusbandmau. {D<if. 
<; Sep. 1583). AYiu., Eobt., Tlios. & John mv 4 sons; John 
'Vuuo & Joliu Godfrye uvorseers ; Daus. Anvs & Eli/abetli ; 
, All abovo-Tiamed cliild" under 15); Son Francis ; Wife Ayues 
extrix. //7/^:— Thos. Howe, John Pope, Jolni Stone, John 
Godtroy & Wm. Dolte. {J'r. 18 Nov. 1583). 


f. SQt ROBERT LOSTRIQE of tlie town of Hertford, locksmith. 
{Dat. 18 Sep. 1583). Bur. at All Saints, Hertford ; Son Wm.; 
Daus. Joane & Anne ; Wife Joan extrix. WiP : — Henry 
Dighton, Thos. Lawrence, Edw. Eason, Cutbert Stevenson, 
Edmund Gravenor. Item my lord of Hunsdon owetli to mo 
for worcke y' was done to the vallue of xlj.s. jd. ob. (Pr. 30 
Oct. 1583). 

f. 39b WILLIAM BRUSTER of Essendon. {Dat. 1583). Bur. at 
Essendon ; Wife Joan ; Dau. Annis ; Sons John, Francis, 
Ralfe, Thos. & Wm. ; Dards my sister ; Son John exor ; John 
Bunchleye overseer. Wit'< : — John Buncldeye, Thos. Gyles, 
Edw. Bruster & Rich. Butler. (Pr. 19 Mch. 1583). 

f. 40. JOHN HUDNOLE of Noi-thbarckhmsted, Mary alias North 
church, yeoman. {Dat. 22 Apr. 1581). Bur. at Northchurch ; 
Sons Wm. & John ; Dau. Mary Blacknell ; Susan Hardinge ; 
Son John's 3 child° ; Dau. Alice Dover's child" ; Thos. Doggats 
child" ; Geo. & Joane Hai-dynge ; Legacies to Barkhmsted 
Peter & Alburye ; Wife Sybbell; My two sons Henry the 
elder & Henry the younger exors ; Wm. Cocke & Henry Heare 
the younger overssers. JF?Y':— John Whellple, Thos. Hicman, 
Henry Erie. {Pr. 8 May 1583). 

f. 40. AWDRYE RUSIILIE of Northmymes ' beinge sicke one her 
death bedd 24 December 1583 sent for the minister there to 
come to her but her death drew one so fast that when he saw 
there was not tyme enougli to wright her will he exhorted her 
first to prepare her selfe towardf god and next he sayd thus 
vnto her, Mother Rushley to whom will yo geue yo'' goodf , she 
mode hym aunswer sayiuge, to Harrj-e, liauinge thus sayd she 
spake no more & so died w*Mn two howers after.' (Pr. 23 Jan. 

f. 40^ WILLIAM BYSHOPP of Great Tringe, yeoman. {Dat. 23 
July 25 Eliz.). Rich. Cooke; John Feild my sisters son; 
Rich. Beason my sisters son ; Rich. Atkj-usonno ; Godson Wm. 
Grigorie; Goddau. Anne Byshopp ; Godsdu Wm. Feild; Rich. 
Baldwin my wife's son ; Godson Poole Tokefeild ; Godson Wm. 
Garrett ; Jane Baldwyno ; Jolm Norton my wife's son ; Elsabeth 
Norton ; Daniel Feild ; Goo. Feild ; Margt. Byshopp & Joane 
Garret my daus. ; Tilths. Garrett & dau. Margt. Byshopp exors ; 
John Blachead overseer. TFif : — John Blacliead & Wm. 
Blacheade. {Pr. 23 Jan. 1583-4). 

f. 41. EDWARD HUDDLE tlielder of Aldenliara, veonian. (Pat. 
27 Feb. 1583). AVife Eliz.; Son Thos.; Lands in Great 
Busshoy; Son Edward; Dau. Constaunco ; Eliz. & Joane daus. 
of Rich. Grubb late dec^ (under 21) ; Son Win. exor; Robt. 
Wickf and Tlios. Briskoe overseers. U'its: — Tlios. Golston 
all. Bartylmew vicar of this iiishe, Robt. Wickf, Thos. Briskoo, 
Humph. Lucke i.t Thos. Briskoe. {Pr. 30 Oct. 1583). 

f. 41b EICIIARD PIGGOT of Hatfild esq. one of hor ma«i'-'^ Jontle- 
men vshers. {Dnf. 14 Apr. 1583). Bur. in ILitiild church 
' before tlie place I doe sitt in tlio same cliunh ' ; Mr. ]\[ountford 
preacher ; Cous. Wm. Ilumt'orstoue of Rail'ord co. Xott. gent. ; 
Cons. Robt. Coop ; Sons-in-law Peter Boron & Paule lioron ; 
Cous. Thos. Pigott gent. ; My scale of armes ; Cous. Rich. 
Pigotte sou of s^l nepli. Tlios. Piggott ; Sorv' Thos. Groeue ; 


John Piggot ' now in my house who I haue brought vp ' ; Cous. 
Fulke Onslowe esq. ; A grant of certain of her ma'''=' lands in 
the counties of York, Bedf . & other places ; Said Fulke exor ; 
Friend Wm. Curie gent, overseer ; Mistress Martha Scott ; 
My dau-in-law the wife of Peter Boron ; Susan Bacon ; The 
wife of s^ Wm. Curio ; Wm. Tooke esq. & his wife ; John 
Hakes; Greo. Bigge ; Wife Eliz. TFiY' : — Paule Boron, Kobt. 
Coop, Wm. Streate, Caddwalader Tyders, Wm. Waight. {Pr. 
27 Feb. 1583-4). 
f. 42b JOANE AUDLYE of Hitchin, widow. {Dat. 14 Mch. 1581). 
Bur. at Hitchin ; Dau. Joane Audlye ; Sons Wm. & John ; 
The signe of the Cocke in Hitchin ; Dau. Agnes AVilliams & 
her child" James & Joane ; Dau. Eliz. Coop & her child"! . 
Son Eobt. Papworth & his child^i & Wm. his son ; Wm. 
Audlye my last husband ; Jeames Tydyo of Dunstable ; The 
Water Close at Cholton in psh. of Hitchin & Busshey leaes ; 
Kings pownd close & the tenement Rich. Blocke dweUeth in ; 
Son Wm. Audlye exor; Son Eobt. Papworth & friend Mr. 
Thos. Parrys overseers. TFiP : — Thos. Parrys, Mich. Longe, 
Thos. Saye notary publique, Eich. Coop, AVm. Audlye, John 
Audlye, Eobt. Venables. {Pr. 6 Feb. 1583-4). 

f. 43. JOHN NEWMAN of Westmyll, maltman. (Dat. 14 June 
1583). M'' Bowman vicar of Stondon ; Alee wife of Thos. 
Lewes, Margerye wife of John DeUow my daus. ; Margt. New- 
man, Kath. Newman & Jane Newman dans, to Geo. Neweman 
my late son dec<i ; Alice late wife of a^ Geo. my son & John 
Newman her son & Geo. & Wm. his bro^; House & lands called 
Betones ; John Eeanolds, Danyell Eeanolds, Joane Dellow & 
Mary DeUow child" of s'l dau. Margery ; Sist. Joane Turner ; 
Alice Newman extrix ; John Bird supervisor. TFit^ : — John 
Byrd, Jeames Crofte. {Pr. 18 June 1583). 

f. 44. EDWAED NOETH thelder of Tuinge, yeoman. {Dat. 4 
Nov. 1582). Bur. at Tuinge; Wife Eliz.; Son Edw. ; My 
farm called Mereden ; Sons Oliver, Hugh & Wm. ; Dau. Eliz.; 
Wm. Michell ; Serv' Edw. Nashe ; John Fesante ; Joane 
Fesant ; Thos. Mounford ; Lease of Tuinge burye ; House at 
Church end where John Battell now inhabitetli ; Lease of sucli 
woods as I have of Eliz. Bardolfe & Edmund Bardolfe in 
Dacheworth, Wellwen, Watton Atstoue, Brentfild & Tuinge ; 
Tenement in tenure of Lewes Treherno on the south side of 
Over green ; Lytle Otymcr ; Tenement called Makynes ; Sons 
Edw. & Wm. exors ; Wife Eliz. overseer. /F^Y';— Edw. North 
senr, John Thorogood, Ohvcr Chaubroke, Thos. Dightou. {Pr. 
10 Apr. 1583). 

f. 45. JOHN TYTMOS of Wallingeton, bach''. {Dat. 14 Jan. 1583-4). 
Bur. at Wallington ; 'To the Common Well nxd.' ; My fatlier 
& mother ; Bro. Wm. Tytmos ; Bro. Lawrence Tytmos & liis 
son Edw. ; Bro. Eich. ; Bro-in-law Anthony Buckhouso & my 
sister Annis his wife & their dau. Luce ; Sisters Joyce & Margt. ; 
Sist. Aico Eayment & her 3 child" ; IblanJ:] Myllos of Baldocko ; 
John Ballawbye of Clothall & his cliild"; Two poor men of 
Newnam viz : — Eobt. Sive & Hunipli. Frost ; John Glauuliold 
alias Ncuell exor. IHt^ : — John Pichos, AVm. Glover ah. Tomsou 
& Henry Howe, clerk. {Pr. 9 Apr. 1584). 


f. 45b JOHN SEBEOCKE of Harpden. {Bat. 5 Apr. 26 Eliz.) 
, Bur. at Harpcdon ; Wife Eliz. ; Son Edw. ; Dans. Alice, Eliz., 

Kath. & Joauc ; Son Eicli. ; Dau. Amye ; Item I owe at the 
White Hart vjs. \\i]d.; Bro. Law. Heyward of Redborne; 
Wife & son Edw. exors ; ]3ro. AVm. Michell overseer. Wit^ : — 
AVm. Michell, John Flower & Marke Stubbinge script. {Fr. 
30 Apr. 1584). 

f. 45b JERRAM WELLS of Great Gadsdon, yeoman. {Dat. 3 Jan. 
1583). Dau. Avvs Wells (under 16); Wife Joane extrix. 
TFit^ : — Thos. Wells, Geo. Rooste & Wm. Baylie. {Fr. 30 Apr. 

f. 46. JOHN WHITE of Hitchin, coUermaker. (Bat. 2 Nov. 1584). 
Bur. at Hitchin ; Sons John & Edward ; AVife EUyn ; Friend 
Edw. Marshall overseer ; Kath. Oncle my daughters dau. ; 
Annys Vncle ; Edw. Dyer. WiP :— Edw. Audlye, Edm. Symes, 
John Dermor, Edw. HaU & Wm. Abbott. (Pr. 14 Jan. 1584-5): 

f. 46. WILLIAiil COOPER of Borneend in psh. of Bovenden. 
{Bat. 11 Oct. 25 Eliz.). Dau. Lewes Cooper; Annis Webe 
my wife's dau. extrix ; Abraham Horslye ; George Rosse of 
Great Gadesden my wifes bro. & uncle to my extrix to be 
overseer. JFit^ : — Abr. Horslye & AVm. Palmer. {Fr. 9 Apr. 

f. 46b AGNES BROA\T^E of Great Monden, widow. {Bat. 7 Apr. 
22 Eliz.). Thos. Dellow my dau. Elizabeth's son ; Basell 
Huckle my dau. ; Dau. Alice Foster ; Son Rich. Broune ; 
Everyone of my children's child"^ ; Son-in-law Thos. Dellow 
exor. IFit" : — Hugh Graue, John Warner, Jolm Hamonde & 
Wm. Chamber. {Fr. 15 Oct. 1584). 

f. 46b HENRY MAHO of Northmymes, yeoman. {Bat. 15 July 
1584). My four childfi Robt., Lawrence, Dorothy & Eliz. 
(under 21); AVife Jane extrix; Friend John Langdale of 
Rowgroene in psh. of Huttild overseer. JF'i' : — Wm. Chappell, 
John Langdale, Roger Goddard. {Fr. 10 Dec. 1584). 

f. 47. JOHN HALFHIDE of Watton at Stone, tanner. {But. 25 
Jan. 1582). Wife Denisse ; Son John ; My three daus. Joane, 
Kath. & Eliz. ; My daughters' child'i ; The child" of my son 
John ; Dennise dau. of s'^ son John ; Elizabeth dau. of my 
son; Son John exor. {Fr. 9 Apr. 1584). 

f. 47. GEORGE CARPENTER of AVhethamsteed, yeoman. {Bat. 
3 Sep. 1584). 'My tythe corne ueare w^bin the tythe barne of 
Harpeden'; AVife Alice; Son Geo. (under 21). Lease of 
the tithe of Harpcdon ; Close called the Church Close in 
AVhcthamstod ; Dau. Annas (under 18); Eliz. wife of John 
AVeedon ; Thos. son of Thos. Carpenter ; Geo. son of 
Chrisf^ Caqionter; AA^'ife extrix; Thos. North & Jolui Christian 
overseers. JFit' : — Stephen Cockon, Thos. North, John Christian, 
Rich. A^ausse, Rich. Crumwyne, AA^m. Cutt. {Fr. 15 Oct. 1584). 

To be Continued, 


iiEJfTAii 01? ST. maby's, sopwell. 231 

^ denial of ^t. piaru*s, ^opnrell, 1446. 

' Rea'tale redditus assisi et fimie tam infra villam Sancti 
Albani quam extra pertineutis domui beate Marie de Sopwell 
Eenovatum per dominum Eobei-tum Crofton Custodem 
ibidem in festo Sancti Micliaelis Arebangeli Anno regni regis 
Henrici sexti post conquestiim Anglise vicessimo qiiinto. 

De Mouialibus de pratis pro terris quondam Alicie Bonde de redditii 

assise per annum ijs. 
De Thoma Westbury pro uno tofto quondam edificato de redditu firme 

per annum xxd. 

De Tlioma Ayle pro duobus tenementis nuper Willielmi Baker de 

redditu assiso per aunum nxd. 
De Stephano Dycliefeld pro uno tenemento ibidem nuper Eicardi Kw 

de redditu assiso per annum ijs. iiiJ6?. 
De Jolianne Mordou pro uno tenemento quondam Thome Wolvey de 

redditu assiso per annum ijs. iiijd. 
De Jolianne Stodeley pro uno tenemento quondam Jobannis Eoys de 

redditu assiso per aunum xijd. 
De eodem pro uno tenemento ibidem de redditu firme per annum i\]s. 


De Matheo Bepset pro uno tenemento quondam Thome Mylle de 

redditu assiso per annum x\jd. 
De Magistro Johanne Wliethamsted pro tenemento vocato le Squylers 

de redditu assiso per annmn xijc?. 

De ixs. unius vacue placee ibidem quondam Johannis Gyssyug per 

annum nil quia solum ignoratur. 
De ixd. unius selionis ibidem quondam Johannis Pounfreyt per annum 

nil quia solum ignoratur. 
Do xviij(?. unius teuementi quondam vocati Petytes ibidem per annum 

nil quia solum ignoratur.* 

De Johanne Grove, smyth, pro uno tenemento ibidem de redditu assiso 

per annum vjs. 
De Johanne Duce Excestr pro Hospicio vocato le George in quo 

Johannes Yessy junior inhabitat de redditu assiso per annum vj*. 
De AVillielmo Dogelas pro hospicio vocato le Swan de redditu assiso 

per annum partis sacriste iiijs. 
De Johanne Ingham pro hospicio vocato le Bere sive le Belle pertinente 

officio sacriste quondam Williehni Burgcs de redditu assiso per 

annum xiiij*'. 
Do Johaune Felow, Barbour, pro uno tenemento ibidem de redditu 

firmo per aunum xj«. 
Do Thoma Jonys pro uno tenemento ibidem do redditu firme per aunum 

xxvjs. viijV. 
Do JoliaTino Yessy seniore pro hospicio vocato le Corn'halle de redditu 

assiso per annum xiiij-t. iujd. imdc officio sacriste viij.?. 




De Johanne Barbour jiro uno tenomento quod tenet ad firmam de 

coquinario Sancti Albani de redditu assiso per annum xviijr/. 
De Johanna Farneconibo pro uno tenemento ibidem de redditu assiso 

per annum iij,s. 
De Johanne Holand pro ij tenementis simul situatis ibidem de redditu 

nrme per annum xx«. iiijV/. 
De eodem pro uno tenemento in le Lotliershamell de redditu firme per 

annum xviiV^. ,^ ^ 


De Eoberto Clopton pro uno tenemento ibidem de redditu assiso 

pertinente officio sacriste per annum iijs. iiijV. 
De Matheo Bepset pro uno tenemento quondam Thome Mvlle de 

redditu assiso per annum ijs. 

Fysshamell .lxd Shoprotve. 
De iiij.s. unius vacue plaeee ibidem quondam Thome Shank nil quia 

sohim ignoratur. 
De Edmundo AVestby pro una vacua placea nupcr combusta de redditu 

iirme per annum xviijV/. 
De yd. unius selionis terre quondam Ade Lanchestr nil quia solum 

De Johanne Bocher pro una shopa de redditu firme per annum ijs. iiiid. 
De Eoberto Oscroft pro uno tenemento novo edificato de redditu fii-me 

per annum viis. -rr o, ^ 

■* Vicus San-cti Petri. 

De Johanne Ferys seniore pro uno tenemento quondam Johannis 

Brj'ght de redditu assiso per annum iiijs. 
De Eoberto Boteler pro uno tenemento vocato le AVolsak de redditu 

assiso per annum xijcl. Et pertinet officio Sacriste. 
De Johanne Cowper, Tyler, pro uno tenemento de redditu assiso per 

anmiiu iij.s. 
De AVillielmo Cok pro uno tenemento de redditu assiso per annum xiiV/ 
De eodem pro tenemento nuper Eicardi Wylyot de redditu assiso per 

annum iij.?. 
De Henrico Byssliop pro uno tenemento de redditu assiso per annum iij«. 
De Eicardo Grenehodo pro uno tenemento ibidem de redditu assiso per 

annum iyl. ^ 

De eodem pro uno tenemento quondam Johannis Hawden de redditu 

assiso per annum vjs. « 

De Willielmo Clerk pro uno tenemento nuper Walteri Clerk de redditu 

assiso jier annum xijV. 
De Johanne Smyth pro uno tofto de redditu firme per annum xiiijr/. 
De Henrico Sawyer pro uno touemento dc redditu finue per annum vj*. 
De Johanne Slyuger pro uno tenemento do redditu firme per annum vs. 

De Johanne Vessy seniore pro vacua placea quam Eicardus Stonham 

quondam teuuit de redditu firme per annum iiij(/. 
De v'njd. unius crofti ibidem nil quia in manu subcellarii. 

De Eelicta Eeginaldi Glasyer pro tonemouto quondam Ilenrici 

Sawtry de redditu assiso per annum ij.y. 
De Eoberto Bredoruft pro ij tenementis juxta portam le Orcliovard do 

redditu assiso per annum xxjW. 
De Johanne Smyth, Skynner pro uuo tenemento de redditu firmo per 

annum x«. ^ 



De Thesaurario Conventus sancti Albani pro uno prato ibidem do 

redditu assise per annum iiijrf. 
De Eelicta Thome Gefray pro j tenemento de redditu assiso per 

annum vjrf. /-, t, n i 

De Johanue Spendloue pro uno crofto quondam vocato Cnppeshall de 

redditu assiso per annum vj(?. Et pertiuet officio Sacriste. 
De eodem pro uno crofto juxta Grovcttum do SopwcU & uno prato 

vocato Crasleymede de redditu tirme per annum xvj.s. \iijd. 
De Terra quondam Tliome Sliank & nuper Willielmi Dod de redditu 

assiso per annum xijd. t i v 

De Subcellario Monasterii pro terris quondam Ade Bolom de redditu 

assiso per annum ijs. 
De Thoma Podyfat pro uno tenemento quondam Thome Puuchou de 

redditu assiso per annum xijc?. 
De Georgeo Baiuuar pro j <^ofto de redditu assiso per annum vjrf. 
Do Thoma Adam pro j crofto quondam Johannis Adam juxta %-icariam 

Sancti Stephaui & gravaui coquinarii do redditu assise per annum ij*-. 
De uno crofto quondam Alicie Fote & nuper Willielmi Dyxy juxta 

Gylbodelane de redditu assiso per annum xiiij'/.* 

[F.C.C. Hous 12.'] 
JOHANNES PENNE cives et mercerus civitatis Loudon. (Dcif. 18 
July 1450). To be buried in the cliurch of S* Alban of "Wodestrete, 
London ; To the high altar of Aldenham, co. Hertf . xx«. ; Legacy 
for the repair of Aldenham church & the bells ; To sister Joan cs. ; 
John Awmer; Sister Margerie ; John Ivytfeld her sou; Tho. 
Kytfeld my ai^prentice ; Elen Witborn of Aldenham ; Each of the 
daus. of said Elen ; Uxor Haynes of Aldenham & each of her 
child" ; The dan of John Atte Penncs & each of ^ her child" ; 
Apprentice John Elys ; Alexander my apprentice ; Wm. Chamber 
& Wm. Trace my apprentices; John Gaidyner ; Servants A^ ilkyu, 
Peter & Isabel Baker ; Matilda Burford of Baruet & her dau. ; 
"Wife Alice; Son John; Son Thomas; Son Ealph ; Dau. Alice; 
Dau. Margt. ; John Lok & Wm. Grand citizens & mercers of 
London exors ; Jolm Spanby ; Thos. Fereby bro. of my wife ; John 
Olney cit. & alderman of London overseer. {Pr. 7 Sep. l-ioO). 

EAUFE PENNE of the Countie of Hertf. gentllman. {IM. 11 
Mch. 1483). To be buried in he church of Aldenh'm betvrciie 
Edmude Broke & the Chauucell vnder the Arch and if I do dye so 
uvghe But Avlieresocu' that I dye I wull that myn executors doo 
uiako a Tombe in that forsoid Pome for the Eeuiembrance of my 
soulo ; All my goods & lands in tho counties of Hertf. Midd. & 

• In the mavgiu appears " xviijV/. xviji. xj(/. o«.," Imt to wliat it refers I eaiiiK.t 
say. The sum total of the rents above eninncrated amounts to a little ..vir ten 
po'uiuls. The doeument is endorsed with a list of names of per>ons ^';'''".^. 
debts (to the priory presumably) iu the time of Doni. llobert Crott, also a list ot 
debts paid. 


Surrey ; I will that all the profits of all my lands go to the ordennce 
of a chapell on Coppidthora hill till it be fynyshed for the ease of 
the neyghhours that hath fer to y'= church. Also I wull that they 
purchase a licence from Rome for all manor of eases to the same 
chapell. Also I wull that myn executours doo prouide and ordeyno 
a chauntry of xj marc, a yer yerely of my loud for eu' to fieud a p'st 
to pray for mo foreu' mor. Itui of the foreseid suiiie I will that xiijs. 
iiijrf. be for a yerely obite to be had yerely in Aldenh'm church. 
Alsoo I wuU tliat myn executors prouide such loud for the forseid 
Chauntry that shall not hereaft' dekey And that it be no howsyug. 
Alsoo I wuU that myn executors doo ordeyne & make sure for eu'more 
as moche londe to the yerely value of xxs. for to kepe and repayre 
the church vrey betwene Illcstre and Eylond gate. And when the 
wey is well repaired Then I woU that the rent of the same lond doo 
make and amende such wcys as is most node in the pish of Aldeuh'm. 
Also I wull that the churchwardens have the ou'sight and the 
expenses of that loudo for the welefare of the pish. Alsoo I will 
that Richard HoweU shall haue the grete Whitf fur euyr mor to 
hym and hys heyres. Also I wull that myu executors sell my lond 
iu London and I.amehith. And that they geve euerich of my cosyns 
Ferbeis xli. I will that John Peke haue to hym, t'me of hys liefe 
V marke a yer and all hys costf that he doth abought me. The 
like to Rich. Grotemore ; To every godchild x.s. John Verney, 
John Peke, Humfrey Conyngesby & Rich. Grotemore exors. {T/ie 
will ratified 30 Sej). 1485, but date of probate not given). 
IP.C.C. Chaijnay 16.] 

JOHN PENNE esquyre. {Bat. 15 Aug. 5 & 6 Phil. & Mary). To 
be buried in the church of Cod3'ute [_sic~\ ; To the high altar of 
Codyute xx(?. ; Tlie like to Welwyn ; To eu'y of my daus. Eleu, 
Elizabeth & Dorothyo 40/. at marriage or 16 ; Said legacies to be 
levied out of the manor of Syceforns ; To Robert Penne his wif 
two kyne ; To son Robert Pen & his heirs my myU of Codyute, 
pajdng yerely to AViflm my soune 20s. for life; Residue to wife 
whom I make extrix. By mc John Fen. AVit': — By me MichaeU 
Hogkyn. {Pr. 6 May 1559 by Lucy the relict). 
[P.C.C. Ayhtt 28.] 

THOMAS PENN of Sessavernes in the parish of Dodecote \_sic\ co. 
Herts, gent. {Bat. 28 July 1654). To be biiried in my chapel at 
Dodicott by my grandfather M'' Tho. Penn dec<* at the discretion of 
my wife Alee wliom I make extrix ; To eldest son John the reversion 
of all my houses at Sissaverues (Stc. ; To my two j'ouuger sons Fras. 
& Simon each a standing bed &c. ; To my three sons Robt., Jonathan 
& Fras. all tho trees growing in the psli. of Dodecote xipon Rably 
Heath to remain solely to the three houses these wliich I have 
assured to my .^aid sons ; To my two daus. Ellen & Alice £100 each 
to be paid by son AYni. out of the land he holds called the Noads 
in psh. of Dodecoato ; To each of son John's child" 10«. & to the 
residue of my grandchild" bs. each ; To son Tlios. 5/. ; To grandch. 
Thos. Kirke 5/. ; To wife Alice a close called Thomas Croft in "Well- 
win ; Son Robt. overseer. Ihomas Penn. Wit^ : — John Ford writer, 
John Rookes. {Pr. 29 Jan. 1654-5). 

[P.C.C. Aylett 32.] 

SYMON PENN of Clements Lane, London, chirurgion. {Bat. 3 Jan. 
1654). To my mother Mistress Alice Penne £10 ; To sister Mistris 
Elianor Ambrose £5, & my bed & bedding which I have remaining 



in the country ; To bro. Francis Penn 40.s. whicli lie now oweth me ; 
To bro. Tlios. Ponn 30.$. & 30s. luoro due to me from Master John 
Clarke ; ClotluuR- to four bros. John, Wm., Eobt. & Chevall P.nme ; 
To sist. Alice Kirko 5.«. ; To nieces Alice, Dorothy & Francos 
Ambrose 20s. each ; To nephs. Jolm & Thos. Kirke 10«. each ; To 
my nursewomau & to Abigaile Mayden servant to my Master & 
Mistns Bullock 205. each ; To the poor of Curricott whore I was 
born 20s. Gloves & ribbons to my master Eobert Bullock & his 
wife & their son Cliristopher & dau. Katheriue, also to Thos. & 
-Elizabeth their servants, Thomas servant to Master Pennant, apothe- 
cary, Master Warren's two men servants, Master Glover's two men 
servants, Master Allen's two men servants, the Scrivenor's man 
servant dwelling at the Crosse in Thames [sic], Master Alsworth's 
man serv*. Master Leigh's man serv*, Master Stretter's man 
servt dweUmg at the Lambe in Thames Street & the Grocer's man 
servt dweUing at the end of Clements Lane ; My messuage &c. & 
lands thereto belonging containing 20 acres in the parishes of 
Welhng & Curring [sic'] co. Hartford, now or late in tenure of Wm. 
Penn,_ to my s^ sist. Elianor Ambrose & my bros. Jonathan & 
irancis Penn equally divided amongst them ; Eesidue to s'^ sister & 
bros. & s'l two bros. exors. T/ie marke of the said Si/mon Penn. 
Jv!?*- -7" Lloyd X, Abigaile BuUock & Eobt. Eichardsou, scr. 

todtcil of same date, g-iving gloves & ribbons to friend Master 
Aorway & to Mary M'ho formerly dwelt with ray father & now 
dwells m S' Martins. {Pr. 9 Jan. 1654-5). 

^„^ [P.C.C. Rene 8.1 

CHEVALL PENN of WeUwyn, co. Herts., gent. {Dat. 7 Dec. 
1667). To daus. Mary & Sarah Penn £100 each at 21 or marriage, 
to be paid by my son Thos. Penn. the s'i £200 being layed out bv 
me for the building of the mills in the parish of Coddicott now in 
the possession of John Chalkley & in other repairs of tenements 
descending from me to him; To wife Eliz. a close of land in 
WeUwjTi called Thomas Croft to hold to her after tlie decease of 
my mother Alice Penn who holds for life ; Bro. Jonathan Penn exor; 
My son Thomas to be a dutifid son to his mother-in-law. Chevall 
Penn. Wit^-— Eo. Vaughan, Nath. Manestey, Wm. Hill. (Pr 
21 Jan. 1667-8). ^ 

.,^_ [P.C.C. Leeds 167.1 

JONATHAN PENN of thl- Town of S' Albans, gent. [Bat. 24 Mav 
1710). To dau. Ehz. Penn 400/. & also the 14/. voarlv pavable tu 
her out of her Majesties Exchequer which I purchased in mv said 
daughters name ; To Avife Charity the lease made to me & my 
OQ n^*° ^•^' ^""^P^i- Hacksliaw c'it. & vintner of London dated 
29 Oct. 1 708 & the messuages & lands therein ment-i for the residue 
of the term therein menf^ etc. Eesidue of s'l wife whom I make 
extrix. Jonathan Penn. Wit^ : — Thomas Motte, EHz. Mott 
J" Perrott. {Pr. 22 July 1713). 

^„. [P.C.C. Whitfield 102.1 

CHAEEETY PENN of AVetliamstead, widow. [Dat. 24 Au- 1716^ 
To dau. Eliz. wife of M-" Eichard Crouch of Weatlinmstead 100/.'; 
To granddau. Eliz. Crouch 50/. at 15, a silver tankard, two gold 
rings etc. ; Eesidue to son-in-law M-- Eichard Crouch who I make 
Qxov. Charity Penn. Wit^:— Eliz. Carter X, Sarah Curbey x, 
A\m. Burton. (iV. 9 May 1717\ 


Abstracts i?f gevts plilU. 


REGISTEE " STONEH AM. "—(Continued from Page 192). 

30. RICAEDUS WYNTIE of S' Albans. {Dat. 1438). Wife 

Margaret sale extrix. 
30. THOMAS HOLMES of Cheypngbaruet. {Dat. 'in festo 

sancte Anne luatris Marie' 1438). Bur. at Chepyngbarnet ; 

Legacies to the high altar & the fabric ' novi operis ' ; John 

Sale; Wife Alice; John Gladwyn of Wheston in pslr. of 

Fynchelee & wife Alice exors. WiP -.—Z'Sh.-a. Bocliampc, Thos. 

NicoU, Eich. Bate, Tlios. Janyn, Eich. Foster. 
30b NICHOLAUS MUNDE of Newnam. {Dat. All Saints day 

1438) Bro. Thomas ; Sister Matilda ; Wife Anne extrix. 
30b AGNES BUEGEYS wife of Thos. Burgeys of Hextou. {Did. 

'die Jovis prox. ante festum Assumpcionis ' B.M.V. 1438). 

John Turnour son of Thos. Tumour of same ; Every sou or 

dau. of the sons & daus. of AValter my sou & Agues my dau. ; 

Wm. Hale ; Thos. my husband cxor. 
30b MAEGAEETA HALE wife of Walter Hale of Hexton. 

{Dat. the feast of the invention of the holy Cross, 1438). The 

wife of John my son ; The wife of John my elder son ; Son 

John exor. 
30b WILLELMUS LYNDE of S' Albans. {Dal. 1 May 1438). 

Son Thomas ; Wife Joan extrix & Thos. Bordal & Geo. Barbour 

30b WILLELMUS MOEE of Chepyngbarnet. {Dai. 1 Oct. 1438). 

My father ; my mother ; Wife Agues extrix & Hugh Langford 

30b THOMAS EOYSE of S' Stephens. (Dat. 12 Aug. 1437). 

Note of Probate granted to Eichard Eoys son & exor. 
30b JOHANNES BniCHIJMOE of S' Albans. {Dat. 1438) 

Wife Ellen extrix & Henry Horwood super\-isor. 
30b THOMAS BAKEE alias Maciiell of S* Albans. {Dat. 11 

Sep. 1438). Matthew Baker my fatlier & Isabell my wife exors. 
30b KICAEDUS TEENTHAM s'^adeler, uf S' Albans. {Dat. C 

Nov. 1438). Sous Eobert & Christopher; Apprentice John 

Warde ; Wife Petronilla ; Geo. Barbour, Wm. Croftou & 

Eobt. Crosse of S* Albaus exors. 
30b THOMAS PALMEE of Busshey. Legacies to cliurch of 

Watford & Eobt. Baron clerk of said church ; AVm. Dj'che & 

my wife Agues exors ; Thos. Laneham supervisor. 
, 31. JOHANNES SABBE of S^ Albans. {Dat. 29 Oct. 1438). 

Wife Agnes executrix. 
, 31. WILLELMUS COWPEE of Abbots Langley. {Dat. 

S' Edmund the Confessor's day 1438). My wife & son 

John the elder exors. 


f. 31. JOHANNES CLOPTON of S* Albans, baker. {Dat. 15 Nov. 
1438). Son Henry ; Wife Felice extrix. 

f. 31. JOHANNES ADAM of Sandrug. {Hat. 'die Martis in 
Annunciatione Beate Marie' 1438). AVilliam att y'' Naysh, 
Robt. Belamy, Adam my son & Anabile my wife exors. 

f. 31. WILLELMUS JOHNSON of S* Albans, tailor. {Dat. 1 Jan. 
1438). Bur. at S* Peters ; Benedict Edrycli chaplain, ' custodi 
dicte capello ' [_i.e. S* Andi'cws] ; Son Thomas ; Thomas 
Eychardisson ' in Com Carelyll de Corkeby magno ' ; Jolm 
Makeholme, fuller, of Carelyll ; AVm. Hardowyk ; Marion my 
sister wife of Robert Patyngmaker of York dwelling at 
Girdelergate ; John wife of my brother ; John Lane tailor & 
Eeginald Clare dyer of S' Albans exors. (iV. 8 Jan. 1438-9). 

f. 31. THOMAS MYSE of Watford. {Dat. C Dec. 1438). Eobt. 
Bryton priest of the church of Watford ; Rich. Baron clerk of 
s"! church ; Wm Newman, Roger Mapulton & Isabell my wife 

f. 31. EDWARDUS ATTE HOO of Abbots Walden. {Dat. '2-2 
Oct. 1438). John Shakevyle ; Agnes Hoo ; Tlie high altar of 
Ayote ; John Jordan ; Cliurcli of Kymptou ; .John Smyth ; 
Godson Edward ; Stephen Hoo to have full estate in all the 
tenements & lands in Hyccliin, Pyrton & Ikilford, from John 
Hoo & John Cowper ; John Hoo to have full estate in all lands 
& tenements in Offley, a luessuage called Halfacre & 40 acres 
of land there only excepted which Jolm Legat & Margery his 
wife by deed gave to Wm. Hoo & Petronilla his wife ; I will 
that 8* John have full estate in all my lands & tenements 
in Lyton to him & his heirs from the s'^ Stephen & John 
Cowpere &c. Thomas, John & Stephen 'nepotes meos ' to be 

f. 31. JOHANNES SNAAV of Chepyngbarnet. (Z?^/. 14 May 1438). 
Wm. Bechaimt ; Hugh Langford supervisor. 

f. 311^ KATERINA DYTTON anachorita juxta ecclesiam sancti 
michaelis in villa saneti Albani. {Dat. 11 June 1437). Joan 
Gerard & Agnes Verdesans exors; John Ditton 'nepotis mei.' 

f. 31^ JOHANNA LEPER of Sandrugg. {Dat. Thursdav in the feast 
of S' JNlaurice the Abbot 1438)."" John Clerk; Thos. Palmer of 

f. 31 1> WILLELMUS HUNTE of Potteriscrowche. {Dat. 'die 
cinerum ' 1438). Legacies to the vicar of S' ^lichaels, to John 
Mason, Wm. Puller clerk ; Wife Ellen & Wm. Doner my son 
exors ; John Robyns supervisor. 

f. 311' WILLELjMIJS BLUNDELL of Colney in psh. of S' Peters. 
{Dat. 4 May 1438). To Slienlo Church ' jn-o campauis de novo 
emendis vj,v. viijV/. & si nullas campanas emerunt tunc h^go ad 
opus dicte ecclesie yy. viijV. pro una vacca emeiula ad siqi- 
portandimi lumen coram crucifixo ' ; Legacies to the Charnell i*c 
the Anchoress of S* Peters ; AVifo Alice & son John exors. 

f. 31>- EGIDIUS CALAIMOCHE of AVatford. Note of i)robate of 
will 2() Mch. 1439 granted to Wm. Newman 'per (■oncensnm 
executorum (piia ijisi non possunt laborare &c.' 

f. 311' JOHANNES HYLLE of Watford. Note of probate of will 
26 Mch. 1439 granted to AVm. Cardinal!. 


f. Sib THOMAS HALE of S* Albans. {Dat. Thursday in the feast 
of S' Gregory the pope 1438). Legacies to S' Stephens & 
S' Peters cliurclies, the Charnell chapel, the nuns of Sop^-cU ; 
Bro. Henry Hale ; The friars minors of Ware ; Sist. IMargery 
Hale ; Sist. Grace ; Bro. Eichard ; Eoger Whyte & Thos. his 
son ; Jolm Eose & Agnes his wife ; John Ely ; John Hale & 
Eich. Hale exors. 

f. 311' EICAEDUS EEFHAM of S' Albans, tanner. {Dat. 20 Mch. 
1438). Benedict Edrych ' custos ' of the chapel of S' Andi-ew ; 
John my servant ; Margery Westwode ' custodi mee ' ; John 
Studley ' straylwever ' exor ; Benedict Edrj-ch supervisor. 

f. 31b JOHANNES' EUEEESDONE of Wynslowe. {Dat. S* Dio- 
nisius' day 1438). Bur. at Wynslowe ; Legacy to the Friars of 
Alesburie &c. ; Agnes Cotuni ; Jolm Broun ; Sister Agnes ; 
Alice Jenkyn ; John D&vj ; Wm. Eueresdone & mv wife 

Matilda exors. 

To he Continued. 

^vcijbeacoiiriT of ^\. ^Iban^* 

By a. E. GIBBS. 


January 8. Jonathan Evans of Markett Street, co. Hertford, bachelor, 

and Ann Eeild of Shedlington, co. Bedford, spinster ; at Shed- 

lington or St. Albans. Luke Pryor of Markett Street, tailor, a 

l'\0)ruary 12. Daniel Young of Pauls Walden, yeoinan, and Eachell 

Tucle of Kemptou, spinster ; at St. Albans Abbey. Eobert Scott 

of St. Albans, liaberdasher, a surety. 
p.'])ruary 12. John Adams of Saudridge, yeoman, and Elizabeth 

Si])ley of the same ; at Sandridge. George Barnes of St. Albans, 

iiniholder, a suretv. 
108 1 
.M;inli 31. Eobert Pierce of Higligate, co. Middlesex, and Prudence 

I-ovill of East Barnet. Gregory Lovell of East Barnet,,a surety. 
^' '-^ !■*• _ \Valter Herbert, aged about 24 j-ears, and Eliz. Smallbones 

nf Winslow, spinster, aged about 22 years ; at Little Harwood. 
I liditf,,!, hat attached to preceedinci']. Eichard "Wootton, aged about 

2S year<, and Avis Ilojtkiiis of Wiiislow, spinster, aged about 30 

v.'ai-s : at Tattle Harwood. 
rohniary 4. Joseph Finch of Wethamstead, baclielor, aged about 40 

v.-ars, and Mary AVarby of the same, spinster, ngod about 22 

yi>ars ; at Wethamstead or Keiiesworth. Josepli Mitchell of 

\\ itliamNtead, gout., and Julm Tionl of Konesworth, clerk, sureties. 



May 13. John Hawkins [^signed "junr"] of Hoaton Eegis, co. Bedford, 

yeoman, and Judith Halsey of Flamsted, spinster ; at St. Albans. 
May 23. Josepli Marshall of St. Albans, inuholder, widower, aged 

about 51 [?] years, and Elizabeth Long of St. Michaels, widow, 

aged about 45 years ; at St. Michaels. "John Doe," a surety. 
April 7. John Nicholl of Little Bushey, gent., and Margaret Marsli ; 

at East Barnet. Joseph Martin of Clifford's Inn, Loudou, gent., 

a surety. 
April 9. Nicholas Bradwin alias Evans of St. Albans, cordwinder, 

bachelor, and Susan Feild of the same, maiden ; at St. Albans. 

John Bradwin [signed Bradwyn] alias Evans of St. Albans, 

bricklayer, a surety. 
April 10. Thomas Barnes of St. Peters, and Joane Jee of tlie Abbey i 

parish, widow ; at St. Albans. John Seares of St. Pe+crs, a surety. i 
April 19. John Oxton of Aldenham, yeoman, and Sarah Eve, daugliter 

of Richard Eve of Eickmersworth, spinster ; at Eickmersworth, i 

Sarret, Abbots Langley, or Watford. John Barnes of St. Peters, ' 

plumber, a surety. j 

June 2. William Tofeild of Sarret, bachelor, and Mary Fardean of '' 

the same, spinster; at' Sai'ret. Thomas Eogers of Sarret, tailor, ! 

and Eobert Siggins of St. Peters, blacksmith, sureties. i 

September 22. James Weedon of Eedborn, ^^'idower, and Mary 1 

Gladman of Abbots Langley ; at Abbots Langley. Samuel '< 

Heaward of St. Albans, a surety. ! 

September 29. Joseph Ewer of Watford and Elizabeth Cogdell of St. 

Albans ; at Saundi'idge. Thomas Grubb of St. Allians, a suiety. '■ 

November 23. Henry Dollinge of Eedborn and Sarah Eedding of the | 

same ; at Eedborn. James Dolling a surety. i 

November 25. Thomas Hiccox of St. Albans and Elizabeth Wethere<l 

of the same ; at St. Albans or St. Stephens. 
December 18. William Collins of Cliidileuden, co. Buckingliam, and / 

Catherine Burdon of St. Michaels ; at St. Stephens. James 

Eichardson of St. Michaels, a surety. 
March 27. Henry Dell of St. Michaels, widower, and Mary Grconhil 

of St. Stephens ; at St. Stephens. John Long of St. Albans, a 

March 29. Eichard Kempster of Watford, mealman, and Sarah Beck 

of the same ; at AVatford. Michael Tomkins of Piuuar. co. 

Middlesex, mealman, a surety. 
April 30. Thomas Young of Pauls AYalden, baclielor, and Mary 

Goldsmith of tlie same ; at St. Peters. Tlionias Oney of Kings 

Walden, a surety. 
June 17. James Arnold of St. Albans, and Mary Cowley of tlie same, 

widow ; at St. Albans or Sandridge. Nicholas Eobiuson of St. 

Albans, inuholder, a surety. 
July 9. Joseph Coles or Colo of Cadiugton, eo. Hertford, husband- 
man, bachelor, aged about 28 years, and Mary Bonnet of Kings 

Walden, spinster, aged about 27 years, with the consent of lior 

father, John Bonnet, of Kings Walden: at Kings Waldi-n or St. 

Albans. Joseph Osnian of Flamstoad, liuebandman, a surety. 
July 30. Matthew Heyword of St. Stopliens, and Anno Wingi'.ild 

of the same, widi>w ; at St. Stephens. Jonas lleywanl [.v /'//.■ cv/ 

Haward] of the same, stationer, a surety. 



September 29. James Halsey of Great Gaddesden, gent., bachelor, aged 
about 22 years, and Elizabctli Mace of Abbots Langlcy, spinster, 
having neither fatlier nor mother; at St. Michaels or Abbots 
Langley. Epliraim Babb of Abbots Langlev, yeoman, a surety. 

September 29. Thomas "Welsli of St. Peters, husbandman, and Judith 
• Johnson of Ilatfeild, widow ; at St. Peters. Ealph Howard of 
St. Peters, mealman, a surety. 

October 29. Nicliolas Ewington of St. Michaels, husbandman, and 
Elizabetli Palmer of St. Peters, maiden ; at St. Peters. Ealph 
Howard of St. Peters, mealman, a surety. 

November 1. Andrew Peacock of Eeilburu, baclielor, and Esther 
Manfield of Sandridge, maiden ; at Eedburn. William Morris of 
St. Albans, a surety. 

January 31. Eichard Beading of St. Michaels, labourer, and Joane 
Simonds of Luton, co. Bedford ; at St. Michaels, St. AJbans, or 
Eedbourn. Thomas Simonds of Luton, labourer, a surety. 

April 6. Stephen Huggins of Harding, bachelor, and Eacliel Scott 
of St. Albans, spinster; at St. Michaels. Eobert Scott [junior 
inserted above the line and then erased'] of St. iilbans, haberdasher, 
and Eobert Scott senior of tlie same, glover, sureties. 

April 18. John Smith of AVatford, apotliecary, bachelor, aged about 
23 years, and Hannah Plunimer of the same, spinster, aged about 

21 years and some montlis, daughter of Samuel Plummer and 
Hannah Plummer his wife, with their consent; at Watford, 
Eickmersworth, Busliey, or Abbotts Langley Thomas Hayes of 
Watford, innkeeper, a surety. 

April 24. Eichard How of Foresee, co. Nortliampton, grasier, 

bachelor, aged about 27 years, and Elizabeth Ovlo, spinster, aged /^ 
about 24 years, daughter of George Ovle of Watford, butcher, 
aged about 59 years; at Watford. Eichard Ovlo of Watford, 
butcher, and Bellnap Tibballs of St. Peters, plumber, sureties. 

July 27. James Freeman, bachelor, aged about 23 years, son of James 
Freeman of Luton, co. Bedford, and Anne Browne of the same, 
maiden, aged about 22 years, with consent of motlier, her fatlier 
dead ; at Luton or St. Peters. AVilliam How of Luton, yeoman, 
and Edmund How of St. Peters, carpenter, sureties. 

July 29. Thomas Serrey of Flamstead, yeoman, bachelor, aged about 
25 years, aud Mary Meadwees of the same, spinster, aged about 

22 years ; with her parents' consent ; at Flamstead or St. Peters. 
Peter Meadwees of St. Micliaels, miller, her brotlier, a surety. 

August 8. John Taylor of StanuKU-e, co. Middlesex, widower," and 

Sarah Hud<liiig of St. Stepliens, widow ; at St. Albans, St. 

Micliaels, or St. Stephens. Jolm Barnard of St. Albans, scliool- 

master, and Francis Taylor of tlie same, sureties. 
August 28. AVillinm Boorks of Wlietliamstend, veomnn, baclielor, and 

Anne Marshall of the same, spinster: at Wliethamstead or St.Peters. 
September 29. George Philips of Tleamst.^1,, and Sara 

Cutler of Henrdiiig, maiden : at St. Stephens. Thomas Law- 

rance [sifjned L:iraiu'] of St. Michaels, tailor, a surety. 
September 29. John Andrews of Cariuton co. Ileitf.Ird, bachelor, 

aiid Ann Preston of the same, maiden ; at Cariuton or St. I'eters. 

Eichard Baker of St. Peters, sexton, a surety. 

To he I'oDliniieil. 

funeral ©crttftcates^ 


The riglit worshipf ull Sir Richard Anderson of Pendlev, co. Hartford, 

knight. Died at his house called Pondley Parke 3 Aug. 1632. 

Married Mary eldest dau. of Eobert, Barron Spencer of Wormleighton 

& sister to AVilliam Lord Spencer now living by whom he had issue 

5 sons & 10 daus. viz:— Henry eldest son & heir (who married 

Jacomina dau. of Sir Charles Ctesar knt. of Bennington co. Hartford, 

Mr of the Chauncery, Judge of y^ Audience & Comisary of y« Faculties), 

Eobert 2^'^ son, student of y« Corhon lawe & of Lincolns Inne, John 

3*1 son, Wm. 4*'' son & Eich<i 5^^ son died young, Elizabeth eldest dau. 

married Eobert Peyton Esq. son & heir of Sir John Peyton of 

Doddington in Isle of Ely knight, Mary 2"'^ dau., Eraucis 3'^ dau., 

Margaret 4^^ dau., died young, Margaret 5^^ dau., Katlierin G^^ dau., 

Dorothy 7'^ dau., died young, Penelope 8* dau., Anne 9"i dau. & 

Bridget 10"! dau. He was buried in the chancel of the church of 

Tring, co. Hartford. Sole executor of his will, Henry Anderson son & 

heir. Certificate by Thos. Thompson, Eouge Dragon & testified by 

Eobt. Anderson 2"* son of defunct. [Signed] Eo. Anderson. 

Arms:— Quarterly 1 & 4 Argent a chevron between three crosses 

patonce sable [Anderson] 2 & 3 Sable three water-bougets argent 

[Anderton] impaling, Quarterly of eight, 1 Quarterly argent and 

gules in the second & tliird quarters a fret or, over all a bend sablo 

charged with three escallops or [Spencer of Althorpe], 2 Azure, a 

fess ermine between six sea mews heads erased argent [Spencer of 

Warwickshire], 3 Gules, three stirrups with leathers in pah- or 

[Doverell]. 4 Or, on a cross gules five estoiles argent [Lincolnel. 

5 Argent, a chevron between three cinque-foils gules ["Warsted]. 

6 Ermine, on a chevron gules three bezants, in chief a cresccTit for 
diil'orouco [? Grant]. 7 Argent, on a bend between two lions 
rampant sablo a wyvcru volant of the field [? Eudlugs]. 8 Per 
clievron azure and or three lions passant guardnnt in pale counter 
olianged. [Catlin]. 



^van&cvipt& of l^rtvtsl) ^egUUvs. 










(CoNTumED FROM Page 205.) 

A Eegister bill from the ffeast of S' Michaell Tharchangell 
1629 to the same feast 1630. 

firancis the daugh^ of Henrie Owen & Sarah 
Eichard Sonne of Edward Turner and Margret his wiof 
Katheriue the daugh'' of Thomas Androwes & Elizabeth 
Susanna daugh^ of AVilliam Hunt & Bathshuah 
Elizabeth daugh^ of Edward Emerton & Joan his wief 
John Sonne of John Bradsliawe & Anne [Joan erased'] 

his wief 
Charles Sonne of Charles MiUiugton & Joan his wief 
Margret daugh'" of Edward Townkf & Philadelphia ' 
& Hanna daugh'' of Edward Scarbroiigh & Susan 
Eichard Sonne of George Deere & Margret his wief 
Griffith Sonne of Marreddeth Jones & Anne his wief 
Steven Sonne of John Stanford & Christian his wief 
EUin Daughr of "William Lancaster & Marie his wief 
Peter Sonne of John Ilaynes & Philis 
Eichard Sonne of Daniell Nicoll & Joan 
Thomas Sonne of Thomas Oleney & Marie 
John Sonne of John Laytou & Joan ) 

& John the Sonne Eichard Bedford & Alice ( 
Anthony the Sonne of Jacob ffisher & Isabell 
Elizabeth the daughr of Eichard North & Susan 
Henrie Sonne of Nathauaeel Dowdale & Marie ) 
& Eichard Sonne of Stephen Jones .fc Kathcrine i 
Marie Daugh'' of AVilliam ffinch & ^larie 
Thomas Sonne of Tlumias Barber & Elizabeth 
Eichard Sonne of Ei)bert Beechcrnole & ]\[crcie ) 
& Steven the Sonne Thumas Hade & Alice j 

Anne Daughter of Thomas Stevens & Elizabeth 
Joseph Sonne (if Thomas Marsh i^ Alice 
Elizabeth the daugh'' of Eichard Bachellcr & Elizabctl 
"William Sonne of William Sliettleworth & Anne 
Thomas Sonne of Tliomas llolbidge & Amoy 
Jane Daugh'' of Tliomas Parson & ffrancis 
Susanna daugh'' of John Xorris & Elizabeth 
Sarah daugh'' of Stt^ven Axtell >!v: Sarah 
Austen the Sonne of Thomas Ellis & Joan 
Valentine SoTine of Ileurie Greene & Mario 
Thomas Sonne of John Baldweu & Susan 




















Marie Daugh^ of Thomas Sutton & Anne 
John the Sonne of John Darby & Pernell 
John the Sonne of Thomas Childersbee & Anne 



Octobr Henrie Waler and Katherine Allan maried with a Licence 20 

Novembr Thomas Barber & Elizabeth Kentsham 5 

Dccembr Thomas Godfry & Alice Seely v,-^^ a Licence 24 

March John Grange & Joan Poole with a Licence 29 

Richard Tratman & Anne AVarcop with a Licence 30 
Aprill Henri Warner & Abigaile Marsh 

May Richard Wilde & Joan Norton 12 

Henrie Cash & ifrancis Richmond 31 


Septembr Marie fhnche a Childe ^ 23 

Dccembr Marie Dell a Childe 17 

the wief of Thomas Sibley 19 

John Carter a Childe 22 

an Infant Sonne of Alice Collier widdow stranger 24 

the wief of Thomas GyU 26 

Januario widdow Holbidge a poore woman 4 

Marie Ambler a Nurschild 18 

ffebruarie Edmond Morley a poore man & Ellin Lancaster a Childe 2 

Richard Shepheard a Child 8 

William Lancaster a poore man of Mims side 18 

\_blank^ Cowper a Childe of Mims side 27 

March ffrancis Bletso a youth Apprentice of London 4 

John Bryriehurst a Nurschild 9 

[blank'] Hudson a Childe 10 

Philipi Wright a Childe 13 

Adonia ffox a Nurschilde ) ob 
& an Infant Daughter of Thomas Howells ) 

Aprill Anne Sanders a Nurscliilde 23 

May AViUiam AVintcr a housholder 4 

June the wief of John Tratman 2 

the wief of John Bun 7 " 

widdow Anthony a poore old woman 8 

widdow Ifowlk a poore woman of Mims side 19 

Nicholas Simon a housholder of Mims side 25 

July Richard Bedford a poore housholder Buried 3 

the wief of Henrie Cash la 

John Tratman a poore hoiisholder 15 

Peter Simon a housholder 29 

August Robert Page a Housholder 1 
the wief of the said Robert & Hanna Lawrence a childe 6 

AVilliam Iving a Housholder ) ,c 
and Thomas [blank] an apprentice ) 

Thomas Grcgorie a childe 18 

lYraucis Meacock a wench 28 

Alice Lishmau & Grace Grcgorie Children 30 

S.ptmbr The wief of Danioll Grcgorie 11 

Anno Lytherland a wench 20 

Matthias Milward Rector 
do Baructt. 



Jeremy Son of Ei chard & Anne Seers baptized. 

John Son of John & Susanna Field baptized. 

Charles Son of Humphery & Anno Cooper baptized. 

Katherine daught"" of Jn° & Eliz. Webb baptized. 

Jasper son of John & Eliz. Clarlc baptized. 

Christian danghf of James & Margaret Burges baptized. 

Miehaell son of Eichard & Mary Allison baptized. 

Sarah daughter of Tho. & Sarah Dogget baptized. 

Tho. son of Tho. & Katherine Godfry baptized. 

Eliz. daughti' of M' "Wm. Marsh & Elizabeth his wife baptized 

John son of Peter & Anne Harris baptized. 

Nathaniell son of Jn° & Anne Stevens baptized. 

Sarah daughter of Jn° & ilartha Bell baptized. 

Andrew son of Eob' & Mary Brior baptized. 

Mary daughf of Jn° & Sarah Hickman baptized. 

Anne daugh'' of AVm. & Anne Woodley baptized. 

Sarah daugh'^ of Charles & Anne HoUingworth bap. 

Sarah daughf of Tho. & Sarah AVoley baptized. 

Mary daug'' of John & Mary Mascall baptized. 

Eliz. daug'' of John & Katherine Sawell baptizd. 

Wm. son of James & Hannah Burrus baptized. 

Anne daugh'' of Jn'' & Mary Hart baptized. 

Wm. son of Wm. & Ellen Sharp baptized. 

Sarah daug'' of Jeremy & Mary Husted baptized. 

Sarah daugh'' of Jn° & Mary Eates baptized. 

Honner daugh'' of George & Eliz. Kempe baptizd. 


William Coxall buryed. 
John Smith bui-yed. 
Margaret Wood buryed. 
Eichard Palmer buryed. 
Sybilla Grimes buryed. 
Mary Windsor buryed. 
Cliarlton AVebb burj-cd. 
Eose Beachingal buryed. 
M''^ Susannah Ellaby buryed. ' 
Anne Bell buiyed. 
Doboi-ah Prior burj-ed. 
Anthony Gurnoj^ buryed. 
Ealph Mascall buryed. 
Eliz. Hunt Buryed. 
Katherine Farrine buryed. 
James Duck buryed. 
M'- William Buryed \jic] 
Jn° Field buryed. 
William Hyde buryed. 
^I'' William blaster buryed. 
Henry llarrup ]5urveil. 
Eli/. Burgles burvod. 
Priscilla Goodall buryed. 
Mary Barn»^t buryed. 



































































































Janu. 22 





» 25 









Lucy "Wable buryed. 
Walter Smith buryed. 
Honer Kempton buryed. 

M"^ Wm. Marsli sen' buryed. 
Susannah. Wright burj'ed. 
Elizabeth Marsh buryed. 
Sarah Dorrington buried. 
Francis Sniith buryed. 

A Transcript of y« burials Christnings & Weddings in High Barnett 
in ye County of Hertford from March 25. 1688 to March 25. 1689. 
Frances Eaper buryed April 1 8*ii. 
Elizabeth Burgess buryed Ap. 29**1. 
Edward Hollingsworth buryed May 3'^. 
Greorg Snow buryed May 4'''. 
Mary Flexmore buryed May 11"^. 
Mrs Anne Smith burj-ed Octob'" 18*''. 
Mary Duck buryed Novcmb'' .5*''. 
Susanna Saggs buryed Novemb'' S^^. 
Mary Hunt buryed Novemb'" 16*. 
Catharine Sparks buryed Decemb'' 19^^. 
John Kemp burj'ed Jan. 2*^. 
M" Elizabeth Molloy buryed Feb. G^^. 
Sarah Hollingsworth buryed Feb. 9*''. 
Peter Cook burj-ed Feb. W^. 

A Transcript of ye burialls & marriages & Christnings in ye Parish of 
Chipping Barnett in ye County of Hertford from Lady day 1689 
to Lady day 1690. 
May 14*^ John Clark buryed. 
,, 15 Wm. Wicks buryed. 

,, 19 Thomas Seers buryed. 

June 2<i Mary Highland buryed. 

,, 15 Wm. Hunt buryed. 

„ 26 Elizabeth Smith buryed. 

August 1 1 Anne Lucas buryed. 
„ 20 Peter Kingsbuiy buryed. 
,, 29 John Huddlestone burj'ed. 
Septemb^^ 5*'' John Smitli buryed. 
„ 6 Elizabeth Bctts buryed. 

,, 13 Anne Geery buryed. 

,, 23 John Archer buryed. 
Octobr 4 Anne Hollingsworth burj-ed. 
Novcmb''20 Elizabeth Cooper buryed. 

,, 27 !M" Kavenscroft buryed. 
Docenib'' 5 AVilliam Howard buryed. 
„ 17 Elizabeth Puck buryed. 

,, 20 AVm. Barcofk buryed. 
Fob. 20 John Hanscduio buryed. 
March 10 I^f^ :\Iary ]\laid buryed. 
,, 19 AV™ Ivingman buryed. 













20 Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Wliitaker baptisd. 
S"! Henry son of Tliomas & Elizabeth Harrip baptisd. 

21 Mary daughter of Erancis & Anne Dorrington baptisd. 
1^ Elizabeth daughter of Tho. & Elizabeth Crew baptisd. 
2'i William son of Thomas & Susanna Bechonal baptisd. 
9 Anne daughter of Peter & Anne Harris baptisd. 

19 Elizabeth daughter of Eiehard & Elizabeth Hodson bapt. 

23 Joseph son of Wm & Elizabeth Smith baptisd. 

9 Elizabeth daug. of Thomas & Elizabeth Crowchlybaptsd. 

10 Sarah daughter of Wm. & Anne Gardiner baptisd. 

18 John son of John & Anne Archer baptisd. 

24 Anne daug. of Charles & Anne Hollingsworth baptisd. 
26 John son of John & Marj' Huddlestone baptisd. 

8 James son of James & Mary Barcock baptisd. 

1 3 Anne daughter of Eiehard & Anne Slacher baptised". 

18 Richard son of John & Maiy jSIascal baptisd. 
21 Wm. son of John & Mary Howard baptisd. 

4 Thomas son of John & Sarah Hickman baptisd. 
6 Wm. son of Benjamin & Mary Kingman bapt. 

8 John son of John & Mary Palmer baptisd. 

15 Wm. son of Samuell &* EUen Barcock baptisd. 
29 John son of John & Elizabeth Clark baptisd. 
12'^ Mary daug. of Wm. & Mary Laurence baptisd. 

19 Elizabeth daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Veranderfeild 


9 Elizabeth daughter of Wm. & Elizabeth Stiles baptisd. 
13 John son of John & Susanna Hanscome baptisd. 

4th Thomas Palmer & EUenor Cuddington marryed 

A Copy of the Christnings in the Parish of Chipping Barnet in 

ye County of Hertford for y year 1692. 
Susanna Feild of John & Susanna March 27"^. 
John Hall of Mordecai & Pebecca April 25"'. 
Maiy Saywell of John & Catharine June 1 7"". 
William & John Styles twins of AVilliam & Elizabeth July Z^. 
Sarah Harris of I'eter & Ann July 1 7'^. 
Mary Cooper of Picliard & Susanna July 19'^'. 
Mary Stamford of Thomas & Ann July 30*. 
William Briars of Pobert & Mary August 10"'. 
Mary Heel of John & Mary Aug* H'^-. 
Mary Heel of Henry & Katharine August 15*''. 
Ann Smith of William & Mary Sopf 13"'. 
John Hart of Jolin iS: MartliaOctob'" 7"'. 
Elizabeth Smitli of William & IMnrv Octob'' \V^^. 
William Gunnel of William & Mary Octob'- 1 (>"'. 
Luke Brickland of Luke & Martlia'actob-- 20"'. 
Edward AVright of Jt)]iu & Susanna Ocf 27"'. 
Jeremiah Croutchly of Tliomas & Elizabetli Nov'" 0"'. 
Ann Yates of Joliii & Mary Nuy'' 22''. 
Peregrine Barcock of James & IMargaret Noy"' 23''. 
Ann Thompson of John & Alice Noy"" 30"'. 


"William Flexmore of "William & Anne January 2^, 
Thomas Cole of Tliomas & Mary ) j , ,tv 

Elizabeth Crew of Thomas & EHzabeth j J^^- ^^ • 
Ann Buckle of Humphrey & Sarah February 12*^. 
Jasper Clark of Johu & Elizabeth Eebr. ITti^. 
Maria of John & Elizabetli "Wittakor Pebr. 19*. 
Mary Hanscomb of Jolin & Susanna March 12'^. 
John Lawrence of "William & Mary Marcli 19"i. 

Will™ Bisset, Curate. 

A Copy of the Burials in the parish of Chipping-Barnet in y^ County 

of Hertford, for y« year 1G92. 
Thomas Allinson buryed March 31. 
"William Turney April IQth. 
Sarah Barcock May 26"^ii. 
John Gleave June 25''^. 
Eobert AUingsby July 1*. 
William & John Styles July 9'^. 
Mary "Whitehead July 22*1. 
"William Smytli August 24*^1. 
"William Humfreystone Septemb'' 7'^^. 
"William HoUingsworth Sept^ 30'^^. 
Grace Maynard Octob^ 21*. 
Martha HoUingsworth Ocf^ 30"i. 
Joseph Thorp Nov^ 9"'. 
Ann Harrup Nov 15*^. 
Ann Thompson Decemr 1 6*''. 
Thomas Palmer Dec'' 27*^. 
Susanna Stephens Jan. 18*. 
Mary Stamford January 22*^. 
William Meek January 30*. 
Mary Dorrington February 10*. 
Williaui Flexmore March 8*. 
Grace Draper March 1 5*. 

Witt™ Bisset. Curate. 

QLijxxvclj ©cxvicvs* 


CoTTRED IX Com A Teror of the psoiiidgo and Gleebe Laud 
IIeutf axd Dioc. their vnto bclongoiugo as followcth by tlio 
or LixcoLXE. pticulars. 

The ground about the Homstod and that necre adioninge 
A dwolliugo house, with two baruos and a lioggo coate. The grownd 
abdute the liousic in all by cstimacou foure acars. A little arrablo 
toihl nccro vutit the psoiiidgo knowne by the name of Brixbury, tlio 
Iiigliway lying.' uortli and East, tlio grownd of the Lord of Cottrod 
S nitli and Frainuf Wright west by estim. six acr. 


The land lyinge in Churchfeild in there seuerall pcells. 

Itm in a Conionfeild called Churchfeild one acar neere the Tovrne 

lyinge at the Backside of a Tenement late John Bodies south, the 

land of George Parkinson north, Wiltm Austin East & "West. 
Itm half an acar in tlie same feild pt meadow, the Towneland at the 

south end, Cheynes land west & Wm. Austin East. 
Three Roods their one the Middle shott, buttinge north & south one 

the Lordshipp land, the saide Lord one the West, y« towne land 

One Hood their Lyinge neere to Coles greene buttinge North & south 

vppon the Lordshipp land and one Samuell Plumer East & West. 
One Eood more their lyinge beneath Eoodole, buttinge south vppo 

Eichard Crouch, North vppon John Wedun, Eobert Clinton lying 

one the West side and the Land belongeinge to Cheynes one the 


The Land lying in little Northfeild. ' 

Itm in Little Northfeild two acars neere the mill hill, the Lordshipp 

land north and soutli & East and the Highway one the AYest side. 
Half an acar more their the land of the Lord lyinge East West & south 

and the Land of Eichard Crouch vppon the North. 
Three Eoods more their lyinge neere Stocking-hill buttinge West 

vppon WiUm Dun and East one Cheynes land the LordPP land south 

and the Land late Eichard Crampornes North. 
One Headen rood their lyinge one Haresdenhill, buttinge East one 

Eichard Croucli and West one the highway. 
One rood more their in the bottomo buttinge north one Cheynes land 

& south vppo Christ : Knight, the LordPP land East, Samuell Plum' 

One other Eood in the same bottom, buttinge north vppon Eushden 

feild, south ■v'ppon the highway Cheyues land East & Eichard Crouch 


The Land as it lyoth in Great North feild. 
In Great Northfeild half an acar lyinge by Euslien f«nld side sided 

north and soiith w*i^ S'' Thorns Standleys land, The West end vppon 

the highway and the land late AViftm Elborues one tlie East. 
Three Eoods more in the same feild pte arrablo & pte meadow, neere 

the valey the LordPP land l.yinge AVost & Nortli tlie land of 

Christopher Knight East and Chcj'nes Land South. 
Halfe an acare more in the same feild lyingo one Quamstey hill the 

land belongeinge to tlie Lordshipp lyinge West and South Samuell 

Plumer East and Cheynes land Nurth. 
One liaK acare more tlieir lyinge neere tlie Mill hill buttinge West 

\'ppon Christopher Knight, one Samuell Plumer East Eichard 

Crouch one the North side and the towne land one the South. 
One Eood more their, buttinge south aud North one Eichard Croucli 

tlie towne land East aud tlie land late Joliii Starrs AVost. 
One other Eood their, buttinge south and North one the saide Eichard 

Crouch, sided AVest vppon Eichard Crouch and the Towne land one 

the East. 

The land lyingo in Holbrooke. 
In Great Holbrookf Two acars biittingo North ward ^iipon Bradfeild 

grownd, and vppon Cliovnos land soutli the Land boloiigingo to tlio 

Lord of Cottorod west, Aud the Land belonging to tlio ISIaniior of 

Cheynes East. 


Three Eoodes more their in the same feild lyingo neere to Colcs-gropno 
buttinge North vppon tho Lordshipp land and South vppon Jo : 
Wallis, The Land kite Wittm Plumers East and tho Lordshipp land 

Sum. 22 acars 1 rood. 
This Terror made the xy]^^ of Aprill Anno Dom. 1638 vndor the hands 
of those whose names are heere vnto prescribed. 

Thomas Gardiner Rector 
Wittm X Dun ) ni. \ i 
Thoms X Sadler \ Churchward. 

John X AVren Sidesman 

WiUiam Austin 

George Bardollfe. 

X Christopher Knight 

Edward Symons scr. aged 34 y. 

cottered in 
Com. Hartford. 

A true and perfect Terrier of all the houses and Glebs pertaining 
to the Eectory of Cottered aforesaid, exhibited at Mr. Arch- 
deacons visitation holden at Hitchin Mav the 12"» Annoquo 
Dom'i 1709 as followeth. 

The Parsonage house coucred with Tiles, The roomes in the said 
house, one Hall, one parlor floored with deal, one Kitcliin floored 
with Bricks with Chambers ouer the said hall parlor and Kitchiu 
seeled, one Cellar and buttery. 

One Barn with Six bays of building, one Barne of Three bays of 
building with a Stable, Coats for Swine and Cow house. 

One orchard at the east end of the said house, one garden, one yard in 
parte paled in. 

One Close of pasture, on the North side of the said Parsonage house 
of foure acres, more or less, lyeiug between the Common flold called 
Church feild east and north And a lane, out of that feild into tho 
Street, And a tenem'. of Charles Hankin west. 

One Close of arable land, ouer against the said parsonage Iiouse, on 
the otlier side of the Street, called Bricksbury, of Six acres more or 
less abutting east and north vpon the higliway, Soutli \jion tlie 
pasture of Madam Forester, called Matsford, And west, in parte 
vpon a Close of arable land belonging fo Jolm Sadler, and part vpon 
his house, tho lane between tlie hedge and the house, belonging to 
tho Eectory. 

In a Common field called Churchfield. 

One acre lyeing between the land of George Astin east and west, 
abutting soutli vpon an orcliard of Jolm Chapman, north vpon the 
land of John Exton. 

One Rood of arable and meadow, in the next Shott towards the valley 
between the land of George Austin east and the laud of the Tjord of 
Chaineys west, abutting vpon the Lords swarth north And the laud 
belonging to the Towno of I'ottered South. 

Three Roods vpon that Shott lyeing vp by that patli that leads t.. 
Bradlield next the land of the town of Cottered east : and land of 
Madam Forester west north and south. 



One Rood in the Shott, comoing down from Clarks Pen to tlie Valley : 
between the land of John Exton cast and Edward "Webb west, 
abutting vpon the way through the valley, South, And the land of 
Madam Forester north. 

One Rood vjion the shott, in which the foot path leadethfrom Cottered 
to Coles green : between the land of the Lord of Chaiueys cast and 
the land of Madam Forester west abutting vpon the way through 
the valley north and the head land of Richard Crouch, south. 
In Rushdcn field. 

One halfe acre lyeing between the land of Joseph Edmunds Esq'' South 
and north, abutting vpon the highway leading from "VValkerne to 
Cumberlow green west and the land of Edward Feild esq'' east. 
In a Common field called Holbrooke. 

Two acres of arable land lyeing between the way leading to Foxholes, 
next the land of Madam Forester west and the land of the Lord of 
Chaineys east, abutting vjion the pasture belonging to Foxholes 
north and the land of John Tompson south. 

One acre lyeing between the land of the said John Thompson east and 
the way leading to Foxholes aforesaid west, abutting vpon the land 
of Madam Forester north, and the pasture of Robert Crane south 
within the hedges of the said pasture, there is a peice of ground 
belonging to the said Glebe for which is paid foure pence. 
In a Common field called little north field. 

Two acres lyeing vpon Mill hill between the way leading from Cottered 
to Cumberlow green west, and the laud of Madam Forester east, 
abutting vpon the way which lyeth through Church field valley 
south, and the land of Madam Forester and John Beal north. 

One half acre in the same shott, between the land of Madam Forester 
east and west, abutting as the former. 

Three Roods below Stockin hill between tlie laud of Madam Forester, 
south and the land of John Chapman north abutting vpon the land 
of the Lord of Chainej-s east and the land of Robert Frost west. 

One headland Rood by Ilarosden hill between the hind of Madam 
Forester south and the lands of diners men north, abutting ■vjion the 
way leading to Rushden west and the land of Edward AVebb east. 

One Rood in the Shott next Rushden field abutting vpon tluit field 
north find the higlnva}- through the valley soutli, between the land 
of the Lord of Chaincj-s cast and the land of Richard CroiU'h west. 

One Rood in the same shott between the land of John Exton east and 
west abutting vpon the land of Edmimd Knight south and the land 
of the Lord of Chaineys north. 

In a Common field called Great North field. 

One Rood in the Shott, northward, below Mill hill, not far from the 
high vray between the land belonging to the Town east and the land 
of Edward AVebb west abutting vpon the land of Richard Crouch 
south and north. 

One Rood near adiovning, between the land belonging to the Town of 
Cottered east and the land of Richard Crouch west, mu'th and south. 

One halfe acre, between tlie land of Richard Crouch north and the 
TowTie land south, abutting vpon the land of Madam h'orcster east 
and ]Mlniun<l Knight, west. 

Three Roods of araldo land and nicailow, IkMwi'cii tlic land of tli(> TiOrd 
of Ciiaincys sonth, and the lainl of i\I:id!im l'\)T('st(n- nortli and west, 
abutting vpon tlie land of Edmund Kniglit cast. 


One half acre vpon the vpper Shott westward, between the land of tlio 
Lord of Ohaineys north, and the land of Madam Forester soutli and 
east, abutting vpon the land of Madam Forester Avest. 

The incumbent is a Rector, all manner of Tithes are due to him in 
kind and noe land w^hin the parish is Exemj^ted, noe offerings are 
paid, piges are tithed att seuen and lambes at ten, 4 pence for euery 
single lamb ; for Cows that calue 6 pence p Cow, And for farrow 
milshed 4 pence halfe peny, wooll paid by the pound. 

Surplice fees, for Churching 6 peace, for burialls 12 pence, for 
marriages w'^ Licence 8s. Id, w'l'out Licence 45 ; Furniture in tlie 
Church 5 bells, necesarie bookes and Surplice; witli a Snudl old 
Communion Cupp Siluer. The Clarks wages is 4 p house. 

John Sykes Eector 
Eobt. Wright Churcliwardon. 

[Endorsed] The small old comunion Cup mentioned on y^ other side is 
now made into a very fair ChaHce & Patten at y<= Charge of Pulter 
Forester Esq^ the Patron of y« Living. The weight of both is 
13 oz. 17 p.w. 

John Sykes E^. 
Eob* Wright Churchwarden. 
■ Edw. Webb. 


A SuRVEYE OR Terrier of all the possessions belongeing to 
the Eectory of Datchworth aJias Thatcliwortli in tlie County of 
Hertford^ & Diocesse of Lineolno made and taken by the voiw 
pambulatlon & estimate of the minister Churcli'wardens & 
sidesmen & other the Inhabitants nominated & appointed for 
that purpose. 

Imp' There is belongeing vnto the saide Eectory one dwelling liouse 
couered with tiles scituate \-pou part of the glcabo land belonging to 
the saide Eectory, the cheifest part of the building wlioreof is (;■_> 
foote louge North & south & is 18 foote broado East & West, w^'' is 
deuided into two stories conteyning 10 roomes whereof .3 are vpdu 
the ground viz. one little lodgeing chamber one seller one liall, .>7io 
parlor one buttery And hue roomes ouer these viz :- one chamber 
ouer the seller & little cliamber, one chamber ouer tlie liall witli a 
closett or studye belongeing to it & one chamber ouer the parlor, 
with a studye ouer it ouer y" buttery. 

Item. One other part or parcoll of the said dwollinge house adjoyniiig 
vnto the forenamed part and is 3.5 foote longe East and West and 14 
foote broad which coutaincth 4 Eoomes viz. one kitrhin and a 
brewhouso on the ground and 2 chambers & boarded over tiio 
kit chin. 

Item. There is neere adjoyninge \Tito the foresaid dwellinge house one 
other parcell of buildinge covered with straw or That'eli and is 44 
foote longe East and west and 15 foote broad devided into 3 sevtn-nll 
roomes vpon the ground and one roonie at the west end hatli a 
chamber boarded over it. 

Item. Not far from the foresaid parcell of buildinge there is iui oiIum- 
l>arcell of buildinge covered with straw or Tluitdi and is ID toot.' 
longe East and West aad IG foote broad wlueh is (levid(>d into i' 
roomes vpon the ground and yt roonie whicli is on the west nid of 
this buildinge hath a chamber boarded over it. 



Item There is one longe bame covered -with straw or Thatch which 
is 94 foote longo North and South and 24 foote broad and is devided 
into 6 bayes. 
Item There is one other little barne covered with straw or Thatch 
which is 34 foote longe East and west and 1 5 foote broad and is 
devided into 2 bayes. 
Item There is lyinge about the foresaid buildinges belongeinge to 
The foresaid Eectory 1 acres of land more or lesse which is devided 
into severall parts viz. one garden, one orchard, one yard called the 
barne yard lyinge betweene the great barne and the mansion house 
and other yardes for wood .Sec alsoe 2 closes of arable land, and one 
close of pasture called the springe all w'^^' beinge conjoyned together 
abutvpona lane leadingefrom Thatchworth green towards Kneb worth 
on the North, on the lands of S-- Eowland Litton knight belongeinge 
to Marly Berry, on the South on the land of Eichard Eudd East and 
a lane leadinge from Thatchworth church toward AVolmer greene 

Item There belonge to the said Eectory 6 acres of arable land more 
or lesse lyinge in a common field there called Candell whereof one 
acre and an halfe more or lesse lyeth, betweene the lands of George 
Shotboidt south and the lands of Thomas Kimpton north and 
abbutteth vpon the lane which leadeth from Brackberrie end to 
Thatchworth Church East and the lands of Eichard Kimpton west. 
And one other peice in the said feild conteyninge one acre more or 
lesse lyeth betweene the landes of Tliomas 'Kimi)ton South and the 
lands of Thomas Foster North and abutteth -vijon the fore sayd lane 
leadinge from Brackberrie end to Thachworth church East and 
y^ lands of Thomas Foster west. 

And one other peice in the foresaid common feild conteyninge one acre 
and an haKe luore or lesse lyeth betweene the forenamed lane which 
leadeth from Brackberrie end to Thatchworth church East and the 
lands of Eichard Eudd on the West and abutteth vpon the said lane 
North and vpon the lands of Francis Bigge South. 

And one other peice in the foresaid common field contayninge b}' 
estimation one acre more or less lyeth betweene the lands of Thomas 
Foster west and the lands of William Eudd East, and abutt vpon 
the lands of John Man north and of Frauncis Bigge soutli. 

And one other peece in the foresaid common feild contayninge one 
acre more or lesse lyeth bet«veeno the lands of John Man East and 
West and abutteth vpon a parcell of medow of y<= sayd John Man 
and others &c nortli, and vpon tlie lauds of Thomas Kimpton south. 

And one other parcell of laud in the foresaid feild coutayuioge halfe 
an acre nujre or lesse lyeth between the lands of John Man north 
and of John Deavds south and abutteth A^ion the lands of tJie 
foresaid Jolin ^lan East and West. 

Iteni There belonge vnto the said Eectory 4 acres of arable land 
lyinge in a common feild of the foresaid parisli called Cliibden 
whereof 3 acres more or lesse by betweene the lands of Tliomas 
Mitchell on the south, and the lands of the sai<l Tliomas INIitchell 
and Thomas Kimpton Nortli and almtt vpon the lands of the sayd 
TiioMias ]\[itelu>Il west and of the sayd Thomas Kimpton east. 

And one other pi-iii' in tlio foresaid loiuiuon feild contayniiig halfe an 
acre mon^ or less lyeth botweeiie llie lands of tJcorge"Kimi)toii East 
and the lands of Charles North, west and almttetli vpon the lands 
of the said (.Seorge Kimpton south and of Eichard Kimjiton North. 


And one other peice in the foresaid common feild contayninf^e halfe an 
acre more or Icsso lyeth betweene the land of Eichard Kimpton on 
the South and the lands of Thomas Mitcliell and Thomas Foster 
North and abuttcth \-pon the lands of the foresaid Thomas Mitchell 
■ West and the lands of Eichard Kimpton East. 
Stockes, Implements, Tenements or any other thinge inquireable by 
the Canon and not herein before intimated and expressed there is 
nothinge belongoing to this Eectory as far as -wee know or can 

Eichard Newman Eector de Datchworth 
Arthur Feild ) rn i. ^ 
Geo. Lewis J Churchward. 

Tho. X Lucy Sidsman. 

^eei of S^nes for gevtforb&ljtr^. 



1578. Trinity Term. 20 Eliz. 

John Foull : John Broke & Margt. his wife. Two messuages & lands 

in Little Munden & Great Munden. 
Ealph Eadcliff esq: John Tristram & Cecily his wife. Lands in 

Wm. Beadle : ^Vm. Antwissell. Messuage & land in Cothered. 
Ealph Grunell : John Grunell. Messuage & laud in Barley. 
John Spurh-nge geut.-: Eobt. Hyde gout. Two messuages & lands in 

Hynkesworth, Edworth, Asshewell, Caldcotto & Astwicke. A 

warranty against tlie heirs of Leonard Hyde esq dec^. 
Wm. Wedon : Wm. AVarron & Joan his wife. Messuage and garden 

in Watford. 
Tabell Ailmer : Wm. Eustat & Mary his wife. Messuage and lands 

in AsheweU. 
Thos. Holden : John Yaughan gent & Anno his wife. Two messuages 

and land in S' Albans. 
Eoger Byrcheley: John B\Tchclcy gent & Philippa his wife. 

Messuage, shop and garden m psh. of All Saints, Hertford. 
Wm. Newman : John iSniyth junior & Eliz. his wife. Messuage and 

garden in Baldocke. 
Thomas Crabbo & John Skyngle : Thos. Saunders gent & Jane his 

wife. Manor of Pygotts & 3 messuages & lands in Stortoi\n-d. 
Thos. Salysbury gent : Henry Chauncy os(j & Jane his wife. 

Mossuagi^ & lands in Godloston, Estwicko & Sabrygeford. 
John Broiketto knt : Miles Poudrcth geut & Francis Pondreth gent .ft 

Ursula his wife. Five messuages & lands in Bishops Ilattlehl. 


Geo. Eotheram esq & Win Toocke esq : Edw. Smyth & Dorothy his 
wife, Humph. Meade & Anno his -wife & Wm. Preston & Frances 
his wife. Three parts of the Manor of Chylwycke (in four parts 
divided) & of 10 messuages & land in Chylwicke, Seynt Michells, 
Harpeden, Sandrige & Eedborne. 

1578. Mich. Term. 20 & 21 Eliz. 

Paul Pope : Wm. Skipwith esq & Frances his wife. Four messuages 

«& lauds in the psh. of S' Peters, in S' Albans. 
Wm. Saunders : Edw. Bardolf & Kath. his wife. Messuage & lands 

in Eudge alias Eygge. 
Thos. Shodbolte esq & AVm. Shodbolte gent : John Connyes. Four 

messuages & lands in Layston, Buntingeforth & Walkehorne. 
Henry Sadleyer esq & Eicli. Bankes gent : Thos. Grrymesdyche esq. 

Manor of Jewcys & 20 messuages & lands in Gt. Hadham & Little 

Wm. Wrothe gent : Eich. Pegrim, Thos. Brett & Wm. Brett. Lands 

in Stondon. 
John Lacye & John Swetinge : Edw. Parker lord Morley & Eliz. his 

wife. Manor of Johns de PeUam & 10 messuages & lands in Furnix 

PeUam & Brent PeUam. 

1578-9. Hilary Term. 21 Eliz. 

*Thos. Style : Eich. Davye & Alice his wife, & Nich. Parratt & Joan 

his wife. Lauds in Flampstede & Cadington. 
*John Scott gent & Eich. Scott gent : Thos. Bysshop esq & Anne his 

wife. A third part of lands in Eudge alias Eydge. 
*Eoger Warfeilde & Wm. Brockbancke : Thos. Cogger & Joan his 

wife. Two messuages & lands in Burnett alias Est Barnett & 

Wm. Wabie : Edw. Wilson gent & Marion his wife. Messuage and 

land in Walkorn alias Walkern. 
Thos. Fynche : Edm. Bardolpho esq & Eich. Bardolpho son & heir 

apparent of s'^ Edm. Lands in Whethamsted. 
Henry Sadleir esq : John Philpott & Eliz. his wife. Lands in Aspiden 

alias Aspden. 
Wm. Snowe : Thos. Jernegan gent & Eliz. his wife. Garden & 

orchard in Stortford. 
Jas. Whytlome alias Barbor : Thos. Jernegan gent & Eliz. his wife. 

Messuage & gardens in Stortford. 
John Pope gent & Wm. Handforte : Edm. Bardolphe esq & Eicli. 

Bardolphe son & heir apparent of s'l Edm. Lands in Whethamsted. 
Thomas Mowfiytt : Jolm Barley & Eliz. his wife. Lands in Asshewell. 
Nich. Bacon knt lord keeper of the great seal & Bartli. Kempe gent : 

Thos. Drurj'e gent, Tlios. Pullyson, Wm. Curtys & Jolm Payne. 

Moiety of three inessuages cS: lands in Shenley. 
Geo. Foster alias Cooke & Sculastica his wife : John Sole & Joan his 

wife. Messuage & laud in Hartingfordburyo. 
Jolm Daye alias Palmer & Margt. his wife : Eich. Graynger. Four 

messuages & lauds in Tewj^nge. 

1579. Easter Term. 21 Eliz, 

*Elch. Trodwoy gent. & Geo. Calfoliild gout : Eich. Iluddilstou esq & 
Isabel his wife. Lauds in Becouslild alias BetkouslVlde, Pen, 
Burneliam, Faruam alias Faruehaui Eoyall, Clialfount S' Peter, 
Cluilfouut S' Giles Agmoudesham alias Amcrsham. 


Geo. Ellyott gent : Henry Jcrnygan gent & Anne tis wife. Lands in 

Jolin Porter : John Sanders. Messuage & land in S' Albans. 
Thos. Whyte : Thos. Smyth & Ellen his -wife. Messuage & lands in 

Tryng & Cubblecote. 
Wm. Ewyer : John Ila'rvye esq & Margery his wife. Messuage & 

lands in Watford & Saynt Stephens. 
Henry Heigham gent : Nich. Morgan gont & Jane his wife. Two 

messuages & land in Sabridgeworth. A warranty against Henry 

Johnson senior, John Matliewe & Win. Mathcwe. 
John Goore : Eichard Pecock & Joan liis wife. Messuage & gai-den 

in Stortford alias Bysshoppes Stortfordo. 
Wm. Byrchemore : Francis Sabbe gent & Eliz. his wife. Two 

messuages in SejTit Albons. 
Henry Prauell cit. & vintner of London : Edw. earl of Oxford, high 

chamberlain of England. Manor of Newsyll alias Newsells & 40 

messuages & lands in Barkewaye, Barley, Eeade & Eoyston & 

liberty of free faldage in same places. 
Geo. Moreland : Edw. Goodwyn & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & lands 

in Barkwaye & Eeade. 
Nich. Potts gent : Ealph Bullocke gent & Mary his wife & Wm. 

Bufie. Messuage & lands in Estbvokehaye & Hemelhamstede. 
1579. Trinity Term. 21 Eliz. 
*John Webbe gent : Eich. Warde esq & Mary his wife. Manor of 

Pychelosthorne & 3 messuages & lands in Pychelesthorno, 

Chedington & Eldesboroughe. 
Christ^ Hudson : Wm. Marshall gent & Alice his wife. Messuage & 

garden in Ware. 
Thos. Holland : Eich. Vessey & Eliz. his wife. Land in Amwell. 
Oliver Crosse : Wm. Marshall gent & Alice his wife. Messuage in 

Simon Hai-vj'e senior : Jolux Harvye & Cecily his wife. Messuage & 

land in Sandon. 
Wm. Tooke gent & Mary his wife : Chrisf Bulle gont & Agues his 

vrde. Two messuages & lands in parishes of All Saints & 

S' Andrews in Hertford. 
Nich. Badger : Christr Wyllyamson & Agnes his wife. Messuage 

& land in Kings Hatfeild alias Bysshoppes Hatfeild. 
Eich. AVylcock & Anne his wife : Wra. AVylkinson & Eliz. his wife. 

Messuage & gardens in Hoddesdon. 
John Mason & Thos. Porter elk : John Porter & Geo. Porter. 

Messuage & lauds in Gravelcy & Cliisefeld. 
Henry Carey, knight of the bath, lord Huusdeu : Houry Ciiauncye 

esq & Jane his wife &. Thos. Sal3-sburye gent. Lands in Eastwycko. 
Thomas Sadloir & Matlicw Smytho esq''^ : Edw. Bacshe esq & Jano 

his wife. Manors of Aflfiedwiko alias Bcacluunpos &: Cosons (.*c 6 

messuages & lands in Layston, Widiall, Anstoye, Gt. Hormeado, 

AVarc, Stanstcd Abbott, Ilunsdou & Thundridge. 
Anthony Cage senior : Edw. earl of Oxford. Manor of Groat 

Horneniede alias Horeniede alias Hormade & 80 messuages & lands 

in Gt. Horuemede, Little Horemode, Anstyo, Barkewaye, Wallyng- 

ton, Laystone, Alswycko, Nutstcd & Braugliingo. 
1579. Mich. Term. 21 & 22 Eliz. 
*Henry Howott esq : Geo. Horde gont & Cicily his wife. Lands in 

Aldouham it Bussliio. 


Eobt. Nicoll : John Huntley & Eose his wife. A fourth part of two 

messuages & lands in Watford. 
John Dards : Edw. Pulter esq & Mary his wife. Messuage & garden 

in Hitchin. 
Peter Lyndesell : Edw. Parker lord Morley. Messuage & lands in 

Sabridge worthe . 
Eandall NycoU : John Ilyckman & Agnes his wife. Three messuages 

& lands in Watford. 
Edw. Norwood : Oswald Huckle. Two messuages & lands in Coddred 

alias Cottored. 
John Smj-the : Wm. Faroe & Margt. his wife. Moiety of a messuage 

& garden in S' Albans. 
John Fyssher : Thos. Kiee & Margt. his wife. Two messuages & 

garden in Bushey. 
Nich. Bower : John Kelynge & Margt. his wife. Three messuages & 

lands in Esjrngden & Hertford. 
Thos. Narrowld gent : John Hall & Winifrid his wife. Messuage & 

land in Ash well. 
Eich. Bull gent & Wm. Hartforde gent : John Lawrence. Messuage 

& land in S' Albans. 
Wm. Thrale : Thos. AppoweU k Margt. his wife. Messuage in 

St Albans. 
Geo. Samy : John Clapham & Dorothy his wife. Lands in Little 

Geo. Turfoot : Edm. Barber & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & lands in 

Gt. Munden & Little Mimden. 
Eich. Colly gent : John Harvi & Alice his wife. Lands in Ware. 
Simon Warren : AVm. Frauncis esq, Eich. Frauncis gent & Susan his 

wife & John Hunt jun. gent. Lands in Hytchen. A warranty 

against John Hunt senior, father of s'^ John. 
Henry Sadleir esq & Dorothy his wife : Edw. Sadleir esq & Anne his 

wife. Manor of Hexton & 20 messuages & lands in Hexton. 
Matthew Audley : Wm. Frauncis esq, Eich. Frauncis gent & Susan 

his wife & John Hunt jun. gent. Messuage & garden in Hitchen. 
Eoger Gysse & Thos. Webb : Gilbert Hyll gent. Manor of Grimbalds 

& 6 messuages & lands in Ware. 

1579-80. Hilary Term. 22 Eliz. 

Wm. Lodge : Wm. Sewell & Alice his wife. Two messuages & lauds 

in Studham. A warranty against the heirs of Eich. Myckley. 
Edw. Clark gent & Eobt. Haekshawe : John Elmer alias Fylewood. 

Four messuages & lands in Ej-sden alias Eyshden alias Eushdcn & 

John Moyer & Grace his wife : Philip Clarke & Agnes his wife. A 

third part of a messuage & lands in Harpeden & Wliethamstod. 
John Bonnycke : Thos. Wliyte & Agnes his wife. Messuage & lands 

in Long Marston & Goblecote. 
Eich. Lovett : Thos. Butterfeld & Kath. his wife. Messuage & land 

in Flaunden. 
Eich. Mounlce & Philippa his wife & John Wright : John Bekke. 

Messuage & land in Laiston. 
Eobt. Ncwporto esq : Eobt. Lcghe. Three messuages tS: lands in 

Eushden, Cottored, Clottall & Bradfeild. 
Patrick Eoddyo : Tlios. Eussell & Cecily his wife & AVm. Potitt & 

Alice his wife. ^lessungc &' garden in Cliipping Barnott. 


Edw. Pulter esq : John Brokett knt & Ellen liis wife. Manor of 

Bradfeilde alias Brodefeilde & 10 messuages &. lands in Bradfeilde, 

Rushden & Codretli alias Cotered & the advowson of church of 

John Knygliton esq & Geo. Knyghton gent son of s^ John : Edw. 

Sulyard esq & Anne his wife. Manors of Parkburye & Legatf & 20 

messuages & lands in Kympton, Abbots Waldcn, Ivnebworthe, 

Codicote & Whothamsted. 
Eich. Eoberts gent : "\Ym. Anstee & Anne his wife. The Eectory of 

All Saints in Hertford, & all tithes belonging thereto in parish of 

AU Saints in Hertford, Brekiugdon, Stanstede, Hoddesdon, "Ware, 

Amwell, Hertford, Brekingdon grene & Hertford Hetli & the 

advowson of the vicarage of All Saints, Hertford. 
Anthony Weldon gent & Matthew Craclierode gent : Francis Alley 

gent. Messuage & lands in Barkhamstede & Nortlichurche. 
AVm. Preston : Jolm Puckering esq & Jane his wife & John Maucliell 

esq & Ursula his wife. Lands in Childwicke aJias Chilwicke, Soynt 

Miehells, Harpeden, Sandrige & Redboruo & a fourth part of the 

manor of Childwicke. Also 10 messuages & lands in same places. 

1580. Easter Term. 22 Eliz. 

John Barkemaker : Roger Parkes & Margery his wife. Messuage & 

garden in Harttiugfordbery. 
Ealpli Radclyffe gent : Jolm Parker & Joan his wife. Two messuages 

& gardens in Hutcheu. 
Thos. Bumpstod : John Cockerell. lyfessuage & land in Chesthunt. 
Henry C'hilde : Robt. Twj-tchet & Agnes his wife. Messuage & lands 

in Sarett. 
John Smytlu' sen : Thos. Yaughan gent. Lands in S' Michaels near 

St Albans. 
Anthony Radclyifo : Humph. Steppinge & Mary his wife. Two 

messuages & gardens in S' Albans. 
Robt. Spencer esq & Prances his wife : Robt. Forrost & Jeromina liis 

wife. ^lessuage & laud in town of Hertford. 
Andrew Kynge gent & Tlios. Hammond : Henry Hammond gi^uT. 

Five messiuigt's & lands in AVestmyll alias ]5untiiigford "NVestmyll. 
John Myles: John Biggo & Joan his wife. Two messuagt-s & land in 

Henry Eyre: Rich. Gowson. ^Messuage iN: lands in Buulyngfnid. 

Widiali, Liiy stone, Throckyng, Aspeden & Bcunyngton. 
Edmund Griffyn gent : Goo."^ Bodwell alias Boydell & Tlios. Ijodwoll 

alias Boydell son iS: heir a]iparcnt of s'i George. Messuage &: laiuls 

in Bishojis Hatfeild alias Kings Hatfeild. 
Edw. Hunt gent : Ricli. Grene gent. Messuage, two barns & Lmds in 

Edw. Huiit gent : Rich. Grene gent. Messuage, barn it lands in 

Henry Sadleir esi^ ^: Dorothy his wife : John Pliillpott esq i"t Kliz. his 
wife. ^Manor of Aspden alias Aspeden & 3 messuages iS: lands in 
Aspden alias Aspeden. 
John Brograve esi| v<c ]\[argt. his wife : Edw. Halfeliyde gent \- Anne 
his wife. Ten nn-ssunges i^- lands in Westmill «.*v: all tithes in 

1580. Trinity Term. 22 Eliz. 
Ralph Radclyff gent : Edw. Pulter esq. Lands in Hitrhyn & Polh'tts 
o/l'/M Tppnlletts. 



Tho8. Hedd : Eich. Erie & Joan hia wife & Johu Atwood. Messuage 

& land in Gt. Monden. 
Eich. Everett : Eich. Pope & Joan his wife & Jolin Poije. Messuage 

& lands in Gossains end in parishes of Barkhainstced Marie aliar 

Northchurcho & Eaikliamsteed S' Peter alias Great Barkhanisteed. 
Eich. Brokeman gent : Wni. Lathum gent & Susan his wife. Manor 

of Lyburye alias Lvhery & 20 messuages & huids in Little Munden, 

Gt. Munden, Westmell, Waltcorne, Braughinge & Yeardley. 
John Pope gent & Jolm Wharton : John Har\ye gent & Margery his 

wife. Manor of Salmons & 4 messuages & lands in Rydge, Shenlve 

& Aldenham. 
Henry Butler esq : Edw. Skeggs, Joan Skeggs widow & John 

Mathewe gent. Ten messuages & lands in Brauntfeilde, Baehe- 

worthe Stapleford, Waterford, Watton, Bengehoe & Tuynge. 
1580. Mieh. Term. 22 & 23 Eliz. 
*Thos. Hopkyus alias Jane & Hugh Cooke : John Buckmaster & Eich. 

Buckmaster. Two messuages & lands in Hemelhamsted & Feldou. 
*Wm. Cecyll knt lord Burghley High Treasurer of Enghiud : Wm. 

Eranekland & Hester his wife & Hugh Franckland. Messuage & 

lands in Hoddesdon, Broxhorne, Amwell & Stausted. A Marrautv 

against the heirs of AVm. Frauckland dec'' father of the s-^ Williani. 
Thos. Morison esq : AVm. Moore gent & Sarah his wife. Messuage & 

land in Eowgrene in Standon. A warranty against Leonard Moore 

John Fuller : Thos. Fuller & Eliz. his wife. Three messuages & lands 

in Broxborn & Hoddesdon. 
Jonas Fring : Geo. Golde & Joan his wife. Four messuages & land in 

Jas. Wyllmott gent : Wm. Warren. Lands in Therfeld. 
Thos. Norwood gent : Clement Gunell & Agnes his wife. Lauds in 

John HudnoU : John Jurden & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & garden in 

Henry Cock knt : AVm. Kniglite & Grace his wife. Four messuages 

& lands in Broxhorne, Hoddesdon, Amwell & Wormeley. 
John Gladmau alias Grene : Eich. Davie, ilessuage" & lands in 

Kens worth. 
Thos. Ancell : Eich. Francis gent & Susan liis wife. Lands in 

Jas. Pratt senior : John Eicliardson & Eliz. his wife & Alice Medcalfe. 

Lands in Clothall. 
Wm. !^^oore : Thos. Morrison & Eliz. his wife. Lands in Sandon. 
Edw. Phellippes gent & Theophilus Adams gent : Matthew Lowe gent 

& Anne his wife. Manor of Giffordes & 6 messuages & lands in 

Little Munden & Great Munden. 

1380-1. Hilary Term. 23 Eliz. 
Jas. Trystram : John Pearles & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & lands in 

Michael Longe gent : Thos. Graveley & Joan his wife. Messuage .S; 

garden in Hutchen alias Ilitchen. 
Henry Hickman : Wn\. Myhvarde alias Alexander esq & Kath. his 

wife & xVnthony Brigham gent. Tlie site of tlie manor of iJussliey 

& 2 messuages & lauds in Busshey & AVatford & free lislicry in tho 
water of Bussliey & Watford ; also tlie ndvowson of church of 



Agnes Adam widow & Fraucis Adaiu : Edw. Adam. Two messuages 

& lands in Burnt Pelham. 
Thos. Iveric, Eicli. Humfrcj, Jolm Sibbley, John Hill & Thos. 

Yarrowe : Tho. Awncell& Joan his wife. Three messuages & lands 

in Kings "NValden. 
John Dirrington : Eobt. Nicolls & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & land iu 

Sabridg worth. 
Eobt. Sharpe & Eliz. his wife : Henry Gelduor gent. Messuage & 

garden in Ware. 
Thos. Bennett & Agues his wife : Wiuefrid Thourgood & Frances 

Thourgood. Two parts of a messuage & lands, in four parts 

diWded, in Stansted Theale, Stansted Abbott & Amwell. 

To be Continued. 

^eebs veiaXxn^ to §tone §all in 


I. .Sciant presentes et futuri quod Ego Thomas Fysshewyko de 
Villa Saucti .Ubani in Com. Hertf. Powtorer pro diversis causis & 
consideracionibus me moventibus, deili coucessi et liac presenti Carta 
mea confirmavi Henrico Fysshewjke filio nico, Totum illud Mcssuagium 
meum cum suis pertinentibus vocatum le Stoneliall cum Curtilagio 
adjaceute scituatum & jaceutem in Yilla de Sancto Albauo exopposito 
le Flessliamellf in vico Saucti Petri inter tenementum uuper 
Monasterii Sancti Albani modo in manibus Domini Eegis pertinens 
Officio Subcellarii nujjcr dieti monasterii ex uua parte & tei'rara uuper 
dieti Monasterii ex altera parte. Et predictum C'nrtilagium jacet in 
latitudine inter teuemeutum quondam Ade Stoueliam uuper Bartliolumei 
Westby ex una parte & Curtilagium nuper dieti Monasterii ex altera 
parte unde unum caput indc abuttat super Eeginm viam & aliud caput 
super gardinum quondam Tliume Fayreuian nuper Juhannis Xunny 
sicut mete & bunde inde se undique habent duccnt & demunstrant, 
habendum et teneudum predictum Mesuaglum cum Curtilagio tS: sui* 
pertiuentibus prefato Henrico Fysshewyke heredibus & assiguatis suis 
Ad usum ipsius Henrici hcrcduui & assignatonnu suurum imperpctuum 
De Capitalibus Dominis feodi illius per servicia inde deliita & de jure 
consuota Et ego vero prcdictus Thomas Fyssliewyke & herdes mei 
predictum Mesuagium cum Curtilagio & suis pertinentibus prefato 
Hensico Fysshewyke heretlibus & assignatis suis Ad usum predictum 
contra omnes gentes warantizabiuius & imperpetnum dcfeudemns per 
presentes. In cujiis rei etc. Datum apud Yillam t^ancti Albani 
predicti Octavo die nunisis Junii Anno regni Henrici Octavi Dei gratia 
etc. tricesimo quinto. [1543] Seal gone. Endorsed with note of liveiy 
of seisin iu the preseuce of Nich. .Savage clerk, Ja:ues Assliford. 
Thomas Burf.u-d, Henry Onyons & others. 

IT. Omnibus Christi tidclibus ad quos hrcc presens carta pervenerit 
Eicardns Laycrofto cives it Armorer L(mdon. Salutem in Domino 
eempiteruam Sciatis me prefatum Elcardum Laycroft pro quadam 

• Now the property of Richard Gibhs, Esq., J. P.. to whom I am iii(h>1.tod for 
kind permitoioii to piiMi>h ihiso lopics and alistrnrts, Ed. 



pecunie summa michi por Thoniam Jolmson de villa Sancti Albaiii in 
Com. Hortf. yoman etc., dodisso otc, prefato Thomo Jolmson Totuni 
illud Mosuagium meura cum Curtilagio adjacente et siiis pcrtinoutibus 
vocatum lo JStonohall scituatum & oxistcns in villa Sancti AlLaiii in 
Com. Hortf. in vico Sancti Petri nuper in tenura sive occupaciono 
Henrici Fysliowyke, habendum etc. ad opus & usum ipsius Tliome 
Johnson horedum & assiguatorum suorum imperpctuum de Capitalibus 
Dominis etc. Dat. octavo die Januarii Anno regni Henrici Octavi dei 
gratia etc. tricosimo octavo. [15-17] Seal gone. Endorsed with note of 
livery of seisin in the presence of Martin Yele, Henr. Gape, Eobt. 
Brand, "Will. Cowley, Thos. Sonierlandes & otlicrs. 

III. Omnibus Christi fidclibus etc. Tliomas Jolmson do Villa Sancti 
Albani in Com. Hertf. yoman, salutenx etc., Noveritis mo prcfatum 
Thomam Johnson dodisse, concessisse etc., Georgifi Butler do Villa 
Sancti Albani in Com. Hertf. yoman, totuni illud ilessuagium mcuiii 
cum suis pertinentibus vocatum le Stone halle cum Curtilagio etc. inter 
Tenementos nuper Abbatis & Conventus Monasterii Sancti Albani 
modo dissoluti pertinoiites Officio Subcellarii ex utraque ])arte etc., 
habendum etc., profato Greorgio Butler etc., sub ista tameu forma & 
condicione subsequente videlicet si predictus Georgius Butler solvat 
sen solvi faciat aut heredes vel cxecutores sui solvant seu solvi faciant 
prefato Thome Johnson heredibus vel execntoribus suis in domo 
Mansione ipsius Thomo Johnson vocato le Bull infra dictam villam 
Sancti Albani soxdecim libras legalis moneto Anglic in forma 
subscripta videlicet in festo Annunciacionis beatc Marie virginis prox. 
etc., quousquo predictam summam sexdecim librarum esse plenarie 
satisfactam persolutam & contentam etc. Dat. quintodocirao die 
Octobris Anno regni Edwardi sexti dei gratia etc., secundo [15-18] 
Seal showing the initials T. AV. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin 
in the presence of John Lokkey, Martin Vole, John Spencer, Tliomas 
Est, Thomas Davis, AVill. Cowley & others. Also endorsed ' Eec. of 
the fyrst iiij""' jioundf w*'' wryteu x^' 

IV. Thomas Johnson of the town of S' Albans, yeoman, quitclaims 
to fi^ George Butler, all his estate & title, claim demand & interest in 
the messuage called 'le Stouehall.' Dat. 13 Nov. 5 Edw. VI. [1551]. 

V. George Butler of S^ Albans, yeoman, for a certain sum of 
money, confirmed to John Alway of Kympton, oo. Herts, gent, all that 
tenement called the Stonehall w-itli the curtilage & a house called a 
WeUhouse & a well theroiu, in S^ Albans in S' Peters Street, opposite 
the Fleshesliarables there, between tlie tenement of Richard Lee knt. 
& the messuage lately called the Charnell house on the south & the 
tenen^ont of John Laurence on the north & extends in length from the 
s* street on the east as far as the garden of Jolin Nunnoy on the west, 
which premises s'' Geo. Butler lately acquired by tlie gift & feoffment 
of Thomas Jolmson of S' Albans by deed dated 15 Oct. 2 Edw. VI. 
Dated 8 Oct. 6 Edw. VI. [1552] 'Scnl alnmt gone. Livery of seisin 
in the presence of Thomas Eowse gent. James CHoadall, Tliomas East 
& others. 

VI. John Alweye of Kympton, co. Herts, gent, for the sum of 
sixteen pounds, contirms to Fraiicis WatsoTi of S' Albans, yeoman, the 
said messuage called the Stone Hall etc., situated between the tenement 
of Richard Lee hut. now in the occupation of Thomas r>ett ..'v; tlie Towno 
Hall on the south & the tetu^mont of Martin Veale on tlio north, etc., 
subject to the proviso for redemption therein contained on payment 
' apud mesuagium predictum vocatum le Stonehall " of fourtoi'ii pounds 


at tho times therein named. Signed Per me Johannem Alwey. Dated 
18 Nov. 1 Mary [1553]. Fragment of sent only. Livery of seisin in 
presence of Eohert Slcejivreth gent., Nicli. Aylwarde, Thos. Wodwarde, 
AVill. Lovrdam & others. 

VI. (a). Copy of the last deed, signed >)v Francis Watson. Sea] 

VII. George Butler of S' Albans, yeoman, quitclaims to Francis 
Watson of same place, yeoman, all his estate, title, claim etc in the 
messuage called tlio Stonehall, late in tho tenure of John Alwey gent. 
Baied 18 Nov. 1 Mary [1553]. Seal gone. Witnesses :— John Alwey, 
Eobt. Stepney gent., Nyclas Aylwarde, Willni Lowdam & others. 

VIIT. Francis Watson of S' Albans, yeoman, quitclaims to John 
Alweye of Kympton gent, all right, title etc. in the messuage called 
the Stone Hall, late in the tenure of George Butler. Bated 24 June 
I Mary [1554]. Seal gone. Signed Per me Franciscum Watson. 

IX. John Alweye of Kympton, gent, demises grants and ' to ferme 
letts ' to Richard Grublje of the towne & boroughe of Sainte Albanes, 
3-eoman, all that his tenement called tlie Stoneluiulle etc. for a term of 
40 years, at yearly rent of 30.s. Bated 1 July 1 Eliz. [1559]. Signed 
Per me Joh'em Alwey. Seal indi-ifingiiis/iahle. Wit' : — Tliomas Powcp, 
gentylmu, and Jamys Gleadall. 

X. Jolin AUwaye of Sharpenlio in tlie parish of Streteley, co. Bedf. 
gent, for a certain sum of money, conhrms to James Tham'esyn of the 
Borough of S' Alljau, gont., the messuage called Le Stonehalle etc. 
situated between tlie tenement of Thos. Johnson gont. now in the 
occupation of Wm. IJannell & the Townehall on tlie soutli & a tene- 
ment formerly of ]\rartin Veale's & now of s'l Jas. Thamesin & in tlie 
occupation of s'l James on the nortli, etc. which messuage s'^ John 
AUwaye had by bargain & feoffment of one George Butlor'^cjf s* town 
& borougli of S' Alt)aus, yeoman, by deed dated 8 Oct. 6 Edw. VI. 
.John Kylbyff & John Clarke are appointed attornies to deliver seisin. 
Bated 20 Apr, 11 Eliz. [15(19]. Sig>ied Per me Joh'em Alwey. Seal a 
man's head. Livery of seisin by Jolin Kylbiff in the presence of John 
Skynn' carpenter, Picli.Martyn. James Walker, Eich. Webbc, Stephan 
Chappcll ah Baylye servant of s'l Jolin Skyiiner, John Abbott, ' et mei 
Francisci Mantell scr.' and otliers. 

XI. James Tliomasyn of St. Albans, ' purvio"" ' & Johan his wife, 
grant to Eobort Spencer of St. AUians esq. their messuage & tenement 
in St Albans in wliich s'l James & Johan now dwell ' tiio one side thereof 
Lyinge to the Strcete And tliother side towardos the howse of one ^M"" 
Weste of S' Albons aforesaid The one hodd or ende of the same 
abuttinge to the Imwse of the said Eoberte And thother liedd or ende 
abuttinge to tlie luiwse Late one Tliomas Lockeye,' subject to tlie 
proviso for redemption therein contained, on paynient of £100, at the 
now dwelling Jiouse of s'l Eobert situate in S' Albans, called ' the 
Grenehowse' at tlie time therein named. Dated 20 Mch. 15 Eliz. 
[1573]. 'Two seah gone. AVit" : — George Ferrers, AViftm Angrome, 
Water I'arry, John Sparopoynte. Livery of seisin in presence of 
George Ferrers & Jolm Spareitoynte. 

XII. Indenture between Eicliard Belfeld of S' Albones, co. Ilortf. 
gent, of tlione ptie & Tliomas Spencer of London gent of thother ptie, 
after reciting an indenture of lease dated 13 April 38 [.wr] Eliz. 
between Eobt. Spencer lato of S« Albom-s esq of the one pt. & erne 
Eich. Gilmau late of S' Albones gent on thother ptie wliereby s<i Eobt. 
demised to s^* Eich'' Gilnian all tliat his messuage etc. wherein one 


James Thoiuasine & Johane his ^dfe late dwelt (except such several 
Chambers parcels & rooms being then iu tlie occupation of s<i Eobt.) 
situate in S' Alboues, then in tlio occupation of one Gilbert Stoughtoii 
the younger, for a term of 41 years at a yearly rent of £4. And 
reciting that by an indfiiture dated 27 Mch. 32 Eliz. [1590] between 
s'' Eicli'' Gilnian of tlie ono part & s'' Eich'^' lielfeld of the otlior part, 
s** Gilraan assigned to s'^ l^elfeld the a'^ lease & all his interest in 
s'^ messuage &c. Now s'^ lielfeld in consideration of £50 assigns to 
s'^ Thos. Spencer the s'^ indentures of lease &: assignment & all liis 
interest for residue of a"^ term of 41 years. Dated 12 ]\Iay ?A Eliz. 
[1592]. [i'/^wrt/] p Ei'cumHellVld. [Seal indidinyHixJmhIe\ Wit«: — 
Wyllya Grytllth, the m'ko of Niclu)las Hartford. 

XIII. indenture dated 23 Aug. 38 Eliz. [159G], between Thomas 
Spencer of London, gent, of the one part & Mathew Palmer of London, 
gent, of the other part, whereby after reciting tlie l)efore mentioned 
lease of 13 Apr. 28 Eliz. & the assignment of 27 Mch. 32 Eliz. to 
Eichi^. lielfeilde (desc'^ as of Greate Gaddesdene, c(j. Hertf. gent) & the 
assignment from Belfoild to Spencer, the s*^ Tlios. Spencer assigns 
s'l lease & assignments to s* Matliew Palmer iu c(msi<le ration of ' a 
certeine some ' of money. [Sic/ncd] Tho. Spencfr. [Seal representing 
a lion rampant with the initials M Tor W] P.] "\Vit^ : Geo. Balic. 

XIV. Indenture dated 9 May'"2' Jas. [1G04] whereby Mathewo 
Palmer of London, gent, in consideration of xxiij/;' xs. assigns to John 
Spencer, Esquire., all his estate & interest iu the premisos above 
described. [Signed] M. Palmer. [Seal, much worn, apparently the 
initials T. T.] Wit^ :— William Hertforde, scr. 

XA". Fine. Michaelmas Term 15 Jas. [1617] between Wm. IIail.\ 
C|uer. & Joan Ilarvy widow & AVm. Harvy son & heir appan^it of 
s"! Joan, def^., of a uiossuago & a garden in the town of S' Albans. 

XVI. Lideuture dated' 2 June 3 Chas. [1627] between Eol>t. 
Gyllman gent one of the sonnes of Eichard Gyllman, late of S' Albans, 
00. Hertf. esq. dec'^ & of Anne one of the sisters of John Spencer late 
of S' Albans esq. deC^ of tlie one i)art & Twyford AVath of S' Albans 
gent, of the other part, reciting that s'l John Spencer by will dat. 
18 Aug. 1622 (amongst other things) gave to Mavgt. his wife now Avife 
of s*! Twyford ^^'ath for her life & after lier decease to s'^ Eobt. 
Gyllman, the messuage knmvn by tlie naiue of the Stonehall in 
S' Albans in the parish of S' Peter iu a street thi're called S* Peter 
streete over against or neare the Flesh Sliauibles HetAvene the tene- 
ment now of Edmund "Wrighte gent & late AVm. Pobsons of the one 
parte & a tenement late in the tenure of one Eobt. Xeave butcher, 
beinge the inheritance of the s'l Margt. wife of s'^ Twyford AVath of 
the other })arte. By the name of the howse Avherein hee then dwelt, it 
■was witnessed that s<^ Eobt. Gyllman in consideration of £72 granted 
3^ messuage to s'' Twyford Wat h. [SiijiiriQ Eobort (iuihnan. [Seal 
half broken away, probably same as that attached to No. 13 aliove]. 
Wit'': — Edw. Hide, Ey. Storye, S' John Bromhall, Nielio. Davies. 

XVII. Fine. Trinity Term 3 Chas. [1627] between Twiford AVathe 
gont. qner. & Eobt. Gillmau gent. d(^f. of one messuage & oiu> garden 
in the parish of S' Peter in S' Albaii. 

XA^II. Indenture dated 24 May 1649 Ix^tweeu Heurie Twvford of 
London, stationer, & Frances his wife & Ann AVath dau. of Twyford 
Wath late of S' Albons co. Hertf. gent, dec' of the ouo part & John 
WoUey of Eaunstou co. Uarbio esq & AVm. Smalwood of London 
gent on tlie other part, after reciting the will of John Spencer dat. 



18 Aug. 1622 & tlie indenture (No. 16 above) of 2 June 3 Clias. and 
reciting that s'^ John Spencer & Margt. his wife ^vero both dead & the 
s^ Twyford AVath was also dead liaving issue tlie s'l Ann "Wath & 
Frances now wife of s"! Ilenrie Twyford wlio were daughters & colieirs 
of s* Twyford AVath, it was agreed by s'' 11. Twyford, Frances his 
wife & s'l Ann AA''atli to levy a fine ' sur conuuzance de droit come ceo 
que ils ont de lour done ' whereby s'^ John AA'ooley & AVm. Sinalwood 
fiiiould stand seised of the premises above <le«cril)ed to the use of tlie 
s*! Ann AVath her heirs & assigns for over. iSigned] Henry Twyford, 
Francis Twyfoi-d, Anne AVathe. AA'itnesses to tlie sealing & delivery 

by Ilenrv & Frances Twyford, John AVheatley, Georg 111 , 

Eicliard Bonner. AVit^ :— to the sealing &c. by Ann AA^atli, Nich. 
Morryon, Martha Thorp, Francis AValker. 

XIX. Fine. Trinity Term 1640 between John AVoUey esq. & AVm. 
Smalwood gent. qiier\ & Ilenr. Twyford & Frances his wife &- Anne 
AVatlx def5 of one messuage in the]iarish of S' Peter in S* Albans. 

XX. Declaration dat. [bhinlc'] June 1649 by s^ John AA^oUey & 
AVm. Smalwood tliat thev held s'l ]>remises in trust only for s'^ Ami 
AA'ath. [Siffned] Jolm 'AVoUey, AVm. Smalwood. AVit^ :— Nich. 
Morryon, Martha Thorji, Francis AValker. 

XXI. Indentures of Lease and Eelease dat. 1 & 2 Dec. 1698 the 
latter made between Ann Williams of London widow & John AA^illiams 
son and heir apparent of s-i Anne AVilliams <>f the one part & John 
Tombes of S' Albans, co. Hertf. gent. & Anne his wife of the other 
part, witnessed tliat in consideration of £240, s'' Ann AVilliaras & Jolin 
AVilliams granted to s'' John Tomlies & Anne liis wife All that 
messuage or tenement situate in psh. of S' Peters in S* Albans now in 
tenure of Hannah Feild wid. & Jane Trott wid. called Stone Hall & 
also one messuage adjoining Stone Hall on the north part now or late 
in the tenure of George Eowuev butcher and adjoining sontli <m tlie 
Comon Town Hall there both which s^i premises front tlie public street 
in S' Albans called S' Peters Street towards the ea^t^_ Covenant for 
quiet enjovment free from anv claim by s'l Ann AVilliams & J(jlin 
AVilbanis '""or from bv or vndor Anne AVath spinster dec>i ' except only 
one lease made of the premises to AVm. Butler for securing repiiyuient 
of £150 with interest. [%««/] Ann AVilliams, Jn". AVilliams. [Seals. 
Arms a cross counter compony surmounted by crest, a liand holding a 
chaplet ."?)]. AAlt^:— Bat. Shotbolt, ("'alamv Bavly, Daniel Tombes. 

XXII. Fine. Hilarv Term 8 AVm. HI. [1697] between Pich. 
Dodwcll cjuer. &- Anne AVilliams, Jolm AVilliams & FUeu his wife, 
Nich' Bergerott & Margt. his wife def'^ of two messuages i»t two 
2:ardens in the town of S' Albans. 

XXIII. Extract from the will of Daniel Tombes dat. 2 Aug. 1755. 
'Also I give & devise to niv s^ wife Sarali & to my s'' Daughter Mary 
& tlieir as.signs All that niv Capital Alessuage or Tenement situate .*c 
being in S^ Peters Street in the Town of Saint Alban aforesaid wherein 
I now live' for their lives & after tlie death of the survivor then to the 
heirs & asslo-ns of s"! dan. Marv etc. Said dan. Mary sole extrix. 
Proved 4 Oct. 1761 bv sd Marv Tombes spinster. On SO Apr. 1793 
Hdministratiou ^with will annexed) of goods left unadministered by 
kJ Marv Tombes was i,n-antcd to Sarah Neale spinst.>r the ad'stiix with 
tlie will annexed of s-i Marv Tomb.'s dec'. (P.C.C. Simpson 407 \ 

XXIA'. Extract from t'he will of Alary Tombes of ]ish. of S' I eter 
in S', spinster, dat. 19 Dec. 1767. To Sarah Paul £10, also 
auuiiitv of £16 out of land at Barnot Heath. To Eov^ M- John 


Wingfield of Shrewsbury £100. To Trances Wing of Salop £100. 
To M" Eliz. Thornton of Lawrence end £100. To Sarah Sniitli & 
Henrj' Tonihes Smitli son & dau. of Henrv Sniith of ^Mains £100 each. 
To Mary Seeker wife of J(jlin Seeker of Milman Street £100. To 
Mary Hudgehout of Kuightshridge & ^[avtha Tludgobout of Ditto £50 
each. To \Vm. Hurst £20. Kesidue to Eev<i M"' Wni. Nealo Jun"" of 
Clothall whom I appoint exor. Fiftv pounds to tlie Poor of the Parish 
of S' Peters. Proved 28 April IT'tO by exor. On 30 Apr. 1793 
admon. (with will annexed) of goods left unadministered by 
B* Eeyi Wni. Noale the younger dec<', granted to Sarah Neale spinster 
the dau. & ad'strix of the goods of s'i Wni Xeale dec''. (P.C.C. 
Warburton 181). 

XXV. Indenture dat. 9 Oct. 1779 between the Rev'i Wm. Neale of 
Essenden, co. Hertf. clerk, sole exor of the will of Mary Tonibes late 
uf S'. Albans spinster who was the sole extrix of Daniel Tonibes late 
of S' Albans gent, dec^, who was the sole exor of John Torabes late of 
S* Albans gent. dee<l, of the one part & Wni. Kinder of S' Albans esq 
of the other part, reciting tliat by indenture dat. 25 .July 1704 made 
between Matthew Iremonger of S' Albans grocer & J(din Iremonger 
son & heir apparent of s'l ^lattliew Iremonger of the one 2)art & 
s"! John Tombes of the otlier part, s'l Matthew & Jolm Iremonger 
demised to s<i Joliu Tombes All tliat piece & portion of wall or so much 
thereof with the ground & soil whereon tlie same stood & upon wliich 
part of the north east end of the then dwelling house of s<i John 
Tombes situate in S' Peters Street in S' Albans was erected & built, 
with the erections & buildings upon the same & parting & dividing the 
court yard of tlie s"! JIatt. Iremonger from the s^ dwelling-liouse of 
s<> John Tombes & containing in length 20 feet, for a term of oOO yoavs 
at annual rent of os, it was witnessed that in consideration of .js. 
s'l "Wm. Neale assigned to s'* AVm. Kinder s'^ piece of wall &c for 
residue of s"! term. [.S'(y«f'(f] Wm. Neale. [Seal of arms: -Or on a 
bend between two lions rampant sable a dragon passant, wings 
elevated. Pembroke^ Wit' : — Jolm Taylor, John Simpson. 

XXVI. Indentures of lease & release dat. 8 & 9 Oct. 1779 tlie latter 
made between Elizth Eotlieram Xeale of Essenden, co. Hertf. widow 
the Aunt & one of the heirs at law of Mary Tombes late of S' Albans 
spinster dec*, who was the only surviving dau. & heir at law of Daniel 
Tombes, late of S' Albans gent, dec* wlio was the onlj- son & heir at law 
of John Tombes late of S* Albans gent dec'*, Tlie Picv* John Tombes 
Wingtield of Shrewsbury, co. S^lop clerk, the oidy son & heir at law 
of Ann Wingfield widow dec* who was another of tlie Aunts & lieirs at 
law of s"* Mary Tombes deC* iS: IlGnry Tombes Smith of New P)ar]ies in 
psh. of S' Peter, co. Ilertf. esq the only son it heir at law (if Hannah 
Smith widow dec* who was another of the Aunts it heirs at law of the 
s* Marj' Tombes dec' of the (mo part & Wm. Kinder of S' Albans esq 
of the other part, witnessed that in consideration of £o30 the parties 
of the one part granted & conllrmed to s** AVm. Kinder, the s'' messuage 
called Stone Hall etc. late in tenure of s'* Alary Tombes dec* & now or 
late in tenure of the Eev* AA'"ni. Xeale clerk, s'* premises front the 
public street towards the east, a garden bidongiug to Cah^b Lomax es(] 
towards the west, a garden which was heretofore a Courtyard 
belonging to the dw(dlinghouso of Alatthew Iremonger & .lohn 
Iremonger dec'* or one of them & now of Alartha Kentish widow 
towartls the north & a piece (U- parcel of ground on which heretofore 
formerly stood a messuage or tenement etc formerlv in tenure of 


rieorge Eowney butcher dec'^ afterwards of Eowland Mardall Tnitcher 
deC^ & wliicli buildings liave Tioon lately pulled down towards the 
south. [Siffnedl The mark of Elizth. Eothcraui Nealo, John Toinhes 
Wingfleld, IlGnry Tomhos Suiith. [Seal in each case saTuo as on last 
deed]. "Wit^:— to sealing by E. 11. Neale & II. T. Suiith, Gcorgo 
Pembroke & Wm. Archer. Wit'' : — to the sealing by J. T. Wingfield, 
Robt. Pomborton & E. Sutton. 

XXVII. Fine. Trinity Term 20 Geo. III. [1780] between Wm. 
Kinder esq & TJios. Kiufler esq ])ltfs & Eliz. liothcram Xeale widow, 
John Tombes Wingfield clerk & llenry T<jmbes Smith esq & Susannah 
his wife dof^. of two messuages, two barns, two stables, one curtilage 
& one garden with the appurts. in psh. of S' Peter in town of 
S' Albans. 

XXVITI. Indentures of lease & release dat. 10 & 11 May 1782 the 
latter made between Henry Tombes of Ilardley, co. Southampton esq 
of the one part & Wm. Kin<ler of S* Albans esq of the other i)art, 
\vitnessed that in consideration of £100 s'l Henry Tombes released to 
s'l Wm Kinder all that mess, situate in psh. of S' Peter in S' Albans 
foi-merly in tenure of Geo. Eowney butcher dec'^, afterwards of 
Eowland Mardall butcher dec'^, since of ^I" Mary Tombes dec' & now 
of s'l Wm. Kinder, which premises front tlie public street on the east, 
a garden beloTiging to f'aleb Ijomax esq on the west, messuage of 
s'l Wm. Kinder calied Stone Hall on the north & a messuage called 
The Town Hall on the south, subject to a yearly rent of 2s. payable to 
the King. [Sif/iifd] Henry Tombes. Wit'' : — AVm. Froud, AVm. 

XXIX. Copy Will of AVilllam Kinder of the Borough of S' Alban 
CO. Hertf. gent." Dated lo July 1S03. To wife Ann annuity of £;100, 
also £1000 three per cent consol. bank annuities part of the stock now 
standing in my name, also for life my messuage wherein I now dwell 
& after her decease s<i messuage etc to son Tlios. Kinder. To son in 
law Benj. Eooke jun'' of town of Hertford gent. £1000. To bro. in 
law AYm. Hardy of Addle Street in City of London esq £2000 out of 
my personal estate at the death of s'l wife in trust to invest fm- lienefit 
of my dan. Ann wife of s'l Benj. Eooke for her life & after her decease 
for her cliildren then living. To each of my brothers & sisters £2.5. 
To granddau. Anna Kindor £100 at 21 or marriage. To niy old 
servants Matthew Eogers & ^lary his wife [marginal note says ' both 
dead'] annuity of £10. Eesidue to son Tlios. Kinder. AVife, son 
Thomas & bro-in-law Wm. Hardy exors. [Sir/>iefl] Wm. Kinder. 
Wif*: — Juo. Cowper, Jno. Saml. Story, Jno. Cowper Jun^ Proved in 
P.C.C. 2(5 Jan. 180.5 by Tlios. Kinder & AVm. Hardy, reservation to 
s'^ Ann Kinder. 



iS^ouvt |loil0 of tijc ^^rtttor of yicotto 




PECOTTES. Court of Master clerk holdon there on 

Monday next before the feast of Saint Michael in 

tlio 20"' year of King Eichanl the Second after the 

Conquest. [1390] 

Eichard Iluherd tailor came to tliis Court ond sliowed 

a certain charter by ^vhich lie acquired the tenement 

formerly of Isabel Cobbo & did fealty to the lord whicli 

same charter is made in the form of tlie statute b}- tlie 

service of vjd. by the year & suit of court. 

Eobert Skynner came to this Court & did fealty to the 
lord & acknowledged that he holds of the lord five acres 
of land in Shejielio formerly of Nicholas Chaunbre 
together with a parcel of John Cliaumbre, and John 
Bussh. And they shall render by tlie year xxjd. & suit 
of court. And he did fealty to tlie lord. 

It is ordered to distrain John Fullere to show liis 
charters at the next [Court] by wliat services & rent [lie 
hohls] the tenement formerly of Andrew Fullere next 
tlie tenement formei-ly of Nicholas Iloliekyn, on pain of 
paying the said rent. Afterwards he came & showed a 
Fealty charter by which he is heir of the said Andrew & he did 

fealty to the lord etc. 

It is ordered to distrain Eobert Skynnere & John 
It is ordered Thurkild to show how they hold land in Shepeho 
formerly of Nicholas Cliaumbre & theretofore of Nicholas 
Large for the rent of ijd. by the year. 

John Ilarpe of Great Ilallyugbery had a day to show 

Mercy vjd. at this court his charter whereby he acquired froni 

William Turnour OTie tenement & 30 acres of land called 

It is ordered Llanshepe & he did not conio to this court therefore he 

[is] in mercy. And it is ordered to distrain him against 

the next [Court] to show etc. 

It is ordered to distrain against the next [Court] John 
Horlee in a certain grange u])on Horsundich for the rent 
of vjd. by the year & formerly of John Ardaunt junior & 
It is ordered theretofore of Tliomas Eldemed. And to distrain Hugh 
Davy in one croft of land at Mcesgreiiot formerly of 
Magota Motto for tlie service of vjd. by the year. And 
to distrain the tenants of the lands formerly of John 
Cameswell for the rent of xd. by the year. And to 

• The oriiriuals of those rolls ure in tho jiossessimi of ATr. J. Ij. (ilasscock, of 
Hislunis Stuvtford, to whuin tho Eilitor is iiidobtoJ for kind ivoi-mi^>i.>n to trtniscrilie 
and transliitL- them. 

t Tho followinir note is interlined : — It is void, because it is not so, because the 
rent aforesaid in [charged] upon John Muldou. 


dietraiu the tenants of the lands formerly of John 

Godpaj^ero called Lcperes for tlie rent of iiijd. by the year. 

It is ordered to distrain tlie tenants of one acre and a 

It is ordered half of land in the field called EraniliiKold for the rent 

of xviijd. by the year being in arrear. And to distrain 

the tenants of [Busch interlined^ of two acres of land in 

Apiltonefeld for the rent of ijd. by the year. And 

Nicholas Tannere has a day to show how he holds 3 

acres of land [called] Prcsteleye formerly of Sibilla 

Estgrene (?) next the land of the lord ]5ishop of Loudon. 

And to distrain "William Jakelay for suit of court to be 

done for the lauds which ho holds in Brambilfeld and 

Suit Heyefeld being- in arrear. Afterwards he comes & does 

to the lord suit of court etc. 

Walter Godwyne [xijd. interlined^ puts liimself [in 
mercy] for trespass with beasts & shee]j in the lord's 
pasture on twelve occasions & he bruke the lords j)ound 
Mercies therefore [he is] in mercy. Thomas Everard [vjd. inter- 

lined] for cows and hogs in the jiasturo on seven 
occasions, therefore in mercy. And John Gtidwyne 
[iijd. interlined] for trespass with sheep in the lord's 
pasture on two occasioiis therefore in mercy. And John 
Baldewyne [iijd. interlined] of Tliorleye for trespass by 
night with his consent with liorses in the lord's pasture 
on divers occasions, therefore in mercy. And John 
Botild [viijd. interlined] senior for tres])ass on two 
occasions with his sheep remains [in mercy ':'] for trespass 
&c. And "William Spycer [vjd. interlined] for trespass 
with one horse & lie broke the lord's pound. And J<jlin 
Camoswell [ijd. interlined] for trespass in the corn with 
his beasts. And John .Stokkere [iijd. interlined] of 
Thorleye for trespass witli sheep in the lord's pasture. 
And John Moys [viijd. interlined] junior for trespass with 
sheep in tlie lord's pasture, tlierefore in mercy. And 
John [vjd. Peel interlined] tlie shephard of the lord 
bisliop of Loudon for trespass in throwing- down the 
lord's hedges, therefore in mercy. And Williant Bygge 
[iiijd. interlined] for trespass witli slieep on two occasions 
in the lord's oats & pease. And the same AVilliam [ijd. 
interlined] because he cut down tlie lord's liedges m 
Brambilield, therefore in mercy. And John Botild junior 
[iiijd. interlined] for lior.-^es in tlie lord's pease & oats. 
And the same Jtihu [iiijd. interlined] for four horses in 
the [lord's] pasture. And John atte Hull Tyid. interlined] 
of llallyngbery for colts i^- sheep in the lord's pasture. 
And Geoffrey Galymi [iijd . interlined] for beasts in the ci irn. 
The IiKjuisitiou by virtue of office, i)resent tliat 
Nicholas Tannere of Southstret, lias ac(|iiir(Hl one piei e 
of meadow in Landmed from AVilliam Clerk by the 
service of vijd. [xviijd. interlined] by the year. And 
It it ordered because he does not come to show his charter therefore 
it is oi-dennl to distrain liim against tho next rCoiirt;. 
And that John Ilarjie of (ircat llallyngbery has ac(iuivi'd 
from AVilliam Tumour one tenement & '60 acres of land 
called Menshepes &c. 


William Tumour had a flay to do fealty to the lord for 
three acres of land in P . . . aj^erosliili acquired from 
John llowhey lying next tlie laud of the lord bishop of 
London rendering to tlio lord vjd. hy tlie year. And lie 
Fealty came to tliis court & did fealty to tlie lord & .suit of court 

&c. a3 it is said. Afterwards he came & did fealty. 

iliohert Hunden \ 
John Paleinan | sworn 
John Palmore ) 

Sura viijs. 
[Endorsed] Pocottf . Court there in the 20tii year of the 
reijjn of Kinsc Pichard the second. 

PECOTES. Court held there namely in the house late of 

Nicholas Cohnan on ^londay in the vigil of Saint 
Peter that is calL^d Advincula in tlie fiftli year of 
the reign of King Henry tlie fJth. [1417"]. 
Essoins. None. 

To tliat court came William Pose & acknowledged that 
he held as of tlie Manor of Pekotf one acre of land in 
the Half Acres, lying between tlie land of Pnliert Perkot 
Fealty on tJie one part & the land of AValter Greye by the rent 

of vjd. b}' the year & one acre of land in Schejiehoo 
between the lands of Thomas Flcmyng on botli parts by 
the rent of jd. by tlie year. And he did fealty. 

As yet heretofore AMUiani Tanner has a day until the 

Day next Court to show his charters & evidences concerning 

two crofts called Wyndellocrofftf wliicli he lately acquired 

within the fee of the lord there from John Teyse & Palph 

Bentle &f. 

As 3-et John Clopton has a day until the next Court to 
Day show Iiowhe entered in the lord's fie, namely in a certain 

parcel of a certain teiiement with one garden in Soutli- 
stret late .Tolm Beuerle's &e. 

John Turnor of Wyudoll lias a day until tlu* next 
Day court, in like manner to show tlie cliartor whereby he 

acquired one piece of land in I'enehook coutainini;- two 
acres -which is held of tlie manor aforesaid [at] vd. by 
the year. ^ 

Let it be Jjct it be inf[uired at the next [Court] who holds or 

inquired liold certain lands & tenements wliich fornierly were Elias 

]>letliewen's Mliicli are held of the manor aforesaid by 
the rent of xvd. by the year, newly witlidrawii &c. 
'Modo Gybbe' William Pose has a day until tlie next &c. to discharge 
himself of iijs. vjd. of rent issuing from one S(dar & one 
Day Gatewey of his tenement called Eodelandf by sulllcient 

evidences under penalty of paying said rent &o. After- 
wards he did not show his discharge but agreed to pay 
vd. by tlie year of rent & to be discharged of the rcsiiluo 
until it can be better iiupiircd into concoriiing the same 

It is ordered to distrain JdIiti Colyu that he may b(> at 
It is ordered the next Court to do lealty for a ]iai'col of his garden & 
half an aero of land formerly Philiii I'otager's i:c. of the 
foe aforesaid &e. 




Johu atto Hill, "Willitmi iSkot & Jolm'ripor mIio present 
Mercies xixd. tluit Tlic Prior of 8' Bartholomew (vj<l.), The Vicar of 

Storteford (iiijd.) Jolin Wcbbo (iijd.) & Jolin Colyn (vjd. 
are suitors of tiic Court & make default at this day, 
therefore in mercy. And the aforesaid jurors have a day 
until the next [Court] as they asked by assent, each of 
them under paid of 13s. 4d. to return his verdict con- 
cerning certain lands & tenements which were formerlv 
Elias I3lethewen's as above & formerly John Hegyn's. 

John Stronge [vjd. interlhied] senior puts himself in 
mercy for trespass in Parklild with four liorses on divers 
occasions. John [xxd. tntcrhned] the farmer of TJiorloy- 
hall for trespass in the lord's wheat in the field before 
the mauor with four score sheep ou divers occasions, in 
mercy. The same [iiijd. interlined] there with twenty 
beasts at times, in mercy. 
[Endorsed] Pekottf . Court in the fifth year of the reign 
of King Ilenry V. 

Day under 


of the 
farm bailiff 
ijs. vjd. 



Mercies iijs. 


Mercy vjd. 


Court held there on the Tuesday next after the 
feast of the translation of S' Thomas the martvr, in 
the ninth year of the reign of King Henry the'^fifth 
^[1421]. ° ^ 


Taken by virtue of office by the oaths of William 
Tanuere, Tlmnias IMynottc, John Cook, Thomas Flemyno-, 
Jolin Blanke, Thomas Pegoon, John Bolham sen^, 
William Eose, John Pullcre, Jolm Goos, Jolm Bclham 
the middle one [' modii '] John Skyncre, Johu Palmere, 
who present that the Prior of S' liartholomew [xijd.], 
the Vicar of Stortcf.irde [xijd,], tlie Tenant of the laud 
of Manshepes [xijd.] make default of suit of Court, 
therefore in mercy. 

John EuUere puts himself upon the jurors aforesaid 
concerning xiijd. of rent having put in his claim for two 
messuages upon Ilorshoiidych, which he holds of the 
lord's fee, as it is said & as ajipcars by the evidence of 
the lord & to pay at the next court if it be adjudged. 

John Cook has a day until this Court to show evidence 
to discharge himself from vjd. of rent from that piece of 
one tenement upon Horshondj'ch, or to pay tlie said 
rent imder penalty of [paying] double, which "same John 
comes & shows no evidence, but in full Court by a certain 
charter concerning the aforesaid rent shown by the lord 
openly to the same John, the steward sitting, by 
which ho agreed to pay the said rent from henc5ortli. 
And because he withdrew for 4 years unjustly ho is in 
mercy. And it is ordered to levy it. 

_ William Tannore has a day until the next [Court] to 
discharge liimself concerning jd. of rent from two acres 
of land in Prestlye demanded from him which ho claims 
to hold of the tenement of Dionisia Bole etc. 


Mercy ijs. John Stronge puts himself iu tlie lord'a grace for 

trespass in Parkfeld Tvith four horses & two cows. 

Let it be Lot it be inquired who holds Kyngescroft for xxd. 

inquired of rent which Edmund Hert lately held at AVj-ndhcUe & 

paid, now of Joltn Bussh, as it is said. 

William Eose agrees that he will pay for himself & his 
heirs, whilst it shall 2)lease the lord for one solar one 

Fealty . gate & one gatewey parcel of his tenement called Eode- 

londes & annexed thereto Td., which formerly were 
Bartholomew Kero's. And he did fealtv. 


John Palmere 
John Pypere 

who are 





Ed. WiUey 



Court there held in the house late Nicholas 
Colman's, now iu the hands of Nicholas Haines & 
Alice his wife late wife of the aforesaid Nich= Col- 
man on the Tuesday next after the feast of 
S'_ Matthias the Apostle in the fifth year of the 
reign of King Henry YI, iu the time of John Gaall 
& Agnes his wife etc. 1426.* 

To this Court Nicholas Haines & Alice his wife late 
wife of Nicholas Colmau came & acknowledged that they 
held as of the niancjr of Pekotf one messuage in which 
they dwell & four sliops adj(jiuiiig, formerly Thomas 
Petworthe's & afterwards of the said Nicholas Colman, 
by the rent of xvs. & suit of Court, which same messuage 
with appurteuauces formerly was 8imon Farnhara's & 
afterwards 'William Takeley's. And the same Nicholas 
did fealty. 

William Tannere acknowledged that he held in like 
manner one croft enclosed called AVyndhellecroft, where 
lately tliere were two crofts & now under one enclosure 
by the rent of xxjd. by the year. And he did fealt}-. 

John Cook acknowledged that lie hrld in like manner 
a certain parcel of land of one Garden upon Horshondych 
late AVilliam Ejlli'm's formerly built upon, by the rent 
of vijd. and also one parcel of meadow called Landmed 
late of the said "William Belh'm's by tlie rent of vijd." 
Likewise one piece of land lying in Apetonfeld abutting 
on Landmed towards the soutli, containing one acre by 
estimation by the rent of jd. by tlie year Likewise one 
Croft enclosed below the Moore which 'he had lately from 
John Eougliey in exchange for an enclosed garden at 
Okkelesforde next Hokerliille, by the rent of yjd. by tlie 
year viz : — as much as lu^ use<l to' pay for the said garden. 
And so he charges liimselt tor th<^ aforesaid croft hence- 
forth for ever. And he did fealty. 

Hugh Thacham acknowledged that he liolds iu like 
manner one garden with a certain o-nxnge at Hokyrhille, 
late Picliard Boteler's by the rent of xijd. by tlie year. 
And ho did fealtv. 

• The figured buTo boeii added by a later hand. 14':!7 is the correct date. 










vs. vjd. 


vJ9. ixd. 

Thomas Mynot acknowledged that lio holds in like 
manner one acre & one rood of land iu Hokyrhollcfeld 
next the Claypettes late AVilliam Jauuo's by the rent of 
iijd. by tlie yi^ar. And he did fealty. 

Joliu Belh'm senior acknowledged that he holds in like 
manner the other half of Landnuid by the rent of vijd. 
by the year. And lie did fealty. 

Willfam Hose acknowledged tluit lie holds iu hke 
manner one acre of laud in the Half-acres by the rent of 
vjd. by the year and one acre of land iu Shepehoo by the 
rent ot" jd. by the year. And he did fealty. 

As yet the' same William has a day until the feast of 
Easter to show his evidences in what way he holds the 
Garytes next his house in whicli he dwells. 

Thomas Pegeon acknowledged that he holds in like 
manner one Tenement iu which he lives formerly Eicliard 
Peiou's in Southstret by the rent of xiiijd. and one piece 
of land in Apeltonfeld containing two acres, more or 
less, abutting upon Ivandmad by the rent of ijd. by the 
year. And lie did fealty. 

Thomas Flemyng acknowledged that he holds in like 
manner two pieces of land lying in Benhook late Eobert 
Kere's by the rent of xd. by the year one piece lying 
next the 'Portway & another jiiece lying next one piece of 
land late Eobert Skyuuer's abutting u})0u Apiltonfeld 
towards the cast. And the same Thomas Flemyng did 
fealty, [vijd. rent added hj another hand.'] 

John Clopton, Tumor, acknowledged that lie holds a 
messuage with a garden appurtcuant to it formerly Juhn 
Maiden's, abutting upon Teyntoreshelle, by the reut of 
iijs. by the year. And tlie same Jolm Clopton did fealty. 
Taken bv virtue of office by the oaths of Nicholas 
Haine, AViUiam Tauner, John Cook, Thomas ilynot, 
John Belli'm, William Eose, Thomas Pegeon, William 
Skotte, Thomas Flemyng, John P_\i)erc, John Goos senior, 
Thomas Coupere, John Palmere, John Clerk, who say 
upon their oath that Henry, Yicar of the church of 
Stortefordc (vjd.), Jolm Busshe senior (xijd.), John 
Skynnere senior (vjd.^ Steplicn Fabvan (iijd.), for the 
Tenement late John Wryghte's, the Tenant of the land 
late John Dreye's (^xijd.), Jolm Colyn (vjd.), John Tiirnor " 
of Wyndlielle'(vjd.), Tliumas Goldston (iijd.) for a parcel 
of meadow at Ilokyrliillebregge, the Tenant of the land 
of Manshepes (xijd.) make default in suit of Court. 

John Turner of WyndlieUe acknowledged that he holds 
in like manner two & a half acres of land lying in Ben- 
hook, late John Skynnere's, one head abutting upon 
Aptonfeld, by the rent of vd. by the year. And ho did 

John Mad\'ll (iiijd.) of Thorleye for tresimss witli five 
of his beasts iu the lord's wheat in the Ilyfeld, therefore 
in mercy. 

William Besemer (xiijd.) & his shepherd for trespass 
with a hundred & sixty sheep of his in the lord's wheat 
in the said field, therefore in mercy. 



The same William Beseiner (ijs.) for trespass -with 

twenty-six Leasts in the pasture in the stubble in IlyfeW 

on three occasions immediately after Autumn & in tlie 

time of John (I'oraunt farmer there, therefore in mercy. 

The same "William (.\1<1.) for trespass -with four horses 

& four oxen, in the barley in Urambylfeld in the time of 

the same farmer, therefore in mercy. 

Thomas Pegeon ') , 
. ~, I who were 

Aiieerers > 

John Palmere ) 
To be Continiied. 

§ubsibij lloHs for ^crtforbsljiv^. 


Ii^'DF.XTrRE made the 28'ii October 37 Henry VIII. between S'' Henry 
Parker knt, Wm. IJarloe, John Cock & George Hide, esquires, Com- 
missioners appointed for tlie taxing & levying of tlie third payment of 
the Subsidy granted in the 34*'' & 3o""» years of Hen. A'ltl., etc., 
appointing William Hamond of Westmyll high collector of the said 
Hundred. Tlie indenture i-ecites tliat the Commissioners had divided 
the various hundreds in the Coimty amongst then)selves as follows : — 
Kayshoo was allotted to SirEichard Page knt., John Conynsbye, John 
Brockett, Thos. Skipwith, Pich. Payshow, Thos. Hemyng, & Henry 
Heydon, esq". ; Hertford to S"" John Peryent, knt., John Cock 
Francis Southwell & John Kechen, esq". ; liraughing to John 
Cock, Himiph. Fitzlierbert & tlie s'* S'' Henry Parker, Wm. 
Barlee, & Geo. Hide esq". ; Odsey to John Sewster, Geo. Hide, 
John Gyll & John Newport esq". ; Bradwater to S"' John Peryent 
knt., Eobt. Lytton, Edw. Brokett & John Kechen esq". ; Half 
Hundred of Ilitchen to S'' John Peryent knt, Eobt. Lytton & Edw. 
Brokett esq"., and Edwynstre to s'^' S'' Henry Parker knt., AVni. 
Barlee, Geo. Hide & John Gill esq". 

STONDON. Henry Osbastou g. xijV. Eich. Norris 1. \\d. Jolin 
Downe g. xiiijrf. Geo. Skyugull g. xiiijr/. Henry AVybard 1. ijV. 
Eobt. Parnell g. xvjV. Jolin Kyng g. xij(/. Wm. Barford g. svjr/. 
Henrv Eawsson 1. v]d. John Uawkvu sen. 1. viijff. Eobt. Parnell 
g. z.d. Eich. Dardf jun. g. ijrf. AVin. Dardf g. iij^. Eich. Dardf 
Ben. 1. ijrf. Agnes Skyngull, widow, g. iiijV. Agnes Gyls, wyddow, 
g. jrf. John Gyls g. ijrf. Thos. Schambroke g. ijV. John Wrj'tt 
1. \]d. Henry Bart'ote g. xij(f. Jolin Browne g. \\d. John Jarsay 
g. xij(f. John Knyglit g. iiij(^. Wm. Skyngull g. xiiijt/. Eich. 
Greno 1. viijrf. John Alarschall g. iiijtf. John Hnwkyn, jun., g. \}d. 
John Wyto g. s.\\d. Eich. Eoynohle g. jrf. Thos. Tylar g. i\]d. 

'The original is iu tlio P\il)liu 'RtMinrd Office, tlio rtfuionce being' " L:iy Subsidies 
HI." As before, -with these subsiclios, I hiivo used the letter " g " for gnods. 4 " 1 " 
TTT for liinds. 


Also Andlaby vid. 1. i]<^. Andrew Wodrof g. iijd. AVni. Godfrey 

g. xiiijrf. John Kyng g. xijrf. Thos. Kyng 1. ijrf. Wm. Parnell g. 

xi]d. Eich, Broke g. iiijrf. Wm. Skatt'good g. xd. "\Vm. Lannam 

g. ijV. Steven Red g. xd. Hunifrey Buxton g. xviijrf. John 

Evenot g. ij(/. Eich. Tylberry g. ij^^. Tlios. Mawden g. jd. Eliz. 

Charyat g. jf?. John Arnolde g. xi]<?. Thos. "Wenani 1. ijd. John 

AVottun 1. ijd. Eobt. Crowche g. iiijV. John Gylsou g. iiijrf. 

Leonard Smartfot g. ij(/. Tlios. Parkai 1. iujd. "NVm. Gren g. xd. 

Eich. Allis g. xvjrf. Jas. Gyffj-n g. jrZ. AVm. Jarsay 1. ijd. John 

Bond g. iiij^/. Thos. Chanihaiiayn 1. iiijd. Thos. Lynsay g. xrf. 

Humi^h. Isake g. xvjV/. Eobt. Bwko [? Buke] g. xijf/. John 

Speryng, sen., g. xf7. EUyn Seniar g. xrf. Nich. Croxton g. ijrf. 

_ "Wm. Thuftyll g. ijV/. Geo. Lavender g. xviijV/. Nich. Barrey g. xijd. 

John Euiiiny g. xijV/. Bon. Eccl'ie ijd. John AVilsou g. ij</. Kath. 

Speryug vid. iiij^. Henry Stepney g. iiijf/. Henry Yaglian g. ijd. 

Eich. Odell g. ij(/. John Cokerell g. jf/. Eich. Dardf, sen. 1. ijd. 

John Hamond g. jd. Joan Gylson g. jV/. John Makenest g. jrf. 

Thos. Grene g. ij</. Eobt. Broke g. jd. Henry Sawyer g. jd. John 

Stapull g. ]V/. Eobt. Abbott g. jr/. AYm. Lydeu g. jr/. "Wm. Lyncey 

g. ]'«?. Eich. Asmar g. iiijf/. John Eussell g. jrf. Eobt. Coke g. 

ijrf. Eich Fetter g. ijV/. Edw. Godwyn g. ijfZ. Eich. Godwyn g. ijd. 

Pro anticipatione. Thos. Howe 1. xxxv«. John Manfeld xiijs iiij'^. 

Eich. AVitherall xx«. John Skyngull xxd. John Adam iijs. iiijf?. 

John Danyoll iij.s. iiijf/. Thos. Haynes iijs. iiijrf. Wm. Crowche 

iijs. iiijf/. Eich. Crowche xiij?. iiijrf. Eobt. Bedell, iijs. iii]V/. John 

Bedell vs. iiijf/. Eobt. Grave vs. iiijrf. Geffrey Smartfote iij.?. iiijrf. 

Eobt. Wayte iij«. iiij'/. Thos. Joyce iij.*. iiijf/. Thos. Mannyng 

iijs. iiij(/. Edw. Tylar iijs. iiijr/. Jolin Sentoniijs. iiijf/. Wm. Archar 

iijs. iiijf/. Thos. Crowche iij.?. iiijf/. Wm. Kyng iiijs. Eich. Fyschar 

xxs. Wm. Perry iijs. viijf/. John Lamkyn iijs. iiijf/. Thos. Felde 

iijs. viijf/. Thos. Mylcs vs. John Brett xvljs. iiij^/. John Parnell 

iijs. iiijf/. Xycolas Kyrby vjs. viijf/. Wm. Parnell iijs. viijf/. 

Sum xijN. xjs. vjd. 

THUNDEIDGE. Eobt. Myll xvjd. John Cokes xd. Tlios. Eeyuolde, 
jun. xijf/. Wm. AVood iijf/. Wm. Haruey ijf/. Thos. Browoes iijf/. 
John Brond ijd. Henry Cobham ijd. Henry Brett ijd. Jolm Fust 
xijd. Nich. Grennell xijd. Wm. Ilalfhido iiij(/. John Hawman 
jd. John Buttlar ijd. Alii*? Brond ijd. 15onis Ecclcsie ijd. 
Pro anticipatione. AVm. Eeynold iijs. Christr. Alman vs. Thos. 

Reynold senior vs. iiijf/. Thos. Hodge ijs. iiijf/. John Eeynold iijs. iiijf/. 
Sum xxvjs. iijf/. 

AA^IDEFOED. Eich. Spencer xijd. Jolm None xd. Thos. Parnell 
xiiijf/. Hugh Payne iijs. iiijf/. John Cartar xijd, Thos. Lawuey 
jd. Lamberd NychoU ijd. Jas. AVhyte xvjf^. Hen. AA'liyte jd. 
Jolm Coke jd. Henry Alyllf iiijf/. Jolm Saranke iiijf/. Joau Alyllf 
vid. xviijf/. Wm. Bennett ijf^. Jolm AVawlar ijd. Agues Alyu jd. 
Eliz. Haynes ijd. Jolm Ford jd. Stepli. Adam xijd. Thos. 
Bennett ij(/. A^'nl, Brauuche jd. Jolm Isake ijd. Margt. None 
widow 1. ijd. Joan Parnell wid. j(/. Eobt. Gyllctt xijd. Jolm 
Fontenijf/. Edw. Lyster ijf/. John Toular j(/. Lawrence Burchat jf?. 
Pro anticipatione. John Addames vjs. Thos. Eliott vs. iiijf/. Thos. 

DardC iiijs. iiijrf. Eobt. Adaiu iijs. iiijf/. Thos. Eliott iijs. iiijd. 
Sum xxxvijs. yd. 



STANSTED. John Deye g. xij<f. Jolm Bennett :s.d. Wm. Bredgil 
xd. Eobt. Whytnall xijf/. John Marse 1. vjrf. John Sponcer xijff. 
Eliz. Grave ^vld. xijf?. Joan Cheyney wid. iijrf. Rich. Copar \yl. 
Thos. Grosshor \yl. John Yardlyng, Jun. yl. Henry Turnar \yl. 
John Taylar yl. Thos. Haruey yl. Wm. Gylderson yl. John 
Yardlyn, sen. ijr;?. "\Vm. Gylderson sen. yl. Henry Spencer \d. 
John Smythe \yl. Thos. Symson yJ. Eobt. Symson ]V. Eobt. 
Chapman \]d. Edm. Haruej' ij</. Rich. Edo ijrf. Thos. Jacobo j(/. 
Nich. Jhouson ijrf. Jas. Gylderson ]d. Thos. Burnaj) xij(/. Tlio. 
Atkynson xvj(Z. Edw. Cornwall xviij^f. Olyver S3-nison iiijf/. 

Pro anticijjatione. John Eodes esquyer \\]li. vjs. viij(/. John 
Burnoppe vs. iiijrf. Eobt. Grave xiiijs. \\\\d. Thos. Nobbes \s. inyl. 
Wm. Dyer vs. viijV. AVm. Grave iijv. iiijf/. John Grave iijs. n\yl. 
Agnes Haynes wid. vs. iiijtf. 

Sum vjli. ijs. vijd. 

GELSTON. Simon Mede g. xiiijf/. Geo. Underwode iiijfl'. Nich. 
Terlyng iiijf/. Eobt. Dowcshed iijd. Eaffe Fotte ijd. Thos. Fotte 
ijd. Eich. Bennett ijd. Humph. Parris g. ijd. Wm. Craraphorne 
]d. Geo. Eaj'ston j(^. Bonis Ecclesie iiijrf. Wm. Daltou iiyl. 

Pro anticipatione. Wm. Cramphorne \s. viiyl. Eobt. Cooke 
xiijs. iiijrf. Edw. Browne iiijs. 

Sum xxvjs. iiijrf. 

HUNESDON. Thos. Howe g. xviijV. Henry Hyde g. iij.y. iiijfl 
Thos. Thurgood xijW. Thos. Beroma iiijV. Thos. Wood xrf. Nich. 
Wood x(7. Edw. More 1. \nyj. Thos. Lylldey 1. \]d. Thos. 
Lauender g. n]d. Thos. Addames g. jd. Agues' Dver yl. Thoss. 
Grave jf?. Eobt. Elyot 1. \]d. John Basseley g. iijV/. Eich. 
Nicholson jfZ. Eich. Eee \yl. Eich. AUi.s xr/. Wm. Dyer 1. i]>'. 
Wm. Hyggynson iijV?. Bonis Ecclesie iiijV. 

Pro anticipatione. John Carye, Esq., cs. John Grene xiijs. iiijtf. 
Thos. AVarde xiijs. i\\]d. John Eennj'ngton iijs. iiijrZ. Thos. Payvey 
iijs. iiij<Z. Eich. Grawe iijs. \\\yl. 

Sum yijli. viijs. vrf. 

SABEIDGEWOETH. Eich. Garlond g. xijd. John AYrytte iiijs'. 
Symon Turnar iijff. Heury Grawe ijc/. John Andrew ijd. AVm. 
Byllyngham xijijrf. John Por?or iij^f. John Cnolce ' do boukes ' xd. 
Eich. Noke xvjrZ. Nich. Cramphorne iiijf/. AVm. Brawne iij.s\ i'ujd. 
John Addam ' de Nones ' xijd. Eich. Hayuos iiijr/. John A\'allar 
xiiijf?. Kath. Pawehiy jd. John Coke iij^. Nich. Thurgood ijd. 
John Perrey iijs. iiijr/. Thos. Basolay ijd. Eobt. Androw j'cl. AVm. 
Wallar iijs. iiijrf. Edw. Bcltod xd. Thos. AA>bard xviijr/. John 
Monke, sen. xijd. John Pryklow ijd. Basti'an Coke jd. Eich. 
Fott jrf. Kath. Gladwyn ijd." Halpii Coke xij^. Margt. Galloway 
iiijif. Geo. Turnar iiij^i'. Joliu Norton ijd. AVm. bcwsett ijd. 
AA^m. Taj'lar ijd. Geo. 'Crampli(n-ue xvjd. AVni. Tredgcld xd. Joan 
Chawceywid.xiiijrf. Eobt. Abbott ijrf. Thos. Charvell xvjr/. Eich. 
Beltod iij^. Symon Harrysou ijr/. John Monke jf/. John Cramp- 
horne ijd. Henry Eigerbye ijd. John Cranipliorne, Jun. iijd. 
George A\'liytbyo ijd. Joan AVallar, wid. xd. John Corney i]d. 
Symon Turnar jun. jd. Thos. Paynelcy jd. Michael AVallar jd. 
Thos. Cooke ijd. Ealph Pcrryo iijs. iiijr/. John Foster iij(7. Ealpli 
Addam iijd. Geoffrey Addam ijd. Hugh Edward jd. Ealph 


Crowche iijrf. Tlios. Cooke jd. John Wotton jd. "\Ym. Blake jd. 
John Motte iijd. John Turner ]d. Nich. Fotte iijd. John Blake 
iijd. Nich. Browne iiijrf. Jas. Spvlman jf/. John Broke ij</. Robt. 
Berd xvjd. Eoht. Monke i]d. John Dyer ijd. Thomas Brikenar 
xvjr/. Tlios. Goixlaye iiijd. Henry Fott ijr/. Eich. CoUoppe xvjrf. 
John Crowche ijd. John Aylett xijr/. Wm.. Clare x^. Win. 
Jcnyn jd. liich. Beltod i]d. John Androw jd. Thos. Harney jd. 
John Boltod ijd. Eich. Hadesley ijd. Geo. Mathew xrf. AVni. 
Gune iiijV^. Jolm Wlietnoll ij^. Dodnian Byllay iiijV/. Thos. 
Archar jd. Thos. "Waylett ijf/. John Hunter jd. Agnes Addani 1. 
ijd. "\Vm. Grave jd. "Wni. Perse ijd. 

Pro antieipationc. John Adam of Baseles iijs. iiijV. Thos. Blake 
iij.?. iiijr/. Wni. Crampliorne xiijs. iiijf?. AVm. Dowsett iijs. iiij^. 
Edw. Leventhropp Esq. xb. Juliu Chawcye Escj. xl«. Eobt. Gooday 
xxvj.?. viijf^. Eobt. Noddf xvijv. iiijr/. John Perry xiijs. iiij(/. John 
Payne xiijs. iiijf/. John Beltod xiijs. iiijf/. Agnes Au'ell xiijs. iiijf/. 
Henry Jonson xvj.<. viijf?. John Hellam vs. iiijf/. John Dyer vs. iiij^. 
John Gybb iiijs. Dionis Adam iiijs. viijrf. Pich. Hubbard iijs. iiijr/. 
Sum siiiijli. viijs. \\jd. 

WARE. Jolm Scpiyer g. iijd. AVm. Shereleye 1. viijf^. Thos. 
Denten g. xf/. Thos. More g. iijd. Abraliam Yele xiiijr/. John 
Maweome Scotte iiij<^. Nich Adlj-iigton jd. John Ha^-gard ijd. 
Allyn Coston ijd. AVm. Farrar iiijf/. Roger Buclond iijd. Thus. 
Hormed ij^. Jolm Dyxson xijd. AA''m. Juster xr/. Rich. Barratt 
xiiijrf. John Newton iijs. i.i\jd. Edw. Nicolson iiijc/'. Robt. Art 
xviijrf. Nich. Browne xijf/. Rich. A\''ryght xviij'^?. jNtorgayn 
A'^aughan iiij(/. Robt. Hukf xviijr/. Robt. Howe iiijrf. Robt. Greue 
1. ijd. John Ford ijd. AA'm. A^aleiitj^ne 1. iiijd. Robt. Daye xf/. 
Peter Addani jd. Jas. Downyiig jd. Thos. Eilmam xiiij</. Thos. 
TolljTisoii iiijf/. AA^m. AA'alkyn iijrf. AA'in. Lyan jf/. John AVrennocke 
iiijf?. Thos. Poyuard iiijf/. Rich. Browne jd. Rich. Dane iiijf/. 
Jas. Broughton ij(/. AA'ni. Gyldner Juu. xijf/. Morgan Allott ijd. 
Geo. Beuys ijf?. Rich. Browne iiijf/. Thos. IStole jf/. Edw. Awboiie 
ijd. Jas. Harrison iiijf?. John Armerer jd. John Crandfeld ijd. 
Wm. Taylor 1. \jd. Rich. Bason g. xf/. John Byse g. jd. Miles 
Gallaway xijd. Rich. Jenynos g. jd. AVm. Yeman g. xf/. Christr. 
Dixson xd. Henry Browne xf/. Rich. Ilelboy jd. John Boughton 
jd. John Pekeriug jd. Juhn Davey g. xviijf/. AA'm. AA'liysterd j(/. 
Thos. Taylar jd. John Smythe jd. Robt. Pereson jd. 

YPLAND. Rich. Standlay j(/. AYm. Fesso 1. iiijf/. Robt. Joplyn 
xijrf. Edw. Crosse g. xiijs. iiijf/. Rfjbt. Poynyn xiiijf?. AVm. 
Danyll xiiijf/. Robt. Dent^on?] ijd. AA'm. Browne 'frcdonyson' 
'iiijf?. Ilumpli. Morris xijf/. Thos. Cokf xvjf?. AVm. Hervu jd. 
Giles Cockf ijd. John Adkyn jd. Rich. Odall als Foute jd. ' Rich. 
Bull Jun. jd. John Tuubridge ijf?. Robt. AVilson jd. Jolm 
Penyngton jd. Julm Cowp jd. John Ilormcde jd. Geo. Sawman 
iiijf/. John Smyth iiijd. Thos. Cockf ij(/. Thos. AA'attf xijr?. 
Thos. Furd iiijf/. Heury Coles ijd. AA'm. Gierke xijf?. John Coryer 
ijf/. John AbdcU jd. Tiios. th-aue iiijf/. AA'm. AVren xf/. Thos. 
Hochyn iijd. AVm. ^Mellf ijd. John Awnccll xiiijf/. Jolm Person 
Xf?. John Pavye iijd. AVm. AVatermau iiijf/. Ralph Thui-good ijd. 
Nich. Thurgood ijf?. Robt. Thurgood ijd. Thos. Tliurgood iijf/. 
AYm. Bekson ij</. John Hodge jd. Robt. Fox jd. Thos. Hodge 
jd. Eobt. Pavye iiijf/. Edw. Lilleye xijd. John Yerdley ijd. John 


Eenold sen. xiiijrf. John Eeynold injd. Jolin Eeynold jun. ijd. 
Eobt. Croclie i]d. John Bennett xd. Wm. Helo jd. John Arman 
jrf. John Baseley ]d. Wm. Eenold ijd. Peter G-ill 1. ij^. Jolm 
Androo jun. ijd. John Millf de Aswellberye g. iijs. iiijt/. Eich. 
Andro jd. Wm. Androw jd. 

Fro anticipatione. The. Birche g. xiijs. iiijV. Thos. Gottred 
iij«. iiijrf. Michael Medo iiij«. Thos. Pygram iij.s. iiijrf. John Ilarvyo 
sen. xiijs. iiijc^. Eich. Broke sL?. Edw. Atkynson xiijs. iiij^/. 
Henry Adam xiij«. iiijf^. AVm. Spencer xiij«. iiijrf. John Harvj'e Jun. 
xvjs. viijf?. Wm. Geldeuer xxxiiJA. iiijrf. Wm. Pike xiij.s iiij<?. John 
Marshe xvjs. viijrf. John Bradley xxvj.s. viij(/. Thos. Pellani 
xiij«. iiij(?. Eich. Bromleye xiijs. iiijf/. Thos. Ferrer xiijs. iiijrf. 
Thos. Gonu iijs. iiijc;?. John Binsted ij.s. viijrf. Thos. Castell vjs. 
Wm. Harvye xiij*'. iiijrfi Eobt. Crosse xliiij.?. John Hanford 
xiijs. iiij(/. Oliver Franklyn Ixvjs. viijrf, Thos. Lenerd xiiijs. viijrf. 
John Griffen iijs. iiijf?. John Canon Jun. iijs. iiijf?. John Pott 
iijs. iiij(?. Wm. Kirbyo vs. Thos. Kyng xiijs. iiijrf. Eich. Bull 
xiijs. iiijc?. John Cromplyn iijs. iiijr/. John Androw xvjs. .John 
Crouche xiijs. iiijc?. John Cockf vs. Eobt. Skyngull vs. Thos. 
Huchyn iijs. iiijrf. John Spencer iiijs. viijrf. Eich. Hodge iiijs. 
Wm. Spencer xvjs. \iijd. Eobt. Spencer xiijs. iiijf?. Eobt. Eliott 
iijs. iiijf/. Geoffrey Thurgood vs. John Campe xiijs. iiijf/. Eich. 
Chambour drouer vjs. 

Sum xxxij/j. xjs. iijrf. 

THOELEE. Thos. Ive g. xvjd. Agues Willeye xijf^. John Willeye 
xd. Eobt. Ive xiiijrf. Christr. Soles ijd. Wm. Osborne xijd. 
John Spratt jd. John Allys xijd. Edw. Osborn ijd. Eich. 
Valentyne jd. John Laye xijd. John Parton iiijf/. Oswald Davye 
xiiij<?. Eobt. Dauye iijd. Thos. Selleye xd. Edw. Saryng xijrf. 
John Bullok j^. John Monko jd. Bonis Ecclesie ijd. John Ive 
ijd. Elizabeth [blank] 1. ijd. 

Fro anticipatto7ie. Alexander Se^-nt Jon Esq. xiiijs. Thos. Tonbridge 

Sion Ixxjs. jd. 

WESTMYLL. Eich. Stafford g. xvjd. Eobt. Carlot clerk 1. ijd. 
Edw. Bogitt iijs. iiijf/. Wm. Eede ijd. John Newman jun. iiij(/. 
Wm. Harington xvj(/. John Churehe sen. xvjd. Geo. Hamond 
xijc?. PhiHp Carter iiijf?. Wm. Hamond do Gailers xiiijf/. John 
Hamond his son jd. Wm. Browne xvjd. Joan Hodge wid. iij^/. 
John Newman sen. xijd. Geo. Newman jd. Tho. Lightfote ijd. 
John Churehe Jun. ijd. Thos. Bound xd. John Newman Juu. 1. 
\jd. Adam Horwodo iijd. Thos. Bennett jd. Eraucis Cromer jd. 
John Donn iijd. Agnes Chepfild jd. Eoger Ilamond xiiijrf. Wm. 
Scott ijd. John Browne xvj(/. Geo. Dayo xd. Eich. Cherye ijd. 
Walter Adam 1. vjd. Ji^an Pascall 1. vjd. AVm. Hamond ijd. 
Thos. Browne 1. vjd. Nicli. Halfhido xiiijri. Edw. Awncell xvjd. 
John Gilson jd. Eich. Stowton jd. Basill Hamond 1. ijd. 

Fro anticipatione. Tho. Churehe iijs. iiijrf. Geo. Hamond xvjs. 
John Hammond do Miles iiijs. Eobt. AwncoU iijs. iiijrf. Wm. 
Hamond vs. iiij^. Eich. Baker xxiiijs. John Hamond vs. vujd. 

Sum iiij/j. vjs. vjd. 


ESTWIKE. Humph. Kenseye iij«. iiijd. John Chamberlayne xvjrf. 
Thos. Cramphorne xiiij</. Joan Norrys wid. m]d. Geo. Jonson iiiji. 
John Saweli ijrf. John Saw ell jun. j^. Ealph Jorneman iijcf. Joan 
Underhill Avidow ijd. 

Fro anticipatione. Eich. Pike g. iijs. iij<?. 
Sum xs. vj(?. 

STOETFOED. Geo. Hawkyn g. iijs. iiijf?. John South xrf. John 
Marion jun. '\yl. Matrono Graye }d. Eobt. Cockf \]d. Eich. 
Master x(?. Eobt. Noswall ijf?. John Skillyngham sen. i\d. Thos. 
Golborne n\]d. John Wright \]d. Thos. Marion xrf. John Ive, ]V. 
Eobt. Wod i]d. Wm. Cowley ]d. Thos. Nayler xijrf. Thos. Eire 
\\d. Ealph Starkyn xvjr?. AVm. Gatewai-d xijf?. John Turner \d. 
Henry Mei-vell i]d. Thos. Mode ]d. Eobt. Mede his son i]d. Thos. 
Bore \]d. John Newman ijf/. John Cocckf \\d. Wm. Newman j<?. 
Leonard Skillingham \](i. Geo. Warren ijrf. Thos. Mede xiiij(f. 
Thos. Goodwyn ^d. Thos. Brett j(?. Wm. Sparrow iiji. John 
Crabbe iiiyl. Eich. Crowe ija'. Peter Dowe xvja'. John Gollyng- 
wood ij^. Lambert Marten \]d. John Jacob jun. ij'/. Andrew 
Clifton xvja'. John Kynge iiija'. John Albert ii j /. Nich. Marden 
i\]d. Nich. Eenold j(/. Matthew Caladye iij.s. ux^d. Eich. South 1. 
iiij'Q^. Thos. Wysmer ij(/. Thos. Snowe iij.s. \\i]J. AVm. Hetton x7. 
Eoger Trenna inyl. Eobt. Pake ijrf. Eobt. Goldynge \\d. Eobt. 
Hore ij^. Eich. Tebald \yl. Thos. Gates xviij^/. John Payne ij</. 
John Marshall iiij^'. Thos. Papes ij^. Thos. Stockf i]d. Thos. 
Chaundeler Jun. s.d. John Hillf \}d. Ealph Castell \\]d. John 
Snow Jun. iiij(/. John Cheyneye iiij«. viij(/. John AVarren g. i\d. 
Wm. Walter \\d. Edw. Browne xvjt/. Jolm Dewyard iiij^. Thos. 
Helgaye i\i]d. Thos. Dewyard u]d. John Wryght ijo'. Eobt. 
Woode ]d. John Jacob sen. xvj^/. Geo. Jacob xija'. Edw. Colyer 
j(/. Wm. Northfok \u\d. Eich. Gibb 1. viij<y. Thos. Dawson, ija'. 
Eich. Eobert \u]d. John Snowe son, nyi. Jolm Boyere xo'. Joan 
Eokell \\yi. John Newman de Eystret 1. viija'. Eich. AVard g. s.d. 
Philip Marshall \i\yi. Wm. Wliite jun. iiij^/. Matroue Elyott myl. 
Edw. Willey iijs. iiij(/. Thos. Crabb iiij(/. Wm. Pigott s-d. Wm. 
Pilston xvjr/. Bonis Ecclcsie \\\]d. Coruclys Jon' stranger iiijd. 
Jas. Frauncf x^. Thos. Wood \yi. Matrono Ward ij(/. Wm. 
Swetma iyl. Matrone Nolthorpe ij(/. Bruero of Hokerell \]d. 

Pro anticipatione. Geo. Tomson xjs. iiijJ. John Cramphorne 
iijs. \\\]d. John Mari(m sen. xiiijs. y\\]d. John Smyth vs. Esabell 
Woode wid. iijs. viijc/. Thos. Bulfame ijs. iiij(/. Alice Pilsteu wid. 
xxijj. Geo. Carletou xiijs. niyi. John Greue iijs. \\Vyl. John 
Hawkyn vs. Thos. Marshell iiijs. \\\yi. Isubell WhippuU iijs. viij,/. 
Nich. 'Eedwood xiijs. iu'yL Eobt. Walter iijs. iiij'/. John Abbott 
iijs. iiij(/. John Lawncey vjs. John AVhippull xiijs. n\]d. Th(«. 
Chaundeler sen. xiiijs. viijr/. Eich. Glascok xiiijs. \uyL Eajph 
Clorke iijs. iiijrt'. Eobt. Goodaye xiijs. inyi. Thos. Patmer xiijs. \\\]d. 
Thos. Carron xxiijs. VuyL John Willeyo xxijs. Eich. BodweU xiiijs. 
\nyL John Bayford iiijs. John ISIiller xiijs. iiij(/. John Smytho 
iijs. niyi. Eobt. Addcsscn vs. Jolm Allys iijs. iiij'/. John Eliott xijs. 
Eich. Marian iiijs. Thos. Payne iijs. iiij(/. Eich. Pilston xx</. PJiilip 
Monycu iijs. iiijt/. Bonis l*^cclesie ijs. Thos. Glascok iijs. Jolm 
Jerdhld iiijs. Eich. Jerdlild. 

Sum xviij/«. xvs. v]d. 


BEAUGHING. John Woode iijV. Wm. Mede iijV. John Moriton 
iy/. John Broke iyl. John Senior iy/. AYni. Pctt de Darfell ijd. 
Wm. Pett Soxston ijV. Eich. Strange ijV/. AYm. Phipji iy/. John 
Frenshe ijV. Thos. Norman i]d. AVm. Blossomo ijii'. Thos. "Ward 
ijc'. Thos. Merytong ij^. Henry Hare iy/. John MilHngton yl. 
Wm. Haynes y/. John Caistell y/. Ealph Daye jJ. Thos. Birle ij(/. 
Hugh Pett jV. Eobt. Bolton jrA Eich. Newman jV. John Warren 
y/. Kath. Broke y/. Eich. Cole y/. Edm. Hamond id. AVm. 
Mathew ja'. Wm. Bedell y/. John Jorden y/. Eich. Dawton jV/. 
Wm. Gillett iy/. Eich. Warwyke j^. John Toogud iy/. Eich. 
Brj-ttelbanko ]d. Eich. Byrlee j^/. Henry Meriton jV. John 
Marsan ija'. Wm. Broke de le Ford 1. riijV. Agnes Broke wid. 1. 
viij(/. Edw. Wharton 1. iijV/. John Eoo 1. iiiy/. Wm. Hintou 1. 
iiy/. Bartholomew Broke 1. ijd. AVm. Broke de [Hull ?] 1. ijV. 
Eich. Daye g. s.vjd. John Eoote g. xvj</. John AVarner xyj7. 
John Hillf xvjV. Eobt. Jennyns xiiij^/. John Holland xly/. Eich. 
Broke xijV/. Eich. Blossme xiy/. AVm. AYattye xij//. Alice Clifton 
xi'y/. Eich. Cockf X(/. Thos. Held xd. Thos. Foster xd. John 
Thui-goode x^/. John Meriton xd. AA'm. AA^all x./. AA^m. Hadeleye 
X'/. AA''m. Lodge X(/. Oliver Stone iiij//. Ealph Broke iiijd'. John 
Knyght in\d. Thos. de Darsall iiiy/. Eobt. Bedell iiijd. Eobt. 
Crouche iiijr/. Thos. Eede ii\]d. Geo. Hamond iiijc/. Agnes 
Hamond iiiji. Henry Thorne iiij(/. John Parnell iiijd'. Heury 
Gierke xi^d. 

Pro anticipatione. Humph. Fitzherbert esq. 1. xl.s. John Hampton 
vj.s. Eich. Grene xs. John Gailer V5. Thos. AA'arncr xys. iii}d. 
Henry Edmund iiijs. iiij\/. AA'm. Bond vs. iiijV. John Page vs. iiijr/. 
Wm. Danyell iijs. viijV. Joan Clifton wid. iijs. iiija'. Wm. Cote 
xiiji. iiijV. AVm. Bedwell iijs. iiijV. 

Sum \i]li. \s. ijV. 
Sum total c,xi]li. xs. xiijV. 

\_£ndorsed'\ Hanc certific' libera ver' hie infrano'iat' Comiss' xiij° die 
Nouembr' Anno xxxvij° p man. infrano'iat' AA^ifti Barley. 

Ifiitintstttoitcs |;i>5t i^^lortem* 


\_Inq. p.m. 5 Jas. \, part 1, N'o. 146.] 

Inquisition taken at Chippingbaruct, co. Herts. 2 Nov. 5 Jas. I, 
[1607J before Philip Glascock, esq., escheator, after the death of 
Thomas Aimcoll, by the oath of Eobt. Eanios, gent., Geo. Carpenter. 
John Bcsowth, Allies Gase, AVm. Aloa alias Cooke, John Hall, Tho. 
Shackniaple, Tlio. Gowlde, AVm. AVillett, Ealph Axtell, Francis 
Mayne, Edw. Mayue, Eich. AVhelpeloy, John Brewer and AVm. (.'ock 
wlio sav that 


Thomas Auncell was seised of the manor of Ickleford and 
appurtenances in Ickleford, Hitcliin, Shitling-tou, Pirton and HoUowell 
in the counties of llertf. and Bedf. & of divers liouses and lands 
belonging thereto ; four barns, two ' les Hoggestyes ' and three ' les 
Hovells ' with close called Facks, containing 2 acres in Ickleford ; one 
pightell containing one acre in Ilitchin adjoining closes of meadow 
called Patchetts ; six acres in Hitchin in AValserfeild ; one water-mill 
called Oughton Myll cdian "Westmyll and 40 acres thereto belonging ; 
moiety of a messuage Avith appurtenances in Ickleford, Shitlingtou & 
Pirton ; 40 acres in Ickleford, Hitchin, Pirton, Shitlington & HoUowell 
late purchased of Wni. Coningsbye ; 6 acres meadow and pasture in 
Shitlington late in tenure of Pobt. Cooper ; 4 acres meadow & pasture 
called Snayleswell in Ickleford, 10 acres arable land in divers pieces 
in the parish & fields of Arlesey, co. Bedf. ; four acres pasture in 
Ickleford now in tenure of AVm. Auncell son of said Thomas ; four 
acres in Ickleford, Hitchin, Shitlington & HoUowell also in tenure of 
said "VVm. Auncell ; and a close of pasture called Penues in Hitchin, 
late purchased of [^blanlc] Bowyer. 

The said Tho. Auncell, before he died, conveyed to said Wm. his 
elder son and heir apparent a messuage in Ickleford in which one 
Daniel Knott now dwells & 8 acres in same tenure being part of the 
manor of Ickleford & the said 4 acres pasture & the 4 acres in 
Ickleford etc. in tenure of said Wm. 

Said Tho. Auncoll & one Thos. Auncell his younger son, afterwards 
conveyed (by deed dat. 10 July 42 Eliz. [IGOO] & in consideration of 
an intended marriage between said Thos. Aimccll jun'' & Alice Denton 
dau. of Eich. Denton of Barton, co. Bedf. yeoman & by way of 
jointure of said Alice) to Matthew Denton then of Barton, co. Bedf. 
yeoman, the messuage in which s'' Tho. Auncell jun'' then dwelt, 
being parcel of the manor of Ickleford, 4 barns etc, and Packs close, 
two closes of meadow called Eyres & Eivers with a grove adjoining 
containing 15 acres in Ickleford & Shitlington, close called Patchetts 
containing 5 acres in Hitchin, the said Pightell containing one acre 
adjacent to same & said 6 acres in AValserfeild, close called Lcwyns 
containing G acres and Jewells close containing 3 roods & 40 acres in 
Northfeild in Ickleford, one acre & one rood in AValserfeild, 30 acres 
in the Homefoild in Ickleford, 28 acres in the Werkfeild in Ickleford 
of which 18 acres are parcel of tho water mill & 40 acres above 
mentioned & tlie residue are parcel of the manor of Ickleford, 10 acres 
arable land in Pirton, 10 acres in field called Great Oughton bottom 
in Shitlington, parcel of tho said miU & 40 acres, to the use of tlie said 
Tho. Auncell jun^ & Alice Denton & their heirs & in default of issue, 
to the right heirs of said Tlios. Auncell jun'' for ever. And afterwards 
the said marriage was solemnised & said Tlios. jun^' & Alice became 
seised of said premises. 

Said Tho. Auncell sen'' (by deed dat. 11 July 42 Eliz.) conveyed to 
AA''m. Furryan of Ickleford yeoman & his heirs the whole residue of 
the manor of Ickleford & all other his lands & tenements in Ickleford, 
Hitchin, Pirton, Shitlington & HoUowell (reserving to said Thos. 
senr aU lands in the hamlet of CadweU in the ]iarishes of HoUowell & 
Shitlington & a messuage &: acres in Ickleford in tenure of John 
Knott & 43 acres in tlie Northfeild in Ickleford, 6 acres in Shitlington 
in tenure of IJobt. Cooper, 4 acres called Suayleswell, acres & a half 
in AValserfield, 5 acres in Pirton in tenure of Laurence Hurst parcel of 
a piece of land called TTambcrgo pie(^e, Oughton JfyU nlinx AVestmyU 


& 12 acres in Shitlingtou in tenure of Wni. Furryan, miller, parcel of 
said MiU & 40 acres) to the use of said Thos. Auncell sen'' & Agnes 
then his wife, for their lives & the survivor of them, remainder to 
Thos. Auncell jun'' & his heirs male, remainder to Edward Auncell 
son of said Thos. Auncell sen'' & his heirs male, remainder to the riglit 
heirs of Thos. Auncell jun'' & Edw. Auncell for ever, by virtue of 
which deed said Thos. sen'' & Agnes his wife were seised of all said 
premises. Said Agues still survives & said Tho. AunceU jun'' & Alice 
now his wife still sui-vive. 

Said Tho. AunceU sen'' on 10 Nov. 2 Jas. [^1604] in consideration of 
a marriage between Edward Auncell his son & Susan Eayner dau. of 
Eichard Eayner clerk, conveyed to John Stringer & Eich. Lawndyc 
the said messuage & 6 acres in tenure of John Knott & 30 acres parcel 
of the lands reserved in the last recited deed, to the use of said Edward 
& Susan for life & the survivor of them, & after to their heirs, with 
remainder to the right heirs of said Edward for ever. And afterwards 
the said marriage took place, by virtue of wliich said Edward & Susan 
were seised of said premises & both still surviA'e. 

Thos. Auncell sen'' on 20 Nov. 2 Jas. by another deed convej'ed to 
said John Stringer & llich. Laundy all residue of the lands named in 
the second above recited indenture except as therein reserved to thj 
use of said Thos. sen'' for life & after to the use of said Edw. Auncell 
& his heirs for ever. 

Thos. Auncell seri^ made his wiU dated [_hlank'\ & debased said Mill 
called Westmill & 12 acres to said Edw. & his heirs for ever, & died 
18 Sept. last past. AViUiam Auncell is eldest son & next heir & at the 
time of his fathers death was aged 40 years & more. 

The manor of Ickleford, lands etc., are held of the Master, Fellows 
& Scholars of S' Jolm's College, Cambridge, as of their manor of 
Eam'wyke, co. Herts, at the yearly rent of l\d. and are worth per 
ann. £5 clear. The two barns, hoggestyes & hovells & close called 
Facks are held of [blaii/c^ as of his manor of Doddingsell at yearly rent 
of 3s. & are worth 25. per annum clear. Said pightell & 6 acres in 
Walserfeild are held of Margt. Elrington widow, as of her manor of 
Wimbley at yearly rent of os. & are worth 7s. per ann. clear. 
Oughton MiU & 40 acres etc. are held of {blank) as of the Monastery 
of Eamsey at yearly rent of o4s. -id. & are worth 66.s. 8d. per ann. 
clear. The 40 acres in Ickleford, Hitchin, Pirton, Shitliugton & 
HoUoweU late bought of AVm. Couiugesby are held of the Master, 
FeUows & Scholars of S' John's, Cambridge at yearly rent of 12f/. & 
are worth 6s. per ann. clear. Pasture called SuaylesweU is held of 
Tho. Docki-ay esq. as of his manor of Pirton, at yearly i-ent of 4f/. & is 
worth 4s. per ann. clear. The 4 acres pastui-c in tenure of AVm. 
Auncell are held of the Master etc. of S' John's College, Cambridge at 
yearly rent of Id. &. are worth . . . per ann. clear. The 4 acres 
in Ickleford also in tenure of said "\Vm. AunceU are held of Trinity 
- CoUege as of the manor of [i/f?/(/.] but by what rent is unknown. The 
10 acres in the lields of Arlcsey are lield of Tho. Emery gent, as of his 
manor of Arlesey at the yearly rent of 2d. & are worth . . . clear. 
Pennes close in Hitchin is held of said Margt. Elriugton as of her 
manor of Wembley at yearly rent of 2\d. & is worth 4s. per ann. clear. 



By a. E. GIBBS. 

(Continued from Page 240.) 


September 29. Thomas Homes of Hemsted, bachelor, and Mary 

Element of Heardiug, maiden ; at St. Albans. Walhan Element 

of Hoarding, tailor, a surety. 
October 8. Francis Harding of St. Andrews, Hertford, maltmaker, 

bachelor, aged about 30 years, and EUen Hollis of All Hallows, 

Hertford, sjiinster, aged about 35 years, having neither father 

nor mother living ; at St. Andrews or All Saints, Hertford, or the 

Abby Church of St. Albans. "Wheeler Budd of St. Albans, a 

October 10. Jeremiah Gladman of King's Langlej', yeoman, bachelor, 

aged about 29 years and Grace Young of Sandridgo, spinster, 

aged about 21 or 22 years, daughter of \^bla»k'] Young, yeoman ; 

with her parents' consent ; at Sandridge or St. xilbans. "^Eichard 

Beach of St. Albaqs, victualler, a surety. 
November 21. Robert Bently and Mary Briddon of Mergate Street ; 

at St. Albans. Eicliard Waller and Thomas Briddon of Mergate 

Street, sureties. 
November 30. John Bedford of Hemel Hemsted, and Mary AYildes 

of the same ; at St. Albans. William Wildes of St. Albans, a surety. 
January 9. Thomas Aker of St. Stephens, and Sara Deakon of the 

same, spinster ; at St. Stephens. 
January 23. George Baldock of Stotfold, co. Bedford, " cordwaiuder," 

and Susanna Phipp of Norton ; at Norton. John Bonnet [-sii/iicd 

Beunitt] of Stotfold, "cordwaiuder," a surety. 
March 4. John Crouch of Wothamstead, yeoman, and Sarah Bruton, 

spinster, daughter of Edward Bruton of the same ; at Greate 

Yatc alia.t Lawrence Yate or Whetliamstead. Pliillip Marshall of 

Harding alius Harpenden, mealman, a suret}'. 
March 5. A signed and i)artly filled in allegation of Jolm Croucli of 

Sandridge, yeoman. Bride's name not given. Same surety. 
March 17. John Hawkins of Eedborne, husbandman, bachelor, aged 

about 21 and a half years, son of Jolm Hawkins of tlio same, 

and Marv Shejiheard of tlie same, spinster, aged about 22 years, 

daughter of Eobcrt Shepheard, yeoman ; at Eed bourn, St. 

Michaels, or the Abby Church. Eichard Smith of Eedborne, 

husbandman, aged about 25 years, a surety. 
1686 ^ . .) 

March 26. Jolm Johnson of Watford, widower, and Christian Cowley 
of tlie same, spinster, aged 23 years ; at AYatford, Eickmerswovtli, 
Bushey or St. Stevens. Edward Kinder of St. Albans, butcher, 
a surety. 

April 2. William Warr and Ann Eoads of Winslow ; at Winslow. 
Thomas "Wlute and Eobert Mitcliell Uigned Michell] of Winslow, 


April 10. James Hannell of Ecdbourue, grocer, widower, and 
Dorothy HaJsey of Flamstcad, maiden, daugliter of Tliomas 
Halsey ; at Ecdbourno or St. Micliael8. William Doc, a sviroty. 

April 28. Edmuud "Wood, Yicar of Sandridge, bachelor, and ilns. 
Bridgett AVitsey of AVethanistead, spinster, aged about 22 years ; 
with consent of lier niotlior, Mrs. Witsey, widow ; at Sandridgo 
or St. Albans. John Scares of St. Albans, yeoman, a surety. 

May 1. John Lawrence of King's AYaldcu, bachelor, and Lidia 
"Welsh of the same, spinster ; at King's "Waldon or Ilcmnell 
Hempstead. John "Welsh of the same, j^eoman, her father, and 
Robert Davej^ of St. Peters, gent., sureties. 

May 1. Jeremiah Newman of Abbots Langley, yeoman, and Hester 
Babb, spinster ; at Abbots Langley or St. Michaels. Ephraim 
Babb of Abbots Langley, yeoman, her father, a surety. 

June 6. Daniel Foard of Abbots Langley, labourer, and Elisabeth 
Newman of the same ; at Abbots Jjangloy or St. Albans. Thomas 
Barrowson [or Borrowson] of Abbots Langley, labourer, a surety. 

June 7. Jonas Boveingdon of King's Langley, yeoman, and Grace 
Bigg of Chesham, co. Buckingham, spinster. Richard Beech of 
St. Albans, glover, a surety. 

June 16. John Belch of Eickmersworth and Trissip Shirt of the 
same ; at St. Peters. John Holt of Eickmersworth, a suretj'. 

June 25. John King of Gilliugham co. Kent, yeoman, widower, 
aged 32 years, and Mary Francis of the same, widow, aged about 
30 years ; at Gillingham. Thomas Bickham of St. Nicholas of 
Rochester, victualler, a surety. 

Juno 26. William Nash of Harding alias Harpeudeu, j-eoman, and 
Mary Davis, daughter of Mary Davis of Kempton ; at Harding or 
Kempton. Joseph Davey [signed Davie] of Kempton, yeoman, a 

June 29. Nicholas Viueall of Newiugton, co. Kent, cordwainer, 
bachelor, aged about 22 years, and Marj'Lake of Milton-next-Sitten- 
bourne, maiden, aged about 30 years ; at St. Nicholas, Rochester. 
Eichard Yinall of Rayneham, Kent, husbandman, a surety. 

July 9. Walter Peacock of Eidbourn, yeoman, bachelor, and Sarah 
Shepheard ; at Eedbourue or St. Michaels. Eobert Sliepheard of 
Eedbourne, yeoman, her father, a surety. 

July 10. Jonas Harley of Eedbourue, tailor, baclielor, and Amy 
Moreton, spinster, daughter of AVidow Moretou of Flamstead ; at 
Eedbourne or St. Peters. Gabriel Harley of Redbourne, brasier, 
his father, a surety. 

August 4. Nicholas Kift of Deptford, co. Kent, seaman, aged about 26 
years, bachelor, and ilary Pollard, spiunter, aged about 20 years, 
daughter of John Pollard of Maidstone, co. Keut ; at Maidst(me 
or Cliathani. Matliew Jurdaiue of Chatham, victualler, a surety. 

August 19. Francis Ewer of Watford, maltster, bachelor, and Mary 
Clench of the same, spinster; at AVatfor.l. Joliu Leader of the 
same, carpenter, a surety. 

August 28. Peter Cooke of Duuton, co. Keut, bachelor, aged about 
26 years, and Patience Allen of the same, maiden, aged about 21 
years ; at Dunton or Dettling. Henry Austen of Maidstone, 
goldsmith, and John Brimpton of Rochester, slioomaker, sureties. 

September 8. Richai'd Wood of Bridogate, co. Kent, bachelor, aged 
about 24 years, and Elizabeth Pausingham of tlie same, maiden, 
aged about 2A years ; at Dettling nr Bramlherst. .Tolni Pan- 



singham [signed Possingham], her father, aged about 50, husband- 
man, and Henry Lambert of Eoclioster, labourer, sureties. 
September 21. Joseph Glenister of Wiuslow and Jane Nash of the 
same ; at "Winslow. Thomas Croft and Thomas Godwyn of 
Winslow", sureties. 
September 25. James Eolfe of St. Stephens. 3-eumau, baclielor, and 
Sarah Harris of the same, spinster, aged 28 years ; at St. 
Stephens. Henry Feild of the same, tailor, a surety. 
October 1. John Smith of Bobbin, co. Kent, husbandman, bachelor, 
aged 24, and Mary Paine oi Halstow, co. Keut, spinster, aged 
about 24 ; at Bobbin, Halstow or Freiudesbury. John Ive of 
Chatham, ship's carpenter, a surety. 
October 15. John Impson of Northmims, yeoman, bachelor, aged 
about 22, and Bridget Herbert of the same, spinster, aged 26 ; 
at Northmims. Beluap Tibballs of S*:. Peters, victualler a surety. 
November 6. John Patou junr. of VVinshnv and Rebecca Grimes of 
Mid Claydou, co. Buckingham ; at Mid Claydon or Adstock. 
John Croft and Thomas Bishop of Winslow, sureties. 
November 6. AVilliam Bradwin of Henuell Hempstead, tailor, 
bachelor, aged about 30 years, and Anne Mace of Abbots 
Langley, spinster, aged about 22 years, having no parents living; 
at Abbots Langley or St. Michaels. James Halsey of Great 
[ Gaddesden, yeoman, a surety. 

j November 8. Edward Taylor of Flamstead, yeoman, and Mary 

I Knowlton of St. Peters, spinster ; at St. Peters. John Beamout 

I of St. Albans, draper, a surety. 

I December 1. Jeremiah Carter of St. Albans, widower, and Mary 

j Babb of St. Stephens, spinster ; at the Abby or St. Stephens, 

i Robert Eaton of St. Albans, cordwainer, and Ralph Jackson of 

j the same, innholder, sureties. 

i December 4. John Anderson of Hatfeild, carpenter, bachelor, aged 

J 21 j-ears and a half, and Dorothy Key of Northminies, spinster, 

i aged 23 ; at Hatfeild or Northmimes. Johu Camfeild [signed 

\ Canfield] of St. Albans, innholder, a suret}-. 

I December 17. William Trott of Hextou, shepherd, bachelor, aged 

I above 22 years, and Sarah Eason ; at Hexton. Roger Hitchcock 

1 of Aston Abbotts, clerk, surety. Robert Eason of Hexton, 

I shepherd, her father, makes the allegation. 

\ December 23. Adam Hubbard of Abbotts Langley, blacksmith, 

i bachelor, aged about 30 yt*ars, and Sarah Milton of Luton, co. 

! Bedford, spinster, aged about 22 years ; with cousent of her 

j mother, \hlanl'\ Milton, widow ; at St. /Ubans or Abbotts Langley. 

I John Gates of Hempstead, miller, a surety. 

I December 27. Andrew Wright of Ilstree, husbandman, baclielor, 

I aged about 28 years, and Mary Cockman of the same, spinster, 

I aged 18 or 19 years ; with consent of her father, John Cockman 

I of the same ; at Ilstree. Henry Feild of St. Stephens, tailor, a 

i surety. 

; 1686-7 

I January 3. Isaac Godfry of St. Pauls Walden, bachelor, aged 40 

I years, and Mary Swaino of the same, widow ; at Paulswaldeu or 

j the Abbey, St. Albans. William Wilson signs the allegation. 

January 5. AYIllIam Arnold of HItchiu, baclielor, aged about 23 
years, and Elizabeth Harper of Paulswaldeu, siiinstcr ; with 
consent of hor father, [liJank] llarptu' ; at Pauls AValdi'u nr St. 


Albans. Joseph Carter of Hitchin, maltster, aged about 23, niid 

WiUiaiu Adams of St. Albans, tallow chandler, sureties. 
January 5. Jolm Miles of Kidgo, barber, bachelor, aged about 2] 

years and a half, and Hester Taylor of tlie same, spinster, aged 

about 25 years ; with consent of her father, Thomas Taylor ; at 

Eidge. Henry Marston of St. Albans, husbandman, a surety. 
January 15. John Nash of Eidge, husbandman, bachelor, aged about 

28 years, and Ann Little of Luton, spinster, aged about 23 years; 

with consent of her father [J/rtn/;] Little; at St. Albans or Kidg<\ 

Henry Marston of St. Albans, husbandman, a surety. 
January 17. Ralph Hey ward alias Howard of St. Peters, mealman, 

widower, and Amy Bedo of the same, spinster, aged about '2'6 

years ; at St. Peters. William Bedo of Christ Church, London, 

milliner, a surety. 
January 26. William Matthews of Paulswalden, and Mary Parker; at f?t. 

Albans. William Maston [«/y«^<i Marston] of St. Peters, a surety. 
February 1. Thomas Doll of St. Michaels, and Anne Hickman; at 

St. Albans or St. IMichaels. Nathaniel Prier [_si(jned Pryer] of St. 

Michaels, a surety. 
March 19. Thomas Ebgrave of Saundridge, husbandman, widower, 

and Alice Ffitzjohn of ^Vhethamstead ; at Saundridge. John 

Beamont of St. Albans, draper, a suretj'. 
March 25. James Ewer of St. Stephens and Eebeccah Abbot of the 

same ; at St. Stephens or St. Albans. Thomas Muns of South Myms, 

husbandman, and John Eaton of St. Albans, shoemaker, suretie.-?. 

April 4. AVilliam Nicholas of Hillendon, co. Middlesex, husbandman, 

y/ and Frances Watts of Saudridge ; at St. Albans. William 

Mitchell, of Sandridge, husbandman, a surety. 
April 5. WiUiam Stratford of Abbats Ashston, single man and Lucy 

Boulton of the same, single woman ; at Winslow or Ashton 

Abbott. John Knowles, of Tring, butcher, and Richard Boulton 

[jigned Bowdou] of Wingrave, co. Buckingham, butcher, sureties. 
April 11. Joseph Rose of Rcdbourne, husbandman, and Elizabeth 

Morgan of the same ; at Redbourue or St. Albans. David Jone.'^ 

of St. Albans, gardener, a surety. 
April 12. John Cox of Saudrich and Sarali Sleep; at S. Albans or 

Sandrich. Jereiniah Hopkins of St. Albans, a surety. 
April 13. Barnard Eaton of St. Peters, husbandman, and Mary Smith 

of Hatfeild, widow ; at Hatfeild or Redbourue. William Blowes 

J of St. Albans, gaoler, a surety. 

April 16. John Durrant of Watford and Hannah Merriday of 
Harrow ; at Harrow, Watford, or St. Albans. John Babbs and 

Peter Meadows botli of Watford, mealmon, sureties. 
April 16. John Atkinson '[^signed Adkisson] of St. Peters, husbandnum, 

and Mary Beech of St. Step]ion's,.aged about 24 years. Ralph 

Howard of St. Peter's, mealman, a surety. 
May 7. Thomas DaguaU of Abbott's Laugley, widower, aged about 

40 years, and Mary Bailey widow, aged about 40 years : at 

Sarrat, Abbott's Laugley or Riekmersworth. Bellnap Tiballs, of 

St. Peter's, plumber, a surety. 
May 7. Nicholas Hawkins of Harding, husbandman, bachelor, aged 

about 33 years, and Elizabeth Halsey of Redbourue, spinster, 

aged about 24 years ; at St. Michaels or Redbourne. John 

Shorter of London, gent., a surety. 


May 14. John Hall of Hemel Hempstead, husbandman, bachelor, 

aged about 20 years, and Sara Moss of the same, spinster of the 

same, aged 27 ; at St. Albans. David Jones, of St. Albans, 

gardener, a surety. 
May 14. John Weeden f)f Watford, leather dresser, and Elizabeth 

Eunnington spinster, daugliter of William Kunnington of Watford ; 

at Watford. Eichard Ward of Watford, leatlior dresser, a surety. 
May 14. Thomas Feild of Hextou, husbandman, bachelor, and about 

25 years and Mary Meager of Shillington, co. Bedford ; aged 

about 24 years; Avith consent of her mother, Grace Meager; at 

Hexton. Henry Stevens of St. Albans, cooper, a surety. 
June 4. John King of Watford, bachelor, aged about 23 years and 

Anne Hodgsdoun of the same, spinster, aged about 22 years ; at 

Watford or Bushej'. Thomas Bamptou of AVatford, mealman, a 

June 18. Ephraim Babb of Abbott's Langley, yeoman, and Joane 

Arnold of St. Michaels ; at St. Michaels or Abbott's Langley. 

Edward Wallser of Abbott's Langley, a surety. 
June 23. Thomas Eoberts of AVatford, bachelor, aged about 30 j-ears, 

and Sarah Gilford of tlie same, sjiinster, aged about 24 years; at 

Watford or St. Albaiis. Ralph Williams of AVatford, butcher, 

and Francis Hodges of the same, saddler, sureties. 
June 25. Samuel Chappell of Abbot's Langley, husbandman, baclielor, 

and Rosamund Pooly of the same; at Abbot's Langley or St. 

Stephen's. Joseph ]3aily of St. Stephen's, yeoman, a surety. 
July 12. AA'illiam G(jodspeede of St. Albans and Mary AVordcU of 

the same ; at St. Albans. Jeremiah Hojikins of St. Albans, 

dancing-master, a surety. 
July 21. Roger Napkin of St. Albans, barber-chii-urgeon and Hannah 

Bates of Tringe; at AVigginton. Jeremiah Hopkins of St. 

Albans, dancing-master, a surety. 
September 17. AVilliam Hanuiel \_signed Haunell] of Abbot's Langley, 

blacksmith, and Alary Baddison of the same ; at Abbot's Langley, 

or Redbourn. 
September 18. AA^illiam AA''illett of Berkhamsted St. Peter's, maltmnn, 

and Elisabetli Norris of Abbot's Ashton ; at Abbot's Ashton or 

A\'"enslow. David Jones of St. Albans, gardener, a surety. 
September 24. Tliomas Cooke and Sarah Coglove. Alatthow Bradley 

of St. Peters, shoemaker, aiyl David Jones of St. Albans^, sun'ties. 
September 24. Richard Kempster of A\'atford, mealman, widowci-, 

and Martha Funge. Daniel Lovett of AVatford, husbandman, a 

October 1. Edward Emerton of St. Albans, husbandman, and 

Elizabeth Grey of the same, spinster ; having no father living but 

with her friends' consent. John Emertou of Dunstable, malster, 

a surety. 
October 22. Daniel Evans of St. Micliaels, husbandman, widower, and 

Mary Huddle, widow. John Chamborlaine of St. Peter's, a surety. 
October 23. Robert Alauning of Clothall, Imsbaudmau, and Hannah 

Smith of Norton, spinster ; at Norton. AVilliam Plaisted of 

Norton, husbandman, a surety. 
Docember o. George Halsev of Redbourn, yeoman, and Theodosia 

l>raper. Francis llaU'onl of St. Albans, draper, a surety. 
December 17. John A\'illiams of Nortlichurcli, bachelor, and Sarah 

AValiis of St. Peters, maid. Henry Field of St. Peters, a surety. 


December 21. Thomas Wooclon of "Watford, bachelor, and Sarali 

Millard of tho same. William Lockcy of >St. Albans, a surety. 
December 2G. John Cock of Abbots Langly, bachelor, and Elizaboth 

Gould of Bovington. Thomas Gould of Eovington, a surotv. 
December 29. John Floyd of xVbbots Langly, bachelor, and Surnli 
Dunby of Ilempstfad ; at 8t. Albans. Richard Flovd of St. 
Albans, a surety. 
January 4. Ralpli Hull of "Watford, bachelor, aged about 22 years, 
and Mary Newton of Bushcy, widow, aged about 23 years; her 
father dead; at St. Andrew's, H(dbourne. Dayid Jones of St. 
Albans, apparitor, a surety. 
January 9. \_)tn))ie torn ouQ and Mary Wliethered. Jolm Tiirpin uf 

Redbourn & John Cock senior of St. Peters, sureties. 
January 14. John Cooper of Chipping Barnet, bachelor, and Ann 
Saltmash of the same, maid. John Sherer of St. Albans, a surety. 
February 2. "William Cooper of Nortliechurch, liachelnr, aged about 
27 years, and Elizabeth AVard of Barkehamstead, maiden, aged 
26, daughter of James "Ward of the same ; at St. Michaels. 
February 6. ' Joseph "Weeden of "Watford and Sarah Ewer of Abbots 
Langly ; at Abbots Lniigly. "William Lockey junr, of St. Peters, 
a surety. 
February 22. John Feild of Leggatts, Kings "Waldeu, yeoman, 
bachelor, aged about 30 years, haying ncitlier father nor mother 
living, and J^ridgett Feild, spiiister, aged about 30 years, daughter 
of John Feild of Stopsley in Kings "\Valden ; with consent of her 
father; at St. Al>)ans, Dunstable, Hexton or Redboucue. John 
Feild of Kings AValden, yeoman, aged about 40 years, a surety. 
February 24. Ralph Day of Rickmersworth, gent, and Elizabeth 
"Wallington of Abbotts Langley ; at St. ]\iichaels. John Prince 
of St. Michaels, gent, a surety. 
March 3. William Joynor of Paulswalden, j-eoman, and Rebecca 
Ivory of the same, spinster; at Paulswaldea. Henry Marston of 
St. Albans, yeoman, a surety. 
March 24. Tliomas Trott of Redbourn, lobourer, and Judith Swain. 

Ambrose Robinson of the same, husbandman, a surty. 
March 24. John Brock of Colney Heath, parish of Xorthmims, 
bachelor, aged about 40 years, and Sarah Sleape of St. Stephens, 
s))inster, aged about 22 years; at St. Stephens. Mathow [signed 
Mathias] Bradley of Coluev, cordwainer, makes tho allegation. 
March 28. John Elliot of Hexton, blacksmith, and Jane Hare. John 

Heyward [siijued Howard] of St. Albans, draper, a surety. 
April 14. John Edwards of Hexton, baelielor, aged about 25 years, 
and Sarah Field, spinster, aged about 22 years ; at Hexton. 
Joseph [sii/nt'd Tlio] Finlde of Hexton, yeoman, lier brother, and 
Henry Stoeveiis of St. Albans, inuholder, sureties. 
Juno 8. George AVingfiold and Ann Smith of Rickmerswortli. Roger 

Twichett of Rickmerswortli, gent., a surety. 
June 22. James Pope and Rachel Smith of Abbotts Langley ; at 
Abbotts Langley. Francis Howe of Abliotts Langley, yeoman, 
a surety. 
July 4. John Siiadbolt of Sandridge, bauhehir, and JIarv Hunt of St. 
Michaels, maid; at St. Albans. Henry Hunt of St. Mii'haels, a 


July 5. Joseph Ley of Flamstead, bachelor, and Ann Impey of 
Eedbourn, maid ; at St. Albans. John Knight of Great 
Gaddesdcn, a surety. 

July 6. John Busser of St. Peters, husbandman, bachelor, aged about 
25 years, and Ellen Collins of Ilsti'oe, spinster, aged about 22 
years ; at St. Peters or Idelstree. Mathias Bradley of Colney, 
parish of Shenley, cordwainer, a suretj'. 

July IG. Jeremy Dearnian of King's Walden, husbandman, bachelor, 
aged about 2-1 years, and Sarah Boustrod of Sandridge, spinster, 
aged about 23 j-ears ; niece to Elizabeth Ebbgrave, v^iie of Thomas 
Ebbgrave by the father's side, having neither father nor mother 
living but -with consent of said aunt ; at Sandridge or St. Peters. 
Thomas Ebl)grave of Sandridge, husbandman, a surety. 

July 18. Andrew Baldrj- of St. Peters, husbandman, and Anne 
NichoUs of Southmims, widow ; at Sandridge. Bellnap Tabballs 
of St. Peters, plumber, a surot}'. 

July 20. Eichard Hodsdon of "Watford and Alice Singfield [?] of Sarret ; 
at "Watford or Sarret. Eicliard Puth of St. Albans, a surety. 

July 2 1 . James Peacoclce of Redl)ourn, and Mary Pedding of Shenley. 
AVilliam jMcutIs of St. Albans, a surety. 

July 26. William Jacksou of St. Albans, bachelor, and ^lary Hartley 
of the same, maid ; at St. Albans. AVilliam "Wattson of St. 
Albans, a surety. 

July 28. Andrew Piiddefoot of Eedbourn, yeoman, and Sarah How 
of St. Albans ; at St. Albans. John Bcamont of St. Albans, 
draper, a surety. 

September 3. Thomas Lucey of Stapleford, wheeler, bachelor, aged 
about 2G years, and Alice Everet of " Power Wants " St. Peters, 
spinster, aged about 2-5 years ; at St. Peters. Eichard Skegg of 
St. Peters, blacksmith, her brother-in-law, a suiety. 

September 22. John Gilbert and Sarah Edwards, spinster, aged about 
22 years, dauglitor of Eobort Edwards of Aldenham ; at St. Ste 
limfiiuWied]. John Gilbert of St. Stephens, wheelwright, his father, 
aud Henry Scares of St. Albans, yeoman, sureties, 

September 29. Tliomas Leey, alifis Ley of Sandridge, yeoman, 
bachelor, aged about 27 years, son of Thomas Lec}', aud Elizabeth 
Grunwin of the same, spinster, aged about 27 years, daughter 
of Edmund Grunwiu : at Sandridge. Edmund Wood, of Sand- 
ridge, clerk, a surety. [Enclosing a lettm- from Edmund AVood 
certifying consent of friends.] 

Septembyr 29. AVilliam Eeeves of Eickiuerswortli, husbandman, aged 
about 24, and Mary Pert of Cheney co. Buckingham, spiuster, 
aged about 25 years; at Watford, Abbott's Langley, or Eedbouruo. 
Tiiomas Walker [,«/y)ifrf Walkvji] of Eickmersworth, luisbanduian, 
a surety. 
September 29. Joseph Chambers, bachelor, aged about 30 years, son 
of John Cliarabors of Codiote, and iCary Grunwin of Wetliamp- 
stead, spinster, aged about 40 years ; at Sandridge. Eobert 
Xeovcs of St. Peters, victualler, a suret}'. 
October 1. William Beastney of St. Albans, aged about 22 years, and 
Frances Axtell of Aldoidiam, widow; at the Abbey or St 
Michaels. Jane Trott of St. Albans, widow, a surety. 
Ottober 2. Jolm ^Moricc of Alilton Brion co. l>cdford, yeoman, and 
Elizabeth Turner, of St. Albans ; at St. xUbaus. John Carter of 
St. Albans, plumber, a surety. 


October 2. Christopher Leech of Eicknierswortli, yeoman, and Susau 

Millington ; at .St. Albans. David Jones of St. Albans, gardener, 

a surety. 
October 9. Thomas Fosset of Eedbourn, bachelor, and Ann Beach 

of the same, maid ; at Liiton. John Winter of St. Albans, 

glover, a surety. 
October 9. William Dell of Ilerael Hempsted, widower, and Ann 

Hows of St. J^richaels, widow. Edward Baldwin of Abbot's 

Laugley, a surety. 
October 9. Thomas Hodsden of Carrington, bachelor, and Elizabeth 

Fly of St. Michaels, maid. William Dell of Hemel Hempsted, a 

October 10. Thomas Nasli of Wetliamstead, bachelor, aged about 56 

years, and Mary Newell of the same, widow, aged about 40 years ; 

at St. Peters. 
October 21. Matthew Hubbard of St. Albans, innholder, single man, 

and Mary Clark of the same, widow ; at St. Albans. Thomas 

[^signed William] Knight of St. Albans, victualler, a surety. 
October 22. Mark Seabrook of St. Stepliens, husbandman, bachelor, 

aged about 24 years, and Catherine Smith of St. Stephen's, 

spinster, aged abotit 24 years ; at St. Stephen's. Richard Smith 

of St. Michael's, husbandman, her hrotlier, a surety. 
October 27. William B(xldingtou of Eickmersworth, yeoman, 

bachelor, and Eebecka Tyler, of the sam^, spinster, aged aboiit 

23 years, daughter of Amy Alden alias Tyler ; at Eickmersworth 

or Sarrett. Eichard Boddingtou of Amphill co. B.edford, yeoman, 

a surety. 
October 31. Thomas Trott of St. Michaels, husbandman, single man, 

and Ann Long of the same, single woman ; at St. Michaels or St. 

Albans. Joseph Carpenter of St. jMichaels, victualler, a surety. 
November 3. John Field of Hemel Hempsted, maltster, bachelor, 

and Mary Hare of St. jSIichaels, maid; at St. Michaels. John 

Prior of Hemel Hempsted, salesman, a surety. 
November 3. William George of St. Michaels, miller, bachelor, aged 

about 2G years, and Eose Anderson, spinster, aged about 23 

years, with consent of her fatlier John Anderson of Sandridge ; at 

Sandridge. William Pixely of Sandridge, husbandman, aged 

about 40 vears, makes the allegation. 
November 24." Eicliard Smith of "Coddicote, husbandman, bachelor, 

and Martha Nash of Timtchworth ; at Sliephall or CoJicote. 

Nicholas Bradwiu of St. Albans, sliopkeeper, a surety. 
December 10. Edward Branch of St. Albans, cooper, single man, and 

Elizabeth Smith of Eidge, maid ; at Eidge alias Eudgo. James 

Bradburv of St. Albans, grocer, a surety. 
December 15. Eichard Smitii of St. Miclmels, yeoman, single man, 

and Sarah Edmunds of St. Steplien's, single woman ; at St. 

Albans, St. Micliaels, St. Stevens, or Abbott's Laugley. Henry 

Smith junr. of St. Mii liaels, yeoman, a surety. 
December 22. Eobert Eves of St. Micliaels, slioomiiker, widower, and 
Gertrude Windle of the same, widow ; at St. :Micliaels. Eichard 

Euth of St. .\ll)an-J, chiriirgoon, a surety. 
December 24. Lilford Dison of Watfnrd, g(Mit., and Elizabeth Fish- 
born of the samo : at St. Albans. John Ward of Watford, gent., 

a surety. 

To It Continued. 


©transcripts jof l^arislj glegtsters^ 


[Minsden Chapel in the parish of Hitchin, has long been in ruiny. No 
Registers are knoAvn to be in existence & tlie value of the following 
Transcripts is therefore exceptionally great.] 
Minsden. A certificate of the Christnings and manages since Michal- 
mas anno 1609 vnto the sayde feast in the yeare 1610. 
Thomas Manfeild and Alice Sheppard weare marled the lo^^ day 
of Octobr 1609. 

Alice Eayment of Thomas Eaymont and Grace his 
wife Avas baptized Decenib'' 3° 1609. 
Marie Eyches the daughter of Eychard Eyches and 
Joan his wife was baptized August 5° 1610. 
Judith Bray the daughter of Thomas Braye and 
Mildred his wife was Baptized Septemb'' 16° 1610. 

John Huddlestou, minister. 

^■Y ^J^f' i Churchwardens. 
Eicherd Eiches ) 

A true Eegister of such as haue Beeue Baptized at the chappie of 
Minsden belonging to the Parish of Hitchin in the Coimty of Hertford 
from the feast of S' Mvchaell Anno Dom : 1620 vnto the feast of 
S' Mychaell Anno Dom :''l621. 


John the Sonne of John Hurst iu ) j^^^^^ j^),^,^^ j ^;._, j 

was baptised jSovembrr tlio 5'° I 

Adam the sonue of Adam Buckingham ) \^^y L)om l(>''l 

was baptized November the 12'J' ) 

Elizabeth the daughter of Tliomas ( ^^^^^ Dom 1621 

Camfield was baptized November the last ) ' 

Eliziiboth the daughter of Eichard ( Amu. Dom. 1621. 

(.hiiord was baptized leuruarie the 4'" \ 

Eobert tlie siinue of AViUiam Kiiige ) Vnuu Dom I6''l 

was baptized Aprill the 8"i' 1 * ' 

Elizabeth the da uy-hter of Till imas i . t, , .., , 

■nil- 1 11 1 •" 1 T 1 1 .,ri AllUd I'Diii. IbJl. 

Fhiulall was baptized July tlie 8^'' ) 

Eeboccha tlie daug^.ter ..f Thuma. ( ^^^,^^, ^,^„,^ , ,;o i . 

oauuders was baptized July the l.j"' \ 

Agnes the daughter of John Driver \ ^^^j^,, p^^^^^ j„._,, 

was l^aptized the same lo*** of Julv ) * 

Eichaid Eugiiur / , ,, , , ,, 

Eychard Clmora * 


A true and perfect Eegister of such as haue beeue Baptized at tho 
Chappie of Miusdon bclouging to the parish of Hitchin in the County 
of Hertford from tlio feast of S' Mycliaell Anuo Dom. 1621 vnto tho 
feast of S* Mychaell Anno Doui. 1622. 


Elizabeth the daughti?r of John Field ) ^ j^^^ ^ 33 j 

was baptized JNovember the 11''' ) 

Elizabeth the daughter of John Joyuer ) Ajmou. Dom. 1621. 

was baptized November the last J 

George the Sonne of Johu Whitlie Unnoq. Dom. 1621. 

was baptized J anuario the 1 o'" ) 

Anne the daughter of WiUiarn Page [ Annoq. Dom. 1621. 

was baptized J'ebruarie the 24 ) ^ 

DanieU the Sonne of Thomas Browne (^ 1^0,^. 1621. 

was baptized March the l/'" ) ^ 

Robert the base borne souno of John i 

Greauesand Elizabeth Lacy was baptized > Auuoq. Dom. 1622. 

September the first ) 

Jacob Twiselto, Cu. 
Thomas Saunders | churcliwardens. 
John Driver 

A true and perfect Register of all such as haue beene Baptized and of 
one Marriage at the Chappie of Miusden belonging to the parish of 
Hitchin in y« County of Hertford from the feast of S' Mychaell Anno 
Dom : 1622 vnto the feast of S' Mychaell Anno Dom. 1623. 

John Bui-well and Hester Winchester > jg22 

were maried November the 25 Annocj. Dom. ) 

Elizabeth the daughter of John Ashwood the | 

younger was baptized November the first Annoq. Dom. ) 
Elizabeth tho daughter of Jolui Wilkshire was ) 

baptized December tlie 28 Auuo(|. Dom. | 

George the sonne of John Hurst was \ ic^o 

baptized Februarie the tenth Annoq. Dom. \ 

Thomas the sonne of Thomas Camfield of Hill 
ende was bajjtized Juutj the 22 Auuoq. Dom. 
Rose the daughter of John Drvver was 
baptized June the 29 Annoq. Dom. 
Marie the daughter of John Burwell was 
baptized September the 25 Annoq. Dom 

John "Wilkshire 

Henrie Three 






A trew Register of all the Christnings 
from Michms. 1623 to Michms. 1624. 
1623 Baptized. 

John tho sonne of Wittm Rayson 9 Noueiu. 
Thomas tlio sonne of Adam Buckinghu 7 Decern. 
1621 Tiioma.'* the sonne ol' Thomas Saunder 29 ]\[artj. 


John the sonne of John Wilshire 22 April. 

Thomas the sonne of John BoswoU 6 Junij. 

John the sonne of John Bunne 2G Sejitemb. 

Sarah the daughter of Eobt. Chamberlaine the same day. 

Stephan Peirce 
E. John Farr. 


A true Register of all Christnings 
from Michms. 1624 to Mich. 1625. 
Richard y« sonne of John Chaulcley Oct. 18. 
Dorothy y<= daughter of John AVliitley Dece 12. 
Richard y« sonne of "Will" Gutteridge — 19. 
Elizab. y^ daughter of Will™ Nash Juu. 8. 
Mary y^ daughter of John Hurst — 30. 
John y^ sonne of Joliu Driuer 5'' same day. 
Rebecca y« daughter uf WiU"» Mardolfe July 3. 
Esther j'^ daughter of John Burwell Aug. 7. 

Steph. Peirce Vicar. 
Thomas Homes his x marke. 


A true Register of all the Cliristuiugs 
from Michms 1625 to Michius 1626. 
Hannah the daughter of Step. Burr baptized Octob. 2. 
Thomas y'= sonne of Tliom. Flyndall baptized Octob. 16. 
Mary y^ daughter of Tlio. Browue baptized April 23. 
Jacob the sonne of Thorn. Canfield baptized Junij 14. 

Steph. Pierce Cur. 

A true Register of all Cln-istniugs 
fro March 25. 1626 to March 25. 1627. 
Maiy the daughter of Tho. Browne baptized Aprill 23. 
Jacob the sonne of Tho. Canfteld baptized June 14. 
Thomas the sunne of Geo. Rayiueut baptized Octob. 1. 
John the sonne of John Chnuckley baptized Octob. 8. 
Tliomas the sonne of Jo. AViUsliire baptized Nouenib. 29. 
Anne the daughter of Ed. Hurst baptized y« same day. 
Annys the daugliter of Rich. Clifford baptized Dccemb. 10. 
Hannah y^ daughter of Th. AVhistous baptized Docemb. 31 
Joane y<^ daughter of John Buuue baptized Marcii 1 1 . 

Suiii. 9. 
Steph. Peirce. Vicar. 

A true Register of all Cliristuings from 
Mich. 1628 to Michms 1629. 
Thomas the sonne t)f Thomas AVhistous \va^ baptized Octob. 
Ruth the dauglittM' ol' Jason Rod<ling was baptized I><H'. 2tJ. 



Thomas the sonue of John Hurst was baptized Dee. 29. 
Hannah and Ehode daughters of Thomas Browne were baptized 

March 18. 
Mary the daughter of John Willshire was baptized July 16. 

Steph. Pierce Curat. 

The marke R of Roger Buckingham. 


A trew Register of all Christnings and Marriadges 
from Michms 1629 to Michms 1630. 
The 30 day of May Robert the sonne of Robt Dixon. 
The S"! day of June Mary the daughter of John Chaukley. 

John luory Cler. aud Elizabeth Radclitt'e dnught' of S'' Edward 

Radcliffe. January 29. 
Thomas Kydner Cler. and Grace Yoiinge widow Aug. 24. 

Steph. Peirce. 


A trew Register of all Christnings frijm 
Michms 1631 to Michms 1032. 
William the sonne of Wm. Hertford baptized Decemb. 28. 
Daniel the sonne of John Hurst baptized ]\[arch 3. 
Mary the daughter of Edward Burre baptized May 4. 
Joane y<^ daughter of W°^ Page baptized Maij 31. 
Mathew the sonne of Thomas Dauy baptized July 1 1 . 
Samuel the sonne of Stephan Burre baptized July 20. 

John Reeue & Joane Hurst were married April 25. 

Stephn Peirce. 
Edward Nash j ^^^^^^^ . 
ihomas Dane ) 


Register from Michms 1632 to Michms 1633. 
Elizabeth daughter of John Crease was baptized Oct. 3 
Richard Smyth & Agnes Eiclies were married Jan. 24. 

Stophu Peirce 

Thomas "Whistons 

Henry Roe 

' [ Cnurchwardens. 


A trow Register of all Christnings and 
Marriadges fro Michms 1633 to Sept. 25. 1634. 
James tlie sonne of AV'" Mardolfo Jan. 13. 

John the sonne of John Bowstrcd March 6. 

W'» tlie sonue of W"' Nash — 27. 



W™ the Sonne of John Bunne April 13. 

Hannah the daughter of Tho. Buckinghm April 20. 

Elizaheth the daughter of John Hurst July 22. 

\Vm Fowler & Grace StaUworth Feb. 13. 
John Astwood & Dinis Stallworth eodem die 

Stephn Peirce. 

They mark of Eichard Smitli x . 

They mark of Jeremy Smith x . 


I "■ A trew Register of all Christnings & Marriadges 

I from Michms 1634 to Michms 163.5. 

I Ba;pti%e(l. 

I Susan daughf of Thomas Dauv Nouemb. 9. 

? Joseph y^ sonne of John ArnoU Nou. 16. 1634. 

I Dorothy the daughf of "W" Thredder the 3 day of June 1635. 

I Married. 

t John BurTvell and Alice Heath June 24. 1635. 


I Stephn Peirce. 

I The mark of John Whittley X . 

I The marke of Jer. Cran-weU x . 


Septemb'' A true register bill of all y*^ baptizings burialls and 

29. 1635 mariages y* hauo bene in Minsden Hamblets from y'^ daye 

and yeare afore named vnto y*" 19 day of October 1636. 


Euth yo daughter of Steueu Bur was baptized y^ 8 day of Aprill. 

Edward Nash y<= son of "William Nash was baptized March 31. 

John Simpson y*-' son of George Simpson baptized y** 7 day of 


Joane y^ daughter of Thomas Browne baptized y<= 24 day of 


Thomas y^ son of Thomas Buckingham was baptized May 26. 


Eobert Slow and Judith his wife was married July y*^ 21 day of 



Ambrose Smith was buried the 26 day of August 1636. 

George Simpson was Buried tho 1 5 day of May. 

Tlie wife and daughter of Tliomas Flindel were buried y 2U 

day of September. 

M"" Lindall \-icar. 

John "Wliitlov I rii 1 1^.,. 

„, -r,,. -, 1 > Church wardens. 

Thonuis Flmdel ) 

A register of all v"^" Christenings burialls & Marriages in 
y Cappcll of Minsden from y"^ 29<l> of September 1636 till 
V^ same day 1637. 


The 31 day married Wittm Lindall D^-of Div. & M" Elizabeth 
Peirce widdow. 

The 29**' day baptized Tereminli smmo of Tliomas Cnnfeild. 

The 23* day married Jolin Fo■^^ler & Sarali Feild. 
The same day married Christop}ior]\rnrshall & Elizabeth Barker. 

The 26'!' day baptized John .sonne of George Simpson. 
The 28''' day baptized Edward sonne of AVittm Nash. 

The G'^ day baptized Joan daughter of Tliomas Browne. 

The 18'*' day baptized Sarah daughter of John Arnold. 

The 20 day married William Page & Mary Ball. 

The 5'^ day baptized Samuel sonne of John Burwell sen"'. 
The 20 day married Eicliard Diclcins & Sarah Gray. 

The 10* day baptized Sarah daughter of Christopher Marshall. 
W"' LindaU U^ of Divinitie & Yicar of Hitchiii. 
John X Wliitley mark, Churchwai'den. 

A register of Christenings & Marriages that linue beeue in 
the Chappell of Miusden from the twenty httli day of 
[March 1()37 till the same day of y" yeare lfi38. 
The 25 day baptized Mary daugliter of William Cooper a/iat 

The 18 day baptized Sarah daugliter of John Arnold. 

The 20 day maried AVilliam Page and Mary Ball. 

TJie o* day baptized Samuel sonne of Jolin Burwell V elder. 
The 20 day maried Eicliard r)ickcus & Sarah Gray. 

The 10 day bajitized Sarah Daughter of Cliristoplier ^Marshall. 

The 18 day baptized Johu sonne of John Boustred. 

Tlie 30 day baptized Elizabeth daugliter of Edward Nash. 

The 20 day baptized John sonne of John Cresy. 

The 11 day baptized Eicliard sonne of Eichard Smith. 
The same dav baptized Joan daugliter of William Thredder. 

William Lindall D.D. Vicnr. 

John X Wliitly. 


S**" Nouemb. 1638 Mitisden. 


Alicia tiliu Thomfe AVhetston baptizat. fuit ilay 20. 1638. 

Eobertus Hurst et Hanna Hurst Nupt fuere May 3°. 
Edward Newton et Maria MardoU Nupt. fuere Nou. 1° 

Tho Whitly ^,j^^^^^^ wardens. 

bimon lirowne 

Tho. Bedford Curat de Minsden. 

April 23 Anno Dmni. 1639. 
►Stephen Burr the son of Stephen Burr & ilary his wife baptised 

December 20. 1638. 
Sarah the daughter of William MardaU & Alice his wife 

baptised Janu. 24. 1638. 
Daniel &- Sarah Simpson son k daughter of Georg Simpson & 
Mary his wife baptised March 24. 1638. 
Thomas Goldsmith & Lottice Hutchinson married March 27. 1639. 
Samuel Kinsley & Elizabeth Tristram widdow married 18 of 
April 1639. 

Thomas Bedford Curat de Minsden. 

John AVhitly ) phurchwardens. 
Simon Browne ) 

AnnoD'ni. 1639. 


Cap. Minsden. 

Sarah Cooper iilia (iulielmi Coop baptizata fuit 1° Septemb. 
Johannes Boustred filius Gulielmi Boustred baptizatus erat 

1° Septemb. 
Johannes Canfeild filius Thomre Canfeild Baptizatus erat 18= 


Xuptia: 1639. 

Samuel Kingslv et EUjabotli Tristram uupti fuero 17° Apr 
Gulielmus Battle et Sarah Huckle nupti fuere 6° August. 

William Nashe 
Eicherd Riches. 

A Register bill of all Mariages & Christnings from the 
feast of the Annunc. Anno 1639 to the same feast 1640. 
Capella ^linsdencnsis parocli. Hicli. 
Johannes Poulter et Maria Sheffoild nupti fuere 27'"" die 
Novombris 1639. 

Biipfimiiof 1639. 
llolleiia lllia Tlionu>: Daw bnptizat fuit 10'"" die Octobris. 
Maria Newton filia Edvardi Newton baptizata fuit 10"'" die 


Joaila filia Gulielmi Thredder baptizata fuit 22^"° die Novembris. 

S^f^"/-^'^\ Naophylaces 
Eicherd Eiches '■ *' 

Thomas Bedford Curat de Cap. Minsd. 

A register of the names of those that haue beene married 
& Christened in y<^ Chappie of Minsden from y'' 29^1 of 
September 1639 till y^ same day tvreluemoneth 1640. 


Octob. y^ 10«i» baptized Helleu daughter of Thomas Davey. 

The same day baptized Mary daughter of Edward Newton. 

November The 22*'' baptized Joan daughter of AVilliam Thredder. 

December The U''' day married John Wallin als Poulter & Mary 

January The 26 baptized Thomas .S: Eobert sonnes of John Bunne. 

The same day baptized Symon sonne of Dennis Browne. 


April The IS^^ baptized Eobert sonne of a travellour. 

The 26"' baptized Mary daughter of John Heath. 

May The 10* baptized Alice daughter of David [Alice eyaaed] 

July The 23* married John Muncke & Hannah Goldsmith. 

September The 20''' baptized AVilliam sonne of AVilliam AA''heeler. 

The 27^^ baptized Matthew sonne of John Arnold. 

AVilliam Lindall. 

Minsden. The names of these that haue bene baptized att Mynsden 

Chapell from the 25''' of March 1640 vntell the 23t>' of 

March 1641 as fallowcth. 

Eobart the sonne of a traveller was Baptized the 1 3^^ of Aprell. 

Mary thee daughter of John Heath was Baptized the 26''' of 

Alee the daughter of David Clamantes was Baptized the 10"' of 

AA'^illyam the sonne of AA^ittm AAlieller was Baptized the 20"' of 

Mathew the sonne of John Arnall was Baptized the 27"' of 

AA''ittm the sonne of John Boustrid was Baptized the lO"! of 

Moses the sonne of John Driuer was Baptized the 18"' of 

Mari/ages none. 
Burialles none. 

Edward Nasli r<\ i i 
T 1 TT xi * luircliwardens. 
John Heath 

The Chi'is at haue bcciie in \f Chapp. . . . 

en from y^' 29"' of S.'ptom . '. till 

y'" same day tweluem 1641. 

December 1641 [sic'] 
The 10"' day baptized AA''illiam sonne of Jolm Boustred. 



The 18"» was baptized Moses sonne of John Driver. 

May 1641 
The 9^^ day was baptized Anne daughter of Eichard Smitli. 

The 22''^ was baptized Mary daughter of Dennis & Mary 

The \b^^ was baptized Frauncis sonne of "William & Mary 
Godfrey ats Couper. 

WilHam Lindall DD. 

John X Carington. 

©ijurcl) (^evKicv^. 


Digswell this IS't of Apr. 1638. 

A pfect terrier of the Gleabe Lands appteiuing to the 
Parsonage of Digswell w^^ the outer bounds therof . 

Imp'mis the dwelling house is sufficient and comodius for habitation. 

It. of outhousing there is one large nue Barne tliatdied and bourded 
on the outside, of lengtli five bayes, also one hay barno and stable 
nue built conteiuing both fower bayes covered w^^' tiles being all 
\Tider one Roofe. 

It. Woodlandes lying in 2 parsels one conteining bj- estimat three ac. 
lying and scituat from the Parsonage liouse west bounded on tlie 
lands of ISE"" Sedly called the green lane south iij ae. 

Tlie otlier parsell conteining fower ac. by estimat lying from the 
Parsonage house north west and more west Initting vpon other 
ground of M^ Sedly, called the Malmes iiij ac. 

It. of meadow and pasture grounds one close called the meadow by 
estimat fower acres lying at y^ head of the Parsonage lioiise on tlie 
west. It. one other peece of pasture next tlie meadow on t]i(> soiitli 
named y-' woodclose conteining by estimat fower ac. It. one otlier 
pasture close beehynd tlie orchyard lying soutli from the Parscmage 
house and is called by tlie name of the Dockclose conteining by 
estimat five ac. xiq ac. 

It. of arrnble grounds one close called the Scrubbs lying west from the 
I'arsonago house and bounded with the King's higheway called 
Digswell hill on the west conteining by estimat six ac. It. one dose 
next beeL)w the Scrubbs mnih ward bounded with fore s;iid highwav 
on the west by estimat conteining seven ac. It. (Hie close num' 
called broome dose lying on the north of the Parsonage lionse 
conteining liy estimat five ac. xviij ac 



It. The Orchyard Courty.ard and Barne yarde togeather are psteenicd 
at two acres " j,- ^^, 

The total sum of ac. is xl acres. 

The marko x of John 
Cass Churcliwarden 

The marke of George 
Nash sidesman. 

John Champneis Parson 
of Digswell. 


Essendon in the County of Hartford being a Parsonage or a Eectory. 
A Terrar giueing a Particular Accompt of tlie Parsonagf 
Hovse o-\-thovses Ilojnestalls Glebe Tytlies and all other matters 
belonging to the said Eeotory of Essendon. 

1. The Parsonage Tlovse is a Timber hovse Covered with Tyles 
Containing a Hall Pantry Cellar Milkhovse AVashovse and one 
Closett all Brick floors one AVaterhoAse Paved witli stone two 
Parlovrs Mealehovse and a Closett below Staires and allso a Kitchin 
all Boarded floors : Above Staires six Chamljers a stvdy two 
Closetts and three Garrctts. One Large Barne forCorne Containing 
five Bayes_ the threshing floor Plauj5;ed all the AValls horded and 
Covered with Thatch a New Granary and Cowhovse adjoyniug to 
the s* l^arne boarded and Covered witli Thatch one timber haye 
Barne and Stable Containing togeather three haves Covered wi'tli 
Thatch one o^i:her Stable a Chochovse Carthovs one hoggs stye all 
Timber and Covered with Thatch Coalehovse and Privy Huvse two 
Little Gardens a Covrt Yarde on the East side of the dwelling hovse 
one Large Orchard on the "West and North of tlie s^^ dwelling hovse 
with a ]\rote in itt one Large yard for Cattell fonced with pales 
Containing togeather one Acre and Ypwards. Two Tenements 
belonging to the Rectory one thereof in tlie present Ovoc^•pation of 
Henery Ecclesoe Now Clarke and Sexton of the s>i Parish Containing 
fovr Lower Poomes one Chamber Covred witli tliatch and a stable 
Covered with Thatch witli one yard and garding containing by 
Estimation sixty Poles more or less The ovther tenement now in the 
Ovccupation of Jolm Pegerom, Labovrer, Containing three Lower 
Rooms and three Aiiper Roomes Covered witli Tiles' and a Hoggs 
stye containing thirty Poles and a Smiths Sliopp and two Little 
bildings at the End of it covered with Thatch and a piece of Grovnd 
adjoyning to it containing forty Poles now in the Ovccupation of 
John Bvckel all which s<^ pijiiisses doe altbvtt on the Land of the 
Right Hon'^'i'-' the Eai-1 of Salsbvry on tlie North and tlie Highway 
on the Sovth. 
2. Tiie Glebe Land. One Close of Arrable Land called Bacchvs Well 
feild containing by Estimation teen Acres l)e it more or lesse 
adjoyning to the afordsaid homestall one ovther close of Pastvre 
Land called tlie !Mores containing two Acres bo it more or l(>;se 
abvting on the East (ni the said Baclivs AVell feild, one ATond 
containing seven acres 1)e it more or lesse al)vtting on tlie East of the 
said ]\rores and part of the s'' Bacchvs AW'll feild, One Cloase ol' 
Arrable Land called Rnviid close containing two acres bo it nun'o or 
lesso and a Little wood adjoyning to it containing one acre be it 
more or lesse abovtting on the West to a Ccnumon called AVarnieholo, 



one of Arrable Land or pastvre Land called Bellliovse close con- 
taining three acres be it more or lesse abvtting on the East to the 
Chvrch j'ard. One Close of Arrable Land called the Povnd Close 
containing seven acres be it more or lesse abvtting on the West to 
y« Highway Leading to Hai-tfJ. One Ovther Close of Ai-rable Land 
called the Lower feild containing six acres be it more or lesse bvtting 
west to y<^ same Highway ami North to y<= Common Ham. One 
Wood adjoyning to Povnd Cloase on the East containing two Acres 
be it more "or lesse, one cloase of Arrable Land called Leges Close 
abvtting on the North to 3"= s'l Wood containing fovr Acres be it 
more or lesse. One Close called Ypor North feild Lying at West 
End bvting to the Common North feild East and to j" Highway 
North containing fovr acres and a half be it more or lesse. One 
Close called North feild botton jiart Arrable part meadow bvtting to 
John Taylor to y*^ Common Warmhole East to Rich^ Baker Northe 
containing one acre and a half be it more or lesse. One Close of 
Pasture l^and called Warmhole Close Lying North to Warmehole 
Common svrrovnded with y-' Lands M^ Eich'' Ives containing lialf an 
acre more or less. Two pieces of Arrable Land Lyeing in a Common 
called North feild Common containing witli one Healand by 
Estimation three acres be it more or lesse. One piece of Land Lying 
in a Common called Copthorn abvtting to the Land of David 
Mitchell Esq on the East and West containing twenty Poles more or 
lesse. Three pieces of Arrable Land Lying in a Common called 
Chvrch feild Common containing three acres bo it more or lesse. 
Five pieces of Arrable Laud Lying in a Common called the Common 
Ham, which said five pieces dve containe togeather by Estimation 
three acres be it more or lesse. Pour pieces of Meadow Land Lying 
in a Common Meade one piece abvtting against the Eiver on the 
North and to the Earl of Salisbvry Land on the East and Sovth and 
to Rich"! Wynn Esq AYest tlie second piece abvtting to the River 
North to Richd. Wynn on the East and to the s^ Earls Land Sovth 
and to Richd. Bakrs Land on y^ AVest, the third piece abvtting East 
to Richd. Bakers Laud Johii Smith tlie West and Sovth to the 
Water Covrse the fovrth and Last piece abvtting to y^ Land of Jolm 
Smith to the East and North to the River Suvtli to TIio : Leuard 
Land and to V^ s'' Richd. Wynn Land West. 
3'"y The Incvmbeut is a Rector and Receives the Tythes in Kind of all 
the Parisli or bv Composition as the incvmbeut and parishionors can 
agree abovt it, Excepting the Land Lyeing in Bedwell Parke within 
the said Parish wliicli is Exempted from paying all manner of Tytlies 
pt being Charter Laud Onelv P]levcn Shillings and six pence a year 
paid for a Moadvs Dccimaud for the whole payd to the Incviuhent 
by the Respective Owners or Occvpyers of tlie said Laud then? is noe 
other prescription att all. 
•2 Tvthe is dve according to the Cvstonie of all Coviio and (rrass 

(except before ex Cow and Calfe or Cow in ( 'alfe 

the parishoners pay to the incvmbeut seven pence for Every Cow 
and for eveiy Gvest Cow three pence a year). If tliore be teen 
Piii'gs the IVIinister is to liave one the Owner to Clioo?.e the two lirst 
anrrtlie ]S[iuister the third. If bvt seven Piggs the :Minister may 
have one paying to the Owner twopence haljieuey for tlie ovtlier 
three wanting of toeu and If viider si^veu Piggs the owii.n- is to pay 
the ■Minister two pence halpenoy fur Everey Pigg that lie liatli ami 


80 in like Maner for Lambs to be pay"^ at S* Markes daj-. Also tlio 
tenth of the Wooll the Minister is to have, the Owner chooseing tlio 
two first fleeces, the Minister the third aUowing to each other if over 
or vnder teen Even fleeces according as "Wool! then commonly sold 
by the povnd, For everj^ Ilenn two Eggs, for every Cock three Eggs. 
So in Like Manner for Dvcks to be payd at Easter. For Geese tlie 
teenth Goslin to be payd the Latter end of May, If the seventh the 
Minister is to pay the Owner a half peney for each Goslin of the 
three wanting of teen and if vnder seven the Owner to pay a 
halfepeney for each Goslin. The tenth of the frvit dve to the 

S"! The Svrplice fees according to the immemorial Cvstome of the 
parish payd for Churching a Woman Sixpence, for a Marriage the 
Banns being dvly pvblished for the INIinistcr and Clark two Shillings 
six pence, for b\Tying a Corpps in the Chvrch to the Minister three 
shillings and fovr pence to the Clarke and sexton three shilling and 
two pence, for bvrying a Corpps in the Chvrch yard to the INIinister 
one shilling to the clerk and sexton twenty ponce and fovr pence to 
the sexton for Eiuging the Knell %-[ion the death of any person, for 
bvrying a foreigner in any of the affore said places dvble fees for 
the Minister and Clerk, for sarching the Eegister for births 
Christnings IkLnrriagcs or b'vaya'lls fovr pence. 

4th Payable to the Crowno for the first frvitts Eighteen povnds to the 
Bishopp every Yissitation five shillings for the Arch Deacon everj- 
Lady Day for syned and Procurations teen shillings, and at 
S* Michael Annualy teen shillings and six pence. 

5*^ A Communion Table with two Basses two Carpetts one Tvrkey 

work and the other Blew Cloath a Svrplice and a Commvnion Cloth, 

a Green Cvshion in the Pvlpvtt one Large Bible two Common 

prayer Books, in the Steple five Bells, one Silver Salvar for tlic 

Comm>'nion one Silver Commvnion Cvpp with a Cover to it one 

Pewter flaggon. Xoe Lands or Money in Stock for the Eepares of 

the Chvrch. The "West and Sovth side of the Chvrch yard fenced 

with Pales by the Incumbent the East and Nortli side fenced witlL 

Eayls by the Clivrch-wardens togeather with the Almes Hovses, the 

Body of the Chvrch Eepayrcd by the Ch\-rch-wardens 

Signed and Approved of by E. Lee Eector 

Edward Bradlev ) ni \ a c 

TT Tir " CJiurcnwardens. 

Henery W arnar ) 

This is a true Coppy of the Orlginall Terrier, taken ovt this .5*^ day 

of Ocf Annoq. Pom. 1724 

Jn" AVebb. 


A true Terrier of all the Gleabe lands belonginge to tlie 
Eectorie of Flamsted in the C(nintie of Ilertf. 
There is belonginge to the Eectorie of Flamsted foure score acres of 
arable lands all w"^** lye mixtlio amongst otliere lands in the Comone 
feilds of Flamsted Exc(^]>t onelie Eight a( ivs thereof by estimacon 
devided into two sevorall Closes w^'^ are very well fenced and the 
gates and stiles about tlu"- same and also about the rest well 
mayntayned And uvo now in the occupaeon of S'' Thorns Barrington 
K'.' l^arroni't I'i Dame Judith his wife or theiro assigue or assignos 
But of wliat veare lie value the same ore wee cannot certeinlii^ sett 


downe, because wee never kcewe them sett or lett to any pson alono 

by themselves. 
The Stipend of the incumbent there is vncertayne beinge altogeather 

at tlie good will of the farmers of the impropriat Tiotlies there. 

Henry Pryor ) Church 

Eathaman Eatliug j "Wardens. 

IMichrsed Flamsted 1638] 


A true Terrier of all the gleabe land belonging to the 

Chappell of Flanden (nowe) in the parishe of Hemel-Hemsteed ' 

and Con. of Herford. June 25° 1639. 

Imp. One house ioyneing vuto the Chappell comonely called by the 

name of Church house, containeing three small roumes belowe and 

one loft aboue. 

Itm. One halfe Koode of ground or thereabouts, ioyneing vpou the 

Church house aforesaid, and Chappell yarde. 

Ed : AVinstar, Cleric. 

Eichard Grovere i /-,, , ,,r -, 
T 1 -NT I \ Church Wardens. 

John Nash ) 

Undomed 'Exhibit, apud Whethamp : 26'° Junij Anno d'ni 1639. 

A document of ivhkh the following is a coj)i/ accompanies the above terrier : — 
Junij 26'" 1639 / Eich Grover & John Naslie Chapplewardens of 

apud A\Tiethanip : S Flauuden saye 

That a Iiowse wherein Eichard Eeude dwelleth w*'^ 10 acres of laud or 
thereabouts was given by one Nicli : Pigott as tliey haue heard 
aboue twoe hundred yeeres agoe to be yeerelie in the disposicon of 
the preposito'"s tliere for the maintenance of the Cure at Flauuden. 
This from Joseph Prince. 

That they haue heard that about 60 j-eeres agoe in tlie Courto Baron 
for the Manno'' of Hemelhemp : the Chapplewardens (a Courte 
beinge purchased) surrendred this howse & laud to one Eeade fatlu^r 
of the sii Eich : Eeade whoe was a poore man and luid iiianie 
children & therefore they gaue him that laud to p^'vent his cluirdge 
cominge vpon the hamlett. Eich : Grover luith heard that S' .John 
Luke vpou ciuestion made*by some of the Inhabit" about tliis laud 
told them they had better keepe the children, then give a wave tlieir 

Testes: — W. Eolfe, Joseph Peter, Christopher Kent. 

Flauxdex is a Chappelry in the Parish of Ilemelhemstod. The 
Curate thereof is nominated by tlie Yicar of Ilemelliomsted and 
■f said Curate hath all y^ small Titlies arising withiu y-' Cha]ipoh-y. 

They are generally paid in ]\[oncy «S: amotmt to about live I'ihuhIn 
fifteen shillgs. 

There's a small Chappell yard about a Eood of ground pal'd in. 

The Surt)lice fees tor marrying with Licence are a Crown. "What 
y'' Dues for Marrying with Banns or for breaking y Ground either 
in y*^ Chappell or Chappell yard, y^' present Curate is a Stranger to. 

There are three Bells, a great Bible and Common prajx-r Book, 
Surpliio, I'ulpit Cusliiou and a small Cup for y'' Communion. 


The Chappellyard is rcpair'd by y'= Inhabitants of y"^ Chappehy and 

y^ Clerks wages is ten Shillgs. 

Robert Crowfoot, Chaplain. 

Eichd Prince ) rii i. i 
T ■, ri t Churchwardens. 

John Urover \ 

William Harding 

Thomas Ashby. 

[There is no date to the last document, but Eobert Crowfoot M-ho 
signs it is probably the person described as of Bovingdon on p. 191 
of Cussans' Herts, Hundred of Dacorum & identical with the Eobt. 
Crowfoot (M.A. of Brasenose CoE. Oxford 1700) rector of Edles- 
borough 1742-GO.] 


Gauesdex July the A^^ day Anno I)om. 1G38 

Magna A Terrier of the ground & portions of tythes w*"^ other 

emoluments belonging to the Vicaridge of Gadesden 
Magna in the County of Hartford & iJiocesse of Lincolne. 

Imprimis the Churchyeard being a plat of ground about tlie Quantity 
of two acres the whole profits wherof are the Yicars due. 

Item aU profitts arising from Chauncill or Church ground wthiu, as by 
buryalls or the like are the "S'icais. 

Item to the A^car is due the whole Tythe of WooU & Lambe & all 
other tythes wliatsoeuer saue Corne & Hey. 

Item all oblacous & Mortuaryes whatsoeuer are the Vicars to(j. 

Item there hath bin an house f(jrmerly, whether called by the uame of 
a church or a towuehouse we cannot as yet certainly learne, but we 
haue heard the vicar liad the benefit to dwell therein vutill he 
entitled the Queene someway or other thereunto & so alienated & 
sold it awaj^ by y* meanes. The better pt of the house was sold 
from of the ground & carryed quite away & y*^ place whereon it 
stood conuerted to an orchard. The Remainder of the house stands 
there still on the lower side of tlie churchyeard adioyuiug to the 
sayd Orchard, there being one gate out of the orcliavd & two doores 
out of the sayd hoiise wth a paire of sliop windowes y* open very 

^ indecently & inconueuieutlj- into the church yeard -w'^^ (if it be not) 
yet happily may be occasion of much uastynes & annoj-ance therein. 

Subscribed the day and yeare aboue written 

William Stilling vicar there. 
By us Henny Peane, John Eutlan. 



$eet of iincs fot* ^e^:tfo^:^sl)lre♦ 


(Continued feom Page 259) 

1581. Easter Term. 23 Eliz. 
Julius Ferrers esq : Eich. Ferrers gent & Mary his wife. Lands in 

Wm. Fielde : Ralpli Morer & Kath. his wife. Messuage & lands in 

psh of S' Michaels near S' Albans. 
Gfeo. Heigliaui esq : Alex^ Chauucy gout & Mary his \nfo. Messuage 

& land in Sabridgeworth. 
Eich. Brooke : Eobt. AValton & Susan his wife. Messuage iu Ware. 
Edw. Peycock gent. : Eich. Bull gent & Alice his wife. Lands in 

AmweU. A warranty against Christr. Bull brother of s'^ Eichard. 
Eich. Smyth : Thos. Scale gent. & EHz. his wife. Four messuages & 

land in S' Albans. 
Edw. Bagshaw gent & Mary his wife. Simon Gardener gent & Eliz. 

his wife & Jas. Gardener gent. Three messuages & land in Stoudeu. 
Henry Osbaston : Eobt. Bradley & Margt. his wife. Land in 

Geo. Horsey esq : Geo. Burgoj-no esq & Dorothy his wife. A moiet}- 

of 3 messuages & lauds iu AVellwyn &: Diggeswell. 
Thos. Fynche : John Nedham esc| & Jane his wife. Messuage & lauds 

in psh of S' Andrew's, Hertford. A warranty against tlio heirs of 

Jas. Nedham esq. dec'^ late father of s'^ John. 
Eich. Stoneley esq : John Spaldynge & Margery his wife. Messuage 

& lands in S' Albans. 
Eobt. Hemynge : Wm. Shelley esq & Jane his wife & Thos. Peresun 

gent & Susan iiis wife. Manor of Chelsyn (ilias Chelson a/ias Smere- 

mongers & 10 messuages & lauds iu Bengeo & Stondon. 
Wm. Hamon & Eobt. Ilamon : Edw. Poulter esq &- Mary his wife. 

Two messuages & lands in Pirton, Otley & Ickleford. 
John CoUyn & Eobt. Collyn : Nich. Coliyn & Eliz. Iiis wife & Mary 

Adam. Tliree messuages & lands in Stortforde. 
John Huclcle : John Ponde & Lucj' his wife. Messuage & garden iu 

Thos. Burman gent : John Smythe ah'as Howson. Two messuages & 

laud in Hytchin. 

1581. Trinity Term. 23 Eliz. 
*Tho8. Strayte ; Anth. Typladye &- Joan his wife. Lands in Cariugton 

& Keuseworth. 
Wm. Chapman : Nich. Chapman & Mary his wife. Messuage & 

lands iu Little Mondon & Great Mondon. 
Jas. Bolton alias Bowlton : Eobt. Watson & Joan liis wife. Messuage 

& lands in Buntyiigford alias Arlingestreto & Aspeden. 
Edw. Chamlier : John Pratt & Eliz. his wife Messuage & land iu 



Edw. Howe : Win. Staue & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & land in 

Wm. Bunne : Ealpli BuUocke gent. & Mary his wife. Messuage & 

lands in Eastbrookeliav & Hemclhamsted. 
Rich. Kynge : Geo. Birket & Mabel his wife. Messuage & land in 

Hodsden in psh. of Broxborne. 
John Eowe : John Tydye & Anne his wife. Messuage & land in 

Edm. Verney esq. & Hemy Cheyney gent : Ealph BuUocke gent. & 

Mary his wife. Manor of Westbrookehay & 40 messuages & lauds 

in Bovyndon, Hemylhanisted & Great Gaddesden. 
Affabell Battell : Rich. Locke & Alice his wife, Thos Crane & Dorothy 

his wife. Three messuages & lauds in S' Albans & the psh of 

S* Stephens n^ S' Albans. 
Wm. Kinge : Thos. Borham & Joan his wife. Messuage in 

Wm. Miller senior, John Miller & Geo Hawkyns junior : Paul 

ConnyngtoQ & Anne his wife & Geo. Jacobe & John Jacobo. Land 

in Stortford. 
John Beckett : Robt. Holmes & Alice his wife & Wm. Holmes son & 

heir apparent of s<i Robt. Messuage in Watford. 
Wni. Lorde ; Wm. Hilles & Jane his wife, Rich. Wrighte & Kath. 

his wife & Thos. Raynolde & Joan his wife. Messuage in Startforde 

alias Storforde 
Eras. Wynche : Wm. Edlyn &, Cecily his wife & John Turnor & Ellen 

his wife. Lauds in Aldebuiy. 
Wm. I'easte iS: Joan his wife : John Deriugton & Anne liis wife 

& Robt. Payne & Marion his wife. Messuage in Sabridges worth 

alias Sabridgeworth. 
Thos. Waterhous: John AVaterhous esq & Anne his wife. Four 

messuages & lands in Barkamstede Peter & Barkamstede Marye 

alias Northechurche. 
Thos. Harryson gent : Humph. Connyngesbye esq & Mary his wiie el- 
Henry FoxweU gent. The site of the late Hospital of S' Julian & 

two messuages & lands in the parishes of S' Stephen & S* Michael 

near S* Albans. 
Henry Frowycke gent : Geo. Duckett & Isabel his wife. Messuage in 

Edw. Pulter esq : Robt. AVarde & Agnes his wife. Two messuages & 

lands in Little AVymondley & Great AVymondley. 
1581. Mich. Term. 23 & 24 Eliz. 
*Rich. More gent. : Michael Harrys gout & Margt. his wife. Six 

messuages & lands in Rowney, Gt. Muuden, Little Muuden, 

Stondon, Sakam, Hormeadc, Leaston & Buntyngford & tithes in 

Gt. Muuden & Little Muuden. 
Thos. Barnard : AVm. Necton gent & Eliz. his wife. Laud in Rydge. 
John Kay esq : Wm. Dalton & Clement Daltuu. Two messuages & 

lands in Mucli Hadham. 
Alex. Hamoud gent : Ralph Sadler kut. Manor of PuppeshuU nJuis 

PopsaU & lauds in Buckland & Widiall. 
Wm. Lane : John Statlord esq. Lauds in Yardiey & Cluthall. 
AVm. Clerk esq & Rich. Litlor gent : Henry Darcie kut & Kath. hi.s 

wife. The Advowsou of the (.huroh of Sheuley. 
Thos. Bowyer esq & Wm. Le esq : Thos. Hall gent & Margt. his wife. 

Two messuages i^ land in S' Albania. 


Wm. Puruell : Stepli. "VVapoole alinx Nol)})e>> & Agnos his wife. 

Messuage & laud iu Al))eryo. 
Tlios. IIoo juu. gent : TIios. Hoo sen. es(j^ & Lucy his wife. Manor of 

llooljurye alian Hoo & 3 messuages & lauils in Powlos AValdcn & 

Geo. Santou, John Piyor : Ohristr. (Jlaj' & Eliz. his wife & Fras. 

Santou & Lucy liis Avife. Messuage & hnul in Stortfortl. 
Jolm BrakenfoM : Thos. Kussell & Cecily liis wife. Messuage & 

land iu C'hi})pinge Baruett. 
John Newman jun : Wm. Cuffeley & Eliz. his wife & John Newman 

sen. Two messuages & lands in Bavkway. 
Edw. Pulter gent : John Stafforde esq & Bridget his wife. Manor of 

Cotered alias C'odred alias Codrethe & 20 messuages & lands in 

Cotered, Yardley, Aspeden &' Bradfeild & the advowson of the 

church of CVitered. 
Thos. Fanshawe esq. & Thos. Person gent : lioht. Leonard & Joan his 

wife. Two water mills, one fulling mill & lands in "Ware. 
r4eo. Horsey esq & Thos. Docwra gent : Jolm Lacye & Ellen his wife. 

Moiety of two messuages «& lands in Diggi swell & Bish<jps Hatfeild. 
John Beamount : John Harvye esq & ]\[argery his wife. Two 

messuages & lands in Langlej-, Bovington & Sarrett. 
Thos. Fanshawe esq: Henry earl of Huntingilon & Kath. his wife & 

Francis Hastings esc[ son & heir apparent of Gi^o. Hastings kut. 

Manor of AVare & lUO luessuiiges and lauds in Ware, Tliuuilriilge. 

Stoudon, "Widford, iStansted, Amwell, Hertford and Bengen. 
Christr. Snell : John Snell sen., Nich. Aunger, John j^lierman gent. 

Thos. Barlymau and liose his wife it AVm. Gerrye gent. Five 

messuages & lands in Eoyston, Tharfeilde. AVestreadeandBarkwaye. 
Francis Fletcher & AVm. Handforte gents : Humph. C'onyngesTiye esq 

& Mary his wife iS: Edw. Sadleir esq & Anne his wife. INfanor of 

iSoppwell & Soppwellbury & GO messuages & lands in S' -Albans & 

8' Peters within and without the town of S' Albans & S' Stcpliens & 

tlie advowson of tlu"' vicarage of St. Stephens. 

1581-2. Hilary Term. 2-1 Eli/.. 
*Kobt. Ewarde & Fras. Mallorve : Jas. Hallfehyde, Jolm Uolte gent 

& Judith liis wife, Paul Ewarde & Ellen liis wife & Alice Hallfehyde. 

Six messuages & lauds in Yardley & Cottered. 
Thos. ^[ylles : Geo. Bayfoi'de & Eliz. his wife. Eand in Sabridies- 

worth. » 

Kobt. Yardeley .• John Pollard & Alice his wife. Messuage iV land in 

Baldock i^- AVeston. 
Tlios. Eawson : Jolm House &. Agnes his W"ifo. Laud in Kings Hatfeild. 
Thos. ]?agsha : .John Searo tS: Jane his wife. Lands in Nortlibarkam- 

l\ich. Yonge gent : Tims. Hudson gent. Messuage & huid in 

S' Albans. 
Thos. Ballarde : Geo. l>eLl & Agues his wife & Edmund Sm\tlie. 

Messuage i^c lands in Kings Hatfield alias l>isho]is Hattield. 
Jolm IJiihardsuu \- Joan his wife : John Nicholi & Eliz. iiis wife. 

Alessiiage ilt land in Little Hadluini. 
i"dw. Skvpwvtli gent : Thds. Hnldcu (."v: Agues his wilV. M(s>.uau( vS. 

lan.l in S' All.ans. 
Jolm Baet : Edward earl of Oxford high chancellor of England. 

.Vnnual rent of ten poumls issuing fnim the park i>f Scab^s ,ilii,< 

•■s^c.-ilfs AVuiid in )ish. "f Rnrkwev. 


1582. Easter Term. 24 Eliz. 
Eich. Mayne : Henry Mayno gent. Messuage &: land in Bovyngton 

[written Dovyngton]. 
Thos. Osbaston : Wm. Davy & Kath. his wife. Land in Ware. 
James Boulton : Juliu Pliilpot gent & Eliz. his wife, Thos. Wattes tS: 

John Wattes (son of s* Tlios.) & ^Xlargt his wife. Lands in Aspeden. 
Henry Eandall : John Wattes & Margt. his wife, John Phylpot gcut 

& Eliz. his wife, Jas. Boulton & Margt. his wife & Thos. Wattes. 

Lands in Layston & Aspeden. 
Lewis Mordaunt knt, lord Mordaunt : John Tufton esq & Christian his 

wife. Manor of Hokenhanger alias Kympton & 4 messuages & 

lands in Kympton. 
Wm. Kympton : Edm. Yardeley & Anne his wife. Lands in 

Roland Beresford gent: Eich. Brokeman gent & Agnes his wife. 

Manor of Lyburye alias Libery & 20 messuages & lands in Little 

Munden, Gt. Muuden, AVestmell, Walcorne, Braughinge & Yeardley. 
Michael Meade & Eliz. his wife : Oliver Crosse & Agnes his wife. 

Land in AVare. 
Charles Moryson esq : Wm. Ewer & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & lands 

in Watford & Laugley. 
Thos. Pomfret : Wm. Pomfret & Anne his wife. Messuage & garden 

in Baldocke. 
Henry Sare & Eich. Wood : AVm. Pyerson gent & Agnes his wife, 

Eich. Haysso gent & Cecily his wife & Midi. h>are & Margt. his 

wife. Manor of Easton alias P]astone & lands in AVatford & Saint 


1582. Trinity Term. 24 Eliz. 
Peter Lyndessell : Eobt. Bennett & Alice his wife. Land in Sabridg- 

Eich. Brooke : Thos. Eussell & Cecily his wife. Four messuages & ' 

lands in Cheping Baruet. 
Edw. Peede : Lewis Mordaunt knt lord Mordaunt. Messuage & lands 

in Kymjjtou. 
Eich. Savell : John Marryon & Margt. his wife. Two messuages and 

lands in Stortford. 
Thos. Thomson citizen & haberdasher of London : Matthew Lowe gent 

& Anne his wife. Manor of GifEord & six messuages & lands iu 

Little Munden & Great Munden alias ^luch Munden. 
Edw. Wylkynson : Andrew Grey esq, Edw. Halfliydo esq and Anue 

his wife. Lands iu Aspeden and Layston. 
John Anderson : Thos. Myles, Messuage & lands in (it. Munden. 
AA^m. Hampton & Eobt. Hampton : Christopher Marshall gent & 

Anne his wife & Eich. Coruwell & Mary liis wife. Two messuages & 

lands in Chosthunt & Staudon, & common of pasture in Chesthunt. 
John Sybley, Henry Foster, Thos. AA'elcho, Edm. Tufnaylo & Thos. 

Crawley : John Pryddeu & Eliz. liis wife. Land in Kings AValden. 
Thos. Humfroy & Eliz. his wife ; Thos. Crane gent & Dorothy his wife. 

Three messuages & gardens in S' Albans. 
Edw. AVilkynsou : Andrew Grey esq, Edw. Halfhyde esq & Anne his 

wife. Two messuages & lauds iu Aspeden, Layston, Cottered & 

John Crowche : A\^m. Ayloffo gent & Alice liis wife, John Folton 

gent & Kath his wife. Messuage & lands in Layston, Awswickn. 

ttt. Hiirmoado, I^ittlo Horuionde, AA'ostinill & Uinitiiigfordo. 


tEKT OF HXES. 306 

168'i. Mich Term. 24 & 25 Eliz. 
*Thos. Ansell : Rich. Frauncis gent & Susan his wife. Lands in 

Ickleforil & llytchyn. 
Ricli. Corsse : John Benut'tt & Anue his wiff. Me^suago & h-nid in 

Jolm Huckle oik : John 1 >avlingf &. Ellen his witi'. MesKutige & land 

in Stevenage. 
Agues Adams wid : Thus. Adams & Julian his w ife. Messuage * 

land in Witford alias Widfovd & Crreat Iladdaui. 
Henry Kaudall : .John Koxesonue. Messuage & land in Apstmi & 

Wm. Godfrey a/ias (Juuper : Henry earl of Derby. Lauds in Staguall 

alias iStaguow, Powells Walden & Kings Wnhlen. 
John ]iowyer esq. & Geo. Graveley : Edw. Tulter esq iV: Mary his wife. 

Lauds in Hitchyn alias Hutchyn. 
Thos. Gaddesden : Edw. Pulter geut & Mary his wife Laud iu 

Edm. Cordeli : Rolit. Coi'doll & Agues his wife. Messuage & buid in 

John Plomer : Juliu Glantield als Xevell & Mary his wifi'. Messuage 

& lands in Olothall, Baldoek, liygrave & Willieu. 
John Bowyer esq : Jolm Godfray alias Cooper Ot Agues his witf. 

Lands in Hitchyn alias Hutchyn & Ipolletts als HypoUetts. 
Ralph Radelyff esq : Edw. Pulter esq & Mary his wife. Maunr of 

Moremeade alias C'iuu'leton alius Charlton alias Chaltou & two 

messuages & lauds iu Hutchyn alias Hitchyn, IpoUets & C>ffley. 
Thos. Rudd jun : Thos. Rudd elk & Ricli. Potman gent. Messuagt' A; 

lauds in Kings Waldeu, OfHey A: Jjynley r//('rt* Lylley. 
Jolm Karver & Thos. Towse : Rich. Adams geut & Margt. his wife. 

Messuage & laud in Aldenham. 
John Bowyer es([ : Rich. Frauncys gent & Susan his wife. Lands iu 

Hitchin alias Hutchyn. 
John Bowyer esq : Geo. Fertloe & Mary his wiff. Jjauds in Hitcliyu 

alias Hutchyn. 
Barnard Dewhurst geut & Thos Bennett geut : Wm. Frauklaud gfut 

& Hugh Frauklaud geut. Manor of Barnetts & 3 messuages & laud- 
in Broxburue, Iloddesden & Amwell. 
Rich. Hale jun : Edw. Sadleir esq & Anue his wife. Tithes iu certaiu 

lauds in Kyuges "WaldcTu Powles AValdeu & PoUetts. 
Jolm Clarke : Alex. Avenou. Three messuages it laud iu Ashweli. 
Johu Reamouut : ]jaureuce As]u>tou & Eliz. his wife, Thus. Frenohe i\; 

Margt his wife, Wm. Gayler & Agues his wife, Robt. Danyell \ 

Margt. his wife & .Tas. Wlieler & Agnes his wife. Two messuages 

\- lands in Aslu^well. 
Thos. Dernier & Edm. Smyth; Edw. Sadleir esi^ «.t Anne liis wiff . 

Tithes arising from certain messuages and lands in Kyugos \\'nldi'ii. 

lo82-3. Hilary Term. 25 Eliz. 
Johu Walford : Wm. \\'alford \- Margt. his wife. Three messuages 

•S: laud iu Lechworth. 
^Vm. Deruun- alias D(UMuer : Thos. Crane Doroiliy liis wife. 

Eight lui^ssuages it land in S' Albans. 
Robt. Xewdyck : Kubt. Redwood gent. Laud iu Tyiquugilaif iu [>sii. 

of S' Stephens. 
• i.'ii. Ivorheraui esi| : Kdw. Sadleir es(| \- Anue his witr. Titbfs "ii 

c<M-taiu lauds iu Kiut;-s Wnldeu. 


Thos. Moiyson esq : Eich. Fitz Ilughc gent & Eliz. liis wife.^ Land iu 

Sandou. A warranty against Eich. Fitzhugho senior & Nich^ Fitz- 

hughc gents. 
"VVm. Glover & Bridget his wife : Wm, Davye & Kath. liis wife. 

Messuage in Ware. 
Hemy Ayer : Eobt. Aycr. Windwill & land in Aspedou. 
Thos. Waterlious : Geo. Morton esi^. Land in Barkhamsted Mary 

alias Northclmrc^he. 
Eeginald Basse gent & Wni. Ilertfurdo gent : Joliu Barlowe & Ivath. 

his wife. Messuage & land in 8' Albans. 
Eobt. Shadde: Julin Kilbyof alias Kilbye & l)(n-othy his wife & 

Alex. Louge. Messuage & land in S' Albans & Hemelhampstede. 
Geo. Waller : Henry Heigliaiu gent & Anne his wife. Two messuages 

& land in Sabridgeworthe. 
Eich. Peacock : Eidi. Brooke iK: Alice Ids wife. Four messuages & 

lands in Chepinge Barnet. 
Geo. Forkelooe & Lawrence Forkelouc John Chirrye & Margt. his 

wife. Barn & land iu Great Mundeu. 
John Bowycr esq : Wm. Awdeley & Mark AVillyams & Agnes his w ife. 

Messuage &c in ITitchyn alias Hutchyu. 
Wm. Eolf gent : Eich. Snowe junior & Mary his wife. Messuage & 

lands in Tatteridge. 
James Tristram : Thos. Coker &, Eden his wife. The site of the late 

priory of Biggin &. two messuages & land iu Hutchin alias Hitcliin. 
Thos. Venables esq : Degory Pyper gent. Three •messuages & lands 

in AVarc, Widford & Tluindriilge, to liold to s'i Degory for the term 

of one week & after that to remain entirely to Thos. Harrys of 

the Middle Temple esq & his heirs. 
Eoger Stougliton & Mary his wife : Eoger Fynche & Eliz. his wife. 

Moiety of two water mills iu psh of S' Stephens near S' Albans. 
John Pytchcs : Simon Harvye & Margt. his wife & John Harvye it 

Cicily his wife. Laud iu Sandou. 
Eobt. Steppinge & Edw. Crawley : Edw. Sadleir es([. & Anne liis wife. 

Tithes on lands in Kiugs Waldcn. 
Wm. Wyne, Edw. Edwarde, Wm. Buaue. TIkjs. Lyucohi, Jolin 

Lj-ncoln & Edw. Lyncolu : Eich. Fitzhuglie gent & Eliz. his wife. 

Tliree messuages & lands in Sandou. 

1583. Easter Term. 25 Eliz. 
*'Thos. Wightman & Geo. Eobtjrtes : Henry Caltou. Moiety of the 

Eectory church of AVilley alius Willien alias Willinge & the 

moiety of an aumud rent of '20 marks issuing fmrn the vicarage of 

s<^ church. 
John Parrant : ^Vm. Parrant. ^Messuage in Little Iladham. 
AValter Mylduuiy estj : Henry Adams & Agnes his wife. Lands called 

Marsheiand alias Masslunil AVood in AVydford. 
John Kirbye: Eich. Kirbye senior. Tliree messuages & lands in 

Sacombe & Little ]\Ionden. 
Ealph Oopcott gent & Beatrice hi^ wife : Lawrence Eyton gent A 

Dorothy his wife >.*t Edw. ICytou gent. ^Messuage & lambs in Pyrton. 
Geo. Grave senior iV Creo. Grave juu'' : Eobt. Let>narde tt Joati his wife. 

Two messuages & land in Hertford & Bengeho. 
Enlph Lever gent : Isaac Adames giut & Eliz. his wife. ^lessuage * 

garden in AmM ell & AVnre. 
AVm. Brooke .• Thos. Hanncr. Thr.i> m.'ssii;ig>'s A- laTids in AVi'stone 
.1 n.-ftall. 


Matthew Hansecoinbe : Lawrence Eyton gent & Dorothy hie wife & 
.Edw. Eyton gent. Messuage windmill & lands in Pyrton. 

Thos. Gardiner : Thos. Hedd & Margery his wife. Messuage & land 
in Great Monden. 

Simon Strattou : John Carter & Eliz. his wife. Messuage in Hutchiu 
alias 11 it chin. 

John Chamber & Win. Chamber : Ealph Radclyff esq & Eliz. his wife. 
Three messuages in Hytohyn. 

Eobt. "Westle}- : Barnabas Elmer alias Fylowood & Frances his wite. 
Messuage in Eoyston. 

Wm. Banye & Wm. "Warner : Anthony Dault(ni & Margt. his wife & 
Thos. AVarren & Mary his wife. Messuage & land in Stondon. 

Wm. Broolce : John Huraberstone. Two messuages & lands in 
Walkorne & Bennyngton. 

Thos. Deugayno gent. & Edw. Cradocke : Nich. Rande gent. & Joan 
his wife. Messuage & land in psh. of S^ Michaels next S' Albans. 

John Crouche : Thos. lord Howarde & Kath. his wife. Manors of 
Cornyburye & Gibcrncke & 10 n^essuagos & lands in Laystou 
Alswicke Wydeall Throcking Aspeden & Bucklaud & tithes in same 
places & Great Hornemeade & Ijittle Tlornenipado &: the advowson 
of tlie vicarage of Layston & the fair & market in Buntingford. 

John Tanner : John Brennynge gent & Alice Irs wife. Laud in 

Wm. Nayler : Wm. Stane & Eliz. his wife. Messuage & lands in 
Walkerne & Bouyugton. 

Laueelot Batherst : Andrew Grey esq & Anne liis wife. Manor of 
Johnes at Pelliam & six messuages & lands in Furncx Eelham. 

John Brograve esq. & Margt. his wife : Thos. Howard second sou of 
Thos. late duke of Norfolk son & heir of the most noble princess 
Margt. late duchess of Norfolk late wife of the said late duke 
daughter & heir of Tlios. Audelye knt. lord Aiulelye de Walden & 
late Lord Cliancellor of England & Kath. his wife. Manor of 
Westmill alias Westmiluo alias Westmilburye & 6 messuages iS: lands 
in Westmill & the advowson of tlio Church of "Westmill. 

Henry Prannell citizen & vintner <if Londun : .Joliu Petre knt & Mary 
his wife. Manors of Eookey & AVat^r Andre wes alias AValter 
Andi-ewes & 10 messuages & land in Barkwaye, Anstye. Notli- 
amsted, Barley, Buckland, Eede & Eoyston. 

Kath. Leaper Midow : John Bowier es(i ..t Beatrice liis wife, John 
Newmau & Pliyllis his wife & Tho. Newman, Messuage & land in 

Thos. Carowe gent & Tlios. Bowyer : Oliver Godfrey gent & Eliz. his 
wife. The site of tlio late dissolved chantry of Baldwyn Victor & 
two messuages & land in Stortford. 

Thos. Monday & Margt. Ids Avit'e : Tlios. Hoddesdou & Anne liis wife. 
Messuage & laTul in Chesthuut. 

Lancidot Batherst : Edw. IdhI Alorley, baron of Eye & Eliz. his wife & 
Wm. Wylkes & Joyce his wife. Manors of Pclham Turnex, Johnes 
at Pelham, Brent Pelham alias Greyes & Chamberlyns & 40 
messuages & lands in Pelham Furnex. Pelham Arse alias Brent 
Pelluim, Gt. Hormcad, Littli' Ilormead, Stokkiugi' P.dliam, 
Mi'csdrij, Aldebury, Broughing & Anstye. 

Amlr.'w Pas^chall sen. & "Andrew I'ascliall jiin. gents: Arthur 
llevenyugliam knt & Mary his wife i!s: Tlios. Barnardiston knt ..I- 
KHz. his wife & Andrew Graye esq, Andrew Malorie escj, Thos. 



Hanchett esq & Anne Hanchett. Manors of Gnttesburie als 
Gattisburie, Vphall & Maistors alias Masters & 100 messuages & 
lands in Braugliiuge alias Brackinge, Gt. Hadhani, Little Hadham, 
Westmyll, Aldeburie & Stondon. 

1583. Trinity Term. 25 Eliz. 
*Roland AVatson gont & John Pryce gent : Wm. Clietwynde gent & 

Attalanta his wife. Lands in Chesthunt. 
Geo. Hide esq : Francis Foliott esq. ALessuage & land in Bradfeild, 

Cottred aU Cothred & Throcking. 
John Meade : Thns. Burlinge & Grace his wife. Cottage & land in 

Zachary Fowlo : Wm. }5(\\.fyel(l & Eliz. liis wife. Messuage & land in 

Wm. Hampton : John Sabyne & Eliz. his wife S: Kicli. Olapliaui A 

Cieily his wife. Messuage in Little lladliam. 
Giles Allen gent & Fortoscu Gierke gent : Giles Sewester. Messuage 

& land in Ashewell. 
Leonard Ilide esq : Wm. Hide gent. Manor of Throcking & C 

messuages & lauds in Throcking, Clothall. Westou, Sond(Mi, Layston, 

Cottred, Biickland, Widdiall, Barkway & Apesdcn aiia.s Aspeden & 

the advowsor of tlie cliurch of Throcking. 
Thos. Chawkeley & Robt. Papworth : Jolui Brockftt & Julian his 

wife, John Lawrence & Grace his wife, ilessuage & land in Great 

Wymondley (///«« f^t. AVvmliloy. 
Thos. Baniard : John Somerton & Agues Iiis wife & Tlios. Somerton & 

Anne his wife. Moiety of a messuage & lands in Ilydgc 
Leonard Hide esq : Thos. Wiseman esq & Jane his wife. Manor of 

Throcking & G messuages & lands iji Tlirockiug, Clothall, AYoston, 

Soudon, Ijaiston, Cottred, Bucklaud, Widdiall, Barkewaye & 

Aspesden «/»• Aspcileu & the advowson (»f tlie church of Throcking. 

A warranty against Wm. Wiseman, Rich. Wiseman gents Sc Wm. 


To bt Continued. 

lilcJtuntciitrtl |iU0cx*iv»ttoito, 


Two stoU(^s remainlMg in >Sej)t. 1891, botli liciug let into the south 
face of tlie noitli wall of the Clnqiel Yard. 

No. I. LUCY I GGODI.AND | 1830. 

Probahhi tni ixfiuit iltiu. n/ John (foodhnid, mtis/«f of the CliKriti/ He/tool 
cuniu'cted irith the Chiipi'l. He H-a-\ ii clrver itiodilli-r Jj- benime /Editor of a 
paper at J/uiwhenter. 

Xo. IL EDWARD I'.LANLAND | Died 2(1 Fel.y KS3(i i Aged 7 year=>. 

' Oiiniuiuiiicutocl liv IMr, JuLu Harris, C.E. 



EEGISTEE III. (Co.MixuED iROJt Page 230). 

f. 47 b. TH0MA8 BEDELL of Watton at Stone, wheeler, {mute, will 
daf. 26 May 1581). Wife Ellyn extrix ; My six children. 
Wif* : — Eoht. Porter parson of the town & Eobt. Stockwell & 
the Avife of Wilk\-nson. (/'/•. but date not given). 

f. 47 1). BAETELLMEW HILL of Lytic Gadesden. {Lat. 10 Aug-. 
1584). Sons Thos., Jeames & John ; Dau. Eliz. Feild & Thos. 
Feild lier husband ; Daniel son of s'l Tlios. Feild ; AVife Joauo ; 
Son Thos. exor ; Daniel Cotton my son in law overseer. 
Wits : — Thos. Wynsore clarke, John Eames, "\Yni. Gosbcll, 
Oliver Norcote & E(jbt. Dyer. {Pr. 10 Dec. 1584 at Baldock). 

f. 48. THO]\[AS GEAYELYE of Gravelyo gent. {Dai. 8 Aug. 
24 Eliz.). Wife Eliz. to enjoy my mansion house, lands 
etc at GraA-elye, Chivsfild, Wymonlye & Steuenage & my leases 
made to me by John jMyllos (jf Aunseburye dec''. Mv 
child" Francis, Tlios., & Eowland & dau Julian ; Lands in 
tenure of Jolm Hasten ; John ]M(iore & John Woodfilde ; Francis 
my son & heir; Dau. Julian (under 21) ; Dau. Quarles ; Wife 
& son Eras, exors ; Son-in-law 'My Quarrells supervisor. 
Wit^ : — Henry Aunsell, AYm Kympton & Jeames Jeve. (/'/•. 
30 Apr. 1584 by Eliz. tlie relict, reservation ttj Fras. Gravelye). 

f. 49. ELIZABETH " Br EGES of Bengeu. {Dat. 10 Apr. 1584). 
My father Austen : my mother ; Joane Yeminonger my sister ; 
Sist. Marye : Bro. John 1 Purges ; Kinswom. Eliz. Burges ; Wm. 
Austen my father exor ; Eich. Heylye curate at Bengeo over- 
seer. Wif* : — Eliz. Speringe, Grssell Ta\lor, Margerv Austen, 
Catren Pollard & AY'" Austen, (/"r. 21 May 1584). 

f. 49. MAEGAEET GEAYE of Tliarfeild. {IM. loMdi. 1583). 
Sou John Grave of Barhwaye & his tliree child" Thos., Grace i.<: 
Frauncf ; Kath. Smytli : Anne Wrighte ; Jolian Priest ; 
Frauncf Graves child" ; Margt. Grey : Jolin Grav tlie younger : 
Peter AYright ; John Page ; John Graves cliildren tlu^lder : 
Legacy to poor of Kelsey & poor of E(^ode ; AYm. Grave ; Jolian 
Priest &- Ann lier dau ; Thos. Game ; Dau Katli. ; Alother 
Hazard ; Grace Grave ; Synion Cooles wife ; Land bouglit of 
Tliomas ( 'arter of Eeede ; Son Francis Grave exor. AN'it" : — 
John Grave & Geo. AYren. {Pr. 27 Jan. 1584-5). 

f. 4-) b. ELIZ.-VBETII HEWAED widow, ..f Kensworth. {Daf. 28 
Sep. 23 Eliz.). Son Henry Heward ; Sons J(din & Allyn : 
George Heyward my son in law ; Dau. Ellyn : Sons Honry, 
Jolm, Allyii & NichoLis ; Son Henry exor ; Nich^ Xe(>]e A 
Ei>ger Nichols ov(M'se(M-s. V\"\\^. Leonard Tulco vicar. TIios. 
Eobins. (iV. 14 Jan. 1584 at P.aldnck ). 

f. 49 b. TllOAIA.^ EWEE of H(^melh'insted, sh..lvemalcer [*•/(•]. 
'/»«/■• 29 Mav 1584^. AYife Alice extrix : Mv cliildren. Wif :— 



Robt. Roj-po, Wm. Turnor of Wards end, Jas. Gladmaii. (Pr. 

15 July 1584). 
f. 49 h, RICHARD ORIS uf Nortlichurdi. {Nunc. tvUl widated). Sun 

John &- his inotliov & liis brntlior &: sisters ; Eliz. Roj-se ; Son 

Jolin cxor. Wit^ :— "\Ym. Axtoll, Henrv Sere & Wm. Edlvn & 

W>" Cocke, (/v. 10 July 1584). 
f. 50. WILLIAM STRONGE of Freesdeu in psli. of Barikhmsted 

Peter, husbandman. {Dat. 13 Nov. 1583). LTnde Robt. 

Stronge ; Servant Wm. Bale & .-Use Bale his o-randmother ; 

Henry Nutkyn my bro-in-la^v ; Bro. Thos. Stronge ; Land 

railed the .smytlies crofts held of J(jliu Howe ; Legacy to ^loor 

of Netellden ; "Wife Joane extrix ; Mj-caell Yonge <!;- bro. Tiios. 

Stronge overseers. Wit": — John AVhelplye, Johii Feild, Ricli. 

How, John Munne. [Pr. 9 Apr. 1584\ 

f. 50. WILLIAM FRAI'NCES.of London Coney in psh of Slienley, 
smyth. {Dat. 9 Nov. 1584). Wife Aime"& our three daus" ; 
Son Francis ; Wife extrix. AVit^ : — Phillip Slep, Rich. Smvth, 
Wm. Heward, John Lowe. {Pr. at Baldock 10 Dec. 1584)." 

f. 50 b, JOYCE LONGE of Hartingfordbury, widow. [Dat. '27 Jan. 
1582). Son Wm. Longe ; Dau. Joane Longe ; Goddau. Joj-ce 
West ; Dorotliy Bridgman ;' Eliz. Longe f Eliz. Bridgman ; 
Margt. Bridgman; Ann West; Sylibell Longe ; Son Roger 
Longe ; Aguis Bridgman. Residue of my corn to be divided 
amongst 'Wittm, Agnis, &' Jane'; M>' Ellis exor. Wit' :— 
Phillip LaM-rcnce mini-iter, Tlios. Saver, Tlios. Standlev 'Pr 
30 Apr. 1584). 

f. 51. BARTELLMEW HILL. Registered before at folio 47. 

f. 51b, EDWARD WILSHERE of Steuenage. yeoman. {Dat. 18 
Mch, 1582). Y'oungest sou Edward; Lauds iS: teuements at 
Codycoate called Smytlif formerly in the occupation of Geo. 
Hattred & now of Thos. Spoarte ; Land in Brokf vallev in psh. 
of Steuenage w'Mate was one AYillm Tverbies of Hortf ; Land 
called Gospell peece in J^rokf valley late John Bagshaes gent ; called Barhe Ciofte in the fields of Shepall ; Dunstoue 
Wilsheer my 2ud sun : Lanils in RcdliiUs m Stevenage ; (.'lose 
railed Pyiui greene Ov liouse in occ. of Geo. Hen ward ; Eldest 
son (reorge ; (irace Parker sometime my maid servant ; Clemens 
Cotton sou of Tlios. Cotton of AVellwiu' (under 21): Ann Cotton 
dau. of s'l TIios. (under 18) ; AYm. sou of Geo. AVilslu^er (under 
18); Child" of John Parker now living at Hitcliiu ; My tliree 
sons exors ; Tluis. Clarke & AYm. Gvnn Of Stev(Miage overseers 
AA^it" :— AYm. Clarke. L'i<-h. I'ngc. 'iJi,.],. AYest. /'/■. 24 Julv 
1584 at r>aldnck). 

f. 62. MARKE AXTELL of Uemclliemi.sted. vfoniMii. Jhit. ;i .Line 
25 Eliz.\ Sun Ricliard . under 21) ; Lauds in Frlden Heath ; 
\Yitc Grace; Dau, Susan; Kather Robt. .\xtell ; AYm. Rovse 
of Boxwood: ' luy said tlnv children ' : AYife extrix; ]iro. 
Thos, Axtell >S: Robt. Coleman overseers. NYif^ :— Raplie 
Ivuyvet, Cliristr. R;ive, Tlios. Axtell ,S; R,,bt. Coleman. {Pr. 15 
July 1584'. 

f. 52. .Ktn.X POb'TEIv' of (h-avelyo, yeoman. J)at. 14 F(>b. 25 
Eliz. . Dau. iM'auees I'orlev; SouTliouias; Tlit> child" of Joliu 
Porter \ ^\'m. I'orter riz. \\n\. l'(M'ter & Aiines Porter ^: 



Duglas Porter ; Son Geo. Porter cxor ; Sfni John ; Wm. Porter 
the son of John Porter ; Duglas Porter tlio (laughter. ( Pr. 11 
Feb. 1584-5 at Baldock). 

£. 52 h. WILLI.Ur (xEACE of Forcle in psh. of Great Tringe. {Dat. 
13 jNIch. 158:3). Son Thomas; Wife I^Cargt. ; Sons Eich. & 
Wm. ; Dan. Eliz. Grace; S(m Sebastian Grace (under 21); 
Sons Daniel & John ; Sons Tlios. & Eichard exors ; Cous^-n 
Sebastian Grace & son Wm. overseers. 'Pr. 21 May 1581 at 

f. 53. FEANOIS SEYWAED of Bricking.h)n, yeoman, f Undated J. 
Bur. at Alhallowes in Hertf. ; Wife Alice ; Sons Jolm & AYm. 
exors.; Dan. Aguis (under 21); Dans. Katli., I']liz. & Joane : 
Wm. Heath overseer. Wit^ : — Wm. Greenewod the wrigliter 
& John Ilai-per ; Tenement & ground called Addams Hill. [Pr. 
24 Sej). 1584). 

f. 53. JOHN BLAOKETT of Lytle Gaddesden. {Out. 14 Dec. 1583j. 
Son Henrv ; Thos. Bedford ; Son .John ; Wife Joane ; Jjegacies 
my mother gave to my sisters cliihl'^ viz. to Eliz. Quarendn iS; to 
lier bro. Wm. & her sisters Alice & Agnes & to Nicholas Jac>on 
& to Eobt. AVaddes ij children ; Cons. Wm. Garret of Hudtiall 
exor & cons. Eich. Garret overseer. Wit^ : — Tims. God;ird iSr 
Thos. Wynsore. {Pr. 30 Apr. 1584). 

f. 53 b. EOBEET GEIGGE of Keusworth. {Bat. 27 Dec. 27 Eliz.). 
Wife Joane; Son Eobt; Dau. EUyn Be.amonde ; ]\[argt. 
Grygge ; Son Thus. ; Julius Herne ; Wife extrix. Wit^ : — Edw. 
Home, Wm. Heaward & Henrv Lodu-e. (Pr. 14 Jan. 1584-5 at 

f. 54. JOANE WELLS of, widow. (7>^/. 4 Dec. 1583j. 
Joane Axtell iny daughf unmarried ; Da us. Alice Axtell vS: 
Agnes Axtell ; Timothy sou of Henry Axttdl my son ; Jeames 
Heart son of Tliomas Harte my s(m in law ; Alice Hart dau. of 
s'l-Thos. ; Agnis Goold dau. of Hughe Goold my son in law A.- 
John son of s"! Hugli ; Susan Goold dan. of s'l Hugli: Ainic 
Goolde wife of s'l Hugli ; Dan. Joane Hart ; Smi Henry Axtell 
exor; Tlios. Axtell & Tlios. Hart my son in law of Bovingdon 
overseers. Wif ; —Tlios. Wih'ockf. Eicliard AxtoR, Tli,w. 
Hay. {Pr. 21 May 1584). 

f. 54. THOMAS MTXE of Di«gswell. ,/?«/. 31 Jan. {_!iiUir 'nnittnl ],. 
Wife Margaret; Son Clement (under 21): Dans. Eliz & 
Margaret. Wif : — Goodman Jeames Feild A: Joint Celye ; 
wrytten by me Jidin Matrevers tlu^ psoue of Digswell. (7'/-. 17 
Julie 1584). 

f. 54 b. WILLIAM r.EIGES of Harpedeu, clarke. {iJaf. 24 Mcli. 20 
Eliz.). Sons Wm. & Thos.; Dau. Agnis Briges ; Dau. Alice 
Graulye her child ; scm in law Tuke his iiij cliildien ; ]\[argari't 
('"ran(> extrix ; Thos. North of Hearnes & Marke Stubins o\i>r- 
seers. Wit': — John Style, Jolm Stubliyus. ;Marke Stublnus. 
\\\n. S(piier. (7*/-. 29 Ain-. 1584). 

f. 55. KATHEIJYN lYOEYE of OHleye. Jh,t. \:\ K..l>.;. 
Thos. l)ei-em' my sou; Son Wm. Ivorye ; Katli. Toliye ; Jojine 
Se]>rucke ; Eobt. Gawdell ; Frauucis 1 )eremer, Tims. I )erenier. 
Edw. Dereuier, ^lary Dereuier I'v: .\unis I )eremer iliiiil" ol Tlios. 
pereiiier; Alee YouniJ'e ; Joane Youuei- ; Eliz. Younec ; Tiios, 

313 TIIK irKUT« riEXK.VLO(il.ST. 

Younge son of Thos. Youiige ; Eieli. Ivovve ; Kobt. Ivorye my 
husband (dec'i) ; Dans. Aunis & Eliz. ; Dau. Joane Younge ; 
Son W™ Ivorye cxor. Wit^ : — Thonia. Devonior, Thos. Young(>, 
Wm. Ivorye. (/V. 17 June 1584). 
f. 55. JOANE SERMAN of Barckh'msted Peter, widow. {Dat. 22 
June 1584). Godson Toby AVest ; John Aweedon ; Lawrence 
Dycons ; Ilenry 8eare & his nnc^e .Jolm West ; Jerome West ; 
Hemy West ; Awdrie Xutkine ; Raphe Nutkine of Hempsteed ; 
Son-in-law John West ; J)au. Mary Dicons; Dau. Also West : 
Anne Harbarson of Dunstable; Dau. Joane I'enfote ; Motlier 
Broune ; Widow Rye ; Goddau. Marie Wlielidye ; Mary Aston ; 
Mary Stauboroughe ; Goddau. at Dunstal)le ; Son-in-law 
Richard Panfote exor ; Son-in-law John West overseer. 
Wit'' :— Nicholas C'leitonns, Wm. AVedon, John Whelplye. (iV. 
16 July 1584). 

f 55 b. HENRY BAGWELL parson of the Rectories or parsonages of 
Kings Hatfeild alian Bushoppes Ilatfeild & of Hartingfordl)urye 
alias Hartfordingburye. {l>af. G June 1584). Servants Geo. 
Gurlve & Jeames ^litchell of Ilatfeild exors. ; Fouke Onsloe 
gent"^ of Hatfeild overseer. Wit"* : — Robt. Bristf)W gent, 
Edmound Smvth, Thos. Haukf & Peeter Joanes. [Pr. 2 July 

f . 5G. JOHN PENRED iunholder, in the Towne of Hertf. ( Dat. 24 
Oct. 1583). Dau. Gartred (under 18); Son John; House in 
AVestreite ; Teuement in psh. of St. Aiulrew in Hertf. that 
Hardiuge dwelleth in; Eliz. Bucke ; Marye Garsey ; J.rhn 
Gerse\- mx wifes son ; Ralph Gersey ; Wife AEar}- ; House that 
Thos. Springham now dwelleth in ; Goodwife Davue ; Legacies 
to poor of Beugeo, St. Andrews & All Saints in Hertf. ; ^^'ife 
extrix ; John North of Jenuingesburye overseer ; Alary North ; 
AI' Aloniford to make a sermon. AVit^ : — Roger Byrchley ' hye 
baylye,' Edward Cason, Alich. Jerlane. Robt. Noades, Rich. 
Ileaiy. {Pr. 24 Sep. 1584 at Baldotk). 

f. 56 b. ANTHONY REYNOLD of Baldook, yeoman. {Jhit. 1 Juuf 
1584). Legacy to poor of Norton ; Son Anthony (under age) ; 
Ricliard Neuell alias Glaiifeild, Henry Spurliiige of Baldock. 
Frauucis Pomford, Nich. Renould & Jolm Lawrence of Norton : 
Wife Agnes; AA'm. Pomford of Ivildock ; James Lawman of 
Sutton & his cliild" ; Jeames Lawman liis brotlu^rs child" & ij 
sisters of the s'' Jeames & their child" ; Two Banisters of 
London & tlieir sister, my sisters child"; AVm. Reanold of 
Norton ; John Graye & Rolit. ({raye alias Butler. AVif* : — 
Wm. Cliatburn(^ the wrighter hereof, Erauneis Pomf<n'd & 
Henrvc Spurlvnge. Surrender of copyliolds to John Pollard i^' 
Cliristr. Crofte to the use of his .son, in the presence of Ricluml 
Knight gent, & the above witnesses. (/*/•. 2 July 1584 at 

f. 57 b. AIATHIJE lURKER tlie (4der of Ald.Mdiam, yeoman. (^Bat. 
1 Doc. 15i)0l. Son IJicli. cxor; Wife Izaboll : Dau. Alaryc 
Marker; Alary Bult.'rfcild dau. to Jolm «.f PuUockf (<>. T>edi'. : 
John Buttcrfcild & Joane liis now wife; Ricliard Araniiing vS: 
AJathcwe r.arkor overseers. Wit^ :— Wm. Butterticld, Erancf 
Bernard. Wm. Stanes. Pr. 10 Dec. l.VJO^ 


f. 58. JOHN IVORYE of Walden Eegis, yeoniau. {Bat. 16 Mcli. 
1585). Wife Agnes; The childn of my daus. Agnes, Jono & 
Margt ; Xpofer Wellingliani my son"; Sou Thomas (dec"!) ; 
House & land at Browneings end in occ. of Jolm Coup ; Jolm 
Sibley ; Margt. Sibley my dau. ; Master iJristow ; Eldest dau. 
Jone Prudden ; Dorothy Jeve my sisters dau. ; Tlios. & Marv 
Wellingliani & Alice Prudden "my daugliters child" ; Wife 
extrix. ^ Bro. Thos. Crawley & "Edw. Prudden overseers. 
Wit' : — Thomas Crawley, Thos. Weleho senior, Tlios. Eiehard- 
sonne clarke, soriptor. [Pr. 14 July 1580). 
f. 59. AVILLIAM SIIEPPERD ..f OfHey, yeoman. (Jhd. 14 Feb. 
1584). Son Eichard ; Child my wife" now g(jeth with; Jhon 
Eidies & Jolin Headye ; Thos. Woodley & Thos. Tiler; ])aus. 
Eliz. & Annis (under 18); AVifo Eliz. extrix; Bro. Bur! 
Wit^ :— TIios. AVoodlcy, Thos. Tyler, Edw. Foster, Jolm Eiclies. 
Surrender of copyholds to Thos. Woodley & Thos. Tiler to use 
of Pobt. Burre my bro-in-law for term of 13 years for payment 
of legacies &c. Wit^ :— same as before & Tlios. Dermer 'Pubt 
Tyler & Pobt. Burre. {Pr. 17 :\rch. 1588). 
f. 59. THOIMAS MAYNxVRDE of Wimonlie pva, yeoman. {Dat. ;il 
Aug. 1594). Bro-in-law John Stammer;" Messuage called 
Mayes; Robert Addames ; Bro-in-law Jolm ]\[aynard ; Grace k*;: 
Eliz. StaiTier daus. of Jolm Stamer ; Sist. Eliz. Stamer; Ao-nes 
Nashe dau. of AVm. Nashe ; Sist. Grace Nashe ; Si.«t. Allis 
Maynarde ; John & Tlios. sons of Jolm :\[avnarde ; Bro-in-law 
Wm. Nashe; Sisters Eliz. Grace & Alli"s ; Grace dau. of 
Edmund Maynarde ; .Jolm Ward; Robt. Ward the youno-er ; 
Godson Tlios. Pigion ; Goddau. Jane Ward dau. 'of J^ohii 
AVard ; Jone Ward dau. of Robt. Warde ; Jone Budden wi(lo\\ ; 
Agnis Fillis ; Robt. Wliittield exor. ; il"- Fabyan overseer. 
^Vit'^ :— John Howze clarke, AVm. jSTaslie. {Pr. 9 Oct. 1594). 
f. «0 CLEMENT la'DI) of Datcliworth, clarke. (I)af. 23 ]\[av 40 
Eliz.). AA'ife Ann : Interest in tlie advowsonof the rectory of 
Datchwnrth; Father Thomas Rudd ; Lands in a common held 
called Covndell known as the IVU peec ; Tlie 4 cliildn of mv 
bro. Rich. Rudd /•/; :— Annis. AVm., Eliz. i^- Tlios. ; Tli'c 
child" of John ]{udd & Roltt. Rudd mv brotjiers & .,f Ridi. 
Bockett my bro in law ; P,ro. Wm. Rudd ; Kinswoman Annis 
Bennet ; IMother Eliz. Rudd ; AVife extrix ; Thos. 
Alichell \- Thos. Foster of Datchworth overseeis. ^\'it^;_ 
(b'orge Lewes, Thos. Alichell. (/'/•. 29 May 1598\ 
f. f.Ob. RICILVRD FEYLD of Preston in" of Kings Wald,.,,. 
.veoman. [Pot. 15 July ir.09i. Copvholds of the mannr ,,t 
Temi.le Dinsbery [.5/V] ; Wife Johan ;' Son Thos. Frild (undrr 
■2\)\ Land bought of AA'ni. Connisbve ; Dans. Johan Feil.l \ 
Mary, Enie & Agnes; Wife extrix. Wif : — John ILirmar. 
bich. Chawkeley, Thos. Barker & Synion Browne. Surreii<ler 
of s'l copyholds by tlie hands of Syinon Ib'owne \ Thos. P.ark.T 
two cust<miarv tenants, to the uses of the will I'r \:\ S,.), 
l('>(t9 . -I 

I- •■•I. .VWK l!b'Al)WlXE of Great Gaddesdcn, wi.l..«.* /;„/. \:\ 
•"^'•p. (■) ,las.^. .b)ane Cjiildc dau. of my Son Robt. Hals, \ \ 

II ","'J\'''" ^'''''■' ••""■•^i-lor.'M.- to fi.ssm.s' IVdiirivc of tlio llalMV> 

UUIIll. nt |)Mronim Tl. 1'2'.''. 

315 TirE HKKTS <3E\EAL()( 

Mary Halsey & Amy Halsye daus. of s'^ Eobt. ; ne>stor Ilalsoy 
Dorfithy Ilalscy & Sara Seare dans, of s'' son Eobt. ; Goddau. 
Anue Halsey Avifo to Win. Halsey of Gaddcsden ; Auuc Wells 
dau. of Thos. "Wells my son in law ; Amy AVolls, Joaae AVoUs, 
Mai-y Wells & Jane AVolls ; Son AVilliam his 4 daus. riz : — 
Mary, Sara, Judeth & Eelieeca ; Alice Halsey wife f)f in}- son 
Thos.; My son Thomas his dau.; Son Pliillipp Halsey exor ; 
Son Eo}>t. Halsey & AVm. Lvllin!T:ton overseers. Wit'* : — AVm. 
Lyllingston & Eobt. Halsey.' (/•/•. IG Aug. 1609). 

f. 61. JOHN EWINGTOX ALIAS J)AEY of Harpeden in psh. of 
AVhethampsted, husbandman. {Daf. 8 INIay 1609). AVife 
Joane ; Two tenements in Harjioden, one where I now dwell & 
the other where old Ellis dwelleth ; Son-in-law AVitlm AA'hitt- 
loeke & Grace his wife ; House at Bamvile wood where I now 
dwell; Son-in-law John AVhittloclce & Eliz. his wife my dau. ; 
Son-in-IaAV Geo. C'larho of Saundi'idge & Margt. his wife : 
Thomas Hurst : Every of my grandchild" being the child" of 
mv three daus. ; AVife extrix. AVit^ : — John Starr, George 
Haward & Nich. AVhittlocke. {Pr. 13 Sep. 1009). 

f. 62. THOMAS BYBBESWOETH thelder of S' Ippollytf, yeoman. 
(Dat. 4 Sep. 1609). Eldest son Thomas; Lnnds wliich 
descended to me from my father ; Second son John ; Third son 
Geo. ; Fourth son AVm. ; Fifth s(m Edward ; Sixth son Affahell ; 
Seventli son Humphrey ; Eighth son Eobt. ; youngest son 
Samuel ; HauTia & Eliz. daus. of s<i Thomas the younger ; 
Lands in Gosmer feild late purchased of AVm. Carter ; Christr. 
Alarshall : Land in Tuttiugdall feild late purchased of AVm. 
Gierke: S^ John Brockett ;" M'' Cooke; Eobt. Draper; Edm. 
Claye ; Close called Hamondes ; Agnes wife of son AVm. ; Thos. 
son of my son AVm. ; Alice dau. of son Alfabell ; Bro-in-law 
John AVeich ; Thos. & Geo. sous of mv son Affabell ; S^ Eichard 
Spencer ; AVife Eliz. extri.\. AA^it^ :— John ]\[arsliall, Thos. 
Gaddesden, John Gaddesden, John AA'elch, Edmoiid Alaynerd. 
^Pr. 4 Oct. 1609). 

f. 62 b. EDAIOXD EWINGTON of AVhethampsted, wheelwright. 
[Baf. 5 'May 1609). Daus. Avis Fletcher & Gabriell her son; 
Dau. Mary wife of John Eayment ; Dau. Johau Ewington ; S(m 
Thos.; Son-in-law AVm. Fletcher ; Bro. Nich. Ewingtim; Sist. 
Johau Casson ; Son Thos. t»xor ; Bro. Eich'i Ewington overseer. 
AVit' :— AVm. Feild, A'alentvne Thredder & Jolin Facv. {Pr. 4 
Oct. 1609). 

f. 63. JOHN BIGGE of Larouce Ayott, laborer. {Baf. 22 Jan. 1608;>. 
^lary Bigge iS: Eliz. Bigge daus. of AA''m. Bigge of Larence 
Ayott my kinsman ; George Feihh^ of AValter End ; Eliz. wife 
of s"i AVm. Bigge ; Sist. Gray of Sanderj'dge ; Bro. Edm. Biggi' 
of Sanderydge ; Sist. Bettison of Sanderyege ; AVidow Dormer 
of Ayott S Peter; Kinswoman Patyent Bettison; Eolit. 
liettison ; Thos. Heath of Larence Ayott ; John Fray ; Tlios. 
Ethervege ; Said AVm. ]5i<;;;-e exor. AVif : — Thos. 'P(u-ter & 
Eobt.'Fiilsebye. {Pr. 1 Jan! 1608-9). 

i 6;] b. AVILLI AM FEElv>[.\N of Great Stewkely, co. Hunt, husban.l- 
maii. {Munciipdlin' /)(if. llAiig. 1(!09). Sons Laurence \- AVm. : 
Wife Eliz. \- son Joliii exors. Wit^ : — Apleyard, Dau. 
Marrvot & [blank] A^liton wid. {Pr. b Oct. 1609 at S' Noots\ 



f. 63 b. P.OBE?:I ALPKESSE of Fenny Stanton, co. Hunt, sheaperd. 
'Ijv. ■'.. >.^\u 1609). Sons Wm. & Miles; Youngest <lnu. 
Kv..--. .C-^r-rSse; Henry AUpresse ; John son of 'my said sonne 
Jo;.":, AIl£r--se'; Edw. son of Thos. SibbW: Thos. son of 
YA^. J^£^"yngf ; Wife Alice extrix. \\\\? :— Thos. Tliodye, 
Johii AI: r-Ase, Edw. Jeningf & Miles Arborowe. (Fr. 10 Oct. 
ICO J >r. <j->imanchester). 

f. 64. EKHAP.Li ELLKINS of Worueditche in psh. of KnuboUon, 
CO. Hui.:. La^bandman. {Dai. 14 Feb. 1008). Sons Richard & 
John Pr^kir.-: Robt. Quenbv of Tylbrooke ; Robt. ]Sieols of 
Tiibrv,.V.=: : Son Eras EUkins ' yf "he come nguyne into thr 
<x»ULtr;^': L'aus. Dorothy & Mary Ellkins ; Sons Rich. & John 
exor> cc THos. Peet my landlord overseer; John Gray of 
P^-rf^L; ill • Robt. Newman of Tillbrooke. Wit^ :— Thos. 
CharuberX^-ne, Thos. Peet. {Pr. 6 Oct. 1609 at S' Ives). 

To he Continued. 

i^ill of |iol}u ©Ijotttas dDtlocomms. 

{jP.C.C. Brake \0). 

In the namp of God Amen. I, John Thomas Ililocomius schulem^ of 
the Towne of S' .llbanes in the Countie of Hartff being sicko and 
Aveake in bodip but of perfecte mynde and memorie (praised be god) 
Doe make and ordevue this my Last will and Testamente m manner 
and foi-m.- foUo^inge tliat is to saie, ffirste I comcnde my soule into 
the handK-s of Almightie god, and my Bodye to be buryed w«Mu thr 
Parrishe Churche of S' Alban in suchc comelie and decent plare ot tlio 
same Churche as to my welbelovcd wiefe shalbc thought meete and 
convenient. Item I doe geue vnto the poore people of the saido iownr 
of S' AiboDs Three powndes to be distributed vnto them on the dave o1 
my Burvall accordinge to the discrecon of my saide wiefe and of mv 
Lovinge kinsman M^ Westerman Gierke viccar of San.lridge. Item 1 
doe geue and bequeathe vnto the sai<le U"^ AVilliam Westerman All my 
Bookes and all mv papers in mv Studye, my Bookes of Accompt.\ tli.' 
bookes of mv Ephemerides and my wiefes churche Bookes exceptiMb 
the whicli I geue to my saide wiefe, and excepted also the Bookes ot 
Sebastian Francke, the which I geue to my Lovinge Countrvman John 
de Brooke. And in consideracon of the saide Legaiye and bequest ol 
my saide Bookes and papers by me to the sai.le A^ illiam A\ esternuiu 
geven and bequeathed mv intente and true meaninge is. and I will 
that the saide William Westerman w«'in sixe monthos attor my 
decease shall pave to the Ministers and Elders of the Dutche ( liurih.< 
in Loudon Teune powndes to be by them distributed and geven 
amouncest the poore people of the saide Dutcho Ghurche accordinge to 
the gra\ie and godlye discrecons of tht> saide IMinisters ami fLLix. And 
that also ho the saide William Westerman shall payc and d-liver to 
t he MavC and Buiw-.- ,.f the saide Towm- of Si Albans lor the tymn 


beinge Teuue powudes of lawfuU cuglisli iiiunoy, tho w'^^ I gene to the 
pooro people of the saidc Towiio of S' Alhaues to he ^ly the saido 
Mayo'' and Burgesses accordiug to their best knowledge and discrecon 
forever employed towardes the Cont^'nuall settinge on worke of the 
saide poore people. But forasniuchc as dyvers stockf and somes of 
money heretofore by good and well disposed persons goven and 
bequeathed to tlie saidc vse hauc bene and are by necligi'nt and evell 
employmente of the saide jMayo"" and Burgesses eonsumed and vtterlie 
wasted whereby not onely the saidc poore people are greatelie iniur^ed 
But also the good intente and meanyngc of the givers of the saidf 
money vtterlie frustrated Therefore my nieanynge ys And I will that 
the saide Mayo'' and Burgesses shall enter into Bande of fifteene 
powndes vuto tlie saide William Westerman witli Condicon, that tin' 
saide Tenue powndes sliall from tyme to tyme forever remayue in 
stocke and be employed to the vse before by me in this my Will 
appointed accordinge to my desire mynde and intent therein. Item 1 
will that the saide William '\\%'stennan sliall enter into Bomb' of fortii- 
powndes to my Exeeutrix for the true payment of tlie saide Twentye 
powndes aboue by me seu'allie and respectively geven to the saide 
poore people of the Dutehe Cliurche and of the Towne of S' Albanes 
att the tyme aforesaide before that he .shall haue or take into his 
possession the saide Bookes and pa^iers so to liim by me gyven as 
aforesaide. Item I gene and bi-rjueatlu^ tu the saide AVilliam Westei'man 
all suche debts and somes of money whatsoe\-er w''^ are due vnto me 
from one Edwarde Bowes gentleman, and all specyalties to me made 
eoncernynge the saide debtc And in regarde of the saide Legacies by 
me to the saide William in this in\' p'nte Last will and Testamentf' 
geuen and bequeathed, and of d^-uers other Benehttf by hym of me 
heretofore had and receaved, I doe earuestlie entreate and desyre the 
saide William AVesterman accordinge to his dutic and my greate trust 
and confidence in hym reposed to be att all tymes aydiuge and 
eomfortiuge to my saide wiefe in all matters and occa.sions whatsoever 
to the best and vttermoste of his power and good will. Iteni I geue 
and bequeathe to inv servaiiute Edwarde Tlitehcocke 'riiree powndes of 
lawfull english money. Item I geue and bequeathe vnto Margarctt 
my Wiefe whome I doe make and constitute Executrix of this my Last 
will and Testamente all and singuler tlie rest of my goodes and 
Chattelles household stuffe money Jewells and plate debts and 
specyalties whatsoeu' not before by me in tliis my p'nte Last will and 
Testamente geven and beqtieatlied. And I doe desire my verj- lovinge 
and assured good freindes M'' Thomas Wocdlcy one of the princypall 
Burgesses of tin' saide Towne of S' Albons, M'' I\t>ger AVilliams I'arson 
of the saide Towne of S' Albans, and the saide AVilliam Westermau to 
be Overseers of this my Last will and Testamente, and to see the same 
executed and performed accordinge to my true intente and nieanynge 
aboue specyfycd. In wit* etc. Dated 18 Nov. 38 Eliz. i>/f/iii( dicfi 
Johannis Thome JlilocoiniJ Tenfufun't a)itedicti. AVit' ; — Roger AA'illiams 
Parsone of the Parrishe of S' Albans, Tho. Ilayward, Jan A'andon 
Broak and of nie Richarde Easte. ConfrmatinH of will 4 Dec. 38 Eliz. 
Proved 18 Feb. 150.). On the 10th. March 1590 admiuistratiouf/^ Jo«('i 
non was granted to James Browne son of Margaret Thomas Ililociuniuu 
late relict of s'' John Thomas Hilocomius. 


^batvrtcttt of pit Us. 


EE(iISTEE " RAYMOND "—Cu.NTiNUEi. irom Pa(;k 216. 

f. 32.5 ].. ALICE HALYWELL uf Cliestliunt, widow. (Bat. 7 Apr. 
1581). To Cath. & Mary Halywell, daus. of .Ljiin Halywell 
ye younger late of Cliestliimt flec'^ a legacy which -was bequeathed 
to s'i John b}' the last will of .Johii Thomas mv father (k grand- 
father to s'l John Halywell); Eliz^h late wife of s* John & 
mother of s'l Kath. & Mary ; "Wni. Lowen (sou of tSimou Lowen 
late of Chesthuut dec"'; grandson of s"* Jolm Thomas : Son Eobt. 
Halywell & John his child ; Uau. Alice ; l)au. ^[ary ; "Widow 
Lambe ; Dau. -in-law Eliz. Halywell ; Dau. Eebecca extrix ; 
Simon "Williams vicar of Cliesthunt overseer. "Wit^ : — Svmon 
Williams, Edw. Gowldyn. {Pr. at Ware 29 Mch. 1582). 

f . 329 b. JOHN EOBERDS of Amwell, husbandman. {Bat. 1 7 Apr. 
1582). Bur. in churchy'' of Amwell ; Mother Joan Hcmmyng ; 
Bro. Thos. Eoberds ; A legacy ber^ueathod to s'' Tlios. by the 
will of Eich<i Eoberds his father ; Son Thos. ; Servants Henry 
Aylward & Awdry Alway ; Wife Anne extrix. Son-in-law John 
Thomas overseer. Wit^ : — John Thomas, Thos. Eallius X , 
Eobt. Thomas. {Pr. at Stausted Abbot 26 May 1582). 

f. 331b. THOMAS CHYKKEN. {Bat. 13 Oct. 1582). Bro. Eich. 
Chikken & his two child" Wni. & Eich. : Wm. Chykken my 
bro. AVilliams son & his bros. & sisters ; Sister Joane ; Jhonue 
Chapman ; ' All my wyues childrens children ' ; Annes Sarring 
my maide ; Eichard Kiuge ; Thechcr of Amwell ; Father 
Hampton ; Wife Margt. extrix. Thomas Chijkkyns. Wit-' : — 
Xpofer AYard & Eobt. Borliam. {Pr. at Stansted Abbot 29 
Oct. 1582). 

f. 334 b. THOMAS BUETON of Huusdon, husbandman. {Bat. 17 
Dec. 1582). Bur. at Hunsdon ; Wife Joane extrix ; Lauds in 
Hunsdou comou meade toward Estwickc ; Son John ; Eldest 
dau. Joan Burton ; Dau. Margt. Burton ; Bro. Eicli. Burton of 
Stapleforth Tawny, co. Essex, overseer. Wit" : — Wm. Preston 
parson of Hunsdon, Thos. Craudiorne, John Eedyngton, Jolm 
Elliot \<^ vounger, John Banbricke. {Pr. at Stansted Abbot 29 
Oct. 1582). 

f. 339. JOHN STILES of Buntingford, yeoman. {Dat. M June 1582). 
Bur. in churchy'' of Lcyston ; Wife Alice ; My sisters sou Eich. 
Newman of Slu-^lford, co. Camb. ; Sist. Alice ; Saffron ground 
in Shelford ; Margery & Margt. daus. of s-i sister Alice ; Frances 
Stacyo my wife's dau. ; Wife extrix. Wit' : — Lewes Eeynolds 
minister, Tlios. AVatts, John G^vlman, Geo. Cluirchix. (Pr. 17 
July 1582). 

I. 312 I.. .lUllN (.iU.Vl'K ul Stamhiii. liegistered I.efore. t. 321 b. 



f. 344. JOHN OHAlEll of Cliostluiiit, singleman. Rcmstered before 
f. 320. 

f. 347. WILLIAM FO.STEK oi Ware, channler. Eegd before, f. 322 li. 
f. 347. AVILLLUr LlilGGrES of Lai^iton, geut. Eog*' before, f. 3 1 9. 
[End of JIertfor(hhire Tfilh in Regkier '■'■ Raymond. '"'\ 
EEGISTEE ' ' 13 AllKEE . ' ' 
f. 2. MATHEWE KYiVOE of Baily. (7>«/:. 4 Dec. 1582). Bur^ in 
churchyi of ]3arly ' amouge inyno Awncestors ' ; Wife Kath. ; 
Coiiyhold tenement in Barly ealled I'ryors ; Mathewo Kyugc 
my systers soune ; House in Barly called Eysiiers ; Sister Johan 
Heydaye ; Coiiyhold tenement called Hickteyke ; Land in 
Nuttamsted ; Kich'i Kynge uiy sisters S(m ; House called 
Stevens ; Allyce Ymweld my mother ; House & tenement called 
Barlyes Landes belonging to the manor of Newsells in liarke- 
waye ; Copyholds of the manors of Eookye & Water Andrewes 
in Barkwaye ; Coityholds of manor of Cockenhache in Bark- 
way; Copyhold tenement of manor of Grenebury in Barlye : 
Eichd Kinge & his motlirr Johane Forham ; Freeholds in psh. 
of Great Chissell & little Chissell, co. Essex, Nothamsted, close 
called DoAvesemers, messuage called Fj-jips ; To the poor of 
Barlye annual rent of 10s.* out of my freeliold lauds called 
Porters Peece ; Marcye Ingley my sist-in-law ; Grace Kynge 
one of my 2 sisters dans. ; Margaret Ivynge my sisters dau. ; 
Anne Fordh am my sisters dau; Eebecka Heydave dan. of mv 
sist. Heydaye ; Wife extrix. Wit' :— Edw. Ingley, Hen. 
Hawke, Wm. Kefford & others, 
f. 9 JOHN EAMSAY of Stortford, malteman. {Lat. 8 Oct. 1561). 
Bur. at Stortford ; Wife Alese : Son Mathew ; House held of 
M"" Parsons of the same town ; Daus. Joue & Margt ; Frauncis 
my boye ; Said wife & son exors ; John Maryon overseer. 
"\Mt*= : — John Marion, John Cramphorne, Eichard Calydav 
' scriptorem huius Testanienti '. 
f. 15. EOBAETE EDMUNDE (.f Hormede. (I)at. 15 Mch. 1558;. 
Bur. at Hormead ; Wife Jone extrix ; Sons TJiomas, John, 
Harrye & Edward ; Daus. Annys, Eliz., Margery & Kath. 
AYit'' : — Harry Edmund, Thos. Broude. 
f. 27 b. WILLIA:M FEYEE of Puckeridge. {iJat. 2 May 1590j. 
Wife Helyne ; Bro. Eychard Fryer in Lankeshire, James his 
sou; Sist. Margt. Hattou & her sou, John Hatton ; Eliz. 
Knagge of Xnysingo once my servant : AYife extrix. Wits : — 
Henry Heron, Lewes AsmalL (Pr. at Stansted Abbot, 30 Seii. 
1590). * 

f. 31. HENDEY SMYTH ui Braugliiuge. {Dat. 3 July 1590). 
Wife Jhoue ; Suns Hendry, Jeaspere, John, Hewe & Mvhell 
(all under 21); Wife extrix. Wit^ :— John Alhuan, ^Ym. 
Bownest, Henry Beell, Eich. Eowe, John Headlam vicar of 
Broughinge. (/'/•. at Stansted Abbot 1 Sep. 1590). 

f.31 b. EOWLAND HEAEYNGE clerk, parson of the i)arish (liurch 
& Eectory of Tlirockyiige. {J)at. 22 i\lnv 1587). Wife Eliza- 
beth extrix. Wit-: -Thus. Northop tlie elder, Wm. Hetes, 
John Plare, \Ym. Clore. J*r. at Stansted 22 May 1500). 

* Moiitioued br Mr. Cussaus in his aorouut .if tli.' CIiariticH of Barlry. I>ni 
without, anv intiiintioii :i« to in orisiin. 


f . 32 b. JOHN SIMPSON of Puccaridg within the parish of Braughin, 
yeoman. {Bat. 9 Apr. 1590). Wife Eli>;. ; The late husband 
of my s* wife ; M"- Cokes parson of Throckin ; M'' Jolm 
Headlam vicar of Braughin ; Clemonc ' my haiso douglitcr ' to 
be brought up ' as his owne ' by my bro. Simpson ; ]}ro. Wm. 
Simpson exor ; House wherein I dwell called the Crowne ; 
Henry Casell. List of debts names Goodman Manning, Eaphe 
Day, Wm. Scattergood servant of M'' Thos. Godly, John Almau, 
Thos. Clarke of Braugliiuge, M^ Kimpton, Thos. Hoye of 
Stondon. John Simpfion. AVit' : - John Hedlanx vicar of 
Braughing, Thos. iSIanyng, Wm. Simpson. {Pr. at Stansted 
Abbot 22 May 1590). 

f. 33 b. JOHN BAENES the elder of Chesthunt {moic. mil dat. 2 Aug. 
1590). John Barnes the younger of Chesthunt. Wit^ : — 
Chrisf Clarke, Edw. Kinge & John Griffen. (Adiii. 20 Aug. 

f. 3-i. MARRIAN HAET of Stockinge rdham widow. {Dat. 24 
Aug. 1590). The four daus. of my son John ; Son John Hart ; 
Dau. Johan Baucock ; Dau. Betrys ; Henry Hayward of 
Stockinge Pelham ; Henry Strong & Jeames Growt of' Stocking 
Pelham exors. Wit^ : — Anthony Baucock & Henry Havward. 
{Pr. at Stortford 11 Feb. 1590). 

f. 37. THOMAS THELE of Brawghin, yeoman. {Dat. 13 Nov. 
1590). Thomas sou of my bro. John Thole; Bro. Botterell ; 
My brothers in law ; My three sisters their child" viz. sister 
Botterell, sist. Langdall & sist. Brampfelld ; Jone wife of John 
Lucas ; Bro. John Thele exor. List of debts names Wm. 
Snowe of Aspeden, Dlle [_sic'] Cramphorne, ^Matliewe Parraut, 
Wm. Bownest of Stone bury, Geo. Hyde Master Baeshes man, 
Jeames Boulten gentleman, M'' Tomljme parson of Aspeden, 
M'' Cox parson of Throcking. AVit^ : — John Headlame viear of 
Broughin, John Langdell, Henry Botterell. {Fr. at Stortford 
19 Dec. 1590). 

f. 37 b. JAMES UMAVELL of Layston. (Dat. 5 Sep. 1590). John 
ChroAvcli ; Also A''mwell, Eliz. A'mwell ; Apprentice Wm. 
Eterige ; My two brothers dwelhng at ]^)arkewaye & three 
sisters ; Prudence Nunvni ; AA'ife Jone extrix. Jann.i Tmvcll. 
AVit^ : — Eicli. Awusham vicar of Lavston, AVm. Edridge, Joliu 
Chruch. {Pr. at Stansted Abbot 2C'0ct. 1590). 

f. 38. EOBEET CEOUCHE of Thunderige, yeoman. {Dat. 2 Apr. 
1589). Dau. Eliz. now wife of Eobt. i)anlton & lier child"; 
Son Eobt. ; Dau. Joan now wife of AVm. Bridgman & her 
child" ; Dau. Margt. now wife of Geo. Crowche ; AMl'e Eliz. 
extrix ; Thos. Crouch my sonne Eobert his child. AVit--^ ; — 
John Semer, Als Huldcn, AA^m. Parker. {Pr. at Stansted 
Abbot 2G Oct. 1590). 

f. 42 b. AGNES COOKE of Chesthunt, widow. {Dat. 2 May 1590). 
Youngest son Hendry Cooke ; Dau. Jlargt. Cooke ; Wm. Cuoke 
my 2"'i son ; Son Eobt. (dec'i) ; Sarali Cooke dau of Thos. Cooke 
my eldest son ; Eobt. Hasellwood ; Eliz. Snoden ; tioodwife 
Poster; Margerye Jeningf ; Good wife North; John Cottiges : 
Eldest son Thos. exor; Son AVm. overseer. AVif : — Thos. 
Betigonno scr., Henry t\innoii, Jolm Lamploy. ^^Pr. at 
Sabridgeworth IG Dec. 1590). 



f. 44. EAPIT MODYE of Braugliin, miller. {Bat. 13 Nov. 1590). 
Bro-in-law Win. Simpson ; Bro-in-law Thos. Simpson to hv'uv^ 
up my two child" whicli I had of his sisters body ; Wife 
Dorotliy extrix. Wit^ :— John Ileadlam vicar of Braugliin 
Thos. C'laike, AVni. Meado, John Silve.stcr. [Pr. at Sabridge- 
worth II Mch. 1590-1). 

f. 45. JOHN niTCIIM.\N thelder of AVydford. (Daf. 1 Dec. 28 
Eliz.). House called Fewterers ; Wife Margt. ; John Ilitchman 
my younger son ; Robt. Ilitchman my elder son ; The 3 child" of 
son Eobt. ; Wifo extrix. AVit« :— Jcdin Ilillf , John Addaines. 
{Pr. at Stortford 14 Jan. 1590-91). 

f. 50. PJCIIAED TAEKEE of Barlye, blacksniyth. (Jkd. 13 July 
32 Eliz.) Wife Margt. ; House wherein I dwell called 
Prestons ; Son Eicli'' ; Pastures called Holj-ewells, Preists 
Pikle, & Gregf ; Eldest son Henry : Baud in Great AVatrdenn ; 
(Other lands speeititMri ; Eichard I'arker son of my son Henry ; 
Younger son Eich. Parker: Dan. Alargt ; Dau. Joimc (married "; ; 
Magdelen Dennys (under 21 ) ; Win. I'arker son of s'' son Eichard : 
Eliz. Socklyng; Dau. Agnes Pjotman ; Thos. & Henry brothers of 
Eichard (son of my son Henry) & Ellen their sister ; AA'ife 
Margt. extrix. Sii/n. Richard Parker. AVit" : — Andrew AVillett, 
Thos. Parker, Henrv Hankes. {Pr. at Sabridgworthe 12 Feb. 

f. 53. P.OBKET DALTON of Barwicke in psh. of Standon. {Dat. l«i 
Nov. 1590). Sous Eobt. & Joseph ; Tenement at Heaven end ; 
Son Tlioby (under 21) ; Dans. Sana, Mary. ]\[artha & Bridget 
Dalton (under 21); Son John & AVife Eliz. exors. AVif* -^ — 
Geo. Crouche, Jeames Jurden & Thos. Gamble. {Pr. at 
Sabridgwortli 13 Jan. 1598-9). 

f. 56 b. AYILLIAM KYNGE of Okie Hall grene in psli nf Standon. 
{Pat. 13 Feb. 159 [v/c] ). Joane linrfoote my mother: AVife 
Eliz.; Sons AYm., George & John Xyng ; Dans Marv, Alice & 
Eliz. Kynge ; House in occupation of EoIpt. Archer: Jane 
Skelton : AVife extrix : Friends AVm. Parnell, ( 'lias. AVrottinge, 
Thos. AA'eedinge >.<: John Godfrey jun'' overseers. AVit= : — the 
four overseers. 'Pr. at Sabridgew(U'th 11 Alch. 1590-1). 

f. 57 b. EDAA'AED BYG(tE of Syinonsyde in psli of Bishops Hatfield, 
yeoman. {Paf. Ki Jan. 27 Eliz.). ]^,ur. at Hatfield: Daus. 
Alice, Anne, Maryi' & Eliz. ; Tlios. Cliadysleye : AVife Alice 
e.xtrix ; Bro. Phyllype ]\vgge (.*t Joliu Duke overseers. AVit" : — 
Thos. Eawsone. [Pr. at Staiisted Abl)()t 14 Apr. 1590). 

f. 58 b. AYILLIAM THOEOAV(iOOD of riiesthunt, yeoman. {Dat Ki 
Jan. 1589). Dau. Mary : House & land in Aldeburrye in psh. 
of Cliestliuiit ; Son Jolin : Si>rvants ]\Iarve Oocdce & Tlios. Grat ; 
Child" of my wifes dau. Jolian C'ranfyhi : AVife Katli. : House 
at Turners hill in psli of ( 'liesthiint : Wife extrix : Henry Fadf 
& Thos. Claxton my neighbours overseers. AVit* : — tlie over- 
seers it Svmon AVilliams vicar of Diesthinit. iPr. at Stansted 
14 May 1590^. 

[_£)ifl of ITertJordshire Ji'iils t'li Peyi.ttcr •' Jiarkir." 




©ottx't |ioU0 Cff tijc |,tlrtttox* of yicott© 
otlycvxvxerc ^i^i^oio in ^ioi)cn^ii g^tortfo^*^, 

(CoxTixuEn FKOii Page 272). 





iij.v. \yl. 


ijv. ixf/. 

Court held there on the Monday next before tlie 
feast of S' Peter which is called Advincida in tiie 
fourteenth year of the reign of King Henry YI. 


William Tannere is distrained more often for xvrf. of 
rent in arrear arising from certain lands which were 
formerly Elias Blethewen's viz : — from the little croft 
lying' next Hohyrhille viz: — parcel of the same fee. 
And because the entire fee thereof is not imknown the 
same AVilliam for one croft agrees tliat he will pay xd. 
of rent for ever. And he did fealty. 

As yet Alice who was the wife of "William Pose, 
widow, agrees that she will pay vd. for a solar, a gate & 
one gateway under the same form as the aforesaid AVm. 
Pose her husband agreed, for which iij.<. vjd. were lately 
claimed therefor. \Vherefore she is cliarged excessively 
as it is said. And slie did fealtj\ 

Taken by virtue of office by the oatlis of twelve iurors 
from the tenants, who present tliat Steplien Fabyan 
(v]V), I{()bt. Smyth (vjr/), John Colyn {vjd}, tlie vicar of 
Storteford (.xijff) & tlie Tenant of the land of ]\[anshepes 
(xij</.) make default in suit of Court. Therefore in mercy. 

And they present tliat Picli. Pegeon {njd.^, John Gate 
(iijf/.) andliis servant, the servant of John ]5ussh (iij'i'.) 
& the servant of John Pelh'm of Nurthstret {^ujd.) have 
cut down tlie wood at Pekotf for latices without licence. 
Therefore in mercy. 

John Everard {iijd.) for trespass in Westfeld with xvj 
sheep, Matilda Everard (vjr/.) there with xx sheep on 
fov ~ " ' ...... • ^ 


(iijrf.) witli uj 

the lord's meadow with vj beasts, on twelve occasions. 

Therefore he puts himself in the lord's grace. 

. ™ ( Pichard Pegeon | who are 

Aneerers - - - - . " - > 

sheep, Matilda l-.verard (vjrf.j tuere wirn xx sueep on 
four occasions, Poger Pidter (vjd.) there with viij slieep, 
Thos. Stronge {njd.) there with vj sheep, Nich. Tannere 
(iijrf.) with iii beasts, .John Paldewen (xijVi'.) of Tliorle in 

\ John Stonhard j sworn 


Court of John Leventhorp es(j, Pobert Canfeld, 
Palph Grey & tlieir fellows, f(^otVees, held there on 
the Friday in th(> morrow of Corpus Christi in the 
.'J7*'' year of King Henry YI. MJ8. 

As liefore tbo date iu fi^'ures is added hj a later hand. It should be H38, 


Land held of S' Bartholomew, land held lately l)y 
Thomas Thressher vicar of the church of Stortford, Win. 
Default of Cursu, Thop. Saunsom, Thos. Chirchosoy miller, Julm 
suit of court Folkyngliam, Alice Stonard, John Ilogon, John EanitnTi 
& John Ponde make default of suit of court. And 
further the bailiff is ordered to distrain them against tlio 
next Court to do fealty to the lords abovesaid. 

To this Court came John Palmer & did fealty to tlic 
lord for one messuage lying [i/(7«/j] which he holds of 
Fealty the aforesaid lords by the rent of vyJ. by the year & 

[which] came to him by right of inheritance after tlie 
Eelief vjd. death of John Palmer his father who died seised tliereof. 
And further he pledged to the lord for Eelief as much. as 
he owed for rent. 

To that same Court came John Newman, Barker & did 

Fealt}'. fealty for a messuage with a garden at Horshamdich, 

late Thomas Beu'le's, cowjier at the rent of xijrf. by the 

year & whicli he lately had by the gift &' feoffment of 

Roger Shipman. 

Wm. Drey, Thos. Bowyer, Wm. Kyng, Thos. Palmer, 
Fealty John Mj'nott, John Newman, Tanner & Jolin AVanell did 

fealty to the lords aforesaid. 
It is ordered It is ordered to distrain Henry Snowe for rent of ixd. 
for one messuage etc. 

Affeerers, tlie whole Homage. 

PECOTTES. Court of Henry Barle esquire & others, lords of ! 

this Manor, there held on Tuesday next before the j 

feast of S' Luke the Evangelist ' anno ab inchoacione ■ 

regni liegis Henrici sexti post conquestum xlix° & ' 

readepcionis sue regie potestatis Anno prime. 14122 '.'* 
Essoin Joan who was the wife of Tliomas Bowyer for common 

suit by John Grace. 

Yet as heretofore it is ordered to distrain Henry 
Snowe to pay to tlie lords, by tlie year ixrl. for ono 
It is ordered messuage & one piece of land formerly Thomas ^lil ward's 
& aftersvards "\Vni. Bclhom's & afterwards Ilykeman 
Draper's lying in Kyngesbreggef<dd. And for \\(?. rent 
b.y the year for one tenement in Okelesford near Helion 
Blithewyn formerly said AVm. Belhom's, by tlie aforesaid 
Henry now unjustly withheld iS-'c. 

To this Court came Eobert Turner and acknowledged 
Eic. Feast that he holds of tlie lords, ono messuage, formerly Thos. 
Palmer's, situate in tlie Xortlistrcte between the tenement 
of Thos. Palmer on tlie north part iic the messuage of 
Fealty Eich. Marki's on the south part, one head thereof 

abutting on tlie kings highway towards the east, the 
other head thereof abutting on Barborlane towards the 
west, by the service of rent to tlu^ lords yjd. by the year. 
And he did fealty to the lords. 

To this C(Uirt came Thcnuas Pernell \- aeknowleilged 
Tlio. Crabbe that he holds of the lords, in right of Alice his wife, late 

* Oiu'O more tlio tisjuros roproseiitinjr tlio yonv liavc liocii ndilod l>y ji hitor liaiul. 
who lilts blmulciod sorioiitily this tinu\ 1-170 is the roircct date 


wife of John Clerk, one piece of land formerly Thos. 
Goldston's, lying in a certain field called Appcltonfeld hy 

Fealty the service of rent to the lords ijd by tlie year, at the 

usual terms of this Manor. And he did fealty to the 

To this Court came John, son of Richard Marion & 
acknowledged that ho holds of the lords a Gai'den with ii 
certain Grange & a certain meadow lying at Hokerell- 
bregge called A^nkelisliawc & a certain Croft called 

Fealty Partrichcroff t late the aforesaid Kichard his father's, who 

died seised thereof, by service of rent to the lords, i]s. by 

Marrien the year. And he did fealty to the lords. And because 

now Savell the Court is not rightly informed wliether the said 

now Godfries'^' Richard died seised thereof or not, a day is given to the 
Inquisition to give the full truth thereof at the next 

Day Court &c. 

By virtue of the Steward's office the inquisition is 
taken by the fealty of John Tanner, Thos. Palmcre, Jolm 
Newman, John Palmere, Wm. King, John Bareitton, 
John Marion, Jolm Warner, who say upon their fealty 
that The Prior of S' Bartholomew's Hospital, Loudon, 
{x\d.), The vicar of Storteford (xijf/.), Rich. Markes 
(iiij<^.) for land formerly Jolm Cook's, Wm. Blank (iiijVO) 
the tenant of the land late Andrew Fuller's on Horsen- 
dycli (iiijrf.), the tenant of the land late Thos. Peion's, 
now Anne Folkyngliam's fur her tenement in Southstrete 

Mercies (iiij'''-)) Johu Hogon (iiij'A) for one acre of laud in 

vj«. viijf?. Shepho, John Chapman Ciiij^^.) ['modo Georg Cheney ' 
interlined bij later Itand] for one piece of laud in Beuhook, 
Thomas Rotors (,iii]V/.), Thos. Samsom (not warned) for 
one messuage in Southstrete late John Trotte's & John 
JardeuyU Jun. (not warned) for laud formerly John 
Wanell, owe suit to this Court & now made default. 
Therefore they are in mercy &c. 

Item, they say that Thomas Pernell should pay to the 
lords by the year xijd for one piece of land iu Appelton- 
feld, for many years by him imjustly withdrawn. .\nd 
that John Hogon sliould pay to the lords by the year yd. 
for land late Wm. Waleys.' And that the Prior of tlie 

It is ordei-ed Hospital of S' Bartholomew London should pay to the 
lords by the year vjf?. for certain [lauds] by him unjustly 
withdrawn. And that Rich. Markcs should pay to the 
lords by the year xx]d. for certain parcels of laud which 
he holds of that Manor, by him unjustly witlulrawn. 
Therefore let them be distrained &c. 

Item, they say that John Folkyngham has unjustly 

It is ordered encroached on tlie laud of this manor by tlie spaci^ oi live 
feet, with a certain hedge by him placed at Stouohill. 
Therefore he is ordered to remove it before tlie next 

Item, they say that when the Bailiff of this Manor oti 
Friday in the feast of S' Micliael the Archangel iu tlie 
Sth ypar of the reign of Edward late King of Englaml, at 
Storteford within "the fee of the lords, for a certain rent 

• These marg-inal notes arc added by later hand.-*. 



of iij». y]d. Ly the year fox- many years being in an 

Mercy xx.s. unpaid, took a certain liorse Ijy way of distress & \visl 

to detain it according to the hiw & custom of tlie re; 

of England, "WiUiam AValoys of Storteford aforesaid 

force & arms rescued the aforesaid liorse from 

possession of the said Bailiff. Therefore he is in mercy 

. ~. I Thonms Palme 

Anecrers ' t i at 

( John JNewman 





Court* held there on Monday next after the close 
of Easter in the 17*i» year of the reign of King 
Edward the 4'^ after the coucj^uest. [1478] 


Inquisition taken hy virtue of the Steward's office liy 
the oaths of Thos. Palmer, AVm. Newman sen'', "Walt. 
Newman, Eoht. Turuour, John Clerk, Thos. .Sampson, 
Eeginald Jegon, John Taillo"", John Jardevile juu'' wlio 
say upon their fealty that TIk.' Pri(;r of the Il(jspital of 
S'Bai-tholomew, London (iiij'O? '-T^'*' "\'icar of the church 
of Stortford, Eichard Markes for land late John Coke's, 
the tenant of laud lale Wm. Blank's (iiijf^.), the tenant 
of land late Thof . Peieon's lunv J(jlm AVorlichf for his 
tenement in Southstrete, J(jlin Hogon (iiijrf.) for one acre 
of land in Shepeho, the tenant of one jnece of land in 
Benhook, late John Chapman's, the tenant of the laud late 
Thos. Eotor's, John Jlarion (iijo'.), the tenants of the 
land of Maushippes, John Newman owe suit of Court & 
make default. Therefore they are in mercy. 

To this Court came AVm. Newman senior & did fealty 
to the lords for one messuage in Southstrete with certain 
lands late Thos. Bowyer's and for one messuage formerly 
"Wm. Kyng's. 

To this Court came "Walter Newman & did fealty to 
the lords for one croft called Oxecroft abutting on 
Brambilfeld late John Baryngton's & he is admitted 
tenant thereof. 

To this Court came John Clerk son of John Clerk of 
AVaterlane & acknowledged that he ht)lds of the lords 
one piece of land lying in AVaterlanc for one piece of 
laud in Apptonfeld formerly Thos. Colston's by the rent 
of xij^. by the year, and another piece of land in the 
same held late the s'' Thos. Cft)lston's & he did fealty. 

Thomas Sampson acknowledged tliat he holds of the 
lords one tenement witli a garden adjoining, formerly 
Andrew Fuller's & afterwards John Trotte's by the rent 
of yd. by the year. And he did lealty therefor. 

Eeginald Gegou acknowledged that he ludds ui the 
lords one messuage formerly Nicholas Colmau's & four 
shops annexed formerly belonging to the same Nicholas 
by the rent of xv.s. & suit of Court which same messuage 

* Another Roll in Mr. Gliisscock's pos.^^es^s'ioii iciiit;ihis nccouuts of this and the 
i\v\t two Courts. The writing- is by ii lutor haiul ami the ililtVrtnocs, mainly in 
spollinp, are not of sufficient importance to justify printinfj: both copies. 

t In the marjjin a later hanJ writes ■ mudu J. AVyllv »j. nnpcr fuit John 


' modo le 
barnes ' 




• Mod. 






' Mudu Thome 
Wilseiuar ' 

' Modo Ric. 

It is ordered 


was formerly Simon Faruham's. And he did fealty. 

John Tailloi- acknowledged that he holds of the lords 
one tenement in Southstreto witli the appurtenances, 
formerly John Piper's & before that Mar^-aret Lavcn- 
ham's,* by the rent of xviiy/. },y the year. And he did 
fealty to the lords. 

John Jardevile junior ackuowledyed tliat he holds of 
the lordsthree acres of land lyinjj on Uontonhill by the 
rent of ijd by the year which" same three acres of laud 
were formerly John Wanell's & he did fealty. f 

It is ordered to distrain the tenant of one piece of land 
in Bcuhook,! late John Chapman's to attend the Court & 
make satisfaction for default in suit of court & to do 
fealty. And that Jolm Hogon should § pay to the lords 
by the year \jd. for lands late Wm. AVak-ys', that the 
Prior of the Hospital of S' Bartholomew London sliould^ 
pay to the lords \yl. by the year for certain lands in the 
Rental contained, that Rich. ^Markes should pay to the 
lords by the year xxjd. for certain parcels of land by him 
unjustly withdrawn, that Christian Drey should pay to 
the lords by the year YJd for one messuage in Shoprowe, 
tliat Henry Snowe should pay to the lords by the year 
ix(^. for one messuage & one piece of laud fornierly Thos. 
Milwards, afterwards Wm. EeUiom's & afterwards 
Hikman Draper's lying in Kyngeshreggefeld & ixd. by 
the year for one tenement in Okelesford near Helio'u 
Blytlvewyu, formerly the s'l "\Vm. Belhoni's. Therefore 
let them be distrained etc. 

Afieerers The whole Homage. 





' George 
Hawkyues ' 

Court held there on Tuesday next after the feast 
of Holy Trinity in the 14^^ rear of tlie reig-n of King 
Henry VII. 1499. 

Inquisition taken there by virture of tlic iSteward's 
office, by tlie oaths of Jolm Grace, Tlios. Felde, Ridi. 
Jardefeld, John Clyftou, Robt. Breton, John Fraunceys, 
who say that the Master of .S' Bartholomew's London 
(vjrf.), the Vicar of Stortford (iij^A), John Thomson (ujd.) 
for land Inte Hogyns, Reginald Rothcr i^iijd}, Henry 
Snowe {iijd.), Joan Bolingtou (ijf/.), the tenant uf land's 
called Mausliepes, tlie tenant of land late Jolin Marion's, 
Robt. Berdeney (iij^/.), John Janyn i,iij(/.}, Geoffrey 
Thurgode (iij'/.), the tenant of laud called Markes {yjd.}, 
Wm. Mede, Thos. Sampson, John Taillo' i^v: John Spencer 
of Estwik owe suit of Court & made default. Therefore 
they are in mercy as appears above their names. 

To this Court came Thos. Felde, as in right of Joan 
his wife & did fealty to tlic lord fov one messuage c;illed 
the treorge & four Shops annexed fonnerly Tlios. 
Petteworth's, held of that MaTior bj- service of xvs. by 
tlu^ vear & suit of Court. 

• irenham in second copy. 

t In the niaijrin of tho socoml copy is written ' The Hill m \le to the .Shippc- 

J ' Cheuies ' written in niaiyiu of .>iCcon(I copy. 

{ Reddtret in first coj>y. So/chat yfddere in secoml. 


To this Court came John Grace & did fealty to tlie lord 
for part of a messuage with a garden appurtonoiit 
thereto, formerly John Maldon's abutting on Teynto''hill, 
which he holds by service of xxiijf?. by the year Ami 
Fealty two acres & a half of land lying in Beuehoke, late John 

Skynner's abutting on Appetonfeld, by the rent of \d. & 
one piece of land lying in Appetonfeld, by service of ijr/. 
by the year & suit of Court. 

To this Court came Ilobt. Breton & did fealty to the 
Fealty lord for one tenement lying in Northstrete formerly Eobt. 

Tumor's, held by the rent of vjd. by the year & suit of 
'Eic. Feaste' court. 

To this Court came John Fraunceys & acknowledged 
Fealty that he holds of the lord one Shop witli a Solar formerly 

'Jo. Gybbes' AVm. Eose's by the service of vj(^. by the year & suit of 

To this Court came John Clyfton & acknowledged that 
Fealty he holds of the lord one Tenement in Southstrete late 

'Eo. Perrye' Edward Marssh's, by the rent of xijd. by the year & suit 
of court. 

To this Court came Eich. Jardefeld & acknowledged 
Fealty that he holds of the lords one acre of land lying in 

'Jardfeld' Halfacres in one jnecc included at Dontonshill by the 
rent & service of ixd and suit of court. 

AfEeerers The whole Homaore. 

PECOTTES Court held there on Tuesday the last day of March 

in the 2 P* year of the reign of King Henry YII [ 1 oOG] 
Essoins [None] 

Inquisition taken there by virtue of the Steward's office 
by the oaths of John Grace, Eichard Jardefeld, Andrew 
Clyfton, Eichard Newman, Eobt. Breton & Thos. Dynes 
who say upon their oath tliat Tlios. Jegmi, tlie Master of 
S' Bartholomew, London, the vicar of the Church of 
Stoi-tford, John Thomson, Jolui Parker for land called 
Manshyppes Eeginald Eoto'', John Fycliet for laud late 
Henry Suowe's, the tenant of land late John Marion's, 
Eobt. Berdoney, John Frauceys, tlie tenant of tlie land 
late Thos. Markes', Joan Mcde widow, "\Vm. Tayloi', Joan 
Spencer" owe suit of court & make default. Therefore 
they are in mercy as appears above. f 

To this Court came Andrew Clyfton »S: did fealty to the 
Feally lord for a messuage in Southstrot formerly Wni. Kvuge's 

Now George lately purchased from Joliu Clyttuu, lield of that Manor 
Browne* by service of x\jd. by tlie year >S: suit of Court. 

To this Court canu^ Eichard^ Newman & did fealty to 
Fealty the lord for one tenement lying upon TeyntChyll, late 

George Thos. Sampson's held of that Manor by service of vd. by 

Hawkins the year & suit of court. 

* The name of ' Tlmrg-ode' appears in the first copy. 

t In tlie second copy the amounts are omitted, and in the earlier copy they are 
almost illegible. 

X A later band has added the name ' Eobt Perrey.' 
\^ Nicholas in iir^t copy. 

ricoTTs cornx bolls. 



G. Hawkins 

Relief xvs 




To this Court came Thos. Dyucs* & did fealty to the 
lord for one tenement late John Jardefeld's lying in 
Soutlistret held of that manor by service of ijV/ Ijy the 
year & suit of court. 

And that Joan late wife of Johuf Jegon died after the 
last court solely seised of & in one free messuage with a 
chamber a cellar & the appendages belonging to tliat 
Manor, formerly Alice Colman's & lately 'J'homas 
Thressher's called the George witli the appurtenances 
after whose death there fell to the lord for relief xvj-. & 
jd. Thomas Jegon is her sou & next heir & of full age. 

And that AVm. Taylor withdrew the rent of xviijV/. by 
the year for one messuage in Southstrct formerly John 
Pyper's for vij years past. Therefore it is ordered to 
distrain the said "\Vm. Taylor to be here at the next court 
to pay to the lord the rout aforesaid & to do fealty to the 

And that Johu Frauncoys witlidrew the rent of iij.s. by 
the year for his lands & tenements. Therefore it [s 
ordered to distrain the said John to be here at the next 
court to pay to the lord the rent aforesaid & to do fealty 
to the lord. 

And that John Maryone died since the last court seised 
of & in one garden with a certain grange & one piece of 
meadow lying at Hokerell brygge called Ynuelesliovel & 
formerly a Croft called Parterichscroft whicli ho lield of 
that Slanor by service of ijs, after wliose death there fell 
to the lord for Eelief ij.?. & that Johu Maryon is heir & 
but IG years of age. 

AfEeerers the whole Homage. 

2o be Continued. 

^vcijhcacoxxvij of §t ^Ibmis* 

By a. E. GIBBS. 


January 7. John JiOve of "Watford, joiner, single man, and Elizabeth 

Pottou of Abbott's Langley, single woman ; at Abbott's Langlev. 

John Arnett of St. Albans, turner, a surety. 
January 9. John Poggers of St. All)ans, shoemaker, single man, and 

Mary Copley of tlie same ; at St. Albans. Eichard Eoggers of 

St. Albans, shoemaker, a surety. 

• Dciiys in fii-bt copy. 

t Altered to Keginald in first copr. 

I V:ikelishiiwe in fiist eopy. 


ry 30, Johu Cliiltou or Cliiltron \_written loth waya'] of St. Peto is. 
j(l Surah Young ; at Eedburue. Bernard Chilton or Chiltrou df 


aud tturaU ioiiug; at ±iedburue. iJernard Cliilton or Chiltrou (if 

Hiilcutt, CO. liuclviTifjliam, a surety. 
February 7. Jiichard White of St. Albans, glover, and Ann Clark of 

St. Michaels, spinster, aged about 40 yeai-s ; at the Abbey or St. 

Michaels. Edward Clark \_signed Clake] of St. Michaels, a 

February 10. William Halsey of Kedbourn, baker, single man, and 

Mary Pilgrim of the same, single woman ; at St. Albans. William 

Grove of Kedbourn, sawyer, a surety. 
March 2. Eobert Taylor of St. Albans, miller, bachelor, and Elizalietli 

Johnson of the same, maid ; at St. Albans. Henry Parker of St. 

Albans, baker, a surety. 
March G. George Stonehouse of liadley, co. (Jxou, gent., and Ann 
J Ashtou of St. Albans ; at St. Albans. Thomas ]\rotterslied of 

Stoney Stratford, co. Buckingham, gent., a surety. 
March 25. Samuel Pope of Abbott's Langley, blacksiuith, single 

man, and Pose Perry of the same, single woman ; at St. Albans. 

Kalph Jackson of St. Peters, victiuiUer, a surety. 
March 30. John Lawrence of Watford, blacksmith, bachelor, aged 

about 25 j-ears, and Mary Boddymaid (jf tlie same, spinster, aged 

about 22 years ; at Watford. John Arnott of St. Albans, turner, 

a surety. 
April I. AVilliam Beech of St. Stephen's, labourer, bachelor, and 

Mary Wright of St Michaels, spinster; at St. jMichaels. 
April 3. Thomas Atkinson of Busliey, gent., and Mary Fuuson of 

Berkhamstead ; at Bushey. Samuel Cleaver of Busliey, gent., a 

April 13. John Hill of St. Stephen's, husbandman, bachelor, aged 

about 30 years, and Mary Hunt of the same, aged about 19 years ; 

with her father's consent ; at St. Stephens. Henry Feild of St. 

Stcidiens, tailor, a surety. 
April 27. Edward Babb of AVatford, husbaudnum, bachelor, aged 

about 42 years, and Sarah Pudiford <^f Sarrat, spinster, aged 

about "22 years and something })etter"; at Sarratt, Watford, 

Sandi-idge, Bushey, or Idelstree. Henry Marston of St. Albans, 

husbandman, a surety. 
May 1(). Samuel Fley of St. James's in tlie City of W'estminster, 
J joiner, and Elizabeth Eichardson of St. Albans ; at St. Albans. 

John Pieliardson of St. Albans, brewer, a surety. 
May 18. Jolni Smith of St. Albans, maltster, and Frances Pichardson 

of the same : at St. Albans. David Jones of St. All)ans, gardener, 

a surety. 
May 19. Henry Morgan of Pidge, labourer, single man, and Ann 

Gliver of North Minims, single woman ; at St. Peters. Henry 

Marston [_si(iiifd Maston] of St. I'eters, labourer, a surety. 
May 30. John Stoakes, of Harding alias Harpenden, hustiandman, 

baclii'lur, aged about 23 years, and Elizabetli Pandall of the 

same, spinster, aged about 28 years; at Harding [St. Peters in 

allegation.] Palpli Heyward of St. Albans, mealman. a surety. 

June (i. John Page of Harrow on tlie Hill, bachelor, aged about 30 

I years, and Susanna Skidmore of Piekmersworth, spinster, aged 

about 23 or 24 years ; liaving lUMther fatlier nor motJier ; at St. 

Albans. Henry Marston of St. Albans, husbandman, a suretv. 



June 6. John Prentice of Hatfield, Itachelor, and .Susan Ivory of St. 

Albans ; at .St. Albans, John Beaumont [sit/iied BeaniontJ of St. 

Albans, a surety. 
June 13. John Grover of St. Peters, yeoman, Avido-svcr, and Ellen 

Chopping- of .St. Michaels, single woman, at St. Albans, St. I'eters, 

or St. Michaels. William Chopping of St. Michaels, blacksmith, 

a surety. 
July SI. James Baldwin of St. Peters, widower, and Marv Eonch of 

St. Michaels, maid ; at St. Albans. Edward Pobinson of 

St. Albans, a surety. 
August 16. Ptichard Keen of St. Albans, tailor, single man, and Ann 

Scrivener of St. Stevens, single woman ; at St. Michaels. 

National I'rior of St. Michaels, tailor, a surety. 
August 24. Gilbert Kinder of .St. Albans, butclicr, single man, and 

Mary Sheerer of the same, single woman ; at St. Albans. David 

Jones of St. Albans, gardener, a suretv. 
September 7. John Trott of Great Gaddesden, husbandman, and 

Sarah Dolt of Sarrett ; at Sarrett. Alexander Tiott of St. Albans, 

butcher, a surety. 
September 8. Abraham Ealin of St. .Steplien's, Imsbandman, single 

man, and Martha Deacon of St. Michaels, single woman : at St. 

Albans. David Jones of St. Albans, gardenei-, a surety. 
September 18. Thomas Bingham of Ilstree, yeoman, bachelor, and 

Joane Grove alias Johnson of the same widow ; at Ilstree or 

Barnet. John Seares of St. Albans, a surety. 
September 18. Humplirey Aldin of St. Albans, fallow chandler, and 

Sarah Blood of .St. Sfevens ; at St. Albans or St. Stevens. John 

Barnard of St. Albans, gent, a surety. 
September 21. Joseph Hare of St. Michaels, blacksmith, siuglcman, 

and Mary Brewster of the same, widow ; at St. Micliaels. Eobert 

Scott, jun., of St. Albans, draper, a surety. 
October 1. Henry AVoodbridge of Sarret, carpenter, bachelor, aged 

about 27 years, and Susanna Baldwin of Abbots Laugley, sjiinster, 

aged about 40 years ; at Abbots' Langley, St. Albans, or .St. 

Peters. Thomas Scott of St. Albans, cutler, a surety. 
October 2. John Cheworth and Elizabeth Stepping of" Hariicnden ; 

at Harpendeu ; James Cheworth and Richard Man of St. Albans, 

October 5. William Adamst^u of St. Albans, labourer, wiikiwor. and 

Mary Young of Kimpton, single woman ; at Sandridge. Pichard 

Puth of St. Albans, barber-cherurgeou, a suretv. 
October 8. Eobert Feild of St. Paul's Walden, bachelor, and ]\rartha 

Buckingham of the same; at St. Paul's AValden or Codicot. 

William Cosens of St. Peters, a surety. 
October 18. Nathaniel Young, single man, and Sarali Hind, single 

woman, both of St. Paul's Walden alias Abbots Walden : at 

Paul's AValdon, or any other in our jurisdiction. John Ttifl'uell 

of Kimpton, yeoman, and George Baker of St. Allians, sureties. 
October 19. Thimias Hawkins of St. Stephens, husbandman, single 

man, and Sarah Knolfou of tlie same, single woman; at St. 

Stevens. William Bradwin of St. Albans, bricklayer, a surety. 
October 20. William Jolinsim, widower, and .Sarali ("ampion, niiud, 
both of St. Albans; at St. Albans. Nicholas Wlieljiley of St. 
Albans, a suri'ty. 
October 24. William Motcalf of St. Michaels, husbaudnuiu, single 



man, and Joan "Woodwards of the same, single woman ; at St. 

Michaels or St. Albans. John Woodwards of St. Michaels, 

husbandman, a surety. 
October 29. Albau Heyward of St. Stephens, husbandman, and Susan 

Dell, aged about 22 years ; at St. Stephens. John Dell of St. 

Stephens, yeoman, her fatlior, a surety. 
December 11. John Harding of Sarratt, liusbandnian, and Ann 

Newton of Watford ; at Watford or Sarrett. William Morris of 

St. Albans, iunholder, a surety. 
December 24. William Carter of St. Albans, carpenter, and Sarah 

Fitch of the same ; at St. Albans. Jeremiah Fitch of St. Albans, 

baker, a surety. 
January 5. AVilliani Christmas of St. Albans, butcher, and Jane 

Beesney of the same, " spinster and widow " ; at St. Albans. 

Johu Brinkley oi St. Albans, a surety. 
January 16. AVilliam Burton of St. Peters, Avidower, and Letice 

Morgan of the same, spinster, aged about 25 years ; at St. Peters. 

James Barnes of St. Peters, innholder, a surety. 
February 1 . Samuel Mallitrot [^if/ncd Maletrat] of St. Albans, lock- 

smitJi, single man, and Mary Element of the same, single woman ; 

at St. Albans. William Hunt of St. Albans, tobacco pipe maker, 

a surety. 
February 8. Jesper Mitchel of Northall aluts Northaw, farmer, 

bachelor, and Elizabeth Hall of tlie same, widow. Ann Tibballs 

of St. Peters, widow, a surety. 
February 8. Joseph Long of St. Stepliens, farmer, bachelor, and 

Jane Kentish, aged about 20 years ; with consent of lier father 

Henry Kentish ; at St. Stephens. Henry Feild of St. Stephens, 

" bodycs maker," a surety. 
February 15. Thomas Euth of St. Albans, cooper, single man, and 

Mary Ethringham of the same, single woman ; at St. Albans. 

Eichard Euth of St. Albans, barber chyrurgeon, a surety. 
February 17. John Clark of Sleapside, St. Peters, labourer, widower, 

and Margaret Miller of the same, spinster, aged about -10 years ; 

at St. Peters. Ealph Heyward, parisli clerk of" St. Peters, a surety. 

February 25. Jacob Eobinsou of St. Katheriue Coleman, Londoiu, 

^ and Sarah Peters of St. Albans; at St. Albans or Sandridge. 

Eobert AVoodards of St. Albans, a surety. 
March 3. William Partridge of Shenley, wheelwright, widower, and 

Mary Street of St. Albans, single woman ; at St. Albans. Edward 

Eobiuson of St. Albans, victualler, a surety. 
March 3. George Eeeve of Iviug's Langly, j-oomau, bachelor, aged 

about 27 years, and Ann Sliepherd of the same, spinster, 

aged above 21 years; having neither father nor mother living; 

at King's Laugley or St. Albans. AVilliam Hevdon of King's 

Langley, and AVilliam Burr of St. Albans, sureties. The said 

A\''illiani He3-don, aged about 40 years, deposed tliat she had the 

consent of her uncle John Euies of Barkhamstead. 
March 24. Johu Brock of Nortluninis, and Sarah Sleap of St. 

Stephens. Matliias Bradley of Shenley, cordwainer, and Eobert 

Bradley of Eidge, yeoman, sureties. 
March 29. Johu Chownes son of John Clunvnes of Hextou, labourer, 

bachelor, aged about 30 years, and Sarah Adv n/ia-'^ Adee, 


spinster, agod about 25 years, daughter of Jeremiah Ady of 

Hitehm ; at Ilexton, Newnliam, Norton, Sheplial or Paulswaldon. 

Jamos Negooso f.f Luton, butcher, bachelor, aged about 25 years, 

and Henry Marston of St. Albans, yeoman, sureties. Tlie followin'^ 
• note is written at the bottom of the allegation sheet : John 

Chovvneing weaver hath bin at Hitchiu abt. a fortnight liis last 

habitacon att Hexton. 
April 15. John Woodward of St. Peters, husbandman, and Elizabetli 

Chamberlaino of the same, spinster ; at St. Peters. Edward 

Oxton, of the same, gent., a surety. 
April 19. John Poyniugs of Eidge alias Eudge, millwright, single 

man, and Martha Partridge of SheiJey, single woman; at St 

Albans or St. Micliaels. "William Bush of St. Michaels, brewer 

a surety. ' 

April 22. James Newton \_signed Nuton] of Sarett, veoman, sino-le 

man, and Hannah Hunt of Pickmersworth, single "woman ; at St. 

Albans. AViUiam Jlorris of St. Albans, innholder, a surety. 
April 22. John Blythe of Abbott's Langloy, husbandman," single 

man, and Eutli Jennings of the same," single woman ; at St. 

Albans or Abbotts Langley. John Turner of Abbotts Lan"-lev" 

husbandman, a surety. ° " ' 

May 21. John Noro of Great Gaddesden, husbandman, baclielor, 

aged about 29 years, and Ecbecca Aldeu of Smugg Oak in the 

parish of St. Stephens, single woman, aged about 3U years, sister 

of Daniel Aiden of St. Stephens; at St. Peters or St. Albans. 

i'rancis Betts of St. Peters, widow, who is a surety, alleges that 

Eebecca Alden was at the last time of her dwelling an inhabitant 

with her brother Daniel Alden. 
June 3. Eichard Millard of St. Albans, and Amey Eobinso of St 

Peters ; at St. Peters. William Cosens, of St. Peters, a surety. 
June 9. William Gamble of London, bachelor, and Elizabetli / 

Swalden of Codicote, maiden ; at Codicote. Eicliard Swaldeu of 

Codicote, a surety. 
June 20. William Lea of Cariugton, co. Bedford, carpenter, sino-le 

man, and Sarah Huglies of St. Albans, single woman; at St. / 

Albans. Eichard Finch of St. Albans, mealman, a surety. 
July (). Thomas Axtel of Hemel Ilempsted, glover, widower, and 

Ann Gray of Eedbourn, single woman ; at Eedbouni. Thomas 

Gray of Eedbourn, husbandman, a surety. 
July 10. AVilliam Caton of Eedbourn, husbandman, single man, and 

Ehzabeth Norris of the same, single woman; at Eedbourn. 

William Hunt of St. Al])aus, tobacco pipi^ maker, a surety. 
July 14. Thomas Tlirale of Sandridgo, bachelor, aged about 22, 

having neitlier father nor mother living, and Elizabeth Andrews 

of the same, spinster, aged about 23 years; at Sandridge, St. 

Peters, Eedbourn, or St. IMiehaels. John ATulrews lier broTlior, a 

September 13. William Sherlocke and Anne Giles both of St 

Michaels ; at St. Michaels or St. Peters. Eichard ( 'hilds of St. 

Michaels, a surety. 
September 20. George Bayly, widower, and ISCary AVeedou, AnAo 

woman, both of Watford; at Watford. HVnrv W.mhIoh "of 

King's Langley, yeoman, and William Hunt o'l' Si. Albans, 

tobacco pi])e maker, sureties. 
Septemer 22. AVilliam Swlnsborn of Eickmeisworth, -vnt.. single 



man, and Mary "Wicks of the same, single woman ; at St. Albans. 
William Hunt of St. Albans, tobacco pipe maker, a surety. 

Sejitember 22. George Rowney of St. Michaels, butcher, widower, 
and Elizabotli I'ankhurst of the same, single woman; at St. 
Michaels. Xatlianiel I'rier of St. Michaels, tailor, a surety. 

September 26. (xoorge Fidgcn of lialdock, widower, aged about 34 
}-ears, and Mary Mayes of the same, spinster, aged 24 years, 
having neitlier fatlier nor mother ; at Baldock. Thomas IVLayes 
of Haines eo. Bedford, hus})andman, her brotlier, and Heuiy 
AVharton of Gravenliurst cu. Bedford, yeonum, sureties. 

September 29. James Nichol, single man, and ^lary Randall, single 
woman, })otli of Eickmersworth ; at St. Albans, St. Stephens, or 
Rickmersworth. George Rundall of Rickmersworth, yeoman, 
and John Randall of St. Stephens, blacksmith, sureties. 

September 29. Jolm Browne of Sandridge, liusbandman, bachelor, 
and Sarah Smith, spinster ; at St. Peters. Daniel Smith, of St. 
Peters, husbandman, her fatlier, a surety. 

September uO. AVilliam ^Mineliin of St. Botolpli's AVitliout Bishops- 
j gate London, halierdaslier, and Mary Gilbert of St. Albans. 

Samuel Loft one of tlie Aldermen of the Borough of St. Albans, 
a surety. 

October 4. Seth Parratt of Al)botts Langley, mealman, single man, 
and Sarah Porter of the same, single woman : at Abbotts Langley. 
Robert Raiusford of St. Albans, victualler, a surety. 

October 9. I)aniel Slieplierd of Rickmerswortli, liusbandman, single 
man, and Martha Rampton of tlie same, single woman : at Sarret. 
Thomas Scott of St. Albans, cutler, a surel}-. 

Octolier 22. Thomas Wildes of Hemel Hempstead, single man, and 
Maria Southend of Watfiu'd, single woman ; at St. Albans. 
AVilliani Wildes of St. Al])aus, boddys maker, and Samuel Lines 
of Great Gaddesden, blacksmith, sureties. 

October 25. Jolm Halsey of Studham, yeoman, bacheloi', aged about 
27 years, and Elizabetli Rose of Redbourn, spinster, aged about 
22 years, daugliter of Jonathan Rose; at Redbourn." William 
Watson of St. Albans, victualler, a surety. 

October 2.'}. John Cowley of St. Allians, liaker, Avidower, and IkLary 
Welsh of the same, sjiiiister, aged about 30 years ; at St. Albans 
or Sandridge. Joliu Andersou of Sandridge, ye<unan, a surety. 

October 2.). ]\[artin ( 'lark of AVatf(n-d, yeoman, aiid Hannah Windsor 
of the same, spinster, aged about 22 years ; having her father's 
consent ; at Wathml. Peter Fidlwood of St. Albans, collar- 
maker, a surety. 

November 8. George Selby of St. Peters, liusbandman, bachelor, 
and Ann Wel)stor, late of Welling but now of St. Peters, sjiinster, 
aged about 27 years: at St. Peter's, Sandridge or l?edbourn. 
Henry Scares of St. Peters, a suret\-. 

November 10. .Tolm HodsdiMi, single liiaii, and Sarah Fuller, single 
woman, botli of St. ]\[icliaels ; at St. ]\licliaels. AVilliam Hodsden 
of St. ]Micliaels, liusbandman, bis fatlier, a suretv. 

November 17. Robert Rainstord of St. Albans, geiit., widower, and 
Elizabeth Ellis of tlie same, single woman : at St. Albans. 
AVilliam Gibson of St. Albans, shoemaker, a suretv. 

November 17. AVilliam Smith of llarjuuiden, lilacksmith. single man, 
and Elizabeth Fribridge of Sandridge ; at St. Albans or St. 
Peters. AVilliam Hunt of St. .\ll'ans. tnl.acco pipe maker, a surety. 


December 27. William Clark of Watford, widower, and Mary Eeling ; 

at Watford. William Eeling of Busliey, hu.shamlman, her fatlier, 

a surety. 
January 2. Thomas Babbs of St. Albans, bricklayer, single man, 

aged about 24 years, and Mary Nash of the same, single woman, 

of about the same age ; at Sandridge or St. Albans. William 

Lloyd of St. Alhans, gent., a suret}'. 
January 24. Tliomas Weedou of liushy, bachelor, and Uebeeca 

Summers of tlie same ; at Busliy. Daniel Cocke of Bushy, a surety. 
February 2. Francis Manington of ^liltou-next-Sitting'boriie, c"o. r 

Kent, husbandman, and ISIargaret Ellvin of War<l, co. Kent ; at v 

St. Nicholas, Kocliester, or Ward. Jolm Bing of Bocliester, 

barber, a surety. 
February 20. John Chalkley of Kimpton, liusbandiuan, single man, 

aged about 25 or 20 years, and Mary Nicholas, f)f Codicote, aged 

about 23 years ; at St. Albans. Jolm Nicholas of Codicote, 

yeoman, a sui-ety. 
February 25. William Walker of Iied>)ourii, labourer, single man, 

aged about 28 years, and Mar}- Mayes of the same, single woman, 

aged about 22 years ; at Redbourn. John WintPi' of St. Albans, 

glover, a surety. 
February 27 [endoned February 17]. John Stratford of Beerton, co. 

Buckingham, labourer [bachelor era>ied], and Martha Stratford of 

Abbats Aston, spinster ; at St. Albans. Luke Beckilles of I'.ark- 

hampsted, a surety. 
March 14. IMattliew Eogers of St. Albans, butcher, single man, aged 

about 23 years, and Ann Kniglit of tlie same, single woman, aged 

about 20 year.s or more ; at St. Albans. Edward Ilawliiison" of 

St. Albans, husbandman, a surety. 
March 14. Wendover Beuliow of Winslow, co Buckingham, and 

Doroth}- Stevens of Slieford, co Bedford, widow: at St. Peters. 

Zacharv Cole a suretv. 
April 10. Willian^ How of St. Albans, maltman, widower, and Ann 

Thrale of St. Peters, spinster, aged about 40 years ; at St. P<'ters. 

Henry Sears of St. Albans, labourer, a surety. 
A^n-il 22. Samuel Fincli of Watford, plumber, widower, and Paciiil 

Newman of tlie same, single woman ; at St. Albans. Henry 

Kentish of Abbotts Langi(\v, yetnnan, a surety. 
Ajiril 24. Eichard Tuffnell of Lyley, yeoman, single man, and Sarah 

Peacock, single woman. William Carter of St. Allians, rarpenter, 

a surety. 
May 8. Josepli Hussey, of Paul's Wahh^n, gent., liaclielor. agi'd 

aged about 31 years, and Mary S(piire, aged about Hi years; 

with consent of her father ; at Paul's AVahfen. AVilliam Sipiin^ 

of Paul's Walden, gardener, her father, a surety. 
May 10. Stephen Fullwood of St. Giles, Cripplegate, Loudon, 

"calender," siugh^ man, and Elizabeth Blitliniaudf St. Albans, y 

.single M-oman ; at St. Albans. Jolm Wilkinson of St. Albans. 

innholder, a surety. 
May l(i. Edward Dearmer of Market Stnn^t, coojhm', and .Vtiii Barkm- 

of ;^^i]l End, Luton, co. IJedford ; witli con.sent of lier father, 

J(M'enu'ah ]5arker. William Watson of St. Albans, innlidder, a 




May 16. William Cock of Bednam, parish of Langley, aged about 21 
years, baclielor, and Mary Pucker of St. Michaels, aged 21 years, 
spinster; at St. Michaels. Thomas Jacques of St. Aibatis| 
coachman, a surety. 
May 25. John Hoddesdon of Bushey, shopkociwr, single man, ao-ed 
about 22 years, and Susanna ^Messeder of tlie same, single wonmn, 
aged about Id years ; at St. Albans. AViUiam Hunt of St. Albans, 
tobacco pipe maker, a suret}-. 
May 28. John Clark of South Jtlimms, gent., single man, and 
Katharin Roberts of Eedbouru, single woman ; at St. Michaels or 
Eedbouru. Thomas Roberts of Rodbourn, a surety. 
May 30. Joseph Edmunds of St. Albans, tailor, single man, and 
Susanna Woodwards of St. Michaels; at Redbourn. Thomas 
Nichol of St. Peters, joiner, a surety. 
June G. Bedford Stac^^y of Abbots Langley, tailr*,:, single man, and 
Sarah Sears of the same, widow ; at St. Albans. AVilliam 
Ilannell of Abbott's Langley, blacksmith, a surety. 
June 18. James Love of Watford, victualler, single man, and Marj- 
Lovet of the same, single woman ; at St. Albans. Jonathan Love 
of AVatford, nailer, a surety. 
July 6. John Fisher of [Little Harwood erased in allegation and 
Eddlesborrow inserted] co. Biickiugham, yeoman, bachelor, aged 
about 30 years, and Catherine Standbridge of Studham, co. 
Bedford, widow, aged about 27 years ; at St. Albans or St. 
Peters. William Robinson of Alberry, husbandman, and Michael 
Huniphi-ey of Edeborrow [Eddlesboro] co. Bucks., wheelwrght, 
July 25. Thomas Dagnal of Abbotts Langley, widower, and 
Elizabeth Cripps of Hadnam, co. Buckingham, maid. John 
Turner of St. Michaels, a surety. 
July 25. John Pope of Watford, baker, bachelor, aged about 28 
years, and Jane Benbow of the same, spinster, aged about 29 
years ; at AVatford. John Seares of St. Albans, gent., a surety. 
August 19, John Cranwell of Farnham Royall, co. Buckingham, 
yeoman, bachelor, aged about 22 years, and Adrey Osmond of 
Rickmersworth, spinster, aged about 23 years ; at Rickmersworth 
or Sarratt. Richard Osmond of Rickmersworth, yeoman, a surety. 
September 12. Samuel Ilalsey of Sandridge, husbandman, bachelor, 
aged about 23 years, and Ann AVhite of tlic same, spinster, aged 
about 22 years; at St. Peters or Sandridge. Ralph Heyward 
[sifftifd Howard] of St. Peters, mealman, a surety. 
September 13. AVilliam Chambers of Luton, cooper, widower, and 
Sarah Eilot of Pauls AValden, single woman. Richard Ruth of 
St. Albans, chirurgeon, a surety. 
September 2 1 . AVilliam Warren of Towcester, co. Northants, inuholder, 
widower, and Ann WooUhead of Redbinirn, widow. John Turpin, 
of Redbourn, l)utelitn-, a surety. 
September 24. Joseph AVood of Burton-on-Trent, co. Derby, husband- 
man, single man, and Mary Smitli of St. Albans, single woman. 
Th(mias I'riestly [.su/iin/ Pristl.y] of St. Albans, ostler, a surctv. 
October 10. John Oogdcll of Abbots Langley, single man, and 
Elizal)eth Ford of tlte same, singl(> woman. Daniel Ford of 
Abbots' T;;nigley, nu^alman, and William Hunt of St. Albans, 
tobacco pi[:e nmker, sureties. 

Tv be Continued. 

Cbe l^eits Genealogist 
antr ^.ntiqniiiD. 

SIR EDWAEl) BAEKnA:vr. 1633. 

The right ■woisliipfuU Sir Eilwanl T'arkliam Kt. soniotymc IjO : 
Major of 3'f Cittio of IjOiulim, died at liis hnuso in tlio jiarijili of 
S' ^fary Botliawc iioar Downog-ato 1.5 Jan. 1(')33 in tlio S'2'"' year of 
his ago. Ili.s >)0(]y was convpyoil to liis manor of .Sontliacn' in 
Norfolk. Hp \\{i:i hnriod in tlio north aisle of the chancnl of Smitliacro 
(.'hurch under a monument erected hy liimself in his lifetime. He married 
Jane daughter to John C'rowch sometinie of London and after of 
Oornibery co. Hertf. gent by whom lie had is-;ue Sir Edw''- Earkham 
knt. & hart, who married Francis dau. of Sir Thos. lierney of Redeliam 
CO. Xorf. kt. hy whom he hath issue Edw' son and lieir a] (parent aged 
ahout () years & 1'lios. second son ahout 1 year, also Jane eldi\-t dau. 
died a child, Francis 2'*, now aged 9 years, Margaret 3'' dau. aged 7 
years, .Jane 4th dan. aged ahout ■'» years & Eliz*''- tiow yoiing'est dau. 
about '2 years. 

.Tolin 2'i son of the defunct died an infant. 

IJobert 3^ son married ^Carv dau. of AVilcocks of London i.*v: hatli 

issue Edward aged about 3 years and 4 daus. Mary, Eliz''' Margt. & 
Jane now cliildren. 

John 4"' son, Tliomas o"i son & Hugh all died ycnmg without 

Jane eldest dau. of defunct died in infancy. 

Elizabeth 2"'* dau. married S'' John Garrard of Lanuner co. Hertf. 
kt. i.^- hart, by whom she left issue at the time of her decease now 
living 5 Sims imd 7 dans., John eldest son, Xitliermvll 2"''. Edw' 3''. 
Wm. 4">, & diaries o'h, Jane eldest dau, Eliz"' 2<5, Isabel! ;'.■'. Margt. 
I"'. Francis ,)ti', Anne 6»>, & :^[ary 7"'. 

Su/an o^'i dau. of defunct married "Robt. ^^'allloole of llnugliton 
near ll;irpley co. Norfolk, gent. v*\: at lier deci\is,^ left iiim living on.' 
sou Kdw-i &"2 daus. .Tane \- Eli/.t'.. 

.bine 4"' dau. of ih^fumt luarried Sir ( 'a'<ar of In-unington lo. 
Flcrtf. kt. & being his 2'"' wifc^ liath issm^ by liim now living 3 <on.s 
Juliu-. lleiiry ,.S: Clmrle^ .I' 1 dau. wliich dii'dan itifant. 



]S[arg-arot .',<'> daughter of the dofiinet died im infant and 

!N[ar<j:ai-r't 0''' dan. niavriod S'' ATitliony Irbv of P>oi5ton co. Liiicohi kt. 
<S: as yot liy liov boin^- liis .".'■' wife liatli no issuf. 

Cortitioato taken liy AViii. IVnson, Lnncastor IleraUl L';i Feli. l(i;5;i 
& oertitied hy s'l Sir Edw' ]!arkliani kt. and liart. lieir & one of tlie 

[Signed] Edward Barkhani. 
Arni.s : — Argent tliree pales gules over all a chevron or, impaling 

(quarterly 1 & 4 Argent on a pale sahle tliree crosses pattee or 

within a Tiordure engrailed of the secon<l [ fronrli'], 2 & .3 Argent on 

a chevron sable three liclniets or \_Scot'] 
Crest : — Two arms in armour embowed proper in liamls a sheaf of 

arrows lianded. 

4"fct of |;tneG fov gcvtfovb«l)tve 


(^CoXTIXrEIi IROM P.UiK oOi)). 

lo8;3. Mich. Term. 2") & 20 Eliz. 
*Fraueis Flower es(|. & Edw. l^uggyn gent : AVni. Eee es(p & Eliz. his 

wife. Lands in Kydge and Slienloy." 
Jolin Cleare : AVm. Snowe & Eliz. his wife. Lands in Tliorlcy. 
Robt. Wofdley : Hum})]!, r'oniugesliyo (•s(j^. and ^lary his wife. 

Twenty shillings yearly rent arising fmni lands in ps]i. df S'. Tctrrs 

near S* Albans. 
Thos. Fage : Anth. Fngr and Ellen his wif(\ ]\lcssuagc in C'lotliall. 
Thos. Turner \- AVm. Turner: Jolin IIoy(\ Lands in F.arkwaye. 
Wni. Andrew. 's ,.^- AVm. Smythe gents: Joim Addams & I,"ucy his 

wife. Two messuages & lands in Hnnesden, Standsted Abiuit \- 

AVm. Urooke : Thos. Lagshawe iS: Anni' liis wife. Eight acres ot 

wood in 5ra\xdlyn. 

Tlios. Tliorogood : 1 iiard Hide es(|. Land in Throckinge. 

.Tohn Symyngf esq : Nich. l^nwer gent \- Mildred his wife. Tince 

messuages and lands in parishes of hlssendon alidx Essingdeii \- All 

Siiints in Ilertfcu'd. 
r?obt. Sharpe : Thus. Laniard and l-'.liz. his wife. i\ressuage and hinds 

in Li>ndon Oolney. 
Thos. L'oe rt//,/.v Layi. : (b^n. (ii'uveley \- Martlia liis wile. ;Mi's.,aage 

in Hytchin «//Wv llutchin. 
Jas. O.iale : l}..!.. Dnckwraye ^ (hace his wif,.. The tliir.l part .d' a 

messuage and lands in Thundriclie. 
Edmund Hale: Midi. ]5r,inekley \ Joan his wile. ^Nri'ssuage >.V 

lauds in llale\ \ Amwell. 


Ealph Sadler kut. : Edw. Ilarbert knt & Mary his wifo. Manor of 

Stonrlen alias Stauden called the Erickoplacc alias the Stonehouse & 

six mossiiag-PK ami lands in Stonden alius .Standen, Puckcrid"-e, 

Collyers ]']nd, I'Ddington, frreat Doviiey & ]>rang-hing. A wavrantv 

af^ainst Tlios. Sfaidey. 
Ed\A-. Hurste v^' Jtol)t. Iluvsto : VAw. Sadler esq. & Anne liis wife. 

Lands in Ilitrliin alias Ilutcliin, llijiprdites & Kiugeswalden. A 

warranty against all claiming tlmiugh Tialph Sadler\-nt. fatlier of 

a^ Edward. 
Win. ("luipman : Ednumd Barber & Eliz. his wife. ]\[ossnage & lands 

in Great Munden & Little Munden. 
Jidm iM'ilde : Geo. Feilde & Joan liis wif(>. Messnage and lands in 

Gravcley & C'liisfeildo. 
:N[atthe\v Hanseeonihe : Thos. Copeott & Oicily his wife. Lands in 

Thos. Gylmotc alias Gjdmau : Thos. "Wylcockes & INlargt. liis Avife. 

Jfessnage & garden in psli. of S' Stephe'ns near S' Alhaiis. 
John Ilalden : Henry Os})aston & Jfargt. liis wife. Lands in 

Benedict Cocke : John Gierke & TTenry Gierke. :N[essnage in 

Barkehani])sted S* Peter. 
YA\y. Fage, ^\m. Chambers & T'rias I'.arker gents : Jolm Spicer alius 

Heldei- and Lney liis wife. j\[essnage in IJoyston. 
Thos. Wolley & AVm. Ilickmnn : ITumidi. Goningesbye esq. and 3Larv 

liis wife. Messuage, etc., in St. Albans. 
Christr. Elmeston gent : AVm. Garnett gent & ]\[argery his wift^ i*c 

ITenry Garnett son and Iieir apparent <if said Wm. Messuage and 

lands in I'ennj-ngton. 
Heni-y Cocke knt. &- Julm Goodman esq : Ainbrose earl of Warwick 

and Anne his wife. ]\[anov of Northawe alias Northall \- 40 

messuages and lands in Northawe and Cuffeley. 
PogiM- Pemberton : Poger Browne .^' Alice his wife. ]V[essuaiie in 

S Albans. 
Joliii :\rarkeham gent & Alice his wife : Edw. Sadleir esq & Anne his 

wife The Pectory of Kings AValden >S: a messuage & lands etc in 

Kings AValden. 

1583-1. Hilary Term. 26 Eliz. 
The :Mayor & ( 'ommonahy & Citizens of tlie City of London governors 

of the possessions rovenmv. & goods of the Hospitals "of Kiny' 

Edward Vr, of Christs, BrideAAelti^- 8' Thomas tlie Apostle : Thos. 

lumisin- knt. and ]\[nrv his Avife. Five messuages & lands in Burnt 

Ptdlmm, Stoking Pelham & Peade. 
Henry Gierke gont : Giles Sewester c.S(|. Four messuages & lands in 

Aysliwell I'i Hinxwortli. 
Wm. Phmier: Leonard Hyde esq. Jjauds in Tlirockinge, Aspden alia.-i 

Aspedou & Leyston. 
Tlins. (^arpenter : Jolui Brokett knt. Messuage and hinds in 

Wm. Lowdam : Pobt. Hallvwell c't Alice liis wife. Two m.>-^-^U!iu-(w i,i 

< 'hestliiint. 
Piilpli Clackson jun. : Thos. ('hukson senior & :Miir^t. liis wile. 
^ Messnage and hind in Ware. 
Edw. Brigiiowse ^: John Goodridge : ]\rattliew Wixulward. Thrre 

messuages iind lands in Hitcliin. 



Thos. Mnrslio : Ilciiry Slarslie. Manor of Soiiclifs nllax Zoiichos & :) 

inessua<;fs and lands in Cadilvng-ton. 
AViniond ('aiy r-sq : Goo. Hadfloy gont. ^Nfanov of Uavwioko and 

appuvtonances in ]>arfk(nvfy. 
Tlios. Waterliowso gput : Yevnoy Alley g-cnt & Fraiu-is AUpv gpnt. 

Fonr nipssnages and lands in I'arkanistodo IVtor & I'arklinmstod 

^favy (ilidK Nort]ifliui-cli(\ 
Fmncis ]\rorg-an gont & Aniln-ost- Bolson gent : John ]'>rokott knt. 

ilanors of ( roymorc Tlydp, ncnios & Cliyvallos & ;10 nifssuages & 

lauds in Bishops ilatliidd xlim Kings Hatiiold. 
"\Vm. GeiTard esq: Bartli. Bellamy gent, Ivath. Bellamy widow & 

Roht. Bellamy. Lands in IJydge. 

1584. Ea.stor Term. 26 Eliz. 
Wm. Ilaywardo son of Ifoht. Ilaywardc The said Boht. ITaywanlc. 

Messuage and lands in Cadington. 
Bobt. Ilaywarde : Nicli. Martyn & ])orotliy liis wife. ;Messiiage & 

land in Bed1)(jrne. 
John Ilarvye : Edw. Walgrave esij i!c Eliz. liis wife. Tlie free ehainl 

of "\Ven)st<'<l & a messuage and lands in AN'attoii. ISi^nnyiigtun, (heat 

Munden tS: Little Munden. 
John (HU esq: (ieo. lladley gent : two messuages \- lands in I'.ark.'- 

waye, Nuthanistede, Anstie, Buckland & liee<le. 
Henry t<adlier esq : Edw. Walgrave es([ \- Eliz. liis wife. Laud- in 

Thos. iJohynson : Bolit. Shrvmi)ton \- Alico his wife. Messuaj-e in 

St Alhans. 
Agnes Saunders widnw A: Tlios. Morgan (>sq : John Brokett kiit. 

Lands in Sandridge. 
(Jeo. Ilcn-sie esq i<: Miehnel ileritowne : Thos. Howard (second son of 

Thos. late duke of Norfolk siai & hoir of tlu^ most m^hXc printe-s 

:Margt. late dueliess of Xorf(dk late wife of the said late duke dan. 

\- heir of Thos. Awdlye knt lord Awdlye of Walden .*»: late lord 

Chancellor of England) and Katli. his wife. Lands iu Braughingi'. 
J(din Clerk.' : Edw. ( 'lerkr .^ Wm. C'lerke. Tlie advowsou of tlic 

cliurch of Stevenage. 
Geo. Edwardes gent, Baljdi Barker i*c Tiio-. Ilolaud: iJieli. Fitzliugli 

gent \- Eliz. his wife. Lands in Sandon. 
Bich. B.arhnr (.t Agues Ids wifi- : Henry Cliaritie >S: M.iry liis wifr. 

^fessuage & lands in Stan^hm. 
Thos. (rlasci.cke : Simon Oock.s ^^ont \ .Vuu<' liis wif.'. ^r.-ssungv iu 

lisli. of All Saints. Hertford. Warranties against Thos. l'>ir<-liel.-y 

John Birclielev. L'irli. How.'. Mar>;-t. Howe \ Audrv Howr \- iheir 

\\'\n. :Mutlett gent : John Brockett knt. A: Eliz. hi- wife \- Bicli. 

W'ylshyre & Ellen his wife. Two nie-suages & lands iu Xortlimyms. 
Bich. (Jrene gout : Tlios. Howard ^des.rilied as l.(^fore A; l\arli. Ill- 
wife. Messuage \- hinds in Braugliing. 
Tlios. Smartfoote : Tlios. Howard \- Kath. his wife. Lauds iu 

John Barraut : Bohl. Tlmruc \ ,Margt. liis wife, Wui.'. Geo. 

Thorne «.<: Gahi'ii'i Tliorue. Thr.'.. cottay.- A: lauds iu Vlilcluiive ,v 

Little Had haul. 
Geo. Kym])ton : Bich Foster \- Alice hi- witV. iu I >arliewortiu'. 
Hou. Pott: Thos. Howard \- Katli. hi- \\\U-. .Mc-suagr \- lauds in 


KKKT III- iixi;s. ;J4U 

Wm. Maokuri-'ri : Win. Toki'V & Eli/, his wife, ^[(.'ssiiiigc iu llyteluMi. 
Jiiliu Edmoud : Tlius. Howard & Katli. las wifi'. Two mos>iuagt's uiid 

Itiuds ill Braii^Uingc. 
Tlios. Blossam, lloiirv Wattye & Hicli. lioo : TIk is. Howard & Katli. 
. liis wife. Two messuages and lauds in IJrauyhiuge. 
Wni. BonC'ste : Tlios. Howard & Katli. his wife. Messuage & lauds 

iu IJrauhiugc. 
Thos. J^ipencer : John ( 'iiupiuau gent i^ Kolit. ( 'Jiapuiau s<ju and heir 

apparent of said John : Lauds iu \\'are. 
Humph. Corhett eit. & merchant tayhii' (jf Eoudou : Edw. liugges 
gput, Geo. Chauuey gent. & Thos. yulislunye gent. Messuage \- 
Liuds in Gedleston wZ/Vm (jelstun & Eastwicke. 
Simeon I'mgrave gcut : Thos. Howard & Katli his wife. Manor <if 
Milkeley iilia. ^filkh'v Ifamidltf ali<ix Hamells & 14 messuages & 
lands in ]?i:iughi ug, Wcstuiill iK: Staudoii iV eertain tithes iu 
Braughinge. Settlement. John the seeond s<iu and Charles the 
third sou of .John ]>rograve of Westmyll es(| named. 
1.58-1. Trinity Term". '2(3 Eliz. 
Thos. Kymjitou : l?i(h. Fijster >S: Alice his wife. Lauds iu Daclie- 

Avorth (did^ Thatcliewiirih. 
Johu Buckmaster senior: Edw. JJiche es<^ \- .loan his wife. l-'ivo 

niessuag(>s i^- kinds in Hcmidliaiusti'de. 
Edward Vounge : IJicli. Fo>ter \- Alice his wife. Lands in Datch- 

worth ((lias Thatchi'worthe. 
Thos. Bennett gent. \- Agnes liis wife : liehecca Thourgood & fcjarah 
Thourgodd. Two parts of one messuage & lands in >Stausted Theah' 
Stausted Ahliot & Amwell into four parts divided. 
Kich. Hall : Kath. Matliison .^- Tlu.s. Woliner .1" l><u'othy his wife. 

Messuage it lauds in Baforde. 
iSimou Adler : Thos. Hall gvut \- Anne his wife. Two ]uessuage> \- 

lailds in Stoiuhm. 
Eobt. Hyll : J<din IJichardson & Thos. Hyll. Messuage & lands in 

Thos. Mychell:' Kieh. Foster iS: Alice liis wife. Lauds in Daclieworth 

ali((x Tliatcheworthe. 
Johu Clerke senior : Tiios. Ijawghtou i\: Ellen his wife ^ Thos. 

Hudson, ^[essuage >)i: laud in S' Allians, 
Kanulph XicoUf & Tiios. NlcoUC : Iloger J5uglierd i\: Eli/, liis wife, 
IJolit. Austyn i\; Joan his wife vS: Thos. Borraston & Alice his wife. 
Four messuages i<: lauds in parishes <(f Aldenham \- S* St<']ihens 
near .S* Alhaus. 
Thos. Smartfoote \- Kal[.li l)aye: Tims. ILtward vt Kath. his wife. 

Seven messuages and lands iu Braiighinge Stondoii \ Westniyll. 
Johu Blackhead : Johu Adyo & Thomasinc his wife \- ( 'hristr llewsdU 

vS: Eli/, his wifi\ l^auds iu Ijreat Tryuge. 
Kobt. Smethwicke gvut : Ixoger ('ow]ier & Joan his wife. .Inhu Slum- 
& Sibil liis wife," John i'>ig"ge it Eli/, his wife it John Dowuviigv it- 
Agues his wife. Messuage and lauds iu AbliottC Langley. 
Edw. Denny e^^(l : Auth. Throckmei'tou gent it Kath his wife it IJich. 
Davyes gent it Kicli. Butler. Messuage it hinds in rliestliunt (iUk^ 
Chrestrehunt it Wormeley it free lishery iu tin- water of ('li<'>tliuut 
tdiiCi Ciiestrehiiut. 
Joliii Jdi-den it (ieii. llamon senior: lliiiry llamon jnuinr it J-'.li/. Iii- 
wife. Ji.liu Ilamou. Henry Hamou senior. Wm. IJamnn, Thos. 
Hamuli, (nMi. llamun junior, Bubf. Ilamou it 'Main-ice llaiimu. 
Messua.ri. it lands in WestinvU it (ireat Muudeu. 



1584. Mich. Term. 26 & 27 Eliz. 
Geo.Gynne: AVm. Makeres & Kath. his wife. Messuage ia Hitchiu 

alias Ilutchyu. 
Edw. Brokett geut : Win. Cullius & Ellen his wife. Mossiiuge in 

Thos. Munforde clerk : Eobt. North & Joan his wife. Lands iu Tewynge. 
Andrew Wood : John I'otter & Joan his wife. Messuage in 

John liowyer esq : Edw. I'ulter os(|. Lands iu Hitchyu alim Hutchin. 
John Martyn senior : Win. Fyuche. Messuage in "Watford. 
Rich. Jorden junior : Eich. Jorden senior. Two messuages & lands iu 

Gt. Honneade. 
Wm. NicoU & Thos. Nieoll juu : Eich. NicoU senior & Mary his wife. 

Messuage & land iu Tatteridgc. 
Ealph Browne : Christr. Perrye & Agnes his wife. Land in 

Sab ridge worth. 
Wni. Nealo : Thos. Neale & Eliz. his wife. Lands in Harpendeu. 
John Skyngell : Eobt. Hall gent & Anne his wife. Lands in Htortford. 
Eobt. Wedon & Joan Pymble : John Buckberd ^S; Walter Buckberd. 

Three messuages and land iu AVatford. 
John Warner & Margt. his wife : Wm. iloUand and Eliz. his wife. 

Messuage & lands in Great Mondon. 
Simon Gardeuer : Phihp Gardeuer & Alice his wife. Two messuages 

and lands in Stondon iS; Wattou. 
Wm. Holland : Eich. Eoo & Eliz. his wife. Land in Braughiuge. 
John Clarke : John Sinythe & Eliz. his wife. Messuage iu Baldock. 
Eobt. NycoU & Eich. NycoU junior: Eich. Nieoll senior & Mary his 

wife. Lands in Tatteridge. 
John Grover: John Eobynsou & Eliz. Jiis wife. ^Iessua<'e & land in 

Barckhampsted S' Peter & N(n-thechurche. 
Thos. Northe :_ Johu Brokett & JuHan his wife & John Laurence iK; 

Grace his wife. Lands iu Great Wymondeley. 
John Harvye senior & Humph. Harvie : Eobt. Coates \- Agnes liis 

wife. Three messuages & lands in Hoddesdeu & Broxborn." 
Geo. Edwards gent : Eich. Eitzhughe geut. Manor of Greenehall & 

lauds in Sandon. 
James Oddall : Barth. l)(nvne & Kath. liis wife. A third i)art of a 

messuage & lands iu Tluindriehc. 
John Clarke junior & AHc; his wife : John Easte «.S: Mary his wife 

& AVni. Easte. Three messuages in S' Albans. 
Heniy Marshe ; Eobt. Barbour & Agnes his wife. :Man()r uf iSowches 

& two messuages & lauds in Cadingt(ni. 
Eogor Pemberton : Thos. Holden gent. & Anne his wife & Barnabas 

Laurence & ^Mary his wife. Eour messuages & land in S« Albans. 

Warranty against the heirs of John Arnold dec'. 
John Brograve es(| : Thus. HaiicJu-tt esq A: Hilary his wife. Manor of 

Maisters alitor :^[astcrs & messuage .S: lands in AVestmill, Braughin 

alias Brackynge \- Standen. A warranty against Johu Fitzherbert & 

his heirs. 
Thos. Dyer : John Hunt & Joan ids w ife. Messuage in Watford. 
Geo. Chauncey gent : Edw. lUigges gent, Henry Cliauncov esq & 

Thos. Salysburye gout. iSressuage i'(:' lands in Gedlest(ni. Eastwvcke 

& Sabridgewortlie. 
John Stywarde iK: Andrew Alaloiye esq,- : Thos. Hancliet esq. A water 

mill & lands in Brawgliingc, ^; Hadliam. 


John HcUiaiu fscuior Joliii llelliam junior & "Win. AclJuius: Jolm 

Addaius gent & Ijucy liis wife & liicliui-d Fanner & Agues liis 

wife. Twi) uics.suages & lands in lluusduu, .Stausted Abbatt iK; 

Johu Harvie junior. Thos. Harvie & Ilunipli. liarvie sous of John 

Harvie senior & Alice his wife : The said Joliu Harvie &: Alice his 

wife. Three messuages iS: hinds in AVare. 

l'J84-o. Hilary Term. 27 Eliz. 
Greo. Hamuud : Henry Hamoud junior & Eliz. his wife. Lauds iu 

Wni. Swyfte : Henry Dytehe. Messuage iu AVutford. 
AVm. Uawkeshedd : Wm. Lee esq & Eliz. his wife. I^auds in liidge. 
Ilobt. Newnuin : liieli. Curse & Lucy his wife. Messuage & hinds in 

Balduck, AVyllien & AVeston. 
AVm. Shotbolt, Itobt. Chircke & Edw. Lyucolne : AA'ui. ^Moure gent iS: 

Sarah his wife. Messuage & lauds iu iSaudou. 
Thos. Hamuuu es(|, John Fopluini es(|, Jas. Clarke gent & Hugli 

AVorthc gent : Jolm Matthew gent iK: Joan 8keggf widow. Mauor 

of Pausauger (di((>i L'assauger ulia'i Paushanger & .j na-ssuages iS: 

lauds iu Pausauger, Qwyuhoe, Hertford & Hertyugfordbury. 
1585. Easter Term. '27 Eliz. 
■^'John Peter kut & liobt. Euorthe doctor of hiws : EUz. Iticlie widow. 

Ten messuages iJt lauds in Stondon, Puckeridge, Krauliinge iS: Aloudi-n. 
""Tluis. Markham es([, Polit. Ilaringtou es(^ & Griifin Markham e>n : 

Edm. lirudeuoll kut. Mauor of Coleshill all((>i iStockplace (S; -Id 

messuages & lands in Cidcshill ^: Stockplace. 
Edw. P>ryscoe : John Longe gent & Mary his wife. Lauds in llstrie. 
John Pawhns : Thos. ^liller >S: Matilda his wife. Ijand iu ^luch 

liieh. Erauklyu ^S; Pobt. Millett : Henry Hickman \- Alice ]ii> wife. 

Manor of liushey Hall vS: 2 messuages i: lauds iu Lushey & AVattord 

& free warreu tliere. 
liieh. Clarke : Jolm Davis gent & Bridget his wife. The third part of 

a messuage & lauds iu h'abridgeworthe. ■ 
John Miller: Pliilip Kente i*^- Joan his wife. Messuage & lauds in 

Bishops ytortfor(l(>. 
AVm. I'ygott : (jeo. ;Moreland \- Alicr his wife & Johu ].ee >S: Bridget 

liis wife. Five messuages & lands iu I'arkwaye, Peed, Layston, 

Tlirockinge & Buutiugfonl. 
Thos. Parsons : Tiios. Jarnigau \- Eliz. liis wife. Lauds iu Storlford. 
Boniface Wood : Eich. Fitzhugli geut & Eliz. his wife. Lands in 

Fraueis Burbecke : Tims. ]>oreham tS: Joan his wife »)c Johu Addam & 

^largt. his wifi>. Two messuages «!c lands in Broxbourue. 
AVm. Auncell : (ieo. Hayward iS: Joan his wife >)v: Jolm Cnun\yn \- 

Eliz. his wife. Two parts of a messuage i.\: lauds ^iu tlirei- parts 

ilivided^ in Herpenden. 
Johu llemyngc : Johu Clu'iye i\: Katli. his wife, L'<ilit. llemyngr. 

AA'm. Uamoiid >S; AEargt. his wife. Messuage >S: lands iu (ireal 

iN; Stoudeu. 
Nicli P)rockett gent ^: Joan his wife : Edw. Lrockett es(j. i\: Eli/ his 

wife Messuage & lands in iSabridgewortli. 
.las. Dixon. K'icli. l^'isslier, Wm. Hutton, Join: Ilaytns, 'I'Ihis. Cniir. 
Rich. Warner, ,las. ()rgar .K; Thos. I'.rooke : Pa'lpli Dayc \ Tiios. 
Siuarli'oote. ISix messuages iS; lauds in Biaugliinge iS: iSloudou. 



Rolaud Hall : Jolui Daniiill gent & Husau liis wife. The fourth ^lait 
of a messuage & lauds in Hartingfordhuryo itUas Havtfordinijburvo, 
Tewiug(>, Branifeildc & the psh. of .S' Andrew in Hartford. 
1585. Trinity Tenu. 27 Eliz. 
*Nich Wheler ^; Andrew I'alnier : Magdalene Chester widow. Fiftv 
niessuages & lands in linyston, Mellxmi, Lerkwaye, Eeade & Ther- 
feld & a eertain water course in the town of lio3>t(ui. 
*Philip Wingefield : Cliristr. Bavyne .S: Agnes his wife, Anthon\- 

^Sawrey gent & Eliz. his wife. Mes(<uage & hinds in Aldenhani. 
*Edw. Stanhope doctor of civil law & Micliael .Stanliope gs(j[ : AVni. 

Heygate gent. Lands in Estbarnett. 
Rich. Sniyth & Tlios. Sniytli : Julius Ferrers gent & .Susan his wife. 

Lands in Flanisted. 
Jolm Ilariner : John Cnjodnian gent iK: l-'rances his wife. Lands in 

Geo. Haynes & Agues Ilaynes widow : John Hayues & Marv his 
wife. Three messuages & lands in Little ITadham' & IMuch Hadliam 
& Stondon. 
Geo. Withe : John iJowner & Agnes his wife. Tlie third part of n 

mill & lands in Aldenhani. 
John Pitelies : John Goodman gent >.S; Frances his wife. Messuage & 

lands in AValliugton. 
Wm. Pygott gent : Edw. llalfhead vV Beatrice liis wife. Two 

messuages & lands in Layston, Buntingforde & Throckiuge. 
Ealph "Warren : Jonas Fringe & Sarah his wife. Tliree messuages 

&c. in "Watford. 
Edm. Ilaynes & Agnes Uaynes widow : John Hayne iS: Mary liis wife. 
^ Three messuages & land.s in Aldehury, Little Hadham & Thorley. 
Cliristr. Preston & Geo. Perrie : Cliristr. Perrie & Agnes his wife. 

Laud in Sabridgeworthe. 
Thos. llarmer : Tlios. Tirrell cit. «S; grocer of Loudon ^^ Le(mardHvde 

esc^. Lauds in Clothall. 
Thos. Axtell : Christr. "Wyngfeihl & Isabel liis wife, Palpli AVyngfeihl 

»& Agnes his wif(\ Messuage \- lauds iu Sarrett. 
"Wm. Olyuer : Geo. Brumley iS; Ellen his wife. Mes~.uage ^: land iu 

Thos. Haydou : Edw. Streete gent. Lauds in Tlstre, 
John Briscoe : Edw. Streete junior gent. Messuage i.\: lauds iu 
Idelstreete alias Elstrey & Ahleidiani. AVarrauty against S'> Edward 
& his lieirs & against Audry "Wolde, Thos. Streete, Edw. Streete 
senior, Jolm Streete & AVm. Streete. 
Edw. Meade geut & Philijipa his wife: ]\fichael Meade gent & Eliz. 
his wife. Messuage & lauds in Great Amwell, Little Amwell & 
All Saints iu Hertford. 

1585. Mich. Term. 27 & 28 Eliz. 
John Bird : Ileui-y IIanu)nd geut & Eliz. liisAvife. Laud iu "Westmill. 
Cuthbcrt L}ude of Londou, grocer: Edward, lord Mtuley. Twenty 

messmiges & lauds in I'elhani Furuex. 
AVui. Perott : Edw. Everett & Jaue his Avit\'. ^Messuage iS: lau<]s in 

Pich. Parker: Joliu Martyii senior. Messuage vt land iu A\'atford. 
Thos. Hare : Thos. Copcott \ Cicely his wife. Messuage ^S: lands in 

"Wm. Ancell ; llenrv Hamoud u'eut & Eliz. his wile. Lands in 


fKKT or riXKS. ,-5.(4 

John Caige : Ivicli. .Snowc & ]\I;uy liis wife. Lands in Tattoridgo. 
John Wryglit.- : Eidi. Willy iS: Agues liis wife. Two mes^iiage.s & 

lands in Thoiloy. 
Thos. Harincr: Henry Haiuond gout. & Eliz. liis wife. Lands in 

Groat Monden. 
Eugor Eoose : "Wni. Ewer. Messuage iK: ]au<I in .St AUtans. 
Jas. Cruftes : Henry Haniond v.vut. & Eliz. liis wife. Lauds in We>.tinill. 
Geo. Nichols & Geo. Devell: Jolm Marslie & Auue liis wife. Tlu-ee 
messuages & lands in Hocldoud «AV(.v liuckhuid iS: Tliarlield \- tlw 
moiety of two messages & lauds in same jilaees. 
Henry Frowycke gent & Nidi. Deriuge gent : Humph. ( ' 
esq. & Mary his wife. Messuages i^ lands m iiarishi-s of S' Alha'ns 
& St Peters. 
Geo. Copwood gent : Eobt. Poyuter g(mt & Margt. his wife \- Edmund 

Thymljk'hy gent iV' .Sojdiia his wife. Lands in Tattorvdge. 
GrifRnDavye, AVm. Aske gent & Margt. his wife. i,and> in JSark- 

com.stede Peter. 
Geo. Waller : Henry Johnscm. Two messiuiges \ Jaud in 

Sabridge worth. 
Wra. Smyth: Nidi. Hoo & Grace his wife .\: Thos. Hoo gent. 'J'hree 

messuages &- land in Busshops Ilattielde «//V^s• Kings Hattieldi'. 
John Brograve esq : Henry Hamond gent iV Eliz. his wife. :Mes.>uage 

& lands in AVestmill & Great M(jndeu. 
Christr. Corey : John Goodrich & Ellen lii> wife. Messuaue >S: lands 

in the town of S' Albans. 
John Sty ward esq & Nidi'^ Styward doctor of law> : ThonuiN llowaiil 
of Awdly end second sim of Thus, late duke of Norfolk & Ivath. his 
wife. Mancu- of Braughiuge alias Braughingbcrrye i\: 10 messuages 
& lauds in Braughing & the Eectory & advowsdu of l!ran<;liinge. 
Geo. Heigham esq. >^- Eras. Heigham gent : Eidi. Joss.-lvu es(| oi 
Henry Heigham cs<|. Manor of Hyde Hall .'m .3 messuagi- .<;■ land- 
in Sabridgworthe. 

1585-6. Hilary Term. 28 Eliz. 
*Thos. Gatward : HasiM Burye "gent & Margt. his wife. Lands in 

Eoyston, Tharfeild, A\'estreede, Newsells ,1- Barkewaye. 
Tho Grave & Tho. Burnappt' : Tho. Puller A: John E-.dl r gent. & 
Margt. his wife. Two messuages & lands in Bro.\b(iriie and 
Midiael Hall : AVm. Hall. Messuage .S; lands iu Little Gaddrsden. 
John Banburye gent: Ht^i. Goodcn' es(|. Annual rmt df tliirtv 

pouuds issuing out of the manor of Sandryilge. 
Tho. Po.ster esq : John Daker alias Dakers \- Jane his wife. :Me»uagc 

in Hnnsdon. A warranty against Alice Hodon wid(l^\■. 
Wm. MofCetl gent : Hen. Olerke gent .^ Anne his wile. Me-«.uage 

& lands in Ashewell. 
Wm. Hampton gent i*c John Stacy: John Biowue \ St,.ue .V 

Winifred his Mife. Messuage ..S: 'land in ],ittle 
Wm. Moffett : Wni. Wake \- Lucrecia his wife. A fourth pari uf a 

niossuage i^- lands iu Northe Mymes. 
John Clcrke senior: Horothv Grvme widow. ;Mr>suau-.' \ laud in 

S' Albans. 
Wm. Bndcett gent : Nidi. Hoo gent i';: (u-aiv hi- wife. The. llou -eul 
& Jidin ]?rokett gent. Messuage ,\; hinds iu l!isli(.]>s Hailild <'//,/< 
Kings Hatilld .*c S< Peters near S' Albans, 
•lohu Caoe ; E,d.. PnyiitcM- gent iS: ^Fargt, hi- wif.^ \ Mdni. 'i'lix nd.l.d.v 
liHiiI \- S.iphia his wife. Liinds in Tatli'ridur. 


J(jhii I'uudc junior yoiit : Thu. Gaddosdcii gent iX: Anno his; wiiv. Two 

iiiessucig(.'s &f. in Hitdiin alia-t Ilntcliyu. AN'arninty against Edw. 

Laurence gont & Mavy liis wife & tlic In-irs of s'' Mary & against 

tlio hoir.s of Jolm Hcniyug gent dee'' iS: against Nidi^ Luko csii iS: liis 

Eiistaco Grul)ldo gont. & Constance liis wife : I'obt. Jaynes & Joan his 

wiff & Kobt. Ockloy & Agnos liis wife. Two nicssuagi's & lands in 

Andrew Kyngo gent : Tlio. (iaddesden gent & Anne his wife. Ten 

nie.ssu;iges & hinds in Hytehyn. 
J(jhn (!?taev iX: John I'aiTant : John IJrowm;, John .Stone >!c Winifred 

liis wife & Edw. Marsliall & Sihil his wife. Lauds in liitth' 

Edm. liardollf & Ifidi Bardollf gent : Edw. Dockwra g(nit & Eliz. liis 

wife & Xieh. Eyneho ^: Joan liis wife. Jjunds in WJiethamsted, 

]Iar[)eden & liodbourne. 

1.58{). Easter Term. 28 Eliz. 
Tho. Bennett : Hugh Eleniyngo gcut. & Margt. liis wife. Messuage 

& laud in Iloddesdou in the psli. of Bruxlmrni'. 
Eidi Sniytlie : Itobt. Austyn & Joan his wife. ]\Icssuage and land in 

AMenhani alidf Aiddenhani. 
Wni. Wrotli gent : Nidi. Brett iK: Joan his wife. ^Messuage «.^ land iu 

Stoiidoii . 
(.ieo. Copwood gent : IJobt. Poyntor gent. & Margt. liis wife vK: Edui. 

Tiiyiiibleby gent & Sojihia his wife, ('ottage & land iu Tatteiydge. 
John I'xjwier esij : Hidi. ErauiuC gent \- yiisan his wife. Lands in 

"W'ni. Kynge : John Adams & !Maigt. liis wife. Two messuages, etc. 

iu Broxbourne. 
Philip Sleape : liidi. Eutlie \- Joan liis wife. Two iiiessiuiges \' land 

in fS' Albans. 
Jolm Hui-ste : John Cfodfrey afids ( 'owper ^; Agnes liis wife. Lands 

iullytdiyn >S: Hipp(ditt a/id-)) Hip])olett. 
AVni. I'lunier : Henry IMarshall i\: Katli. liis wife i.*i; John ^Marshall. 

Land in Aspeilen. 
liicli ^\'oodwarde, derk : Nidi. Bryan i.\; Helen his wife. Messuage 

& land iupsh. of !S' I'eter iu »S* Alliaus. 
Tlios. Mauestye ; Tlios. Bennett & Eliz. his wife, ^[essuages & lauds 

in Hoddt^sden & Broxborjie. 
Ediii. Bardolfe junior gent : Ediii. Bardolfe senior esq. Manor of 

Ixotlianisti'd >.V \-2 messuages iS: lands in "Wetliamsted \" Kynqiton. 
Andrew Kynge gent ».*c John Heniynge : Thos. Tlionqisoii cit. \' 

haberdassher of London. !Manor of (Hffordf ^: 2 messuages &: lauds 

iu Great Mtmden iS: little ilonden. 
Thos. Buriuau : Edw. Astrey gent. Tiiree messuages i.\: lands iu 

Ixobt. TaiUor esq : .Jolm l\oberlf iS: Susan liis wife. i''our messuages 

(.S: lauds in Xorthmymes. 
John "Welbeeke gent: Thos. SlejiiuMis gent .S: Dorothy his wife. Tliri'C 

messuages \- lauds in r>uutini;-forde. 
rhilij. Mylles : Edw. Wylhy ^: Eli/, his wile. Lauds in Thoiley. 
John :Millett, John Jo'rden. Tlios. Clirnye, Kalph .loyee. Tlios. 

DelldWe. Thos. "Wood & Geo. Aucell : lleiiiy ILiiuoud gent & Eliz. 

his wife. Two messuages iS: hiuds iu (rreat Mondeii & Westmyll. 

'J'u he Cull/ ill I'cf/. 


^ubsi^n i^alU fot* i3ectfcrrJ>sl)tci\ 


[In volume I of this luugazitic at page 22o, was priuteil a copy of 
thts subsidy, taken from a lioU in tlie Public llocord ()ilL<r, to wliich 
the offtciarrefeivuee is 1'21/IG4 & owing to the mutilated condition of 
the original, a good many gaps cS: considerable confusion appeariMl in 
the lists of names. Tlie Editor has recently discovi'red tliat a duplicate 
roll exists, the reference to which is 121/lGG and altliough the official 
calendar describes it as ' imperfect ' & it is defective in many places, it 
contains many more names than the other & the arraiigemi-nt is 
correct. By collating one copy with the otlier a fairly comidete roll is 
obtained & the confusion in the one already printed, owing U< tlie 
various parchment membranes having been sewn together in a wrong 
order, disappears. In the following pages the text of the second roll 
has been followed & variations & additi<jus supplied by the other are 
denoted in italics enclosed in rounded brackets.] 


Wm. Eyre g. jW. ^Vm. Cartleg {Cartleggc) g. xij^/. John C'owley g. 
xvjr^. Uxor [i/rt*i/.] Laurence g. \yl. Wm. Laurence g. iijr/ (//(/. 
"\Vm. Holcome {Holland) g. x\yl. Wm. Crandwell ((Vrt««v7/) g. iij(/. 
Wm. Greye g. ujd. Eobt. Browne g. x'ljd. Hugh Wliithyd 
( Jnti/fhdc) g. ijd. Wm. Gaythorne g. ii'iyl. John (^iV^^'j g- jjtl- 
John Mvlwood {Jli/lic((rdc) g.' iiijV^. Geo. Yongloue g. iiij'/. Geo. 
Baker g. ijd. Geo. Waide ( mtrde) g. iijr/. Jeames Colines 
( Coli/iis) g. xd. Nich. Foster g. xijd. Eich. Foster g. nijd. Tlios. 
Est g. ijd. Uxor Iblan/c'] Stephynsons {Sfr/rsoii IVpf) g. xVyl. Wm. 
Baves g. liyl. Johaue Batman -widcnv g. i\yl. Joliane Fold 
widow g. iyi. Eich. Gregorye g. xd. Wm. Wheler g. xiiij</. I'xor 
\hJunk'] Megers widow (g.)\i'/. Uxor [_hlank'] Yaughan (g. ; xd. 
IIum])h. Denton g. iij(/. Tlu)! Mose (.I/bwr) g. xvj(/. Tiio. Eobynson 
g. xyyl. Geo. At IIoo g. x\\d. John Prue {Drctrr. g. ijr/. Eicli. 
Grace g. xiijVZ. AYm. llerberd g. yl. Eich. Mas.ui g. j(/. tieo. 
Bate [Butt) jun. g. iiij(7. Tho. Kvng g. Vyl. Geo. Bate sen. g. x\yl. 
Tiu.. Fowle {Foule) g. iiij(/. John Gyles g. iiij(7. Nich. Studesburye 
(g.) xd. Jeames iSmvthe g. \yl. Wm. Gaskyn g. ij^i'. Tho. Locke 
{Lochje) g. (xijf/.) John AYhelpedale g. \yl. Eich. Johns.m g. Vyl. 

John {Xuptoii g. iiijd.) John [Mersh ?] {g. ijd.). W 

ij^/. G ijrf. L yl. AY . . . . . 

ijif. John xviijrt'. John :^i]''. 

Eich. Pe Tho Tiu.. T . . . . 

John . . otteles Tho Eobt. ]i . . . 

Geo. 11 John Cram . . . Alice Shadd . . . 

Eobt. 81uuld Uxor. Eliz. Fysher g. . . John 

. . . ner g . . . . Wm. Fytbye g. . . Thos. Uarryes g. . . . 
Eli/.. Lamb g. ijrf. John Cowley" g. ijf/. Henry Alen g. j'/. Ibnry 
Kcntyshe g. yl. Henry Campyiui g. "j(/. Albyn llewes g. yl . Liilb. 



• • • "y&-iU''-i'U''- •J^l'^''ili'W'i'«8-xiij.^.iiijr/. TJuj. ,Sjiu'laii<l-.i,/. 
Su»i)ti« xlvj.v. xjV. 

HAIA-WELL AVAin.. ];ic].. JSyrduuur.. ^.. ij,/. J„].„ Tl„.,u>un 
{lluwqw.n) g-. xv/. Stuk.'d.ill Stokdalc -■ x,^ AihIi-ow 
li.n>c -. xijr/. J„liu iJraiigwcll y. ij,/. T).„. Tu'liak-s g-. ij,/. T|„, 
\\ <j.k1 g. ij,/. jli,.],. Myllcr g-. xr/. Lo\vo=i Capper o.. in,/' M,,tl„r 
])eu.. K. i,p/. .Tnliu ]5yng g-. xiiij^. Kid,. CoiuIm.s 'Come.: 's. iiii,/ 
lliM. Kyi.g,. g. n,irf. J„lu. Al.Lut y. .KJiijV/. .J.,lm~ Ww^ g. xi,>/ 
Joamos Louke ^^Loo/ce) g. iijV/. Wiii. A(»/Wf;/- y. yV,'.) Tf„,. I'nvckn 
g. ijr/. Th... (.'liawuey g-. x</. Wm. (irovc g. iij^/. . ll,„.-|i ]'Ut •• 
xuijr/. .Tolm Atkyns g. ijV/. IVter l'(>„n Wvf. g. i,/. L'„)rr" 
Bakei- g. 1..K Th... Glevve g. iijr/. Wm,'lsuii g. iir/. Wm' 
^larffl.t g J,/. Terry g ijr/. Ijugvr .Self g. ij./. Join, iu-.n;'^ 
^ .J|/. Je:^p«v lorno g-. ,ij./. Kuln. HygMe' g. jr/. Oliver 
KiioUes g. jr/. Eidi. Clieltaiu g. j</. J„l,n Tavll,.r g. iiir/. W,,, 
l)yeksoii g. lyJ. L'ieli. ]hith,. g. xr/. ,Jo],u Dvrr g'. iii;/. Ki,], 

lytwortJi g. xiiijr/. Win g- ijV''.' 

[7'i*«r (tir Ki.f more illegible entries. '\ 
Siimma xviijs. uiyL 

SEYNT 8TEPIIYN« EXJ.E AXU PAE]:^11E. Saauder Kuvse ^. 
uijr/. Geo. Iraiiiuf g-. iijVA Jol.n Eedwood imi. g. ij./. "Rohl 
Skele g. ,]./. Eoljt. Wyud.sore g. ijV/. .J„]ni AVvad.ore g. j,/. Tim 
• • • , „• i^- ^^^y'- ^^'"i-' W . , . g". . . Kobt. . . . 
^ ■ ■ • ^^''l- ■ ■ ■ 1 • ■ • JoJiii Wyleuekf g. . . . IJaaf Eiierye 

^; • • • ^V'l'. 1 • ■ ij- Tho. Trot g. xij . . Tho. 

Iratt g.nij(/._ E,d,. Eedwoude g. jr/. Eid.. lioyse g. iiir/. 
John Hyll g. ijr/. John Marshall g. iijr/. Tho. L'odwr..d%-. .xr/. 
Dovcry. Parse widow g. iijr/. Pidi. Man. g. xr/. Jeau.os A\'onde 
g. jfl'. \Nm. Eoyso g. iijr/. John fSkolo g. iiir/. Alice Fraiinef 
widow g. yl Mother Stokf widow 1. ijr/. Ilenrv Stokf <■■ ijr/ 
Eobt. Natkyn g. jr/. John Turiioar g. yl. Elizaheth Elagt,. 
widow g. yl. Henry Prat g. jr/. John Eraiinef g. \d. Jeames 
^yoodwal•.l g. jr/. John Ileywarde g. ijr/. Pid,. Cdvas g. iir/ 
Henry Pye g. jr/. Eobt. 13osewell g. ijr/. ' . r .i 

Summa xj.s. vjr/. 

SEYNT PETUE.S W.Ui 1 )E. George Yaughau g. xr/. John Clement 
g. ijr/. Joan Portor wi.lon- g. . . ^^',^. Foxe g . . Henrr Foster 
g- • • • Iho 

[Jioth rolhfail u.^ at thl. point .<• / believe the name, tluit folhw i„ the ne.rf 
paragraph belong to the Fixhpool Ward of ^t. Albana." 

^T^'-'l ■ ■ ■ : /X"'- • ■ ■"• John Cast . . . xiiij. 
rm"'' ;1;''^^'^"-''' y- -"'''■ J"''" <-''^l^''- tanner g. iijr/. Xidi. Huutleve yCxSd . 
Iho. Carter xr/. John Xayshe g. xr/. John Crodie g vr/' Tho 
Crosse g. xr/ Eli/. Enl.yns wi.l.nv g. xr/. .Margery Ciiapiaaii 
widow ijr Alice Harvey widow g. iijr/. Eliz. .s^.re "widow ijr/. 
John A\ ellrs g. ijr/. Thos. Seyhroke g. xr/. John U.sborne g. xr/. 
Eiyn Long widow g. jr/. Tlios. Lowso,, g. ijr/. AVni. Stondiam •- 
-J/" ."f-M^^", ■'*"^^'''' ^'- ''J'^- '^"'"''- ^P'gans g. ijr/. J„h,i Hurst g. 
jrf Gill. l?ast,on g. ijr/. AYni. Thorneton g. jd. Xidi. Prowae g. 
ly Eidi. (.ylles g. ijr/. Wni. Ilerne g. ijr/. " pid,. Davnes g. iijr/ 
John Kent g. jr/. John Blaiike g. jr/. (iawen fskehoii g. j,/. 
Kauf Harding g. ijr/. Jmnu Ap.i,-,. g . . . Peter Marten g . ". . 


.Toliii Mesye g' . . . ITonry Bucket y . . . RoTit. Beiiyson g . . . 
FAw. Stouohnni . . . Eflw. Metli . . . 

WAT[FOEl)j. Tho. a (lylos .T„hu 

Robt Thos 

Clem Itobt Jolin 

Ag' Ro>)t LauiPiKt! 

More g; . . . YAw. l^ndf g . . Jolin Elder g. ij(/. Wm. Grcye 
g. iyl. Will. Harper g. ujd. John Tlirote g. jd. Jolm I'ate 
g. i]V. John 8kylsye g. xf?. Rioli. Sharpe g. xiiij(/. Geo. ]\rars]if 
(Jlfarxc/ie) g. iijr/. .Tolm AVlieles [Whelye) g. xvjV/. Ivicli. ('arter 
g. i\id. I'ich. irickinau g. xvjV/. IJoger Ileylot g. xvjr/. JJidi. 
Kston g. iijf/. Robt. Robsou g. jrf, Wm. Swyft g. \yl. 
Tho. More g. iijr/. Eliz. Dyt-lio \vi(b)\v g. iiijr/. Tlin. Jlele g. ij(/. 
.Toliii Bavbor g. iij^/. .Jolm Marteyu g. VyJ. Alice Fynche {trlilmr^ 
g. xiiijrf. Philip Blackwell g. iyl. Wm. Robjii.son g. x^/. Wm. 
Moncko 1. ijr/. Gilbt. Wecneyll [Wt'cnuhe) g. ijr/. Rich. Haukyns 
g. ]d. Johu Hell ( JI(U>)/e) g. j^/. Elyn {A'/i/iiur) (JoldsinytlK' wiilow 
(,(/.) iiijV/. Rich. Russell g. jf/. Tho. Smythc g. ji^/. John Gardenrr 
g. jd. Jeames Browne g. j'/. Roger Wedou g. j(/. Rich. Elciciu.r 
g. xd. Tho. Saunders g. jd. Tho. Ilocket [Jluokclt) g. ij(/. Robt. 
Fo.ster g. Vyl. Arthur Cannon g. xijV/. "Wm. ilomes (Ifohnen) 1. 
xx(/. John Bunne g. !]</. Geo. ITarton g. \d. Edw. Tliornton g. 
j^^. John Blackwell ' Jll(ifUi(dI) g. ij(/. Tho. T'ornys g. yl. 
Summa \xvs. xd. 

CAYSHOO IIAMLETT. Tho. Johnson g. xUijd. {.'ii/d). John 
Iloddesdou g. injd ii/d . Gfo. Davyson g. iiijV/. X|i()fer ]^urford 
g. i'ljd. Jeames j'^wer g. ii(/. Riih. Stoneham g. yl. Tim. Edmund 
g. yl. {iijd). r.xor \hl(i)ik'_^ Garter widow g. xvj(/. 
Summa iiji-. ix(/. 

OXHEY IIAMLETT. Tho. Edmniul g. xd. Rogvr W'edoii g. iijv. 
iiijf/. Tho. Wedoii g. xvj(/. Wm. Jackett g. xWVyl. llobt. Edlyn 
g. xijV. John Rople g. iii]\('. Wm. Hill g. iij'/. 
Summrt viij.*. iij^. 

LEVYSDEX HAMLET. Wm. Eu'ston (AV,r.v-;/) g. iij^/. R..gvr 
Dent g. xc/. Wm. Iloddesdou g. ilyl. Wm. Woodward 1. xiji/. 
Wm. Ewer 1. iuyl. Robt. StVphyn 1. u'lyl. Wm. Woodward >.Mnor 
iiiiiior) g. ij(/. Robt. Hill g. yl. Edm. Woodward g. ij^/. Tin.. 
Hill g. Vyl. "Rich. Woodward g. jo'. John Hill 1. ;//.) nVyl. Tho. 
Woodward {q.) xViiyl. John Prat iX- ]d. John IVvse [Pai/xc^ o-, Jij,/. 
John Stokf i. iiijr/. ■ 
Summri v.<. xr/. 

LEES LAXGLEYE. John Hobbrs sen. g. \yl. Wm. Gladman g. 
x^/. Ranf Deyc 1. xxff'. Jeames Dolwyn g. xil. Rant I)fCon g. xd. 
Saunder Bidtwell g. xd. AVm. Kentysho 1. iiij(/. ^largt. Kyiig 
widow 1. iyl. John D/ccw (/. iijd.) Xpol'cr Besoutlii" g. .r//*/. 
Robt. Gatlvn g. {\d\ Tho. 'Dell g. x//. AVm. Hevwar.l z- ■"/■ 
P.ich. Ellf ,«?y/V<'.«) g. jr/. .^[eger 1. ij*/.'AIugv 'jAw/'l 
g. j(/. John H(d)bcs jun. g. yl. [Jolin), Portres sen. '^.'yl. .Ioh:i 
Ewer jun. 1. vj(/. {Jemiif-^; Heydon g. iijd. [Johir L(n\ es g. xd. 
. . . . Ewer de . . . . brige g. x(/. . . . Rol)ert> . . 
i\d Portres g. iyl Ewer de 


Wm. Ewer 1. iiijV/. Robt. Stopliyn 1. iiij(/. Wm. AVoodwartl senior 

ryge "• . . . Wia }? • • • Jeaiues . . 1 . . Tho. 

E .". . g.jd. Wm g.ja'. Wm ster 

iV. Tho 1. ijrf. Xpo g. yl. Win. 

, . . . g. ](i. Robt. . . . g. jf7. Tlio g. ijrf. 

Wm. ... ton g. jrf. Ilonry . . . stall 1. ijrf. Tlio. 
H . . . we g. ijrf. John Fcld g. xvjf/. Rich. Atkyn g. ]d. Ilonry 
Dell g. jrf. Wm. Cliaitoll iiyl. 
Summa xvj«. iijrf. 
SARROT. Jeames Boldewyn 1. xxd. Robt. Johnson g. xvIijV. John 
H*'vdon jun. g. xvjd. John Audrowe g. xrf. John .Swetyng 1. iiijrf. 
Tlio. Ockleyc 1. iiijrf. John Wattf g. jrf. John Salter g. j</. ^ Tho. 
Knolton g. jrf. Edm. Heydon g. ijrf. Rich. Heydon g. jf/. Xpofer 
Wynkfelde g. ijrf. XpotVr Rayo g. j-'i'. Eme Aldwyn widow g. ijrf. 
Sioiinia A'j.5. xjr/. 
[RIC'JKMERSWORTIIE Tr)WNE .... ncle widow g. xiiijf/. 

.... tlimerg. xiiijf/ g. xviijf/ . . . wyn g. 

iijr^ . . . Doltg. jf^ Geo. Merydcthe g.ijr/. Roger Baldewyn 
g. i'yl. Henrv Awedon g. xiiijf?. Tho. Lane g. xiiijf/. Jolm 
"'olvnson g. x/. Svmon Warden g. xd. Rarth. Awedou g. xd. 
John Fvslier g. iiijr/' Tho. Welshman g. iiij(/. John Gardyner g. 
iiij7. Wm. Johnson g. ujd. Rieh. Rerkyus g. ijd. John Gybbe 
g . . d. RicJi. Capon g. ijr/. Geo. AVastell g. jd. l^ioh. 
Randolf g. i']d. Puch. Nores g. iiij^/. Uxor [J/ff«/t] C'asylnian g. 
ijf/. Robt. Ilothe g. xd. J(>hn""Evelvn 1. ijd. I'xor [/^/^/h/.] INlarteyn 
g. ijd. Rvoiier Jolnison g. jr/. Jolm" Sterope g. jd. Tho. Androwe 
r . jd. John Ilarton g. jr/. Ann.^ Wliyt widow g. j^/. Rifh. 
g. jV?. Edw. . . wbyng jd. John Grey g. jd. AVm. 
Turn .' . g. jd. Wm. Gy . " ." . jd. Doryt'he AYylsnn g. 
xijd. Uxor Ihldiih Twyehet g~. ijd. Jolm A Dale g. iiijri'. 
Siimhui xvs". iiij'/' 
GHAREGWOODE IIAMLETE. Rich. AVynchestr g. iijr/. Rieh. 
Butterfeld g. x(/. John Davy 1. ijd. John Awedou g. iijr/. ]^dw. 
Awedou g. ij^^. AVm. AVood g. xvjr?. Xpofer l^aldwyn {BaJwiju) 
g. i_K/. ]{ich. Davy g. jd. Thos. Branche g. i]V/. John Webb 
{lI'Msc) g. ij'i'. John Baldwyu g. xvjd. John AVynkfeld g. xiiij;/. 
Siiminii vjv. ij(/. 
CRDSSELEY rr/.'OA'ZJ^}') tJREXE. Vxor Iloltyng g. xr?. Roger 
Axstfll g. iiijr^. (7?'V/..) Clerke g. ijd. TIio. lletlie {Ilefch) g.ij^/. 
(///. oi.) Tho. I'aAvltocke {r,ttrlioi)) g. ijV?. (j^'Z/o. Sfair^n-owe g. iijf/. 
i"/?/V/^ lialdiniii q.) ii\d. {Tho. liutU'ijdd (j. ijd. CudJufihasijU <i.) ijd. 
{John f;,>,Hll>/'x/u') v:. iyl. {Rich. I'l/i/csirorfh (j.) iijd. ((•ro. A. lJ'fd)nn 
g. ijd. {■'/uhu V)'(//Vrr)fc'ld g. ij(/. {O'co. //rtW)wyn g. X(/. Tho. 
'\ie{i/inird) g. iiijd. {■hdni) Ewer g. i]V/. 
Sioiinia iiijv. vj^/. ob. 
AVESTHIDl': .'TTAAriiET). Androwe Randoll g. xvjr/. AA'm. 
Awethui g. Niii.v/. Sibell Butteri'idil g. \d. John JJandoU g. ij(^. 
Rieh. (ivbb H-. i'iij(/. Rnbt. RaniloU g. ijd. Edw. R'nlf g. jf/. Emo 
]l.df g.' j'/.' Jniiano Randoll g. jd. (Jeo. Whit g. jd. Alarget 
ButteHcld x^/. John Gvbbo g. ijd. Henry ]^dt■ g. ij(/. John Rede 
g. j</. .loliu Randoll l.\S: g. j(/. Thu. AVedon g. j(/. Alice Dofett 
{jhfat) g. jd. 
Siimmii vs. xd. 


BATCnEWORTIIE. Tlio. Mokyn {M>jl-yii) g. xd. Jolui Knolton g. 
\\\d. Tlio. Awcdou g. Vyl. Eich. Staiihriiglit {Slanhrnth) g. j(/. 
Tlio. :N[avteyn g. iijrf. Ricli. Jtnrtoyii g. WVyl. Tlio. Eorlo g. ij(/. 
Ehv. Dorset g. \yl. Jolui 8yiup.sou {Sjniftnn) g. xr?. liicli. f>mytli 
g. j</. Will. ]>ryon [Br nan) g. ij'/. Fxor [///««/; "] (roodwyu vul. g. 
]d. John Atky'ns g. xvjrf. Jolm Liullowo g. y.d. Eich. Fynclio 
(/'yv/ifj g. iij'^?.' John Dai-ante g. jf/. .John Fothcrloyo g. j?/. (xfo. 
Grrover g. ijV/. Henry Awedon g. i]V/. Jeamf>s Fothorloy 1. ij</. 
Sum 111(1 vjv. \d. 

ALDEXIIAM. AVm. Monori 1. iijr/. (/n^/)- Koht. Tayllour g. xvj,/. 
John Utvam (U/tram) g. j^/. AVni. WygJionie 1. ij(/'. Simon 
Wayshe g. ijrf. Win. Downer g. iijrf. Ilnniph. Eorastoii Ulfrasfou) 
g. x'iiijrf. Joliane Grcno \\i\.. g. iijd. John Arclicr g. xr/. Eich. 
.Shoppd son. g. xvjrf. Simon Shoppd g. iij'^. Eich. Smytlic 1. \\\yl. 
Wm. (j-rcuo g. x^/. Wm. Wrencho g. iiij'/. Eicli. Elshio 'J'Jhjdye) 
g. ijf/. Eo1)t. Warren g. xr/. Thexecntors of Tlionis Ilaiaond g. 
xiiijr/. Tho. Gronne {Gkhc) g. iiijV/'. J'din rahiur g. yl. Win. 
Pahucr g. ij/^. Agnes Tabnor g. ij(/. './'C- Win. Hyll g. ij^/. Jnlm 
Goldsniyth g. jr/." Eicli. Slieppd. g. ^d. John 1 ;ryth(> (y>'ry/////)g. 
jrf. Eoht. ( 'heiif g. \yl. Tlio. Eussell g. iijf/. John Foster g. ijr/. 
Eidi. Bnckberd 1. yjr/. Alice ]\[eryden vid. yh Eoht. Aiiahle g. 
xiiij^i'. Edw. Hu(hloll g. xiiijV/. Henry Heyward g. ij(/'. Tim. 
M . . . g . . John Downer g . . . Alice Lanr widow 
1. ijx. Eieh. Hall g. ^d. Thf.s. Ablet g. \yJ. ];i(h. liasse g. ijr/. 
Raiif Sterky g. jf7. Thos. H . . . xc/. . . . Kytter g. j(/. 

. s "Woodward g. '\yl 

[^Thc roll is Much iniitilafcd af fln'x jxn'iiQ. 

■ . . . Boraston g. iiij'/. . . . s Pack wood g. iijr/ .... 
Ilorwidl g. jd. [Will.] ilorwell g. ujd. Eanf Castell 1. my/. A\'m. 
Sterkve g. jd. Ebz. ^[ay g. iji'/. Humph. Heggcr g. x(/. Kliz. 
Skoteg. ijV. Humph..'. . g. xr^ Tlios. Areher g. iij(i'. \\'m. 
EedW(H)d g. u]d. Hen. rL>t juii. ijd. Elyn' Hunt wid. g. xij^^ 
Thos. Basse g. iijd. Edw. ]}ristoo jun. xvjc^. Wm. Hunt g. iij(/. 
Eicli. Wedon g. ]d. AVm. Tope g. jd. John Eedwood g. ij(/. Wm. 
Whit 1. ijd. Ef)bt. Wliitbv g. jd. Tho. Palmer g. ijd. .I<ihn 
Bntfg. ]V/. AVm. AVyldeg.'ij^/. Tho. r.odier g. j^/. Tin.. Fen,' g. 
jd. AVm.Eogerg.ijr/. Anthony AVayshe g. iijd. Wm. ^Vayshe 
g. iijd. John Kemp g. j^/* John Eussell g. j'/. John Dcricke g. 
jrf. Thos. Dych g. jr/.' Eobt. Eussell g. jd. Eobt. Ablet & John 
Oxton for the goods of Jolm Cogdalo orphant iiij'/. 'J'lios. Cogdalo 
g. iijd. Eliz. Pnriioye g. xvjr/. Elyn' Ashellwoo.l g. jd. Eobt. 
Lowson g. ijVi'. Henrv Engge g. iii.jr/. ^^'m. Xcle g. ij(/. John 
. . . g. jd. John J'.as'^e g. jd. Wm. Fabian g. ij(/. Hcnry 
Lyon g. jd. Wm. Wrench sen. jr/. AVm. Springhall j'/. 

SiDiima xxxiij.s'. i'njd. 
n.STEE. John Foster g. \iijd. Eauf Hyll g. iiijf/. John Luckc g. 
x(/. P.ich. Hamond g. iiij^/. John Lane g. iijd. John Pngniore g. 
]■</. Tho. Hunt g. ijd. Eobt. C(dsyll g. ijd. Eich. Aferyden g. ij(/. 
. . . Eogers g. xip/. Arthur (iroV(> .p/. . . . King wid. ij(/. 
[T/ir ncrt ten ikiiiw-i air dr/rc/iir]. AVm. jaicke g. j(/. John Eo(hw g. 
iij(/. Eich. Haylc g. jr/.' Ealpli :Messynger ( J/^.w/////'^ g. j(/. Eich. 
Hyll g. ij'/. Thos. Lane g. jd. yijd). 

y<ttmiHa vij*. 


SLEPE Axi. SMALEFORD. Tolin Bur<^os {Burgys) g. xij^. Edw. 

{Edmund) Wothorliod g. xvj^/. Luc(^ Turiipponyo {Turpcnye) g. xij(/. 

Win. Est g. ij(/. O'l. Est g. x(?. llobt. Shawn g. iiij^/. Thos. 

Smytho g. xiiijrf. I'liilip Slepe g. \\]d. Walter Gondyoiv g. uVyl. 

Thn. C'lorko g. iiij'^. Win. Knolton g. iiij^/ Jolin Clorko g. j(/. 

Rogfi- G(/»4Ac) g. lijr/ f//V/). Philip (^^f; g. ijrf. "Win. (J/rOi-stou 

jun. ijrf. ' Thos. rf7/ff)pVll g. \yl Win. (J/rt«) g. ijr?. John [Eyll] 

g. jf/. John [}irokh:-<) g. xiiijV/. J.)an (Foster) g. xiiij^?. Philip 

{Hollijng) g. jf/. Pich' [Orai/e) g. ij'/. John {Clerke) g. xiiij^i'. Eoht. 

B(oM^)g xiiijV/. 

Sttmiiin {xiijx i.rd.) 
CIIYLDWYKE. {Johi) Hawgood g. xiiijr/. (JiicJi. 6')nstian g. iijd. 

(Rick) Mvlos g. ijr/. (r;«.) Ellos [FlI;/.^) g. jr/. (./o//^/) Hyll g. jr^. 

{Tfws.) Evfi-ot {EiCnic] g. jr/. 
Suiiiiiia x\\yl. 
AVESTWIKE. Wni. V>\iW\\{Ii(iti'//j g. xiiij^/. Thos. Ethorope g. njd. 

Thos. P.ocho g. ijr/. Pieh. Mnrston g. j(/. Pobt. Fyncho g. ijd. 

John Liigoo i. ii'jr/. John Nayslip g. iijV. (Try/^.s) Doll g. iiijrf. 

(floA/.) Panslioni (Itumimi) g. xiiijf/. Thos. Poherts g. ijd. Eich. 

]?niinp g. 1. ij'/. E/lin. l^axstor g. jr^ (yV ; John Maiston jun. g. ijV/. 
SiiMiiia iiij'i. vj^/. 
KYNGESBURY. Joliii Kontyshf g. xd. Pol.t. Bestiiey 1. xiiyl. 

Walter I)i'\v))ury g. \d. Alice Byggo dridow) 1. iiijrf. Pobt. Baker 

g. xiiijr/. Aliee Baker g. ij(^. Josepe En'ton 'Em'ton'] feod. iiijrf. 

Xpofer Tiu'ke g. \yl. ^(Robf.) Xele g. iiij(/. John Broke g. yl. 

Pobt. E>ng. g. '](/. Ilngh Denyon g. j</. Hugh Gyfford g. jrf. 

John Myles g. j^/. Win. Mower g. j(/. Pobt. IT^.lLmd g. j(/. John 

Cfreneope :' Grcnelwpe"' g. j(^ 
Sniiuiui vs. vjr/. 
AVYXDEPIGE. Thos. Tliewer g. (/) ij(/. Pobt. Kentyslie 1. iiij(/. 

Thos. SannchTS g. iijr/. l^N;or Joh'is SybU-y g. iijd. Pobt. Plariese 

g. iyl. Picli. P iding g. ij,/. Win. OoUyn 1. ijc/. John Ewer g. ij^/. 

Walter Puyse g. ij,/. 
Sumnid x.xij'/. 
TYTTP^NIIAXlrEP. Pich. Chapman g. xviij'/. Wni. Davye g. xijy. 

Agnes Langliaiu vid. xij/ Pioli. Syinon g. j,/. AVm. Bestneyc jV. 
SumiiKt iij«. viij'/. 
PCGGE. Win. Gonstone g. xij'/. Henry Grnbbe g. xijrA Henry 

Sharp g. iiij/ Pieh. Whyte g. x,/. Jolm Stannet g. xd. John 

Colyns 'g. ii'ijr/. Win. Bokete g. iiij,/. Tlios. Edryiigton g. ijd. 

Marget Sharpe g. ij/. Win. Basse g. xd. Wm. Tyler g. .\,/. Pobt. 

Deir^. iujd. Alice Bokete g. ij'/. John Thomson g. ij,/. Wm. 

( 'roselin-e g. ij</. John Wliyt g. ij(/. Wm. Boket g. ij,/. Henry 

l^okket'g.'ij,/. Marinn AEessynger vid. xij/. 
Sum ma ix«. ij /• 
ESTBAPXET. Wm. Harrison 1. viij,/. Wm. Polf de Chaiesyd xvj,/. 

Thos. Polf g. x/. Alice Oolman vid. g. xij-/. Joan Parkyn vid. g. 

xd Nieh.^ Bradeleve c:. ij-/. Thos. Hardwike g. iij,/. Tho>. 

iUathewe g. ij /. John" Poll' g. ij,/. John Smythe g, j-/. Pieh. 

Gylbort g. j(/. Wm. I^arge g. j(/. 
Summa iiijs. xi/. 

St'BSIDY ROLL?. ;5o2 

CHJ]PING BAliNET. liobt. Pmtt g-. xviiju'. Tliu«. Love y. xxiiy/. 

Johu Dcuc '^. iiijs. AViii. Oxt<jn g-. vv. Koger iJurwcll g. x^/. John 

Tayllor g. ija'. [i/«;iX'J Ileo siuythe jo'. Kicli. AIcu g. ij^A liich. 
■ Byrdc g. xd. Xpoffer Erokke g. ijV. John Kovi^o g-. X(/. Wm. 

Catlyn g. jrf. Tlios. Skyunor ijrf. Joliii Yaughuu g. x^. "Win. 

Laurence g. iiijrf. Thus. Elye . . jr/. Jolm Bovye . . xiiijr/. 

Eoger Pole . . ijrf. Wiu. B . . . . g. xd. Amies S . . . g. iijrf. 

John S . . . . g. xd. Will g. ijV?. John g. iijd. 

Thos g. . .d. Henry . . . . g. ijrf. Thos g. ijf/. 

Valentyue . . . . g. . x^/. Rich. Haddo .... iyl. Wni. E . . . 

g. xiiijr/. Eieh. Mussag . . on g. xijV/. Tlios. . . . stell g. iijr/. 

AVm. Blackwell ijd. Robt. N .... an g. jV/. Johu H 

g. xiiijr/. Johu II .... g. jd. Johu g. jf/. Haruiau 

Doble here iiijrf. Jolm Dorwood g. iijrf. Alice Bhikboinc 1. vjd. 

Aune.s Hodden g. xiiij(/. Margt. Bra^e g. xiiijr/. Ellyu Braye g. 

xiiijf/. Annis Foxe g. xiiijV. John Bellainvo g. ujd. 
Stoiima xxxij*. iijc?. 
NOETHALL. Rich. Fy«he g. xiyl. Joliu Hyde g. ujd. Wm. Hyde 

g. xijf/. "\Ym. Lowell g. ijd. R(djt. Muffett sen. g. xd. Johu 

Loweu juu. g. xd. John Grubbe g. ijd. Jolin Kuight g. ijd. 

Thos. Foster g. ijd. Roger Noode (li'ode) g. xd. John Blake 

{Blolce) sen. jrf. (/(;//« Iilol:e jun. g. xd). Robt. Muffet juu. g. xijd. 

Thos. Baldocke g. iiij(/. Uxor "WiHi Hyll g. iijV/. Ricli. Foster 

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SANDRYGE. Johu Bygge (.sr^.) g. xr/. Johu Bygg jun. x^/. Rich. 
Wetherhed g. xc^. Jolm Michell g. xiiij<^. Thos. Lauilirt g. iiij'/. 
John Turpeuye g. iiijr/. Henry Porter g. iiij<^. Johu AVetlierhed 
g. xf?. Wui. fipyngoll {Spri/iKjoId) g. ij(/. Isabell Adysou vid. g. 
iiijf/. Kat'yu H(dt vid. g. ij(A TIios. Catlyu g. iiij(/. "Win. 
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John Adame {Adaina) g. ij^A Ileniy Syblye (iyc//) g. ijd. \Viu. 
Gierke g. jr/. {Jolm Ilewctt g.jd. Tlio. Fehnjtjije I. riijd. 
Summa vij.s'. xd. 

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Kylhg g. .vd. Tho. Iliniifri'g g. .id. Tim. Ifegicard g. .'Ijd. Jolm 
Lmhy g. iiijd. Roht. Jaxbge g. ijd. Wm. JIatcgoodc g. xiiijd. John 
Fynche -^eii. g. .viiijd.) AVm. .Sauuder' g. xd. Tlios. IVcok g. xd. 
AVm. Home g. iiij^/. Jolm Thewer g. iiijri'. Ricli. Cramvell i^Cniiid- 
icell) g. iiij(/. Robt. Martyu jun. g. iiij(/. AVni. Taylor g. iiijr/. 
Thos. Marstou g. iiij'^^. Johu Sluime g. iiijf/. Robt. Hawgood g. 
iijd. Tlios. Marteyii g. iiij^/. AVm. Fynclie g. iijd. Rich. Hawgood 
g. iiijr/. Robt. Bostocke g. iiijr/. Anne Pecok g. ijd. AValter 
Fyncli juu. iijd. AVm. Thewer g. jd. Nich. Fynche g. jd. Thos. 
Fynchc g. ijd. Geo. Symoudf g. ijd. Rich. Broke g. ij(/. Xpofer 
Howcr g. jr/. Robt. Burwell g. ijd. AValter Bccli g. ijd. Wm. 
Durraut g. ijd. .John Edlyuu g. ijd. Robt. Alartcyu sen. g. ijd. 
Geo. Cristmas g. ij^/. Jolm Alylcs {jui/.) g. jr/. {ijd). Thos. Stnulder 
g. ij^/. Thos. Cogdale g. ijd. John Alyles sen. g. ijr/. Johu Baker 
g. ij(/. Robt. Beche g. iiijr/. AVm. Barton g. jd. AVm. Fawdvf g. 
ijr/. AValter Hyckden g. ijr/. John Beeche g. jr/. Jeauies I'arker 
g. jd. Henry T[ymas ? j g. iijd. AVm. Tarrye g. j(/. Nich. Robyii- 
80U ijd. AVm. Abraham ijd. AVm. Cristmas g. jr"/. Tlios. Alylcs g. 
jr/. AVm. Iverye g. jd. llugh Cranwell g. jr/. Marion Kylbyo g. 



]d. Thos. Pecok jun. jd. Tlioa. Hedge g. jd. Geo. Al . . . g. jd. 
Eicli. AVetherhed g. jd. lijiuf Buckiiiaster sen. ijfl'. Tlio.s. Aunsell 
g. jd. Eobt. Marshall g. ijd. Alice M'sliall g. ijrf- AViii. Flecclier 
g. jrf. Eich. Burford g. ijrf. llicli. Ilickdeu g. jd. Thos. Sybleyp 
g. j(^. John Rohynsou g. jd. Rich. Marteyu g. jr/. Robt. Clarke 

Summa xix«. viijrf. 
POLLES^WALDEN. John Camteld g. xviij^/. Rich. Hall g. xr/. 
John Yong g. xd. Thos. Yong of Ihiteslowe g. iiijrf. Rich. 
Sturmynjuu. iiijV. JoluiRoffe g. iiijf/. Win. Auncell g. iijr/. Wni. 
Austen g. ijrf. Rich. Rhyld g. ijrf. Win. Goodryge g. ijf/. Jeames 
Yong g. iijd. John Hanken g. ijd. John Chalkley g. \jd. AVm. 
Nutting g. iiijrf. John Jeukyns g. iijr/. John Ventres g. ij/f. 
Thos. Overton ijr/. John Stunuyn sen. ij^. Edw. Peuyfather iij^. 
Thos. Gasleye \\jd. Wni. Chakley de Esthall g. ijrf. John Bare g. 
jd. Xpofer Nuttyng g. jd. Thos. Canifelde g. ]V/. 

Summa v\js. vd. 
CODYCOTE. Edm. Dardf g. iiijV/. Edw. Yonge g. xijd. Geo. 
Wylshere g. xijf/. Wni. Kyni])ton g. i'njd. Thos. Gaseleye iiij*/. 
Edm. JMichell iiijV. Edw. Michell iijd. Rich. Baker g. iijd. " Jeffrey 
Plomer iijrf. Alice Astry vid. iijd. Henry AVreu g. iijd. John 
Wylsher g. ijd. John Hunt g. ijd. John Spore g. ijd. John 
Beckfeld g. ij(^. Rich. IX^rdes g. jd. Gilbt. Triamore jf/. Henry